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The Latest Form of Replacement Theology

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 22, 2018 4:40 pm

The Latest Form of Replacement Theology

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 22, 2018 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/22/18.

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It's the latest form of replacement theology is called fulfillment theology, but in the end results are the same time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, so have you heard of fulfillment theology is what is fulfillment theology, and what you mean by replacement theology is fulfillment theology, a form of replacement theology will unpack that for you today on the modify this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, which means any Jewish related questions that you have by all means give me a call.

They could be related to the Hebrew language that could be related to Jewish tradition, they could be related to Israel today aesthetic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament. It's Jewish related give me a call 866-34-TRUTH also be catching up on some Jewish news and just want to take a moment and draw your attention to a video that I did debunking the idea that there are hidden pictographic meanings in the Hebrew letters. It's gotten a lot of attention already on YouTube. It has stirred up some controversy really the goal is to get away from a false doctrine of false teaching, a way of reading things into the Bible that are not really there at all. It is stepped on some toes because some people really into this so let me set the record straight for those that may be confused about this or for those who haven't watch the video carefully number one we recognize that the Hebrew alphabet that we have the ancient Hebrew outfit called Palio Hebrew recognize that same as the ancient Phoenician alphabet originally come from pictures that same alphabet was borrowed by the Greeks and then the Romans and then us in English right so our letter a goes back to originally what was a pictograph so no one's arguing that that's the first thing the second thing is that once you get to the alphabet form, so it's no longer a picture representation, so a picture of a man represents a man and a picture of a woman represents a woman in a picture of a dog represents a dog and a picture of the leg represents walking look once you get from a picture form which requires thousands and thousands of images when she gets when alphabet form with maybe 25 or 30 symbols letters consonants vowels. Once you get to that point, then the picture, meaning no longer applies. Obviously a means a B means being Hebrew. All if is all of Bates's bait gimbal is Gimble, etc. in Greek alphas, alpha-beta's, Betacam's, right, and this is something known and accepted. It's also common sense because you cannot communicate using 25 pictures to communicate a full sentence or full thoughts sort, or let alone books of the Bible are letters or histories are obvious obvious.

Everyone knows this.

What's happening is that people lacking in Hebrew scholarship people who discovered all while these old letters would you like to picture meeting somehow thought maybe they thought Wilder that the Hebrew languages is amazing because God gave it to us for the Bible and its it supernaturally inspired and has hidden meanings or whatever the sinking was even if they were starting with good premises or lot of faith. The fact is they didn't have proper scholarship on applying this and wrongfully now are saying that you can read if you go back to the picture meanings of the letters. You'll see how they work out and how they have special meaning it's bogus.

It's nonsense letters are letters letters in alphabet or just simply that so people it's all but but the Hebrew language is special.

Okay number one it's a beautiful wonderful language but it is part of the ancient Semitic world and in other words, when you learn Hebrew.

When you learn Aramaic when you learn Arabic.

When you learn Akkadian when you learned you gritted when you learn Phoenician. Whatever the ancient Semitic languages are semiconscious work with team is a Semitic language. In fact it's even called in as a the 19th chapter, the language of Canaan. That's how it's called spot, on literally the little cannon in the language of Canaan. That's how it's described. So it is is a regular language just like Greek is a beautiful power funds.

But it is a regular language and it operates on certain grammatical principles is very precise with verbal tenses and things like that in and you decline nouns in certain ways. In case endings. It just it operates like any other language set a mystical language. Sometimes the rabbis, especially the Kabbalistic rabbis, the rabbis of Jewish mysticism will read all kinds of special meanings, even into every little ornamental part of the letter and things like that.

It all that is is reading things into the text that are not there when God communicates with us just like I'm communicating with you now, I'm not using Morse code. I'm not sending out a secret hidden message right I mean what I say. The goal is not for you to listen to this in reverse at high speed, nodal. I'm communicating clearly. So when God says in the 10 Commandments. For example, low tiered soft right do not murder it. You don't have to get into. Okay, what's the Camacho what's the numerical value for each letter. What's the symbolic meaning. What was the original pictograph Noah being stoned murder okay that that's that's what it means and when you start to get into the word you find it is extraordinarily rich and deep. I remember in my first years in the Lord and I was reading to the Bible over and over memorizing 20 versus a day for four months of the time and and I'm never going to Ephesians 1 and assist every word, every first was so rich in deep and extraordinary and to this day, the more study Scripture.

