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Evolution's War with God; The Role of Money in the Gospel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 9, 2018 4:50 pm

Evolution's War with God; The Role of Money in the Gospel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 9, 2018 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/09/18.

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Is it true that evolution's endgame is to nullify God's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, all of you who follow the line of fire.

No, that my academic training is not in science is not in medicine that I am not a medical doctor so Dr. Brown know it's a different doctor to PhD in Semitic languages, and you know that I have not done extensive science in its extensive study in science over the years I've learned over the years. Some of the major objections raised by atheists. I've learned from Christians who are brilliant scientists but this is not my area of expertise civil we talk about these things bring on folks who are experts in their field and he can speak with authority can speak intelligently can be aware of the literature with the issues are and can help educate and inform all of us.

This will give you today on the line of fire. This Michael Brown if you have a question for my guesstimate about the introduced call now 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 science. Specifically, evolution creation related questions 866-34-TRUTH without debating the age of the earth today. I've had on old earth creationist and young earth creationists, but rather were discussing a new book by Dr. Robert Wilson nullifying God evolutions endgame, a scientist challenge a Dr. Wilson holds his PhD in zoology. He's a retired research biologist with training in anatomy, physiology and pathology spent much of his 33 year career in the pharmaceutical industry evaluating new drugs for certain infectious diseases and cancer. A. With that, let's go to our phone lines actual smoking to the line of fire. Good afternoon Dr. Brown good to talk to you know we get sent books every week from different publishers and different publicists. How about having this guest on having had that this guest on this, with talk radio, so the vast majority we passed by this came in nullifying God evolutions endgame. It did get my attention. So the obvious starting question is why did you write the book of Jacob Beck at her door whole complex issue of basically wrote the book.

After about 057 almost 10 years of concentrating audit of thinking about it because in studying what evolution wrote it was very clear that no one in evolution was going to accept that it might not be possible it might not be science so in thinking about it that the obvious question was, what is the endgame. What is the final conclusion. What is the logical conclusion of evolution, and quite frankly good. The conclusion would be that if everything we see all life we see more explainable by natural process them. Why is God needed and in point of fact, I have some I found a number of quotes which are really stunning, which would support that. Would you like one of them now this. Please young know in our local paper of the Raleigh news and Observer. There was a an article of op-ed article by Dr. Barack should be a ARA Osage and here's a evolutionary biologist. He's a professor of psychology and the pupil also and Anna public APS apartments are unapologetic, atheist, according to a local magazine.

One of the things he wrote in that article is quote the more we know what evolution the more unavoidable is the conclusion that living things, including human beings are produced by a natural totally amoral process with no indication of a benevolent controlling creator, that's pretty strong stuff yet.

Now of course you've known this for many years. We've all known that there are many champions of evolution who are staunch atheists, and there are the Richard Dawkins of the world. Writing books like the blind watchmaker in the greatest show on earth basically saying we have all the answers. We don't need anything else. So this is nothing new, but but do you feel that there is a a fresh aggressive push in this direction or that you just are finally confronting now in writing this spiritual battle over evolution wide.

I don't know if there's a new portion of the continuing course. Are you familiar with the professor Peter Singer about the Princeton University yes the ethicist yes and when he says that human life has no meaning and purpose. And that's because there will started off from a bunch of inorganic elements that really got my attention. So the question I have, and I propose to evolution is where is your evidence that, in fact, evolution could actually occur. Your biologic evidence showing that the process of one animal evolving to another is actually for real euro in science and the big thing here is that you have to have evidence and everything in evolution is based on the reason. It is based on inference there is not the slightest I've never felt anything where an ethical evolution has provided the evidence to back up what it says what that means is that it is an agenda and so I wrote the book basically to challenge evolution were derivative.

It's almost like a courtroom thing.

This is what you say worldly evidence's approach to support your right. Obviously, there have been other Christian authors who have challenged evolution you've read much of this book. What you say is that the unique thing that your book does in bringing the challenge to evolution. While they what I wrote, that was to try to write my book for laypeople who were not familiar with science to introduce them to what science is actually all about and then to go from there and go through the three pictures of evolution.

