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Should We Expect Miracles Today?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 19, 2022 5:50 pm

Should We Expect Miracles Today?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 19, 2022 5:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/19/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network soon can we really expect miracles today according to the Bible for the light a fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more spiritual clarity 866-34-TRUTH get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown is Tuesday theology Tuesday. Emphasis will be talking about a biblical subject, namely should we expect can we expect according to the Bible, God's miraculous intervention today. Not just in the saving of souls, which is the most important thing of all, not just in God's work of sanctification in our lives, which is crucial and foundational but also supernatural healings and other types of miracles.

Should we expect these things today. According to the Bible.

Now, you may have an experience that confirms what's written in Scripture. You may have an experience that causes you to question what's written in Scripture, but ultimately we don't base our theology on our experiences. We base our theology and was written having experience God in such a way that we know that his word is true. The word is now the test.

The word is now the standard. The word is now the way by which we evaluate everything else, including human traditions, 8663 for 87884. If you are convinced that tongues are not for today that prophecy is not for today that miracles of healing on any type of regular basis are not for today. Please give me your scriptural basis for that view. Please tell me why based on the Bible explicitly you say those things are not for today because I want to take a few minutes to show you from the Bible explicitly why they are for today, 866-348-7884 the bottom of the elbow to be joined by Prof. J.P. Moreland to talk about miracles to talk about his own experience in his new book, which gives us a guide to experiencing miracles say this first. Nowhere does the Bible say you just push a button and get automatic results all the time to all your problems all your all your questions or your issues. Nowhere does the Bible say that we will never be sick.

Nowhere does the Bible say that we will never struggle have hard times and nowhere does the Bible say if you simply have enough faith all your problems will go away.

That is not with the word of God says that being established. Should we go to God for miraculous healing and expect that he will heal. I don't mean that I keep doing something willfully and knowingly to get myself sick. I keep abusing my body and sinning against God and self.

Sorry, tell me I'm sorry, heal me. I'm sorry, heal me of God may give me over to my bad choices into my abuse is not obligated anywhere to continue to show that mercy, but generally speaking, your parents and your child gets a terrible diagnosis there two years old. It's not that they been doing abusive things that are bought its life and death. Should you be able to go to God in faith and confidence to the rescue healer child. I'm not asking what happened in a similar situation that you may have had to live through an unbearably difficult situation. Let's say what happened say what does the word say should we expect miracles today. One of the most amazing things that happened to me as a brand-new believer was always instantly healed of hives. I'd been suffering for them for some months back and forth.

They were in of these blotches to start appearing your body and and and nearly the bronco diesel blister sizes. But note, depending on where II had him up and down my arms and back down to the lower back and for the upper legs and and it was just his tormenting itch and I had them for weeks and funded went to the doctor and got this prescription medicine and it took a few days before they started to abatement after we could basically disappear and I was so new in the Lord.

I was I was so absolutely brand-new that when I was home alone is a new believer in the middle of the light getting up just itching from head to toe or wherever I was itching and getting on my knees and ask God to heal me. I was so new that I didn't know if God would hear me if I prayed alone because I knew that the church Say were two or three gathered in his name or two or three agree as I didn't know if I needed someone else to agree with me of God would hear me. All I know was I wasn't healed or my mom getting often and in running the bath and then giving Ms. Savino cream to put on, that would mitigate the it's a little bit crystal miserable the following went to the doctor got the medicine then if you take it for week. No more symptoms no more signs no more blotches, no more itch I thought okay I'm good and it's winter so don't wear long sleeves and a and coat going to school.

We had almost 1/2 hour bus ride was big news of the district for high school and I'm on the bus getting close to the school and suddenly realize hitch what's going on. I thought all know you have a medicine with you because I thought it was fine.

Then I thought if you had. It takes a 24 hours before he starts.

In effect, so I stressed are the panic a little bit.

I know therefore that far worse things that that hies is just when you get hit with it and since terrible inches.

At that moment a bit of a panic. So by the time I get to school. I realize it's it's spreading it spreading badly and got into a room that was her little homeroom and their special part of the school that we have begun on strike as radicals probe say that the special wing of the building in any way I can tour our homeroom area and I'm on the first one in there and sitting down one of the first on the river.