The one inside and go back to Genesis 1 and keep learning things hadn't seen before but it's based on what God spoke not on alleged hidden mystical meanings where the sky becomes the limit. So I I intended to burst some bubbles.

There are whole ministries based on this bogus pictographic meaning argument and dogs word as he gave it to us is enough.

We don't need to add all these other things that were not there and there is no indication ever then any biblical author used alleged pictographic meanings to send a special message and for every word you show me all year but if you look at the pictographs it really interesting here I'll show you 10 words or hundred words where it has no significance or meaning or the meaning is crazy. Why because that is not what's going on. These are just letters enough. If you haven't watch the video we put a lot of time and effort into it with our team. Please take the time to do so.

It is on the website asked Dr. Brown dog org all right, 866-34-TRUTH delivered a call.

Let me talk to about fulfillment theology and why it is just another manifestation of replacement theology see what's replacement theology. The notion that the promises that God gave to Israel in the Old Testament now applied to the church in the New Testament that and that includes even the land that includes any promises. God gave Israel, God's purposes for Israel to bring redemption to the world anything like that that this is now applied to the church. The church has replaced Israel.

Jewish people can be saved like anyone else. But there are no national promises that remain chrysalis replacement theology teaches a technical name for supersession as meaning that the church has super seated Israel right that is an erroneous view that in church history open the door to a flood of anti-Semitism persecution of Jewish people and even bloodshed. The shedding of Jewish blood.

That's what replacement theology open the door to another folks who hold true today who are not anti-Semites you don't hate the Jews who God and God forbid with never want to do any violence against Jewish people. Yet it's a wrong theology. What about fulfillment theology. Many people today say no, no, no, I'm not into replacement theology.

I'm into fulfillment theology of the so-called inclusion theology. Let me go to a popular Christian Zionist website and look at how they define fulfillment theology is a popular Christian Zionist website and this is Ralph Rev. Malcolm heading and he says this in recent years, a new form of replacement theology has arrived on the Christian scene called fulfillment theology like replacement theology.

It ends up contending that since the time of Jesus. The Jews no longer enjoy a God-given national destiny in the land of Canaan. This time around is not the church that replaces Israel and takes overall her promises in Scripture, but in fact Jesus he fulfills in his life and redemptive work.

All the promises that God ever made to the Jews. Even the promise that came in would be the everlasting possession of the Jewish people. Jesus is the promised land. This allows the proponents of this theory to distance themselves from the awful evils in the apartheid state Israel and anti-Semitic consequences is in the Christian progressive history of replacement theology. However, they end up believing the same thing. What is what is really having meaning that in the end if you say I believe in fulfillment theology, I believe that all the promises God gave to Israel are fulfilled in Jesus. Galatians 316, they would say that Jesus is the seed spoken of or John 15 one that Jesus is the true vine meeting, the true Israel so all Jews in Jesus have a destiny have promises just like anyone any Gentile Jesus of its promises given to the church but the promises given to national Israel no longer applied to national Israel. When God said, I'll scatter you and regather you. He's no longer regather them to the land when he said that the land of Canaan is an inheritance for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their seed after them. No, no, it's no longer for them. It is now the whole world that is given to the church.

The end result is the same thing.

There are no national promises left for Israel. One of the leaders that hold to this is Dr. Gary Burger fine New Testament scholar respected scholar at Wheaton University.

Also a regular speaker at the Christ at the checkpoint conference run scheduled to speak as a voice of protest and disagreement and in the end of May. I've been asked to come there to voice my disagreement with them. The conference their positions and by God's grace.

