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The Divided States of America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 3, 2019 5:10 pm

The Divided States of America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 3, 2019 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/03/19.

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We talk about the United States of America. But in truth we are the divided states of America stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire. Now, like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This is really interesting just this moment literally.

I looked on a map and saw something fascinating, eye-opening about pro-life legislation in America, this is Michael Brown got a very important broadcast today on the modify, thanks for joining us. Hope you have a great weekend member call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Now, first and foremost we talk about the state of America will be talking about various states and abortion will be talk about Pres. Trump's recent tweets celebrating gay pride while at the same time you Sani against lots of LGBT activism where talk about the divisions in America today, but phone lines are open, you can weigh in on any of these subjects you can challenge my views about pro-life. You can challenge my views about sexual morality can challenge my views for or against Pres. Trump as well. Phone lines are open recalls criticisms, comments are warmly welcomed.

If you just want to say something because you're upset with me and, unload and then go on with your day just tweeted out going do it. However, if you have another question of any kind Bible related theology related spiritually and you like to call if we have time to take calls on other subjects you will do that as well. Now as I'm speaking this is the oddest things never happened in 10 1/2 or 1111 years now of daily radio. Just think during the selection he Chris I there is something that sounds like it is in my studio here or in the walls bouncing around. It's almost like you've got a kind of mouse kangaroo things I hear this bouncing it, like 10 like sound like it's in the walls if suddenly if you're watching okay you want your YouTube or Facebook. If you suddenly see some creature like bouncing up and then posted in the chat and Telus okay Dr. Brown. We spotted it we we figure out what's what's going on alright so what's this might be a cat or bird yet perhaps not the kangaroo type mouse jumping bouncing mouse. Perhaps it could be cat or bird stuck somewhere that could be but if you sit if you're watching this is like crawling on my shoulder. Actually, there is little video clip the president of the Philippines is a controversial of gutter. He's given a talk at his assistance only comes running out like trust, does the thought is what it looked big cockroach go without a shirt question relates if you spot anything let me know because I was with my free your confidence like a rattlesnake or something attacking and bite okay. 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call, but in all seriousness, friends here here's here's I'm looking okay, I'm looking at this map.

Now this is on NBC news so it's his legacy pro-life to say antiabortion, a guide to antiabortion laws by state grabbing state after state pass really strong pro-life laws know at Alabama saying no no exemption for Ray Princess) terrible tragedy. If that happens is probably less than 1% of all abortions overall but don't punish the baby because of the crime committed against the mother. You do your best to find a compassionate solution for all involved, including the baby in the womb. Long-term, not just to to give birth but long-term compassionate solutions. You have the, the governor of Louisiana, was a Democrat signing a bill into law the you have Netflix to Walt Disney.

The others same room a pull out of Georgia if this fetal heartbeat law goes through of the state of Mississippi is about to close its last abortion clinic but yours was fascinating is is when I'm looking on the map here. All these states are directly connected that you got Utah right which it which is out obviously further west but you start in Ohio right governor has signed restrictive abortion law and then you go down to Kentucky Kentucky. These Kentucky's governor has signed restriction is restrictive abortion or so.

So we headed were heading from North in Ohio right south west to Kentucky now were going further west to Missouri governor has signed restrictive abortion law, then south of that to Arkansas right governor has signed restrictive abortion law south of that to Louisiana Gov. signed restrictive abortion now were going back to the East right and Mississippi's governor has signed restrictive abortion. Of these, just the captions with it. Alabama and dip same Gov. signed restriction divorce reports law and Georgia. Same deal. So when I realized was that these states were were all connected Ohio to Kentucky Kentucky to Missouri Missouri Arkansas Arkansas Louisiana Louisiana Mississippi Mississippi Alabama Alabama Georgia.

What was it Nancy it is a fascinating may be Tennessee's next that would make a whole block there could be that and then Texas Oklahoma or the next, which was going on the flip side. On the flipside, you got Gavin Newsom saying in California.

Hey come to California and have your abortion come to California.