Anybody else been in there and I were untaken colorful up my sleeves or thoughts on. I got these blotches and their their growing up in a luscious red on your skin but there there they rise up in their and their all over my RME thick all over my arms and spreading in there was another guy also newly saves us attempt is agree with because of the other two of us that'll happen. I was so wrong. I was so new in the Laura though give their two of us, then we pray the prayer agreement, it will happen so that we just pray, silent prayer together in an agreed and exiting the room stricken people started coming in and was dark and filled with people, I got distracted. I would say less than two minutes less than two minutes later I was with a condition which there's no which not only that, when I when I rolled my sleeves during a blotches they completely disappeared. Gone. Gone it with the medicine took hours hours per day or more before he started to say anything else gone instantly lack of my attention that was absolute, miraculous, and there's no question it was divine intervention.

Just like God set me free. Just a few weeks before that from drugs and was instantly set free from all the drugs I was pouring into my body be called drug baron, an Ironman at the same time in years that followed their people prayed for that cancer and they want yield and there were allergies I had that at one point I broke through and and in prayer and they went away but other was a struggle with them for a while and know was it wasn't always this will push this button and watch what happens. Because of that and some other things I began to question get skeptical about what the Bible really said and then when God really brought me back to okay what does the word say to the point of view. My doctoral dissertation on the Hebrew word for healing so that I could study from every angle and then go from there into the New Testament and really worked these things through. Based on the word not based on experience based on the word. I believe in the ongoing miraculous gifts for today based on the work I've had a lot of amazing experiences a lot of wonderful things assumes bylaws, many of my colleagues who see things even more wonderful with their own eyes. Much of it is documented by medical doctors.

There are whole books that are out just recounting miracles and again, many of them documented by medical science were Dr. Satan only way to explain this. We can't, it's a miracle. Dr. Singh even nonbelieving doctors Savior. We have no way explain this.

It's because it's a miracle and at the same time many others. We pray for that are still sick.

Some chronically some great pain and others that we lost that.

I don't mean a 99-year-old person that is sick, another going to be the Lord. I mean younger people, husbands newly married and leaving their wives from the in this world. I mean we have a sure tragedy. So I'm not giving the impression that you just press a button all your problems go away. However, I'm 100% sure based on Scripture that the sign gifts in God's miraculous intervention should be things that accompany the gospel a fairly regular basis.

According to the Bible so let's start and ask chapter 2. Ask chapter 2 and I just just want to ask you what the word says here okay so this is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost shovel right and there the times the new languages and people gathered what is this the good Peter says beginning in verse 14 to some say they're drunk of his reign the praises of God remind Peter stemming with the 11, lifted up his voice and address them major day and all who dwell in Jerusalem that's been known to give ear to my words. These people are not drunk, as you suppose, since only the third hour of the day meeting on the morning but this is what was uttered through the prophet Joel and in the last days, it shall be that of the clearest that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. No Peter adds those words and in the last days, it shall be. It's it's not what's written in the Hebrew here just says after this, so Peter adds this, and in the last days, it shall be, it's to say what Joel spoke about then is happening now in these last days. In the New Testament and preclude the last days is from the time of the death and resurrection of Jesus, or even his ministry's death and resurrection until his return. So we have been in the last days for 2000 years.

There's other.

After the last days before Jesus returns right and in the last days, it shall be, God declares that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh in your sons and your daughters shall prophesy in your young men shall see visions in your old men shall dream dreams even on my male servants and female servants. In those days I will pour out my Spirit and they shall prophesy.

So according to Peter. This outpouring of the Spirit of which Joel spoke this outpouring on all flesh.

This outpouring where it sons and daughters male and female servants prophesy people see visions and have dreams that this is for the period called the last days when when you scroll down to the end of that passage. Verse 21, it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. That's the reality. During this period, the last date so according to Peter and the New Testament. This outpouring the spirit was, not just a temporary thing that but with prophecy, with dreams and visions is characteristic of the spirit in which we live. The last days, and Paul urges us the first creek is 14 to earnestly pursue the gift of prophecy and nowhere is New Testament rescind that this for today friends. This miraculous intervention is for today. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joyous friend 7884 doing her best to be your voice moral sanity and spiritual clarity. This is a day specially for spiritual clarity.

As we look at what Scripture says and you know what I did many debate with a Christian woman who said the charismatics put too much emphasis on divine healing and Esther the questions you think the medical profession puts too much emphasis on healing and those we look at it like that.

