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Sorting Through the Insanity; and an Interview with Katy Faust about “Them Before Us” Project

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 17, 2017 5:10 pm

Sorting Through the Insanity; and an Interview with Katy Faust about “Them Before Us” Project

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 17, 2017 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/17/17.

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Board with everything happening in America in the world today.

I feel like I'm ready to burst with treason information are you ready, let's do it stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown today I want to tell you the out today. Rather than focusing on the individual trees were going to look at the forest today I want to do my best to get us to step back from the swirl of news and reports surrounding the president and surrounding world events. Just try to look at what is obvious and clear welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire your voice moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's 866-34-TRUTH. Let let me just ask you first.

Your own opinion your own perspective.

The talk from some about impeaching the president the word that he leaked classified or gave classified information to Russia, Vladimir Putin, mocking the idea that any such thing happened and say he can back it up with transcripts. The frenzy that seems to be surrounding the White House is Pres. Trump simply incompetent. That's why everything seems to be falling apart.

We've got an unqualified businessman, a buffoon in the White House is out what's going on is it that he is such a threat to the establishment, the media establishment. The Washington establishment that they are in an absolute frenzy to bring this fine fearless leader down is the truth somewhere in between those things.

Do you trust the president's tweets do trust his spokespeople do trust the Washington Post and New York Times do trust the Democratic Party. Do you trust the Republican Party. None of the above. All of the above with a grain of salt. When you stand on this 866-34-TRUTH, eight, 784 under my best to give us some commonsense wisdom in all of this, but let me say a few things up front.

I'm not a defender of Pres. Trump. I'm not a critic of Pres. Trump. I'm doing my best to be a truth teller. I'm doing my best to be objective based on the information I have.

I have a little inside information but not much.

Most of all I get I get the same way you get sifting through the news trying to get to primary reports, trying to see who and what is reliable and who and what is not reliable but I I do not have a secret pipeline hotline to the one to the White House and I'm give you that.

The real secret information of what happened behind closed doors in the meeting.

Sorry I don't have that and then you have people that claim to their set out contradictory information. I am not here to bash the president unless you exalt the president. I voted for him with reluctance, I voted for him as a way of voting against Hillary Clinton. I voted for him with grave concerns having opposed him as a candidate for the Republican nomination, I stand the same way today I am supporting him and hoping for the best. But I continue to have concerns don't bash me for defending him and don't bash me for attacking him because I'm doing neither.

I want to give you an analysis express. I Hope that's just the tip of the iceberg about what I want to talk about today. There's a whole lot of stuff that's on our plate. You don't want to miss a minute of it today right here on a lot of fun for it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I talked lefts affinity with his mom. Why radical left will radically defend Islam. Even though Islam at its base is anything but sympathetic to the radical left, that will talk about ongoing trends in the society where we keep seeing society shifting and wrong ways and people told her to get with it, get with the program how to respond to that old and before I forget my book on handstand with blood, which came out 25 years ago right now on Amazon Kindle, so the e-book selling for $0.99.

I was just notified about it yesterday.

I'd actually discovered a tweet notify me about it on Twitter yesterday.

It's $0.99 is been continuously imprint for 25 years since it came out it is now the number one Kindle book in Judaism number one Kindle book in church history number one Kindle book in religious studies in sociology and it's $0.99. I'm sure I don't make a dime on this maybe a penny a minute else, but I could care less about XL make a dime even sold billion, so make a dime on him in any way that this goes into ministry work but but get it if you don't have it so and you don't need a Kindle reader.

Okay you don't need a Kindle reader, you can just get it on your phone on your at any iPhone or tablet anything just the Kindle app is available on every different platform.

Okay it's about $0.99. Our hands were stained with blood.

Trust me to be one of the more important books that you read this year or maybe in many years.

The tragic story of the church and the Jewish people. So take advantage of that art 86634 okay what is the truth about the firing of James Comey what is the truth about Trump's collusion with Russia ledge collusion wash is the truth concerning whether Donald Trump is fit to be president, why all the controversy to me. There is a perfect storm taking place right now.

It is a collision happening between various forces, all of which are like tractor-trailers or bulldozers. In other words there all formable tanks and when they crash, it is. Everyone is crashing more, neither one is giving. What are the different forces involved again like I just want to share the obvious, to help us step back as I don't I don't know all the answers anymore than you do and I don't know if are going to know all the answers for months or even years about what's actually going down or what went down and some things there may be debate.

10 years from now about all right and if you get caught up in the new cycle. If you get caught up on what you see and electrify so much you miss a BC I was in a rush. Don't watch it is just what is happening on and to script*reset apartment and that that's the publicity. Okay, that's a little fringe thing people getting upset about that.

We put that aside is not really news, except that this nutrition okay let's look at the obvious the obvious number one Donald Trump is who he is. He has not become a statesman president who is no longer tweeting, no longer tweaking people with his comments no longer provocative Tory no longer all 41. Say volatile in that regard. All right, that that remains the same. The Donald Trump of the campaign is now the Donald Trump, the White House, for better or worse. That means on the one hand he's willing to take on the establishment and the status quo and and be at war with the media and even thrive on that on the one hand, on the other hand, it also means that every day he's going to be giving fuel for the fires of his critics, that is gonna be saying things and doing things that you wish he didn't say and do a similar voted for at least me, you might love everything he's doing, but I don't. I'm concerned look from day one. We knew there was a possibility. Nancy and I often talked about initially wrote about it, spoke about on the air. What if you have someone like that who might be responsible if he if he can get the media upset with him if he can get Democrats fuming over MV and get get some fellow Republicans upset with him.

What if he gets Vladimir Putin upset with or the premier of China, or provokes a conflict with North Korea. He said no. They're the ones provoking the conflict are what if he doesn't handle their provocation rightly. These are just fair questions to ask you trust him with the nuclear codes. Yeah I trust God's restraint on human beings but you know these are fair questions so he remains a volatile and divisive figure in that regard, and so many things that he is not doing buys the book for better or worse, provoke further controversy so the conflict the daily firestorms. This is simply a byproduct of who he is. That's that's one obvious factor right. Another obvious factor.

The swamp in Washington is really deep. The swamp in Washington is really the let me give you something that many of you can relate to.

Have you ever been shocked by something that happened in your home church or denomination that was just a matter of of infighting and politics and what was right did not prevail. What was true did not prevail. What prevailed was the party line of you ever seen that happen and it's basically like a leader, senior leader sit you down. Maybe renewing a denomination you see certain issues and see what you believe is corruption a compromise and you go to your your pastor sick pastor I'm in.

I knew this denomination. But, but, sir, this is ungodly. We stand with me and fight against it in the spouses son you can understand it doesn't work like that doesn't work like that, these guys have been here before you got in and though be here after you get out.

In other words, there are power structures in place and you just don't challenge them because that's not how it works. Some of your Nautica so yeah I trust me, I still got the wounds and scars from that I understand okay what multiply that probably a thousand times billion times and that seems to be Washington. In other words, the cronyism, the power structures.

