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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 16, 2018 4:51 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 16, 2018 4:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/16/18.

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Well it's my birthday today and there's nothing I like more than to take your calls, your toughest calls you the questions we've got answers for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

What a great joy with you today. Aside from spending time with my family later today and spending some time with the Lord is always there's nothing I'd rather do on my birthday.

Then spend this time with you on a lot of fire taking your calls. I mean that it is my great joy.

In particular, I tweeted this posted on my personal Facebook page. If you're one of my critics or detractors give me a call and tell me where you differ with me when I get into an argument right. I promise. Even if you're nasty to me. I will be nasty to you, and I think most would be nasty, but phone lines are open any question you have of any kind whatsoever that you've wanted to ask me, today's the day to call Fran critics seeker, whoever you are, 866-348-7884 is the number to call turning 63 is especially significant for me. Might my dad passed away suddenly.

When he was 63 years old and looking at it now. I mean man I never knew 63 could feel so young. I know some of you are struggling with health and life in 63 feels real to you. I'm incredibly grateful to God that that he help me to change my lifestyle. 3 1/2 years ago, actually more than that. Now go on for years, radically change my luster about 3 1/2 radically change my lifestyle and even though our lives with his hands. I can't guarantee tomorrow for me or for anyone.

Our lives are in his hands for several years now. I felt like every year I'm getting younger and healthier and stronger. I am deeply, deeply grateful to God and thankful for all of you who prayed for me and thank you so many hundreds social media these days reaching out in wishing me a special birthday and prayers for me.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart it's my joy to have such a great extended family before go to the phones this very quickly lest I decided to past midnight so officially 63 years old, I decided to celebrate by reading Psalm 63 from the Hebrew and then translating. I received a more perfect translation as is, on the fly for fun and read the saw one of my favorite Psalms translated it and then posted the video someone actually tweeted this out or are you ready ready for this. I am not making this up. He tweeted this out and I believe he was serious. He said why Hebrew. We have a soup to a superior text in the King James Bible yeah why read from the original Hebrew where we have quote a superior text in a translation written more than 2000 years after the Hebrew text and when I clicked on the guy's profile. He was a King James only guy so apparently he meant that seriously.

I actually have a competition rent if you read the King James great wonderful – but I should have a competition going I just started on our our Facebook page asking this question which is give me your best response, sarcastic or other give me your best response. Let's see how people sign in here 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Adam in Syracuse, Utah, which I did not know existed before this welcome to the line of fire. Thank you very much God did not die there that are on a number with you a very Merry birthday my friend. I hope you have a good one. Thank you sir. Well I got a question that like to know your on Daniel chapter 11 particularly whether you believe it happened at them and thank them you think you are not going to grant up there alright thank you sir for the call. Actually I was just looking afresh at Daniel 11. A couple days ago finishing up a chapter for the book by Craig Keener, and Yours truly on one were not afraid of the answer cry specifically why we don't believe in a pretrip rapture so was looking at Daniel 11 and I do not claim to be expert on all of the eschatological texts of the Bible, the end time texts of the Bible course of study these for many years but I have not given them focused attention, but my view is that there is certainly ancient application to the text that there are things that Daniel spoke of that well could be prophesying events that took place. For example, with with the rise of the ancient Greek Empire under Alexander and some of the breaking up that it experiences but that there are clearly texts that are spoken of that seem to focus on an individual ruler who goes further than others have gone in wickedness and persecution. In other words, just like Matthew 24 has its first application to events that took place in the days of the disciples with destruction of the second Temple, but clearly to me have passages and portions that are not yet fulfilled that will find their fulfillment at the end of this age with 1/3 temple in Jerusalem. I see it the same with Daniel.

The 11th chapter, there are things there in Daniel 11, which certainly apply to the ancient world the centuries before Jesus, but there are aspects to the text, which seem to also speak of an individual beyond anyone in history, and antichrist figure so just as there is persecution of God's people are there is the mowing down of the saints and of the, the fighting back of the Maccabees and everything that took place in the past I see something unfolding in the future of even greater magnitude. Again, I'm not dogmatic on that but I do not see everything in Daniel 11 is having a past application of yearly and I don't see all of the chapters having a future only application, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Dean in Des Moines, Iowa. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you sir. Did you speak clearly right the phone okay. You're not yet do your best not getting out nobody else but my question is not the network through a number of speakers are you on the thing were to God what is in terms of speakers that would be on on the trees radio network somewhere on on every true stations throughout the country including your great station there in Des Moines, Iowa. As far as this the foundations that the Scriptures are God's word that the Bible alone is is God's authoritative revelation to the world that there's no salvation outside of what God is revealed in Scripture all the fundamentals I don't I don't know everyone a song.