That's what doctors do. That's what nurses do. That's what hospitals do they care for the sick. They help people get better they help me was when mother had some heart issues with covert religious you had to be hospitalized for day appreciated deeply in and that's what they do. That's why they do what they do. That's what is steady for so many years a sacrifice for so many years so those that are burdened for the sick, the believers, the leaders of the bird for the sick.

Many of them have ever spent years in agonizing prayer because they pray for so many hurting people breaks their hearts because they have so much compassion because they sit with the grieving families and they think because it's your nature to heal and if we could see more of her power, healing the sick. It would demonstrate your compassion. It would ring it glory to use a lower risk in the heel when asking the use of the contradictory nature contractor were but limited in harmony with nature and in harmony with your work and those literally call to healing ministry not think they put too much emphasis on healing and I know one of leader that for years he would do 240 day fast year but he is just a breakthrough just he felt. I've got a breakthrough. The Deeper Pl. in God to see him move more again.

The question is what does the word say now if you're listening on the same network I'm listening. You just heard an ad for Dr. Mark Spangler's health supplements so Dr. Stegner is our partner in ministry and he gets a special discount to all of your listeners and then in turn is a donation for ministry.

With every order that you place so I am 100% for eating and living health God radically change my life in the state years ago. It's been incredible ever since.

So there's much that we can do in cooperation with God, who amazingly made this body and if you want to get health supplements that will help you further than Bowman's go to vitamin vitamin it could well be a large percentage of the sicknesses that we deal with on a regular basis or due to unhealthy lifestyle and we can make choices with God's help settle twilight around again vitamin we can go to get these health supplements.

But what about the cases was at that we can do. What about the cases maybe were in ignorance. We did things together so sick. What about healing today will. Let's take a look in Jacob James chapter 5 Jacob or James, as you have it, and most are English Bibles. Chapter 5 and I just I just want to read this and you tell me you tell me what Scripture saying all right so we start in verse 13 it is anyone among you suffering then pray that such as first century right. That's a general statement correct.

Is anyone cheerful, menacing praise. That's not just for the apostles the first century. Right. That's a general statement correct. Is anyone among you sick them call for the elders of the congregation and let them pray over him, anointing with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the one or heal the one who sick and the Lord will raise him up, and if he is committed sins will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working so that's a general commission to the body to the leaders we should be praying for the sick on a regular basis. We should be anointing them with oil.

We should be asking God to heal, and we should be praying in faith and expectation that will happen now is was having a dialogue with a leading national pastor about this on a debate show on Christian radio and he commented said we do that it is scriptural but we are there to see results why I appreciate his kind. He may be missing. We never see results. I appreciate his candor, and I appreciate his obedience right that he he said it's in the Bible. Therefore, we do it so again the. The point is this what Scripture says this is not a mysterious verse support of the prayer of faith will save the sick will the Greek word sold so can be used for healing. Someone from sickness of saving them from sickness same there from demon saving them from sin seven from death and suicide is a very holistic word in that respect we hear it it's it's also about that they'll be save me go to heaven you anointing with oil. Pray for them and they die on the spot go to heaven so they really say no.

It's obviously not an and that's what different translations will render it differently, but it will save the sick person from sickness and if they committed sins that was if if there sick because of sin. God's mercy will will forgive their sin and raise them up that we could ask why we don't see more healings. White seems so many believers died of cancer even after prayer we can ask those questions and those are fair questions to ask, but we we really can't question if the Bible says that this should be done on a regular basis and it's it's written there explicit instructions even confess your sins was of the pray for another one another that we may be healed.

You could say that means spiritual healing in our interpersonal relationships. I don't think so. I think because sin is often a cause for sickness not always absolute. Not always in the last thing I'm saying is if you simply must be in sin if you simply must rebuke your body if you sick this is wrong with you know, quite the contrary. Not saying that for split-second but there are times when our sin contributes to a sickness or opens the door for systems and James Jacob is writing and say hey because of this, confess your sins once for another, and pray one for the other. You'll be healed. This can be a key to physical healing so if for example I was guilty of of abusing the Lord supper for strengthens 11 I was taking. In vain I was I was getting drunk and even all the food before the poor got there drinking the wine from the Lord's table and getting drunk and now I am one of those who sick, we confess that you friend you pray one for another healing can come with it.

What wellness passage again III could build on this for four hours and really go through lots of Scripture. But first Corinthians chapter 12 Paul writes concerning spiritual gifts. For this I do not want to be informed you that when you were pagans listed title some of your lead. Therefore, I want you to understand that no one speaking in the spirit of Godů Jesus is cursed, and no one can say Jesus is Lord, obviously the true profession of faith way except in the Holy Spirit.

