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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 4, 2022 5:55 pm

Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 4, 2022 5:55 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/04/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network forms are open to questions we've got answers for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more spiritual clarity, 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown, one of my favorite moments of the week when I get to answer all your questions and getting as many as we can in the next hour so any question that relates in any way shape social form to anything we ever discuss on the line of fire. Anything ever right. Anything that relates any ever expertise. I have full minds are open friend and foe alike can call in 866-3487 84 that's 866-34-TRUTH answer phones momentarily, but have to make a quick confession.

I said a couple weeks ago on the air that I look to the book I'd sign for someone and was kind of embarrassed at signature almost look like a caricature of the side of her face to something I thought I got a gotta try to recapture my old signature which actually look like Michael Eldon the suit was brown, but we could make out the words and that's kind of morphed into it and up. Anyway, I just didn't work that I is my signature. It's the way I sighed, but all the sudden silence in the Lamb's book that we signed and sent out the deck couldn't quite recover that signature just to let you know 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Joseph in Sioux Falls, South Dakota looking to light a fire under Dr. Michael Brown hey I got a question about Nehemiah chapter at particularly versus three and seven I list a number of a number of people who had returned from exile and in that list that mentioned Jeremiah in verse three and verse seven, Daniel, I know quite a lapse of time from the book of Jeremiah and Daniel. I'm just wondering especially since it references re-I know that Jeremiah's offense on the priest lineage so I'm just wondering is there any possibility that these are actually the biblical people that we know to be Daniel or Jeremiah are these just different people with the same name, presumably different people with the same name because of the chronology because of how old they would have to be so if if you look at but was such a stir. By the next versus posh core. He appears in Jeremiah chapter 20 and then in verse seven, Ruth, so he is, of course, Jeremiah scribe, and he gets a special word in Jeremiah 45, but no since since these men lived for many many years before the exile Daniel taken into the returns make some excuse. Mr. Daniels taken into captivity as a young man and then is in captivity 70 years so could he have potentially have returned. Yeah that's is possibly silly praying that there is no record of that were hints of it and and he is now serving on to the next government right so it would it would make it unlikely but not impossible. Jeremiah, we don't know exactly how old he was. My assumption is a teenager my understanding of the Hebrew text in Jeremiah 1 and now he he starts prophesying in 627, the 13th year of Josiah 627 BC of the return from exile, is a must hundred years later. So got assume it's not that Jeremiah must be read that is taken into Egypt at the end of the book of Jeremiah a soul. It just interesting but the these were not uncommon names and if you look before you have Zedekiah who was the last last King but we know he's he's exile, there's no account of him returning so yeah just it's it's an interesting observation, but they were not uncommon names. Hence, that they occur in the list year understood that makes them go there. There are other people and in Scripture, who have the same name and it took for the part of the is a part of biblical understanding that people you have named their children the same names of some people that have or know this is not just that Joseph started to think how many Michael Brown's are there Michael L Brown just certain it's common for example the name Yeshua, which we were translated into English as Jesus but you sure is a name for these five different people in the Old Testament most prominent Yehoshua been hosted A high priest, but common name very common name in the first century there were many many miniature comedy Mary/Miriam's are in the New Testament, so use common names but it interesting observation.

I appreciate 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Todd in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown I had a bit of a background to my question and taper to Vicki study the book of Exodus chapter 7 recall in the account of Moses were there before Pharaoh and account of the air and cast down his rod. Jacob cast under Rod. The serpent anyway. Dr. McGee was saying that the Hebrew word that is translated serpent. There is taught me and he was saying that there was another Hebrew word that was translated serpent that he was hypothesizing at probably have serious half joking about the food turning into a store, but they could abandon a crocodile out. Don't get too big of a laugh out of that.

Because of the crocodile being somewhat of a revered animal in Egypt.

At that time thought I just want to get your notes. It's not a joke. It's not some level it's not the normal word for snake or serpent expected knockoffs could be other words above specific snakes in the adder or cobra, but none of those words were used in time. Nene is used in Genesis 1 for the great sea creatures. The time to name the great sea creatures and there is argument that it was a crocodile.

You don't see it in many translations, but a case can be made for and then it would be a further mockery of Egyptian reverence for crocodiles and things like that. In terms of deity, status, or special power so know that it's it's something seriously to look at and I have to confess that I didn't even notice that until someone within the last five years probably that design never focused on you know when I read the Hebrew I was thinking serpent and it didn't Donnelly wait to since I serpent it doesn't say serpent so there are reasons like it's translated servant, but a strong case can be made to reconsider that.

So thanks for calling Emmett and note no joke. Nothing tongue-in-cheek at all.