That's what I'll do. But in a Christlike way of the machine off like way with the goal of entering into further dialogue. I believe they have blind spots in Arizona expose them, they believe, I do gobbling will have some serious conversational presents of things very strongly written Gary Burger to be one of those who would hold to this view, that that Jesus fulfills the land promises and another another website says this that Galatians 316, 17, is one of the major passages that is used by replacement theology theologians to support the idea that Jesus has become the greater Israel and all those who follow Jesus are now the true Israel, and therefore old Israel is no more national purposes and God.

So there are no promises that apply to national Israel as centerpieces. It's a serious error continues, the error of placement theology show you why this wrong scripturally courses broadcast.

Next we come back your calls, 866-34-TRUTH on this early Jewish. There is for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Remember, if you're listening on radio were also doing a live stream on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

It's Esther Gibran SK dear Brown, if you have the asked Dr. Brown app for your android phones you can watch the show live right from your phone with android, so make sure you get the asked Dr. Brown SK DR Brown app for your phone quite good of the phones momentarily, but just want to reach you from another website and its dealing again with this issue of fulfillment, theology and acts chapter once list just take take a look of sheer acts chapter 1 question is asked by my friend and colleague Ron Cantor with the disciple stupid or will Jesus restore Israel. Is it what's he talking about what in in acts one replacement theologian Dr. Gary Burge states X16 reads this. Then they gathered around Jesus they be more than 40 days after his resurrection, and Esther Lord, are you with this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel, the disciples have exactly wrong. Dr. Bruce's wrist. Calvin said this question is as many problems. This is has words, Dr. Byrd says his disciples had it wrong but that is no issuances issue was never afraid to rebuke his disciples when they have it wrong. So, for example, he, he rebukes Peter and says get behind me Satan. But is that what he does here.

Does Jesus say to his disciples my to seven restore the kingdom to Israel your fools. You idiots how dumb can you be, of course not. I'm done with Israel, the church is replaced Israel that all believers of the new Israel. I become the land of every know how stupid this is say that this is what he says he he says it's not for you to know the times and the seasons, the father said by his own authority. But you receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem today is to marry to the ends of the earth… Think of this. If the disciples of Jesus.

Is this what we start building bombs and getting stockpiles of weapons to destroy all your enemies start beheading the enemies of God, which is a state that is not for you to know the times and seasons gods take care that you need to be ready to witness. Now we say of course not know what he's thinking I stand against those things you crazy. He didn't say their question was crazy when the city with this time to restore the kingdom to Israel. He just said it's not for you to know the times and seasons when it's can happen and Peter preaching in acts chapter 3 calls the Jewish people to repent that God may send the Messiah to fulfill all the promises that God gave to Israel.

Got so emphatic there must not for Mike over all the promises that God gave to Israel that were spoken through the prophets who it's amazing how verse can be taken and twisted completely outside of its contextual meaning, and that you come up with something that would been completely foreign to the apostles.

Galatians 3 and then Paul said that the seed is Jesus. And that is what what's his point that will take a look at that first to the phones and will start in Phoenix Arizona. James welcome to light a fire grant be prepared, but talk about the Hebrew language of note. He grabbed a lot of video about the pictograph but like that. My question was more about the bow pointing, bear any way that you can wear product overcorrect or anything like that regard.

Whenever a group of people, and I would bite their own euro version of the broodmare the way they fail directly to Purnell, things like that alone analogy I would do, or anything like that because sure there are there are a bunch of lines of evidence that we have in terms of of of reading the valves and understanding right so it it's try to make something very complex and simple as I can on the one hand we have oral traditions different communities through the centuries have been reading the Scriptures and reciting the Scriptures and teaching the Scriptures different Jewish communities, and you'll have variant pronunciations on certain levels and harmony among others. So you'll find Ashkenazi Jews reading the Scripture only Sephardi Jews in the and then you'll have Jews like Yemenite Jews and things like that the Middle East will have the Samaritan Jews it still have the tradition of reading it.