The influence of your your talk about the most powerful office, NaturallySpeaking, humanly speaking in the world.

The office of the present United States and everything surrounding that the Washington power grid is far more intense complex deep than we can imagine. I'm sure I do not know nearly how strong it is, despite what I'm trying to convey to describe the roots or deeper it it's it's like you see a tree stand there and think we can bulldoze the street now about what you do not know is that the roots are 10,000 feet deep and reinforced with steel and that tree is reinforced with steel. When you crash into it with your bulldoze of the bulldozers going to break.

That's how deep and sick. The entanglement of Washington politics is that's out deep and thick. The establishment is if that picture works for you and you have an outsider like Donald Trump. Not just an anti-establishment Republican like Ted Cruz, which is a major reason I endorsed him again. I don't know that I'll ever endorse another candidate again for all the reasons not to take Chris disappointed me, but for other reasons. In terms of whether it's useful or not to endorse fit for the overlarge calling.

I haven't wanted to serve the body as a whole.

All right, however. However, it's one thing when you have someone challenging the establishment from the inside like Sen. Ted Cruz collect the Washington cartel. It's another saying entirely when you have a political outsider coming in and challenging the system and say where you do it like this in the systems is not doesn't work like that.

Note when you start leaking things don't start hurting you know doesn't work like that you try that you get paralyzed. It's pretty much like you said on the fly this plane the way it supposed to be falsely when putting gas in the plane itself.

Taking off the mechanics are inspecting it and approving it. It's not taking off.

That's part of what's happening so you have Trump's strengths take on the system and his weaknesses.

The bombastic style and in things that seem to be unwise are not clearly thought out or not rightly coordinated. You have the depth of the Washington establishment and then you have the stronghold of the liberal media and and to challenge the liberal media is is to take on the major voice speaking to society day and night. The major voice influencing people's thinking, day and night. You don't dare do that with out consequence, the media can make you and the media can break you naturally speaking. That's the obvious that's what were dealing with. That's what is such a quagmire. That's why it's almost possible to figure out what's really happening and what's not right back on file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown okay, may I give you my opinion everything I stated, it's my opinion but seems pretty straightforward to me, something I stated the obvious of these various points about the president about Russia about the media about the Washington establishment. But let me going to be further opinions about the things 866-34-TRUTH if you want to weigh in on taking a couple more minutes on this that I'm moving out a spot of the comment the other day and was saying I was in fuchsia regularly, but you know why you keep defending Trump and at the same time I was getting people upset with me for attacking Trump's sake about defending him, I'm not attacking what I bring my colleague James Robison on many Tuesdays he he joins me later in the show. As someone that's been with the president has more insight.

He's getting us to pray in a certain direction and seeking to believe for the best for God's work to the president given is that perspective is read my articles and I'm waiting. And honestly, I wrote a critique of Ann Coulter's position so she put way too much trust in a manner way too much trust in the president was unrealistic expectations from day one. I'm not bashing I'm not defending okay just just to be clear that it's amazing out of folks. Process things through certain grid of presuppositions.

But here's here's what I do want us to do us. My personal beliefs. I do not believe that there was any collusion between the Trump administration and Russia to help them win the election. From everything I understand. That was something concocted shortly after the defeat of candidate Hillary Clinton whether Russia's hacking of emails with Democratic Party of Russia. In fact, was guilty of that. If that hurt Hillary Clinton. I would say it hurt her didn't hurt enough to lose the election. Note was Trump in collusion with Russia over that. I don't believe so give me my opinion again were sorting through the same information the same way I'm giving you my opinion is a God-fearing talk radio host okay just my opinion but I don't believe there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to help him get elected. That's number one number two. I believe James call me deserved to be fired for quite a few reasons, and again as an outsider. From what I understand there was a lot of decline in morale within the FBI because of the reproach that James Comey brought to the FBI what motivated him to do what he did. God knows was your friend or foe of Hillary Clinton. God knows to what extent did he recognize there was collusion between Bill Clinton and the riddle Lynch, hence removing things from the Department of Justice and taking things in his own hands. God knows their strong opinions on these things, but I'm trying to major on the majors here is a true president Trump told James Comey I'm asking you to stop the investigation into Gen. Mike Flynn and his talks with Russia not given the right information to the vice president, and of course people say the Obama administration had already warned the Trump administration about working with with Gen. Flynn that there were problems there so it is that the reason he was fired as a further cover-up of Russia. I don't think so. I don't think so. Did Trump get provoked to fire Comey because he felt that he wasn't listening to him and was loyal to him and Trump didn't get the answers she wanted. That could have been the final provocation. The fact that some of his highest officials, the president, size officials only found out when the news went public because of concern that there would be leaks at Simon. That's a scary situation right there to think of that he doesn't know who he can trust. It's like some TV series right I mean come on this just the way it's happening this. This would be more riveting that a lot of TV that's out there. You know, like all my yikes this is that this is conspiratorial and and suspenseful and what's can happen from week to week let alone from day-to-day. Okay, so personally believe call me deserved to be fired for numerous reasons but is there more to the story in terms of he was onto something. And that's why Trump fighter. I don't think so. If so, let it come to light but to come to light now word is out that Israeli intelligence officials are very upset with president Trump because he disclosed Intel to the Russians about potential attacks, airline attacks, people ices terrorists trying to smuggle bombs onto airplanes in the form of laptop computers built into laptop computers and the Internet and that president Trump shared this with Russia to say hey you need to be aware of this for security reasons and stand and fight against ISIS with us.

We need you to fight against ISIS more okay well if accurate, according to the sources of Redskins public things that information that Intel came from Israel, and Israel is very upset that the president share this with Russia. This is his prerogative to share what he wants shirts for security and to do war against ISIS.

Is that true and if so, has an effect things as the president goes to Israel doesn't make things even a bit more volatile. Obviously, we shall see what unfolds next week with the president's visit there.

On the flipside, there is a lot of good that president Trump is doing a critic of Trump sent me a note today about all of the human trafficking arrests, where as, say, in 2014 the entire year there were 400 sex trafficking related arrests 2014. According to the FB I just in the month of January this year. What's the total 1500+ arrests 1500+ arrests in terms of people involved in sex trafficking, human trafficking, trafficking of children. Have you heard that reported no why not, well that's a good report that makes Donald Trump sound and look good in the media stock in a report that sold one encouraging them to bring things through. Closer and change subjects on the other side of the break, one encouraging to take everything you hear from the media these days headlines read be it a New York Times headlines Huffington Post headlines Washington Post headlines or Drudge Report headlines Breitbart headlines headlines elsewhere, one encouraging to take everything with a grain of salt on the I'm not talking about a factual report that no one is denying you know that there was in an earthquake in this country or that a tornado killed people in this neighborhood and no one is disputing that. And you've got the video evidence in front arrives on time at these other things take them with a grain of salt, photo stream for some excellent Christian analysis and then pray pray for America president Laurel may be how the Lord come to be done on earth as it is in heaven will be like that. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown will encourage you to check out my latest article, the liberals misguided love affair with his long the liberals misguided love affair with Islam. Isn't it interesting that Robert Spencer, New York Times best-selling author, director of Jihad watch, outspoken critic of radical Islam one believes that radical Muslims trace their actions back to the Koran and the teaching of Mohammed in the life of Mohammed in Islamic history that when he goes to speak at a college campus about the dangers of Jihad in radical Islam. He is shout it down to the point that he is unable to speak more than a few seconds right he's unable to read Islamic sources rubbing shut it down, but by groups like queers against Islamic phobia by Muslims who are leftist liberal Muslims.