Anyone can say the words, but to say that many true faith confession is only by the help of the Spirit.

The other varieties of gifts, with the same spirit. There are varieties of service with the same Lord in their varieties of activities, but is the same God who empowers them all and everyone see have spirit. Lord, being son and God being father all working is one to each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good for one is given through the Spirit limits of wisdom to know the elements of knowledge according to the same spirit another faith by the same spiritual gifts of healing by the one Spirit to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy truth of the ability to distinguish between spirits, to another various kinds of tongues to know the interpretation of tongues also powered by one and the same spiritual portions to each one individually as he wills.

And then when he gets to the end of the chapter and Sri Lanka. Verse 27 says now you are the body of Christ, and individually members of it in God's appointed in the church, first apostles, so I was just for the New Testament on own keep going. Second, profits allows this for the New Testament time. Okay, third teachers are cadets for today, then miracles all this is rose to then gifts of healing, helping, administrating various kinds of tongues all apostles are all prophets, are all teachers will work miracles will possess gifts of healing will speak with tongues to interpret, but earnestly desire the higher gifts and it is astonishing the most excellent way. You bring us all together with love and then it functions as a trade for strengthens 14 was interesting as Paul speaks of all those things, including apostles profits, but we leave that out for miracles, healings, tongues, prophecy. He speaks about all at it in. In chapter 14 he urges us to earnestly seek the spiritual gifts, especially prophecy, and he never ever says, nor is anyone in the New Testament ever say that these things. Before Jesus returns or tell us to stop seeking so years back. Once I became convinced about divine healing miracles for today was saved in that environment than than got skeptical for a while then came back to through study of Scripture and God really lucky my life I spirit really focused on the lot. I meditated on healing a lot. I meditated on versus about healing a lot. I try to digest it is my innermost being what God's word said Scripture. After Scripture carried memory cards with me with verses on them in English and Hebrew to meditate on it to think about and pray for greater compassion and in ministering to the sick and saw a lot of neat things happen like I did see some of the twisted body get get out of a wheelchair, but eyes I saw some the feelings and parents would tell me about the baby.

I pray for the year earlier, the miracle happened in others with which I about healing and I remember wondering to us and some gift of healing and exiting the gift of healing prints anywhere near that she was right, but as a focused on and pray for the sick more.

We did see the sick healed the course. Many were not healed, you simply do not follow the Bible and I continue to pray for the sick, and I continue to expect God's miraculous intervention because it is written in a muscles's written that's my God is my foundation Christmas and will be like that. I will light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I'm heading in my hand book by distinguished author J.P. Moreland. It is a simple guide to experience miracles and if you know anything about J.P. Moreland.

He's one of the most respected Christian thinkers in the church today is a distinguished Prof. philosophy Talbot school of theology says good degrees in philosophy, theology, and chemistry and he's he's not one of these wildlife Pentecostals that this is God says that I believe it, that settles it. And that's it appears that there is a deep thinker who sang hate you, as a follower of Jesus can really experience miracles today. So, J.P., thanks so much for joining us on the broadcast today. Dr. Brown, it's so good to be with you. Thanks, Walmart might my joy that my joy to have you release and honor how how is it that that you as a thinking philosophical man not coming from Satan. The Pentecostal charismatic origins. How did you come to believe that miracles were for today. I did a study of backs in the first four centuries of the church. Michael Imai and I discovered that there were three things that were uppermost in in the minds of the other leaders of the church. The first four centuries and one of them was developing a Christian mind.

The second was discipleship and spiritual formation practices to develop a Christlike character in the third one believe Bernard was the experience of the power of the kingdom of God through signs and wonders, and that is not based upon any view of spiritual gifts. It's based upon sort no matter what the listeners view of that is it's based for me simply on the on the fact that the kingdom of God is here in a real form now, not what it will be but and we should be experiencing that sorry I began to see these things start happening and I wanted to describe my experience of the world 19 years now. One of the ports earlier, my personal life. I saw some things because I wanted to be a credible witness and one more point. Michael, there are about 50 miracle stories in this book and I will stake my reputation on the good like that of the things very, very carefully.

