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Does God Get Involved in Sports?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 6, 2018 4:31 pm

Does God Get Involved in Sports?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 6, 2018 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/06/18.

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So does God influence the outcome of sports games did he help the Eagles win the Super Bowl stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown you know it. If you live in Philadelphia you might be thinking that God does get involved in games. If you live in Boston New England. You might be saying well know he doesn't, but I will have a serious chat about that I think have some insights that might be helpful. This Michael Brown you're listening to or watching the light a fire 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's the recall now. I spoke extensively yesterday the entire hour broadcast about the so-called new apostolic Reformation about dominion is about seven mount theology. I separated fact from fiction, but because I took the whole show.

To do that.

I never made my comments about the Super Bowl which I said I would do the end never made those to the show and never took any call. So if you have a question for me about the so-called new apostolic Reformation. If you have a question about any of the things I talked about yesterday. Dominion is from seven mount theology.

What I believe and what I don't believe please give me a call 86634 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Also read my article about the Super Bowl and God getting involved in sports over at our website. Asked Dr. right so let me just throw out a couple of preliminary thoughts for you here on the one hand, you might say God is sovereign, so God is involved in everything, and the very hairs of your head are numbered and on the sparrow falls to the ground apart from our father. Jesus says that in Matthew 10 and that you might believe, especially if your strong Calvinists that God is involved in everything that happens in the world working out his outcome in the midst of it. So in that sense he's involved in every sports game, but not the favorite team or or an individual is much as to accomplish whatever purpose he has or you might say it's ridiculous to think that God would get involved in sports seeing that sports is idolatrous in our culture see that many sports are very violent you think of the concussions and the issues that many NFL players have to deal with thinking of how you know Sunday services F get out of the certain time during football season for people to get home and watch the game at churches give up on Sunday night services when when the Super Bowl was going on because he couldn't compete with it, not on what would God get involved with that someone posted on my twitter feed again. What about ill people lusting after the cheerleaders and then all the money being gambled while agog involved with that. My perspective is God is God and whatever he can do to accomplish his purpose in the world where he can do to draw attention to truth, whatever he can do that at that is in harmony with his larger plan where we can do that will bring glory to his name and and will bring a lost world to him that he'll do those things. So I see him it's kind of in between both perspectives. I don't believe that he actively influences the outcome of each sporting event and and horse be one. This local event at the local horse track because God ordained that the sum my own view must sing a mock you with this on my own view though, nor is it my view that God just abandon certain parts of the world because of their sinful nature know I see him working out as planned in the midst of ascending world now II during the radio program. While you may be listing a local radio and hearing an ad from that that's that's paid for on that local programming if you're listening online not watching but if you're listening online your hearing what I'm hearing, so there are certain it may be John MacArthur doing the limited teaching or it may be Chuck Swindoll or maybe Ravi Zacharias or something.

Assess that's what I'm hearing many of your hearing that as well and other who it is, but I've heard the story many times about, but one of these teachers, preachers in in during the break, and of fathers watching a boxing match with his son and before the fight starts the 115 starts and one guy crosses himself right and the son says to the father will that help in the fall. This is not less, you can patch which is of course acute line there really you have to do what you have to do and not just rely on divine intervention.

That being the case, there are enough incidences of which seem to be miraculous events in a game or someone playing that shouldn't be playing or or something happening in an unusual way which seems that that God was involved and then this person has an amazing testimony, so through that God gives glory. Not that he was so concerned with the outcome of the game as much as this was a platform 20 a court not know.

Look, let's look at this. Honestly, okay, listen to this.

Honestly Tom Brady greatest quarterback of all time and the tandem of Brady Belichick, one of the greatest tandems of all time, the coach and player with New England Patriots if you're not familiar with NFL and the only ones that would have a comparable run would be Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr, the Green Bay Packers, so in extraordinary run and neither of them are known as professing Christians or or born-again believers were people of faith that they've done really well and they've done well right has been well when when the Eagles one because they were the underdogs. God help them and and the coach glorify Jesus and key players glorify Jesus and they were known through the years as a team with a lot of believers that prayed etc. so in the previous year. There were enough Christians a little about the Christians on the real enemy of all these questions, which are fair questions to ask.

Okay and let God be God on unwanted be so simplistic that when Brady wins one year and 25 times right when when he wins the Super Bowl and he doesn't give glory to God that that God didn't get involved. That year, but when a Christian gives glory to God.