So you'll have some variation but massive harmony in terms of of lots of the pronunciation that's that's one thing a second thing is you look at the other Semitic languages. For example, Acadian has not just consonants but Constance involves the syllables that are inherent in its 600 something symbols you can look at all right how are these languages pronounced. What about Arabic as Arabic is develop certain vowel letters in an eval system. How is that pronounced EC optic just at different so you go through all the comparative languages and you compare now together different languages, but there the Semitic family. So that's another way you compare the different languages and and see how the vocalization has developed in Syriac influence of Aramaic and things like that right. The second thing but third thing that you do is look at ancient transliterations. When the Septuagint was translating transliterated a name writing a Hebrew name in Greek. How did they write one the Vulgate, the Latin translation was writing a Hebrew name in the Latin. How did they write so this gives you further evidence of pronunciation and then you you look at certain developments of the language. For example, I was just chatting with a friend about this yesterday. There is something called the Canaanite shift where the Canaanite dialects had a particular development which was simply this.

If you have a long along a valve suppress and it and accented syllable it it would shift over to an all sound so for example the word shalom in Hebrew. If you read it in Arabic it said lab with a width along if you read it in Aramaic. It's shalom right so in Canaanite dogs because Aramaic is the Canaanite Arabic is not Canaanite in those dialects. Now you have the evolve there indicating an old sound so you have the certain linguistic developments where you see see this so you can pretty well reconstruct the original pronunciation of words and things like that and and again there are many more examples I can give grammatically but will get way too complex for some of it doesn't know Hebrew very well. Having said all that, when you are so quick when you're having people come up with all these different pronunciations of God's name in Yeshua's name and all these things most of them are bait the majority of them are based on people not knowing Hebrew well you can have Hebrew scholars debating was their original form. Your whole law from which we get Jehovah.

Most say no but some still argue for that is Yahweh. The best pronunciation. There's a strong argument for that that we can't say definitively. But this much we know when it comes to the valves that are in the Hebrew Scriptures right so the system of bow pointing that we have that is not given at the same time the letters were given so we are saying the text that we have of the Bible is inspired but the valves are added later. So you might have Hebrew scholars looking at a particular word and also you know if you use different vowels. You could yield a different meaning. So many times you will see that translation shall have a footnote saying different vocalization indicates this. That's perfectly fine to look at. It's not a different pronunciation of the word simply saying it could be a different form of the word here that we have, but we can have a very good idea of the way things were pronounced through the centuries and that is the language developed how certain things coalesced, etc. it's is very complex to get into further argument on it, but most of the stuff we hear people coming up with all these bizarre pronunciations. It's based on ignorance of Hebrews was based on our Greco beggar.

You are very welcome 86634 like Christian Portland Europe next but we got a break coming up shortly so don't rush your question. One of say two things as plainly as I can. Jewish people need Jesus like everyone else. We sin like everyone else. We need mercy and forgiveness like everyone else. God is provided for us first for the Jew than for the Gentile through the cross. Just like judgment will come to us first for the Jew, then for the Gentile outside of the cross so Jewish people need to be save the same as everyone else. I do not believe that Jews have their own covenant with God because of which they do not need a Savior outside of just God being the Savior, and etc. so Jewish people need use the covenants that someone were to God gave unconditional promises to the Jewish people that he will keep and just as he scattered us under judgment in the Sinai covenant. He has promised to regather us and he has regathered 6 million of us back to the land of Israel, not because of our goodness, but because of his goodness. If the church is sustained by God's grace. Why can't Israel be sustained by God's grace. If God can do above and beyond what we would expect for the church. Why can't he do above and beyond what we expect for Israel. The Sinai covenant does not annul the promises. So Paul in Galatians 3 is making some of the homiletical argument when he says that when God promised that he would do XYZ for Abraham's CV didn't say seeds, but seed single wealth. Paul knows we can show outright.

Galatians 3 in the many times in his writings that seed is normally collective, plural. We say awesomeness the offsprings plural offspring just like the word brethren is a plural form for brothers right rose brethren's supply mistake.

