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Dr. Brown Answers an Orthodox Jew's Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 21, 2019 5:20 pm

Dr. Brown Answers an Orthodox Jew's Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 21, 2019 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/21/19.


So if Jesus is really the Messiah. Why didn't the Jewish leaders of his day recognize him stalk for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown.

You know sometimes you get the complex questions very specific very detail some of the make you dig and do a little research to answer adequately and sometimes you get hit with big questions the basic questions and those often are ones that we neglect to answer so will do that today on the quantifiable will answer some big basic questions that are asked on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delete delighted to be with you tonight today or tonight I'm flying to California for some ministry over the weekend in Santee and Oceanside. If you're anywhere near either of those places. Friday night, Saturday day Santee Saturday night Sunday morning Oceanside Sunday night. Santee unitary listed on the website asked Dr. right foam is your open if you have a Jewish related question 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 vertebral related Old Testament Jewish.

He language related. If it's Jewish theology if it is messianic prophecy whose literature Israel today.

Those are Jewish related subjects. Those work on Thursdays. Okay before get some questions before look at some interesting tweets. I've been sent this so couple times today from the get website.

This, by Richard Aust sling biblical bombshell Wheaton College scholar seeks to shelve old testament moral rules is about Prof. John Walton Montcalm Old Testament professor at Wheaton respected Old Testament engineer Eastern scholar but on the show with me a couple times and his son have a new book coming out the lost world of the Torah law as covenant and wisdom in ancient context and according to this headline according to the story is a quote from the book. We cannot reconstruct a moral system from the Torah or any part of it that is not with it. The tour was designed to do. Rather order in society was the goal was achieved through wisdom, not biblical legislation or rules noticed McCall was simply not imposing morality or social ideals on Israel through the stipulations of the Torah. The quote we cannot gain moral knowledge or build the system of ethics based on reading the Torah in context and driving principles from it. The ancient Israelites without understood the toes providing divine moral instruction.

Torah cannot provide proof texts, resolving issues today etc. I'm actively interacting with Andy Stanley about his book irresistible that as he knows. I think very strong issue with an this book was quoted in similar context have to look at it to see those are interesting quotes those records that raise eyebrows, raise questions, raise concerns the need to read the book in the context we those quotes in context from father and son. The Walton team before I can address it in more detail. Certainly the idea that Torah equals law is a misconception we get it somewhat from the Hebrew word Torah which is more teaching than law and when it does refer to a specific law.

This is the terrace concerning this to this this this is the divine instruction laid out for this. This is so you yes it is binding law in that respect don't commit adultery is not just a suggestion for short.

But it's not law in the same sense that we would just speak of it today.

There is overlap, but it's not exactly the same so the Hebrew Cheraw translated into Greek as non-moss number is as more of a meaning of law than Hebrew Cheraw again overlap in meaning and then in English, we speak about the law of Moses. There is truth to that, but it's not an exact concept now Judaism to speak about the written law and the oral law at the same time Cheraw and Judaism doesn't just mean law Sunday to see what the Waltons are saying before I respond more to that, by the way when it comes to things online when it comes to comments that are posted responses to articles and videos.

There's never a dull moment as by God's grace or voice reaches a lot of people every week there are always interesting responses.

I happened to catch some of them sometime so a college but a put number one that I noticed these were two consecutive comments that were posted to two different videos out one of them said this Dr. Brown is a coward who doesn't take our Lord seriously enough. This is because I don't celebrate the slaughter of homosexuals and things like that so Dr. Brown is a coward, listen, take our Lord seriously enough, the next one with Dr. Brown speaks is just incredible. No one can speak this way without God spiritual influence.

God bless Doc so if you're going to live by praise you're gonna die by criticism and you have to take everything and up balance perspective. At the same time when I am mocked and hated for doing what's right. When I marked in Haiti for the gospel for speaking the truth. That gives me encouragement. The Scripture says it should. It means we are making a difference. That means that our voice and message are getting out and that we are being identified with the Lord, who was also rejected and at the same time. When you minister grace to someone and they receive grace that's encouraging. You speak the truth in love and help someone that's encouraging. But all that to say that for you never know what's going to come your way.

It's always funny when consecutive comments sometimes in consecutive comments all be blasted for being an antinomian so against law and the next, it will bless me for being a legalist.