She can be sure they're not praying five times a day for example, you be sure to have it memorized the Quran. Okay, they are not religious Muslims but liberal and therefore nominal Muslims. According to history tenets of the faith that you have feminists and other leftist radicals who are shouting down someone who is talking about radical Islam. You think they should be saying preach it brother. They should be saying talk about it man. So why is it that when you expose something hateful and bigoted you are now hateful and big why is it. If you expose something murderous and violent your guilty of the worst sin, namely the sin of Judge isn't that utterly backwards.

Isn't that utterly upside down. Isn't that utterly contrary to reason few years ago when Israel was at war with Hamas in Gaza think was operation cast lead member.

Which of the two recent wars with Hamas was in question.

At that time there is a demonstration in Charlotte North Carolina that I read about living nearby and the demonstration was an anti-Israel March march protesting Israel's attack on Hamas in Gaza on ostensibly humanitarian grounds and many of the leaders involved with the March were on the radical left and includes feminists and LGBT activists and their allies is what we wait. They were protesting against Israel. They were defending, loss would happen if the feminists letter March conducted a march in Gaza, a profeminist march in Gaza, one of gay activists had a pro-gay march in Gaza. The March would be physically shut down just by the general population. There would be people violently attacked and Hamas police officials would have the people jailed and some might be jailed for long periods of time.

Some might even be put to death for their public displays yet those demonstrators were demonstrating for Hamas against Israel, which is very liberal, very progressive, the ultra-Orthodox Jews, but they don't run most of the country they live in their particular enclaves.

If Tel Aviv voted the most gay friendly city, by far the world some years ago in gay pride marches and reserve a strong feminism throughout the country offer better or worse is just the reality and in the protesters protesting against Israel listed with Hamas. It makes no sense NaturallySpeaking affects me spiritually. But in the natural one) for by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown shoe. What is it what is it that causes liberals to defend the faith of its essence is conservative and often fundamentalist and in strict opposition to some of the liberal values and in some cases and violent opposition to what what causes that this Michael Brown 866-348-7884.

My latest article again you committed Esther to The liberals misguided love affair with Islam. Robert Spencer says this, that and I want to give you some thoughts as to as to why this actually happened but in in Spencer's words I spoke a few sentences using University of Buffalo last week made a couple of points in between being screamed at by leftist and Islamic supremacist fascists who think their opposing fascism and Spencer says this, of example, one man held a sign that read queers against Islamic phobia. The crowd booed lustily when I attempted to read from Islamic authorities about Islam's death penalty for homosexuality, even to read from Islamic sources is hate.

Apparently the University of Buffalo. Unless of course one endorses such penalties rather than opposes them.

I had it. It defies logic. Does it not so here.

These voices want to silence Robert Spencer why because they are pro-gay right Spencer.

It wants to read texts that talk about the death penalty for homosexuality under Islam, wouldn't that mean that they would be with Robert Spencer standing against this form of Islam with us. Radical interpretation of Islam or real Islam. However, you want to slice that cake here, look at this very offensive comment. I'm about to read no profanity but just once in a very offensive, I saw this on YouTube. If years use 12-year-old boy had posted a video in which he explained why he opposed same-sex marriage based on the Bible. The person commenting read said, quote you just like everyone else was against gay marriage is a mentally retarded bigot. No exceptions. Now go to hell yeah very offensive words or so a 12-year-old boy whose is based on the Bible. I don't believe in homosexual marriage. I see he's being silenced at the same time the voices want to silence him want to now silence Robert Spencer from opposing of faith that says homosexuals should be put to death. How does it work you're trying to two different sides at the same time until contradiction Spencer this morning by shutting down any discussion of the motivating ideology of the Jihad threat and consigning it all to the realm of hatred, bigotry, the student mob at the University of Buffalo enables the threat to grow one day the leftists who screamed, heckled and booed as I tried to speak very well experience the consequences of their actions carried out by those with whom they thought they stood in solidarity with them.

The students at University of Buffalo. The protested Spencer's visit. Let them try the same protest in a Muslim country like Iran or Muslim country like Afghanistan or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or Hamas government Gaza Strip see how the protest goes in and who study to be on in these various Muslim countries, which are quite a few that that have a death penalty for conversion. Yeah, a death penalty. If you leave Islam you die and the voice of tolerance supports that and wants to silence opposition is a little you understand will send us radical sonnets.

The Muslim bashing we differ with hate friends I I get death threats and and the most horrific and file tax you could possibly imagine for coming us. Radical Islam and not I hear I end my articles here and that this article today. The left needs to end its na�ve love affair with Islam and the peaceloving Muslims help lead the way in working against radical Islam may peaceloving Muslims help lead the way and work as radical Islam.

I am acknowledging your peaceloving Muslims.

I believe the majority of Muslims are more peaceful than radical and I am calling on them to stand with us against radicalism on how is that bashing Islam. Why aren't the people say Robert Spencer hate.

We think that your little bit overstating that how much this is true Islam, or how much is relies on Islamic sources. We see it more as an abuse of Islam but but we recognize that Islamic texts are use in the people involved going to be devout Muslims. We want to stand with you against this want. Why not so what is it then spiritually going on ideologically going on, on the one hand there is the anti-Israel animus so it's just kind of this coalition of ideologies coalition forces coalition of groups that that come against Israel, and it could be quite a diverse group just like you have Satanists, atheists, gay activist opposing the pro-life movement is a coalition of death in that respected a coalition against life in that respect, not all atheists react of just speaking in general terms are okay so when you have feminist LGBT activists marching against Israel and enforce Hamas if that's just the anti-Israel animus. That's just the caricaturing of Israel, as this monstrosity that's out there to destroy and take over the world and that the evil Goliath destroying that the poor little Palestinian Davis that's that's that when it comes to the left defending Islam honesty some of its na�ve so it's based on a secular cultural Islamic since will that's real Islam of you want to kill anybody yet as those Muslims. How much of you read the Koran, which can you tell me about that hadith, and the sooner how much can you can you tell about your own Islamic practices and how you live, and so on and so forth that's it's can be very liberal, very nominal summits is based on that deep deep deep misperception, but a lot of it is the spirit of the world that this same spirit that will defend Islam and that will stand on the radical left and other issues was the same spirit that will attack the gospel that will attack the truth in Scripture. So in that sense, it is the world uniting in in and exposing part of its some of its true colors, justice as Herod and Pilate were enemies became friends when it came to crucifying Jesus so yeah wake up time in that regard. For the left. In terms of the realities of Islam and the pervasiveness of radical Islam within Islamic ideology. Again, I do not believe that radical Islam is the only true interpretation of Islam. There are different streams that come out of Islam.