Go ahead and do it that you have the Illinois Senate just looking at it report your Chicago Tribune May 31, a bill that establishes court a fundamental right for women to get an abortion in Illinois cleared the state Senate late Friday nights in the sweeping measure governor JB Pritzker who already has signaled his support as a clock approaching midnight Friday. The Senate voted 34 to 20 in favor of the abortion legislation which comes amid an increased sense of urgency among advocates looking to protect abortion as axis is a series of states have passed laws, essentially banning the practice according the sender, Sen. Melinda Bush. I believe issues she sponsored the bill in the Senate. I believe frankly there's a war against women's rights going on, so it is war. It's a war for the life of the unborn, the other side is looking at is a war against women's rights and according to the article, the bill establishes quote the Fonda mental right. Please help me here. Please help me if if you are pro-choice, yet you still not on the pro-abortion. I don't like abortion but I still am still pro-choice. If you are pro-choice. Please help me somebody please enlighten me. Why does the woman yes. The mother why does she get to choose what happens to the life of her child. Where is that a fundamental right in what constitutional paragraph or phrase it in in in what amendment Bill of Rights shall be somewhere in our founding documents which talk about fundamental rights right in our Declaration of Independence, which lays out the fundamental rights given by the creator, the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness are somebody somebody please please tell me where a woman has a fundamental right well rolling out of his shop. Just tell me what that's based on what what philosophy which is based on right. Bill establishes the fundamental right of of a woman to have an abortion states that a fertilized egg embryo or fetus does not have independent rights repeals the Illinois abortion law of 1975 doing with provisions for spousal consent when he appears criminal penalties for physicians who perform abortions of the restrictions of facilities were abortions are performed while wow can I can I repeat the words.

The bill says that quote a fertilized egg embryo or fetus does not have independent rights. You know another name for fertilized egg embryo or fetus is called a baby echo the baby in the womb. Will you call it when a woman starts to show all look in my fetus pump no known cause of the fetus pump you call in a baby bump. What will you call it what you call it when woman takes a pregnancy test high wherever your feet is where having a baby. I'm pregnant fertilized egg. Now I'm freighted having a baby. What should we name the embryo know what should we name our baby.

Everyone knows at the moment that that the child is alive, the more the child is conceived in the womb.

And this is actually a living as it's a baby it's a baby we can call a baby if you call her babe. Let's let's get an ultrasound to see with the embryo with the with the fears looks like the baling is seen as a boy, there are those that go to Shimon to see what baby it's a child remarkably remarkably, this states things and in terms of, you are now going to dehumanize the baby in the womb. And it repeals these earlier laws while wow wow alright so one of or one of our supporters points out Matt. Thank you. Appreciate it that matter, produce another Matt that it's the ninth amendment that is used to right so let's let's look at the ninth amendment. Okay, let's see what's actually in the ninth amendment. Okay 1789 ninth amendment and will click on the link that's is what is the ninth amendment. In simple terms by the way, if I was Mark within an these types of things are my specialty. I quote the ninth amendment from memory. I quote the Bible parts are for memory reports across from memory or things like that but that's like the men hate. Thank you so much. Just for your YouTube gift. Are you to chat thank you for standing with us.

Much appreciated ninth amendment or minute diagnosis, cost efficiency section of the rights it states that there are other rights that may exist. Aside from the ones explicitly mention even though they're not listed. It doesn't mean that they can be violated. So that's that's the ninth amendment.

In simple terms, there is there are other rights where does the mother get to write the right to determine what happens to the baby pass again where is the mother get the right to make an independent choice as to the fate of the child in her room. She certainly doesn't have that choice. The child outside her room. What makes her the one that makes the choice about the baby in the room right we come back when switch subjects, Pres. Trump and LCCC issues confusing that I think have some insight on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown comments blessed to know what a joy when folks come up to your seductive bring your your voice my voice that's we seek to be service God's voice and your voice speaking to a confuse culture in a compromised church with words of grace and truth together.

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I love to travel and get out see face-to-face with strategically cut back and produce more materials that can reach millions overnight. We do that with your partnership and help so God bless you and thank you 866-34-TRUTH phones are open for any question of any kind will be getting to those little later the broadcast.