But I know the station managers and I know the president of the company and I know that if they did not believe someone did not hold to those fundamentals. There would be also.

I don't know what else does every city has different people that are on so I don't know anyone on your city, but my assumption would be that role in harmony that we hold to the evangelical fundamentals of the faith. For sure now. For example, Hank had a graph used to be on the broadcast and I will say this to disparage Hank and in any way, but when he converted to Eastern orthodoxy, the, the head of the company said we can have you on because you no longer hold to solo script tour. Scripture lowers authority because of church tradition being added on it in Eastern Orthodox circles so as far as I know their standards are very high and therefore I would assume that on the fundamentals were were all in harmony. Was there a specific reason you are asking. Paragraph I am going through all another one. Not only the yeah and… The fact is certain it will going to have some differences. Obviously within the body and I appreciate Hank. It only does, but I also appreciate that if it was say in Eastern Orthodox station.

You wouldn't have an evangelical on as the church answer man anymore than you have a non-evangelical on is the Bible answer man, but again that wasn't my decision is not influencer impact and I appreciate Hank and the good that he does.

But all that being said certainly made for some of this intarsia scroll with the Lord. Now he's strong Calvinist. I'm not we have differences, you have some of the pastors that are on the station say hold to a pretrip rapture.

I don't know all the fundamentals of the faith. It would absolutely be in harmony on Haight Drive safely sir and thanks Rita regular listener, 86634 let's go to Carlos in Atlanta, Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire.

Are you to do well.

Thank you Eric trying to question our Greco-Roman funeral parlor bowl yeah I just made it out there for severe speaking right into the fundraiser. Okay, go ahead, please. I just lost you are going to roam about the outlook,, the law on putting on faith between all yeah and I'm fairly lump on my bottle with me right now, but you feel, to those where the law is not bailout. They are accountable to something like that. I'm confused yes or certainly that let the other. Let me say this, Carlos. There is a tremendous amount of literature written on Paul's teaching on the law. Paul's teaching on grace Paul's commentary on Romans. There's a tremendous amount of discussion, but the passenger referring to enrollments to is simply saying this that God does not require the Gentile world to live by the law of Moses and doesn't judge them accordingly. In other words, God does not judge see someone in a jungle in Africa or someone living in a city in India by whether or not they keep the dietary laws of the law of Moses, or whether they keep the biblical calendar will he observe the seventh day Sabbath.

He's not judging them by that. However, there is a universal moral law that he's placed in the hearts of everyone saying, for example, do not murder. Do not commit adultery, so someone living in a city in India or jungle in Africa who was living by those ethics who knows it's wrong to murder. Who knows it's wrong to commit adultery will then stand in judgment over a Jewish person that has the full law that God gave on Sinai. The law of Moses, the teaching of Moses. This person who doesn't have the law will sit in judgment on the one who doesn't doesn't keep it. So when you talk about not being responsible or accountable to the law, he means the law of Moses.

However, there is the law that God has written on the heart of every human being moral law that we are all responsible for, and God will judge the world based on a thank you sir?

Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown 7884 starting Nevada Justin, welcome to the line of fire and got thank you sir or yeah I recently read dedicate my life to cry for the bill back in 1995 and… Wandered in my life and like many people do I walk away from that and dedicate my life. I thank God for never giving or leaving me Christian sister company other day talking about how baptism is essential to salvation.

If you die before your baptize, you're going to hell and how salvation is a continuous process and just bring a ride in my spirit and all I would like the sit down with the sister and find out what you mean by that but it just like with the young fighters. I completed everything it you know sanctification at the continuous spot that they should done with it right so it will you first thank God for his mercy in your life and am glad he's split you back to himself and obviously in a case like that you lean real hard on him, you realize you blew in the past and then you stated are from those things in the future meet its good lessons for all of us, but it's a matter of semantics to say salvation is a continuous process. It's like marriage is a continuous process. On the one hand you get married once for all. Right that Nancy and I got married 42 years ago this this past Wednesday so that once and for all. We got married and now there's a marriage and you grow old together as a couple. So in that sense it's once and for all thing that Jesus did for us and you get saved and resaved every day.

