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Dr. Brown and Brigitte Gabriel Talk About America & Judeo-Christian Values

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 6, 2018 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown and Brigitte Gabriel Talk About America & Judeo-Christian Values

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 6, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/06/18.

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What is it mean that we have Judeo-Christian foundations here in America. How do we move forward. Based on that stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown right. If I sound a little different today and if I look a little different for those watching. The reason is just a few hours ago I had a tooth pulled in the back of my mouth where I still have some gauze because I'm not allowed to take it out until the bleeding completely stops so I'm doing well. I'm pretty much pain-free. I'm blessed and thriving inside but -1 tooth at the moment. That being said, didn't even Donnelly for split second that we would be able to do are radio broadcast and I forgot these things can keep bleeding for a few hours so all is well and everything is great and I hope I could turn you off this number to call 8663428663487884 little later in the broadcast. I'm going to bring on the air. Brigitte Gabriel, just a brand-new book called rise in defense of Judeo-Christian values and freedom and just turned out that the day that we scheduled her to be on the air with us is the day of the midterm elections, which many political leaders are saying are the most important elections of our lifetime or in memory in all sides are saying it both sides to sing it and let me say there's a lot of political rhetoric on both sides of an article that should be out later today on the screen cold while we wait for the midterm election results, meaning either way. We go on following the Lord. Either way the sun rises and sets. Either way, most importantly, God is God and the word of God remains true. So what is this red wave expect red wave a giant blue wave was Democrat dominance Republican dominance.

Either way, Jesus is Lord. The Bible is true in our life goes on.

We are called to be disciples and make disciples, but is only good today.

In the midst of all of the political friends to step back and to consider some things having to do with our roots with our background with our origins to give me the simple little statement and proposal are you ready America can't be great unless America is good, America can't be good without God. Would you agree with that. We say again, America can't be great unless America is good in America can't be good without God. That means as important as the presidencies as important as congresses as important as the courts are what's more important is the state of the church with more important is our relationship with God was more important is how we live as believers, as followers of Jesus on a day-to-day basis. That is ultimately the hope of America that people will turn to God, beginning with a whole are turning to God of us, those who identify as the people of God right NUAN 866-3487 84.

Do you think we're making too much about the midterm elections. Do you think that we are giving them more importance than they deserve. Do you think that perhaps were overplaying politics in America. My own view is that as American Christians we often get too obsessed with politics but it's just like other things we get too obsessed with many things in this world to politics is important. Elections important many things having to do with our freedoms. The report and will hear from Brigitte Gabriel someone who grew up in another part of the world and can talk about the freedoms and opportunities we have in America. But first and foremost, not America. First, the great commission. First, God first, Jesus first following him first and secondly we can do what's best for our nation as we honor the Lord we can best honor our country. I just put a pull up before I get into some things I will share with you today so I can focus on all the details of the elections can focus on possibilities, but eager to hear from you. All you can William with any perspective you have, you can talk to me you think I talk about politics too much, not enough to think I talk about culture too much, not enough November 1 out of many, many voices on Christian radio Christian TV Internet right one of many many many many many. The great majority are primarily preaching and teaching Scripture and not intersecting with culture.

The great majority or espousing the Scriptures. The great majority of shows you see on TV Christian TV you hear on radio you see on Internet. The great great great majority or simply doing sit with the past. We do on a Sunday morning herbology to reduce most, which is super important which I do, day and night, my wife traveling, preaching, teaching, so in that sense, I'm one of the few.

Also addressing culture and the reason I just politics is politics intersects with culture, was not politically minded person I am very much not a politically minded person nothing is wrong to be interesting. I am very much not a politically minded person I am a kingdom on a person and kingdom intersects with culture. In fact, hopefully within 24 hours will have an announcement about our newest consider this video which I believe is the best one we've done I think will blow you away.

Addressing a really really important issue, but I address these things because were calling on my life. I do not believe your average pastor in your average Sunday should be addressing moral and cultural issues as much as I do in my writing and on the radio. This is part of my calling to do this. However, cannot do it all, I believe, is a disservice to the people, 8663 for eight 784 if you just tuning in, saying my eating some food loss is something funny I had a tooth extracted a few hours ago and I still have some gauze in my mouth, as per dentist instructions but I'm good. I'm blessed all is well. So before she is really edifying and interesting quotes with you.

