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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 17, 2017 4:30 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 17, 2017 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/17/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Let's do it. You've got questions, we've gone answers today.

On the one a fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Have you ever thought about this if God didn't want us to ask questions, he wouldn't have given us the Bible the way he gave it to us.

If God didn't want to ask questions he would've made everything is just so simple and clear and you'd never wonder what this author mean, what's the Lord trying to say here or doesn't this passage seemed to be little different in that passage, or how do we work these things out.

Our practical lives. God wants us to love him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and that means when we come to him. We don't turn our minds off, we renew our minds to the truth. It's the truth that sets you free.

So you got questions, we've got answers. This is Michael Brown thrilled to have you on the broadcast. Today the number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Anything in any area were I can help you don't call me and asked me about ancient Chinese dialects in difference between Mandarin and Cantonese started this out of my field don't talk to about keys for successful gardening. Not sorry not my field and maybe I give you some intelligent answers on some sports up of the stuff sports talk radio so anywhere I can be of help.

Biblical, theological, cultural, moral, spiritual and practical life. Israel, Middle East, etc. give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's start here. This is a question from Bob Dr. Brown I was ordained by a ministry several years ago in the last year of come to understand that this ministry which I hold my credentials.

There is no longer in existence. Should I seek another ministry to become re-ordained through my still ordained because I carry my credentials from that prior ministry Bob.

I would recommend that you seek another ministry for several reasons. First, you want this to be a relational thing you want this to be something where there is accountability for you and where you have people you can go to when you have questions and issues and things like that so it's it's not just a piece of paper. It should be. Ideally, in my view, the ordination comes from the organization church denomination which we are actively ministering, serving where we have relationships both ways, meaning that people can relate to us and help us that we can be accountable as well so you wanted to be a living thing, not just a document on a piece of paper and if indeed you are called, if indeed the Lord is calling you to be in what we call full-time ministry or aspects of ministry that require ordination if you want to marry her barrier serving different ways.

The state requires these things to the church looks for these things. By all means I would go somewhere else. I was ever really been ordained by this ministry, but they're no longer in existence and go somewhere where you have relationship may be go to a senior leader that you related to. Maybe that church can ordain you as they know you over the years, or their organizations that work toward people, but again you want to be with his faith, harmony. We were from the doctrinal statement with her to be some level of relationship otherwise is just a piece of paper and that's really not the purpose of it whatsoever. All right 866-34-TRUTH 784 by the way, I got an extraordinary testimony from a woman named Angela.

She began reading our book.

The book Nancy and I wrote breaking the stronghold of food. She was a type II diabetic occasional reading. She said in the 400s and an A1c of 9.8, all while taking metformin and Gillick glitzy glipizide a try her best to follow the eating parameters realize she wasn't going to be around long for her four children should want that to happen. She read the book. Her life is been revolutionized. She said 10 weeks ago I began this new program read breaking the stronghold through Jack, and she lives in ways that are God's principles is been transformed off her meds. She's a new woman has both his goods and she was in her 20s.

Thank God for that amazing test will be right back her. It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown chaos of the church all too often in compromise. You got questions, we've got answers. We do it every Friday you may be listening on podcast watching on TV subsequently but Friday broadcast.

You've got questions, we've got answers, 8663 freight 7884. Let's go to South Louisiana grant welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Michael Brown and yes, sir. I feel called to focus my attention on the topic of homosexuality. My initial reason for doing that was because the politics and attacks on religious freedom. However, if I don't have a heart for the people are still as if I'm not doing exactly what the Lord would call me to do and I barely know any homosexuals, so my main question is how to live. Develop a heart for the people who identify homosexual you grant first thing you are well on your way. We need to be for the very reason that you know you have to have a heart that loves people.

You have to care about people.

You have to try to understand the struggles they've been through how they see the world so that you can best relate to them with the love of God and the truth of God, and interestingly, sir, your journey is similar to mine back in 2004 I became very burdened by these issues because of political things because of social things, cultural things, things going on in schools and places of business. I became burdened about the issues but as I began to address the issues began to break my heart for the people and the, the, the word that we follow the course that we follow these years has been reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage and one pastor pointed out I'm 62 problem at the same age as me and he said our generation.

We hear the word homosexual. We think issues the younger generation. Here's what homosexual they think people in its both people and issues. So what I would encourage you want to send you a copy of my book can you be gay and Christian as you read it. I believe God will break your heart for the people I share many of their stories I share their perspective. II share how they'd try to reread the Scriptures and find justification in and talk about the struggles in an honest way. I can't relate to it personally because I haven't come out of homosexuality. It's not my background.

I can only relate to heterosexual desires and temptations, which is why let you hear from a struggling in their own words. So I want to send you a free copy of the book that someone can you be gay and Christian number two. I'd encourage you to ask God to break your heart. Ask God to give you a heart of love and compassion for those who identify as LGBT. Yes were grieved over political things yes were grieved over an agenda that's that's pushing forward very aggressively to the point that gay activism for some years now has been the principal threat to freedom of religion, speech and conscience here in America there's no doubt about that in other nations as well. And remember, from the perspective of gay activists.

They're just fighting for quote their rights for equality for freedom they want to marry have found the same as Austin and they look at our opposition to their decisions just as as they look at racism and they look at us like the Ku Klux Klan are not season so once it is a lot to overcome but ask God to give your heart of love and then understand what the real issues are said to be real truth and clarity in your thinking and then pray that God would bring about encounters where maybe you're sitting at a restaurant somewhere and exit next to sit next to someone start chatting and first-person's obviously gay.

In one talk you say tell me your story.

I'm a Christian, believe the Bible and stuff but tell me your story. Have you ever been in church and I would look for opportunities grant. I would look for opportunities to get with people so before I am playing and I next Mr. chatting and he heads up the diversity department at this bank and it seems gay. We start talking to recites tell me your story meant to me your story how you feel about the Bible are Christians. People like me and and and I'd listen sometimes of this and with tears local gay activists I'd say hey can we have lunch together and talk to that a number of times the city which I live and and it's not for me to try to put something on them. They know what I believe. But I will understand with her coming from so I can better reach them.

And if you do that, sir, people will know when there's love and also my website.

The line of lie farther when you go there and you are in the digital library. I've got hundreds of articles that are relevant all free to read number videos that are relevant and though keep you up-to-date with a lot of the political and cultural issues but starts right where you want to start grant. I'm so glad to hear it with a broken heart for those in need.

We are a fallen lost people humanity in need of a Savior heterosexual homosexual Jesus died for us. The same stay right there grant I was going to get your info and we can send you a copy of can you be gay and Christian. Let's go to to merely in District Heights, Maryland that I get your name right or did I butcher it now. Archer mail all right will thank you. Yes, your question, please find my right thank you God. Here is used usually encourage you to do number one you want to keep a good heart.

You don't want to get filled with bitterness and anger, blaming everybody all the time and it's all their fault and that's that's up to us, but if there is something that is clearly wrong and unjust and you have the power to address a God does love justice if it's one thing if someone is a slave and they have no power over anything, and God's essay just takes things with a good conscience, and honor God and don't retaliate in and do this if you're serving God himself. But Paul was treated unjustly as a Roman citizen. He drew attention to it. Are you going to do this to a Roman citizen so there what what I would do is I would keep my attitude good so anyone that works is me or people that were over me. I could look them in the eye and they can look me in the eye and know that that I love them that I care about them that I want what's best for them that that I'm a person that that does not walk in bitterness and anger and hatred on that. I'm not looking to hurt anybody. I'm not looking to retaliate but you could say hey the way this is set up. It's not fair to the employees and it's not just me there. There a lot of other people and I want to draw attention to that.

