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An Open Letter to Miley Cyrus; Should Christians Attend Gay Pride Events; and a Military Leader Falls Before Political Correctness

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 8, 2017 4:40 pm

An Open Letter to Miley Cyrus; Should Christians Attend Gay Pride Events; and a Military Leader Falls Before Political Correctness

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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From an open letter to Miley Cyrus to the French elections and more. We've got you covered right here on the line of fire stage for the line of fire, your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, let me ask you an honest question. How much do you hear about the culture about dealing with cultural issues about getting kindred perspective on political issues.

How much do you hear from that Christian radio in general. From pulpits in general Christian literature in general how much you hear about these things. Putting out a tremendous amount because it's not the main focus of your pastor, preaching on Sunday itself.

The main focus of the Christian teaching on your radio network or on your Christian TV network so I would say if I'm guessing the answer to the question you have to say relatively little. Let's part of the reason that we are here welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you as always.

Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 784 got some special interviews coming your way today little bit later this hour. I'll be joined by my friend Larry Tomczak wants to give us five reasons why Christians should attend gay pride parade yet reaching out with the gospel in the second hour speaking with Peter LaBarbera about this real horrific thing that's happened with man was put forward as Donald Trump's Army secretary and is basically through a liberal witchhunt been forced out will talk about that the elections in France and open letter to Miley Cyrus of some of the latest fake news will cover it all, right here, 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you want to join and I have a couple programs on God TV they just started airing this year. If you have direct TV then you can watch them on channel 365.

It is the NRB TV or show where we take our part of our Friday broadcast and put that on TV. Make it special for TV with video enhancements and things like that.

That's NRB TV channel 378 get you shows on God TV weather is called ask me anything were people writing in their Bible questions theology questions personal spiritual questions and we answer than five minutes a day five days a week there preaching show on Sunday where I really preach my heart at 630 in the evening on Sunday and God TV this preach my heart out about holiness and repentance and revival and things like that so I am involved in preaching the gospel day and night. I'm involved in seeking to equip build people up teaching our ministry school every week, pouring into her students of fire school of ministry doing that all the time and also feel burdened to address moral and cultural issues that many churches have asked me to comment and address issues have a do with how we handle LGBT issues and and when questions can operate within our own church and families.

How do we handle these things or or forward.

Confused, politically, which weighs nation going to get involved in voter not troublemaking prospectus of friends. We are here fill a void. We are here to address these issues. Yes, the burden calling from the Lord, but also because we know that most are not called to address them. The way that we address them. I'm not saying that your average pastor is supposed to address some of the issues is much as I do. I'm saying because they are not because your average Bible teachers not a call to address these things.

If you're listening on Christian radio. Think of all the other programs that are all over the course of the day, very few addressees is not the fault of the others. Everyone's doing.

I believe what what they feel God's calling them to do. But that means that there is a need.

So center peoples and one after dressing so somebody's got to because we gotta be informed.

We gotta be ready, we have to understand that salt like we want to be like the sons of this heart first Chronicles 1232 who understood the times you is real.

That's what were here I go to France. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown announcement of the wide victory of mentor monochrome the new leader of France this a lot to look at here. There is a lot to look at a lot of questions going forward. By the way, although he one.

What about two thirds of the vote.

She went over 90% of the vote from Paris.

Interesting, very interesting 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown my latest article an open letter to Miley Cyrus if you didn't read it yet. Go to* you'll see it right on the homepage. Also check out our recent videos as well.

Resources there for you all. Have you center for email list you get my weekly emails.

If not, we should do because I got a free e-book. I will send you when you sign up for our email list today I got a free e-book to send you to go to* sign up, it'll just take a few seconds and the e-book is called seven secrets of the real Messiah. Yeah, I think you'll find it really, really, I opening was eye-opening for me to put together. I think it's can be eye-opening for you to read, so sign up for and if you if you're on Facebook connect with us on Facebook. There were from Twitter. If you subscribe to YouTube videos. You can do all of that right on our homepage to see the icons for Facebook for twitter and for YouTube as well. Okay France on the one hand, Francis said that they do not want to go too far to the right and they did not vote for Ring the pen on the flipside, this is far more support for her position and for a strong right wing party than his ever happened in France. In recent history believe that the most. Her father ever got with his party was 18% of the vote, she got 34% of the vote and others have said that if things do not change in a positive way. In France, if monochrome turns out to be a disappointment and he is kind of a out of nowhere leader and a very young man just 39 years old. Other other leaders that are also younger been good leaders but if things don't go in a good direction. If you continue to have major issues with radical Islamic terrorism. If you continue to have issues where there's not economic reform. If other things go negatively, then others to say hey it could be within a decade to simmering the pen, a leading France you see her elected.

Or someone else from the party now there there is a question in terms of what real appends party really stood for her. Her father leading the national front was known as a Holocaust denier.

There were extremes in his party's position that should be rejected and have been rejected, but then ring the pen through her father out of the party and other known anti-Semites out of the party. And although party platform is that it would it would do away with same-sex quote marriage she appointed to game into very prominent positions in her campaign in her priority. I and and there many gays actually that support her, which is considered interesting because they are more concerned right now with radical Islam and with things like that in the growing pressures in the society. Because of that and there. Interestingly, it was if I'm correct, a gay atheist comedian who was one of the leaders opposing same-sex quote marriage in France. This the Manor man and women are women, and so that again. France is different than America. In that respect, but those in real appends party said that they were demonized, demonized, demonized that even in the states we hear of them is the extreme right.

I'm I might even refer to them like that in in the past of the calling symbol were are they that extreme, like with her positions really that extreme reset just what you heard yet. Probably just what I heard without analyzing now. Yes, there were some problems for Jews under the pen because she said you cannot be a dual citizen of Israel in France. If you're a Jew living in France.

You have to be there citizen of Israel and not a citizen of France or give me a citizen France that it's a submissive that is real negative that was negative and and there were concerned that with the new nationalism and populism that Jews end up scapegoated and when when when Francis and blanket okay we we we don't want Islamic garb. So just to say no religious garb.

The religious garb said you can't wear yarmulke make those kinds of things are are unnecessary are are negative are of concern to Jewish people. On the flip side of a macaroni presidency. What will that mean what will that mean in terms of fighting against radicals on the lease to the pen would do that is France can be safer is France gonna put up a wall against the Islamization of its country, especially by radical Muslims is France going to have more wisdom in its immigration policies and and things like that.

There many other issues to address and here's here's one big problem France since the French Revolution even though it is ostensibly Catholic.

The fact is, it is very secular, is driven by human is, it is driven by humanism and justice. America has religious Christian roots. I don't mean we been a perfect Christian nation and a time in our history. Obviously not very obviously not, but we do have strong biblically-based Christian roots.

And it's because of those roots that we've had the liberties that we have, you see the radical left continues to fight against real liberties of liberties of communication speech different freedoms. There is constant suppression of those things constant suppression of dissent and difference from those on the left, especially the radical left. So America. Despite how secular it is in many ways America has leaned historically right of center in France because of its humanism is going to tend to go left of center, and then those that would be conservative on the right niche it's easy to demonize them of this is what's one of the leaders Senior advisor to Marine Le Pen had to say speak with BBC after that this the defeat John the see the Centauri has to say click number two.