But if if you are pro-choice. If you differ with my position on abortion with you consider yourself a Christian, not calling, tell me what call and tell me what we've had unbelievably powerful shows some of the most moving shows in the history of our broadcast of this is now 11 years on daily radio where people called in who had abortions. 20 years ago. 30 years ago four years ago 10 years ago or men who almost forced their girlfriend to have an abortion.

People calling in weeping breaking down crying and terrible pain of harvest decades later, the worst thing you did God's adversity regularly, but those of baby liquor bit of the child or your so gripped so gripped if you differ at love to hear why. Alright, Pres. Trump Pres. Trump has been called the most anti-LGBT Pres. in American history. Obviously, for much of our history, there is no such thing as being anti-LGBT. There was there was no gay rights movement that the people were pushing back against right.

But Pres. Trump has clearly taken the strongest stands against gay activism from overturning Pres. Obama's edict about transgender serving in the military seeking to overturn that presence done that to pushing back against Pres. Obama's push to redefine sex. So where our government would become at sex or in in the schools sex so male versus female no-no that's just gender identity and expression, so you can't discriminate based on sex. That means if a boy identifies as a girl he can plan on the girls basketball team work or softball team or something like that. Etc. etc. that that that's what it means. So there but the Trump administration's push back against that. And yet Pres. Trump at the end of May.

So in anticipation of gay pride month broke a pattern.

The Bush administration for eight years, did not issue a proclamation celebrating gay and lesbian pride gay pride month. Now LGBT pride the month of June with respect to the Stonewall riots in New York City in June 1969.

He did not all, of the eight years Pres. Obama was in office. He did issue a celebratory eater recognizing gay pride month. Now the first two years of come's presidency he did not do that. He did not do that. History of vodka did and whatever other sympathies, there may be that the a and M Stennis is not attacking people or speaking it's people it's it's agreeing with the LGBT agenda that that your sexual desires and romantic attractions get you put in a certain category of immutability that you're born this way you can change that. You should have special rights because it that's where we have our difference not treating everyone fairly treating everyone with respect, treating everyone kindly, loving your neighbor as yourself equal opportunities role people. That's not our issue. Our issue is LGBT rights now are imposed on others were special categories made for something that is not innate or immutable is not born that way.

It's up you can change like skin color and does not deserve its own category and their choices behavioral choices that people make to live a certain way or not live a certain way and then when an agenda gets imposed. For example, let's say that you have a Christian school, and you have an openly homosexual teacher use of your violation of our guidelines will any people wanted to be against the law, that would be discriminatory or if you have say a nursery school and there's a man who now identifies as a woman and he's got a mustache like I do, but he identifies as a woman, but a woman with a mustache and he comes wants to teach at the school is wearing a dress and is obviously a male you say that that that would be confusing for children. We don't want that book that would be discriminatory. According to some, that's where we push back will Pres. Trump for the first time now issued not a White House proclamation, but a personal tweet and he said as we celebrate LGBT pride month and recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people is made to our great nation but is also stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people live in dozens of countries worldwide that punish imprisonment or even execute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation. My administrations lost the global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invite all nations to join us in this effort.

Scott, as it was a few minutes ago hundred 5000 likes over 20,000 retweets so this is among Trump followers. There say amen to this, it is they will all my computer follow Jesus Imperial Christian then then why does this bother you. It bothers me because it's the celebration of an agenda.

I appreciate every American. Whatever good they contribute, regardless of their skin color regrowth of their ethnicity. Regardless of their sexual desires and romantic attractions, whatever they do in private or what God knows, but if so worst part of the job.

I appreciate that if if if someone is is it is a loving neighbor. I appreciate that.

And there plenty of nice, hard-working folks, identifies LGBT to make a positive contribution to America. Yes, of course, absolutely. And they should be treated fairly and as long as the son of the gender there wanting to impose on us, which takes away our rights, then live and let live in less you are redefine the nature of marriage in a way that impacts others live and let live. I know the Supreme Court ruling that the II don't recognize what the Supreme Court recognizes is valid in God's sight and I was out of the groovy way change held dog support Chris.