First of abiogenesis which is life from nonlife. The second would be what Darwin actually saw, which is an adaptation response, which is called evolution.

And the third is to say how in the world to new animals come from.

It is a biologically impossible thing.

That's what I wanted to make very clear and then to show them what the outcome of all that is because ultimately if what evolution service is accepted them out gives the point of attack on all of the faith that we have and the national Association of biology teachers certainly is taken advantage of the outhouse. The American Association for the advancement of science.

Those two organizations, and others basically say what anything that the pounds of supernatural beings we don't we don't want creation for them that fits right in with the with the nine demands that were made by the American secular union back in 1885 which basically says if it has anything to do with file with the biblical work. Then we don't want anything to do with it in this country.

So if it was a warning shot for me and I wanted to make sure that that is firmly understood among people who who were interested. I think some speaking with Robert Wilson, PhD in zoology. His new book, nullifying God evolutions endgame so beef before we get into some of the most fundamental flaws of Darwinism of Darwinian evolution.

Let's layout what science is and what science is not right. Think about science to understand it is that it is a tool.

It is a tool to distract to describe or characterize any event in the natural world is a very exacting tool. It was a very sophisticated tool sometimes, but that is all that it is this just a tool and one of the big things in science is as I say, evidence.

For example, in July 2012 there was a breakthrough in the physical sciences of something called the Higgs boson of subcortical subatomic particle that was discovered that your it'd been theorized, some 40 years before, but it was only found the time. At the time of in 2012 what they had done was to build a reactor of particle accelerator which was 17 miles in diameter. It went from Switzerland into France and back circular and they had been testing and testing on testing with and then one day something showed up. That was exactly the type of particle that Dr. Higgs had predicted years and years and years before the what that did was tool word everybody that this is a possibility that we have finally found the particle. This is what science is all about and what did they do them at that point they reset the parameters to make absolutely certain that what they had seen was in fact that physics particle and they built, they confirmed it. That's what science is about is the characterization of the natural world. So applied to evolution, that's why the whole thing about the process of evolving from one animal to another, from one organism to another to a new one becomes show doggone important know what the what science is not is some if not opinion.

It's not consensus over what is called the all comes down to either you have the evidence or you do not. When I was in the laboratory. One of the things was that we evaluated compounds from campus. The thing there was if we had a hip something that looked promising. We had to confirm that we had to take it back. It was evaluated was explored and then they would synthesize some more compounds. It was an iterative process so young that that's what science is about.

You make observations you try and figure things out and then you set up parameters whereby you can actually demonstrate what's going on, even as a nonscientist here that description say well since so much of evolution is speculation and not science, and given the name of science.

It says that you can't say that there is a creator God where the science gets it right that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown with Robert Wilson tired. Now PhD in zoology, biochemist's new book, nullifying God evolutions endgame for sure things are really going and why there is such a spiritual battle. It's is not to say that every scientist or researcher or professor who believes in evolution is anti-God. It is to say there is an overall thrust of where this naturalism goes and much of it does have an anti-God foundation.

So in the book after intro laying out definitions of chapter 3.

A biogenesis evolutions random origin of life. Chapter 4 adaptation also known as Darwin's natural selection. Chapter 5 evolutions Achilles' heel homeostasis. So let's start there. Dr. Wilson there so much to go through the book, but with limited time, let's jump in chapter 5 and talk about homeostasis evolutions Achilles' heel what you noted when you look at life of the process on a cell. Everything that goes on in the cell is regulated. If the protein needs to be made. It gets married. If it has to be destroyed and eliminated from the cell is eliminated. But there is this balance inside the cell. At all times while all processes are controlled by the cell death homeostasis under when you look at her body of acute general in a multicellular body like we are a human being or any other mammals, particularly you can see that if the board is a little too acidic water correction if it becomes a little too basic. The body corrects that if in fact you get a little too warm the body corrects that part when you're talking about moving genetic information so that all of a sudden some new characteristic pops up in an organism, what happens at that point is that if every other physiological parameter is affected by the any of the more than the body has to make an adjustment for that, or it is gone because it can't deal with MS that's the big thing about about homeostasis that parameter that particular area is not discussed at all. Evolution, it is not. And the thing is that when you go from site reptiles with drawer do not control their own temperature to mammals which you control your own temperature. The physiological change and there is enormous, it begs the imagination. In fact, the number of changes would have to happen. To occur, so if you're going to say that mammals evolved from reptiles will you better have some pretty good evidence that all of the changes that need to be made in terms of the animals physiology and being able to control her own temperature have been accounted for. Because remember, the only change that is going to occur occurs when a cell divides, and you get a mutation, so it you can't just have a single mutation that those that interest. It's too much deficit so you have these this one, but I had to get the author but I think the title something like billions of missing links. This is just a missing link with the more you press the evolutionary structure you have this endless missing links and this would be an obvious one so suggested to be clear that there think science can do and can't do and you have a leap year where evolution is have to speculate that you're saying scientifically that it it doesn't work.