We are not against minorities. We want to restore the French identity as a friend seven France when it wasn't proud of his out of his idea never was against minorities and I am someone who are issued from a minority and I am a close advisor to line up and we and what the what you say now my own as a propaganda that was made against us on the between the rounds of the election. We have been not have been criminalized because you have been treated of Massey have been treated of extreme right and of course when you repeat this every day and night every day and night you friends about yes so his issue is, there has been misreporting of who they are misreporting of their position.

Misreporting of the direction the goals that they have demonizing of than the others would say it's fair that's a debate to be had, I believe, on the one hand there history open them up to demonization is one even though they've sought to distance themselves from the history someone number two. The strong positions of living Marine Le Pen further reinforce the negative stereotypes because some of the positions might've been extreme but overall her positions may have been in the best interest of France. Overall, she might not have been extreme right anyway so it's can be very interesting to watch how this plays out. The populist movement in France has gone so far.

It's made a lot of progress but it's got a ways to go. How much of it is healthy how much of his unhealthy. The populist movement, and in Holland under geared filters very much an independent voice without a party behind him. He's made a lot of progress.

He remains very influential even though things have gone so far and stopped there. So the these are issues to watch populism in America is one factor, but only one that helped elect Donald Trump and look at the American parallel a lot of Americans don't like the way the country is going. And they say we feel like were losing our country and and we wanted back and that's a major reason they voted for Donald Trump. On the flipside among those who feel like that of white supremacists and racists and others should be the same in France that there are many in France just don't like the weather countries going they feel are losing it to outsiders, losing its other cultures and they don't like it then. Among them will have the racists and all will have the Muslim haters and the anti-Semites and others like that that same mixed bag, but where France goes in the next 5 to 10 years.

I say right now is absolutely wide open and remains very, very precarious, will be right back, and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to what I just want to give you something to help you realize how different perspectives can be all right. Many years ago I was on the subway in New York City. I had had a long ride. It was just one of the stops that you went over water so it was a longer distance between stops in this particular subway going for what was Far Rockaway beginning of Queens into Manhattan ultimately and are I remember that there were these guys for a particular cult. The OnStar Moscow's are still around there there were occult they preset white man was the manifestation of Satan and things like that and they were they were there and we were having a debate about lots of things about the Bible about the Hebrew language but Arabic language and things like that and I'm on my way into my class in New York City, New York University, where I get my PhD in near Eastern languages and literatures I have in my briefcase that I'm carrying this is in the early 80s probably late 70s early 80s I have in my briefcase that I'm carrying Texan Arabic text in Babylonian things like that is my field right and I'm debating he's gone there to come of those bogus crazy things and there was a bunch of guys dark skinned guys surrounding them, people of color surrounding them and as I was making my points that the guys were cheering and I thought even though this cult says that the white man is a manifestation of Satan. Even though these guys will racists that the kids the young people understand around these young men that are listening to the dialogue. Even they can tell that I'm right because there cheering for my points well.

Interestingly enough, interestingly enough, when the guys. The cult guys got off the subway. The little crowd surrounding us clapped for them yet. I was completely misunderstanding. Who they were cheering for the I know I the facts under either information yeah but I was the enemy of I was the bad guy. I was the outsider enhance even though I was giving facts and truths. I was the one getting mocked and jeered because there is this the difference in perspective and then I didn't recognize what was happening because of my different perspective as well. A click number nine, right click, number nine if youth think about who should get an award for best fight against the system, a political leader who should get an award for best fight against the system thing from it, who might that be I know who I'm thinking different for different ones. I'm thinking about, but listen to this MTV movie and TV award.

This special award given to this political leader for best fight against the system.Congresswoman Maxine Waters for your voice, especially time now, but to me she's part of the system.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is the system and yet from their perspective. She's fighting against the system. Now that I'll tell you I'm talking to about this. I want to go little bit further, I was a generous whiz with Matt Lauer and she's talking about coming out fact. Click number four.

This displaces a short clip she talked about the effect that this is had on her life. Click number four so tightly compassion taught me to that I was strong enough to start all over again and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me right so so now he answer Matt Lauer answer if she would have Donald Trump come on her show. Now I'm placement Ellen. But amid apply to ourselves in a moment write this, this answers class, you'll be shaking your head as you listen to number five. Would you like him to come on the show.

In the United States because I'm not can change his mind is against everything that I stand for only need to look at someone else who looked different than us and believes in something that meant we don't believe in and still accept them and still have let them have their rights-timeout timeout so she won't sit with him because she won't change his mind and he opposes everything she stands for its her perception right and we have to learn how to sit with people we differ with and did you see the slight contradiction there.

I won't sit with him because I totally different with them and we have to learn to be able to sit with people we differ with yet you'd say glaring double standard, glaring hypocrisy do we do the same thing do we do the same thing. Do we criticize others for doing what we do all is different because for what will that with that's what she would say. Also, see if I'm telling you that we need to be able to sit down and have dialogue with people we differ with and we need to hear them out and then asked them to hear us out yet, but that that doesn't do that when the person is fully wrong. Whether that's gonna be there same position to you yet. So we've got to do a better job of being consistent with our moral outrage regarding your better job of being consistent with our standards of righteousness.

We have to guard against hypocrisy like anyone else. Aha, it's the truth. So I ring the clip is just you got to be kidding me. Give me the right to be who I am but I like to give you the right to be who you are. I will not sit and talk with you because you're a bigot, but we need to learn to sit and talk with people that call us bigots also goes one way but not the other friends about many of us are just as guilty of that is owned generous. Personally, I believe that you know I used to enjoy many years ago, every so often I would watch Hannity and Colmes. I just enjoyed because each one present their positions. A good point and the other would proceed to rip it to shreds is a good point. I would make you us okay. You may have a conviction one way or the other but doesn't mean that the other side is just blowing hot air. Find out what they believe. Find out why interact with it and then if you differ with it the least, you'll do it with substance friends were here to equip you to help you really serve you were here to be your voice every time I get a letter and email social media post from one if you thanking me for being your voice gratified me because we work hard by God's grace we pray really seek to do things with excellence to be your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. If you're not connected with me either Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or above all, if you're not connected getting my weekly emails go to my website as soon as you have a break if you drive in the car way to have a break even a traffic light break at the lease, whichever break go to ask them if you do it now, but her right now.* connect with us on Facebook for the sure to sign up for email. You do remind her about a great e-book seven secrets to the real Messiah sent you as my gift to combat you Christians go to a gay pride parade.

It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us on the far 86634.

Truth is the number to call. I wanted speak now with my dear friend Larry Tomczak recently wrote an article on five reasons why Christians should attend gay pride parades. Obviously, for the purpose of outreach foods were not familiar with Larry's ministries but on the front lines of lifestyle evangelism and church planting be a cultural commentator for many many years.

The church is to supplant around America today that are thriving. Healthy churches and in recent years, he's been at burden even more and more to address what's happening in the culture. If you haven't taken is bull's-eye challenge yet. We will let you know how to do that in a moment. Hey Larry, welcome back to the line of fire where my honor and a joy. I love you so much and I trust today will have a very fruitful time together on this stop you absolutely will Larry before we get into the specific subject of attending gay pride parade is as much as anyone I know you have practiced lifestyle evangelism for decades. What does that mean what is lifestyle evangelism mean for you will.

I believe we followed a method of the master.

We evangelism was natural it was relational and I think it was enjoyable and we look at Jesus.