I know it didn't change how God looks abortion same way the overture fell Hodges decision, the Supreme Court regarding marriage unlikely that the courts redefining marriage case how God looks at marriage or we should look marriage. Certainly not, but here's my point. Pres. Trump tweets this out and is fighting for the decriminalization homosexual award that notice if a culture.

Every culture says adultery is wrong is punishable by law or fornication is wrong is punishable by law will then homosexual practice is also on the punishable by law.

In other words, if things that deviate from what is considered acceptable sexual mourns in a certain culture if they are punished legally "homosexual practice in a special class that he hear Mina Gary much of an execution note no against it against that I'm against it out against it was under the Sinai covenant is not for us today against executing some of her homosexual behavior right and unless it's a wanted murder somebody would to be heterosexual, homosexual writer, some sexual I can kill someone right but the hearing if a country has a code where it is illegal to commit adultery so in Saudi Arabia will be beheaded for committing adultery, not a mother-to-be. Death penalty for that either. But if you have a culture in which there. There are there are public penalties for sexual deviation so be it.

Adultery deviation for marriage. Fornication be at homosexual practice, then that's up to the country to decide what they criminalize adult criminal I would be all for saying been the death penalty, etc., or feel forced therapy that someone have to go through but I can tell of the country you should have a law against adultery. That's up to them to decide if you have a law against fornication. That's up to them to decide what the country says your call with pornography go to jail. That's up to them to decide that maybe the moral backrub in that same culture if they said two men sleep together they go to jail. That's part of their culture. That's the larger cultural issue. So we Pres. Trump makes his push.

That's why I take issue with what what what we make of it as per is present from pro-LGBT or not is see the most anti-gay president in American history. Is he changing posturing to try to win votes set up we come back because they were here ever said and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown materially a wide range of subjects looking at an article on the stream president pays unexpected visit to Virginia church. It's doozy of a prayer from the past year that the tragic workplace shooting in Virginia Beach, considered the greatest tragedy in that city's history, 13, 14 killed by disgruntled worker.

What kit, what can you say I'm unlikely to get into gun control debate. Other things like that alone focus on things that I better insight on but he continues to remind us of of the great pain experienced in our country by the terrible loss of life of the blood sugar it's all around us by the violence that it's engulfing us.

We need the Lord's intervention very very deeply. Pres. Trump visited David Platts church and David Platt then prayed for him was an unexpected visit an unexpected prayer, but I posted an article when up over the weekend and today is present from pro-LGBT or anti-mean, how do we do we sort this out. So here the president since I between the end of May, celebrating gay pride and Kai check the White House government site to see if he actually issued from the White House official celebration of gay pride that will be interested to see them do that for two straight years as Obama did for eight straight. He did not two straight so was this is personal versus White House we we shall see. But but he also called for the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide. It why did he do this. It is he doing it to win gay votes thing to happen… A massive shift in this policy, which would completely alienate the conservative evangelicals who brought him in his article when they votes in a large number or maybe some moderator centrist but but at what cost. I just got an email moments ago right before the show started for my friend Tim Waldman. This is sent out from from AFA American family Association AFA statement. Present company LGBT agenda on Friday, May 31 Pres. Trump with understatement celebrating LGBT pride month. Homosexuality is not something the president should celebrate is a natural and healthy and immoral behavior. We hope we will continue to stand firm against the so-called equality act, HR five and any legislation that threatens religious freedom and so on. And of course I'm with Tim.

A step or step on that.

In fact, I I tweeted out myself this evening. If I can find my tweet when I saw the president's statement. I merely tweeted out my difference. See what will because I voted for him and support him and commend him when he does right and I've always told you what I differ with him strongly I'll say so. If I had access to him privately I could reach him privately that I would say something private. I don't have that access I can send messages through friends, they can try to get messages to him, but in keeping with what I told you will call it straight. If I differ with something I will say it because my allegiance is not the Donald Trump to the United States as much of this to the Lord Jesus, to submitting to God himself. So I tweeted this out and ice said I'm almost there. Let's see, I'm deeply disappointed in Pres. Trump celebrating gay pride this month with the first two years he broke the trend, but, unfortunately, is going in the wrong direction. This time, I urge you to consider.