So the biggest thing is the attitude of the heart.

This is not a matter of retaliation as a matter of fairness and equity in its applied to others as well. So when I mentioned slaves in Scripture.

Let's remember that it was Christian leaders in the 1800s that fought to abolish slavery and slave trade in America because it was evil and wicked so they saw other people suffering. They said this is wrong. Was it right for slaves to join with them. Yes, of course, because they were standing up for justice and for freedom and those good principles in God's sight. So keep the heart pure right attitude towards others right don't have the mentality of of retaliation. But if you see injustice by all means address it and if you signed agreements and it's appropriate. Nothing wrong with that and then you pray God do what's best and I will worship you if if it if it comes down the opposite of what I want under worship you and praise you and thank you because your God I'm gonna be appraiser, not a complainer complains only make things worse, but then you pray Lord, have your way. Do what's best for this company do what's best for the employees do its best union and then you trust God from their Sangha. All right, all right will goblet thank you so much for calling 866-34-TRUTH 87884 drive time for a quick email question Shane wants to know this is Genesis 1 and two meant to be taken literally. Is there a case for historical creationism.

I want to emphasize the answer is absolutely yes absolutely no say what what you mean what I mean absolutely yes God is the creator of all things. Absolutely yes the first great human beings are Adam and Eve absolutely yes they send in and judgment. Destruction came. Of course it's in the third chapter of the father absolutely God in an orderly way created everything that is does everything have to happen in explicitly. For example, was there deftly a talking snake or could that symbolize something like I've got no problem with a talking snake understand it like no problem with it but if it symbolized something in terms of Satan the tempter and that's what's getting across an image that wouldn't throw my faith. All right, so I personally think it happened just as recorded there, but do I think that you have to believe in 24-hour literal days take Genesis with little personally know this is a Hebrew scholar. I believe it can different ways as long as we understand God's just as stated there on file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the Civil War were I have colleagues who are young earth creationists and some of them almost feel that to deny young earth creation is almost heretical that you are denying Scripture that says in six days. God made the heavens and the earth. I have friends, colleagues who are old earth creationists, and while they do not believe that it is heretical to say that the earth is young, they feel that it hurts our witness to the world and makes us look bad because we are denying what science recognizes to be true understand these are weighty issues.

My own position. I'm not a scientist, I have very little scientific background. My own position, having interviewed on this radio show young earth creationists and old earth creationists. My own position this based on the study of Scripture, and as I look at how the rest of the Bible treats the creation account I see is that I cannot be dogmatic about young earth or old you could argue based on genealogies and things like that that the earth is younger but as I read Genesis 1 as I understand the purpose of this is not primarily teach a science of the whatever it says scientifically, a trust is accurate.

The purpose is not personally teach us science but to teach us about God, the creator who brings light out of darkness brings order out of out of chaos who establishes an orderly creation. They can reproduce after its own kind. These foundations are laid that's what I believe is the major message and I see is the Psalms.

Looking back in and other portions of Scripture. Looking back in the profits on creation.

II see the celebration of God's triumph over powers of darkness as opposed to primarily the discussion about science, so I'm all for the scientific discussion. I encourage scientist to continue to evaluate this in biblical interpreters to continue evaluate this but I don't believe that to read Genesis wanted to literally requires us to believe in seven literal 24 hour days.

We must read it literally as God intended it.

If the 24 hour days five. No issue with that. I just don't think that is required by the text. I know there's a lot of passion argument both way on that. But just want to give you my viewpoint, 866-34-TRUTH out. Let's go to John in Des Moines, Iowa. Walking to the line of fire, go this question on Deuteronomy 22 8.25 this what your take on that Scripture yet you have in front of you will break anybody them the mantle of the reason I ask is because you have slight variations in different translational.

The overall meaning is very critical to go ahead with your paraphrase version, but a man were anything pertaining to woman.

A woman on protecting it were anything pertaining to a man and God calls that an abomination exactly. So how do we then interpret that today say regarding transgender issues or cross-dressing or transvestite, a transsexual, or drag queens are all the different variations or or Bruce/Caitlin Jenna wearing a dress. How do we understand that a few things number one we have to recognize the different cultures or different terms of what a man wears what a woman wears. Many years ago a friend of mine is now respected leader in Louisiana many years ago. He went over to India to preach when he was a young man and when he got to the area. He was shocked because the men were like these gowns like these dresses and the women were like pantsuits and he preach from this text. And he ripped into them, and what are you doing what he failed to read the reason realize was that to them. He was the one wearing women's clothes. He was on pads so every culture that's going to be different and and that the bottom line is this. We also know there are things that God spoke to Israel. For example, dietary laws that were not for all people for all time. God never judge the Canaanites on dietary laws of the Egyptians on dietary laws, but he did judge them on moral laws. However, in my study of the term 12 ought to out on the ninth which is an abomination of the Lord is something detestable to the Lord. From what I could tell that specific phrase those two words together in Hebrew always referred to something that was always wrong in his sight right and end the issue is the confusing of gender distinctions whether the ancient Israelites had a concept of someone whose intersection it was some type of biological abnormality whether you had instances of of you went to a temple shrine and there were temple prostitutes and their men dressing as women and whether that was going out all that can be debated and discussed, but which seems clear is the blurring of genders.

Those things which intentionally blur gender so that someone was a biological male stress is a female some is about you females dressing as a male and identifying as such. That seems to be fundamentally contrary to God's order creating us male and female fundamentally contrary to God's plan fundamentally contrary to the whole theme of Scripture which recognizes gender distinctions and in which men can be freely addressed and women can be freely addressed. Men can be given certain responsibilities and women certain responsibilities. The blurring of those things. The contemporary war on gender that we witnessed the attack on what's called the gender binary divide in the world to male and female that's considered constricting and must be overthrown in their young people pushing back against these oppressive gender categories. I say very clearly the word of God does address this and this Scripture certainly does again on the cultural level. You don't want to get hung up and and you don't want to have the mentality of okay well you know that looks a little mascot on those a little famine which I'm a gross violation of categories here. All right, thank you for the call. Much appreciated.

Let me let me share a couple of things with you friends. We must recognize again that there were issues and there are people there are issues and there are people so yes there is transgender activism under the previous administration with Pres. Obama and Department of Justice. There was a real strong push to to get this in the schools and to penalize schools that would say you know we we got a kid that 10-year-old says is transgender sweep. We got a bathroom we can use that notes a faculty bathroom or handicap bathroom with a single unit bathroom.

He can use that but we don't want them using the girls room.

We just there uncomfortable with it.

A school would be punished for having that view it if if a school said no of the boy, 16. We know he really identifies as a girl now and and and we know his counsel psychiatrist. The psychiatrist says he is gender dysphoria, so he really believes is a girl and we think you know, maybe it's deeper maybe something in his brain that's more female excessive weight.

We'd like him to be of the plan. The girl sports team ensure the girls locker room and shower with some of sorry is a biological male were sensitive to struggles we care about him. We certainly care about his family. Whatever storms they're going through. But he's a biological male and it's imposing that on the girls that it's also unfair from a competition level to have a boy computer with girls.

