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Let's Dig Into the Word!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 19, 2018 4:40 pm

Let's Dig Into the Word!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 19, 2018 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/19/18.

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How about we dig into the Scriptures together stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

So here's what's motivating me today.

I did show yesterday talked about the uproar surrounding Jeff sessions Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions quotation from Romans 13 about obeying the laws and this is why we have to obey our zero-tolerance immigration policies and of course she's been lambasted from the left and even from some of the more conservative side you're misusing Scripture how could you use Scripture to justify such such a cruel law and others a single key was to sing relation of laws have to obey the law on this debate was to blame for the situation on bottom line is, made a prediction I wrote about is my latest article as well make prediction that the next onslaught against the Bible were going to see not just now it's happening but were going to continue to see it is the moment we could, Scripture, people can Salyer make it would please say whatever you want and it's just like Jeff sessions that we can't believe you that the Bible can twisted whatever the Nazis used the Bible really hearing it really called Scriptures. It was this area, just like Trump is a good point on Trump so I decided today. Today's broadcast resident talk about immigration policy rather than talking about the latest government uproar. Let's talk about interpreting the Scriptures shallowly 866-34-TRUTH so here's what I'm going to do. You've got questions, we've got answers like we do on Friday. Any Bible related question you have of any kind. Let me say that again any Bible related question of any kind. It could be a question about the Hebrew to Greek, a question about a modern translation older translation and interpretive question. The question about what verse means any question of any kind relating to the Bible. I'll be taking calls today once more. 866-348-7884 okay let me give you some basic principles of biblical interpretation even though the Bible which is a collection of books is different than any other book on the planet in that it is uniquely God breathed and uniquely God's word and conveys final revelation to us about the nature of God and the nature of salvation and God's requirements for us that nothing can overturn nothing can change in terms of what is written.

It is uniquely God's word in that sense, the only thing that we can say is this is the word of God. Still, it is not to be interpreted in ways that violate grammar is not to be interpreted in ways that violate sentence structure violate context.

Another which you can't get meanings from script Scripture by skipping every other verse, or by skipping every three words or anything like that is written as the ancient rabbis used to say the Torah speaks in the language of man, so yes there is spiritual insights for which God has, to open our eyes and for the word of God to be applied to our heart, we need God's grace and there are many things that are deep and mysterious, for which we earnestly seek the Lord, what doesn't matter how grammatical you are. The fact is the book of Revelation as many challenges in terms of interpretation and the parables of Jesus need spiritual application. We understand all that, and yet there are fundamental rules, laws by which we interpret Scripture the same as we interpret anything else.

Poetry as poetry proposes prose history is history. Apocalyptic literature is apocalyptic literature and on and on it goes. So one of the most simple principles of the dignity Hebrew and Greek as well take your calls to one of the most simple principles is that a verse without a context or is often said a text without a context is a pretext so you could make certain verses say whatever you want them to.

By ripping them out of context when you put them in context. You think all that's what it means. And one of the little rules of interpretation is when you see the word therefore find out what it's there for right if I started the line of fire. Therefore, the goal therefore what what what what we say first that I miss something that I come in a little bit late. There therefore what I don't follow. I therefore what so when you see therefore you will find out what it's there for now. Now let's take a look at second Corinthians chapter 7 verse one. Second Corinthians 71 the King James says having therefore these promises to the bloodless cleanser so small filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God you can. James therefore having these promises CSB therefore, dear friends, since we have such promises ESV since we have these promises now. Again these promises tells you you're looking back at something okay what promises what promises but therefore is stronger than since again since tells you there's something before it, but I prefer therefore now if I'm correct, the original NIV did not have. Therefore, if anybody has that was the 1984 edition of the NIV.

The early edition, a check for me okay because what you get online is the is the. The newer addition but the new addition rightly has therefore if I'm correct, the earlier NIV didn't and and it it it had you missing something because of that the new one and again I could run a fuel over this with what I remember, the new one does have therefore therefore since we have these promises and ET. Therefore, since we have these promises NOT because we have these promises again.