So when Paul said gossamer at one specific officer was he nullifying was proclaiming that the promises to Israel as a whole were nullified in that know the very next verse uses the Sinai covenant which comes 430 years after the promise can't nullify the promise and elsewhere. He tells us like Romans 11 the promises applied to the nation as a whole. So God's full purposes for Israel reach their apex reach their fullness in Jesus.

Yes, but God's promises to the nation of Israel remained. God is not a liar regarding the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I friends during this headline, twitter stock dies after Israel threatens legal action over pro-terrorism tweets of couple days back being reported on various websites, it would happen is that Israel is not happy with tweets remaining on twitter that encourage terrorism encourage violent acts against the Jewish people as will take legal action which you pull those in the May Denton twitter stock that is not.

Yikes. I mean it's it's it's amazing that the level of double standard that is out there hey friends you're listening to your viewing your tuning into the line of fire. This is Michael Brown.

That is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Are you enjoying watching the live stream.just make visual contact with everybody watching these live streams now on Facebook and on YouTube if you enjoying them.

I watch to encourage you to check out an updated view the video yet she come in the studio with me and see things from my perspective in an take a little tour and introduce you to some of our key team members here let you know you can stand with us and help so go to Esther to Brown excuse me go. to Brown studio lot, check out the video that I really love you to see the video, so it's goal Karen Askey DR Brown studio. Check out the video you'll enjoy it. We take you behind the scenes. You can pray better with us and stand with us as well. All right if you got a Jewish related question 8663 for 87884 we will go to Portland, Oregon Chris, welcome to the line of fire. A doctrine hello I'm I have a heart-to-heart talk and strength of the phone Chris I'm losing you here any better yet yet here, go ahead. Please pick up arrest with a Jewish objection occurred. It basically that in Paul's writing on top. It atonement, by the fact by of security on the cross, but we when we read, not the gospel. Like for example Matthew. There is versus where were you did that, for example, if you give your brother and father in heaven as well and others seem to be at least your meat and pension were okay and got infected need to be due, or is it simply by the atoning sacrifice of the Lamb on Accra, I'm having it struggling with me on such a nasty question that let's say you come to faith your believer right you walking with the Lord, your sins are forgiven.

What if you God for bid did something vile today. Let's say you you went out, robbed a liquor store got drunk and and then ran into a school and started kicking little children would you need to ask God to forgive you, after it was that the a good deed that you are doing to ask him to forgive you.

I that would be good deed.

So are you being forgiven by your good deed or by the blood of Jesus oil that require the idea be forgiven by the black, but you did, but I yeah okay so not let the stick a little further, let's say that you stole money. The lunch money from the children in the school right and you said God forgive me for my terrible sins, and then you held onto that money to buy drugs with that would would God forgive you now see you did to make things right.

Correct. But if you're forgiven it still because of what Jesus did right yet that's I have to look at all of this in in in other words, we have a relationship with God and God forgives us through what Jesus did on the cross. So in that sense unforgiven once and for all unsaved, once probably not get resaved every day or we forgiven every day in terms of my salvation, but we have a relationship with God and in the midst of our relationship with God.

If we blow we need to ask him for forgiveness and to to be in so there's there's a forgiveness of relationship.

There's the forgiveness of salvation and everything comes through the cross. But Jesus did tell his disciples in John 13 that that they were they were bathed, you're ready, they were cleansed by the word and yet they still needed their feet washed so being saved is like taking a bath, head to toe and then you walk back your house. Could you bathe in the river at the bathhouse.

The ancient world.

You walk back your house by the time you get home. Your feet are dirty.

You need to go get bathe. The gambits need to wash your feet so there is the forgiveness that comes through relationship and fellowship with God. Again, the analogy of abuse.

Many times this is if you discipline your child and your mommy. Forgive me Johnny. I forgive you and we can help you be be be better and okay mommy when you make me your son. Are you ready my son will the river ready in the family so were in God's family as saints as forgiven children of God as loved by God, but we have a relationship with him. And if, for example, I harbor bitterness against other people and I refuse to forgive them.

They asked me for your forgive me a sins against. Now I for that. I forget Ira refused that's going to mess up my fellowship with God is going to hinder my relationship with God.