One comment will bless me for emphasizing grace too much, and the next, and for that emphasize good enough so samosas that's a good sign means you're hitting it down the middle, but II just saw those and grabbed the screen copy of it posted okay. I also noticed a couple of copies responding to one of our Jewish broadcaster thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast. Some of them since he litigator now.

The 999/1000 comments 9999, or 10,000 comments because I don't quote and put on the air here have a spot these so will respond just talking about Toby Singh and Moshe Schulman that this misspelled showman. There Singer and Shuman are legitimate rabbis because they are ordained in yeshivas robotically qualify the ordination with the term counter missionaries unwarranted and mature. They they are rabbis Brown is not. The alley has obviously is an issue with the fact you know what. Since he litigator on the few male or female, but Peter called Michelle, welcome to 866-34-TRUTH your bun tell you you couldn't be more wrong in your assessment. It's kind of embarrassing.

When you judge people wrongly and you do it publicly, only to then have your false judgment exposed. The first thing is, is not a competition on the PhD. They are not, but whose that is utterly immaterial. It's utterly irrelevant under call myself a rabbi, because I'm not no competition when I refer to Somoza County missionary Rabbi. I'm specifically saying that the work that they are doing is specifically directed against people like me who are designated missionaries sharing the faith with our Jewish people sharing the gospel with our Jewish people so I might refer to someone else as a social activist rabbi. I might refer to someone else as as the yellow public scholar and rabbit what was whatever.

Qualifying for clarification. So I law it was robotic by the way, but that that comment was just unfortunate, but the next one was was dead wrong, but I wanted to interact with it. Dr. Brown, Paul based his entire religious dogma on an incident inconsistently related which he fell off his dock first assignment consistently relates consistently related their couple different nuances in the Greek once it's understood is consistently rated its relates consensus in the New Testament three times X 20 2X 26 it's actually related with more consistency than some narratives parallel narratives in the Old Testament by the Paul based his entire religious dogma and incident inconsistently related which he fell. Actually it's it's not true.

That was the life transformation from, but then he based his religious dogma was written to not that's that's what he based his dog mom and that's where God gave them insights we encounter the Lord yes the Scriptures open up the you hang on his every job until written letters to churches considering them divine and unimpeachable mule you mock thought games are tightly expressed in the Talmud and thereby rejected as authoritative words equal measure, perhaps, is constrained by church authority that enforces your fifth cost at first FF under some churches authority.

Okay, that's the first thing on the part of the Catholic Church. Your particular denomination. That's gonna enforce something ominous that the first thing a Jewish follower of Jesus, and an part of congregation and part of the body beside world. What the second thing is to use equal weights. That's the thing, and I would challenge you since he litigator of your male-female attempt to do the same. I look at Paul's treatment of the Hebrew Bible. I look at some of the treatment of the Bob and understand that each can in the homiletical at times use because the midrash approach or or draw an allegorical meaning and things like that and look at things differently understand and Rabbi Shulman has been emphasizing in some teachings is been doing. How how Christians and Jews will look at Scripture differently in concerts of inerrancy and infallibility.

The different views on those things that we can debate that are dialogue about that are or interact with one another on that that's fruitful fine that's great, but I'm not mocking a thought game in Talmud and thereby rejected as authoritative understand what's going on some things just like a math equation, but was that the goal is not to come to a solution, but the dude to do the equation hence but what about 300 times in the Babylonian Talmud, the conclusion is taken are made for lid stand is that there is no definitive answer to the debate back and forth but it's there for the sake of the discussion and and the weighing of the different views and the sharpening of the of the legal mind, etc. so that none mocking that what I am saying is when it comes to certain conclusions and goes in a certain direction and I'm just supposed to embrace that is somehow inspired what let me compare that.

Then the something of it. If that is is considered choice, and her son is very counter assault equal weights equal measure to be consistent both even if we approach things consistent fire. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown different clip I heard that one before. How tight it with their leaders Thursday will find out shortly. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Michael Brown delighted to be with you in a moment. A few moments I want to answer a question that was recently posed to me.

If Jesus is really the Jewish Messiah, then why didn't the Jewish leaders of his day recognize him or subsequently ever rejected him. Why didn't they.

In subsequent generations recognize the error of their ways. After all, even if the rejected profits in one generation.