God did get involved to me that would be little superficial when you're great and a little inconsistent theological but but here's the case I'd like to make. Then after that I want to get your calls and I also want to respond to some comments that were posted to our YouTube video from yesterday. Yesterday's broadcast again if you don't know we do a live stream on Facebook everybody watching on Facebook. Good to see you out there fact Simpson love back on Facebook the summer some nice emoji's in the same on YouTube. Everyone watching on YouTube sent me a flood of some fun emoji's all right love to see those over there okay so you can watch live on YouTube or Facebook. I want to respond to a few comments there in the YouTube thread from yesterday so I will get to that shortly but but let me give you my thoughts about God working in the midst of these gains on the one hand, any time that a player godly player wins, especially in an unlikely situation or that they didn't expect to be there all nice nice emoji Sims thinks about that and expect to it to be there then it's all very appropriate for them to glorify God. Now I've seen players and losses. Godly players also say we glorify God. He's good all the time.

We thank you for great season so good there being consistent and not just praising God for victory right but in an essay just at the outset, there are a million things more important sports event and their people.

Life-and-death situations all around the world right now since I was a dog involved in sports and the desire of the rest of the world and the other people glorify God in prison for Jesus right now glorify God, lost everything, for Jesus owes the heroes we understand our priorities are clear.


But when a player is a national audience and is able to glorify the Lord. That's wonderful, and for the rest of their lives. They will have a platform to share the gospel in many many settings and have the respect of many young people and others because of their athleticism and their achievements still have a platform to share the gospel flush. That's big, that's wonderful.

Don't downplay that. That's a major thing but but look at it from this angle. There are times when there seems to be unusual divine intervention. Take that, the most famous catch in the history of the Super Bowl, held the couch with David Tyree. I know personally the brother who prophesied to David Tyree when when David was injured and not playing with the Giants to resolve the team did not play and his CPA is a prophetic brother had a word for him that he would make a miraculous catch in the Super Bowl while problem number one.

He was injured. Problem number two. Even if he was not injured, he would not be playing as a receiver in the Super Bowl. He wasn't that high up on the chart and number three the child's right to make the Super Bowl while they made the Super Bowl's injury was healed and he did play and he made what is called the greatest catch in the history of the Super Bowl and then he called it miraculous catch where with the great defender on him.

He catches the ball first. The quarterback barely gets away Eli Manning and that he catches the ball with one hand pressed to his helmet and is able to hold onto it as he goes to the ground and Giants win the Super Bowl.

Those less catch of his career.

That was it for him and is a strong committed believer, and that is been a platform for him to glorify Jesus. Great prophetic word for those who doubt these things happen. It's known in document that nothing like that happened in the Eagles. But Carson Wentz, who is a a committed Christian.

The quarterback looked like he was going to be the MVP he went out with an injury is replacement.

Nick foals who study online at liberty University in seminary their plans to to be a high school pastor that's his goal. He is a committed Christian. The coach Doug Peterson nine years ago, was coaching high school and ESPN in 2016, said that he was the worst hire of all new coaches. He was the worst tire of them all. He Wentz ends up winning the Super Bowl with brilliant playcalling with gutsy playcalling with incredibly bold playcalling and when he is asked in the in the interview with the whole world watching basically how to explain this. You were you were coaching high school nine years ago.

He said I have to I have to give praise and glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And then the two players that were interviewed both glorify the Lord and then I read that later that night when Saul was looking for them. Tony don't you son just 11-year-old son and 11 found foals and and urge the tight end mid game and play and and Wentz and one of the play are all struggling resume just in a room alone praying and thanking God. Now what's my point. My point is, it could well be the commitment of these players there. The relationship with the Lord. The relationship that the coach had with the Lord that enabled them in the midst of this test and as underdogs and overcoming all kinds of diversity and injuries to win anyway to have the confidence that in other words, their walk with the Lord their confidence in God.

Enable them to be bold and able to coach to be as gutsy as he wasn't playcalling so it's not so much that God directly intervened in the Super Bowl. As much as there was a fruit to the face of these men, there was a fruit of godliness in their lives through which they overcame adversity in Riverwind that makes sense to me. And then they have a great platform to glorify the Lord and I was watching for months wondering okay there goes a strong Christian happen to them what was what happened right back with your caustic line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thinks transfer Jorgensen 148663487884 that is limited.