I just posted this moments ago I asked the question on twitter why is so much of Hollywood so anti-Trump and so anti-Republican in case you haven't noticed that Bruce Caitlin Jenner said that he had more opposition in Hollywood. Being a conservative than going from male to female.

That alone could tell you something. There are conservatives in Hollywood they get blacklisted because they are conservatives.

There are some who once they came out strongly as Christian stop getting certain rules or at least I have been told that's the case, and while I appreciate the gifting the artistry can be in Hollywood and what what I appreciate the hard work that many put in.

I do not appreciate the moral bankruptcy of some of the individuals who have key roles and who pump out more movies and glorify sex glorify violence and commonly have themes that are anti-God anti-Bible anti-Christian reality of this is not rocket science to notice the fun and interesting that Hollywood celebrities are saying that this election is about of life and death, and that some of them are militantly militantly militant anti-Trump and Republican so I just started this poll this moments ago just got my first 6070 votes. Why is so much of Hollywood so anti-Trump and so antirepublican.

The reasons choice ones are more enlightened choice to their morally bankrupt choice. Three. Trump offends them, and then other please explain.

I will tell you how folks are voting thus far, but I do find that interesting. When I see a certain group of people going in a certain direction. You ask why write I discovered this last night. This morning I was looking for something on Amazon and discovered that my book saving a sick America, which I believe is a very important book a prescription for moral and cultural transformation based on Scripture. I discovered that it's on Amazon Kindle, so the e-book for dollar 99.

It's only $25 hardcover a dollar 99 I downloaded it, just like a function of my own book this like I'm on Kindle at that price down on you not get the hardcover and Amazon for 99 user you stress about you think you actually get you get and he must be a foster thump of the thematic weight cells that sheep that I was on naw this is a way of giving it to you. So the hardcover is for the I think 439 and the e-book is online yet so if you haven't got it get on Kindle now II, university special deals like that on Kindle.

I order them.

Even if I if I can't get with for months or years. I do LOL yeah, thanks for monument if you go to Amazon smile and Amazon. You see the smile program. You can designate ICN ministries as in Israel church nation. That's the official operating name of our ministry knows as Dr. Brown but it's technically ICN ministries you can designate us as your charity of choice on Amazon and every order you place on Amazon we get.

It's a tiny percentage but if enough people do it, it's funds for ministry. So if you haven't done a good Amazon click on smile and designate ICN ministries as in Israel church nation ICN ministries and whenever you place an order. There for a dollar 99 Kindle book or a $5000 appliance.

The commission on that will go for ministry is a charitable gift from Amazon so similar sick America.

Let me we read this to you.

This is from 1647 SF some numbers and sounds. I can say better with his gauze in my mouth of 1647, there you go with clenched teeth as I am speaking okay because I'm mad because I can speak better like that.

This was the old looter Satan act 1647 and this was in the colony of Massachusetts. It's of this, it being one chief product of that old looter Satan to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures as in former times by keeping them in an unknown tongue. In other words, the Bible was not in the language of the people.

This was Satan's way of keeping it out, of a vote the hands of the people. So in these latter times. Satan's method is by persuading from the use of tongue so that at least the true sense and meaning of the original might be cloudy and corrupt with false glosses of St. seeming deceivers and to the end that learning may not be buried in the grave, our forefathers and churches and Commonwealth the Lord assisting our endeavors and they go along with a law that every colony village. We have a certain number of people enough established school, so the kids can learn to read so they can leave the Bible was undiscussed off of our colonies were found on a theocracy extent we can get back to our spiritual roots to the extent there is hope for the nation back with your moment to file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown is a lot of far as I am angry of that or anything but simply because of a tooth pulled earlier today requires me to be like this. Welcome welcome to the line of fire. Are we putting too much emphasis on the elections. Do we get too caught up with the political system is God's people should we just get totally uninvolved to get more involved. My perspective is my opinion that we get too caught up with politics but then we swing the other way of total noninvolvement which is rather put it in its proper perspective 866-34-TRUTH before I get your take on contra something for you New York City school curriculum 2013 are. Are you ready for this. This was some of what was happening with kids as young as six or seventh grade so kids as young as 11. Let's see kids age 11 and 12.

Would sort out risk cards to rate the safety of various sexual activities including Marie that over the radio. Teams are reports or resources such as color University's website.

Go ask Alice with explores topics like I can't read any of that on the radio high school students go to stores and jot down brands of things used for protection in various features, etc. this.