I prefer therefore that that is clear in terms of of of which there but that the Greek the word is then accordingly which summary to translate since looking at that the Tyndale New Testament, which of course precedes the King James and it's looks like an earlier way of saying since its S, E, Y and GE. So accordingly accordingly.

Therefore what what what therefore what based on what so you go back to chapter 6, verse 14, chapter 6, verse 14 begins to talk about not being in in and harm it yoked together with unbelievers and what is the temple of God have in common with the things of the enemy and you are the temple of God, you are children of God come out from among the be separate goddesses of your father you be my sons and daughters. Therefore, since we have these amazing, wonderful, glorious, incredible promises.

These wow over the top amazing promises. Therefore, since we have these promises, dearly beloved lettuce cleanser cells from everything that the files flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God I give you one more example of an important, therefore, and then little phones, 86634 to them will intersperse some phone calls with some digging into the Scriptures together so all I'm saying is this important to read verses in context right. Paul's writing a letter read the letter in context the letter in context of his other letters, it still grammatical and logical, and so on. But there's something with letter writing. This can be a little bit different save in the book of Proverbs, where for much of property to take out anyone. Verse doesn't have a context to take it out.

It's just a wise saying that works anywhere like birds of a feather flock together haste makes waste with the cot you need a context haste makes waste as you rush to get stuff done explosive on the floor and it's a take you longer coming times you heard that replay in your mind. Over the years so Proverbs one thing.

Maybe in the midst of a letter there's something just pull out and stands completely on its own, but maybe you have to read in the context of the letter so something that that I think many of us failed to to do is is look at at the previous chapter with our current divisions of Scripture. The current divisions of Scripture we have chapter breaks, and you may finish.

Okay, I just finished my reading Romans 11 now the next day start.

Romans 12 Romans 12 also starts with her. Therefore, to James, I beseech you therefore, brethren, same with new King James CSB. Therefore, brothers, by the mercy of God. Yes VIP will choose. Therefore, brothers NIV therefore I urge you, brothers, and ET. Therefore, I exhort you, brothers and sisters, and what was described by the mercies of God, therefore, exhort you, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as living sacrifices, and you have that same Greek word moon then accordingly so so what's the point what you got to go back. You gotta go back to the to the previous verses were Paul has written about God's dealings with Jew and Gentile and and says in verse 3030 beginning verse 34 is in times past you have not believed it. Now obtain mercy through unbelief speak of Jewish unbelief to Gentiles, even so have these also now not believe the Jewish people that through your mercy to Gentile mercy. They also may obtain mercy for God is concluded them all and I believe that he might have mercy on them all in the pauses blown away by will. This the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God while while while of him through him to him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen.

So II implore you, brothers, based on the mercies of God that I've just been talking about that.

I've just been expounding that I just been opening up over your your bodies your whole life.

You as living sacrifices to God. So again just really simple principle that want to remind you of is that need to read the Bible in context. You see, therefore, see, therefore, find out what it's therefore and in fact when you stop and think about it. It's also it's often tremendously powerful fight against couple seconds before the break them will come back and go straight to the phones will start in Utah. How's that Matthew chapter 28 Matthew chapter 28 verse 19 go therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and son of the Holy Spirit.

Teach them to observe all things rural committee. What's the therefore go therefore was therefore with verse 18 Jesus came and said to them all authority is given to me in heaven and earth all authority is given to me in heaven and earth. Therefore go. So as we go to bring the gospel.

Doesn't matter how close the country is this matter. What walls are up Iron Curtain bamboo curtain. The veil of Islam. Whatever it is we go, knowing that all authority, so I will be right back with your calls and dig into Scriptures together. Greek light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get in the line of fire now by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends.

We are digging into the Scriptures together in the moment you look at the Hebrew and Greek. If you have a Bible related question for me of any kind give me call 866-34-TRUTH. Also, if you're watching our live stream on YouTube or Facebook look for some request is in fact there's a question that was posted on our YouTube stream about Jeremiah 88, and how that is misused by Muslims fact I will come to that shortly.