You can't link the things together or you need an answer. Stout work. Basically, science could say that that a piece of metal could not evolve into a bird because there's nothing in that metal that could evolve into overt signs could say that.

So when you're pressing scientific definitions and evolution you're finding it in certain ways, to be contrary to science all absolutely absolutely remember what evolution says that it is science editors factor. Marcos took it back to people like Richard Dawkins that are press the salon and also belie the science Guy peters that the good thing is they make those claims, but they have no basis to make them. There's no science there and that that's the big thing and so what happens is, how can they possibly say it's the crew and yet you cannot teach creation in schools. You cannot even question evolutions that it might not be crew out at the same time, science would require you had mentioned a biogenesis part. If that is correct, then you have to show in the laboratory starting from scratch just inorganic chemicals you have to create a whole living cell, which is capable of reproducing assault and carrying on all the functions that has never been done 2700 papers have been published on how you can go pro this protein are the protein or possibly some nucleic acid component, but no one has figured out how to report a whole living cell together and one of the things science requires is that that limitation needs to be put up in neon lights. It has not been done is just speculation. I said let's let's go from the small to the large again speaking with Dr. Robert Wilson in his book nullifying God evolutions endgame. Let's say some people still have a hard time conceptualizing the cell satiety. How can so much going on in there, which to me. Just as a nonscientist, could that say, of course, God created the whole thing obviously. But let's look at the bigger picture. Let's look like a giraffe. You have a chapter on that draft is what can can be over 10 tons in the tallest animal, the whole bit.

Why does a giraffe work against the theory of evolution well because there is no art or notion of how it occurred. Again remember the whole mechanism of evolution or single mutations which are totally accidental, purposeless note when you get to the giraffe you're dealing with an animal that has a an expert goes on what 12 to 16 feet up.

You have a heart that has to portion board up into what had to go to the brain and the blood pressure of carafes are in normal shift every human being out of work for her like a trout house you'd be in the emergency room and it would be almost like a stroke so it's not just the lengthening of the neck.

If the lengthening of every working that goes up in the neck. All the nerves what vessels everything else to take care of that higher pressure and that just doesn't happen by rampant factor was an article I read were a an author who was an evolutionist question.

He said why don't we look at the whole there's a problem here and the whole animal is not worked out they look back at fossil order cures in early giraffe, short neck, longer neck, longer neck, and now we have this one here about how in the world physiologically without occur. There is no explanation whatsoever and biologically. There is none to be had, it just is impossible. I so this sounds so clear, so compelling. I've not heard strong answers from evolutionists in terms of when they're challenged something like this but you said you got your PhD was at Rutgers University. If it was art, so PhD in zoology.

I'm sure you studied with people at a different world views and things like that and what what if we had Richard Dawkins on if we had Bill Nye on someone else and we brought up the giraffe, how would they respond to.

It seems to be an obvious problem. I think that would be a very interesting question and the answer is I don't know, they would probably avoid it if I could because they are not trained it on any kind of physiology is a set any of the evolution books.

I have one particular one that had five waters beautiful book by the Cold Spring Harbor symposium group. They don't touch that kind of thing.