They accepted them in the later generation, so why not the same thing with Jesus for questions will come to them in a little while when I want to go to your calls 866-34-TRUTH will start with Gavin in Cleveland, Ohio. Welcome to the broadcast Michael Currier doing very well thank you, they I'm calling?

Are there 14 by not going to the book of Isaiah and trying to really read in context, and then a crop and I at 714. I like how it about the roof and contact and I pretty much read every comment on what your that the five I'm well and I'm wondering how you feel about the electoral property that Mike or Donica David Stern talk about data 13 and 15 are one property typically about Jesus and inflicting an honor about Isaiah done yeah II don't accept that you that there is a turning from the one to the other, pointing to Tushar you should do their work. Some of the reference to the child. Isaiah that's born in in the in the eighth chapter Mahesh Lacoste pause limit many states simply how I explain it, and with all respect to the different views that that Mike or Donica David Stern has been certainly people I'd love to have of the same team of the redoing your commentary or a debate or something so much appreciation to them in their work, but number one, my principle of interpreting this prophecy which is found at the end of volume 3 of my series, and strangers objections to Jesus is is that every prophecy must be interpreted in its original context and that unfulfilled prophecies that were given to the house of David reach their fulfillment in the Messiah a given example Psalm two is widely viewed as a coronation song and it may have been spoken over David when he became king and the king would be recognized as God's son adopted is God's son, and it would be proclaimed that he will rule over the nations etc. well, it never fully happened David with all of his rule and Solomon even extending that rule still was never the whole world and and it crumbled quickly in the divided kingdom, and so on, and even the unique language of God saying this they have given you birth.

This is quite strong for the installation of the Israelite king. But now that becomes part is a part of the Psalms becomes part of the liturgy at will. When did it have never happened. So even now look for the fulfillment of that in the future and I was was spoken by the king at that time, let's just say you know that that you were the 10th and in the light of you are Gavin the 10th, right, and I said God has promised you, Gavin.

You know that that that you will will be the greatest star in the history of sports etc. then you end up like playing a game with the Cleveland browns and that's it. But then like four generations later, Gavin the 14th.

He does so you you have a lot of prophecies like that in the Hebrew Bible, and I believe is Matthew was looking back he didn't just read Isaiah 7 he read Isaiah 7, eight, nine, 10 and 11 to explain what happens in Isaiah 9, a child is born, to us, right sons, Martha was Charles with a son given to us as a messianic prophecy even if it was initially spoken over Hezekiah at his birth. The fact is, he doesn't fulfill it. He doesn't bring in that everlasting kingdom of God, but spoke as if he was ready, born immediately on the heels of the destruction of Syria and and that's the context there.

His birth brings the destruction of Syria in the 11th chapter is the son of Jesse was going rule and reign over the earth, so those are clearly messianic.

Isaiah 911. I believe Isaiah saw the seventh chapter which deftly was initially a word, the days of our cause. There was gonna be some birth of significance that would serve as a message to the house of David. Notice it's one of the only two times in the book of Isaiah that the house of David is mentioned in the Hebrew is plural hello are you aware me out. It's is plural right so God is not just speaking to Ahaz but to the house of David. There was an attempt from the from Israel and Ahram to destroy Judah, and to put in an imposter on the thrombin tile veil some worthless one. Put them on the throne instead, and, and God says look to me on the wall. Ahaz is is is godless is Dr. to do because is I'll give you side, and this can be the son on the one hand, the child born is going to be a monorail God is with us on the other hand, judgment, destruction, or coming. Who was that child.

What was the significance of his birth, then that's debated.

You can read 100 different commentaries, Jewish and Christian and though talk about the significance of the prophecy than with the silos and there is constant debate about what was the nature of the sun was the prophecy all Matthew sees now it and and it's clearly a birth of some supernatural proportion through it all mom a young woman right. Matthew now looks this is what you know, the Messiah, who is literally God with us. Born of an all mall who in fact is a virgin that this is whatever Isaiah was originally speaking of this is what is ultimately speaking of, and we know that that Matthew has chapters 911 in mind because in the fourth chapter of Matthew, he quotes from the beginning of Isaiah 9 and in the second chapter of Matthew makes reference to the Messiah being born going to live in Nazareth and says is is is the prophets process will be called a Nazarene. Where is that where the profits of the say that one of the relevant verses is Isaiah 11 that he'll be unnecessary. The Messiah will be in that's their so Matthew screwed looking at the 11th chapter clinic denies You clearly. The seventh chapter. So the short answer is this was a promise of a birth of supernatural important significance with blessing and judgment given to our cause that finds its full meaning in the coming of the Messiah to whoever that person was that was born.