So appreciate you raising the question. Thank you. You're very welcome 866-348-7884 we go to Brian in Leander Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Grant little background in 2000, discovered a synagogue medical are Magdala there in Palestine or Israel and believe you are one of the earliest second. Synagogue found and according to what red walls were decorated with elaborately to Goncourt frescoes and on the floor partially made of St. rely mission. That is because like a lot of Eastern Orthodox apologists Catholic state justify their use of iconic icon on that thing that they just carried out over from the Jews of the second. I would like to hear your thoughts on this, so there's a distinct difference. I would differ with Eastern Orthodox and Catholic on that this was more artwork.

This was simply beautifying the synagogue of Solomon having cherubim on the walls and things like that of the temple.

There was no worship. There was no bowing down to there was no honoring, reviewing anything like that.

It was it was simply a way of beautifying and again it would it would certainly not be universal because some would have issues with it because of the very very strong stand in Judaism against idolatry and against making images for any kind of worship and and I've I believe the very synagogue are speaking about I've seen of been in a was seen pictures of others, and it simply artwork of date that you might say, okay, here's a church building and it's just got paintings of Jesus or etc. on the walls and it's a Protestant building will come. I'm not into that that that would not be my style. For many reasons, but no one is bowing down in front of that image and praying to it as representing Jesus. So Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic would say without venerating the physical being that that statue is just a representation of the God of the worshiping of the one that were praying to. But when you bow down in front of it and pray words in front of it.

There is veneration towards that which I absolutely reject as is wrong and there is no connection between that and having a synagogue adorned in these various ways that simply beautifying just like the mosaic on the floor you're walking on that right that's just having nice tile on the floor like a nice carpet your home, so I don't believe there's an analogy that can be made and there is no tradition. Like I said of looking at the image praying towards it, addressing it, kneeling before which you would have Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox circles measured.

Thank you for your answers Corolla question Jacob question Of the God who is speaking to reform you.

But he became a And and one of one of his justification of Alex.

What it is part of like you said is reform Jewish belief was that I take from the Maccabees break the prayer. I do do a lot of Jews practice. Praying for those with at all religious you are you are praying for them and you're not the you price of this call, the cottage, the more the Scottish Scottish meeting it's it's a holy prayer and utterance, and you pray that daily for 11 months after a loved one dies it a close relative dies supposed to be in the synagogue and pray it daily and when you read the prayer just exalting the audit doesn't refer to a dead person and I praying to get the medicine, purgatory, you are honoring them and there is some belief that in doing that will will help ease their way into the heavenly kingdom. So it's it's related to purgatory, but it's different.

The thought is that the most wicked person on the earth would be punished or goes were purging for 12 months because the ones that that it's only 11 months, etc. but when you read the actual prayer you're not praying for that person. You're simply exalting God honoring God. Yes, all religious Jews, reform Jews don't practice a lot of this religious and the much more liberal, but the more religious you are.

You absolutely do this, just look up mourners Scottish K a D DISH mourner Scottish this is what a religious Jew will pray daily after 11 close loved one parent, sibling, child has passed away with her for 11 months between the prayer room. I more the Lord's prayer than anything else right back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for joining us on audit broadcast 148-6634 truth may be watching or listening on the day but your listening live. Give us a call with your question.

866-34-TRUTH 78848 Mark 414, April 14 on your calendar. Put a mark on it. April 14 making note then read Esther 414 Mark April 14 in your calendar read Esther 414 and will tell you exactly what that is just me all about. In the days ahead. Right we go over to Mark and Staunton, Massachusetts. Marco, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown have a question about Clement of Alexandria and the divine name okay. Somewhere in work all stomata that he that the pentagram icon was pronounced Yahweh of the Greek letters wanted to know what your thoughts are on that right so this is one of the witnesses that we have. You have other Semitic names from the ancient world and right of the related languages to Hebrew then you have various writings have just the Septuagint translated at any point or do others church fathers reference it is anything we can get for the rabbinic writings, and then you put all the evidence together and that's why the great majority of scholars would use the vocalization Yahweh to pronounce the divine name to this is one of the witnesses that you have other witnesses without with other other pronunciations and then you have the evidence of of how names are handled within the Hebrew Bible, you have names that that and with part or all of the divine name or should say a small part of a larger part of the divine name like Ellie Yahoo so that's my God is Yahoo which is apparently shortened from Yahweh you have names that change at the beginning. How do you get a form like you hope chef at Jehoshaphat, where does that come from.

So you put everything together. You look at how things get shortened it in different settings and this is one of the witnesses and it would indicate that that the pronunciation was preserved, at least in some circles, and other circles were forbidden to pronounce it was considered too sacred, but it seems another circles was passed as we can't be dogmatic but we can we can be fairly confident that that was the right pronunciation.