It is all the same thing. We start here and we go to the seller will recoat about on we go to Ghana but there's no hesitation there's no what if there's no skepticism, and appointed the court not of gold, I could not explain, he would look at what he calls evolution. If you not him particularly but what is characterizes evolution. For example, the blowfly if it's treated with diacetyl is killed except a few of them do escape appeals die also known as a mutagen knocks out the enzyme, which would normally be affected by, and so all of a sudden you got this new population, is there resistant to dials unknown and all of a sudden you've got low beers, evolutionists, Eva know that has nothing to do with evolution. What's keep up clear definition of what it is you start off with inorganic elements at the beginning those somehow form a first cell, which lends somehow goes along and forms. All the organisms that are on the earth today and that would include us. We come from inorganic elements but yet there is absolutely no evidence to support and when you bottom line. It evolution is no explanation for the origin of matter evolution has no explanation for the origin of life, evolution has no explanation for the origin of self-consciousness that human beings uniquely experience. We have answers for all of them scripturally and before God hate Dr. Wilson. We are at a time, but thank you for taking the time to write this book and friends. I hope this thing and watching the sub nullifying God evolutions and just scratch the surface they I write back with a radical change topic money money in the gospel in angle you haven't thought of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown line. I you and I want you about money, money, and the gospel, but perhaps were perspective that you you may not be familiar with minute be use to hearing. I think it's it's going to get you thinking right if you have a question for me.

Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784.

In fact, Howard whatever in the world. People want to ask me about.

I may get to some random calls unrelated to the subject an answer phone lines are open any question you want to ask 86634. First let me reach you from first Timothy chapter 6 Paul after exhorting slaves and masters says this in verse three.

If anyone teaches other doctrine does not agree with the sound teaching of our Lord Jesus the Messiah with the teaching that promotes godliness is conceded. Understanding nothing but as a sick interesting disputes and arguments over words from these come envy, quarreling, slander, evil suspicions and constant disagreement among people whose minds are depraved and deprived of the truth, who imagine that godliness is a way to material gain. So he is speaking of people who are divisive and destructive, and in the flesh and sinful and says these people also think that godliness is a way to material gain. Now I think of precious brothers and sisters around the world were suffering for the gospel.

At this moment I think of those who have lost everything for Jesus.

I think of those who have literally been killed for their faith people that I know personally for the gospel. I think of those who live with deprivation in an ongoing way to bring the gospel to others who don't know Jesus and it it is not laughable. It is pitiful that some people think that godliness is a means to financial gain exhibit when the second way.

The second, what about the guy that used to be an alcoholic that gambled away his money and drank away his money left his family destitute one from job to job and then got radically born again got free from alcohol got free from gambling became a devoted father, a devoted husband, a hard worker live by biblical principles was frugal and generous and ended up becoming wealthy all through the gospel. No one is disputing that. And there are many wonderful scriptures about generosity and God's blessing on those who were generous and there are many wonderful scriptures about hard work and the ethic of hard work and being good stewards and being frugal, so amen to that testimony, let it be multiplied a million times over that does not negate that it is a corrupt attitude to think that godliness is the means of financial gain is one thing to say that godly living bears fruit in many different areas. It is another thing to think off.

I get saved I can get rich. Oh, if I follow Jesus I can get wealthy, that is corrupt and ugly and destructive. So, so far I'm not seeing anything controversial. I hope this is basic Bible then pauses this, but godliness with contentment is great gain. We brought nothing into the world and we take nothing out. If we have food and clothing will be content with these. This is this, but those who want to be rich not to let some of said Lord. I'd love to live on 10% of my income so I can give 90% you Lord. I love to be able to give millions of dollars to the gospel, but I'd love to be able to feed the poor in my community know those who want to be rich with riches is the goal, not generosity, not giving out survey not have public riches is the goal those who want to be rich fall into temptation and a trap in many foolish and harmful desires which plunge people into ruin and destruction.

For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, and by craving it so have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many paints, but you man of God run from these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance demo was then a little bit later in the chapter. First Timothy six beginning in verse 17 Paul writes this instruct those who are rich in the present age not to be arrogant or to set their hope on the uncertainty of wealth, but on God, who richly provides us with all things to enjoy.