Some more pacifistic and some more violent. I say the violence interpretation. Not everything I sister's with the general violent interpretation has chronic support support life of Mohammed and support in Islamic history that simply do believe notice it is a true interpretation of Islam is not the only interpretation of Islam. So over on Twitter as always post my latest articles related latest videos and a liberal Muslim guy TV Guide journalists he retweets my article on liberals labor for misguided love affair with Islam.

He retweets my article saying you win award for dumbest article of the day so it's been over a dollar you win award for dumbest article of the day and then other folks that follow him start tweeting in their words of mockery. So I wrote back to him and I said okay great, let's let's debate this then let's let's have discussion I wrote back quickly. We just look at the thread here. I should tell you what all support every statement I made with facts.

Okay, count me as backup. I said let's let's have civil debate but as I said, you you've never never actually responded to me, attack me before, but never with any substance. Let's have civil debate, discussion and response no other start chiming in and attacking marking the article I said Sir please be kind enough to point out any factual errors in my article I recently read carefully correct.

In response, no. Tell you what all support every statement I made with facts you can rely on mockery since it appears you don't have facts fair. Any response, no response again so you will you simply launch attacks without substance and confirm that I wrote the article will you debate the point facts. Truth any response, no.

Zero and the other folks that chimed in with their mockery. Any response from Isaac show me anything facts along the article 0 so all they did was prove the point of my article, we come back.

I got something wild soundbites.

You don't want to miss this trust. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thing always look at changing subjects once again in 141 thing always look at is the trajectory where is something going if you let something continue in its normal course. Where will it end up what will be the final and the final destination is a big big question test and some big perspective of the Bible final destination final and final consequences.

You reap what you sow so you know, the standard analogy you shoot launch a missile and it is just slightly off right and slightly awful. By the time it reaches its target hundred miles away.

It's it's it's going to be so forth. Targets can completely miss the mark right so the one you live the longer the thing unfolds that the longer some develops in society, the more extreme the trajectory. So think of this love just let love take its course.

Love. True love multiplet multiplied again multiplied again.

We have true love lots of truth multiply truth. We have truth truth through truth, truth, wonderful truth, multiply the anger we have rage and violence murdered. Who knows what multiply immorality.

What you have things so unclean and unspeakable. We can even imagine right so I look at the trajectory it if we follow God's principles in Scripture where will that lead us where where will society be in the year five 1050 100 if we conduct our families the way God instructs us of husbands and wives are devoted to each of the way God planned it if we have children raise our children according to scriptural principles. Where will we be in a year, five, 10, 15, 20, 50, 100,000 right and it's good it's all good it's all good it's all good. But if you redefine marriage. If you tear down family if if you give place to sexual anarchy where things were things be in the year 510 100 eggs. Scary.

So one reason God's later. My heart to deal with LGBT activism or reaching out individuals with the love of God, the truth of God.

One. One reason is because the trajectory where things go so with trans activism you have an absolute war on gender gender distinctions themselves become an enemy, the so-called gender binary. Male-female distinctions become an enemy. I so so to give you an example. There is a gentleman who identifies as a woman and he is to keep sex exception to the idea that maybe you're a man and you want to go with a woman who has female body parts is that trance phobic such as part of a trance phobic society to set her trans people ought serious to listen to what he has to say.

Recently on the Internet there's been a lot of discussion around genital preferences and trance phobia. In this video I'm going use the word for sexism instead of trans phobia about the really similar words.

At its most basic for sexism is prejudice or discrimination against transgender people. So what's been happening is that some people are making the argument that it's not for success at all to only be attracted to people with one kind of genitals.

For example, these people might argue that being attracted to only women with Regina. Only when it is in no way negatively affects trans people on the other hand, I would argue that it's more complicated than that. We all have our implicit biases built in our preferences, and gender isn't as simple as just the generals you have okay the me as always Micah. There are people who are called intersex less than 1% of the population who have legitimate biological chromosomal abnormality ambiguous genitalia do genitalia chromosomes that don't simply match no male-female sequence. We have compassion on these individuals, like anyone else that has a physical handicap or defect or problem of some kind, but we do not deny the fact that there were two sexes, male and female citizens and abnormality references male-female and man have male genes male chromosomes male male body parts and we man have the opposite message genes upon their thousands of genes that influence these things.

We can distinguish male from female verifying a recent study. No no no no that's trance phobic quizzical assist sexist that's trance phobic because there's a lot more to male and female, then the plumbing okay. I understand that it is not just a matter of a physical body but when a man is attracted to a woman he is attracted turned different ways. He's not attracted to her and is a normal course of events because she looks like a man. He is not attracted to her because of her male body parts or male features. He is attracted to her because of her female body parts and female features female face and things like that and if is just take this in the holiest best case scenario he wants to marry that woman and he's thinking about how wonderful it would be to build a life with that woman and thinking as a man boy. I would love to be with her and join together sexually like to be with that woman. He is thinking about a male being with a female because that's how God made us, and even if you have someone that's infertile that does not take away from the norm that we were physically made to reproduce here.

Are you ready for a newsflash. Are you ready newsflash to the world where men have the egg inside of them. The eggs inside of them. Man, do not that's wow really and man have the seed inside of them seeds yeah that's that's the truth that's just the way God made us, and there is a physical union and sexual pleasure in a man and woman coming together and under normal circumstances, the ability to reproduce and forgot.

I do think you know I III been enjoying talking to you II thought you were biological woman, a real woman, a real horse that you actually have male genitalia and that's that's a turnoff to me and to find out that you're not a biological chromosomal woman.

This is a turnoff to because as a male. I'm wanting to the whole person. I love your personality. Love your spirituality. I really like your looks want to be with you that's not being trance phobic that's being a normal human beings the way God made us an intended, but now even to say that we are trance phobic because you know what ago was being outed. That's not trance phobic trance phobic is I'm going to die because you're in the room with me.

I'm going to get the trance phobia, cooties or something to catch a disease trance. Phobic is another beat you up on that are hurt you because of of of who you are and how you identify dress that's trance phobic if you want to come up with something please let us come back to sanity friends Marcus.

After these people yeah what you were born transformative responsible. I'm please, please, being sarcastic but I'm trying to point let's pray for the struggle. Let's reach out to those who struggle but don't trance side of sedan. Make sure you go to ask Dr.

If you're not getting my email.