It wasn't for Steve, it was just it was a beautiful gesture to convey the love of God and help people get right with God and so I encourage people to pray for divine appointments. You know I did a book on that one sent believe that your steps are ordered by the Lord and then look for ways love people serve people build general relationships build a bridge converse with people in and out of that if the Lord you reading you properly on the right path share something of Jesus transform your life and I've encouraged people your delight. To do a personal testimony track.

I know you have one like I do and get this business so fresh out of the oven on Saturday, an attorney from DC called Grange and he said Larry are to love this church planting here 40 years ago were having a conference on evangelism.

Eddie said on the screen. The guy that was coming in� Just it was a mixup or something and they had him on video doing the comfort and ship said Larry, you'll love this. This guy Lex something that I want to give it just a report that 30 some years ago there was a God he came to England and eyes named Larry Tomczak in the in the lifestyle evangelism and as a result of that I put together a testimony track that I used and I want to help you today in this conference.

My life was changed so that this was Saturday and Mike, I love it. I you saw me right now reached in my back pocket. You wouldn't find a wallet you find I carry these tracks and I just find it fun.

You plan a street that I will follow an answer all yeah absolutely how this is because you love other people you care about them. That's the thing that comes Lance and Chris begin of these days.

Larry is everybody post your stories in social media and everybody has a story to tell. It's it's even more appropriate to say hey here's my story and and I love to share with you and people are much more inclined to receive that than just religious track. In fact, I remember the first time that I spoke at your church when you were in Atlanta. I remember that you introduced to the congregation. Your next-door neighbors. The whole family.

They just moved in like a week ago but you had a ready befriended them and they were now visiting the church that first Sunday so the question is how we get from there to Gay pride event. How is it that my friend Larry, who's been a church planter and a real lover of people and evangelist. How does he get involved addressing issues them to do with gay activism and then as a Hartford gallery to really come back 15 from Larry how godly I was hard to get involved with these things and then go through five reasons Christian should attend a private file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a radial say getting it on the radio now talk about this subject. For an hour and I do it. The problem there. Other things were really to read research understandably on special guests because they're not areas of specialization for me and I need extra time to prepare, and a lot of the cultural issues I'm strong in certain areas not as strong in other areas that so they can be the case with all of us but for Larry Tomczak is put together; the bull's-eye challenge every day for 30 days.

You can watch a video short video just a few minutes with clear biblical foundations clear reasoning terms of how we approach the different critical moral cultural issues of the day a different one each day. And then there's a book you buy to go with it. So between reading, watching the video and pray like 1/2 hour day you can you can really become equipped to address the key issues that we all face. Larry, this is the bull's-eye challenge of some unwanted they want to get involved. They want to get equipped and take the bull's-eye challenge. What's the best way to do it right. Thank you. And it's a resource hundred tool and I really appreciate your commendation as well as senior leaders all over America. The challenges you take 15 minutes for 30 days that fit watch a video.

Three minute read little chapter the book you get it at the site. Bull's-eye bull's-eye challenge.comanything. There's a video that you could watch it immediately. Today and you get the book in their churches. Their ministries are church went through it together collectively as the church and it's helping people and even on our topic today. Mike allowed people to be hesitant they lack boldness get tongue tied and you and I both. We really want to help you become informed influencers to work salt were light were always prepared a lot that you know, use wisdom, relating the outsiders but sister you know how to answer everyone answer whether it's Islam or abortion sexuality think the cruise down the line transgendered were helping people through this so thank you. Please list is goaded at bull's-eye

I think you'll find it is a real blessing and tool to help you excellent. All right, thank you so much Larry for putting the material again for taking the time to do it.

How did you get burdened stress even with gay and lesbian issues and some get a major outreach in this area. In years past you and I don't come out of homosexual backgrounds with something a particular bird we carried. I know how God began to call me to address the issues and reach out to the people. 32,004.

Was it just that this is kind of unavoidable and culture and and you felt you had to address things where you don't like you and I both lived in the DC area for quite a while. I was there 24 years and would we start with a handful of people in the home grew it about 3 to 4 years to over 2000 primarily young people, and there was a anchor that was very real to us and it spills right over into what we talk on here and it from Matthew 936 to 38 we lived with us for success when Jesus saw the crowd moved with compassion for them because they fainted. They were scattered like sheep without a shepherd.

And then he said to his followers, his disciples, because the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out the laborers into his heart so that harvest I believe is around us today.

We can look at crowd look at the academia University we convey all my look what's happening or we can pray for laborers to go into those fields as salt and light, but they have to be prepared so I believe it's critical because in 2009 I think you're very where former Pres. Barack Obama, who was a strong advocate for so many of the LGBT Q agenda items.

He declared the first president to ever declare June a few weeks lesbian gay bisexual transgender pride month. In other words, let's celebrate this lifestyle well, we know this is a light spell that was identified with stand and shame and social social stigma. But when we see here they're coming in our area. I can tell you I'm in the Nashville area. It's a big hit, not it's going to be three days a month in schools and I think most people listening to you so yeah I think something ordinary or just keeps getting bigger and bigger. So what we do and Mike. I honestly as you know, I think there's three options.

Isaiah 39 is wanted for people declare their sin of Sodom don't hide it in many say distant brazenness the debauchery � so steer clear of this nonsense and the fill. That's how they think others would Stay Way Way Way Way, Jesus said those were well they don't need a physician, but those that are sick. I desire mercy, not sacrifice not come to call the not call the righteous, but sinners to repentance so that's a motivational book and then I heard others they look. I had enough of this. I want to bother with it.

I could care less so Mike I've gone the 15 day pride of the and I go prayed up. I want to put some if I can think is right up front.

This is very important because you might be a parent or pastor young believer to go. I don't believe Jesus sent them out individually but impaired. I think you need to make sure there's a maturity level that you there's pastoral you know covering, so to speak that you go in groups.

You know it's not you do foolishly and be aware as you know Mike at these events. There can be some people that are not clothed in modesty.

There can be T-shirts with slogans and profanity and things like that and people drink in its it's it's a trip so not everybody should go.

I put that caveat, but I go five reason and I believe that these are legitimate biblical reasons. So some today listening you're going to be prompted to respond and engage others.

You're to just stand back in a good way and pray, but come on, parents, pastor, we can't just write people often think. Who cares about people. God loves him. He sent his son to die for each one of them and they need to hear the gospel.

So rather than look at it only in the negative. Like, what are they marching for wise us in the streets of our community.

In some cities gay pride events can still be pretty vulgar and other cities. They become much more tame and in their origins. They they're often extremely vulgar and, of course. June is the month celebrating the Stonewall riots in New York City which Pres. Obama in his second inaugural speech tied in with women's rights, eccentric and civil rights going back to Selma and I gay-rights, to Stonewall, which is really a riot uprising. It's police there, but now something to be celebrated set happened in June. Hence June being the big Gay pride month so that the real the real issue is, yeah, there's a lot going on these marches that we don't approve of her a message we don't approve of, but you can look the other way and saying these are a lot of people now all together in one place, and certainly there are people hurting people under conviction of sin. People may be from godly backgrounds. So a great opportunity to reach out. So let's start we can we can keep going in the next segment if we need to but give me your first reason why Christians should attend the Gay pride event. Well, the first one is we we can be there praying for the participant praying the grid or the costumes.