But first let's go to the phones and will start in Layton Utah Rick, welcome to the modifier all go ahead or yeah just need to speak right into the phone so I can hear you clearly. Okay I brought her on one meaning of it are so I just went I just want people to ask what was more important to the whole picture and remember God world for their on the lawn on so my question a good because I'm frustrated with pastors to convert to convict and imperil repair. They take verses that are helpful, but he knows you want other than the well prepared people know how to get your children, how much more will your father. Therefore, you would have to tell meaning do undershirts know I what we so let me ask you question what did you read this the full verse their retirement. Matthew 712, which is follows Matthew 711 correct Sue read all of Matt. 712. I'm far from Micah Whitby all right. I know you're okay. So it was a taillight here. Here's what I want to do. II want to give you the larger context of of the meaning here so so Rick just did something really excellent. He noticed there is a therefore Matthew 712 okay Matthew 712, which says therefore, do to others as you would have them do to you and and then what is Jesus say at the end of that verse.

It is, is that how it ends.

Though he says for this is the law and the prophets. This is the law and the prophets.

Why does he bring in the law and the prophets because we start Matthew 517 with the law or the prophets slowly explain the maximum what's happening here.

Explain the meaning of this. Therefore, this is a bigger therefore inserting structure. The ancient Jewish world you would often find this you would have the prologue, the initial statements. The introduction to the message, then you have the heart of the sermon, then you have the closing exhortation you have examples of this in ancient Jewish homiletical literature. This is exactly what we have in Matthew chapter 5 all right Matthew chapter 5 starts with the Beatitudes in verse three Blessed are the poor in spirit right goes through them up through being persecuted for righteousness. Verses 10 through 12 then stored in verse 13 you are the salt of the earth. Verse 14 through 16. The light of the world researching 4050 60 right salt of the earth light of the world.

That's like the prologue.

Now he gets into the heart of the sermon. Matthew 517 don't think I've come to abolish the Law or the Prophets. I've come not to abolish but to fulfill. Now he's going to take the heart of the sermon to show us how we live this out to show us with this new covenant life is like to show us the way of the Messiah and what happens when you see when you see that that the commandments that had an outward application murder pieces, not just murder but hate adultery not just adultery outwardly, but adultery in the heart raises the standard for divorce and then goes through the various things we do in this in this world, how we live. How we treat our enemies. He's keeps calling us to something even higher. All right then in the sixth chapter he begins to develop our our acts of righteousness or spiritual expressions or prayer are fasting our giving not to be seen by people before the Lord, not to be storing up treasures on earth, but heavenly treasures, and then he talks about righteous and unrighteous judgment. The judge superficially or critically or hypocritically. Rather, judge righteously, and then then from there he talks about prayer asking. It will be given you begin verse seven of Matthew seven seeking to find knock and the door will be open to everyone who asks receives and and and he who seeks finds a dimming knocks the door will be open which man of their's view of of you, if his son ask for bread would give him a stone or fiesta for fish, will give him a snake instead.

If you then, being evil, the hundred biggest your children, how much more the heavenly father give good things to those who ask which Luke 1113 becomes a much more we heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him. All right then. Therefore, do to others as you have them do do for this is the law and the prophets, then verse 13. Beware of false prophets of theirs. The closing exhortation and then build your house on the rock I'm on the sand.

Build your house in obedience to the teachings of Jesus as the final expectation so 517 to 712 is the heart of the sermon on the Mount, which starts with the law or the prophets, and ends with law and the prophets called inclusive.

So it's a beginning and an ending is like the walls on either side. All right. And inside, it's telling you this is how we live it out. This is what kingdom life is like. This is how we fulfill the law and the prophets is hard righteousness exceeds that of the Jewish teachers and scribes, and it's empowered by the blessed life. The life of submission and leaning on the Lord, not in our strength because we can't do this in our strength, but empowered by him. We now live these things out.

That's the goal. In the natural impossible, but by the spirit possible of the sermon on the mount so the.

Therefore, as I understand it is not just for the previous verses about prayer and you can make an application about children, etc. but the larger application is now I'm summing up for you with the long prophets are about which is love your neighbor as yourself 1/2 to the rest of commotion from Leviticus 19.