Call if you have questions will interact with me about my show yesterday about the so-called new apostolic Reformation, nor about seven not theology but dominion is about what I actually believe about separating fact from fiction. Give me a call so I just for all of those who are watching now will be watching afterwards.

I just want put up a picture of the helmet catch. So David Tyree again making a catch, that was considered to be the most memorable miraculous yet and I'm looking at the picture now and you think there is no way he holds onto the ball. There's no light especially.

He's got a top defender trying to rip his arm away from the ball and and yet he goes down to it goes down with the ball in full possession.

That's of Giants in the winning the game yet.

Can I see something like that is God doing something for specific purpose for specific recent short short but otherwise I'm looking at believers their walk with the Lord and out of their walk with the Lord bearing fruit that can then be seen and reflected in games okay so I want interact with a couple of comments explain why I address certain things on the air here one. One fellow said in response to yesterday's show seems that Dr. Brown's play more damage control. Now I want the island since in a mocking way to the gentleman who posted okay but nothing could be further from the truth.

There, the reality is simple. We are overflowing with the blessing of God. Reality is reaching more people more effectively than any other time in our lives, and by God's grace that the fruit of his grace and decades of of sewing good seed of the gospel.

So were were seeing amazing wonderful fruit getting credible testimonies on a regular basis and every day getting attacked by critics from all sides. Many of them nonbelieving but some believers every day through the day through the night if if I read a list of the.

The latest craze post on YouTube from nonbelievers you you become a shocked right but I'm a Zionist conspirator I'm on the I'm not a Jew I'm a secret Mason. I hear what what you name the craziest stuff and that's I get accused of all right day and I a lot of it profane and ugly, and then believers as well attacking further reasons sometimes almost as badly as the world does. That's another sign that were doing well. So for example when I when I respond constructively to me being called dangerous, which again let let it slide stand for the glory of God dangerous. Dr. Brown in terms of dangerous to the kingdom of darkness and dangerous to the work of the enemy. So when we put that video up with my constructive response to a couple of critics.

Initially, the responses when it was primarily our own subscribers and constituency that the response like all over hundred to one positive and even with with critics and those getting involved still attend to one people positively responding as opposed to negative results.

I'm trying to help those that is no damage to control the damage is is the damage that critics are doing to themselves and their constituents. So to reach out constructively to help him try to reach out constructively to minister, and to bless and to edify and to help and to remove confusion because I love the whole body is not damage control. Look at it like this. Look at it that we are on the eight giant cruise ship with every kind of provision imaginable right and that we are set for many months right and just can't can enjoy life on a cruise ship and and somebody comes up to us in a small boat and their boat capsized and can we let them on and they have no provision will joyfully we slow down to let them on that damage control is that reaching out to him try to reach out and help. Many people just ignore the criticism and go on.

I ignore it in terms of the stuff that comes in day and night that just fuels my fire encourages me to keep doing what's right that stuck.

That stuff is grace to me no matter what the intent of the attack is that stuff his grace to me that ministers grace to me from the Lord.

It causes me to rejoice all the more, and thank God that were doing what's right. So that's one thing. On the other hand, I do care about the whole body. I do want to help others who were confused and I hate falsehood and lives.

Therefore, I take time to reach out constructively as the truth. Now that here's another thing someone said look these websites attacking you should posted if there's anything of substance, of course, I'll post, but I'm not going to give publicity to those bearing false witness and irresponsible and ugly weights. Why do it if you just think from it right. Let's see your ministry and someone is posting false information about your family all right.

False information about your family and you see by the way, so you asked about sexy crazy and bogus, but this will set the record straight.

Are you obligated now to to tell everyone. By the way, here's the website to go to where there posting false information so we will evaluate. Just search for the words is no mystery. The other thing is these websites and some of these individuals are doing such a bad job that I do not want to embarrass them publicly by explicitly mentioning them. And, it's not worth the time. All right, I'm not can get the free publicity, nor do I want to embarrass them further those who want to search Glenn doing and if you believe the nonsense your loss, your loss on try to do is help as many people as I can come into the fullness of what God's doing.

That's my only desire to see Jesus glorified to the max to see the most people touched and help that's my goal. So I'll take time people say why you bothered because I care about others who are being influenced and I want to help everyone come into the fullness of truth. When I see a wave of deception coming when I see a wave of misinformation coming. I do my best to address it to help others.

As for defending myself unblessed.