These are exercises in the sex ed curriculum in 2013 New York city teams research route from school through clinic that provides birth control STD test and write down its confidentiality policy. The contrast that with the children's reader that was used for for many years the New England primer or primer -dependent pronunciation from the 1700s.

I downloaded version from 1777 is a little children learn the alphabet, a in Adam's fall we sinned all be having to find the Bible mind see Christ crucified for sinners died yeah this was part of the curriculum had biblically based questions such as, was the first man Adam Saiz lost man Jesus Christ was Jesus Christ son of God. It had verses like a wise son maketh a glad father but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother at the Lord's prayer, etc. let's skip ahead to 1824 and in let's look at Noah Webster's blue back speller which was widely used in the early decades of American history.

The history of the United States.

I have of this lessons of easy words to teach children to read and to know their duty 1824 edition no man put off the law of God.

My joy sees me, no man may put off the law of God, my joys in his law, all the day old man not go the way of sin. Let me not go the way of ill men less Alyssa states.

As for those boys and girls that my not there books and was not the church and school to play with, such as telltales Thomas Chris were and still they will come to some bad end and must be wept, though they mend their ways will suggest discipline know that it's pretty wild 1836 first McGuffey readers. These were used for generations. It taught the ABCs along with Bible verses and use it was his little children writing to her first universities of Harvard College and in jail about 100 years later they were founded for the glory of Christ. They were founded for training people for ministry that there be literary clergy. You have no Hebrew or Greek or Latin and Bibles assert levels you can get in to some of these places at an and then they expanded so that they would teach and train just the general public.

So even if you weren't going directly into ministry teach and train so that you would be well grounded in a world where every serve in my thinking that we can make the school go back to that.

Obviously not is the goal to establish some kind of theocracy where the church takes over rules.

God forbid if that happens I won't be here am I talking about believers going back more to our biblical roots and heritage. Yes, yes, that was that. Yes, that was meant to be. Yes, yes I am and am talking about us through the gospel evangelizing being disciples making disciples changing hearts a month so we can recover some of the great spiritual heritage that made us what you been to see if we had slavery. Slavery was practice everywhere that and there was always a division in America in the colonies and in the Valley of America about slavery and ultimately because of the Christian presence in America we got rid of the evil, the abomination of slavery. That's what happened was it still would've been the case that would've been the norm use human nature, human trafficking, now coming to see human natures of the gospel that can change that. All right stop talking for a moment and go to the phones will start in Raleigh with Bernard welcome to light a fire under the ground yesterday and he talked a lot about being in bed most of his name. They would be an yet Larry Tomczak COMC CA K Larry Tomczak TOMC CA K if you search online you should find them pretty easily. Dear brother, dear friend for many years the OMC Z AK Tomczak, a vendor American and all the things you listed yesterday for what my problem is and I don't support at all.

Little like something she's trying to do that.

I know I like to hear them stand up for as you talk about genocidal Christians will see that I have lived through church bombings, church earnings, people didn't really police on videotape and I don't hear anybody standing up and then played with those neo-Nazis in the KKK. I just want you guys to understand that we are Christians to best serve eight years in the military honorably, taxes and when I hear him doing this kind of thing I cannot support the Microsoft will be president, as per the contract.

Democrat or Republican. I want decency, respect, I will confirm this and I get that I don't care about the benefits because the opening will fill out country. I believe using Perl right now just like as much perspectivism after American Christian equipment. There was a pastor. I grew up in a cell that would almost think you have me I was frightful and then about like an accident. People know God do they believe like we do what what can we know you can coordinate Jesus great racism, segregation in the name of Jesus just like you said we slavery in them Jesus it's it's abominable it's it's unacceptable or not. Not enough, not enough.

None of us are probably quite popular. Allow him to do that is okay right judges and all that stop this language we have and we are but I like ABC but Mr. talk there in tell him that is not what I expect the Imperial. I travel a lot a go to different places people attacking us just because he is not him doing it, but he's given permission of the license you can see they got their lives in the in the normal violent acts against Blacks Jews is not good just to know that that my latest article right asked I answer the question are Republicans white supremacist and anti-Semites and I say in the article that although I've never believed Donald Trump was a racist or an anti-Semite that he has said things that the all right and others can use can take and run with tooth to fuel their prejudices. I believe there were divisive policy politics under Pres. Obama agrees me, but I've often spoke about things that present compass or the concern me and I said in the article that he needs to do a better job of completely denouncing regularly any of these other groups you know these racist groups, etc. we know is really interesting.