I had a bad day. I need to get resaved, etc. it's a once for all process that he accomplishes on our behalf. We put our faith in him. He saves us, forgives us and puts us in his family. Now there is growing in grace and growing in the knowledge of the Lord as you refer to sanctification. The Bible sometimes calls it being sanctified and sometimes refers to this ongoing process that we have been saved. We are being saved. In other words were being sanctified and one day right be finally saved when were resurrected and with the Lord forever.

So in that sense it's continual if that's what she means by your fine with you just a sanctification.

She says salvation if she means you can't be sure of your salvation.

No, no, that's absolutely false.

We can know that I know that our sins are forgiven, the spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, we come out of darkness into light were not who we used to be anymore. We have a relationship with God. We can know where saved is it even more surely than we know our own names. As for baptism, it's, it's certainly required as a first act of obedience.

So if you were never baptizes an adult believer, you really ought to be, but I do not believe that if someone dies without being baptized, that they go to hell. I would say that they have died without being in full obedience. As long as they were aware of this so it may be that that you and your sister have a big difference about the process.

It may be semantics, but rest assured them what God is done for you and then by his grace walk in obedience and have been baptized by him is to hate God bless you sir, thank you for calling 866340 we go to Denver, Colorado Joe, welcome to the line of fire. Hello, go ahead. Yet just need to talk right phones are back in area yes go ahead all right. I have a question on the 29th of talking about that are backed by you or what yet what you're not the only one who has that the question Joe we don't know for sure Mormons have wrongly and bizarrely use that to say that once you become a Mormon, you could be baptized for deceased family members is not wonderful you can be baptized in their behalf and somehow get them saved through what you do, of course, it's utterly bogus and it's contrary to everything in Scripture which makes clear that we are individually accountable for all laws and will individually stand before God and nobody can save us through some external process. So what exactly does it mean some believe that it was a wrong practice. The Corinthians were engaging, but they didn't believe there was a future resurrection to say why you engage in this practice.

If you believe in the future resurrection so he would be appealing to something wrongly that they're doing to say what you been doing if this is the resurrection to most that seems illogical.

Why appeal to a wrong process. So take it to reflect various Jewish baptismal customs that would tie in with with baptism for for the dead. So not again being baptized in place of a dead relative. Some say being baptized in relationship to the dead. Jesus died for our sins, rising from the dead. We also die to sin and rise from the dead, but we really don't know for sure there's a lot of speculation on it but we don't have evidence from the early church explaining what we do know for sure was that there is no ancient typically sanctified practice of being baptized for someone else. You could be perhaps a Jewish custom baptized in memory of the dead. In other words, past Saints pass martyrs or something like that and and now you're you're recognizing they're going to be rising from the dead as well.

So you're being baptized in Jesus name in conjunction with these others who been baptized but we we don't know for sure. We just know that the Mormon practice is utterly gratuitous is taking one verse and making something out of it that the text never intended. Beyond that, we don't know for sure when you reverse commentary to get various ideas and none of them can be certain so resistively? Therefore now 86634 let's go to Albert Capitol Heights, Maryland. Thank you sir for: the line of fire. Her heavy work that you articular by Victor thank you have been watching you for my vows again. We did buy with Dr. White about IATA predestination are not are you, I'm a big supporter. You know. Thank you sir and I grew to work on the predestination bayonet along the bay, but I grew chilling on the most part, but my question was really I've heard about the group because of the black people at the light. A man who never heard of them. Sure, they they do talk about the real physical do you know how the work and for my opinion I would know only that they have a right to convince an argument lightly go back to a Deuteronomy 28 5800 talk about the night about how Israel was going to go back into Egypt. By age of being a land of bondage and it was named the black… Applicant, the so-called African-American and Hispanic, and Native American. They feel like to be the true people of the Bible like they did not break the good I know spiritually that if you believe in Jesus you in all your sins are forgiven, and all that but like physically speaking the you think that that had any kind of merit the way that the property that was spoken about by Moses now. He then killed and absolutely not least, explain what I believe there are Jewish people. Today in the sins of Israel who are black.

Just as there are those like me who are white and in between and other variations. As we have been around the world and as far as I can tell a Middle Eastern shoe say in the days and Israelite in the days of Isaiah or or centuries later in the days of Jesus would be darker than me and lighter than say someone living in Africa and perhaps with facial features of a little bit different. Some would say more of a brown skin, but that can all be debated is immaterial to me if if Moses was dark black or of Moses was was was a lily white that's all immaterial to me. The question is, tracing back the history and it said for example that that those that were sold into slavery on ships that's that's black from Africa. What will hang on there been plenty been sold into slavery and ships.