That's what we have girl sports and boy sports if a school simply had that policy they would of been punished or potentially punished by the Obama administration.

So those things are simply wrong must oppose them, caring for sure to visit us, modifier hello take advantage of all our resources. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter. It's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I love his broadcast line of fire. The day went. Calling with any question that they have any kind, and we just just here to answer your questions. You other days of the week. I do radio five days a week two hours they live talk radio. Other days of the week here on the line of fire will have special guests will be cutting edge things in the news will bring on some of the talk about all be burdened about something new small talk about some going on theologically. We'll talk about it will prepare and will have our audio clips and will have everything ready.

Friday came and I got a stack of of email questions of the way to see which way the show goes based on your call so give us a call with your question. You got questions, we've got answers, 866-348-7884 is the number to call if you have the asked Dr. Brown app on your android phone ASK DR Brown on your android phone or tablet then just do not click on it you want to fire this button is being pressed that and you can call us. It's that simple. 866340 we go to Ama in Washington DC. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Hello there, got one question for you press the top 12 paragraph or whatever. What about you Lord for me. Of or delivered little old and it certainly meant it. It's reinforced over and over and over in the Hebrew Scriptures that this was to be Israel's home and in this world now for ever is always qualified. In other words, when the Bible talks about God being God forever right from everlasting to everlasting, so she is uniquely God in that respect. When a a Hebrew slave would sit in the master.

You know I love you I love being here. I have a wife and children.

Here I want to serve you forever adjustment to the rest of their for the rest of their lives or until the jubilee right it's it's the same Hebrew word that can be used for that, but the land promise was a land promise in perpetuity in this age. So in the world to come.

New heavens and a new earth.

I don't think you have the same geography or the same issues that I mean who knows, we don't know right but but will you do know if you look for example in Psalm 105. That's where it's most strongly reinforced and it even says for it in different ways forever for a thousand generations.

So however you could say that this can go on and on and on and on.

That remains the land promised to Israel there there general promises to all believers that the meek will inherit the earth, and their universal promises in that regard. For example, in the Beatitudes in Matthew five or pulses in first Corinthian Street to believers the whole world is yours but that specific piece of land, physical Israel were Jewish people living today. Not that they're not occupying all of it living in all of it now, but a good part of it that was promised in part two, in perpetuity. Through this age and in that sense, it certainly means forever under the Sinai covenant God judged Israel for sin. Israel and Judah and the Jewish people were exiled from the land.

According to Ezekiel 36 God brought them back after the Babylonian captivity. Not because of the repentance. In other words, not because of the promise under the Sinai covenant if they repent, he bring them back, but simply because his name was being blasphemed. He brought them back. Even in unbelief and then back in the land. Sprinkle clean water on them in the same way God is bringing his people back to the land even in unbelief and then many are coming to know him once they're back in the land.

So certainly throughout the Hebrew Scriptures, especially if you take a look in Psalm 105's are gods made it as clear as possible that this is something that he planned as long as this earth endures is a clear but one that could what slates to write there since they were there and will come back on the other side of the break and will get your follow-up question again.

You got questions. We got answers 8663 freight 7884 number five.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown district have nests of the outlet. Thankfully we got this Mike we got this camera right here. We got this outlet we can be your voice.

We can hopefully articulate you care about things that your concerned about and and on our website line of fire. The Lord we have thousands of articles, videos, radio archives resources for you all free to dive in and benefit from. And then of course her store with some of her other books in series so take advantage of the resources let us equip you and help you and be your voice so together we can really make a difference and see our nation touched with the power of the gospel, 8663 freight 7884 right back to you sir Ama in DC your follow-up question about the land of Israel. Her work on the order that God promised Abraham.

Your computer or require. Why would he allow old or older ruptured Orlando to enter biomed on November contradicting.

Or about the line know that will let me ask you questions you do have a house or apartment to their place we live but does seem odd to that you need a place to live. No addition seem odd to you that that we have a country America. We can live in full subcontract next door. They can live in folks of conflict, where they can live. It seems pretty natural right, but I will why can't the Jewish people have a place to live there part one finger for something that got a good while. My question is what about black like work, but the restricted her for about the land of Israel that you located.

I appreciate the question let's come at it differently. The vast majority bloodshed around the world since the creation until now, something to do with life Israel right now I'm right but I don't know just just to my point, so God created the world in which is can be A conflict bloodshed pain then ultimately he's gonna destroy the physical world and we make it, but in Jewish tradition, the land of Israel is special on the one hand just is just dirt and rocks and like everything else water but on the other hand, it is considered to be a place of spiritual elevation when you go to Israel. The biblical languages do you go up the verb a lot a lot a lot you go up and and when you leave you lot credits

You go young Nazis make you go down because physically you are. It is an ascent to go up into Jerusalem and its descent to go out. So it's considered to be a place of spiritual ascent and in Jewish tradition, just being born there gives you certain special privileges and it is a land flowing with milk and honey. Yes, when the Jewish people began to repopulate the land in greater numbers the late 1800s. Of the 1900s. With the rise of the modern Zionist movement. It was very desolate and there were there were swamps and and to drain the swamp's many people died of malaria many of the pioneers.

But when you when you go to Israel. We stand in certain locations with as we had a recent tour earlier in 2017 and we stood with our tour group on Mount Carmella. We looked out on on on heart Megiddo which which becomes a Armageddon and just looked out there are certain parts of Israel. You look out at the lushness of the land and in many many ways it special.

But the.

The battle for its earth is not because of it being special in that respect, the battle is because of what God has done their and what he will do their look at it like this. It's all spiritual. It's all spiritual. Because Satan wants to wipe out the Jewish people because he wants to make God a liar because he does not want to Jewish Jerusalem to receive Jesus at the end of the earth is you sure what Jesus will not return to earth until his Jewish people welcome in my can demonstrate that you from a number of Scriptures and clear prophetic passages like Zechariah 12 speak of eight Jewish nonbelieving Jerusalem within turns in repentance towards him at the end of the age. So when he is welcomed back event, then I believe the millennial kingdom will be established out of Jerusalem and then the final new heavens and the newer everything goes up and in fires renovated, restored, renewed change so will come after that eternally to the lower right of us were we live in. This is the great spiritual battle. So if you want to know how real God is how real the devil is just look at the battle for Israel. Look at the battle for Jerusalem. Look at the battle for the Jewish people and you recognize the reality of God and the reality of Satan. Thank you sir for the call.

Much appreciated. 86634 of its go to Boston dog walking to the line of fire IRA are doing well thank you I work hard and rake up on like a grandparent After she had a thought that you like L Purkett. I know that Depaul… Yeah sure think so. She comes from a background in Catholicism where you have St. Peter and St. Paul and now your Mother Teresa made a saint door and will become a saint.

You have to have lived the certain legendary kind of life and then have verifiable miracles that were attributed to you and you know it when people prayed to after death and miracles into whatever the Catholic Church requires and then you can be be had.

I would beatified. You can be made into a saint in Catholic tradition, but that's unrelated to what the Bible says so you can just tell hate. That's a Catholic tradition and the Catholic Church believes that it has many inspired traditions is become the mother church, the God entrusted certain sacred traditions that exhibit actually what we agree on is what the Bible says right to say rather light over Protestant, Catholic, we all agree on.

The Scriptures have authority and that Catholic tradition can't contradict the Bible.