Now I'm summing up for you the same as Paul does in Romans 13 love is the fulfillment of the law is either speaking in harmony there so in this case are I see that, therefore, is having a larger application. Looking back at everything I've taught you know, summing it all up. In summary to the others as you would have been due to now not only so, but that was a well-known saying in other cultures in other religions him and you find parallels in Buddhism and things like that you find parallels in earlier Jewish literature written between the first and second test with the old and New Testament, and you find the rabbinic expression that which is hateful to your neighbor, don't do all right. Jesus gives us the positive expression so this was a a saying that was known and now Jesus is using it in the context of summing up everything for so in this case that therefore is an even bigger therefore. So thank you thank you for the call and the question, but it opened up something else which is even larger as we look at so thank you sir said all right. Look what if I don't know about Jewish background Jewish sermonic background when I don't know any of that. Whatever.

What if what if I'm just reading the Bible in English or whatever my language is Spanish or French or Dutch, German or Chinese or Japanese or any of a host of languages I'm going this background stuff.

How are you discover that while there were teachers, the gods put in the body and they can be of help.

And that's why commentaries and things like that or written, but there's more. There's more. If you are studying this and this. How I got it and then I saw the commentator seen the same thing that therefore in 712 doesn't necessarily follow logically because immediately what's before it is about prayer. Okay, so you could say so just as God gives graciously to others.

We should give graciously, we should do the others. You can make that micro application will got my attention was the therefore did not seem to be the same logical.

Therefore, like we just pointed out in second Corinthians 71 Romans 12 one. That's one or or Matthew 2819 and to the expression law or the prophets or law and the prophets is not that common and expression you find it wasn't Matthew 22. For example, love your neighbor as yourself look gullible your heart, looking neighbors yourself. This sums up the law and the prophets, you don't find it that commonly in the in Matthew's gospel and the rest of the Gospels, so the fact Evan 517 and 712.

That's what hit me. Wait a second way to second those are the bookends and then you got the exhortation at the beginning, then you've got that or the prologue to the beginning and the expectation of the insight okay that makes sense and then as you learn more about ancient Jewish sermonic literature from the centuries after the time of Jesus. Some of it follows a similar pattern that it makes better sense right there takes more calls and then I want to answer really interesting YouTube question about Jeremiah chapter 8 verse eight which Muslims claim as an admission by biblical authors and admission by biblical authors that the Bible has been tampered with. This will take a look at that that the lying scribes. What are we to make of that. Look at that and dig into the Hebrew and Greek as we study the Scriptures together on the line. The Fargo number to call 866-348-7884. Any Bible related question of any kind. Our joy to help get you can also post your questions on a Facebook like streamer YouTube live streaming try to get some of those on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire is the light of this world and can't down once third teen decided we could dig into the Scriptures today not to discuss that verse, but principles of interpretation how to do Bible study in the Hebrew and the Greek and things like that. So if you have a Bible related question for me of any kind whatsoever.

Anything related to the Scriptures related to the Hebrew, Greek, specific verse or controversy by the translation like we open the phones Friday phone lines are now open 8663. Foray 78841 quick announcement and then were going to get into Jeremiah 88 and how that has been misused by Muslim apologists but one quick announcement friends, some of you have been listening to me on radio for literally 10 years.

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Thank you in advance for your help. Okay Jeremiah chapter 8 verse eight.

The context is a word of rebuke to the people of the day. Word of rebuke there.

There were scribes, false prophets, corrupt priests. Jeremiah is rebuke and I'm gonna read the immediate context in the new Jewish publication Society was stored in verse one. At that time, declares the Lord, the bones of the kings of Judah of its offices of the priests of the prophets of the inhabitants of Jerusalem should be taken out of their graves and exposed to the sun, the moon, so my terrible judgment that is coming on on the people which Jeremiah tragically lived to see of verse four say to them, thus said the Lord when men fall to the not get up again if they turn aside today not turn back wise this place Jerusalem rebellious with the persistent rebellion they cling to resist deceit. They refuse to return. I've listened and heard they do not speak honestly. No one regrets his wickedness, and says what I done. They all persist in their wayward course like a steed dashing forward in the freight. Even the stork in the sky. Those are seasons of the turtledove Swift and the crane keep the tone of the coming but my people pay no heed to the law of the Lord. How can you say we are wise and we possess the instruction of the Lord assuredly for not has the pen labored for not the scribes.