Unfortunately adding Jewish history that's happened to our people. It happened to our people with times of exile in the past.

There is even an Old Testament reference to be sold to being sold on ships and even with the fall of Jerusalem of the first century with with Romans sending out Jewish slaves and things of that so we have been sent out on ships as slaves. And when you look at our history, we can pretty well trace where where we have been through the centuries.

In other words, that the people ultimately living in Israel today that when you trace back routes you go back far enough in and in some cases DNA tests can verify it like with descendents of Aron that there's a pretty steady seam so we know that we were exile from here. We were scattered here. We live there.

So yes there has always been some African blood in the midst of the people of Israel right and then centuries later as we were scattered around the world.

Some Caucasian blood as well but basically Native Americans. That's been proven DNA. There is no connection to the ancient people of Israel also debunks a lot of Mormon teaching Hispanics only to the point that European Jews converted to Catholicism in Spain and Portugal in countries like that and then became merged in with the larger Hispanic population Latin population. But no, the idea that Africans or Hispanics are the original Israelites strongly different without recognizing however that there are legitimately African Jews today as well as locations we will be right. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining me today. It is a wonderful day ride live right now. Beautiful sunny day is my 63rd birthday, but is disclosed days I felt the favor of God and even deeper way than normal in the wheat. We follow the Lord regardless of feelings we know that were favored by him in Jesus, regardless of how her day is going to get of the worst daily life and his grace could be on you strong than ever, but this one of those days. I feel extremely grateful to be in his family and thank you for being part of my extended family, and part of the line of fire radio broadcast 866-34-TRUTH you got questions, we've got answers.

Feel free to call and if you're one of those… And disagrees with me to tell me why that would make my day. All right let us go to the phones in Yuma, Arizona Alberto, welcome to the line of fire poker happy birthday. Thank you sir, and thank you for your company and I will you do your radio bucket.

Thank you sir. My my placement in all and every believer currently go to a Pentecostal church where they were.

They say that every believer can become an effect. My question is if the absolutely I I believe that myself but I want to give you reasons why that could be challenged okay number one, if we believe that every child of God can be filled with the spirit, baptized in the Spirit, and that one of the initial signs of that is often speaking in other tongues or as a result of being empowered by the spirit, we can now pray and worship in the new language that that would be available to everyone. We would believe that okay and therefore around the world and the modern charismatic Pentecostal movement hundreds of millions of people have been baptized in the spirit and now speak in tongues. So we believe it's available for all. However, you could challenge it by saying doesn't call safer screens installed do all speak in tongues. The obvious answering know so normally the Pentecostal interpretation is in first Corinthian's 12 is starting with the gift of tongues, meaning to deliver messages in public that they got anoint you deliver a message in tongues in public which someone else with the gift of interpretation interprets right and that would be for a select few, and not for everyone, called and anointed to do that and therefore praying in tongues in your in your normal prayer life, worshiping in tongues, things like that that's that's something that anyone can do before the Lord delivering a message in public would be something that only some are called to do.

Others would say where's Paul make that distinction. It's an artificial distinction and he's clearly saying not all speak in tongues so I personally do believe it's available for all. But I also say validly that my view could be challenged based on how you read first Corinthian's 12 so what I would do is this number one, don't ever judge your own spirituality, but with you speak in tongues and don't ever get in that trip and and feel I may be inferior to someone else because our standing comes by being children of God in Jesus, not with we speak in tongues or not. That's 12. I would say father I want everything you have for me so that I can most effectively serve you and glorify your name is your son fill me to the full with your spirit.

And if you feel you want to be prayed for, to receive the baptism in the Spirit, or I simply believe there is more to be had in God then let God fill you and bless you and if it happens it is your worshiping him and praying that you just feel kind of an overflow coming out of you just just let it flow out. If it flows out a new tongues wonderful.

So that's how I would counsel you be hungry for everything God has used most effectively serve him, praying in tongues is as played a great role in my life for many years and is helped deepen my own fellowship with the Lord and walk with the Lord and many that we pray for the years to be filled afresh with the Spirit have begun to speak in tongues, but by no means allow there to be any pressure on yourself or to allow yourself to think in any way that your some a second class in the Lord. If you yourself don't speak in tongues so this my own view, it can be challenge for other Scripture reasons that I encourage you to work that out between you and the Lord.