The slogan that the alcohol things like that. There are broken people who God love belongs to regain them and we got it beneath the what I do with they are just forlorn faces and empty eyes and people projecting an image that there really a having a blast and some are there there kind of escaping, but I think we can go and just like Jesus. He prayed anything praying the Lord of the harvest, so that's the first thing in like the first one I attended in the Nashville area 10 years ago we came to art this area from Atlanta actually 10 years ago on Father's Day and I remember the first guy I talked to young guy.

He had just graduated from high school and I just struck up a conversation. Friendly, you know, just build a bridge article away from it and then the beautiful thing was that I said I know you exist you companies and he said no this is my first one I was maybe 17 years what he said.

I said oh okay I said I just moved here from Atlanta know you're motivated.

What would lead you to come this year and he said well I'm looking for a place to fit in. That's what he said to me I'm looking for a place to get in now.

I thought rounded guy struggling with things fixed attraction. How deep the devil at work to deceive and so these individuals when we go to an event like this. I think we pray because I believe that I spoke with him and I did give him my little testimonial track.

He was receptive to it and I don't want to fool anybody listening that everybody's respected but there's an art skill to how engaged people love them as were talking here today but number one Mike I believe we pray for the participant. That's the first reason I go and and you feel just got 30 seconds. The being there helps you pray more effectively when you're close to people all Mike when you look into the eyes of people and the faces any self righteousness. I think just melts and and you begin to say, my God, you look and I'm not talking. I just think people we were at think were you, I was in a band called the lost all I was lost in anybody and someone came in and reached out all right will come back will finish up by Tomczak's five reasons for Christians today tend get pregnant again you have to be sure your is the right place for you to be and that you are a good place to do it and reach out with love to get there and get the screaming match with someone.

So to be the right person ago, but some good reasons to go get four more we come back for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown letting us on a lot of challenge to get equipped know how to address the key issues we face in our society. Go to bull's-eye challenge.calm I we got a few minutes left out Larry.

Let's go through reason number two why Christians should attend the Gay pride event will secondly to relate to reject it to those that are rejected. If I'm not mistaken the movie.

That was the Academy award winner was about a African-American God with your journey of rejection. Rejection and that was the best movie of the year and there's a series on HBO now 13 reasons and rejection and then leads to teen suicide.

I know the story of Ellen degenerate rejection betrayed so people are milling around and they can try to project an image but the blank stares. The plastic smile can't mask the emptiness so I believe were called by Jesus.

The woman at the well take a look at her like he took an interest in her and I think that's a second reason you might yeah you mention Ellen DeGeneres and rejection mostly think of her justice is one of the most popular loved women in the world today what you speak of rejection. While Mike shared in an interview while back what her story was and I don't have any in front of me and I like to be accurate.

Like you, but you know with a particular relative. That means she was that she is my understand. Reportedly, she said she played the whole.

She ended up staying in was in the hospital room or something just trying to avoid somebody because of what she was going through. So when people experience abuse whatever level it is date they can then feel rejected by a parent or a loved one, and there's so much rejection in this culture today and I just think when you're at an event like this, you get obvious and so I don't relate to people in some mechanical way when I was at the last one to speak with absolute truth. As I was leaving there was a guy with a bullhorn standing on a stool and he was screaming. I am not getting through the bullhorn dear Garner, your guard up bar he was screaming and yelling and you know what the crop is doing mocking. They were telling get the blank out here and I thought this would be better to turn that thing off and I tried to relate to the guy and make it a but he was he was just determined. This is the way you do it.

I don't think you reach Rupert relate to rejected people by doing it that way. So, which brings us to our third point might demonstrating God's love, Martin Luther King Jr. said he would change it was first love and so to go to an event like this by somebody else strike a conversation get some buy him a burger you want to drink, talk, what we actually put together dream interpretation boots. They work great people come by. What's this week they will you ever have dreams.

Yeah. Would you like to have some interpretation. Yeah, and it's a great way to move in spiritual gifts of the word of knowledge or prophetic gifting and then to share with people in a nonthreatening winsome way in the law and out of the to me that's one of the most effective ways that a gay pride event is have a dream interpretation boots love people have some free water, you know they're born in MN.

If they say they're interested. Love them by blessing them with some dream interpretation and boundary dream interpretation.

So how how do you go about doing that. You just guess the US the Holy Spirit to give you insight do you draw things based on biblical principles. Well, the Bible says, you obviously we earnestly covet spiritual gifts and there are gifts of word of wisdom the word of knowledge, gift of prophecy and and and you step out in these situations, you smile, you greet people and people would come about. They just come up to me.

What is this, could you put about dream interpretation is what is best and I just say what you ever have dreams and I think we we believe that these dreams come from somewhere, some transcendent entity and we believe God gives him it's in the Bible what you believe or not, and have you ever had a dream. Oh yeah there have a reoccurring dream and then you know what you step out and give expression to your impression.

So you might say to somebody some recent why that agreement repeatedly about this accident. You know I went over a cliff and it was scary and I wish I didn't have an big boy man I empathize with you.

I've had some bad ones like that to but you give her think about eternity Jim, have you ever thought like if that really ever did happen. What you do and and on that thing you put fear in people, but you can capitalize on that and there's amazing. Words of knowledge, wisdom, encouragement that can come to get people thinking and moving them closer. I believe toward a relationship with Jesus Christ and that writes the fact is, there is future judgment. It is real. The question is Houston shared in what context and how how do we want how to give people hope I get to minutes give us the rest real quick. Yeah, last Tuesday I believe we I go for because I'm investing in eternity.

And you know we were part of Brownsville revival Stephenville would say you know you would challenge us about living for eternity and so we take time to invest in people and it says in Daniel those who are wise will shine as the brightness of the expanse of heaven and those who turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever so we can help people in terms of their eternal destiny and then lastly is evangelized bottom line. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and I see people that are militant to be very combative.

It's not like this.

Got it piggyback off their UC moderate people are looking for acceptance like that young guy I told you there experiment.

But then there's others moving on in their empty energy. There they want to abandon what they're doing but you're seeking purpose and hope identity and life so I believe we have a privilege to seek God when these gay pride events come up and do it is groups.

As a pastor you could have a youth group we would pray before we went. And honestly, I'll be gone this year and if your Nashville you see me walking the grounds talking to people and I just did a tremendous opportunity to love people and move them one step closer to God and also away from a lifestyle that we know brings destruction physically, spiritually, and is an empty dead-end street, I loud and clear. Larry, thanks for your love.

May the Lord use you on the front lines in the days ahead.

And by the way, fully understand that there's a whole heterosexual world lost in pain rejected hell bound in need of a Savior. So we're we do not discriminate in our outreach we reach out to everyone and you set a great example doing that for many years in France, visit bull's-eye get involved get a quick Larry, great talking to today. Love you.

Thank you. I hope people are inspired.

Amen. God bless you all right, friends, we come back for every one that will be with us in the next hour I'm going to have another fascinating interview, but something very disturbing, that is just happened in the last few days here in America got some really interesting soundbites by producer Matt found from Donald Trump an entry on CNN 1990 yeah 1990. Interesting going to talk about that as well and share share some fake news from Israel being exposed by Israel, I should say and you know that Obama care compare discussion about what comes their way here from an open letter to Miley Cyrus to the French elections and more. We've got you covered right here on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. There are times when we must raise our voices and speak out. There are times when to be silent is to sin.

There are times when there is great injustice.