Instruct them to do. It is good to be rich in good works and to be generous to share storing up for themselves a good reserve for the age to come, so that they may take hold of life that is real art. Here is what I want to pursue with you and this is on the heels of a conversation I had with one of our missionaries serving in Peru cry for ministry school, served with his wife in Peru and we were talking about the carnal prosperity message.

We were on his podcast talking about my new book, playing with holy fire, talking about the chapter the peptalk prosperity gospel and then talking about a healthy attitude towards money because there has often been a poverty mentality associated with the gospel because of which the less, I have the whole year I am. That's the mindset we used to joke about the church I got say this together pastor so holy he has holes in the shoot and end the mentality of the church leaders are that the elders of the deacon service at the pastor's salary was you gave him a low salary to keep him humble and that was helping him be spiritual as much as the Catholic Church as much money massive amounts of money still priest take on a vow of poverty in the priesthood and we all we all agree that it is profane and ugly and despicable when you have some pastor or some TV preacher or radio teacher. Whoever that in manipulative ways, raises funds for his or her ministry in order to get rich personal.

It's one thing if God blesses you with with an inheritance or through your hard-working ministry money comes in to support your family and and God blesses you with extra spines. Have a nice home. It's fine have a car but have a car that runs in the car that breaks down. I found I was no holier living in a small rundown place than a nice big place. I found that I was no holier having a car that didn't run versus a car that did run okay these are all tools we don't put our heart in earthly things, but not major and that but here's what I want to challenge you with. I want you to think about something we all agree or say those of you with whom I'm in communication we all agree on the abuses of the carnal prosperity message, a message that David Wilkerson said was birthed in the pit of hell when I was once talking to him about us that hate you said that the modern prosperity message was birthed in the pit of hell is that it was so this is something that that we feel very strongly about this idea that Jesus died to make you rich or the good news that we preach to the poor is that you can be rich and that you should put a picture of a Rolls-Royce on your refrigerator and confess that into your own and that is that is ridiculous. That is nonsense and if you get that Rolls-Royce I'm I can say what must've been the Lord okay. I'm not saying that God give them a Rolls-Royce of just saying that if your means of getting as will Jesus died to make the rich are going to go after riches, and the more I have, the more spiritual cruise that that's that's corrupt I was at a meeting, years ago, and I get to my controversial point yet where I really want to go with this. I was in a meeting, years ago in England where I was speaking and the speaker one night I go that first I just flown and was resting but my colleague when he was shot by the message and one thing this pastor said this pastor TV minister said was was that Eddie was a person of color just happened to be, and he said that that white men come in his home to work on the house or something in there shocked to see a black man living like that and and if he said it proves that there is a God in heaven that he has a house like that. I said to my colleague who reported on this I said so let's say next door to him as a is a mafia guys some criminal is gotten rich illegally and is getting even bigger home but as I prove that there is a devil in hell, many of the St. Louis people that I know have very little in this world. Many of the same is people I know could care less about its possessions. In this role and are willing to leave everything to follow Jesus any day at the same time.

Now now as well want to dig a little bit.

I we can have an unhealthy poverty mentality so you you tell me which is better while you I don't I don't want to be careful with funds and I want to make sure I watch every dime commended a commendable audit trust make the money that comes in our ministry are very jealous that she is properly that people give know that their funds are being used rightly. I'm very jealous of that right but you could have this mentality can be so careful and fists and getting it you get a little extra almost feel bad for it and you don't want to get something better that works better student communicate better the people or a car that rhymes you get your meetings on time because you don't want to get worldly and suck you have a parliament town because of which people that work near you. They don't have enough, and then probably you give very little to help others because you have so little coming then you have some other ministry and maybe they talk about money little too much and may be they that they over emphasize God's abundant supply little nuts about this carnal prosperity must visit Saturday you get this one swings this when the pendulum a little before you got this one swizzle 24 but because they have this vibrant faith and because they believe that God is a generous big dog that they give millions of dollars every year to missions and they take better care of their staff and employees and and they are generous to a fault.