Protestant tradition can contradict the Bible. That's our final authority and without question. In the New Testament believers. All believers are called saints holy ones now you say will how can it be that everybody's holy show her first Corinthians 1 and it says and and again the Greek for Saints. This is holy ones it says to the Saints in Corinth called to be saints.

So what does that mean let's look at it like this right. Let's say that you were on a minor-league baseball team right and and you had, old equipment and in your your uniforms were a little tattered and nobody knew the name of your team but you play so well that you now get drafted by the New York Yankees from the very first day your Yankee right. Having played a game yet your Yankee and for the very first day they give you a uniform that fits your course Yankees don't put their names on on the uniform as part of the pick the pinstripes you are wearing the Yankee uniform from day one. Now play like a Yankee perform like a Yankee live up to the tradition so when you're saved the very first moment that you are born again by putting your faith in Jesus to cleanse you from your sins, and to wash you to become the Lord of your life.

From that very moment you pass from death to life.

You pass from the kingdom of Satan to the kingdom of God, you, you pass from being lost in this world to being part of God's family, your sins that you've committed are forgiven that incident because the mercy and grace of God. What Jesus is done at that moment God put you in the same category. That moment he put you in the category of holy one.

From that moment you now live to do the will of God. Now live it out now live up to your calling so maybe you could explain it like that.

Using the New York Yankees analogy or another way you could explain it is that part of being a saint means set apart as holy. The Bible talks about holiness. It speaks of us being set apart to the holy right so the moment were saved were now set apart to be holy and now that's our calling. Now live it out now live out this new life in Jesus. Now don't live like the world lives and don't commit the sins that the world commits and and don't live the lifestyle of the world. Instead, become more and more like Jesus and thought in word and deed. That's the essence of Holderness being like Jesus and thought, word and deed, and then we grow so all the days of our lives were growing in holiness were growing in sanctification were growing in Christ likeness of the other day to celebrate my birthday. We had some family over grandkids to the grandkids there, 13 and 16 and we were just joking around Syracuse and what is it that makes grandpa the most special of the grant and said your love your love and your patience and I thought hey if if they knew he could before have to say is a new believer. Those with not been at the top of the list, but after 45 years working with the Lord.

He knows how to do his work on us so set apart to be holding called saints the moment were safe. How should we live then wow. That's a cyclical line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the broadcast good answers always write to us as Just contact us and be sure to sign up for our newsletter right take a moment go to the line of sign up for a newsletter. I normally write 3 to 5 new articles we could put a 3 to 5 new videos week. This way every week will let you know. Here's what we just put out your summaries. Every week we have special resource offers that we make available to you special discount them. Sometimes we share some amazing testimony so you'll be blessed.

It's a great way for us to stay in touch together. So go to the line of sign up for the newsletter. And while you're there, you connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, this way hot off the press of the say you'll knows things come out right here is a question anonymous question hello Dr. Brown, do I have to tithe 10% on my Social Security. Please help me on this question. Thank you for your time. Our number one I don't believe that tithing is a New Testament requirement, as in have to.

I do believe the principle of tithing is a wonderful principal, a life-giving principal and it is reinforced by the New Testament but not in an obligatory legal way. I understand the New Testament calls us to generous giving. I understand the New Testament calls us to proportional giving.

I understand the New Testament calls us to extravagant giving. So all those things should be part of our lifestyle, and whatever we receive.

We have the privilege and honor of giving back to God, the firstfruits and and in doing so. There's also the aspect of of taking the limitations off taking the limitations off of what is coming in by saying, Lord, it's all yours and not giving the first fruit back to you.

So just about tithing for a moment the first example we have is in Genesis 14 were Abraham is a tithe of the spoil to milky ascetic to subject the priest king. We see it that in Genesis 28 when Jacob makes a vow that if God would keep him throughout his journey said of everything he gets will give the tents back to God. So this is before the law. This before the Sinai law and then we see it instituted in Sinai and then we see principles. For example, in Proverbs 1125 that the one that refreshes others, himself, is refreshed and and look at it like like this went when I have might my fist tight here got a pen in my fist try to take that pen out of my fist.

You can't. I've got a grip tight this another problem though you can't can put anything in my fist you, nothing can go in my fist right as that's a problem when I'm open. All you need a pan here take the pan. I'm openhanded and that's how the Bible speaks of them being tightfisted being openhanded I'm openhanded you can receive this without, I can receive as well so if you're living on Social Security. I would imagine that it's very very tight. I would imagine that it's challenging to get by with it. I would imagine that you feel certain pressure.

When the check comes in and you might think. I don't have enough to live if if I if I live on this and then take 10% off of it, can have enough me encourage you to meditate on Scripture meditate on. Luke 638 a wonderful promise about as we give given back to us meditate on Proverbs 3 verses nine and 10, which encourages give the firstfruits to the Lord and give her remind him. This is your ownership Lord & Lord everything I have is yours a muscular, blessed, and see if the Lord puts it in your heart to begin to give to him and I believe as you do.

In face, you'll see that he just expands things, for he gives you more breathing room and then you're able to be generous to others. I have friends of a couple. They were colleagues. It settlement graduated from our ministry school and they were married seven kids and they they moved to New York City to help us with a branch of our work that was there for some years and they help lead up a house of prayer help pouring to the students in a school that we had there.

For proof years in New York City and they only had guaranteed support of about $200 a month is equivalently this is a family of nine people mom dad and seven kids and hang on. Were talking New York delivering they were living in Queens New York renting a house and everything is so overpriced.

There compared to some other parts of the country. It's expensive and and by the end of their time living there.

They were actually giving away more money than they got it yeah and how they live by faith. I remember the time when the they came in a taxi to pick me up at the airport. What you doing a taxi got laid on the heart to give their van away they found out about a family that had 10 kids. They didn't have transportation. They felt to give their vet their van. This is their transportation. They felt to give their van away, but I could just got a taxi to the airport but here they came to pick me up in a taxi. You know that husband and wife does mold release and really get you what was long after that before someone gave them a van so I want to encourage you to have the attitude of everything I have belongs to God and I want to honor him, especially if money is tight. Lord, I want to honor you not know legalistic way that brings fear, so let it be out of the spirit of faith and of the spirit of devotion. But I want to honor you.

I go to this local church and I love the ministry there almost support the ministry there. Lord, there is this a ministry we help with with feeding the poor and I love my funds to go towards that guy, hard to reach people of the nation, so I know I don't have much but I want to get part of it to help reach those people see how the money could be used and II believe one way or another. It is through unexpected funds coming back into your own hands or something else we get wisdom as to how to live a little more frequently or or a minute, you may be super frugal ready, something else happens in a wayward God just blesses you takes pressure off and it's one of those things as I've honor the Lord in these ways. Especially sometimes it but I really felt him challenge me Malachi the third chapter is the only place in Scripture goddesses test me in many years ago was a traveling salesman so commissioned salesman married with two kids living on Long Island late 70s early 80s I remember the Lord specifically laying on my heart this chapter, I thought how I'm working like 70 miles from home and the serve never been to before. It's can be long days next week and look at the bills. I thought you would get rent to pay.

We lived upstairs from the landlord and if we did.

If he wasn't paid immediately first in the month. To me there be a knock at our door and he was a fierce, guy were living upstairs from landlord and an electrical bill pay two weeks. I looked at never thought we have enough RAM enough and I felt the Lord.