Thank you sir, 866342 of Skoda clay in Trenton, Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire.

They start around the breaker.

Thank you sir I I really like your debate Dr. way and I watched one rabbi seen you by calling you. If your time to truly encouraging and integration of my joy. Thank you so so my first my first question about the lecture by Dr. Roy Beauchamp when you're talking about officialdom explaining all become covenants and what making a covenant so I know you're just been the confessional. No, no, I haven't been for us for over 40 years, I believe, I believe, and I am premillennial and historical premillennial dispensationalism to believe the preacher rapture and and the church in a parenthetical age, etc. no II don't believe in that personal. I just started to watch a little bit of a debate you have over apologetically got to wondering if you had any suggestions like debate the young online on the subject of dispensationalism actually Craig Keener and I Prof. Craig Keener New Testament scholar. He and I have a book coming out next year called, not afraid of the answer. Christ why we don't believe in a pre-crib rapture. But if if you just look up look up the subject. Progressive dispensationalism and we will see some modified views on on dispensationalism today with scholars like Prof. Darrell boxer there interacting with okay here is the classical view.

It's being modified a little bit. I saw a comment on YouTube. Someone told me I'm ignorant of dispensationalism using outdated information. L. However, the creek was go ahead and call him quite familiar with the subject and sometimes folks miss you were saying or missed points but but anyway that's one place to go. Another is look up a book for views on the millennium for views on the millennium. I believe it's for views and this will give you a dispensationalism view a classical premillennial view, an omelette, if you post move your layout the different different approaches. Bottom line is we don't divide over this bottom line is there been great leaders in church history, and to this day, having differences over these things about yes there are different approaches and I appreciate dispensationalism has a strong emphasis on the return of Jesus. That's wonderful.

I appreciate dispensationalism takes the promises to Israel seriously. I have a strong difference with dispensationalism separating the church from Israel in various ways and in the whole idea of a pre-crib rapture is strongly different with and in some dispensationalism sir had a very pessimistic and time view that everything is going to get worse and worse and worse before Jesus returns. So why bother combating the moral decay of society so obvious it take issue with some of that as well.

But thank you sir for the for the question I wanted to go it on.

I live off of them. Looking at the I work a guide at the altar of the United China, have you been I didn't like Jesus only came for the Jews, so anything that you the gospel are primarily to you and so he's he's really meant varies like every church, and then the culture that another that is complete and utter absolute total nonsense without a shred of historical or scriptural evidence.

You don't find a lot of people like that that that's how the original dispensation was taught it because they said that Jesus came offer the kingdom to the Jewish people they refused. It's like the sermon on the Mount. We can learn from but it's not for us today that is utterly and completely bogus.

On every level.

If you'll actually listen, I believe, to yesterday's broadcast. I address that in the question on yesterday's broadcast as well about the words of Jesus and do they apply to us. That is a hyper dispensation list and that this is this be rejected many ways I get into an accident. Answer yes is to listen to yesterday show right and similar in that I address that question head-on. Thank you sir for the call boy is not surprising to know that that still out there, but it is 86634 we go to Baltimore, Maryland David walking to the line of fire is unusual and I'm a few years older than you book the ability to bring happy to dog is doing. You will thank you sir and I'm sure you have education in areas that I don't we all have our areas of knowledge and specialty yesterday request on. I have my moments.

I want to know if maybe if you could just talk a little bit about who temple it is a field alerted characters and why is bringing back some blood in sacrifices. There and am the and where the clips in the digestive post post tribulation yes so so one. This is a question David we we been asked many times and answered many times in the question that I continue to look at scripturally. So Ezekiel 40 to 48. If we take this as a future picture of the messianic kingdom on the earth. A premillennial view that Jesus will rule and reign over the earth out of Jerusalem and that there will be a rebuilt temple in their other passages that point in that direction as well. Then it does speak of sacrifices being offered now. Some would say that just as the Old Testament sacrifices pointed forward to the cross and were not entirely efficacious awards. They, in and of themselves could not remove sin that only happens through the cross so that the sacrifices in the millennial kingdom will look back to the cross, but they too will not actually take away sin that was all done at the cross. Others would say that's completely untenable based on passages in Hebrews and elsewhere that make it clear that the death of Jesus on the cross brought to fulfillment.