Helping those in their community with genuine needs to get the one wants to be so careful when you dishonor God. Every little penny and extra comes in like a said you're almost ashamed of it and know that's extra what we can do with it and then you are not a good conduit for finances. You are not a good conduit for giving and the other is like hey I will give a nice house boss doesn't matter, but right now been blessed with a nice car, innovate, doesn't matter to me it's just a car but I get around better and and this person is a certain attitude toward money and they end up giving away tons of money to help other people ministry. In fact, that the guy, with the party mentality. They supported him and you think okay you know we want to be so careful and honoring to God. But sometimes we don't honor him in other ways because of which we are not conduits. God can't trust us with riches because we have a poverty mentality.

The other person that were criticizing his generous and gives an is not cut up the material things, the carnal prosperity message that's corrupt, that's constructive. It's hard to really reject that. But there is an attitude of generosity.

They that generates funds for the kingdom to put saying that's healthy. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown so I want to challenge pastor and are some of just getting started ministry work with on the mission field for college student. Back when I want to challenge your thinking.

The little right.

I first spoke at Gateway church in Grapevine but it's Dallas Texas pastor Robert Morris who were praying for complete recovery of her real serious health attack recently had. I first spoke there now 14 years of working 1/2 years.I know precisely because it was a weekend when our second grandson was born and I was curious to see how much they talked about money why well I've heard of the church from a friend of mine that was serving in the ministry there told me how grown rapidly when now was maybe seven years old and had over 3000 people today.

It's probably with 35,000 people in the largest churches in America and I had been sent Robert Morris's book the blessed life and if I didn't know the person that sent me the book the personal friend of Pastor Marcel with the story's you're crazy gave this will enable these cars away give away everything had Goggins Emmett really happened anyway. I was curious to see with a strong message of generosity that the church preached how much time they took on the offerings. One of the sales curious, so the first weekend student Saturday night services and then it was three Sunday morning services. That was the schedule so five services. I was in speaking and my customers when their multiple services and we can then only the first one I'll begin from beginning to end, all be it through all the worship through all the announcements and then preach and then the other services.

I'll be in for part of them. Obviously you're busy. There's a lot going on that we come to speaking them anytime. Sometimes you need to come back and rest a few minutes between services and then I don't like it to be a monotony resting the same songs every time and tired of anything so so the first service on there for the first minute until the last and I get introduced to speak. I think what happened. They they did receive an offering was to see how much time they spent on it that they overemphasize money today that push hard and I thought that receive the offering that it had has worked is that they do it month.

Now what I said I feel okay. The receive the offering at the end of the service after I preach. That's so, I finished the message. We do the altar ministry. Whatever. And then the pastor past. Robert wasn't there. He was coming back that they know the pastor gets up and he dismisses the people and he said all if you're visiting the way we give you boxes in the back.

I thought you you did receive.

You didn't receive an offer. You say a word about money. The whole time not believe me once in your pastor Robert would teach about biblical principles and giving her something like that. Or maybe through membership class that layouts him with a believer. People get the book but in the service receive an offer now, I believe, to this moment among mega churches in America that per capita far away Gateway has the highest giving rate of people in the target sheriff in a wealthy area Dallas greater Dallas grapevine and eight they got people coming their CEOs and athletes different ones, higher salaries, etc. but per capita. They have the highest giving rate and as of all I'm going back now three years but three years maybe a little longer.

They were giving away $1 million a month to missions one lingers in my commissions. I remember think they don't pass the plate, they don't receive offerings in the service. I so in the book the blessed life. Robert talked about three different types of mentality. The poverty mentality. The prideful mentality and the grateful mentality. I think those are the three words he used, but I have the substance of it with the book you respect. So if you have a poverty mentality.

Let's just say that God blessed you with a good car, nice car, and it's best car you had a friend rich friend said hey I want you to have this man your car is always breaking down.

You're late for work and stuff and I I have a car dealership.

Gods bless me abundantly in and I just want to bless you with this car brand-new car insurance paid for and and your driving that car and I come up to you as a man that's a nice new car. Beautiful music.

Not like I it's not my. I mean, I did so I gave it to me.