And when I forgive others gobble forgive me but I look at that is the forgiveness of relationship, not the forgiveness of salvation, grant academic monitored by Cricket sure thing. Glad to help. 86634 let's go to the Vester in Greensboro, North Carolina. Thank you for calling the line of fire.

Are you doing very well. Thanks. I will quit.

Go go. You're the one who believed in the baptism on the rewarder are not the sprinkling because throughout the Bible and told Bible WTO the world. It preached the gospel in heaven be baptized again and be baptized in the book bag, but I think I'm doing preaching the gospel and baptized but he told me Jewish people don't do it.

I want to know is that this is just to clarify Jewish people don't preach salvation the way the church preaches it was. They don't preach repent you sins and get saved in the in like a once for all way and then get baptized so it it is that has never been the major teaching in Judaism rather baptism as part of purification rights throughout Jewish history. So if you go see if you go on a tour to Israel with us. You'll see when you're near where the ancient temple used to be. You'll see all these these places usually walk down the steps here. You walk out the other side where they had baptismal pools because this was part of regular purification you're going go to going to the temple.

This would be purification or John the Mercer John the Baptist is preaching is a message of repentance, so you would get purified in the waters, the waters of repentance. To this day. Traditional Jews will go on a regular basis to what's called the mikvah, which is that the place of immersion and they will go and take a ritual bath, some traditional Jews do it every single day is a right of purification so it it is something still practiced in Judaism is just practice differently than Christianity. Now that I look back yeah man, what are due to be paid exactly repent and be backed out. Your circle so I knock you if that were the commander. Do know the commands that we must follow we must do absolutely hundred percent legally preach repentance and faith in Jesus and water baptism absolutely that we we preach that if some of us truly come to faith that they need to be immersed in water. I don't believe in sprinkling either.

And obviously if he had no alternative. You're on the desks of rental you have as little water you own solicited die sprinkling but no baptism by immersion absolutely believe in that. And believe it is required in our obedience to the Lord to be immersed in water, but the Jewish people would've understood their in other words they understand okay I'm I'm under God's angry with me right now we we rejected the Messiah.

Our leaders crucify the Messiah gave him over to be crucified, and were under divine judgment. What must we do to be saved. So we told to repent and be immersed, but that was something they were familiar with because being immersed in water being baptized was something that they did in their culture for purification for washing away of sins as a sign of repentance or if they become unclean through touching something that that ritual purification would be part of it. So they were very, very familiar with this. This was built in the other aspects of their life. It was in a new thing Peter was teaching, but should be practice it and teach it today as followers of Jesus, absolutely, sir. 100% without question the hope that clarifies things for you. Much appreciated of scrub another call 866-34-TRUTH of the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Jack. Welcome to the line of fire or Dr. belong I recently wrote a messianic minister say that in the Old Testament sacrifices were provided for many reasons but for intentional.

There was no sacrifice provided.

Now I understand that then and now were saved by grace but is that true you got. I can't. I was trying to digest that and looking at intentional sin like I think intentional sin might be murder.

You know you can kill somebody in the act of saving lives. And that's not sin but murder is spent. Is there is as yet let them eat the man said that there is some truth in this, there's some misconception number one.

The majority of sacrifices did not have to do with intentional sin. They had to do with uncleanness issues that had to do is fellowship with God. Devotion issues and things like that. However, the Schaum sacrifice, the guilt offering was for some specific sins, though, is that you knowingly deceive your neighbor, certain things like that. Alright so you read about that if you read Leviticus 5 Leviticus 6 you read about the shop is first thing the second thing is that Leviticus 16, the day of atonement. On the day of atonement.

All Israel's rebellion it uses the word rebellion transgressions rebellious acts. Those could be forgiven at the day of atonement so absolutely the sacrifices on the day of atonement included intentional, since the act for which it says there is no sacrifice or atonement is the end of numbers 15 high handed rebellion outward someone turning their back on got him to do on them to do. That's the sin that's issued their refusal to repent and doing what they're gonna do.