We have to speak out as God's people. Otherwise, we dishonor the sacred name by which we are called, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire broadcasting the call 86634 just saw a really really sweet and gracious note sent to me someone who read my open letter to Miley Cyrus of slime back from a conference in Phoenix yesterday Sunday and just felt led to write this on the slight chance that she would read it, knowing that many others readers would begin to pray for her prep. Some of her followers would read it. I'll share a bit more of that with you in a moment, and one time at a number of things happening in the news today from Israel to France to America, but first I want to speak to a dear friend and colleague Peter LaBarbera of Peter has been on the front lines of cultural issues for years now it's it's been very costly for him on a personal level. He and his family have had to sacrifice because of it and when I asked him some years back on the phone and in terms of why he is spent so much time dealing with gay and lesbian activists and things like that. He said I'll stop when they stop. In other words, things in ocular door. They call for response. He writes regularly now for life site news a great pro-life website life site Peter a great to have you on the air again today. Thanks for joining us.

Thank you Mike thanks reprimand kudos all your great work will thanks earth before we get into the specific situation with Mark Green that were going to address today.

Where you see things going in America have you in years past, warned that if we didn't wake up this is the direction we beheading absolutely Mike is it just it seems to be steamrolling whether you know we have a Republican president or not.

I think this case of Mark green is is very instructive. The last possess the reluctance that so many Christian seemingly have about speaking their version of the tour so many of us are reluctant to find it. They are promoting a lot of lies but they are very zealous in doing so, and in that it in so doing there. There, taking good people like Dr. Mark green down yes so so you're you're talking about, that there can be an all-out assault from the left, especially the radical left demonizing someone and and often believers don't speak up, or even just conservative political leaders don't speak up, and so the American public pretty much gets one narrative of things and Peter, are you finding that Christians are waking up now because things have gone so far are you still find most slumbering when it comes to the cultural issues. I think some people are waking up and I think the whole conservative movement has woken up to the degree that they understand there is a very sophisticated assault by the left. But I am troubled that there are still a lot of Christians. Mike as you know are sort of bearing their head in the sand order. Talking about the other saying that the world can and sooner we don't know when Christ is going to come in so we shouldn't be saying to come next week and we can't be defeatist and and use such arguments to be defeatist because if we don't defend the truth. The other side will prevail in a free society. That's what happened and what we saw with Dr. Mark green urinal upper Army secretary with the very sophisticated assault coming from the LGBT movement, coupled with the leftist news organizations like the Huffington Post, all focused on one thing this guy down and I wonder where was a Christian, obviously, is to effectively enough synapses will be right back tell you exactly what happened stating the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I Mark green Dr. Mark green Tennessee state senator was present. Trump's choice to be the next Army secretary and last week he stepped down and with true from the process of being put forward and there is a quote of his is been widely circulated Huffington Post publicize this others joint against attacking him and because of that he had to withdraw from the position of Army secretary being nominated is Donald Trump's choice to be the next Army secretary. This is what he had to say. That will get some commentary and background from Peter LaBarbera. Go ahead Johnny. The government exists to honor those people who do live honorably do good things to reward people who behave well and to crush evil.

That means that the state senator.

My responsibility very clearly in Romans 13 is to create an environment where people who do right are rewarded and people who do wrong are crushed. Evil is crushed and so I'm to protect women in the bathroom and I want to protect our state against potential infiltration of Syrian ISIS people per refugee program, and whoever wants to stand up and take me on on that I'm ready to fight. Alright so that was sent to Mark green speaking and that quote has gone viral. We are told that he's comparing transgender's to Isis and that he send the transgender's are evil is also said that that gender identity confusion is a mental disease. So Pete, what happened to Sen. green. After making those comments and then Huffington Post going after him.

Okay what happened was a great debate were taken out of context. Mike hopping oppose what with the headline about crushing evil and transgendered and then went further and I think it ultimately ended up with glad, saying he wanted to crush evil and think transgendered will be able other words he wanted to crush transgendered.

You would think that Mark green wanted to take LGBT people and burn them at the stake.

That's how ridiculous it got. Obviously he's talking about good versus evil, and I believe it is evil to allow man into women's restrooms with little girls who could be there and I believe Isis is evil but they conflated it all.

And again, the objective was to make Mark green appear hateful. They did the same thing on transgender's Mike. He said that professor most unprofessional psychiatrist.

I believe they that transgender is evil while that is what you take renowned psychiatrist like Dr. Paul McHugh. He believes transgender is unbelieving, you actually are the opposite effect is a mental disorder but the average person doesn't look at the detail they just see the screaming headlines and it scares good people away right so basically these are Christian beliefs. He has also believes he has is an elected officer and why couldn't he just withstand the storm. Why couldn't he just say explain further and and then in a Trump stand with him and so on. What what could he withstand the storm. How how bad to get it got really bad night and John McCain didn't help senator from Arizona. The modern center are Republicans that you know he was worried about the comments and I think you know what they that Mark green might've just gotten think of the whole deal. I wish he would have prevailed because I think it we need to stay in these fights because every Mark green that gets taken down by the radical left makes it much harder for a principled man like yourself, Michael to get involved in government service. Later on, each one of these defeats emboldens the left and leads to more defeat. I just think it wasn't that long ago that gay activist hesitated by adding the keyword that human rights campaign within the last decade when they were pushing for end of the employment nondiscrimination act and pushing federally for sexual orientation to be included along with us this ethnicity and race and things like that it were immutable, that they left out the tea were transgender.

At one point and then after process is no role for so this was something very controversial with Dr. Green say just a few years ago would not of race that many eyebrows, and now it is so you wonder how far the things go. I said for M�ni�re's and Michael everyone.

Her remember his predecessor was an openly homosexual man named Eric Fanning who was head of the Army, Army secretary, so are we now in America where you can be in a homosexual activist who actually promoted transgender them in the military use of power that was Eric Fanning under Obama, that's okay.

Not controversial but yet a Christian family man who actually served 323 tiered terms in the year three services abroad.

He's too controversial to be our our Army secretary quite quite extraordinary when when you think of the process so it's equal rights for some it's equal consideration for some, which is why said for years that those who came out of the closet. One put us in the closet. It's not a matter of side-by-side and just, you know, live and let live. It's it's actually not that at all. What about the question of gender identity confusion. Gender identity disorder which is now called gender dysphoria is is there a scientific debate about this to do all psychologist, psychiatrist, scientist agree that this is fine and normal. Are there some that still say it's a disorder where does it stand alone chorister Summit debate and actually lived the majority opinion I believe would be on our side on Mike you know what the others what what the left is trying to do is always push the envelope and their ultimate goal is to get us to pay for these awful body disfiguring transsexual sex change so-called operations and of course there's a huge debate. There is no scientific consensus. Although we have to understand that the left is trying to change science. Use politics just like they did with homosexuality in 1973 to remove data from the list of mental disorders are now trying to do the same thing to two transgender-ism transsexuals guys who want to manifest on you.

I really am a woman they're using their power political power to to pressure sign yet of course that's what happened with DSM-V diagnostic and statistical manual for the American psychiatric Association that transgender activists and others successfully got this removed as disorder now reclassified as gender dysphoria so the disorder is not that biological male think she's a female. The disorder is if he is uncomfortable with feeling that way, which is quite extraordinary is not to minimize struggles. People go through is not to minimize difficulties and hardships, but you don't turn the world upside down. Based on the struggles of the tightest percent of the people and and is in Sen. green also talking about the fact that when you just say a decree okay.

