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Dr. Brown Answers Your Jewish Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 26, 2019 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Jewish Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 26, 2019 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/26/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome shalom shalom.

It is our first thoroughly Jewish Thursday of 2019. So welcome to the broadcast excited to be with you today on this first thoroughly Jewish Thursday of the brand-new year what I'm going to do today is take questions that I solicited earlier in the week on Facebook.

Jewish related questions that I solicited on Facebook so I won't be taking calls today.

I know you but what you folks opportunity you can call in or that it's easier to post their questions so we do that periodically. So we got some fascinating questions that were going to address. By the way, I saw a new story earlier in the week that the abortion rate in Israel has has dropped in half what was in years before. Now I have not been able to dig down into this or try to understand better the sociological reasons for but I do find it of interest because the society as a whole is very liberal and there is not a strong pro-life movement in Israel the way there is in America and the believer's messianic Jewish believers that are strongly pro-life. There, a tiny tiny tiny minority in the nation and you have that the very traditional part of the society which is not going to be pro-abortion and their growing in numbers and they have large families is that part of it is it people waiting longer to start families and when you think that would increase abortion of it is just interesting to see. Of course any positive trend is good to hear, but I've not been able to fully understand all of the reasons for this. Just wanted to report it to you. Alright, so don't don't post questions on Facebook now no reason to call. I'm just can answer the questions that were posted here, let's eat Adam Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians often said their worship services are based on Jewish first century Christian worship you find this to be the case if so, why are you not Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox.

Thank you. Quite so what Roman Catholic services and Eastern Orthodox services would be borrowing from would be some of the synagogue, chanting that's not necessarily the same tune, or style, but there would be certain words of prayer that would be chanted in services words of Scripture that would be chanted and then certain traditions that may go back to first century Christian worship that are reflected in Roman Catholic resource services now their other branches of Christianity on the Protestant side say Presbyterian or Lutheran that will incorporate some liturgy in their service, not necessarily chanted her son, but some liturgy of the Lord's prayer will often be sung and that would reflect first century Christian customs as well that there would be certain words of Scripture or key teachings of Jesus of prayer that were recited in the services or chanted as far as we know, but the reason that I'm not Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox has to do with number one I don't find the Roman Catholic teacher, Eastern Orthodox teaching as in harmony with Scripture as Protestant/messianic Jewish teaching.

That's one thing. Second thing is my big issue is the traditions that have been added the additional teachings the additional emphases the additional doctrines with which I do not agree based on Scripture that the second thing.

And thirdly I am charismatic, which means that the biggest thing for me that I'm looking for in a worship service. Aside from Jesus being exalted in in word and in song.

The biggest I'm looking for in a worship service is the moving of the Holy Spirit. The gifts of the Holy Spirit be manifest the ability for people to worship in spirit and in truth and that I find more in harmony with a charismatic Sir Sophia charismatic service that also has some liturgy. You might say that was even closer the first century, but my reason for not be Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox has to do with the larger differences over traditions added and doctrines with which I differ based on Scripture.

All right, a jack ass. This how can we substantiate the traditional authorship of the Torah and this Jewish tradition make the methods Jewish apologist would use different than one's we would use.

So how can we substantiate that Moses wrote the Pentateuch that Moses is the author of the five books of Moses now let me start here by saying that even conservative Christians and religious Jews will recognize that there were some parts of the tour that may have been added later, but were equally inspired now and ultra-Orthodox viewer or a thoroughly traditional Jew will say that God dictated the five books of Moses to Moses and therefore he could write about his own death at the end of third Jeremy 34. Or he could write retrospectively in Genesis 12. The Canaanite was in the land even when Moses was writing the Canaanite was in Alaska, you expect the person writing the words the Canaanite was then the land to have lived centuries after. When the Canaanites were exiled thing or driven out to kill Satan about the Canaanites were then in the land so it would seem odd that Moses wrote those words, apologist of often said that there may be a few words here and there that were added by later editors but those are equally inspired, but that everything else written by Moses. A traditional Jew would say that God dictated the Pentateuch to Moses. So he wrote it down by dictation, and therefore it can even talk about his own death.

So the differences in B minor in terms of what traditional Christians and traditional Jews believe about the authorship of the Pentateuch one thing every last word they're saying almost every last word. How can we prove Moses wrote with How we I know use the word substantiate which is which is a good word to use, but actually actually prove it. The only actually prove it was to demonstrate through documentary and archaeological evidence that this man Moses lived when he supposed to live right.