That being said, Marco doesn't bother me that there still mystery associated with it and that it is God's name, and he's revealed himself mostly through his son. So we relate in that way right. He exalts the name of Jesus.

Yeshua is the highest name in the universe.

At the same time there some mystery that that God is always in this place, just like his nature. We understand but it's beyond her understanding. At the same time so I don't mind the fact that we can't be utterly dogmatic that sometimes we just write out the consonants Y.

H. WH to represent the name, but Clements that is deftly a witness a quick follow-up to sure thing I've heard that the English rendering Jehovah misunderstood banding like a mix of the complement of Yahweh or quiets WH and the addition of the files for Adonai that true or like that that would be what I have understood, and the vast vastness majority of Jewish and Christian scholars have understood for many many years that you sent Mohammed Gordon who is it Carol I juice was that rabbinic you.

He's spent a lot of time so this got a PhD in Israel in focused on this and he believes that is the right pronunciation of the preserve the right pronunciation so he's a minority, but is literate and it's easy he knows the language well. He knows the arguments will to me there's an overwhelming amount of debt against it, but you have in the Hebrew Bible, a tradition called Creek achieve, which is one is read the other is, it is written so when you're reading through the Hebrew Bible. Sometimes you'll see it can be in different ways.

You may have no valves under a particular word and you look in the margin and you get a different word there and and it's got thousands say what he read this instead.

Here's was written in the text, but don't say it.

We don't want to say that word in the synagogue it's it's to suggest whatever read this instead that's in the margin. We have another reading here and then sometimes they put the vowels from the other word in the margin in that the text that's in the main text is a cop that doesn't make any sense. What of those going there and then you look in the margin.

That's the word and the valves go with that word when he came to the divine name which occurs over 6300 times in the Hebrew Bible. It was just understood this call the creeper platoon.

This is always read a particular way, so we just gonna put the vowels in when you see it you say I'll deny it. If you have it next to God, then you have the word. The valves for Elohim there. Instead, see it it it changes but yet this is this is the right understanding that the Christian scholars in late Middle Ages the Renaissance. As they began to use the Hebrew Bible more were not familiar with this tradition thought this is the vocalization and came up with the whole law, which in English is Jehovah, but aside from a tiny tiny minority of scholars who argue against this.

It's fully understood that was never the pronunciation that was two words put together and it was say when you see this say I'll deny more so thank you for the questions appreciated, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Jay in Boise, Idaho. Welcome to the line of fire marble sure thing so my question is on urbanism not do in the air of honesty you want, but you know I am both a pallet of anabolic Beckley is open-minded. Another color might be, but so I am a compatible with."

That means that I do agree with the will and and determine finding him to be compatible couple debates with Mona another note across the platform and I got a question that if I made gonna be something I'd like the remain consistently something direct yet blunt go with you a little higher echelon right but though it seems to me like if God is all-knowing and also is the uncaused first thought that it is possible for anything other than determined.

In other words, not just for Christian but I don't see how it or Zoroastrian or anybody else who believe that a try on the creator got good get away from it. My reason for saying that is good. I want I struggling to find out how a being could create another beat even endowing that being with free will and know everything that it really to do, but then decided to go down that path anyway. But I don't not determine my analogy that I often give it if I somehow managed to have a lion in a room and had complete knowledge with the line with you in the room and I let it go. There is no law dollars. No lawyer note Higher planet that would link line. They would all now and I'm not. Thank God it deriving to direct blame over documents like determinism versus the actual Asian being the cause. To me like it is like a simple one +2 equals. The US ally and go your determine got the in outward even if we are completely free. How is God not determine God for allowing us to do things right right so first thing is I go to Scripture and Scripture plainly tells me in many, many verses that God did not want certain things to happen that it was not his desire that he actually decided the opposite. But he did not force it to happen that he grieves over certain things and makes it clear that this was not my intent.

This is not what I want. So I have to have to start there after start not with philosophy and human logic which is full, so short of the fullness of of God's revelation and who he is such a struggle. Scripture want to show Scripture like I cannot possibly be a determinist because would make a mockery of verse after verse after verse look. Even Jesus saying to Jerusalem.

And even if Salie speaking to the leaders fun.

How often I long to gather you the together as it is a chick at his or as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, you are not willing, I want to do it.

You are not willing or where it says in Luke about the Pharisees.

They rejected the will of God. It just on and on. God God speak about child sacrifice in Israel and sides never intended.

This never commanded never had in mind.

So you're doing things.

He said that are despicable to me. So when I start with Scripture.