And of course copy this twitter account. This of the statement is on the White House government website that's a shame it's a real shame should be Trinity. I know if anchor if Anke Trump and Jerry Trump. That's been their heart all along, but this is what wrong direction's mistake and I got a lot of positive responses to that in terms of twitter response. A lot of folks resonated with that but gay activists are not impressed Michelangelo securely writing on the daily beast of gay journalist and radio host EE said this on Friday, Pres. Trump tweeted a message in support of pride month which was breathtakingly disingenuous given his administration systematic assault and LGBT rights. This is in my article posted on the screen and posted this. Dr. Brown, the Lord secretly claimed Trump celebration of pride is is fraudulent and calculated as his claim to be fighting to decriminalize homosexuality. This is in fact an attempt to portray himself as supportive of LGBT Q people as he gears up for the 2020 reelection campaign securely said the goal is less about getting much of the communities backing which will he be near impossible much more about keeping her getting the support of many others who might be turned off by blatant anti-LGBT Q bigotry that he could be right. This could be a calculated move by the president to try to people more in the middle were put off by him opposing LGBT quote rights and and and this will win their vote. That's possible but I think it's likely because for every one of those he wins over he's gonna lose five or 10 like beer like you that are not happy with this. Or maybe you're on the fence about boarding from a not-so-subtle set out amending the vote for the sex election was considered out put in a protest vote. It could be a strategy of so it's misguided right here May 14 Tim Fitzsimmons reported this on a NBC news this just a little over two weeks ago, Pres. Donald Trump opposes the passage of the equality act proposed bill that would add sexual orientation and gender identity.

Federal civil rights law to prevent discrimination against lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. As explained by White House official. The truck administration absolutely opposes discrimination of any kind supports the equal treatment of all over this bill is in its current form of this bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscious writer that the equality act is terrible must be opposed and inhere.

Fitzsimmons cited Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of the national LGBT QFC group glad Lisa Trump's opposition to the equality act further cements his administration's legacy of being the most anti-LGBT Q government recent memory.

Indeed, I was continued LGBT Q Americans will not forget the presence politically crave the flip-flop on this fair and just legislation and then after Mayor Pete Pete mortgage I get his name right. One of these days is just in my head. My sailor said it wrong to Mayor Pete okay and I'll call Mayor Pete to be derogatory system. Mayor, but simply that there's an easy way to identify right so he's on Fox news town hall and recent interview on Fox Trump is asked to think. Don't you think is just great to see the fat you got a guy there. Mayor Pete on the stage with his gold husband right with his husband and his normal and Trump are fun. I think it's actually fine. I do he agreed with the assessment that a buddy just Candace's candidacy is cortisol a great progress adding yeah I think it's great.

I think that something that perhaps some people are problem with. I have no problem whatsoever, beside a day idle instead he opposes the equality act is overturned so much of what Pres. Obama did on behalf of of LGBT people trumps differ with that attendant on conservative evangelical way and yet he saying this, I think it's fine no problem with two men be merited. What okay how we sort this out.

Is it that Pres. Trump has no positions of any kind. Could that be it in Howard.

This is check make sure callers are there because of any of the calls momentarily, but okay is it that Trump has no moral position whatsoever, and he says whatever one day another days on the opposite. Some believe that but I genuinely believe he has no problem with two men could be married, but remember member is. It is for most of his life as New York liberal EEs in the New York business world. He must've had a ton of associates who identify as gay or list and then he's a Hollywood star with apprentice and all this so as guys got me surrounded by by openly gay people celebrating their homosexuality, and so on. I was surrounded no issue with right and whatever extends been influenced by the gospel is obviously not someone strong in the word if he knows the Lord. It's still in a very early stage sociology is biblically based convictions is a bite. I still don't get it wisely oppose the equality act.