I know person. A number of the people and I was able to talk to eyewitnesses, so that's what motivated me. I wanted all my brothers and sisters start seeing more of this in their own lives in churches balanced with the other two. It gets goofy if you if you just this is all you care about. But if it's balanced with the life of the mind and we keep doing ordinary practices. I think it's a big part of growth for the church now in the previous book, which will get into the noun kingdom triangle you. You did talk about the position of secessionism that that says we should not expect miracles like this today, as is basically a small and small island, and in other words, many people have the impression that it's the fringe groups that believe in miracles today really is the church is growing worldwide. It's growing with signs and wonders and Jesus being assaulted why you think that we still have some of these mindsets in America versus your brothers and sisters who love the Lord love the word and what what what causes that we think reasons in my view, one there was with user's history, revivals in the in 1914 and in the first two decades of the of the 20th century there was an incredible intellectual assault on on fundamentalists and we lost all our seminaries and colleges to liberals and so the church split into 21 was a more charismatic side and the other was a Bible only side and consequently the charismatics tended to move in a goofy direction. Although not all of them but generally speaking, in the Bible church movement attempted to disregard supernatural activities as being for goofy people and so I think the first reason is that we don't talk to one another about these things. I go to churches Michael that are solid Bible churches and have a shorthand family. If you know somebody heal with the miracle 80%, you got God speak and guide you in a way outside the Bible a deeper answer prayer and we don't Cheryl and so we think nothing's happening. So were embarrassed about it and we don't want to appear like were goofy. The second reason is that whether we like it or not. Scientific naturalism is in the drinking water.

The work the view that the physical world is all there is in the only way we can know reality as do physics and chemistry and so are our theological convictions have become just privatized emotional feelings in blind choice beliefs and so we've lost our confidence that Christianity is really really something we can know is true. Consequently, we don't want to come across like we're believing crazy things where it's enough just to believe in God and that Jesus rose the dead in a naturalistic culture and if you go back to the early church is redoing the study.

There may think of Augustine must revise his views on things.

Reading city of Gaza's most fourth century and they were they document 70 something miracles and printing a couple years so this idea that it just the miracles just happened in the days the positive stop that sentiment historically accurate and it goes against everything we know we have real evidence in the first four centuries that the stuff continued Augustine saltwater one miracle world huge thing on a guys body left in front of his very eyes. Now you was no idiot.

This dude was still dissertations are still done on him.

The day you smart guy and he was careful he didn't want to go after this was a real self. This is happened all throughout church history and that that is the extraordinary thing God's intervention, and then click you something you just pull people I'll just post something on Facebook and say have you experienced miracle of healing and end people. Stripling's testimony since it's it's quite amazing a tele-society go head guy please know you better yet, tell tell us a story that you document in your new book, a simple God to experience miracles. Okay, I list five times supernatural events, specific answers to prayer healing God speaking to us outside, but under the authority of the word angelic in the end of monic manifestations which are supernatural events in the near-death experience want one bill would tell you is that there was in 2006. Nothing was there was a woman named signum and she was a Jewish woman who is who is left to die for dancer she gone to all the medical treatments and she was committed to hospice care for friends and Christian friends that Hanover church with a friend for people on Monday night. Be willing to go.

What he got.

That was Christian but I know she said sure I'll go so she went came to Monday nights.

I was prayed over and she loved it so much. Nothing happened, but she just felt loved and cared for so she can epic it came again the third Monday night by her own testimony, she felt this hot oil stored in the copperhead. When that there were three or four people laid hands on her just pray calmly over yonder were toes. She felt all kinds of things happen in her body and she said to them, I know that I'm healed and they said well thanks but you need to check with your doctor. She called him he was not fingering a longer, but she paid for another scan. A veteran that we and his jaw was on the floor because she had one points of cancer all over her body. If metastasized everywhere, and that was on the first scan months earlier, and on this and not only was there no sign of cancer there. But there was no sign she ever had. She committed her like that. Jesus, I was doing a PBS special 11 years later, on miracles, I wanted to use that email dear, I kept the email exchange I said that all this happened, you really and she said not only did it happen to me just like you said, but I have never had the cancer come back 11 years and I'm still on fire for Messiah Jesus that you so in the book know how people can tell the difference between a miracle and an accident, a coincidence, and this was a miracle and again friends. We are talking to Prof. J.P. Morgan distinguished Prof. of philosophy and if you read his books.