Malachi 3 test test me and I said okay and told Messerli to write out or try to check. We are on the Lord to give the firstfruits to him and then I had the greatest week in the history of that sales company for what returning that particular week, it just it was unbelievable. I was literally on my knees in the hallway and apartment building. After the last appointment worshiping God shocked but when it happens only time I ever had that real application for Malachi 3 salon encouraged. This is not Jesus died to make you rich.

This is not the carnal prosperity message. No no no and the goal is not earthly riches. The goal is let's honor the Lord.

Let's see if we do if we can release more grace and peace and liberty, freedom to bless others all the more.

I want to be a blessing to others.

Even with my finances. Let it be God will give let's do it. You've got questions, we've got answers today on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will welcome all of you listening by radio to the line of fire today all of you listening online. Those who will be listening later on podcast everyone watching on NRB TV welcome welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown your friendly voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution you got questions, we've got answers. That's we devote our Friday broadcast to that's what we put on NRB TV for all of you to enjoy and watch. So this is your show. This show goes the direction that you send it you got questions, we've got answers any question in any area. Why can help you all know since asked me a question I can help you, but any area of expertise. I have only just. And if you differ with me if you want to probe. If you have a question if you differ with some written article review for some use on a YouTube channel and start to run YouTube channel reach up with one of our foci of a post on Esther to run Facebook page. McCall tell me why we can have a friendly civil discussion. 866-34-TRUTH let's go right to the phones will start in Germantown, Maryland Michael walking to the line of fire around. Hey question about Mary mag. Billy thought that she was the woman who taken the view that the moon was caught in adultery. And I never made that connection before five victim search online and I can't there's some people that help some people that rejected it on your thoughts on that is certain there is zero textual evidence for their there is zero evidence that would say an emphatic and definite way. This was the moment it was simply a matter of either tradition or speculation.

See what happens over the years Michael is that things are not explicitly stated in Scripture. Somebody has an idea to misinterpretation the make a suggestion and then it gets repeated enough that you think it has some authenticity to it. Other times people say I've heard this. I'm not sure if it's truly included within the first few centuries, believers in a week. We've heard that this is actually that woman in it and it's it's a dish, but their there is no actual evidence for and the accounting John eight verses one through 11, John eight of the woman caught in adultery. Skimpy stone itself is controversial in terms of its placement. There are other manuscripts of John the don't have it. One manuscript has it in Luke's gospel. So there are even debates in terms of where the text through to be. I personally believe it's a true account. It's a scriptural account and it does give us insight into Jesus and how he ministered, but beyond that was it. Mary was she the woman Miriam in Hebrew. Michael, there's absolutely no evidence for it whatsoever. As far as I can tell it's a tradition that arose out.

Could it be true, it could be as a study of the text that tells a tells us it wasn't her and it's it's an attractive thing it gives us more background into why she would've been so grateful and why she followed me know that she was in a more woman we know she got delivered from demons that we know.

But beyond that really don't know. Was there anything that you read that seem like wow there's real proof for this. It's hard to deny or was it a matter of some say this. Some say that oil of the malted meeting out of pride that was brought up that I never heard before and everybody in the group had heard it before, and actually held that the interest of F5 first. But there is nothing at all online now that was really been feet is so so my guess Michael and then there is nothing convincing is nothing convincing they could be yet there's nothing to say it didn't happen, but we don't know. So probably if it's all the same small group in his church, probably faster hole so that the pastor thought increases Messerli all heard of this writing you had all right right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to the line of fire broadcast 86687884. You've got questions, we've got answers. This is a question from Andrew hi Dr. Brown been facing financial problems for many years and have been praying, but till now have not seen any progress. Please do let us know the reason. In God's plan. Thank you Andrew sorry to hear you've gone through this tough time. And many of us have over the years.

Some folks even as believers have faced foreclosure or bankruptcy. Some have barely made ends meet for many years of his seem to have an abundance. I can't comment specifically on your situation because I don't know you haven't sat down and discuss things with you but here's what I would tell someone in general. First, no matter what you want to worship God and praise and be thankful right I may be preaching to the choir, who you may know this well but that's will start no matter what happens you want to worship God. You want to be thankful for what you have in that respect. You want to be content and not envying others that have more some of us get a better car. Some is get a better house or apartment kids have better close that one be envious you will be thankful to God and learn whatever state you find yourself even with material struggle be content, not what I understand this.

This is can can either way it should. Financial pressure can be very very difficult that you get creditors calling and you can't pay bills and you feel like you're dirty and so I don't want a limit, diminish the difficulties but I do want to encourage you first and foremost to be thankful for.

To have number one and to be content in terms of not envying others. You got the latest iPhone you got the latest tablet you you want to be worshiping and thankful and not coveting not envious that's restart and want to use what I have a pattern of generous giving to the Lord. Generosity is a key quality that those that give with generosity not not like some kind of financial mechanism. In other words, if I give $20 today. I'll get back to hundred tomorrow if I give a thousand.

I get a hundredfold return, I'll get 100,000 note don't and don't let some preacher on TV manipulate you into thinking it works like that but we reap what we sow and those who so generously reap generously their many many passages that tell us the same. In this we do, as unto the Lord, so that would be another thing I'd encourage you to do and then I would ask you if you are living with in your financial limitations. In other words, did you make decisions to put various things on credit cards that you can't pay for but you really wanted to have or thought you had to have that would be. Then, in the sense living outside of biblical principles of stewardship, so I'd encourage you then to look at those principles look at and how you live and you say Dr. Brown Mike is exactly I live, you'll never meet more frugal people. My wife and I and we are generous givers at the first check we rightist is to our local congregation. It's for 15% of our income, not 10% and in you better believe were thankful for. Grateful we we tell our kids all the time.

You should be so thankful that you have a roof over your head and you could be. Check out all these and you're still in that struggle. Why that is.

I don't know but I would say God give me a greater heart for others who struggle. God give me the ability to reach others who struggle and others who were poor and and while I'm in this stage, use it for your glory and end this way. The sting of it is taken away and and you are enriched and ask God to enrich you with every spiritual blessing to enrich you with every spiritual blessing so that your life is overflowing in the Lord and then I believe things will fall into place, and why some people have more money. Another sometimes is calling you know that there called to give more call to help more of. For others it's a certain gift that this person, this is really good gifted making money. You know I I'm here God's enable me to be a voice I'm a voice II could I leave in that sense revolution but another fundraiser we believe God for funds from his receipt. But I'm not one of these unbelievable fundraisers and everybody is different gifts and strengths and within that within your gifts.

You may make less money than someone else, but certainly I believe that God wants to meet your legitimate needs and you can appeal to him and say, God, Amani, I'm seeking him Georgia called me to do to meet our needs for your glory and I believe that he will 866342. We go to a Dylan in Louisiana. Welcome Sir to the line of fire. Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call. You bet. Look at my question has to do with expert pain and the Jerusalem Council, specifically where there deciding if they should require the Gentiles to be circumcised and observe the dietary laws and so forth and and they say, you know, we don't want to burden them or trouble them so they just list for things I say let's write to them asking them requiring them to abstain from contaminated by idols from fornication from things that have been strangled and from blood. The first to seem a little obvious as to why they would ask them to abstain, but the last two seem to be a little more. I guess obscure as to the reasoning so of all the things like a listed why did they choose those four things and how does that apply to us today. So, great question. I appreciate it's number one.