Any man that identifies his woman can use the woman's let restroom that you have plenty of heterosexual perverts and predators that are gonna want to use that for their voyeurism or worsen.

And if you use transgender law to open the door to their perversions about heterosexuals, this isn't that part of what is concerned about absolutely and impact Mike people who identify as transgender or even male to female transsexuals. For example, transgender's sometimes still are attracted to a satyr still attracted to women you could have a guy in a dress I believe happened at the target in Idaho. Correct me if I'm wrong, but boy, you're sort of a permit was taking video at the heart of target changing room where women were getting dressed was videoing that he was transgender but he was still, he was still using that for heterosexual pornography and just because you put on address of the mean you're not still attracted to women were opening up the door to all sorts of perversions and and potential for crimes and an abuse of women right exactly so transgender a biological male who identifies as female. In many cases this is not I'm not I'm not gay.

I still have normal sexual attraction so he would still be attracted to women so what's he doing in a ladies locker room at the YMCA is laser getting undressed and even if he's 100% harmless. Is this you get your daughter coming out of the shower stall after swimming at the YMCA and there's a biological male. There is that what you want. So the fact that he calls an evil we understand what he's saying in it and then he mentions other things that he considers evil like ISIS is he saying that a man who struggles with his gender identity is the equivalent of a nicest terrace of course not. But that's the way it's going to be portrayed. The persons can be demonized and it is a wake-up call. Because it's basically saying there's no religious test. If you hold right to biblical morality that you may not be able to serve in certain places havoc that the SPLC put Ben Carson God's hate list a couple years ago, until Bill O'Reilly exposed it. I mean that's how it if these folks have their way. The radical left. I would be on radio do what I'm doing and you would be able to write what you're writing right and Michael trumpeter. Their main tactic is to personalize everything let's say Dr. Michael Brown says that homosexual marriage is an abomination.

The translation I would end up on the gay website.

Dr. Brown said gaze on abomination. That's how they do it to the average Joe summaries of that debt doesn't seem quite right what what soft what you think. That's how they do it.

They don't put things in context and then one site leads to an even worse version that we saw with Mark Green. The hospital version was in advance what he said made a little worse in the gay website up and glad was the worst. And that's glad the gay and lesbian Alliance against defamation which you called other gay and lesbian Alliance against this agreement. I have another one for you Mike about the gala scale is a line dancing this information.

That's what they do exactly piece.

Keep what you doing on the sidelines truth will ultimately triumph. We will fight this information with truth.

God bless you Matt. Thank you Mike.

I in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. I understand that when someone says this is who I am and then you say what you do is wrong what you do is sinful. What you do is ugly in God's sight they here know this is who I am.

So for example I can't tell you how many people I've heard from gay man when you say well I believe with the Bible says Leviticus 1822. If they're asking you that it's detestable in God's sight is abomination for man to lie with a man they here they hear you saying you are an abomination, you are detestable because their mentality is. This is not what I do. This is who I am mentality as this is my identity right just be like if you said smoking you're married to Nancy for 41 years or your heterosexual that's what you do that who you are though it's is who I am in that respect I'm heterosexual. However, I do not define myself primarily as being heterosexual life to pharmacy primarily as being a child of God and everything flows out of that and and if I was a single heterosexual that does not allow me to be sexually active or promiscuous or to to give myself to pornography or other unclean things like that. I'm still required to live a holy life and as a married man required to live a holy life, but I do understand that when we raise concerns about a law and the impact the law could have the people you take that personally. Here I out of conscience before God and out of refusal to capitulate to the society. I still put marriage and scare quotes when talking about same-sex marriage and same-sex quote marriage. Now, in some circumstances, I can't do that.

An editor of a particular website might have a policy with a remove scare quotes. If I have it throughout the books, you know, someone suggested if I focused on it in one book don't have it throughout the whole book.

Won't you say it once, that's fine. Okay, except with the editors are saying that interest in the point that I'm making and it in some settings. It's just not appropriate to use scare quotes. But as much as it's up to me. I'm going to use the scare quotes because I do not accept too many to come.

It women computers marriage. Now I fully understand. I fully understand that a gay couple listen if you are NASA's what you hate me why you hate me.

What will you say that my marriage is not as valid as your marriage, why you judge me that we don't love each of the way the way you love your wife. I'm not. I'm not making that statement, but I understand what you feel that way. I'm still I feel like it's now, I believe, because I don't hate you. I care about you and God knows the pain that I've carried out wrestling through these issues a given example here's a way I think I am being a straight honest clear with you as I can be.

If you are away in 866-34-TRUTH 784 the other day I was leaving to to to speak to me flying at an estate and just talk to Nancy briefly before dawn. She wasn't feeling that well just tell her mother loved her and stuff and left. Anna and I began to sink. Later in that day about a gay couple about a gay couple has been together. I read a quote about gay couples and so a new couple gives so many years and they were so faithful in their heterosexual friends got divorced and I began to think about a gay couple raise a kid gay couple been together many years and how they be expressing tenderness towards each other.

Love towards each other and does not demonizing people is to smile my own thoughts.

Small private thoughts. I'm not thinking demonize thoughts about others or will you have probably slept like 80 people since they been married relate their jet terrible parents and try to get their kids to begin. I'm not thinking. I'm on a semi-thinking those thoughts, yet many gay men advocate open marriage and and sated in those laws. There's honesty that you bring in other partners and they should be monogamy � rather monogamous for some gay men, especially severe limits of especially gay man defined monogamy as as being primarily committed to one person, but I only I understand that I'm standard and I still have differences, but it's too manner to women than a man and woman are instead but I understand the plenty gay couples that they fall in love, and it can so excited that the other one loves them and they can't wait now to cook it, married and and commit the rest of their lives together and some of them say we we believe the Bible we pray we go to church together regardless great gay church. We believe the same Bible you do just misinterpreting a few passages and and and you know they've adopted some kids and I love their Kai. I believe that I believe I'm not demonizing anyone.

I'm simply saying is not marriage just like 2+2 = 4 is not spelling and cat CAT is not math. I that's my point is not marriage the way God established marriage always been to historicity of a man and a woman where polygamy is think of that� A man and woman the same way. I'm not demonizing a transgender individual who struggles why demonize someone struggling or idealized someone that's in pain.

Why demonize someone who's kept the secret for years and felt they couldn't tell anyone is a married man who secretly feels that he's a woman what what I demonize a man in the midst of his suffering, but I demonize is a four-year-old child four-year-old girl that's his mom, Emma, boy, boy, why demonize that kids know the reason we address the issues instead against the agendas to see agendas destructive because the judge in the agendas hurtful and harmful because transgender activists have declared war on gender distinctions they have, they they have literally declared war on gender. Gender is the enemy in so many ways in gay activism continues to be the principal threat threat to freedom of religion, speech and conscience of America.

That's what we address things the way we do. And there are heterosexual predators who will abuse laws to protect or give rights to transgender's they will abuse them and it is unwise to make these changes as a say. Once again, you don't turn the world upside down to accommodate less than 1% of the population. And don't we want to keep studying and learning and try to get to the root of why this boy believes he's a girl a biological chromosomal mail want to do her best to get to the root of that and help them be at home in his own body rather than the impediment hormone blockers as these before puberty and then radical unalterable for life sex change surgery and in hormones for life than I'll never be fully a woman.don't want to keep studying and learning is not what compassion does worse is going Emma Watson. She received the first gender-neutral acting award and award show history and MTV awards and by the way, I wrongly said Maxine Waters got the award for resisting the system she was giving the award for resistances about obvious is an icon of that lesson from my viewpoint physicists. I miss stated that earlier yeah gender-neutral.