There's been an increase in anti-Semitic attacks from the left which is relaxed, which is really interesting but but limit this is probably because I want to add a button to anything because this is the world you live in and because your experience has been a certain way you speak for many others.

The world I live in.

We intersect in many ways, but we all we you know, I grew up in New York you were up and you know what I grew up in New York City in kindergarten, my best friend.

School was was an African-American kid and nobody thought twice in our sales. New York City never thought twice is a very different world than what you grow up so let me just might add my amen to the fact that whoever's president has to do a better job of unifying the nation and not playing into not giving any ground for extremists on any side to exploit his words were her words and use them for their own purposes because if you don't feel safe in America.

That's my problem to and I don't I don't like that outlet that's wrong and I don't like that. You're my brother and fellow citizen on the record, I will rip my vendor "brothers and sisters remain so acquired they put fresh and speak up when the group is doing violence will speak out that pipe. That right there shuts it down and questioning epic happy doing tremendous damage to our institutions but I think is vicious, yet his time so I want to give you the maximum time to speak your heart. I know many listeners use a different prospectus, but I want to give you the opportunity speak clearly publishing my brother thank you for cleansing. Snow light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is election day. You should have may be the largest election midterm election turnout in decades.

Historical members of the Democrat Republican side people both saying that this is a critical election could affect the destiny of our nation. Maybe to some hype in that, but certainly critically important selections. This is a good time to look at the larger issues that I'm joined now by Brigitte Gabriel. She is a terrorism expert Susan New York Times best-selling author. She is the founder of ACT! America and the author of a brand-new book rise in defense of Judeo-Christian values and freedom and as she opens things up in this book from the Internet to various policies in the government from many many different angles and avenues.

Our nation is under attack wasn't mean wise. It was America's destiny and fate so important to get answers to these questions. Again, the new book rise in defense of Judeo-Christian values and freedom.

Brigitte welcome back to the want for thanks much for joining us today. You want a simple question for you. You're not originally from America and yet you are so tremendously burdened for America. Why I cry out to come to America. I understand what America offered to the world that direction. I was born and raised in Lebanon. My 9/11 happened to me in 1975 when Islamist blew up my home bringing it down during the under the rubble. One did I end up living underground and bomb shelter from the age of 10.

After the age of 17. Robbed of my youth crawling under bomb digging out dandelions to eat crawling to a nearby spring to get some water when I finally made it to America. I made it to the land of opportunity. I made it to the land of the dream I made it to heaven and on earth. Anybody who has been raised in a country outside of America where we can express ourselves where you are expressing ourselves, though you killed if you speak against the status quo and corruption from the country America and you appreciate and you value everything that America has to offer. Your journey is there you go tomorrow. You have far reaching your destination. When I arrived America when my first book because they had been in my book was an American dream became my address.

I am truly living in my dreams and that's why I have such ocean within my belly pipe to protect those freedoms them will do everything I can to protect back which I know how valuable it is. So if you grew up as a victim of Islamic terror do you point to our freedoms as being directly connected to our Judeo-Christian heritage here in America, Judeo-Christian principles and values are the foundation of Western rock of Western civilization named Western civilization, great value, and the recognition that it is today. Beware people don't realize Michael that when we want our founding fathers put freedom of speech you know and how are we not in the Bible, we think let us reason together, we learn to debate ideas you are speaking right now there are 20 part where you see scholars all they do is hit down all day long, and debate the Bible when you knew that we have people in America understand or even understand about even hear the words Judeo-Christian values are here about our Christian heritage understand, why does fundamental freedoms come from freedom of speech.

That's why we need to piped up with my new book rise in defense of Judeo-Christian values and freedom speak of direct that we must come together and the survival of our country maybe were talking today because today important dates America acute care ballot today were trying to miracle you are guilty until proven innocent.

What we have. Order what we have not worked every criminal and implement our country. We developed a country where you are until proven guilty. What we do an outline or do what we do respect, police where we put our military what we'd been at the national have been in the flag on the ballot today, so let me play devils advocate for a moment and say what you're advocating seems so nationalistic and so hyper patriotic and even xenophobic and and it's it's unkind to immigrants and it is going to play into white supremacist mentality in an American triumphalism and in a you hear all these things. How do you respond as an immigrant to our country, yourself country America great patriot for them and discomfort that we have in America out of many we become one. We don't make me American.