Zero. How could that be misused by muscle. Let's look at another translation in IV.

How can you say we are wise free of the law of the Lord when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely ESV but behold the lying pen of the scribes has made it into a lie and and the Hebrew is very consistent concise in a lush care are sought. Eight. Check here supreme, which is literally, if I just give literal word for word, behold, for falsehood has made the pen of falsehood of the scribes, so what's it saying is it saying that the Bible we have today is corrupt no no no no Jeremiah quotes from the Torah elsewhere in the entire Hebrew Bible takes for granted that we have the revelation of the Torah which is accurate and is repeated and quoted over and over and over and extolled over and over. None in one verse, but in hundreds of verses quoted referred to Saratov.

Moses the law of Moses over and over and over and over and over in the New Testament quotes from it, and assumes we have it accurately. Again Jeremiah doesn't. And there's language from Jeremiah which resembles very close to the language from Deuteronomy even sometime some word for word expressions like three words for wrath that are found only in Jeremiah and in Deuteronomy side-by-side. These kinds of things. So if of course, of course, 100%. The Bible is telling us that we have accurate scriptures. An accurate version of the Torah. So one of these lying scribes doing either their writing out new laws, new things changing sayings to make them more suitable for the people pleasing to the flesh are more ways for them to get power money whenever it is in Jeremiah is rejecting that statistics and you come up with your false Gospels were to reject them. You come up with your false messages make up new scriptures really reject them.

That's all.

It's not saying that the word that we have is not accurate because someone is writing some new stuff or altering some old stuff and is being exposed for it doesn't mean that the truth we have is not true anymore just be like if if you're Muslim and you believe in the authority of the Koran and the Quran rebukes those who put out false versus an claim to have false revelation from a law that never he never gave them and it's not saying that what you have is not accurate course and accept the authority from practicing from Muslim is all saying is if the others come up with. That's all who didn't know that we can assume that over the years scribes right false things we know we can isolate it we can. How could you compare it to the true easy to tell about misusing a verse and began we have the whole Bible telling you the opposite right and tell you over and over about the truth of the word and how the word is is is like some the ghost of the furnace sevenfold purified in the words of God in the stand forever last forever.

And then there quoted and recorded through the Bible and science we have the words of God boil boy talk about misusing and abusing a verse 86634 in Raleigh.

Let's go to Jerome. Welcome to the line of fire overgrown our I am blessed. Thank you sir. Have what you wrote. The court quicker about corrective chapter 12. Talk about your spirit I was taught there. 9011 of you could only operate You have the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I've been note that argument, automatic bill, but lately I've been studying there More about unit rather than the clear all McMansion of the different numbers and functions of the members of the human body compared to Christ.

His body started like a little enlightenment sure. I think number one it's both and it. In other words, he starts off restricting's 12 one blessing now concerning what comes from the spirit spirituals literally so concerning the gifts of the submittal comes from the spirit brothers, I do not want you to be unaware you know that when you were pagans used to be let off to the idols that could not speak therefrom inform you that no one speaking by the spirit of God. Since Jesus cursed no one can see Jesus as Lord except by the Holy Spirit and other different gifts, but the same spirit different ministries with the same or different activities with the same God, so first thing he does want them to understand these things because on the one hand, he said you excel in them but then they had a lot of things that were out of order in their practice right so he does want them to understand. It is important that he speaks about the gifts that someone number two for the gifts to operate properly. They need to be held together by love and that what moves us must be love, not pride or self-will or anything else and that then ties in with the concept of unity and how the whole body functions together so he goes through this order, he first explains these various kisses all over the spiritual manifestation.

Since I want to understand on a much of the ignorance of these things because these are important aspects of your of your spiritual life and this is something God is gifted you with your excelling in but but let's look at the physical body and let's see how each member of the body is important, and in the ear can't say the ion have need of you are the hands of the four that I have need of you in the parts of the body that seem to be the least significant are often the most important and and and and we we's modesty to cover other parts of the body etc. and and now here's the principle that makes everything work is love sensibly deals with the 13th chapter and then applies that peers shall we walk in love with the gifts and prescriptions.