Sign up today, but we got two fascinating interviews today. First with a woman who's going to talk to us about an important initiative for children and then with a woman's going to speak about North Korea stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I read a fascinating article last night. It is entitled Europe's childless leaders sleepwalking the West to disaster written by an Italian journalist and published in several different online sources. Julio Nazi is his name and he says there have never been so many childless politicians leaving Europe is today. They are modern, open minded and multicultural. They know that everything finishes with them in the short term being childless is a relief since it means no spending for families the sacrifices and that no one complains about the future consequences as in a research report financed by the European Union. No kids, no problem being a mother, father, however, means that you have of her real stake in the future of the country league. Europe's most important leaders leave no children behind.

Most important leaders all childless.

Wow, what does that say about future generations can society even sustain itself or we, as adults, making choices that are about ourselves and not thinking about the future. This is Michael Brown you are listening to the line of fire or bring on the air now Katie Faust.

You may have read her blog that ask the bigot sees a state leader of Cana, Fox, and on the academic counsel for the international children's rights Institute.

She's a Christian mother for pastor's wife.

I've so enjoyed some of her writing in the past that was so full of insight is yes an important new initiative.

I asked her she come on the air and discuss with us today. Katie welcome back to the line of fire me back right at great to talk with you hate just in this introductory segment, which is short. Could you just lay out why you do what you do, how you came to the blog is asked the bigot why you're taking the initiatives you're taking today.

Sarah blocking went because I felt like nobody was getting it right when it came to the marriage debate and that it ultimately government interest in marriage, children not telling how it deal about one another, and the truth is that marriage policy has a significant impact on the rights of children and so many men argued that redefining marriage would redefine parenthood and have meant that what we seen and started moving away from the right children at the focus and more toward emphasizing the desire of adult and I really not playing out in the marriage debate where adults were framed and the victims.

The arguments were centered around adult healing and very little notice is given to children and the impact that marriage policy has on children.

So I darted logging and happen to bring that side of the debate to light off thou empathize about why it's so important for Christian to radically love their gay family and friend, even if they disagree goddess and of course even to raise these issues use the bigot sees is leaned into that all right before we we get into the reason that that was asked on the air today just 30 seconds. Do you think that that's America can be turned back in the right direction. It was too late for a nation.

I do think that we can turn it back on but we have to get out during effective means that I don't think we've known what that what we talk about today. It happened what I think the only thing that will turn hearts and minds back to understanding the proper role of marriage in relation to children and eventually biting at large goddess like friends close friend telling to tune in moms and dads listening young people listening the care of a family sick about children. Join me and Katie Faust in a moments.

Talk about a new website new initiative like that.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive friends the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown speaking with Katie Faust and you may have read her blogs and asked the bigot if not do so, do so you will not find hatred, you will find intolerance, you will find love mixed together with truth, 866-348-7884 the number to call so I was looking on my on my twitter feed the other day and I noticed something that Katie had posted and it was it was a new initiative them before us them before us. Here's the website them before us.calm them before of the simple premise of the website children's needs come before adult desires. If we protect children's rights. We can win the greatest battle of our time. What we normally hear I have the right to marry.

The one I love. Love wins right and this is the mindset why you deprived me of what I want and I shall America want to want to marry as opposed to asking larger questions which the purpose of marriage. How does marriage affect children. What rights do children have in this regard. 866-34-TRUTH if you have a question we may get to some calls again the website them before us.calm. So Katie tell me what this website is about and what you hope to accomplish with this frame correctly wicked make a child centric that when we talk about American family Dr. at McAuley centered around adult on the trip and that marriage has been one of the greatest benefit to children and the protection of children right knee throughout his breakout culture and we buy redefining marriage and even by relaxing the normative merit through policies like no-fault divorce. We had significantly weekend child's right to be in relationship with both her mother and father at the right that is widely accepted throughout the world and outlined in the UN convention on the rights of the child and think that is a part of the discussions that we have on marriage and family very often. What I'm hoping could you put Kent at the center of the discussion and I wanted to tell you think story that the other side. One day when it came to redefining marriage because they were able to humanize their argument and in return we relied too much on statistics and logic and Patty but it power of story that can really change heart and mind and the stories of children is something that all of us can connect with because we've been that child always known that child. We understand how difficult and how hard it is to limit a relationship with your mother or father or to have friction or loss in relationship to your mother and father either primal need that all children have and we Dr. Kurt when when we miss out on that in some way, yes. So it's if we think back to some of the shifts in our society's views on redefining marriage. We can give the statistics as to why children do better with a mom and a dad. We can talk about some of the health risks associated especially with with male male sexual behavior. We can we can look at societal well-being. All of that and then all you need is safe for a gay couple real sweet looking couple two guys who seemed really nice guys who adopted a handicap Korean child and that that's it that's that's just one.

The argument right there on the one hand, it's more compelling than facts. And it's also part of our society today were much more moved by story narrative them by fax with you for some of the Holocaust, which about the horrors of the Holocaust, all the numbers until the story of Anne Frank that one story writing to generate more empathy and sympathy than the other. So there is a website a few years ago with with children of anonymous sperm donors right woman behind their yeah she would III was reading one of the stories on the air and almost broke down reading it to her shock when she went to the liberals about the city want to hear it then will reveal the deeper ideology.

So what of the somewhat of some of the stories that are told on them before breaking up into three different categories. Yet another reason why I doubt that our arguments are compelling when we were making argument about right. During the debate on the definition of marriage is because many conservatives would come out full force against gay marriage, but had left passionate or silent about button on divorce or director that have to do with reproductive technology textbooks that are using third-party donation to create children and felt I think that the other side rightly recognized that there was some doublespeak and hypocrisy going on and not absolutely in my opinion, an abomination right if your children you fiber all children yet to be again adult desired, then you need not pick and choose which adults are going to defend right every adult needs to sacrifice for every child.

Not if you're gay or role of adult and parent is to sacrifice the children not children sacrifice yeah and unfortunately you know the gay marriage debate came to us and began the struggles that children have a family structure in families with the culmination of years and years and years of normalizing mother and father left neck. The special revelation through no-fault divorce laws which reduce the commitment to permanent within marriage desperately needed permanent commitment from both parent and so we tried to understate the dairy fair and evenhanded about making sure that all adult all adult protective right of all children, and so we see the children affected mainly in three different groups. First, punish children of divorce and abandonment children in a who came from heterosexual union and but who where one parent or both parent simply chose what they wanted over committing to and letting and providing for the children in their life and have results children paid a lifelong pride and the neck group is donor can speak children, whether they are being I heterosexual, sexual, single or couple and the children are being created with the intent to deny them relationship with her mother and father and then the other category of public lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parent who don't come into who don't find themselves in a same-sex parenting situation without having lost a full or partial relationship with one of their biological parent that we try to highlight the impact that losing a relationship with a panic attack on all the three group and because it painful and all.