It was called the manual, etc. they disappear from history. We know nothing more about them with the prophetic word of what was going to happen now finds its ultimate fulfillment in the Messiah, the son of David, just like many other promises to the line of David. Her Yep sure things. If you reread volume 3 right tree. This hopefully that will will be clear to you. It is a direct prophecy.

There many prophecies that you consider direct but they have a journey they start here right it is there direct prophecy in Ezekiel 36 about the regathering of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, etc. yes, but it starts with a prophecy about the return from Babylon. Many prophecies of the start here only partly fulfill now we see the rest. All right, let us go to José and California welcome Salina fire God directed Dr. Brown thank you yeah on I had a question regarding the modern state of Israel and comparative entity on the old covenant state of Israel when it was when I was a theocracy madman yeah but I wanted to ask about that in regarding to how the church see them today and it is not fit like a theological question or biblical question.

It's more like him like a church question because I come my aunt and my church circle are Baptist and Assemblies of God for the kind of the people that I associate with and anglais independent charismatic churches and I see what I've seen and we've all seen it. I don't know if you seen this and in the circle that urine beliefs see that the church is actually Hispanic because I come from it's been entered there Spanish-speaking Georgia and we see this and as they kind of the uplift on the state of Israel to appoint where they are on like it. Sometimes it is they have to put it like in every sermon and yeah I and I'm not yet just jumping José because I get a break in and I want to be able to answer first of first through church history, the church is often than the opposite of this denigrated Israel to God's finished with Israel often persecuted Jewish people for not believing in Jesus forced used to give up any Jewishness to become part of the church so I for one, am glad to see the pendulum swing away that blesses Israel and recognize recognizes how God has restored the Jewish people, not because of our goodness, but because of his goodness and and the roots of modern Zionism were anything but godly people reading the Bible and the image somewhere, but others were just socialist or atheists or different ones are irreligious and and so God, God brought us back and we should recognize it because it's from a prophecy. We should recognize it because the devil will posted. We should recognize it because Jesus is coming back to Jewish Jerusalem should recognize it because it's it's a token and sign of God's faithfulness God's ongoing faithfulness. He keeps his word. He keeps his word even when we fail keeps his word. At the same time José. We cannot raise Israel up to idolatrous proportions. We must recognize that the nation needs the Lord, that although there many outstanding wonderful qualities about Israel. Jewish people sin like everybody else. Israel since like everybody else. Israel needs the Messiah, so we recognize God's hand on his will. We rejoice in that we keep Jesus essential in our preaching and we pray for a spirit of repentance and brokenness that the Jewish people level the religious here… Turn to the Messiah that help us recognize because doing. It's not you still in idolatrous way to bless you sir for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to 30 Jewish Thursday I was waiting for the eye.

There's Jewish music, okay, came a little differently there, but there we are. It is the early church there is the Michael Brown thanks for joining us. 866-348-7884 if you get Jewish related questions with your best to give you solid Jewish related answers before go to the phones. The question came up to me the day. Why, if Jesus is the Jewish Messiah was not recognized by the Jewish leaders of his day. Of course, have been asked this many times we just came up freshly and responded gave my answer and I said look, let's understand that many times through history we've rejected God's messengers and even though we ultimately received Moses then through her history rejected the law that Moses gave bring about our destruction or other profits.

Re-we resisted. According to Jewish tradition killed Isaiah we know how we persecuted Jeremiah in the Bible there even Jewish traditions that say we persecuted all the prophets, etc. so why should surprise us.

Then when the preeminent profit the Messiah himself comes that is the nation, not individuals but as a nation are our leadership rejected. Why why should that surprise us well. Then the question is well why should we believe that he was right and they were wrong. Of course we have the prophecies that point to him and indicate the Messiah to come and suffer and die rise from the dead before the second Temple was destroyed that be rejected by his own people become a light to the nations.