Notice it doesn't say don't murder don't worship idols. So there were certain things taken for granted that nobody was arguing with or disputing. This had to do specifically with Jewish law and Jewish requirement so emphatically.

They were not saying you need to be circumcised and obey the law of Moses and be saved.

The deception, the false teaching that the Galatians fell into which Paul says is is a damnable teacher's worthy being cursed, and is not even the gospel at all.

So that was clearly being repudiated there. No, you don't have to be circumcised and available of Moses and as far as fornication of the Greek word tornado. It's possible that adjustment fornication use. If, say, why single that out. Some would argue that it specifically meant incest. There because in the Gentile world. They may have had a different morality or ethics concerning that that in the Jewish world and and the leaders want to make sure that they got that right because it was very, very important but but the last to it.

If you like to Genesis 9. This was universal for all mankind. Don't murder that was universal prohibition given from Genesis 9 the later rabbis deduce what they call the seven no hard laws on. I don't really think you get the seventh from there it's kind of rabbinic interpretation to get them, but their laws against blasphemy laws against murder laws against morality laws to establish courts and and as far as dietary laws. You could need anything strangled because it had the blood in it all right if animal strangled that it hasn't been killed hasn't had the blood drained. There was a prohibition against eating blood for everyone, so this goes back to Genesis 9. This is reinforcing the prohibition for everyone and then if you look at Leviticus 17 and follow you, you'll see that there the Gentiles living among the Jews were required to live by certain laws, including these sold in the ancient world.

You had people who were called righteous Gentiles, they may not have had that exact term them, but that's of the been termed subsequently and they would go to the synagogue, they worshiped the God of Israel, but they they did not convert to Judaism and take on the entire yoke of the Torah and there were basic laws they were expected to live by including these laws are laid out here so so this is pretty much saying the same thing had the basic requirements for righteous Gentiles.

That's what we are requiring of them and has it, apply it still applies to us today, but we have the benefit of the rest of the New Testament teaching.

So based on the rest of the New Testament teaching. We have everything else sketched and filled in, but nowhere in the rest of the New Testament. This is called Gentile believers to submit to the Sinai covenant and will be in full. The law of Moses. So for example you can't sew two different kinds of seed in your field or word garment. This mix fabrics and nowhere were those laws put over people, nor does it say that you use Stone a disobedient child today or that you burner which are you you kill adulterers of these things are spiritually dealt with that instead of putting someone to death for these various sins they would be disfellowshipped they be put out of the fellowship of believers if they didn't repent.

So this that spiritual application is for acts 15 yeah II sit still applies today I want to emphasize again that God is not required Gentile believers to live by the law of Moses was to submit to the Torah know to be saved. Then we tell you that is putting you in bondage, you need to resist what they have to say. If you say I find beauty in all the Torah.

To me it's wonderful to celebrate the feast and an arrest on the Sabbath, the seventh that wonderful praise God that's great honor the Lord with it and enjoy the heritage of Israel, which are not forced to come under all of it would by the principles established in the New Testament which the written by heart and ask 15 yes it applies the same to the state. Thank you for the question.

Much appreciated. 8663 for eight 784 we come back.

I am going straight to your calls right here on the line of fire error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown will break back you got questions God answers. Let's see, let us go over to Brenda in East band North Carolina.

Thank you for calling the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown. My question starts with Don about the adultery and it's not actually were not actually sure that's what it was when I actually sure that was her span of adultery old married Mary Magdalene and an earlier caller asked is John eight speak of Mary Magdalene know we we understand that she had been an immoral woman elsewhere from Scripture we just don't know if John eight is the account about her being caught in adultery. That's what Noel yeah, that's not exactly my question anyway. It's not what is my answer to it. When unbelievers related say to me. The Bible has been changed that much.

The years that united how can you believe any of that story a lot did the simple answers exit has been changed has been changed that that for example the Bible that Jesus read the Old Testament that he read we have the same Old Testament today in Hebrew. It's possible that you might have like spelling changes and things like that. For example, if when I was growing up there were words in English that we spelled one way and we spell them a little differently today or for example if you went back a couple hundred years we had spelling that was a lot more like British spelling so that would favor F a VOR to stay in you and in England spelled OUR right right so maybe you have an older King James translation. It would have had the old you are the later one or since the spelling but the Bible itself hasn't changed. We have thousands and thousands of manuscripts and in week every so often we find a really old manuscript like the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 1940s, we found these manuscripts that were from before the time of Jesus and then some of them letter for letter are the same as the Hebrew text that we have today. So sometimes because we have so many manuscripts scholars have to sort that out and say okay we got 5000 different manuscripts and some of them say it slightly differently. I write this to you or II I'm writing for us you know is it is you is it costs or is is it a given English example is it Mr. spelled MIS TER or Mr. spelled MR thought or Mr. without the dock the same words, same content, the same substance.

So tell them actually one reason we have so much confidence is because it hasn't changed say they believe this myth that it's been changed by scribes at different points in the they change the message and they added certain things and took away but because they believe this was God's word. They sought to be really really careful if if if I look.

For example, if if I went to to my study that in the next office at night.

I got the Hebrew Bible. From there right so you get to the end of you reading this, the five books of Moses right you get to the end of the five books and in the school that the one that copied out that manuscript it's no use for the text, it tells you this is how many verses there were in the five books.

This is so many words there were the seven letters there were. This is the middle verse.

This is the middle word. This is the middle letter and and all of them have to agree so otherwise it it couldn't be used. So, in point of fact, sometimes scholars have to debate with the original reading was but all of the issues are very very minor and superficial. It would be. Again, the difference beast between saying it's March 16, 1971, or it's 16 March 1971. It doesn't change the date. Just the way it's conveyed an island what Idol had all my answer and Amanda are God is God and no matter how many rewritten translations. He is not till it gets bored change yeah and just ate a new translation doesn't mean they changed it just means that scholars are taking the same original Bible and conveying it to us in the language of today. That's all I got. So your you're right on and what you're saying and we can be confident with that. Hey, thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH listen my my field of academic expertise in grad school.

My Masters, PhD was in near Eastern languages and literatures. We dig into text and ancient text in ancient manuscripts of ancient inscriptions on walls and things like this and Disney all we wanted was the original words. The original language.

That's what I dig into that.

That's what that's right learned via to this day I'm really texturally based in and I studied with all people in believe what I believe. Never in college from college to grad school. Never once had a professor that was a believer believe what I believed, and some were outright hostile to my faith. So I looked at everything in and was tested was challenging and the more study the more confident I became of was confident in the Lord that I can be more confident my mind that we were following truth. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Little Rock Arkansas Tammy, welcome to the line of fire background hello about an insurance card and 1129 yes and during it and drink the northerly and drink and fell not been learning the lower body. Yes, my credit and does not discerning the Lord body does that mean not earning the body and cry or not earning and sort sort body where he was yet so so that it in context during first Corinthians 11 was happens is remember they would partake of communion in the midst of call love feast that that it wasn't the way we do in our church services today where it's just the little competent little wafer passed around a piece of matzoh living bread passed around, that's fine. Services redo little time but in the original context we been part of a meal and and they come together and date they eat together, they drink together. What happened was, there were people getting there, especially people at that had abundance themselves and and there they're getting drunk on the wind that supposed to be a reminder of the blood of Jesus and their reading material. The food and in even the bread and other people, the poor people hundred people is letting anything for them. So it was utterly disgraceful and it was.