The purpose of the animal sacrifices and abolished any need for future sacrifices.

That to me is a strong scriptural argument that you can raise that being the case, we would have to say that Ezekiel's temple. It should be understood spiritually or metaphorically, and is not actually speaking of literal sacrifices in the millennial kingdom.

The question then why all the detail was a given such detail that others would say ridge that was given as a plan during the Babylonian exile for that temple would be rebuilt with the restoration for Babylon.

That never happened.

Some would say was it still to have bottom line is, sir, is yet future and subject to debate. I don't believe we can be dogmatic on can insist the blood of Jesus is all we need, not the blood of bulls and goats write back thank you. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Looking back to the line of fire is the number to call you got questions.

We got answers when I tweeted out my personal Facebook page that because it's my birthday today. I especially blessed of critics and detractors call, but haven't had any calls from critics and detractors. It came about. Gladly take the cobs and take them in the order they come in so anyway I open the door. It will scan can't say didn't give a good college try. By the way we celebrated early this month. 10 years of the line of fire on the year.

I just hit me today.

How was it March 1 we did our first set of the show we were once a week for about three months and then went to five days a week in June so were coming up on 10 years of five days a week, but little over 10 years now for the line of fire radio broadcast right 866-34-TRUTH in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Kim, welcome to the line of fire, among John 21, verse 22. You are you going to side with an ABC college. But learning Annex when and then you will be empowered by the Holy Spirit. So the question is what probably was duly received Christ. And in and out later date. We received the Holy Spirit of God.

At some point, yet so let me try to answer this as quickly as I can.

First, upon being born again. The Holy Spirit lives within us.

That's immediate that's with the new birth, our bodies become temples of the Holy Spirit.

First Corinthians chapter 6, the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. Romans eight so we are immediately indwelt by the Spirit upon salvation.

Now there are many who are believe as I do that there is something subsequent to salvation, which is being empowered by the spirit. That's what Jesus spoke about in Luke 2449 or acts 18 that we receive power when the Holy Spirit comes and assists subsequent to salvation being saved, being indwelt by the Spirit that the Holy Spirit we are immersed in the spirit, meaning empowered by the spirit and we received gifts of service by the spirit so that's what I understand now as far as Jesus breathed on the disciples. You can either say he was breathing on them so they would receive the spirit and be indwelt by the spirit because earlier.

He said in John 16 about the spirit he's with you, but he will be in you. So is he breathing on them and at that moment they are now indwelt by the spirit as we are, and then in acts chapter 2, they are empowered by the spirit.

That's one way to read it and that would be in harmony with the the order of our salvation. As I understand it, or is he breathing on them, seeing receive the spirit and that is symbolic of the fact that they will shortly thereafter receive the spirit and power at Pentecost that his been debated by others, but my understanding is the moment were, say, the Holy Spirit dwells within us. But there is a subsequent empowering that we refer to as the baptism of the Spirit and that if you settle the West stand on that. Just seek the Lord and say father I want everything you have for me I will walk in the fullness of your spirit so I can most effectively glorify Jesus.

Hate. Thank you sir for the call 86634 let's go to Eddie in Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire Brown birthday thank you, Eric, and or you doing home midmorning night I stumbled on a message on YouTube where you will try to make a point about you were given as subjective to prevent purposely opposed what was given in the Scriptures and its original music conference. Someone was writable some old with my mom and really impacted by what you do, I think I know you'll spend most of the spacious open as regards the roles and the car's logic. What I want you to give like it definitely can't or did you on to terminal me yes or yeah, absolutely. And thank you for the kind words as well. Alright so number one in ancient Israel, God spoke through Moses that when the children of Israel came into the land of Canaan. They should not go the way of the pagans in the.

The necromancers and idolaters, and these others, the sorceress things. Rather, God would raise up a prophet for them.

This profit would clear the word of the Lord to them now. Ultimately, it's a prophecy about Jesus the great prophet, but I believe in every generation.

Speaking of God raising up a prophet or prophets that Israel could know what God was saying the ancient world. So if that profit spoke presumptuously there two different ways to judge the prophecy one would be if he spoke in the name of false gods right so that's a false prophet, the other would be. He declares something to that supposed to happen and doesn't happen. So under Old Testament law, that would be a false prophet put to death. Obviously there many prophecies that were conditional but like Jonah prophesies in 40 days Nineveh will be destroyed and Nineveh repents, God relents so obviously you had to have those things built in, but is there something a blatant declaration, without condition or blatant declaration with conditions.