What is a post-Christian distributed military.

What is the oppose the rewriting of of title IX by the Obama administration.

What was the oppose all these things while he's gay activists say he's these the most anti-LGBT president in our history, what they say that at and on the other hand, he's no problem with Mayor Pete Ms. quote husband and let's celebrate gay pride in his adjust the influence of his daughter Vaca and Jared is that in all then why are they influencing them effectively. On the other areas.

Here's what I think. Here's my take. Okay here's my take is generally has no issue with people identifies LGBT Q whatever I is why said that Bruce Caitlin Jenner could use the bathroom of his choice of Trump Tower commodities the girls room ladies roots go ahead and do it. I genuinely believe that that's his feeling no problem with at the same time he is been sensitized to the attack on religious rights is been sensitized to the effect on the military transgender activism is been sensitized. What happens in children's schools. When you say biological male can play on the sports team with about a female ensure the locker room and etc. etc. he's been sensitized to all that and he cares about that. He absently cares religious liberty.

The absolute does not like it when when evangelicals have their rights taken away from them.

He doesn't like it when an aggressive agenda is imposed on them so to me it feels like he's talking to sides of his mouth to me it feels like he's pulling people in with his hand and pushing them away with that because I'm looking at it from a consistent Bible-based perspective. I'm looking at it based on Scripture say with God's position, what's best for society. What's the healthiest for society, families, etc. therefore, let's go with that and in the Democratic Republic let's vote accordingly and advocate report. Accordingly, those of the rights that we have.

Let's use our rights to influence and vote, etc. to me you be completely consistent right if if if VP Pentz was doing this sin against the equality act. On the one hand than putting out a tweet like this and there are two that your hypocrisy because he knows better in those the issues is a committed Christian idle look at Pres. Trump like that. If he knows Lord of all God knows okay to me, this is Trump saying I stand with evangelicals when it comes to religious liberty. I don't want the rights taken away and no one is gonna push an agenda on you.

That makes these uncomfortable, difficult road situations, but you better believe I like a people all that I don't see them hurt animals become allies behavior. So in his mind. This could well be consistent this much I know.

If you stop the clock is a far, far, far more sinning against the agribusiness for conservative evangelical values in that realm of society, then standing that logistically right straight to the post.

It's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again. Michael Brown and friends joining us on that Pres. Trump knows that the evangelical vote for him. Conservative Democrats have good radical left delete into every wants to do now is not to worry about catering to us anymore. That's possible. The beaver cynical. Of course I believe that's the case I don't believe that's the case, but obviously some will have that position all right little phones we start with Thea in Schenectady, New York. Welcome to the line of fire. Yes you are. Go ahead, I meant that I'm not worried about Thea, just to see claim to have a relationship with the Lord in any way yeah the thing I would do is is the biggest issue is first and foremost, that his relationship with God that his sins are forgiven that he wants to live for God. If that's his heart and from there you can hopefully persuade him based on Scripture about the error of how he's living or stances that he's taken if he truly knows the Lord. He will turn away from those things but the you don't just wanted to be a focus we see reach out to him and say hey I hear you're gay or something, but if you had any relationship with him in high school, any friendship at all. I just reach out say hey how you doing what's going on in your life and when you knew him will you following Jesus at that time I got it yet so I I would just reach out as a friend, and Alfred Haig remember me went to high school together, etc. begin to interact it. What's going on in your life. I've kind of had like a spiritual renewal in my own life and really serious about following Jesus to say that and then see what he says see what he brings up you may instantly turn on you is hostile.

He may tell you all yeah I've had the car renewal my own life obligate Chris to know something or you know the what, then, just seek to develop a friendship and then out of that secret. See if you can be a positive influence in his life and really help him truly come to know the Lord, and if you have questions. If he raises issues and says you know about this or that or I can follow Jesus and be gay at the same time, then by all means shoot us a note and will send you relevant resources, YouTube videos, articles, books that will help you help him all right, all right. Thank you and in the biggest thing Thea is pray God get hold of his life and listen.