We all become Americans out of many we become one with the strength of American America became great. America became a superpower.

That's why we were able to pull our resources together. I will bring us together and together we brought from other country in the world and it all in one spot. America the greatest nation on the face of the planet. We as Americans are nationalist and immigrant country. Up until about 30 years ago when we started having criminal aliens breaking the line getting here immigrant immigrants to this country in the past year and they wanted to be an American language of behind the cultures behind. I remember people coming to this country didn't speak very much English made sure that better English because they wanted the children to be an American apple pie as fast as they can I do that people who came to this country had legal immigrant to this great nation of ours. 1989.

America paid for my doctor I can get everyone wanted me to take to make sure I'm not bringing to the country to study and stick book written by the daughters of the American revolution in American heritage and exam in English before I became an American like me as a natural event can be to make sure America remains a look coming to and I want to pass any look at my future generation differences new book rise in defense of Judeo-Christian values and freedom by Brigitte Gabriel and friends either real or similar. Brigitte is doing radio TV interviews constantly and yet always with passion. These things burned deep inside of her eye as many who heard me say earlier had a tooth pulled just a few hours before the show and there was a young lady helping out in the doctor's office when the dentist office and she came from Dominican Republic and she was just telling me about America being the land of opportunity in a way, far beyond what I could understand someone raised here so you get a perspective from someone from the outside about the incredible freedoms and opportunities we have here in America. How can this be preserved Brigitte in your in your book. I wish I go through every chapter. Chapter 3 the irrelevance of the peaceful majority of heard you comment on this and this is very intense what you mean by the irrelevance of the peaceful majority how Muslims around the world. Chapter is about to recommend talking in that chapter, we need to emphasize that a lot of my cousins in the moderate peaceful people to blow themselves up in here with me, when you look at what people think. If you don't learn from you after you are doomed to repeat it in my chapter when you history all German and German Germany world war and knowledge and people died almost a million concentration camp. You already were relevant when you look at, for example, questions were peaceful, killed 20 million people majority were relevant when you look at the Japanese were peaceful able to kill 12 million people in Southeast Asia most of the planet. When you look at, for example, China. One peaceful China able to killed million people majority were irrelevant when we thought about what we are facing today when we are fighting and collect my name because we need to speak the truth in order to country and protect our people. Why it is important to talk about driving evil in this world by name and come up with a strategy to defeat a painting with wide breath of God. You can't even make an art today Michael and that's the problem and anybody that's why they don't speaking the truth I mean Bob when I said that majority are irrelevant, loud and clear.

Since we got a few more minutes with Brigitte Gabriel want to get into how the Internet has been what denies what she means by transformation through immigration.

I'm only touching on the contents of this important book in the New York Times bestseller rise in defense of Judeo-Christian values as we might stay with us for a few more minutes with our special guest today. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown Prince are pleased to have here today.

It will hurt new book rise in defense of Judeo-Christian values and freedom woman who herself was a victim of Islamic terror. Growing up comes to our nation in 1989 is proud to be called an American is passionately jealous about the freedoms that we enjoy having looked at other parts of the world and recognize how unique this is and how much we goes back toward Judeo-Christian heritage.

You have a whole chapter in the book on the weapon icing of the Internet. What specifically are you referring to in terms of how the Internet has been what denies and why that's a threat to our freedoms on the Internet has been weapon. I have been a weapon.

I might be a radical Islamist using the Internet to recruit young unsuspecting American mines enter their evil and dark world but the Internet has been westernized by then media you and the Internet, conservatives and people like me who are speaking the truth about the threats facing this patient whether it's through immigration, whether it's threats to parents trying to embed themselves within the refugee coming of our country still haven't within our own country the most part of the Internet right now become a bit of of operating on the Internet and spent only in the book. I thought about how they are recruiting. What are some, but I want to know if I may have disappeared because of the present time have done a phenomenal job in defeating-making the territory caliphate Internet caliphate operating recruiting worldwide in different languages so many fights that we can't even keep up with them. You know, we can find another one on the scary part because we know that they are radicalizing people with communities who are ready to be activated at a moments notice. The scary thing and agency said I know my monitoring when now living in operating the United States every time the thousand year enter the United States on the defendant. The refugee major conflict like you and me. What the Internet, but I doubt that you will be Internet people speaking the truth about important issue facing our nation on a major issue with everything anymore about their shopping on the company for the Internet that most people get their news right now from Internet-Internet newspaper and every morning newspaper drop in your like newspapers operating this way right now looking at moving to the Internet is where it becomes very important to pay it since the deep happening right now on the Internet that affect our lives utilize battles as a conservative media with Facebook with Twitter with YouTube. In fact, ongoing battles with some of these and I know this is a day conservative journalist Michael Knowles hosted a joke on Twitter saying make sure you go out and vote vote Democrat or on November 7 zero just a joke to get the wrong date is people's heads while others should post at the same joke on the liberal side.