It's all the rage that's upon me to write my open letter to Miley Cyrus seminar. Consider 2010 section gender-neutral talk about that to reach out or it's compassion that who's been disposal of the great it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I just had this sense from Prisma news website, they posted earlier today my open letter to Miley Cyrus and I just want to share this quick note that I got. If you haven't read it, go to Esther to and check out the latest article my open letter to Miley Cyrus. I think it'll speech you and bless you, 866-348-7884 is the number to call this is Michael Brown it's my delight to be with you but this is a mom writing in and she said this. Please tell Michael Brown that his articles are so awesome is hard for God and people is beyond inspiring soap letter Miley Cyrus is incredible in so many ways and I'm speechless. We have a 14-year-old Jesus loving daughter who listens to her old music is still except to the old Miley. This letter may be cry.

Thanks for posting these awesome, thought-provoking God centered and inspired inspired writings of Michael Brown.

What a sweet gracious note from a mom, Diane.

That's why we write what we write and say what we say on the radio and put out the videos we do the bless help equip strengthen you to reach a world that doesn't know the Lord. Have you heard about the hunger strike Palestinian activists terrorists mass murderer or multiple murder.

I should say, with multiple life sentences being served in the prison in Israel. He's leading a hunger strike. Have you seen any of the videos that the is Raley's have published now.

Yeah he's eating during the hunger strike one.

You see him smuggling some cookies as a smuggler. He takes these cookies and he goes behind the bathroom door and sits down on the toilet night is like on the bathroom he's got his pants. I sits down a little.

He closes the door and cut, hunches over so you can see a meeting another one Aeschylus � was bed, take some candy bar and eats it. Another one is easy install which is something you do to it to help you with with during a faster something like that so interesting. The man leading a hunger strike in prison in Israel. Multiple murderer eating candy bars and cookies during his hunger strike, which reminds me of what was it somewhat Ivy League school. I think a few weeks back that they were calling for a hunger strike, but basically said if you do need to eat you just go ahead and someone else will come from her place a little bit newer version of the hunger strike. II remember I remember years back in the days of the Irish Republican Army and the civil war in Ireland that was it.

Bobby Sands met. You can check CMI memory was that he went on a hunger strike. They were striking to to wear military uniforms that prison uniforms because they said we are we are military we are in an armed struggle for a nation we are not criminals. We don't want to wear prison outfits. We want to wear military outfits and or or military prison reference whatever it would be, and probably some other things and if boy this was decades ago, but I remember him starving to death after 66 days this certain point even try to put fluids into someone's body, you're either because they couldn't force them to eat than the point where he can't resist anymore. Was too late.

I believe his father said he was a soldier before the soldier and died as a soldier's if I'm right, it was decades ago, but I remember him starving himself to death Bobby Sands. I think his name and dying after 66 days of not eating yet far, far cry from eating candy bars and cookies in your prison cell wall, leading a hunger strike or saying okay if you get hungry have to eat some and also places dying of loss because top I will be right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for you had it right Bobby Sands died after 66 day hunger strike, 1981. I remember using the civil illustration of dedication to a cause, but the wrong cause. Giving yourself sacrificial but in a destructive way and that the people of the world would do that for their own cause, even to the point of death, and yet sometimes we hardly are willing to raise a finger for the right cause, or if it's going to cost us. Maybe some is gonna unfriend us on Facebook or give us a dirty look at work that when I come to do the right thing. God help us.

God help us look at those who sacrificed even their lives uselessly worthless leg for a destructive because it speaks to me to say give your life. Give your life for something that really matters 8663 for 87884. One other note from Israel and we posted the video on RS Dr. Brown's Facebook page. Prime Minister Netanyahu is addressing fake news, not just from Hamas, but as being reported by major media in America and around the world. Hamas has put out a new statement, which no longer calls for the annihilation of all Jews or the specific annihilation of all Jews in Israel, but says it does not recognize the Jewish state, and that every square inch of the of the land is there is is Palestinian. Why is it being presented is a modification of their views or excuse me, a moderation of their views and why is it being presented as well. Yeah, they welcome the Palestinian state was smaller borders is premised. Netanyahu said the position remains the same 100% rejection of the state of Israel. And no, they're not confident annihilation of all Jews worldwide, but 100% no Jews living there and what they call Palestine and that if they accept a smaller Palestinian state is simply for the purpose of destroying the Israeli state. So with typical Netanyahu effectiveness after exposing the fake news is if yes, Hamas now welcomes a two state solution or Hamas accepts a smaller Palestinian stated in eyes if there like you were okay with Israel were okay with Israel being that no no no no no there's no recognition for capping the requisite radical Islam cannot recognize the Jewish state cannot cannot front for many reasons. One being that any territory that was previously controlled by Muslims.

That is no longer controlled by Muslims is an open front. It is an open wound. It is an open sore it it's like your neighbor runs off with your wife and every day you pull up your house and she's with your wife and you don't have your wife.

It isn't considered an open affront and open sore and open assault on Islam and, in particular a place like Israel Palestine place where you have now dome of the rock on oxo Mosque at Jerusalem is not the most important city in Islamic does not have a history of Islam that it has with the Jewish people, but is still important city Sultan no longer have control Jerusalem into and to have a Jewish state.

Jews recorded radical motions of the sons of apes and pigs to have them ruling it no know there can be no radical Islamic recognition of a Jewish state if there ever is one it'll be false to be false, for the purpose of destruction later on. That's pretty basic pretty self evident.

So premised. Netanyahu then takes the this sheet with the statement of Thomas. You didn't see it. It's been all but it's about his desk. He picks up his racist long crumbles or upholds upper away spin and throws it in their yeah what well done in revealing the truth. In fact, fact on a lighter note, these are some great clips back from 1990 Donald Trump is on with Charles Feldman this is March 1990 of Feldman's pressing Trump on some of the dire predictions being made about the casino he's about to open his big billion dollar Atlantic City casino the Trump Taj Mahal and ultimately that he walks off. He walks off an interview when he's asked certain questions, but grab click number seven. I want to start.

At I have to smile listening to, especially the next clip, but let let's get started Donald Trump back in 1990 on CNN that also knows the Savior being in recent months off a things have always been thin-skinned.

I've been thin-skinned from day one. When people say something false. I attack those people because the news gets away with murder in the news media they get away with much of this was Trump back in 1990. Now I have not followed him never watched with the apprentice not followed his career until he ran for president right so I didn't know that he was going after the media back there but you either love if you like tell Trump or not you're going to get a kick out of this next segment interacting with Charles Feldman, 1990 CNN very tough in terms of libel laws because the lady is so protective and it's ridiculous that they're so protected, but they can write virtually any think the difference is with me. At least they pay some price and I think more people should have that attitude and I think you find a lot more accurate reporting, including yours always and accuracy of I thought your demeanor was inaccurate. That questions that you were posing to people in my organization were inaccurate and false and unfair questions. By definition, can be inaccurate. The question I think I think the questions themselves were put in such a way that that made them statements and they became statements as opposed to questions and I think that's a good reporting such as, it doesn't matter.