I'm doing great. You will need to send me words of encouragement had I am in care. I am super encouraged by the Lord's grace every single day by the fruit of redoing of super encouraged art 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Anthony in Raleigh. So your modifier. I brother Mark Gubler command. Happy new year to your list wonderful day that we been allowed to have about what you were Sharon you know it's like you're having to defend yourself in this regards to the situation. I wouldn't go so far as could be defending yourself.

Apparently people are not used to what you're talking about and all your trunk bring forth is God's truth and God's will and what happening is not is not intended that this there's nothing to defend all intelligence help help people get things sorted out for themselves because the there try to receive what we have to say.

Then they hear these bogus reports would discredit help the maximum amount of people as to defend myself. While there's little reason to do that doesn't what you were Sharon in regard to the Super Bowl giant would probably bring more than likely because, you know.

I don't know a lot of people paid attention to the comments that were made on you know saying that. Oh, did you see the play where Hogan was mobbed at 20 yards out and away from what would happen. Okay. The interesting thing about that is you know Tony, don't you, who was a devout Christian, Nicole, who was a brother in Christ and several other people different. Good thing is it has a lot to do with what I know and understand is when you have something happening. It's called installation and it also brings out what you have in your heart knowing that the Lord is on your side and is right there with you and is also the passion so those are three keywords that people need to get a hold of and you know you have comments that are being made by the quarterback for the New England Patriots you know and he sure what you Sharon and I'm like okay you don't sound like you got that passion you don't do what you got the heart coming. Yeah, maybe there was some inspiration, but you generally looked it what was just yet. Just attempting to Tom Brady's message of 40 scenes is motivated and passionate about the game is, is anybody. But you're right there is something when you know the Lord that it it does change your outlook and you can overcome more certain obstacles and you can even believe more in an underdog status and how God can work through unlikely vessels. It was really how many of the players are on the verge of retirement or which is not not playing at all.

And here they are insuperable.

So a lot of the believers recognize God using an unexpected vessels here and it's not like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick of the evil Empire and the righteous conquered the wicked are not saying that, of course, but hate Anthony, thank you for weighing in much appreciated all and by the way, just only take a second list is made. If you're not sports fans. And I'm only talking on spiritual aspects of things but the two-point conversion there or are one play in the end zone. No question. There was there was a file no question that the patriots player pushed the receiver before the ball came that that should've been a penalty there and that that could've been a major one. And while it's true that a New England playwright running on the field, got stopped blocked on the way down Rob Gronkowski what 2015, 20 yards I want pushed and shoved, and that may contact us shoved the playwright of the ways he was running down on the Last Pl., Aleave. It goes both ways member the patriots total of two penalties call the against them, one in each of the last two games just mention it okay. I'm not seeing anything conspiratorial and that's it for sports. I'm done with my little sports talk here but here's my desire for each of you listening that you will be grounded in the word of God devoted to the Lord and empowered by him to do everything he has called you to be and to do to impact this world with the gospel. That's my desire for you. That's my prayer this my heart.

That's a major reason, the year grounded in the were deeply devoted to Jesus fully empowered by God is faithful to the mission he has given Greg back and talk with her friend James Robison. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I got so caught up in the show yesterday content to cover never gave my perspective, God, faith, or bowl. So if you miss that.

Got an article up on the stream. God help the Eagles win the Super Bowl a come at this from a bunch of different angles and I think that answer I give will resonate with you can read that the stream stream.Oregon is always encourage you if you want to get a godly perspective on what's happening in the world around know how to deal with the issues no no key foundational principles that will help you determine the difference being right and wrong from a Bible-based worldview, go to the stream make your homepage or go there on a daily basis you see between three and five articles for me there every week and then a host of incredibly good contributors. She can read my article about that talk to my dear friend James Robison who is the publisher of the stream.

Of course you've seen for years on TV.

James welcome to the broadcast today.

Your audience might can I ask one question how how did you develop a heart that is his wife and big as it is for the body of Christ because we spent a lot of time talking, interacting in your never bashing you always seem to have a heart to see people do well Lord because of who they are, where they're coming from.

How did God give your heart that is not broad. In terms of that redemptive love or perhaps extreme poverty, but went to work and Lord and fell in love with women and arbiter in my apartment and that relationship mental market. There. Something I want to and then mount apparently now we just entered another member are private actor). Traumatic treatment Leonard Rencher and will each of the family and we don't find reasons to divide them and putting the wrong well I want that for everyone, and Jesus Breitbart the fog along part even back with Israel are looking for that family thing which you know when no one ambushed nations of the world. So Canada are just people out for got there and I find that when you receive it, learn, and begin to share the system. It just changes everything and I don't think it's too late for our nation to begin a direct about many of Jesus love the following agreement.