14 so to speak in tongues or pay rent or find yourself speaking times for three hours at a public meeting behind the pulpit, beginning that if anybody assess that love. Love is going to look to edify the other. So pray in private, edify yourself and come in public and edify the rest of us so it is about the gifts. It is about unity and it is about love, but as for your your first question, sir, and I was taught the same way that once you were baptized in the Holy Spirit then you could operate in one of these gifts. But I would just say this since we can debate the nature of the baptism of the Spirit and there's gonna be a debate within the body over that. I would simply say to someone okay let's not worry about did you speak in tongues or not, or were you baptized the spring. The Pentecostal since not all of these things flowing in your life do you speak in tongues or do you prophesy or does God use you in special ways to heal the sick, or does he give you special wisdom and revelation by the Spirit to help others if not just say Lord I want everything your spirit has so that I can best glorify Jesus and I can best build up the body and I can best touch a dying work in some other nonsense about God's about others.

So however, someone gets to that point of walking in this fullness. Let's just normal guys or need for one another and that we manifest all of this in love Pedro. Thank you sir for the question. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is French for joining us on the line of fire at proms will you might see the discrepancy in translation. Sometimes you wonder what why why is that discrepancy so for for example, let's let's take a look in Genesis 821 and Ezekiel 326 Genesis 821 and then Ezekiel 326 and the, the discrepancy in translations ties in with one specific Hebrew word right so this is a 21 of the King James Lord smelled the sweet savor and the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground anymore for man's sake. For four the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth. Neither will I can smite anymore. Every living everything living as I have done so because human beings are so evil, can smite the earth with the flooding alloys have to wipe out every generation. Okay same thing now new King James is although the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth, CSB even though man's inclination. ESV is like a conveyance because of man for the intention of man's heart is evil from his youth. NIV even though NET even though let's just look at new Jewish publication Society since the devising of man's heart. So the Hebrew word key a command because were even though, or since in context is the way that you understand and you can debate this. Either way, savage translations have it differently gotchas.

I won't destroy the earth with a flood again even though man's heart is so evil, so God is going to have mercy even though were so wicked, or I won't do it because of the evil meaning I just have to wipe out every generation. Now I've I've normally read it as because even though was certainly viable.

So this is a translation debate. You have to look at and think about the same when it comes to Ezekiel chapter 3 verse 26 God is putting parameters on him right. God is putting parameters on Ezekiel and saying hey I I am going to cause your tongue to cleave to the roof of your mouth right and you shall be dumb and shall not be our approval for they are rebellious house. King James Nick and James for their rebellious house CSB same thing ESV same thing. NIV same thing NET same thing of new Jewish publication. Same thing. They all say the same thing.

I am not going to let you be rebuked or other maker tongue cleave to Ruth Rath, you're only going to be able to speak when I tell you, you can speak because their rebellious house meaning. Otherwise you be rebuking them day and night you be every 63 seconds you have a word rebuked for the Psalm that I like to let you there so rebellious. I'm a collection Psalm would render it even though even though there so rebellious going to get to speak with a speak. I've interpreted the way most of these translations do for pickup because there so rebellious other maker tongue cleave the roof mouth. Otherwise, you'd be. You'd be rebuking them day and night. That seems to be the same meaning of Genesis age that God saying because human beings are so sinful that I'm knocking to bring a flood again. Alloys have to wipe out the earth repeatedly generation after generation in that we can have debates over the lid. Let's take a look at something else. Lessee wanted to word study you wanted your words that you want to base it on the Hebrew or the Greek because translations don't always render the same word the same way know sometimes it changes from context to context and its right to translate a different right.

Sometimes the same author using the same word in the same context you want to do your best to consistently translate it the same way and no translation does it perfectly all right.

If it just one person to the whole translation. That's a lot to ask of one person. If it's a committee then sometimes they going to be strong in this area and then miss something here so that's what you you learn the original line just much as The more you learn the original languages you realize what a good job.

Translations do okay you go back to the translations more than you realize it was to become one of the world's top scholars, and even so you'll still thing okay this is difficult facility.