Either way it doesn't come to pass, that person was a false prophet. There was speak presumptuously they be put to death.

Now in the New Testament. Everyone can potentially prophesy, sons, daughter, servants, handmaidens everybody can potentially prophesy.

Paul encourages everyone to seek the gift of prophecy.

So now in the New Testament were told number one risk Thessalonians 5 don't despise prophecies should be easy to add. It's not really good judgment right rather test everything.

Hold fast to the good don't put out the spirits fire and then first Corinthians 14 the two or three should prophet should speak and the other should weigh carefully what is being said. So, as I understand it now because everyone can potentially prophesy this one place to bring a word from the Lord, it should first be tested. So is it according to Scripture, if it violates Scripture. If it says something for exhibits not in the Bible like the Lord showed me that you should really take you been praying about which job to take, and you should take this job, the electrical field like wow how did you know that I didn't tell anyone what that's not written in the Bible. Either way, right.

So it so that's not adding the Scripture take away from Scripture, but if someone prophesies and says that there are many ways to God. Jesus is not the only way we throw that out. That's a false prophecy if someone declares the Lord showed me that tomorrow.

This could be a blizzard even though it's July.

This can be a blizzard in the South and it doesn't happen. Let's a false prophecy. Now what you do with those you stole the person to death. No that's that's not that the New Testament ethic but you test everything, and if someone is claiming to speak prophetically and they're not used to the person Nancy obviously not really hearing from the Lord, which are hearing is mixed. That's because everyone can potentially prophesy and it in the New Testament. Because of this fact that everyone can potentially prophesy. You have many more words spoken which is why we need to have more accountability in my new book, playing with holy fire. I have a whole chapter about unaccountable prophecies I deal with that and I talk about a major meeting. I was at Israel in 1988 where God shall be some things was going to do in the service that night and II couch them accurately if we will come together in hunger and thirst. This will happen and we didn't really come together in that way, but the way I presented it the way I emphasize that people said what you said things that didn't really come to pass. I rested with that for months and months and months. I wrote a letter of apology leaders humbling myself say, I apologize for any confusion.

I make sure I didn't's utter anything prophetic for months and months and sat and learn and facilitate what I make that mistake of what had technically people said everything you spoke of did come to pass that night and we had many witnesses verifying that and I know that I did have a conditional if nonetheless, the way I presented things was was lacking in wisdom that particular night, and I agonized over for months and must because I take accountability seriously, so there's nothing subjective in that regard other than if it's not specific in Scripture, then leaders, prophetic leaders need to listen to what's being said and tested and discern, and it could be a giving example you have agribusiness and asked the 11th chapter prophesies about the coming famine right this a famine coming in agate was prophesies about it and then they all say okay we need to help out the believers in Jerusalem. They recognize this was a true prophetic word so maybe somebody in the congregation has a strong prophetic sense that that we need to send help to a certain place because they're about to get hit with the disaster and in other prophetically's pricing.

We confirm that we believe that's the Lord within you act on that. That's part of prophetic discernment in the New Testament and part of functioning as a body, and leaders. So it is clear is anything that is ambiguous to read what I said. Thanks so much more. Thank you sir. God bless you.

I appreciate it all right. Do I have time for one more caloric Kelly and Kevin's bill north, is it okay to have a glass of wine if it's okay with you, meaning it's not a stumbling block for you.

You're not a former alcoholic you're not around. Other former alcoholics or people you look at you and think it's wrong if it's fine between you and God. The Bible does not forbid having a glass of wine. It forbids drunkenness and he calls us not to put a stumbling block before anyone else right so if you can do it in the privacy of your home around others and it presents no stumbling block and you yourself have no problem with liquor wellness between you and God. I personally never drink, but that's between me and God. Scripture for bids, drunkenness and calls us not to put a stumbling block before others.

If you're not sure, don't do it. Romans 14 the principal is if something is not of faith, you can't do it in faith, then don't do if you do, in faith, God bless you this picture your void drunkenness and don't put stumbling blocks before others hey friends, wish I had time to get to every call the many questions that are also posted on Facebook and YouTube. But thanks so much for being part of the broadcast. And hey, if even a blessing to share the broadcast with others and stand with us if you can help us with your gift on time month support. Either way, you asked Dr. Brown a SKGR Brown the Lord do it today for making a difference

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