We have all of those prophecies, which are quite substantial. But God himself acted look at Luke chapter 19 Luke chapter 19 and beginning verse 41, as usual approach is Jerusalem. He weeps over the city saying if only you had recognize this day, the things that lead to shalom things at least your piece, but now they are hidden from your eyes. The days will come upon you and your enemies will surround you with barricades and hem you in on all sides was smashed into the ground. You and your children within you and they won't leave within you one stone upon another, because he did not recognize the time your visitation tragically because we rejected the Messiah. Think of this Temple was destroyed 40 years later, great destruction came on our people in Jerusalem throughout the land and then 100 years after that another destruction to failed Jewish revolts and in the temple still not been rebuilt to the stain through most most of our history.

Since then we been exiled and scattered around the world. It would seem that something very wrong happened that we did something very wrong. There we rejected the Messiah use about why haven't Jewish leaders since then correctly things will for the most part 99+ percent.

The Jewish leaders don't actively consider whether Jesus is the Messiah. With this surely could be the Messiah.

And I understand your openness, or religious system you believe that system and then you do study within that system. If you ask your average Christian while you don't believe the Mohammed bill bill.

Explain what they reject and not because they studied the crawler value with Mohammed understand what Rabbi seven freshly evaluated, but for the vast majority of rabbis.

There's not been an honest searching out the front of the issue really is not only so this is part of judgment that we came under reject him one generation the next next next becomes more natural to keep rejecting the good news is that there will be a national turning that the day will come when we will look to the one that we pierced on a national level, and turned back. Also, the New Testament records that there were many Pharisees who believe there are many priests who believed in one of the most brilliant Jews of all time is writing is incredibly influential Saul Paul became a believer and there have been learning Jews including rabbis over the centuries that have come to faith. But that's not the proof of anything. The ultimate proof is what is Scripture say who is the Messiah and God has acted in history to say when we rejected him as a people we made a terrible mistake. How much more clear could not have made 866-34-TRUTH for truth over to Travis and Nashville, Tennessee. Welcome to the line of fire Michael at her predicament. Thank you. I wanted you about guilt 28 hour Bible study and Murfreesboro. The cutting spiritual warfare in one of the top, but often do in spirit, order nature, the devil chapters picked up. Possibly Catania. I wanted to get your thoughts on whether or not to you believe that the judgment pricking attire and Ezekiel 28 is actually a rep of a failed record date and if no notion that very popular traditional teaching that the treatment would like a choir director in heaven, something like that, based on the language right in the King James anyway to talk about height and jumble them but the Alexandrian pack biking at the public betting socket warning if you cannot you cut that straight walk yesterday just to mention when you speak of as Alexandrian text and in an SBC versus King James Alexander was a Byzantine. That's entirely New Testament text is unrelated to the Hebrew Bible, so it's similar to simply write it simply a matter of translation of the Hebrew so number one. I do believe that is God is judging the king of Tyre judging him for his pride that he now begins to speak about the demonic power the spiritual power behind him, and that this is a reference to Satan. So beginning verse 12 sentiment take up a lament concerning the king of Tyre say to him.

This is with the sovereign Lord says you the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty, you were in Eden, the garden of God. Every precious stone adorned you Ruby topaz diamond barrel onyx, Jasper, etc. you anointed Guardian chair of the carrier I placed on the holy mountain of God.

You walked among stone safari were perking away from danger created. Yet there is no question that that's talking about the one that referred to the estate. No question. So even though the king of cars being rebuked that this is a rebuke to Satan himself, who obviously work through the king of Tyre so this and that sense would be the most detailed description that we have is a 14 is related, but this would be the most detailed description we have of the beauty of this one we know Satan today, the adversary, the accuser of the, the Latin Lucifer Luca Ferris light bearer and comes from Isaiah 14 where this fall and was called hello Ben Shankar, shining one son of the Dawn is so originally this this glorious angelic being of of unparalleled beauty and honor. This is the one who then allows pride to enter his heart and rebels against God.

As for the notion of of timber roles and let your tubes with music and things like that is as much as we'd like that to be true because you can then tie and how Satan knew the importance of music and so he was the worship leader, and in the heavenly temple or something. It's it's not what the Hebrew the essay so it's it's something that is interesting, but not the best translation of the Hebrew debate amongst God dollars like Bible teacher pricking attire when it talking about.