Anyway, you quit right painful when you leave the relationship of the parent and we do not decided when behind and only on children of lesbian and gay and ignore the children of divorce, for example, because it's all the same story all of these situations would be rectified adult sacrifice that children didn't have Jan and Katie, would you say in terms of the hypocrisy of some of the conservative stand is absolutely true. Absent for many years that no-fault divorce in the church did more to undermine Arsenal gay activist combined so you have your you're looking at this in a holistic way and the unifying factor is what's best for the children. What about a four told well.

Studies now show that kids with two moms or two guys they do just great. So should you. Rejoice in that. I'm really glad I'm grammatically flawed, very random mentor them are very small convenience sample anywhere from 20 to 400 I think that the larger and are not longitudinal for the art and dealt what you have it. Oftentimes are recruited or who volunteer for study that they understand it might have a political impact which obviously changes that demographic and response but better get into Betty again and also a lot of time.

Parent comment on how they think their children are, rather than measuring the actual outcome for children, the venerated I that what I like black testifying to unanimously agree that gender matters in parenting that biological Matters in parenting and brother that you think you will be outlined on the homepage biology matter antimatter and an author that children suffer from when they're separated from one OR both biological parent and nonbiological caregiver tend to be less protective connected and pertinent in the light the children and when you're not looking at think back parenting special plaintiff agree on the four thing but suddenly when you look at think back parenting even though there's always going to be attending the thing always the biological always been introduction of a non-related caregiver and always the, losing at least one parent. How is it that the study exactly as I can click the answer is because the studies are flawed, that the answer right and in the other things that the also the open secret is that the kids raised in same-sex households that the boys are often feminized by vibrate being raised by two moms or girls master must be raised by two dads or they tend themselves to be more promiscuous or more confused about gender identity, or even themselves more prone to homosexuality, but those are considered negatives of the study, so the not reported we come back let's assume large questions again visit the website and just get a few more minutes.

Katie Faust visit them before error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown things take a few minutes them stories or moving stories. Some of you many of you know the trauma being raised in a divorce home being torn apart not knowing a mom or dad having identity questions. Thank God for adoptive parents were pouring into kids in and giving them new life and new hope. Thank God for that. But there's so many that brought into this world and on the sperm donor. You don't even know who you are.

Your biological father is powerful stories and then really excellent studies, the kind of thing that just get your head clear you look at them is like okay right right there is clear as day. Them before the one behind this initiative.

Katie Faust assault Katie was just reading a story about Cary Grant and his upbringing and the father alcoholically's the family has the mother institutionalized. He was raised in an old but he said his mother was overprotective he comes home with Amy's 11 finds out she's she's away at some resort or something. It turns out the dad had her institutionalized and she was in a mental hospital for years before he got her out and then he said his mom dressed and used address and address when he was little boy to know if he was a boy or girl. But anyway just had real issues with with females with affection was married five times. According to the story, sabotage the marriage with his behavior and it in August.

Back to the upbringing. Does that surprise you make me think that so many people my parent totally failed me though I would not have a happy and live right up in the rebuttal meeting. The kids need and relationship with her mother out of the ideal situation.

The child in an identity and biological connection to get them that you will gender implement if they like my heterosexual parent.I got it right by letting a couple or by letter, and, well, you can let what you're doing.

Eric you kind of hitting one exception with another right but of course there are very, very difficult situations where children grow up with both biological parent. But when you look at the typical reality, the married mother and father raising your children together is statistically the most likely place where children are going to be safe and live rightly really really care about 78 and live that we are going to encourage biological parents to get married and raise their children together.

Unfortunately, what happened is we have focused on the exception right abusive father or neglectful mother that exalted the exception of that that think back parented couple who raised a handicap Korean child right which I actually don't and have done it at break right now I'm not saying that they can't, and that there is value there. What I am saying is that those exception should not negate the rule that children want to be raised by long been known by beloved by both their mother and father. And what if you discovered in tracking some of the story saved. Some had on the sperm donor and then as they were growing up they realize they don't know who their biological father is submitted. Studies done on this a very powerful poignant and then the personal stories we hear them that's that's what's really moving what happens to that child or that now adults sense of identity identity that who am I made thing. Paragraph one of the great Republic by limiting the black and amazing moment know that she was going to Kentucky with 3200 very close relationship with both her mother and her social father. She believed getting a real father and it shattered her world right he had been provided on to parents that love each other two will gender implement but that mixing biological P on her and she literally went back to the drawing board. Who am I and then the realization that oh my gosh Ranger out there that I've never known who is responsible for half of who I am and expunged her into a depression for several weeks and that it took a lot of pocketbook out of that by like biological isolated state that had a huge impact on child formation of their own identity and it's critical to to intentionally deprive a relationship with one biological parent is a violation of the top by my right and will have an impact on their whole world really you know it's really fascinating I've seen in some very liberal countries or cities and up rising against circumcision of boys and Judaism and you shouldn't be allowed to do that because of the child's righteous equality or your you're getting upset about that, but you've got no issue with a couple making a decision that's that's the big thing were taught making a decision, making a decision to bring a child into into the world or into a household which by decision will not have either a mother or father because the child does have both the child has both right. That's the real issue.

So again, it's not. I have the right to do this.

It's was best for kids where we just lastly Katie where we need to perhaps adjust our thinking right within the church right among followers of Jesus have have we bought into some of the mindset of the day with me first, and children.

The next aeration second not just talking about marriage and family right we are talking about confronting a brick wall of cultural ideology that said, if you want. You have a right and your happiness should be preeminent and that your desired arc right that nobody should make you happy. You lead until I reworking obvious messages and played out consumerism carried over into our unit. We eat through that land. Our obligation part about the event our children and I let you know where it talked about in Roman informed that pattern don't want the world transformed transformed by the renewing of your mind right that we are transformed into Christ likeness and we look intently to what did Christ do you normally took the possibility Kentucky took responsibility for other E is the ultimate example of not just of where the adults are strong man, but a Christian man who accepted Christian maturity, which is to accept responsibility for other well in her unmerited own home. We think that we are doing the adult thing and sacrificing of the children's rights are protected. But beyond that, we look forward that we think what child in my world you know it's being raised by two men where I can come in and really beat a motherly lunch. The women in his life. What single mom is struggling to raise her child because she chose a life in the guide bailed.

How can I come in and be protective manner not filed by Peter Brent the child through a divorce and legitimize their community, that they can pocket when everybody out the think Oakmont in a kit that are resilient, delicate overhead right we are to first take responsibility for our own house and also widen the circle and start taking responsibility for the other kids in our world who are your friends.

You'll be inspired to be informed if you go to them before us.calm them before us., by the way you anywhere listing our great Raleigh North Carolina station 7 o'clock tonight as well. The first assembly will be addressing many of these issues and how the church respond to Katie. Keep up the good work you making a difference having Amanda fine thank you direct merit. All right, Douglas them before Check it out to be enriched.

It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speed and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire. 788 is the number to call.