He is a careful meticulous thinker as you have interacted with colleagues of secular philosophers and Christian philosophers who may be from a non-charismatic back on how they react this to some of this evidence yeah well I think what's happening. Christian scholars are becoming immoral because some of them are hearing and seeing things in their churches that are are pretty clearly acts of God, and so I think people are becoming more ready to share what they'd seen and heard in the word is getting out secular scholars just scoffed at it because they think they have a trump card and that is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And so if you're going to make an extraordinary claim like this if there more evidence than just the ordinary acceptable evidence of the resurrection of Jesus that extraordinary claim and ordinary historical evidence in good enough. You gotta have superabundant evidence that way they protect themselves, but that claim is been completely devastated by a secular atheist philosopher of science shows that principle doesn't make any sound they do God again and you know there is the principal that we've all dealt with that men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. Some something that might have some of it was interesting. I came to faith in a little Italian Pentecostal church in 1971. Heroin shooting Ellis to using hippie rock drummer Jewish kid got instantly delivered from prodrugs and and then so my dad sought putting the needle marvelous just instantly set free transform couldn't deny that and then I experience miraculous healings as a new believer. As the years went on I got somewhat skeptical began to question things. II saw things didn't line up so based on experience, not based on Scripture based on experience, I started to depart from this. I remember reading BB Warfield's counterfeit miracles in Rob acromegaly's modern tongues movement to convince myself. This was in the Bible, but the more I tried to become a secessionist, the more the word was against it.

So I have a chapter, one of my books called solo script Torah and therefore charismatic. So the yeah the experiences are wonderful confirmation, but we believe it because the working we come back I will get practical, J.P. Moreland, a simple guide to experience miracles instruction and inspiration for living supernaturally in Christ what we do, how to build my faith I cannot receive a miracle of life and death will open it up. We come back with my guess J.P. Morgan is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us to guess Prof. J.P. Morgan school of theology may have read some of his books.

Some of his articles are heard him speak is a foremost Christian apologist and philosopher in his new book for simple guide to experience miracles so JP the book is comprehensive, you dispel myths and misconduct misconceptions. You've got these amazing testimonies that are faith building. How do you help someone start what's is step one.

Maybe there there facing critical illness with a family member. God is their only hope where they start the first thing you start.

It is trying to grow your faith in this area, but you can't just will that happen when the book I have eight practical steps you can take to grow in your confidence of this sort of thing. Let me give you one to start with. Start asking your friends at church or wherever you meet with brothers and sisters. Have you ever seen a specific answer to prayer or know someone that was miraculously healed ever heard God leader guide you or for you in some way that came through ever encountered a demon or an angel or do you know about a credible authentic near-death experience to start asking people that and you will be shocked to hear the stories that come back from people that you don't trust because you're asking people in your circle of friends in your church. But the other thing you can do is start reading credible books on this by people that have good reputation in the back of my book on a simple guide experience miracles. I have a very selective bibliography of books on several areas that are trustworthy and if you would read some of those and in my book to you will get stories that are just are true. They have a ring of truth to the second thing that you you want to do then is that you want. If you're sick you want to gather other people that you trust and have them come to your home or meet you over the side after the service and you sit down and you let them put hands on you if you're comfortable with that obviously is in respectful places and and and and I have a set of steps in there that are not formula but there useful. You can invite the Lord to call and say Lord if there if there's anything you want to say will be quiet for a minute and if something comes the someone they can say I don't know if this is from the Lord or not, but I seem to be getting such and such. Does that make sense to you and if it doesn't, no harm no foul.

If it does then then good, but then then you began to speak prayer over this problem and if you have this person they still were taking medicine, but they do this several weeks. If they need to keep coming back and every week for the parameter for many weeks, Your this group of friends pray over you and and one person said if you pray for 200 people, you're going to see somebody heal and that's not factually true and I have in the book for treating reasons that I think make sounds as to why God doesn't show up and do something when it looks like it would be in his interest to do so. Ultimately, it's a mystery, but there are some answers that may bring comfort to a person if they're not, God is not responding and maybe two or three will help you at the in that particular circumstance. Those are some simple things that you can friends the book is so pastoral and wasn't its approach to say hate say she doubts honestly and and here's how you deal with them. So it's not one of these things that just has this carried out. You just cannot get it it's it's it's quite the opposite, which which I really appreciate an especially; for your background. You can be more sensitive to it, to helping someone take the steps you herself have had some very interesting experiences involving angels are people seeing angel with you. What convinced you that that this was real. Yeah, why have five different people in different parts of the country over about a three year period of time without knowing each other. I'd never put in writing all tell me that they saw three angels standing around me at all. What behind me to shorter ones on either side, and they were guarding me and they did this happen at a conference I was speaking out. I thought the lady was crazy that it happened. One of my grant philosophy solved if the one of my metaphysics glasses and he emailed me exactly what this other woman saw and he never heard of it. A lawyer came to visit me in my office just to talk about anxiety and about 18 months later he set up and afraid to tell you that the business of non-there. So here goes. While you prayed over me. I felt presences come in the room and out my eyes and there were three angels around you, a tall one behind you to shorter ones on either side.