Not recognizing what they were partake in this, not just for you and I just picking out the eating, you are partaking and spiritually that the death of Jesus, you are remembering pulses. Do this in remembrance right. Jesus is this remembers you are remembering the blood that he should remembering the breaking of his body for us until he comes. So first and foremost is the lack of discerning of that that brought judgment not eternal damnation on them, but judgment on those that were violating this is such an ugly and wrong way and that's why Paul said maybe were sick and some of you have fallen asleep which is the way of speaking a believer. Dyson went down to hell over this, but they suffered because of it in this world and then on the broader level, we should discern the Lord's body, recognizing that all of his family.

That is part of his extended body and we are one with that and therefore we honor one another and prefer others above ourselves, which is also something they were not primarily focus is this element representing the death Jesus his body. His blood is holy. It's the line of fire with your host activist author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire past this is Michael Brown I am thrilled to be on the air with you. You've got questions, we've got answers number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884, Il.

One great thing with doing radio is if you say you're talking and you got an answer. Some of you can you can go ahead, you're still talking on it you know it's right eyebrow. You just go ahead and scratch keep talking or maybe you're sure it's not perfectly iron but hey, you're just doing radio not a problem but many times we record our radio shows out with our video radio studio's and radio/video studio and will be airing select shows based on the line of fire broadcast and then enhanced in different ways on NRB TV. Would you be starting our new broadcast. I believe beginning of April so that means that last segment when I had an edge site couldn't scratch that, it's because were still video recording, but we just stop site. I actually go ahead and see you don't even know if I'm if I'm scratch that itch or not.

So there we go back to the benefits of radio 866-34-TRUTH okay enough of that. Let us go straight to the phones will start in May con Georgia Sherry, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown. You're welcome. I'm not God's track got ahead of use have you seen the movie yourself. Now I have not been a movie and I have not read the book but I would like to know what you think about it. Okay, here is the deal Sherry I wanted to take the call because the question is out there so much but I did not read the book and I have not yet gone to see move. I bought the book started to read it and then didn't catch my interest obviously caught the interest of millions of others I haven't seen the movie. I have some friends one just wrote and said I sought it's powerful. It's incredible. Another road an article saying that some hints of theology universalism there that everybody eventually gets in everybody renting it, save it that you know of their some of that but you really won't catch that. It's very, very powerful others of said it's it's out out heresy. I just got a book by the author of the shock about lies about God and and I would say he deftly has some theology. I differ with so Sherry, here's the deal. I am going to devote a show to the shack within the next week or two aright a minute get on others who have some opinions about him to see if I have a chance to go see it all. Not sure I will. And then see what others are saying in way and so Sherry, I have not yet seen it not read the book but I want to take your call to say we are going to discuss it. I would say it's the number one most frequent question I get asked these days.

What's your opinion on the shack so for whatever it's worth into my best to give you my opinion and hear from others have strong views one way or the other and then hear from those who see it's if you seen the movie aright.

Prepare to call in to discuss it when we talk about the shack so I can tell you more, Sherry. But I do plan to as soon as possible, 866-348-7884 Rick wants to know if he should go to a service of babies going to be baptized. He doesn't believe in infant baptism, but should he go there is like going to a gay wedding. Listen when you are talking about the gay wedding. There is something fundamentally wrong in terms of two miniature women coming together it's impossible from to participate in it for me as a believer and say congratulations and and so on. Because we believe it's it's fundamentally wrong.

I absolutely do not believe in infant baptism.

II don't believe in it anymore than you believe in it.

From what you've written, but Isis between you and God.

II certainly if these people are believers and just had a different position on that lovely Scriptures clear. There are plenty plenty plenty believers practice of baptism. So I would personally have no problem going below funny formula on snow, I believe, but I have no problem going with her. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is friends with letting us fire each 663487884 let us go to the local there, let's go to Todd in Cedar Grove North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire like Dr. Brown really titled public health.

Before I asked my question. You had a caller about the movie shack I wanted to recommend we have five or go to is called burning down the shack the alternate book is with Dr. James begun yet. He has been a very strong critic of the shack from from day one and it is known, the author of the book is will suggest that website again. I can't burning down the shack got it. I think our question if I was recently reading Joshua chapter 22 and the third account of where Josh would give to the tribes of Reuben gadabout diaspora to return to Bayer inherited all the other side of the Jordan, and they get there to the border of Canaan, and they built the altar and the other tribes of sin.

But if they've done something wrong and they're coming out to go to go to war dance them and my question is like why they automatically if the faith they had done something wrong, yet I would say there are a few possible reasons. It could've been all of the above.

One was.

It is a whole lot of strife, always with the children of Israel, beginning with the literal 12 sons of Jacob, Israel, and then through Israelite history. You see a lot of factionalism we ultimately have a split between the northern kingdom in the southern kingdom you have the of the men of one tribe almost wiped out in it you know so and judges soul is its par for the course that they have strife and mistrust that's that's one thing a second thing is that initially their plan to stay on the inside of the Jordan and inherit the land there that that scandalized the rest of the tribes right so one half tribe of Manasseh was going to go it into Israel and settled there. The other was the stimulus and the Jordan said, wait, wait, wait, what you talk about snow lever wasn't children will fight will go do all that and in the muscle that Landis is in our hands that will go back to the gold okay okay so there there is a little bit of of question about that from the start and they had approved no no no, we are wrong on this together. We just think it be great if we could stay here with me like the land here so that's the second element. The third element is Israel's all too prone to idolatry. Israel's all too prone to to do wrong. Moses comes out from Mount Sinai are red, either worshiping an idol so that to me says that the track record was not that good and it was very easy to be suspicious, and it does it, it shows you how profoundly little trust. There was and how profoundly little harmony there was, but just wanted to put that in context as best as possibly Todd, thank you as always for good question, 866-348-7884 we go to Raleigh, North Carolina, Parker, welcome to the line of fire.brown or fellow ministry of book been a great tool wall.I really sure thing.

Thank you sir, but had a question about my or targeted the good, the lift both Kurt Barclay unit of the trancelike all I have of right about the direction of Bob Hart. Note where he buried her heart toward that bar, but what about the good book, but the cursor economist point. Yes.

So the real question is the what what did Jesus originally say and we do know that the call is expressed to the King James new King James. This larger call is expressed elsewhere in the New Testament so we know that that the words the sympathies are certainly definitely in keeping with the teaching of Jesus in spirit New Testament. But this is a classic example sir of two different textual traditions. There is the textual tradition on which the King James's base. The so-called textus receptors and then there is the textual tradition in which most modern translations like the NIV or NASB or ESV or NET or HCS B or others would be based on, and Greek scholars debate which is the more original text and if you look at textual history. There's an ancient translation of the Greek New Testament into the Syriac language Syriac as part of the Aramaic family and the the Syriac Aramaic that has the longer text as well and those that would follow the tradition behind the King James new King James would say aha look at this.