I am at that right after the Super Bowl and Sarah attributes. It's a work of God's grace in my life and it's it's evident what you do, it's evident check it out today if you've not been there before so you you seek to get the father's heart, and with the father's heart speak to the nation you been doing it now not to see to the TV show and other outlets, but on your Facebook page, rev. James Robison on Facebook and some of the posts are getting over over million views. So there there hitting, hitting the spot hitting her in a court Circuit Court.

What's on your heart to share with the church of America today. What's was the message that you want to communicate about your book.

Marrone dropped from about 30 broke the world and the lingering not all of the people, good people, but because of the people. And let it happen, but I I think that we.

Peter, craftiness of the lever called buyback inspecting to opt out. Of rock. Oh,. Our leaders political talent, and it's understandable when the secondary gain.

You departed here about a minute and you get part of listening to the bashing of the misrepresentation in your gift. Thank everybody I realize that the enemy, the deceivers family members. Otherwise, he is the father of that time in the demonic activity your lot. They don't like my right the locus.

You'll they are dedicated to the cause of the inspection provision and if we to fit it out. Then you will prevail like nobody but predators in the story that separates blocked it not what are the farmer field and not protecting it from the pet and this is happening probably people rebound like people who are living kingdom principal may be the most devoted parent, hard-working, bad senior living for the family conflict. P.

Minding their own business. Living for God understand what we have to talk before family thing we have to protect and impart because there's like the shepherd who want to protect about me Jack, I want to God. Private doctors and anyone that will look at the situation by land a godly violent you that land of opportunity (limiting the land and the majority report is that you can't get back to sleep but got the paper will bring back the active reporting on how big the father is not right you. We take the land brought up Jack R. So Michael, what we're doing is rocking the Council of the wise people gifted people admitted to a biblical worldview who understand the rightness of the Constitution waxed great, and the principle of freedom of the foundation for them so we can the land and and warm people of what's going on by the receiver and manipulated by pro-parties will that are not really helping the people we can debate and we could have gone that wisdom so we tried to bring together people and the others you've already read far more often than I can count down the company get the attention figured.

We plot out.and and that's what I've been very proactive and I'm not meeting but the point is that the stream is there to give people the impact of the lot. Her lack of the knowledge of it. And so that they have an updated wonderful group. That didn't have the understanding of the par and Michael were trying again so this is God.

These gifted people in this wisdom and you can located around the spring rain got all and we promise will be the biblical worldview and leaving everything to help your and your grandchildren.

From now back that were there and I think people need to realize that there is a serious commitment to get this done because you don't have paid advertising that you have all these ads popping up. You don't have scantily clad women's pictures popping up. You don't have all the stuff which which means that the funds have to come from other places, which means you have to raise money to get the stream on board to get all the people they are to organize and put up articles and do all that. So you're doing skews me raising money to make that happen to minister to others. So we say it's a gift. It really is a gift well-known among our garage and operate the grounds of the Willamette are coming in a rebound and plug in all without a problem and by the way what you been doing their young man like Daniel Cohen and others in your new is probably one of the greatest preachers on the planet and will probably win more people to the Lord again started about a week out, though people support more people what you're doing on every front, but we need people to support the story. I going after people who love their family and I love freedom help us get the great wide orthographical helper people are hearing because the media is not on. Burke by Lord Byron and Berkeley student worldview media at an most that Beth is by pro-party. Sometimes they picked the better group to order the better part of what we're doing is we are all literally presenting principles and truth and wisdom that is totally consistent with the Bible and is beautiful because it didn't confirm back to and in the pit.

Prospect Park and value for the record socially are very in these so-called nothing but the spectrum from the prior medical images. Bartlett never never never work and never will select don't Byron find out what will work in one paragraph, immigration problem and expanded not only did those who are coming over at great problem but we problem we enable the problem we envelope the problem for lift get a burglary and with all their Dan and with all solid foundation and Christie Clay for that and pull that and encourage. So for you. There is not a Republican or Democrat position to take this a kingdom position to take, and that represents the wisdom of God. And that's what we want to call both parties to it. It's that simple is in it. The economic Republican. Aren't I talk about how to put up a Facebook account number 1.3.