I mean I don't I don't think your views would be very interested in it nor do I want to embarrass you some things do not change, but it seems to me the present. Trump was speaking in even more specific ways than in maybes become even more broad stroked. Now please look at always been thin-skinned and if you miss report rate you pay a price, so heat he continues with that policy today you come at me young and become at you harder your Gomez speak things I feel are inaccurate on the blast back against you. There's a price to pay.

That's been his policy obviously in terms of outward successor political success of worldly success.

It's worked for him to see their kingdom of God principles that would be different. Sometimes there are times when it's right to expose our expose misrepresentation expose lies because people being hurt by those at other times it's right to just look the other way.

Other times it's best to ignore and just bless those who curse you and and go on each situation calls for different response with the attitude of the heart as believers is not to retaliate. Our attitude as to when people get the truth out. That's that's what motivates us� But is disco back to 1990. I thought I found that absolutely fascinating and you dissipate your demeanor is inaccurate. Your questions are inaccurate. While questions by nature can't be inaccurate.

Well, sure, they can sure they can if if somebody mistook me for WI Michael Brown's out there. Okay, let's let's say someone went to a family member of mine and said, how did you feel when when when your your husband was shot by the police in Ferguson a few years ago was a different Michael Brown is different. Michael Braniff yes that's my wife, Nancy, know what I was about 18 years old, I wasn't shot Ferguson a few years ago so questions could be inaccurate, but understand president Bob then businessman trumps point and understand CNN's response but just found that all interesting and and I'll tell you what I tell you what we really have to be careful of said this before, one say again, we really have to be careful before you repeat things before we passed the month we posted on our Facebook page. I guess it was over the weekend seminar team posted on her Facebook page that there were some Scientology facility in Tennessee that was that was shut down because it had some people that were being kept prisoner.

Some like 9 to 10 months against against their will, and it it was it was it was shut down and I went online just read about it because it was getting a lot of shares on our Facebook page. I want I want to read about it and I read one report that said none of this was misinformation. Actually, it was not actually affiliated with Scientology at all. And then I went in research some more and it turns out was so it was a headline in some notion of the headline was wrong and I mostly know this is right in one report after another reporting it. You get a check you get a check you've got to you. You've got to make sure it's the headline accurately represents the story and at the store is not just a biased story that the store is based on fact so there's so much information available. It's good take us a little bit longer these days to dig a little deeper to make sure were getting things accurate and pretty easily be done come back out one way and Obama can Trump care, stay right here for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire, 866 or so in the case of Scientology. There is a history with many accusations of people being held against their will in all kinds of of crazy practices and that's what the support is not surprising whatsoever. And yet there have been documentaries revealing this with first-hand testimonies.

This is one of the that the been very powerful with with with powerful lawyers. They can hire lots of money behind them in great secrecy behind organization and something like this happening is eye-opening when it's kinda brought to the light of day. But even still want to check double check to make sure that reports are accurate. I encourage you to do the same if you hear me say something and I say this is well known backed up and I are hopefully going to the track record with you that you know I'm not gonna speak lightly or to shoot from the hip and if I don't have a lot of information. I'll tell you firsthand. I don't have a lot of information but still if it's a major thing you really wanted to check below to check yourself before just repeating what I have said right 866-34-TRUTH 7884 a lot about the photo but I'm I'm not taking any calls.

This got a few minutes and I want a long way in on something here. Most of us in America identify with either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. Most of us brighten up the majority of Americans identify with one party or the other and tend to vote with one party or the other and tend to feel that one party or the other best represents their viewpoint general. Generally speaking, I know this great distrust the government right now most Americans are either for Trump or against Trump. You have many that are neutral but most were for char for Trump or against them. Just like most were for Obama or against Obama. What would you agree just generally speak one assailant because it's very easy for us to have knee-jerk reactions partisan political reactions and whenever the thing is, we are just going to lean in the direction of why like Trump I don't like Trump I like Obama I don't like about I agree with Republicans. I greet the Democrats rather actually looking at issues independently so it struck me. You know what will Trump succeeded in repealing and replacing Obama care will Obama's legacy be lost. Will check as I as I begin to think about this is that this is this is not like a political battle here that which about people's lives, which on people's lives. Now I virtually said nothing about Pres. Obama's affordable healthcare act, because I never majored on it. I had no expertise in it.

I know the great majority of doctors and healthcare professionals. I talked to were very upset with and said that it hurt their practice and it is very difficult for them to do with they were doing because of rising costs and things like that. I know individuals who refined because they didn't have personal health insurance they had to pay fines.

I know businesses that had to cut back on numbers of employees because of mandates under Obama care. I know for myself after having the same policy for financing for me for years.

Years and years and years and years with the same insurance carrier that we got dropped towards end of last year. This is just.

As a result of Obama care theirs. It was grandfathered out the whole idea you get to keep your provided I was not the case, is not the case. But on the other hand, many thought was positive and said hey we got we got healthcare that we didn't have before I do, I just had no expertise in it. That's why have not made a big fuss about. And now with Donald Trump's initiative and with the houses is working on now going to the Senate to repeal and replace Obama care. I know some the arguments for it in and out. People say, well, Ohio.

A guy get all his rhetoric from from the left of the reticle of people to die die because of drum care what you consider to be dying because of Obama care because so many doctors and it hurt their practice. We get past the rhetoric you get past the partisan politics. I was one of a gut level reaction on for Obama for Trump. I guess Obama gets Trump will look at issues. One look at issues we want to understand how much government should be involved. What's good and positive about say British healthcare system or or in the region healthcare system where things are state subsidized is interesting. I was talking with an individual from Scandinavia and he said in his country.

They paid like 40% taxes of their income 40% or more but he said it was really easy, and that he have to make decisions like healthcare, just a simple and insular things are simple because the government ran and he said he thought was good. He said that I paid a lot in taxes a lot more in taxes. I do the states, but not have to make those decisions are of course these were brought up with that were over there like where's my money on seminoma money. So some folks posted from the UK said were our healthcare is not rationed here is not rationed Vegas healthcare they need is government subs is not rationed, the Saddam people die because they they can't get the healthcare they need in America.

There haven't their arguments on all different sides. What I'm saying is this is this is an important issue in terms of what government should and shouldn't do and and and and whether there is access to healthcare weathers access to insurance with the church is supposed to step up. These are all all legitimate questions to look at and I just want to encourage you don't make it a partisan political issue.

Don't make it a partisan political issue.

I don't know how bad or good Obama care was or how bad or good what's being proposed outcome.

I don't know.

It's not my area of expertise and of the arguments each way. Some of them she wants. I know issues in terms of government involvement. I know the anecdotal stories okay the last Dr. II talk to about it was absolutely not a fan of Barack Obama. This is still before Donald Trump was selected. She said what's wrong with Obama care. He said more people of healthcare. He was the first Dr. George responsible lives.

I talked to were negative. All I'm saying is let's not just have a gut level partisan political reaction that's that's my plea because retirement people here we come up lives here.

That is the point I'm making the supplier. Fair enough to with immigration don't just trump Obama, Republican or Democrat no-no let's let's really sink through before God as citizens of a higher kingdom what's best in his sight for America for immigrants. Let's think these things through with a higher standard. Fair enough. Hey friends, have you got my free e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah. It's an eye-opening page turner. It's yours. It's yours. You go to my website aspect around our Lord and just click to sign up for my emails was three today will be back with you right here same time online five

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