He actually got blocked from twitter for three days now, check this out Louis Farrakhan who liking juice to termites. Just like the Nazis liking to parasites that you exterminate and Louis Farrakhan was just in a wrong chanting death to Israel, death to America. This account is still alive and well on Twitter along with his termite comment, so it is frightening to see the double standard. Do you think that were taking it seriously enough at this point we are working very hard. You know Michael, I called for America for America. We are the largest national security grants to the United States with one member, and I started it out of my bedroom and my home to get out. We are now working with different lobbying members of Congress talking to members of Congress about being able to control all people to express themselves only to break microphone microphone for the computer and operate at the end of the members of Congress can make my desk and make sure freedom protected on the Internet for people on the right will be able to express their opinion freely people decide on their own. Encourage people to depend on your social media organization and get their email to communicate with them to communicate with you about the site and resonates with you you right now. I encourage you to go to my site email of an action alert so we can notify you when you will be voted on 100 barrels on the protective at the protect me to give you an example of how to build make-believe on anybody that the police officer and police officer can go to jail for life build we know about you, I think you can make your voice heard nation make sure we can get in with you that if we are banned all social media we can celebrate you go to America and find information on my book on our website is very same thing. One day when I got blocked from Facebook and suddenly I can communicate with hundreds of thousands of people. I thought what we teach her find them connected a website so do what you strives you to do friends up where at a time. Obviously if we had been teeth on for months every day just as rich just really quickly. We've got that two minutes. What are you hoping that readers will get out of your brand-new book rise what you hoping that they'll get out of reading your book will be empowered to learn on their community and our nation… Lightning in the sky. God uses people and instruments of change in my book, rise end of every chapter entitled drive and give you an idea 10 things you can do it.

You can do under 10 minutes to make a difference for the country because I want to empower reading the book to become a nation to become a change in what country better founded on Christian principles and foundation elite the foundation because dying before our very eyes, and it is usually Christians waving God-fearing Americans to stand up for our country. Since this book actually came out on September 11 as if it didn't need further! Thank you so much for all that you're doing and for your passion and desire to see America blessed nation. Much appreciation. Thank you so much reading with you all right, friends of limits Winchester this if I have a guest on after having a tooth pulled and laboring a little bit with my speech that you didn't dawn on me that having a tooth pulled a few hours before radio could be a problem because one of the time. Have a tooth pulled is actually wisdom tooth. A few hours later I preached so just didn't dawn on me, maybe a normal thinking person with the hog, but what a pleasure to have someone on articulate full passion listen. She she herself is an immigrant from Lebanon. Okay she is part of the melting pot of America.

This is nothing to do with white supremacy. This has nothing to do with racism or white nationalism.

It has to do with the recognition that their foundations on which our nation was founded in those foundations are what give us our freedoms freedom for every body issue set on the left and on the right and when those foundations are damaged or freedoms will leave if there's only freedom for the right will only freedom from the left is not with our founders envisioned, and yet those freedoms are being attacked from every side so I encourage you to get the book rise in defense of Judeo-Christian values and freedom and friends all have an article going up on the stream little bit later today, but if you're connected with me on social media disregard the website right now pointer to her so want to get distracted from that. But if you connect with me on Facebook and Twitter services articles up all will post it. You will want to read it. It's intolerable. Some biblical reflections while we wait for the midterm election results and you want to be tomorrow and the next day and share with your friends because it will give you perspective living in a formal remember our faith is a perfect God, perfect Savior are both this for an imperfect person is an imperfect party working in an imperfect system is very different. Only ultimately going to be us walking with God and once right preserves our freedoms off

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