Scholars rendered so the more I've learned original languages and study them, or did my own translation of Job, etc. remote translation of other verses the more I appreciate the work of my fellow translators right but let's let's take a look at the word doing the mess Dumas let's let's say you're doing a Bible study you can use the King James right to doing this is his newly translated power okay let's see you during the study, but your you're basing it on English we come to Mark 530. The healing of the room with the issue blindness is that virtue came out of Jesus the King James virtue came at a piece of just to give you examples were the King James rendered better than some of the translations virtue came out of an enemy knows Luke 619 another healing context virtues coming out of him and healing people, and then you look at Philippians 48. If it has any virtues these the kind of things you should think about was two different words. The first word should not be translated vergence mistranslation should be translated power.

Dumas, especially if you go through Luke's gospel starting in the first chapter with the doing the mess of the spirit comes upon Miriam Mary that she conceives the son of God and throughout Luke's gospel, Dumas is associated with with miracles and acts of healing right right into the, the book of acts several times there as well be received Dumas when the Holy Spirit comes on us.

So during the mess is God's miraculous power.

That's how it's most commonly used especially in Luke's gospel and that's the power we receive in the Holy Spirit comes upon us in this way, we are witnesses with the spirit to the resurrection of Jesus that he is alive and acting by his spirit. To this day.

But if you're doing the study in your base in English word you get confused which you want to do, and this can easily be double software or even if you had us strong for Young's concordance. The old ones right. You just look at the numbers and you look for that word and you want to see how that word that English sees me that Hebrew, Greek word is translated and different versus rights you want to see how the Hebrew or Greek word is translated in different versus and how to use verse after verse. And now I get more of a feel for what that word is I've done many word studies for scholarly dictionaries by doctoral dissertation was Hebrew word study and you learn so much by just okay. Let's just see. Okay, I can't really read can't read Greek read English, but here's that's here's the word even that the tools for many years. The Englishman's Greek and he records work it's going to take you through you look up the Greek or the Hebrew work is to tell you all the different times it occurs in UCL's transit in the King James always different ways is like okay I said same word you get more of a feel for that word okay you to question from Donald which interpretation of the thousand year reign mentioned in Revelation.

Afterward Satan will once again be able to deceive the nations of Jesus is really how can anyone ever be deceived. That's the answer to the question is the question itself. So I understand Revelation 22 speak of the future millennial reign of Jesus we will rule with a rod of iron where the glory the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas example depiction in Isaiah the 11th chapter of the picture in Isaiah the second chapter beginning versus these these pictures of the rule of God on the earth will flying down with the lamb, the war, the one doing harm to one another.

This someone dies in 100 still be considered young get the from the end of Isaiah. So I understand that will literally happen. Satan will be bound at the end of that time by the will of God by the will of God, not not by Satan's power, because God could destroy him whatever he wanted to, but by the will of God. Satan is released to deceive the nations so here you have an environment in which you cannot make the excuses people make today will God seem so distant with her so much injustice in the world will how come the wicked prosper wanted my child die of this terrible disease.

Here is a great person they died. The car wreck. Why them in the truck that hit them walked away fine. Lots of questions. Many of these very profound questions very difficult questions and people so that's why don't believe that that won't be that the case that because Jesus will be ruling and reigning in the knowledge of the glory of God will be manifest on the earth, and it will be the closest we can come to Adam and Eve in the garden meaning in a time of purity and innocence. I'm not comparing the tooth totally but will be the closest we come to that on the earth before you heavens and new earth, and yet even so, when Satan comes to receipt deceive human beings. Many will choose him. It is the ultimate vindication of the justice of God the ultimate proving that God is true and that people are liars. The ultimate demonstration that he is good and people who rebel rebel at their own will and by their own sinful desires and no one can point a finger at God and see your guilt to be the ultimate demonstration of that and for those who choose to follow him.

They will enter into eternal blessing after that.

So I see this having very profound value in the plan of God. Hey George from Raleigh. I want to get your question. Next ran out of time at different meanings of the word man living: on Friday will try to bump your call all right friends were out of time. Join us in the website asked Dr. Brown's will explore the latest articles article by Jeff sessions Bible yachts living in Scripture that we can expect in the coming years. All right. Be blessed

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