Last year I was in Korea trip number 12 to Korea and I participated in a prayer service on the border of North and South Korea. The DMZ demilitarized zone and my burden for North Korea got deeper in doing so and you you may have seen the satellite pictures not just get online and look for this type in North Korea satellite or North Korea at night right and you'll see something that's very striking, very jarring you. You will see, you will see a picture of lights all around all the surrounding areas at night right lights on all over North Korea darkness North Korea darkness and you just see it little bit of light in Pyongyang that the capital of North Korea. It's one of the mysteries how a country could be so brainwashed Emperor worship how the whole population could be so twisted and what it actually believes in the reverence for the great leader.

When the first dictatorial leader of North Korea died some years back the morning and wailing for him was was pitiful. Think how could this happen. I was talking a South Korean friends of their hearts were broken receiving would help with her North Korean neighbors.

Last week I was at a conference in Washington DC sponsored by the Billy Graham evangelistic Association on total world Summit against Caesarea world Summit in defense of persecuted Christians of standing against the persecution of Christians and one of the key reasons I was there was to meet different people meet those working with the suffering church meet those in the suffering church and understand how we could work together better. And because by God's grace through radio through articles through the Internet through TV by God's grace. We have a good platform to get a message out. I was looking for key strategic people that I would meet along the way that either would be great sources of information for me so I could share their stories with others sources of action steps we could take a people I could interview on the radio so each day before before my meals there.

I was out of all the meetings but try to get to what I could and that was was there for meals with everyone. I'd stand and pray who am I supposed to meet with something someone come over and we had seen in years and years.

Okay, that's the person, or a complete stranger to me. All Dr. Bronner followed you for years and and it was productive that we talk so I'm sitting one night having dinner with my friend Robert Stearns, leader of Eagles wings pastor in Buffalo, New York, and a great friend of Israel, great worship leader himself and we were talking and there was woman to my left, a Korean woman. She was talking to someone else walked towards the end of the meal. I turned to to this woman asked who she was, what she did and was fascinated to find out that she is involved with advocating for ministry to the folks in North Korea or raising awareness about North Korea.

So River Lisa Park served on staff with Rev. Lim at the light Presbyterian Church is education director for 77 years us in Canada currently continues as the limb family spokes person and is involved in advocating for North Korea that people understand what's happening there and take prayerful action and what we talked about how how did it happen. How did North Korea become what it is today.

Get some great insights so I think you can find this to be a fascinating interview.

This was the introduction we come back a dive into the interview with Lisa if you can find it very instructive. Stay right here for.

It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. There wanted dive in to my discussion with Lisa Park.

Lisa, thanks for joining us today on the line of fire. Dr. Brown will it's a joy now that you are of Korean descent.

But you've not lived most your life in Korea. Now I am correct. Yes, I am going Canada and I have been involved with our agreement. The last several years now and December bulimic variant and what is it then that through him into this is a Korean minister and now you've been drawn in it. It's it's one of the saddest, darkest stories on the planet and when it comes to the church. Of course, North Korea has been number one on the list of government-sponsored persecution of Christians worldwide for years now it's it's a dark painful story. What drew you in stick to take the stance you're taking how North Korea became so close and yeah it was a result of the Korean War and the Korean War was 1950 to 1953 I am. I am too young to experience Up my father was born in 1940. My mom in 1953. So you still got a generation of all an older generation is very, very much beta very much either experiment or or they are postwar children. I myself born in 1981 in Canada. I personally did not experience growing up in Canada but then you get older you learn about the heritage parent a little bit more now our church. The Rev. limb was involved in North Korean ministry 1995 as of this is already several years.

A generation after the war had been little Brenda DMD was put up the 38th parallel and in 1995. Our church got involved because there was a huge fan and very much difficulty in North Korea sanctions were already in place by many of the westernized country and we had already been doing many mission in two different countries. But when we had heard of the difficulty in North Korea.

I was just an identical reprimand was already already the senior pastor of our church and thought and now he had said we are helping so many people group that budget began we have to do something for North Korea that I thought it ministry got started.

Let me just back up before this and she you go back in history a little bit.

Many of us growing up had to read George Orwell books in school animal farm in 1984 and North Korea really is those books that have been with with the propaganda with the media with everything doublespeak and things turned upside down and it's it's it's mind-boggling but this, this had to happen somehow in increments because initially when the nation was divided. People get the same people in North and the South are all Korean and and one in the South just develops normally and democracy in an open communication and understands reality in the north, everything changes.

How long did it take it if you know the answer.

How long did it take for a nation to be brainwashed got found and then you've got that done with younger and now you gotta currently working on and we have to recognize against it was strange for me when I first got interested and involved in North Korean ministry and advocating for it. How can they actually believe that but we have to understand that just about like you bet right now probably for five generations of young people who don't know the outside world again for us were coming from the outside, but the younger generation that connectivity you know social media you got Internet you got, you know everything, almost in an incident. North Korea has done it incredibly effective job in isolating it.

People on because what happened and yet we have to appreciate what going on, the North Korean mentality. After the war they went to such hardship and you know the United States you know and just allied work that have helped South Korea become what it is had to battle the communist towards the dentist pinpointed in the north and you know, stuff happens in war, and it was a lot of bombings and a lot of suffering. North Korea did you know what, almost like a delicate defensive mechanism. We don't want anything outside anymore. We got so much supper was put up her walls with and are close to dally at this point China and so I think what had happened. In terms of foreign policy by we have suffered at the hands of foreigners know much.

We don't want anything else.

Then when I think that on the world has understand that created relationship with China goes back centuries.

It goes back even for the southern part of the Peninsula which is now South Korea relationship Korean and Chinese goes back entry� Something were going to forget because of the three-year war is something that North Korea really looked toward their northern brothers, if you well that's the way that language. If you look in on the history of Far East Asia look to language the way that the Korean people were converted to Chinese people would be like chunk at which his brother and so that's how it all kind of unfolded and when the foreign policy after the war, and abilities that were done were done with the outside world, but thank you much. The only people we think we can try it, are the people that we trust the percentage before and they had come to her aid several times and upon and that relationship was one of the only inkling in North Korea and how they shop and felt often about the world for five generations that have never really considered the out by both friendly, very interesting.

And then we talked at the table about some of the Korean mentality which very different than the American are especially likely to be North American mentality that would allow for more of this oppressive type of regime and groupthink. So help my listeners understand that outlook on will Be more individualistic, more you know more prone to your own life your own way of thinking. Freedom is a huge thing that thinking pattern when you cross over to the different but it is� Appreciate I should say liberty or individuality, but it is more communal on it is very family oriented. When you even look at your friend or family that come from the eat. You get a lot more communal households with multi-generation, we still respect her elders. A lot of young women like myself until we were married. Your it's just very normal to stay in the house but their parent do you will have a different mind that it's not necessarily better or worse just completely different Outlook Western thinkers philosophy tends to be very linear, very logical Eastern thinking tends to be very unthinkable and very uncommunicative relational and so if you talk with some of your Western businessmen and women when they go to the eat. They realize that they have to adopt a different outlook. You get people get right down to business. I like to know the person. Children that it's very different. The way that it done out and my personal opinion. In my studies and it did growing up in the ether in mind that sometimes even on how how home. The communal mindset may have made it easier for something I commented that in and to, because we really do respect our leaders and we really do our elders as well. Even in the churches even in our home, like when somebody of in a position of power companies older than you.