That's what I pray for Rabbi friends. That's right, pray for friend who's an atheist. That's what I pray for friend who's a Muslim that's what I pray for friend who is gay.

I get hold of their lives that be my number one prayer eight. Thank you for your concern. 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Ethan in St. Louis. Thanks for holding marketing modifier care yes I can. So I am used to be a member of the Unification Church are you aware of the name. Yes the new moon of course yeah the church for no but the Bible hired by God but they hold the corrosion inspiration then evangelical Christian. They believe the Bible can be wrong, but largely right they can know whether it's wrong or right, based on what their Messiah what the best diet so in Mark so I'll try it will happen with my family. Now members will happen is all try and convince them that the Bible word of God enough they yell. He believed that Mel pointed them Pat passages that contradict the theology and that often times the state well that one should lock the board of man, so how should I go about the witness, yeah that yeah I will be actually pretty 13 and so you were raised in this but now you have, you realize the error of of the church went. When did that happen when did you realize that the church was an error September of last year and I told him on Christmas last year will first. God bless you for doing that. God bless you for having the insight to do that. Was it that you recognize that the claims of Rev. Moon were false. Was it that you recognize that the Jesus of the Bible was different than the Jesus of the Unification Church will be the key thing that showed you the church was an error would watch apologetic videos and David lied about his mother, apologetic and culture that my family was very anti-Islam that I enjoyed the Atlantic event today of the truth Terry I held them. I started watching Christian theology videos and there's the obvious contradiction God in the Bible and the national level and you decent God's got his hand on your life. I don't say that lightly you be 13 and having this clarity of thought even to find the right videos and to have that the character and the conviction. Tell your parents.

I differ obsoleted respectfully but have the courage to do that.

God's got his hand on your life. Ethan right, God willing will all be hearing from over the years. As you grow and go forward, but he wants to use you to help settle this free and is got his hand on your life is guiding you is getting right straight down the middle. You're the inspiration of Scripture and Jesus being Lord. And when you have that plumb line, then the error is easily exposed, easily exposed, so I would first recognize the power of prayer that you go to God is your father that you have a direct intimate relationship with him. He just have a talk with him the way you're talking with me.

Get on your knees. Take a walking father so talked about an burden of concern that my dad my mom give me the words give me the wisdom so pray for wisdom and pray that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes, and you might say, will you watch this video with me right now, here's the other thing okay you know the Karam website Christian apologetics and research Ministry ready with that. Now I'm not a lawyer, right Eric plan ready article okay or have have you read their articles on Unification Church and things like that. There okay. They'll have some interesting information.

There's a page here. I'm looking at about this. It would just give you basic information so what what you want to do get that info It's also be really good on dealing with Bible difficulties, apparent contradictions, things like that. Okay go there, get more information to show them how this is the word not the word of God/man and then you want to contrast Jesus with Rev. Moon, okay by not as much. As you can websites exposing error and things like that. If they can doubt him and you can say Jesus is truthful and he's never fail River moon.

No one expected him to be dead and gone in this holding of the movement going on after his death. It's obviously dissipates as well, but that that will be helpful if you run into any obstacles right to escrow website instructor Brown that are or give me another call say hey I ran into the specific problem all right and anything we pray with you right Lord, we pray you to strengthen Ethan that her hand would be on him to keep him strong in the faith right down the center of the screen glorifying you following your openness parents eyes save every member of his family, and may it spread like holy fire Unification Church that many others who were bound and enslaved by deception would be set free. Jesus name, amen. God bless you sir, thank you for calling.

God is with you.

Keep us posted. All right and let's see, let's go to Sarah in Florida.

Time is really short whatever you wanted to weigh in our discussion about the president LGBT issues. So go ahead please labor and obviously I've I didn't know that the president had endured gay pride month. I think that that terrible.

Honestly, I think it kind. You know, obviously a question we care about human rights around the world. I am kinda a little bit ambivalent but I'm kind of glad to hear the president want you and murdering of homosexual open ending in Muslim countries can think like that

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