Instruction at being a monk man with tray, a trader using light. I'm trying to say the word about trade and how he was at down because the trading property and the idea that how is that referencing bait well before man Augustine and some of the other language like later in the yellow it talks about a different ethical. One of Egypt being in the NDE garden of Eden as well but sort ideas about bettors that universally there's this debate about Old Testament scholars in terms of how to interpret this and how much should be read with reference to with reference to Satan but when it talks. But the actual judgment it's time at the king of Tyre with most natural right with understand that is that the judgment speaking of is the judgment on the earthly king it. Speaking of the spiritual power behind him and her and giving us this revelation about who Satan was in the beginning but the actual judgment in the specifically that I will try to to to interpret that with regard to the Satan or judgment on him understand that specifically with regard to of the king of Tyre and by the way that it's in verse 13 where there is the question of the end of the verse. The workmanship of your temples and pipes so it's tablets and pipes and King James temples and pipes nuking games because the other translations. For example, CSB mountings and settings, ESV settings, and engravings. NIV settings and mountings NET settings and mounts the new juice translation the same that Siegel beautifully wrought a few mind for you prepared the day.

So none of these other translations understand the words in any musical term and and I would certainly agree with that as well. Are you Travis thanks for the call which appreciated 866-34-TRUTH let us go over to Aron and Fort Myers, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. I don't do very well thank you Brianna questioning whether you believe a Israelite were monotheists or they believe another God and their they did not believe another God won't do it. Number Psalm 85 were referred to the Angels or re-translate the Angels but the word is Elohim and then you also have other verses in Psalm 86 896 or that yes oh yes oh yes, let me answer that question because the second will be necessary course we know that through much of Israelite history. The merciful kinds of other gods and and they were polytheists, etc. but was the worship of Yahweh monotheistic on the knowledge trips so manometry would be. There is one God, who is greater than all the other gods monotheism was there's one God only.

Certainly the Old Testament viewpoint is in terms of the creator. In terms of the one who ruled in rain who had authority over nature was great about this 1.1.only, no question about it.

However, your verses like this that I ask is 15 who is like you oh Lord among the gods. Oryx is 13,000 will bring judgment on the gods of Egypt. So was the recognition of how others see the yes/no questions all of the it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, there is the exultation of one God and one goal only, and no other being, is gone. Though the being can be compared to God and that is clearly the message but as I say, especially in earlier texts was the recognition of other beings. Other spiritual beings of power that were worshiped as gods by others, and that the Israelites considers no godlike you. Absolutely. But look, we could also say the same things Lord is no godlike you even though will believe in other gods, reducing as God you you are the one and only true God. So again as the creator as the one who was eternal as the source of life. Israel was monotheistic as far as acknowledging the existence of other so-called gods who were completely subject to Yahweh and to be destroyed at his whim or desire is that was recognized there was a spiritual realm that was recognized in these beings call because it could be called God's with a lower case G. In that respect. Thank you for the question, 86634 let's go to Jake up in Clarksville, Tennessee. Welcome to light a fire okay so I have my question is about the book of Revelation. If you talk to a someone who is a Christian born Irish Christian versus Jewish convert to Jesus, their understanding of exam. The New Testament is always different, but Revelation is external and currently different not hurt you know that everything from each chapter is a repeat of the book of Exodus to you know what further elaboration of prophetical thing in Leviticus 23 or what is the differences between using the messianic Converse Western Gentile finds it on what's right. Obviously know John was Jewish, so is Jacob. I would not look ever. Everything helps when you can do your best to get in and to the original context and background and so on foot for sure that that's always helpful, but in a case like this revelation is what is called apocalyptic literature and and that's the number one thing to understand its visionary understands filled with symbolism understand it paints various pictures of contemporary events as if it's the end of the age and the end of the universe and other things do speak of the end of the world as we know in the beginning of a new world of I don't know personally that there is one method of interpretation that you could say this is the valid one for sure. It's been pointed out that out of the wood is a 404 verses in the book of Revelation as many as 278 borrow from Old Testament imagery. We know that John writes Revelation in an unusual Semitic style. It's not normal Greek PE rights in the very intentional Semitic style as if he's writing with Hebrew grammatical principles in Greek that's that's also known as only one verse that's that's actually quoted from the Old Testament in Revelation. It's from Psalm two about the Lord ruling with a with a rod of iron, but beyond that, the important thing is to look at the symbolism than to look at the larger meaning that strong to compare it to other apocalyptic type literature and there is a reason that to this day from messianic Jews to traditional Christians Revelation. This is read in many different ways. I I grew up in a church that rated is a site for the messages to the church is the beginning of the rest of it was for that the that the future and the tribulation we be ruptured out, etc. and in our book, the creaking I wrote, due out next month March 19 not afraid of the antichrist but will believe the pretrip relational rapture. He lays out his view which sees a lot of it is as past events and things unfolding until we get to the end. I I try to read it and just have it taken spiritually because I still don't know where I come down on. To be honest with so I I was. There's a simple answer and that I could be of greater help provided content to be had and an overwhelming book to make but let the what is clear those it if there's any book you can't separate from its Jewish Old Testament roots.