That's first thing and there were documents from his own hand that survived to this day. The other thing that would point in that direction would be ancient documents preserved from around that time. Talk about how Moses wrote all these books that we have these these books the scrolls.

These things on tablets that we have that would be pointing strongly in that direction to Ashley prove it is a that's probably what should be troubling. Can you prove that Abraham existed did with the Bible says they can improve a logical fire from heaven.

No. And can you prove that that the jail house shook.

When Paul and Silas renewing our video evidence of it, but we've come to know God is trustworthy in his word and stress for trustworthy. So were good with that. Now can we disprove the arguments that Moses didn't write yes I believe there solid arguments against the rejection of Mosaic authorship and Jewish apologist and Christian apologists have used similar approaches. Some different, a famous German Jewish scholar Ben Oyama Cove looks like Ben or Jacob if you sip it that Ayako or famous Italian Jewish scholar Roberto Cassuto. They took on was called the documentary hypothesis that there were four different authors, one called the J the E the D the P and they they wrote at a different time to repair centuries and all centuries after Moses and and and someone else put the whole thing. Together, and and they refuted that the end and some of their approach was similar. Christians, I would just say that that often Christian scholars and Jewish scholars approach the sacred texts in a similar but different way and that's the same thing you'll find in their quote doing the work of apologists Joshua, it seems more likely to me that Moses ought to have the preeminence in the construction of the tour, rather than current assumptions by source criticism that I just mentioned that JE PD.

These four different sources that go by that name.

Many things in history relating to God are centered in a single individual. I got your Joshua I agree with your point. In other words, we don't have joint knowledge and ancient body of literature be at Hammurabi's law code, be it the, the legend of King ^ be at the Mesopotamian flood account for Numa alias the creation account or any of that. The famous ancient documents were another one of praise to Marduk called Ludlow which is the opening word the Kadian or or Egyptian literature, folk literature or Egyptian stories of the problems suffering whenever the ancient literature is to my knowledge, we don't have any of those ancient classics from the ancient Eastern world that were composed over many centuries by different authors living in completely different settings within we've the whole thing together.

And, like the bit of a hodgepodge because according to the critics. Jaden is silly know what he wrote or P is contradicting this and D comes in here now this little joke here and and I want to commend to explain it because otherwise it will make sense right in Hebrew, Moses is called Mosher a banner so rubbing our rabbi or teacher, Moses, our teacher, Mosher Rubino, so Moshe and then are rubbing a lot of critical scholars said you have the J source sees that the Jehovah Yahweh name you have the E source used Elohim Ella hist. That's the source you have the D source that was the girl in ionic school with the dramatic reforms and you have the piece was the priestly and is mainly from who knows, maybe from like 10 century to the fourth century or something like that so hundreds of years in the mid-thousand years after Moses and then they said you have the our source whose are the redactor, the editor, so the fancy name for Natalie, redactor, the our source and he put the whole thing together so you try to see the J right. This did he write this to direct this to to write this know this is our put altogether. There's a traditional Jews and say yes we believe in the our source Mosher Rubino Rubino art teacher, Moses is the our source is the real author of it so if you decide on is there were two descent, don't sweat it. The simple point is that when you look at some of the history of the great literature or the literature of the Greek literature of the Iliad and Odyssey and things like that you don't find multiple authors over period of a thousand years leading them to get a totally different accounts within someone puts together as a whole is not the way these things are composed, so it makes sense at least each book a time enjoyment. The five books that someone wrote Genesis and Subaru Exodus is a posted several different people putting it together so we can't prove that Moses wrote the Pentateuch, but I believe we can be of good evidence to the antiquity of the Pentateuch, and that it logically traces back to him. Even if there aren't some additions and supplements along the way. By later authors. Those who despise what Moses would have written in the first place right right back with her thoroughly questions on this thoroughly today broadcast. Don't go anywhere with it some more fascinating questions on Facebook.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to our early Jewish Thursday broadcast as we are in the first week of 2009 teen by the way, if you think of it, or tell you if you enjoy Italian food anytime in the next four days. Pray for me I'll be ministering in Naples, Italy all day Friday all day Saturday all day Sunday regrets of special broadcasting prepared for you on Friday and I'm really stoked where you introduce my new book, the power abuse of God's call to change the world. Once upon a time on Monday with a very special week. If you have any interest in music. If you enjoy music you don't want to miss a single broadcast next week, let alone if you're a real worship music lover or worship leader, songwriter, musician you on a single broadcast next week. Okay I'm going back to questions that you previously posted on Facebook so I'm not soliciting questions now.