I could drive desserts like that. That's a poverty mentality and I realized because I've been so careful ministry over the years I've been so conscious about salaries have been so conscious about the fact that people are giving people with little money or giving people, giving sacrificially to help our work that that and you don't have too much and even though we we had nice homes and things like that through through real estate just at prospered or whatever or a family member you inherited money riblets get a nice piece of property whatever it is I feel like I was at explain it and yell at the second of God blessed me with the thing I should just be thankful I'm generous I ministry gives. We believe God for funds. Roy stretched out. It is always another ministry project God moves on you today. That does send us $100,000 will you will use $100,000 probably within a week for ministry projects. Trust me, we are stretched out, and we support workers all around the world. And yet, I realize, and if so, have had that mentality, even though at times he had nice things and yeah I kind of had that mentality. Then he talked about the prideful mentality so same deal you got this brand-new car. Maybe you earned it. Get this brand-new car and I come up to say that is a nice, that's the beauty and you say sheets you should see my Lamborghini home.

This is not I described this to work as a mix that's that's a prideful mentality, but the grateful mentality.

Hey, that's a beautiful car you got here. Thank God visited the Lord really blessed me with this and and that's the kind of mentality is this the thing itself is not the big deal we just passing through this world. Having things not having things is not the sign of spirituality were not to put our trust. Our heart are desiring earthly riches and love those things. So if you have a lot great rejoicing of you have little great rejoicing that Paul said though I know how to abound. I know how to be to be exalted idea based I don't have a lot and I have a little some of us know how to have a little but we don't know how to have a lot because of which we we are not as blessed as we could be with the ability to help others. That's the whole thing. I'm talking about with the ability to help others and bless others and be a conduit to others. So here I'm really spiritual, have this poverty mentality and God sees you really can't trust me with a multimillion dollar budget because I'm going to either be apologizing for the whole time feeling guilty about it or or afraid to use it and then the prideful one God can't bless that person trust them with multimillions because it's all about them. But then there's someone else that has a spirit of generosity and faith and says yeah what I believe and from the dollars for the gospel and in the process. Here let's say that you have a goal seven multimillion dollar business because you want to feed feeding Pro you want to you want a fun feeding programs in the inner cities of America or you want to rehab educational system is good.

Take Mike or you want to support missionaries going to tribal regions and in the and you say Lord give our company hundred million dollars loan and and we will be China, give our country a company $1 million. Whatever it is, and whatever you start with when he gives you $10 you you merely give the firstfruits to missions. You prove yourself to be good stewards you prove yourself to be people of faith in office right and in the process. Maybe your company goes from $100,000 year to 20 million a year and with that you end up getting a nice Chicago, but that's not the guidance that the goal of it that wasn't the goal of a nicer car when I got this endless process of its it's gotta be the bad guy knew Lamborghini every month Nono that would be now. You become covetous worldly carnal. That was the case, but the idea that is God's blessing your business and the whole reason you been praying for blessing on your business is so that you can fund the gospel plan love our church.

I love our pastor, but there's so little fun. Everybody's squeezed it and that that the youth pastors work three jobs in the children's pastor doesn't have much money put put on the till for that we want to do better. I want to help out the child want to give with generosity. Can we be trusted with funds or do we have the poverty mentality because of which God can trust us with an abundance because we don't know how to handle it. And we aren't going to be able to pour it out on others or do we have the prideful mentality will be become covetous and greedy and and think that it's all about me, or do we have a spirit of gratefulness, generosity, assist Lord we are to be a blessing.

And these are just earthly say this. This doesn't make us money doesn't make us or break us.

We serve you, not Mammon's allure and entrust us with whatever you want itself is not sinful. The love of money is sinful, entrust us with an abundance. These are tools we will use these tools for the gospel and maybe if you have a little better car when you your business appointment you can take people out for lunch better and associate with certain people is just a tool doesn't go your head and get a few better suits and outfits interact with certain people because you meet with certain people in certain prominence and you begin to do that if you bring in more money and give away more money for the gospel and live a godly life is not a good thing. Let's not get suspicious about money, and spirit when it comes hey, I hope this helps back with you on 33rd

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