That being said, I think said with repentance is to be forgiveness of Dave Tolman acts 13 then tells us Jesus we can be things that could have even been forgiven through the law of Moses, so it does go above and beyond intentional says yes Dave Tolman special Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown of first half hour I'll be taking questions on her Facebook page. Second half hour so this segment here. I'll be speaking with NFL veterans nine year veteran Don Kerry great interview that we did a great Skype interview on his book.

It's not because I'm better than you. You really be edified and help sports fans non-sports fans alike settle miss tomorrow's broadcast one quick bit of news from Israel, then back to the Scriptures them back to your calls. The city of Cabral in the city in which Jews and Arabs live side-by-side in the 1920s, 1930s after a massacre of Jews they are in the 30s. Things are very difficult for decades Jewish population move back in their in more recent decades and there's it it it is not the place of the greatest harmony right now between Israelis and Arabs living side-by-side and there's hostility sometimes go both ways will some ultra-Orthodox Jews got traveling were going to pray at the gravesite sacred gravesite in Jewish Jewish religion and their GPS got them in the wrong place and they ended up now in in an Arab enclave where their car was attacked and it's set on fire and anyway another man in the village. The city saw what was happening an Arab in their and and yes you watch the video. I would've put it up for the radio except it's with Hebrew.

So it sounds strange over the radio. But what happened is they they foot.

He sees what's happening to skunk my coherency of the video and these these five ultra-Orthodox Jews come running up into going to his house and then he tells people hate you shouldn't of done this so subsequently what happens is they they meet him and hear you got these ultra-Orthodox juices had come back to me them. They gave him a chandelier. The brain could barely get it into his his car to bring back but it was heartwarming and look there and there are some places where there is tremendous hostility towards town Arabs in certain Jewish communities right this hostility both ways. In this case, these ultra-Orthodox Jews ended up in a in a in a community that be hostile to them as Jews and it's just it's it's amazing footage as as you'll see in that the things actually filmed in the car is being attacked and they get out in Chicago. I can't come up here and he's gotta running into his house and hiding there. And then there is really the IDF comes in and rescues them. Gets them out of there so they want to come back and meet with the guy.

But all that to say there are people of goodwill on every side. There are people of goodwill on every side, and here's an Arab and the six religious Jews that needs to be in the news alright and where this good-quality decide we want to celebrate. Of course the many examples of it that this was.

This is one that was especially interesting to see alright in Galatians the third chapter, Paul explains that when God made promises that the world would be blessed through Abraham's seed that he didn't say seeds as in many, but seed is in one meaning Christ meaning the Messiah, the people civil policy didn't understand Hebrew, because everyone knows that he was Sarah and Mr. talk about seeds like you planting in the ground that Sarah is collective. Alright, just like for example we can trust fish and deer right how many gears did you snow dear right it's collective fish collective. Okay, lots of fish in the water. Today collective brethren is a plural form itself, but yet some people don't know that it's a brother ends, veterans or seraphim, for example, is plural form.

I saw the Seraphim single Sarah surfing people know that this is Seraphim's while Paul didn't know that Sarah or sperm a was collective and therefore he misinterpreted, instead of just one.

That speaking of, namely Jesus. Paul understood Hebrew well, and Paul understood Greek perfectly well, and he knew exactly what is due here look at this. Romans 413, Paul speaks about the promise to Abraham and his offspring sperm in Greek right for 16 he says that is why depends on faith. None of the promise may rest on grace and be guaranteed to all his offspring.

All his sperm all his Sarah.

He understands it's a collective, singular, alright all all of them all over. This is a right and then uses this for 18 and hope Abraham believed against hope that he should become the father of many nations, as he had been told so shall your offspring be. He understood it wasn't to speak about one person, but he's probably focusing on one verse in particular about the promise of blessing through the offspring of Abraham and he said that promise comes through Jesus, but this that then supplants all the other promises God gave Israel know of course that that's not Paul's point because I believe in fulfillment theology. The promise Israel fulfilled in Jesus.