These are your thoroughly Jewish Thursday questions posted on Facebook or its can you get and do review of the book the scholastics and the Jews by Edmund J. Mazza possible possibly could but just to be candid with you.

I probably have between three and 4000 books in my library and that on e-book that I haven't read that I want to read. Maybe that's a low number.

If I add in Al Hayat. If I start adding in books.

I haven't software and things like that for 5000 books. More than I that I own that I've ordered that I've only read in part only glimpsed and are used for reference and I I'd like to read more and every week.

Friends of mine colleagues or other folks, pastors, leaders, academics, teachers, preachers, they reach out to me and they send me articles. Can I please read this and get back to them that sometimes several day are often during the week. I'll get requests Dr. Brown or Mike if the gnomic can you please take a look at my book. I got a brand-new book coming out in six months. I'd love if you write an endorsement for us so all all that to say that I'm unable to just grab a book get it, read it, review it because I mastered MS numerous times every week when I think of this book where I think of that so if I'm to have any semblance of life where I'm I'm studying and learning and writing and growing and helping others. Then I have to be able to get through material that's important there, so it may be a tremendously important book.

It may be a book. I love it may be a book I deeply differ with and maybe I'll be able look at it one day, but just to say this is not because I don't take your request seriously. It's just understand that we get a lot of requests and and thousands of requests, so I love to comply with everyone's is not time to do so right Ernie, what basis biblical basis. The replacement theologians take how can they come up with this notion that God is finished with Israel or the promises that God gave to Israel now applied to the church for all the promises that God gave to the nation are only for Phil and Jesus, how they come up with that. Well, forget motivation. Let's not talk about why it happens.

Let's not look at negative reasons that happens. First let's let's look at positive reasons, positive reasons leading to error positive reasons would be well. The whole purpose of Israel go. Choosing Israel and and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and 12 tribes in the history of Israel is all for the Messiah to come to the world and for there to be a people to receive him and make him known celebrities come into the world all everything before Israel everything now culminates in Jesus when you talk about like causing Lance's were appearing a heavenly stuff to talk about that anymore and and it is really old millennial kingdom and Jesus ring from personal. It's all transcendent. Now it's not Jerusalem it's not despise the heavenly city and and the New Testament takes the promises of God gave to Israel you know that the people walking in darkness have seen a great light eating and in you are not my people would be like people. Now let us apply to the Gentiles and the Gentiles become spiritually through the Gentiles become spiritual juice of Jews like everyone else can join in with Jesus and believe within the national promises and in the fig tree was cursed and that was a symbol of Israel.

The temple was destroyed, as it would be rebuilt so so God judge the nation with the promises were made that some of the logic behind on the negative side there's the insecurity of if, God brings the natural branches, backgammon, Gentile was that leave me right so Paul warns against the Romans 11th chapter and clauses explicitly in Romans 15 with the Messiah coming into the world, confirms the promises to the patriots doesn't cancel very fact that we Jews continue to exist and that we been scattered around the world is God said it brought back to the land is God said even in our unbelief that the fact that were here means that the national purposes remain otherwise we would have been destroyed and wiped out centuries ago. We we would no longer exist on the face of the earth is definable discernible recognizable people. So we have all the proof we need in that regard that God is continue preserve us in many, many verses say that you say, but is there salvation only through Jesus. Yes yes salvation only for you shall absolutely only through Jesus. Jews not automatically say because the Jews know more accountable for more accountable pulses in Romans to a Mrs. name is three. This is a theme too much is given much is required. Absolutely salvation is only found in Jesus Jewish does not guarantee anyone salvation.

No. And even if, as I believe there will be a national attorney of the Jewish people within the age.

That doesn't guarantee salvation for Jewish people of a Jewish person alive today. Jewish people died outside the Lord in centuries past.

However, God made promises to preserve us even outside of faith. He's done that he made promises to scatters to the nations, and to bring us back.

He's done that so that's why I say he keeps his promises even when we are outside of the faith

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