Thank them think our immediate responsible.

Why not we should obey and it considered a virtue and confusion. It philosophy is so that that mindset would really plan much more much tougher to have something that happened in America with our individualism and and often the family being so broken up and community where I live now.

There a lot of families from India and you constantly see multigenerational families walking down the street together that the grandparents the parents the child.

They're all going to the park together.

It's just much more common.

Having been Korea many times in over Asia. Almost 50 trips to the respect for elders much much greater. Even look you have a personality base cultlike that the Moonies referencing young moon and in in Korea you have the birth of the great mega churches there. So again this can be for good or for bad.

And I think there the redeeming qualities in each side and on the other hand negative because any side slopes this just paint a picture take a minute or so do it memo will explore this more. The other side of the break of how bad is it right now in North Korea paint a picture for me when we started in ministry 1995. Under what area that North Korean speculators built on condolence father came down here and I was set aside for economic like experimenting with foreign economic called the rotten combo and that's where we started. I it's hard to believe but I have experienced it firsthand as well. When we were we encountered them youngsters who came over to Canada for sport kind exchange you're getting kids to her 24 years old who literally by when I look at them. I like that there are no more than middle but because of the lack of nutrition because of the lack of jet yeah actually that's what conducted lack of nutrition their food quality and nutrient that on the food that is available. They literally look like I may be at least five, seven, 10 years behind his house. I tilts to stay like this one.

Get a picture of how bad things are, physically, spiritually, what can we do file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to talk about physical deprivation for the people. North Korea so it's not just that there's been starvation is malnourishment right ahead North Korean story. Now, I think America is going to come to share their stories to bring awareness. If you make another book that you know record down their testimony to what they.

There are stories and comment I've heard from several people died because there's so little they would take the bark off three and it's just like what can you keep from that they would take the bark of trees, all the grass but also her in terms of some of the concentration camp that have been empty but escape from them.

Dave told us about it that they would look through the countdown or kernels of grain of anything and you're kind of picturing that the North American you like yeah right. Dumpster diving we think is that you done that. Because there you know which others want to but there's not much lack of food and are still starving. I'm at the height of famine. People really there's nothing to eat and though my dad tells the story because he is been in there one a few times and he said you know there is a man who is trying to lead how up the hill and he's gotten from the cow but the cow itself was so skinny that it can walk up the hill with that burden on back and he died never did anything like it before they broke apart because not only the people but every living creature finding that it is difficult to eat in that country and their their military. On top of it and then see just power supply electricity. What happens at night I'm at night. The only place that you can look at the Google map or something.

I got only dark spot in the world is North Korea, looks like they outgrew the island that is a lot coming out how to get the electricity, but there are still moments when all of the no shut down because they don't have the infrastructure to get electricity in a way that can maintain though yeah against visa realities. As I said to setting up of the interview a few minutes earlier. The look on the map you just put in North Korea at night, or North Korea satellite picture it is. It is shocking it. It's a picture of the darkness. And what about the persecution of Christians or just persecution of a freedom of thought, there not any American religion at any idea that can possibly go to encourage people to think liberally or think for themselves, until one of the charges that reverently and was charged with what you think.

I'm related to Christianity to try and overthrow on the date and that serious crime Christianity is thought to be one of the most nonthreatening religions out there because when we commit ourselves to Jesus Christ.

We don't fear death.

We don't fear the authority of government meant to get a reasonable government is no reason why we should go around every government but it kind of train of thought that makes them really and taken Antigonus began aggressive against Christianity in again whole families to be persecuted wholesale and imprisonment of the horror stories abound and I asked you question how is it you have folks North Korea working in other countries and and they are not now having their eyes open to reality and your symbol of theirs are told not to trust anything. It's is all deception around them and implicitly got family members there they they don't do as they're told they could be it for their family.

So it's an impression on the level we we can't really relate to honestly all I've known to do is pray for mercy and pray for ministries that try to get the gospel in I'm not.

I really don't know what can be done.

You're advocating for North Korea. So what what would you love to see in terms of response.

What can Christians do prayer for that spiritual battle one, and there's often a practical thing that we can do and follow-up prayer and went to think that we advocating is that you speak to your local authorities or write letter so that you know the free country.

Countries like Canada, countries like America, countries like I will have you know influence in international and could really challenge North Korea to begin to accept change or at least you know be called under human rights violations and not just you know to ignore it or just a wild you are there and do their own thing. One of the things that some critics of international quality have observed is that the way that North Korea treated sometimes somehow very similar and in many ways to the appeasement that happened when you think you know what they can't go that far. It can't be possible, but it has been at it. There is a lot of witness to the documentation showing that there are concentration camp in North Korea as well. Another thing that I would encourage for people who are very interested in how North Korea do and how it got to be worded to study the history of the Korean War for the war that is not very much talked about, but there was a lot of casualties, a lot of heard on the comfort women come from all that is going to call in a case by Japan and how the 38th parallel.

Got to be there because it was influence from the communist out, coming down from then the Soviet Union and China and also the capitalistic and Western inflicted South Korea that made the country.

What is the how it got to be like that will give you like the wind. North Korea is the way it is gone, so is there a website or any places that you would recommend people go for more information on their there are several organizations. Also, many of them American-based. There's one in Toronto called envoys of the direct you are from Canada can definitely connect with them is also link hyperbolic ballot night dad drove up and indicate he is North Korea and you can probably Google that if you speak to people in Korean churches, local Korean church and they'll probably divulge all the connect you with the doors in your area as well, because endocrine community is very tight that many of them are still good with her to door on know somebody go to church. They'll be able to link you in your wherever you are in your community to a resource that North Korea you Lisa, thank you, thank you for the information. Thank you for painting this picture.

Thank you for carrying the burden for so many of us is out of sight out of mind right now North Korea is in mind because it is the nuclear threats in the raveling of the sword and and what's gonna happen in the tension over that. So let lettuce at the very least, pray God have mercy God have mercy go to the web and and look online. Just read again North Korea at night just the satellite picture will drawer you and and and I find out yet until we got like 15 seconds. Go ahead. If I don't think people are reflected by that regime. Yes, the people are sheep being led to the slaughter of courtship sinners like interest, but these are people who are being oppressed in a horrific resume.

One of the most ugly sayings in world history taking place in front of her eyes while the world watches lettuce at the very least, pray hey, Lisa. Keep up the good work.

We trust that God will intervene all right. God bless you. Hate friends. Just a quick note the quick reminder join me three hours from now first assembly, Raleigh. That's right first assembly is Raleigh pastor Chad Harvey details on the website Esther to speak about homosexuality.

In Christianity you find it eye-opening, full of love and truth.

See you there in a few hours

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