You never develop our people get going there and I talked about standing for positive progress expanding onto the market and on the La Grande military that and band of poorly. I never even left the president I never sent the man night" to a part talked about standing for what right and and Chris. The band went all photos were not fighting with flesh and blood Democrat. The Republicans were fighting with principalities and powers in the realm of dark that and we band and stand firm and band play don't fit it out and watch dyspeptic. Thought I would try to give him the nickname were trying to give a baby story. I clicked on the path of profit the event that the religious trying to funnel the greatest wisdom possible for the greatest people on the planet who are the children of the greatest father and who have the greatest person in history.

Jesus Christ as our Lord Ms. Gossett said let's be honest together with you got less touchy since her. I it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown tell you a story. As you go. When I was working with Focus on the Family about gender issues and homosexuality. I got a call from some of the focus of this and listen we got asked to provide a guest for a show very liberal San Francisco radio station.

They want to talk about evangelical Christians and homosexuality.

We thought you'd be the perfect person to to do us a great. I was working for FOCUS dispute working together on some things. So the new message great with joy. What turns out this station was Clear Channel radio yeah Clear Channel radio and we didn't, you end up going on longer than that. We are planning to.

And then after the interview. Some days later I listen to what happened when I was off the air solicit was done they continued with the show and they were having a hard time dealing with me is that I didn't fit the stereo typical expectations on the one hand was quickly educated and literate in the things of which I spoke.

I was absolutely dogmatic about what I believed I was compassionate season and gracious person. People and that was difficult for them to handle how to those three things work together, they can get that is gotta be some if if I dogmatic that I can't be educator can be compassionate if I compassionate that I can't be dogmatic if if I'm educator in whatever, it didn't fit in one of them start to stand up for me and it's a distant number of setting up you know it was kind of funny to listen to so anyway when it comes to things of the spirit is the spirit power. The spirit Pentecostal charismatic beliefs. I don't fit some of the negative stereotypes now, nor do people like Dr. Craig Keener Dr. Ben Witherington, Dr. Peter H. David. Some of the premier New Testament scholars in the world today, all of whom are charismatic or Pentecostal, the police, the Elgin prexy Gordon fee for that matter so I am happy to discuss whatever I believe scripturally with any of you again. Look, I'm not your radio pastor means the church you go to okay no that's not the case nor my call to be a pastor is my primary calling, but I do love the whole body with her true believers I embrace you as brothers and sisters will be hold to the fundamentals of the ilk.

If you spend eternity with the Lord will be together forever that I will embrace you here in August. Either people that all thinker saved aren't in the people at all thinker aren't saved that are right and I with all of us. It's often been said that haven't won the same time will be a great eye-opener and mouth closer yeah you'll be shocked to see some people there and they'll be shocked to see you there all right that's that's gonna happen, but to the extent I can recognize him as a believer or embrace them in that sense I will try to be pastoral to all of my radio listening viewing audience.

Meaning if we come together on the fundamentals of the faith. As believers we can do a lot together as one body to advance the gospel to glorify Jesus to push back the kingdom of darkness through the gospel right through people coming to faith and be born again, transformed and living as disciples in this world.

So I try to bring people in that are not in the primary camp was if if I was just in the Pentecostal charismatic world record minister to your millions of people constantly and be super will receive is wonderful and I love to have the opportunity to do that. But this until the world I live in.

I also live in a world where many of you are not charismatic Pentecostal resume. If you have bad experiences and charismatic Pentecostal churches. I will reach out you as well. So that's what I always try to do when controversy comes up again. See you know controversy inspires me controversy stirs me controversy moves me in criticism and attack encourage me when it's for the truth so you don't need to say hey. Hang in there were prime, I'm good. I'm blessed but I take time to address controversial issues within the body is on try to help build up and strengthen you sit at Michael's to serve you. My goal is to give you whatever I can to help you go out and be a world changer for the gospel right through of being a disciple of Jesus to make an impact. So when you stand before God will city well done good and faithful servant. That's why I'm here doing what I do now them to share couple testimonies with it I got this email to me today. A brother said my wife and I left our charismatic church over some petty stuff. Nothing about theology just people for several months and visited other churches in the area not charismatic only return on Sunday morning after what we called wandering in the wilderness and his wife said we been wandering in the wilderness to each other right and see adult churches were the Holy Spirit never moved new to the people.