Israel's redemptive goals are reached through Jesus, but when God promised to scatter the Jewish people and regather them. Those are fulfilled by God physically regathering them that the fulfillment has to be as literal as the judgment went when when the psalmist says in Psalm 105 that God gave the land of Canaan's inheritance, the descendents of Isaac, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for thousand generations is a lasting covenant.

This has nothing to do with the Sinai covenant. Paul writes in Galatians 4 that the Sinai covenant, which is 430 years after the promised Abraham can't annul the promise and not only so, but Paul says in Romans nine that the the promises belong to the children of Israel.

Alright, they still want to the children of Israel, and then he tells us in Romans 11 verse 28 that even though their enemies for the gospel.

There still loved because of the patriarchs for the in verse 29 for the gifts and calling of God are revocable, so Paul's not contradicting himself from one letter to the next call is not suddenly having a blackout where he no longer understands Hebrew renewal understands Greek the translations that say offspring get it well and and God made the promised Abraham's offspring not to his offspring is what we don't use the term offspring's plural right so if God's maker promised Abraham and told him to do this for your offspring maybe strongman Isaac just Isaac right or pulsing ultimate judgment Messiah. Or maybe some out all Israel or maybe so, but his spiritual offspring, which is all Jews and Gentiles who believe, which is what Paul then says in acts 329 if you're in the cipher. In Christ, then you are Abraham's offspring and heirs according to the promise of Paul fully recognizes the collective nature of the word.

He simply making a homiletical point or an exegetical point about one particular passage probably pointing to the role of Jesus as the preeminent see, but that does not undo the rest of the promises that God is given to Israel is very integrity depends on if he is not a liar, nor does engage in doubletalk 866-34-TRUTH alright let me hurry back over to the phone in Florida. Kyle, go ahead. The very passage were talking about overview though I was watching a video bank. By the way, predict my call. Rabbi Tobia finger was actually calling Paul a moron on YouTube on our recent was that I watched it today and he was using the same thing that you're talking about in terms of Paul did not understand Hebrew, and that there's no way that he could is being used singularly and and and and so forth in Galatians 316 and so his argument was that Paul is showing that he may have not been a student of Gamaliel were not a scholar of any sort, MAI amount using that network feed into it was basically saying in Hebrew. You know that word is a collective word therefore rights of the first the first thing is it's the exact same thing in Greek. It's the exact same usage in Greek. So if if Paul did know he really didn't know Greek either ill or words that the only argument Tobia singers bringing her Rabbi Singer's refused to debate barley for over 25 years.

The only item is basing that he's bringing is unfortunately exposing his own ignorance. Rabbi Singer's number one the Greek sperm operates exact same as Hebrew Sarah that it is normally used in a collective senseless refinement seeds in the ground and things like that so that's number one in Paul fully understands number two all throughout the rest of Paul's letters as I just demonstrated Romans four and elsewhere. He fully understands the collective nature of any understands it in the very passage in Galatians 329 which he says if you're in the sky than you are Abraham see all of you are his sperm are his Sarah or his offspring and a Rabbi Singer probably doesn't know that there are even Talmudic in the draw sheet arguments are within rabbinic tradition where they use this very same method of argument in sates talkie by the single seed who is a talky medicine, David. So even the rabbinic literature. They use the exact same methodology to make a homiletical point or two to argue for a specific reference. It's his seed would see this atomic which particular one is talking about so again it's based on knowing the Hebrew and knowing the Greek that a point is being made if if you think that Paul is so ignorant that he does understand the language he's writing in and the people and understand it and that he that he gets it correct everywhere else except here. That is stretching credulity.

So unfortunately these are the type of things Kyle that would be demolished in the debate, Rabbi Singer, my door remains open to debate you. I would love to demolish these arguments and you know the unfortunate things are. Give these arguments to people that don't know better, and then you confuse them even destroy the faith of Christians is anyone even with a little knowledge or can utterly demolish your position so shall we do it after these many years, shall we debate again my door remains open to do it all right friends. Thanks so much for being with us. I am out of time to be reporting some special programs for 700 club tomorrow morning I'm saving a second Americas watch some of his live events in the morning of 700 club. All right we are out here

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