It's Revelation because it's so ingrained are so many places, but beyond that I don't know that there is a Jewish interpretation of versus a Gentile interpretation. It's such a glorious and mysterious book and that maybe maybe one day without 98 elegant keys for understanding the book of Revelation a for your all have I got your very welcome and so the different interpretations before the girl was looking at the role worth looking all right.

Let's go to Anson and New Orleans wildfire background?

I guess have to do more with historical document, but I was looking at our first annual 13 where it's talking about Saul's age and how long the rain and noticed different translations had vastly different numbers there in the research thing to say that there was a buck to every part of the tech start that had deteriorated where they couldn't read first number but they could read the second number and I get some wondering in all the different fragments of text that they have, but haven't been able to clarify that as number one but number two my version of the Bible. I was using. Initially it didn't have that in italics are not just I guess I have the assumption that when the added things in for readability or understandability gets printed differently like in italics or something else in the regular print will it all depends on the translation present with you meeting said King James and Eugene James and something is editing for clarity will be in italics. Other translations it's not, and hopefully there's a footnote that tells you differently yeah but if if I'm reading the Hebrew literally bench and show will will also station on the Moloch of Israel so far. If I'm reading it literally.

It's either Saul was one-year-old when he began to rain, or he was one year and is rain in the rain for two years so something was clearly missing the Tanakh. The new Jewish publication Society translation, which is also the Tanakh cyst.

Saul was… Years old when he became king and he reigned over Israel two years. The question is, it doesn't seem that he only reigned over two years, which would indicate that something is missing.

He reigned 30 in two years or 20 in two years or 10 in two years versus the way you trusted Hebrew. So what we go to the book of acts was written in acts 1321 and they asked for King and God gave him salsa and fuchsia method covered Benjamin for 40 years and then there's some other traditions that put the number 30 there that he was 30 years old when he began to rain and then he reigned for 42 years, which is rounded up to 40 years, it saw the number so the fact is there are some different ancient traditions. Josephus also speaks of them raining for four years, but we don't we don't know for sure it's something is clearly missing from the text. I was interacting with an Orthodox Jew the other day and he was try to explain how nothing is missing and should be interpreted in this way and that way it's just there there normal formulas that use their normal voice of same thing so number one there is nothing in terms of our faith in terms of foundational beliefs theology truth. Anything that's affected by this is the first thing the settler thing is, look at it the other way. There was enough reverence among scribes and others to not just try to fill in the blanks that it would been so easy percentages for the bikes and you do have some other traditions that come in and maybe they're accurate but something was missing. We don't know what and because scribes were reverent with the tax that they they copied what they had, rather than just putting something else of their own so short and I really appreciate that aspect of it, but I mean I get on the ground. Ancient language script under none of the others. References part of Scripture for clarification. Okay, so there are actually in terms of the Hebrew Bible. They're not thousands of ancient manuscripts. There are thousands of medieval manuscripts, but not not ancient that the ancient manuscripts of Dead Sea Scrolls and that's that is different parts of the Bible. Now, if I was if I was looking at for example you can type in all right say Dead Sea Scrolls translatable to it do if I have time to have time to pull up this quickly and look at that list this evening, just very quickly but to my knowledge this is not covered in Dead Sea Scrolls.

But what you have is thousands of Masoretic manuscripts okay and those are from the from medieval elusive from this 1/700 600s for euro for 500 years, we have these these key manuscripts so in point of fact you do have many of those and hearing their you have alternate readings here and there, you'll have different manuscript readings and their compilations of these were scholars then look at all of this. Can I pull this up yet. Let's see if I get this clock is ticking. We're running out of time.

First Samuel, so here it that the thing is if you have no you don't have first Samuel 13

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