This verifies that that these were early words spoken in others would say no that's in transit later word etc. so it it it's the larger issue of not translation here that no one saw different with translation of but which Greek manuscript most accurately reflects the original and you either have an example of scribes adding something to the tax based on something Jesus taught elsewhere right or scribes taking away would scribes knowingly, willingly take away biblical text. Normally, not because this is sacred Scripture to them, would they expanded they might do it unconsciously because of teaching elsewhere and and put it in but this is a matter for textual scholars to debate. I'm perfectly at home though saying that I believe Jesus taught this as in the King James new King James and this is part of the larger spirit of the New Testament part of the larger spirit of what we are commanded in the rest of the Gospels and by Paul as well. In a passage like Romans 12 but it's not a big debate about translations debate about textual tradition which ones we follow and this is this is one of the clearest examples of of a difference here and that's that's a whole other debate in terms of which manuscripts of the more original and and each side has there there strong arguments, but I personally say yes embrace these as the words of Jesus that he actually did teach okay. You are very welcome 8663 freight 7884. Let's go to Frederick in Winston-Salem. Welcome to the line of fire hydrant crown hello, my question what are the fundamentals of Islam. Yes sir, Islam means submission and it means submission to all law and the goal is to bring the whole world into submission to Allah and there are what are called the five pillars of Islam.

They include the confession that that all law alone is God Mohammed is his prophet.

They include the tradition of prayer, which is practiced five times a day by religious Muslim men that includes the Hajj the pilgrimage to Mecca that every able-bodied Muslim man should try to do once in a lifetime and then the giving of certain charity certain portion of income to charity and then fasting during Ramadan.

So no food or drink from dawn until dusk and then a feast at night so those are the so-called five pillars of Islam, but fundamentally, the belief is that Mohammed is the seal of the prophets that Abraham, Moses, Jesus, they were all Muslims. They were all God-fearing men who worship this the same one creator God who is not triune who is so exalted as God that that he's not our father, you don't have intimacy with him you you serve him. Out of the many names for God in Islamic tradition father is not one of them and that you please all law by by living a moral life according to his commandments by not worshiping idols worshiping him alone and by following the teachings of the Koran, which Muslims believe was a perfect book in heaven. The angel Gabriel over period of time revealed to Mohammed within the seal of the prophet.

So Moses is a prophet. Jesus is a prophet and the Messiah, but he is not the son of God, he is not to be worshiped.

He did not die on the cross to forgive our sins.

If you say well how does a Muslim than have assurance of salvation has a Muslim, no, that when they die. The go to paradise, though, go to God's heavenly kingdom will they don't know they don't know unless they die as a martyr for the cause in which case the going to this place of of great blasts and according to Islamic tradition, the men would have 70 perpetual virgins and feast etc. and many buses actually believe this, and that's one incentive for martyrdom that, if so, you blow yourself up in Israel and killed Jewish unbelievers that promoted strength paradise great and terrible deception.

Otherwise, Moses and Satan worship one God is more likely the Scriptures practice the five pillars of Islam. He thank you for asking.

You file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown asked. We get answers 866-34-TRUTH 784 hey, quick question for you, you receive my weekly newsletters on Monday started off the week with the specially discount resource offer that's a great blessing to focus our email list. No Friday a list of here.

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By the way back and I think with 1996 and I've been a fan ever since and read in your book so this is truly an honor to speak with you.

Thank you all think closer now. The my question since it is St. Patrick's Day and that you can colonize name item of Irish heritage is a fascinating topic to me there's been a long theory out there that the lost tribe of Dan is in fact via the Celts and this is primarily based on the many similar facts and circumstances, such as the DH Celts settled in the British Isles about the same time as the Jewish exile.

The first settlers in the British Isles were converted with the demand and so similar in sounding as is the tribe of Dan. They were asked to run the gamut of seafaring tribe, so it's possible that they could have traveled by way of seed to get to the British Isles and still I saw a long time.

This is just speculation and coincidence but I know in late 2015. There is a nothing at Trinity University in Ireland, that God did some being a study on some of the most ancient bones that they have about Celts and determine that there is consistency with those from the middle. Have you heard of any of it, and if so, what are your thoughts okay I I've heard most of this from you intensive reporting on this and then from some of this is posted on social media. I've never investigated it in and any debts and into be honest until I hear about some potential DNA connection.

A very skeptical because you had British Israelite-ism and the idea that the Great Britain knows the lost tribes of Israel.

There are Jewish traditions about the 10 lost tribes living on the other side of some mythical river that will be found one day in the ancient world was easy to think like that of there are of course Mormon teachings as if Native Americans or others here in the country before lost tribes of Israel and all that is pretty much debunked. Obviously their individual Israelites scattered around the world who completely assimilated into different cultures and that's that's not debated but they're gone and that sensitive completely assimilated and you do have pockets of people like that.

The lumber tribe in Zimbabwe that has Israelite roots.

You have some the Ethiopian Jews that have ancient Israelite roots so that would mean at a certain point that different tribes of Israel or different parts of tribes of Israel living in different parts of the world then intermarried with the culture, but rather than assimilating into it that the people and the culture converted and became a followers of the God of Israel and keeping the commandments of the God of Israel, and you'll still have in some places where the, the, observe the Sabbath. They practice circumcision and and they haven't even known why and then some of these are discovered later in and there are in fact DNA connections and things like that so I know that this does happen, but is as far as that the Celts Celts. I I have not looked at it in any serious way.

I immediately pull up a bunch of websites that make reference to this, but what I would need to do is is here from some Jewish scholars I'm looking at a report on BBC News.

So this would relate to some of what you've talked about Sir BBC News, December 28, 2015 scientists of sequence. The first ancient human genomes from Ireland shedding light on the genesis of Celtic populations and that's just it was in this at Trinity College Dublin that you mention. So again, this stuff is getting serious discussion Prof. Dan Bradley's quote to send this great wave of genome change that swept into Europe so you have my ear on it.

Anything is possible in terms of part of the tribal groups migrating to different parts of the world we know Jewish people been scattered around the world and in their identity being subsumed in other news, there's nothing against it, that it couldn't be where it's impossible. Historically, it certainly is possible. Is it true is it probable that of the story but but Darren, it's not just one of these completely flaky things like the aliens built Stonehenge and there's no other inlet kind of thing saw him I would look at it more if you got my interest you got my attention. There may be other scholars that completely debunk it. Debunk different parts of it and others maybe look at it seriously. So you got my attention and I'm gonna take a look at it and again thank you sir for the kind words. I'm glad I've been to be a blessing to know for more than 20 years. So thank you so much. Thank you sir and I will log problem. I would gratefully and I probably want Facebook so I will I will keep an ear out. If you have any other comments on this that you look into. Yeah, sure, sure thing and feel free to to poke us along the way there many many things I absolutely have an interest in and want to look into and dig into and then I get swept away with other concerns, so feel free some months down the line said to give us a poking to say hey did you ever look into that any further. Thanks so much. God bless you, thank you all right 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Can I do this really quickly. Let's let's try to get in one more right one more call really quickly Sonia in Gainesville, Florida dive right in your online a fire hi Dr. Brown I'll try that I can on the coyote silent by and day there was a Japanese author maybe was made out other hand, it was used as I'm not sure how it was. But with you an example, I and determine in Hebrews 11, before you get to unite by March to the fate of the pipe patriarch that basically what it was on historical fiction, and it was about. I believe it was that missionary they went and were hardly persecuted in Japan which historical historically… The streetlights in such a what to do.

It I'm running out of time, but if you give me the question quickly.

Well, the question in a way, basically that they had to walk on FMA which was an iconic Jesus and announced 10,000 something that other productivity was sung as usual you have to do all right understand where you going with the question is coming next week will get your call as soon as we can. I love you my best to answer that clear enough. All right friends join us on the line of

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