So they went other churches. They felt the churches were dull. They felt the people were not being moved in, and that the Spirit was not moving so they go back to their home church right cross about 300 people. He says someone stands up and speaks in tongues, and he rolled his eyes and sits his wife here we go again.

The refusal skeptical right and here's the interpretation. This is the sum give interpretation you have logged in the wilderness long enough, you are home.

He said that out. So I tell the story. People have three choices. I'm I am making suffered itself not the case to it happen, but it's coincidence.


God used the supernatural gift to speak to me and my wife urging us to remain sisters which means this gift that supposedly is fake and that is still being used in ways we still would understand, but in this case can't deny since it sick. Even Conklin number three is huge because it means the creator cares enough about me to speak to me using another person which is wonderful. I often share this story but I was in the service saved out of the maybe year or something you still enjoying the presence of God. But I would pray every day and be in the word every day and be in church services several days a week and a bit like a day and 1/2 I just just not felt the presence of God and that that sense of joy and intimacy on allelic physical field of the joy and intimacy and fellowship is during the worship service and I said God it Smurf in your presence again that sense of joy and intimacy came in that I thought of all about little baby I can't go even a day or two without feeling that and and then just then the pastor spoke just as I'm thinking this just then the pastor spoke in tongues and then he interpreted his own tongues and said the Lord says I am with you always, even to the end of the age right.

Matthew 2818 with you always into the end of the age, whether you feel me or not the very thoughts. I was thinking at that very moment, and God saying I'm with you with you, feel me or not coincidence about what I was getting ready to speak in a charismatic Methodist Church of about a thousand people in Columbus, Ohio, and during the service. I was planning on preaching one message and during the worship I felt impressed. Don't go in a different direction, which have done for decades preached the message of thought, God gave me some times last minute and you would know it's last minute because the words in the and God's anointed beaded to preach and teach so I feel led to an unusual Scripture, not a well-known Scripture one that very few people would have memorized and then on to preach on that taxi was an Old Testament text.

I believe in the book of Isaiah.

No sooner do I feel that my heart then someone delivers a prophetic word and it's that verse is that verse other service Matata the home congregation and I I feel in my heart that one of the brothers are leaders wants to get up and read from Psalm 112 he comes walking over recent Mike is it okay now if I read from Psalm 112.

I said I set up the Lord to show me you were going to ask me that it is will the Lord told me that you can tell you that most of half is out with him. I was telling you this I go on for hours and hours and hours hub of this it with his 1994 the rats and I was trying to finalize a meeting in Finland in the meeting in Italy and we hadn't heard back from the people and I was try to lock in dates and have my assistant do am so frustrated because we know for sure what was happening when it was that the pre-email days and as I was praying is a Sunday night as I was praying I felt the Lord just drop in my heart, you'll know all information by tomorrow dislocated.

I was praying about it. I just felt that all right and and sure enough, next day we got a phone call from Italy fax from fill-in or one of the both contacted us, but as a praying.

I also feel annual here from England and you'll hear from England and preach in England since 1987, but I here's I next day I come in the office. My secretary says you got a call from this brother also lessening Brown in England. He wants to talk to. So we talk later that same day and he said I said look I don't know you at all. He invited me speech about 120 leaders at a key conference that the be there from around the world in full of the UK and then do some preaching and some other churches there. I said I don't know you at all but in prayer. Last night a for the Lord so you can hear from England today are just just have just coincidences or you tell me imagined it and he said I don't know you except I was speaking I was visiting a friend. The pastor in Scotland and I saw your book. Whatever happened to the power of God and I said I need that book and I got it and read it in the lordly llama heart to contact you. We been dear friends, since, and he sees play key role in my life it at key times dear brother from England and how did that book end up there in Scotland. I preach to the church on Long Island in the bookstore got similar books and put in their a brother from Scotland was preaching at that same church on Long Island. They took him to the bookstore and so there may be some American books that you don't get in England's if you want any will give you a little bookstore he only asked for one. My book arrived to the power God brings it back to Scotland hasn't sitting on a shelf. My friend is visiting him sees the book says I need to read that book he reads it ends up contacting me.

We become lifelong friends. We had tremendous ministry together both in England and here in America.

God is a living conference. God is living out the Bible is the word of God.

It gives us the information about God's salvation through Jesus's resurrection how to live one and only God's ways and confirmation of word grace and for his glory.

Talk you tomorrow

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