I had it happen again and then two years ago I I have three eyewitnesses because a woman started walking across the four you're the church during your break and she said I'm at been atheistic to my whole life I got saved 18 months ago in your books of help me, but I wanted to tell you that while you spoke this morning I thought I said stop speaking and I have these two secretaries that still work with us in a buddy of mine of the church was at the conference. I said I want to ask questions did you see Angel. How did you know that I should talk about that later. Did you sit down.

I said, did you notice if they were down on the floor below the stage were they hovering above me know.

She said they were around you. Did you notice the number just a three of them relative size.

She said that was a big tall one behind you. The big dude into Longshoremen's on either side and she had never, I she did know anything about this, then I have three eyewitnesses heard that conversation, and so there are five different groups of people that saw the same thing without reading it or I get my hearing it. Now that would stand up in a court of law. I myself have never seen them. I assume there still with me. I don't think you have done anything that would displease the Lord and send them away so that is objective eyewitness testimony and a lawyer if he had five independent witnesses that describe pretty much the same court who didn't know each other you think that it be good evidence for something I think that's wrong. You and I love the nature of the witnesses to a former atheistic to a lawyer dealing with anxiety, a grandson within the metaphysics class. I said I said that that says the cut absolutely amazing amazing and like you say unless we talk about these things. Often people don't know what is happening or having merit has spoken how the Lord has led and I was like you writing a book a few years ago dealing with abuses in the charismatic Pentecostal church but are talking about what God is doing about the time I finished the book I was so encouraged by putting all the test policies together because you're you forget things and that's where the word is is full of this and then we only got two minutes, but you have a lot about near-death experiences to what I try to show that a lot of people are weird about the topic they harmonize with the Bible and I try to show that 90% of them actually do and I just would like people to give me a chance to make a case for them without thought amount because the Bible smiles of authority if it if it contradicts the word out here, but if it the Bible didn't speak about it that I'm open to letting the evidence go word is and I'm telling you there is powerful evidence that people live after death and meet Jesus and are sent back because their works not finished one of my closest friends and the ruled Police Department, India.

His first wife died of cancer.

It had spread through her body into her brain and spine things she was crippled and passed away in a hospital in 30 minutes after passing me with the sheet overhead with with my friend sitting by the bedside. Just thanking God for the years they had together. She took the sheet off of of her stood out and incidents that I'm healed.

Did you hear Jesus calling for this is mostly musket in his presence. She got out of bed and started jumping up and down healed and will met her on the matter. After that that she lived on the four more years after that in the hospital was rocked by there was another eyewitness sitting there and this is my closest friends as well admit I met the woman and God is so amazing doing so amazing such amazing things and it's in keeping with his nature of being involved in our lives and being compassionate but look at what were doing Michael were short stories, and I know darn well that people are listing are being encouraged yes and so you're illustrating the main part of the booklet read about this talk about it.

Don't hide it. That's stories on it so exciting. You've made my day to float the rest of the day, the reality, the reality of the unwanted when his home and especially this time that he's alive, he's really alive know he's alive. But listen, it is a joy to have you on holding the book of those watching J.P. Moreland a simple guide to experience miracles instruction inspiration for living supernaturally Christ take, thanks for taking the time to do this in such an intellectually soundly been such a Pastoral Way, God uses to touch many, but your ministry affects rib me on brother my absolute joy I J.P. Moreland, a simple guide to experience miracles. Thank you so much and not friends rather time. But yeah, I encourage you to get the book but at the very least share testimonies with one another, encourage one another. This time you have a get together little believers asked me can you give me examples amazing answer prayer or prophetic word are here. Let's let's edify one another and build one of his face so that we can touch her hurting world with the good news and love of Jesus. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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