I can't possibly be a determinist when I think of the wisdom and majesty of God, and as Paul writes in Romans 1133 so far beyond us, possibly finding out and being able understand that if God says we are free to might accept it. He inhabits eternity. He sees that the and the way we see the beginning except with more clarity he so he lives in the walls outside of time but and track service within time and I give you this analogy just to chew on, but I want to encourage you to go back to Scripture and wrestle with all the verses were God places I want this. I didn't intend this. I didn't I didn't ordain this.

This is not of me. I decided something else rejected it. But if if this isn't about your line analogy, but if I record a sports event right and I'll get to see it till afterwards when I watch it. It's all fixed. The result can't can't be changed but recorded choices that people make. God has the bill.

This is part of the mystery of it to give us freedom of choice than to work within us into work in that environment.

But remember, it's not just a lion. There's also the real possibility that we do good eye throughout human history but a strong people to himself and good has come out of evil and that ultimately God is not the slickest world. But what things develop into the world to come.

Hey maybe will continue the chat and the David chew on this with his and open the mind is you can is nothing about this since Phyllis maybe I'm missing the difficulty of it, but doesn't stop? The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us on the fire 63487884 is the number to call it one last thought about or previous caller and the question of determinism that that by the nature of things God the Almighty and all-knowing that the nature of things would be that everything is predetermined in a fixed way so our freedom is a freedom but with inevitable outcome. That's just the way I'm defining it.

The other problem with the analogy of saying if you let loose a line in the room you know what that lines can do well even be is not lines.

Newbies are created image of God is we cannot save ourselves. But Adam and Eve have a genuine potential of saying yes or no. And even if God knew in advance with a redo, which he did. Of course, and the cross was predestined to assess his answer to redeem under the redeem, but Adam and Eve in alliance human beings today are not lines or just inevitably gonna devour destroy every day. Every one of us makes choices. We each make choices.

And God is working in the midst of that to carry out his ultimate plan, which of course goes by way of the cross 866-34-TRUTH reminder to visit the site of our friend Dr. Marcus Dengler a more more of you are taking advantage of the special offer. There to get a 10% discount using the Dr. Brown to their really excellent health supplements quite a few. I've used over the years. So as you know what I eat super super healthfully and in a very disciplined way by God's grace and to his glory and for me it's stewardship matter, and it's an obedience matter, but the benefits are absolutely wonderful and then where the relaxer things to add in health supplements or really terrific, so check them out. You get a discount. And remember, when you're doing that you not only help yourself. You're blessed line of fire and blessing others because it's helping us reach more people through the radio broadcast all right 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Jason in upstate New York. Welcome to the line of alignment around thinking out on yeah I recently made friends with a man who clearly knew Pastor Annie, pastor and congregation around here that I'm not really familiar with their theology, something new to me but I had a lot of discussions with him recently where he is trying to seems like he's making like the feast and dietary laws. A requirement instead of something that were able to do in order to bring us closer to our roots, the common things that he's brought up would be the event that the Gentiles have to become Israel that that was always aware call to so users versus like you know the Lee Israel are Israel was the natural branches on the tree, I'm fine and they were taken off of that would be grafted in an is basically saying like were not really entitled to the promises of God unless we become Israel because the promises come through Israel. Yes that's very serious error that could lead to a lot of confusion and bondage and it's flatly the offices of the New Testament revelation were saved Gentiles and save Jews become part of the ecclesia Messiah's body was commonly referred to as the church, but Gentiles to become Israel and in Israel just become Gentile here.

Here's a Paul expresses it forthrightly for scripting seven. Beginning verse 17, only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him and to which God has called him this is my rule and all the congregations all the churches was anyone at the time of the skull meeting called to salvation already circumcised, but him not seek to remove the marks of circumcision was anyone at the time of his call uncircumcised with him not seek circumcision for neither circumcision counts for anything nor am circumcision, but keeping the commandments of God, which, in the New Testament or that the basic fundamentals of the gospel so that was his rule choose to become Gentiles, Gentiles to become Jews. In fact, in Romans 11 he directly addresses the Gentiles who are now grafted in to to the olive tree and says I'm speaking to you Gentiles, so that you will provoke Israel to jealousy.

So he distinguishes the Gentiles from Israel quite plainly and that the miracle of what happens in the new covenant is that in the past for a Gentile to be a full inheritor with Israel that that Gentile had to join the people of Israel and convert the to to be fully in receipt of the blessings and the, the relationship with the God of Israel in the fullest way. Member have to be circumcised men and women immersed in water.

You have to keep pledge to keep the commandments, etc. enough to fully convert to Judaism and now you were in its completely change through the new covenant through the blood of Messiah where there is neither Jew nor Greek, male or female, slave or free, etc. those distinctions do not exist in our standing with God's system. There is no class system. So through the Messiah now and uncircumcised, Gentile, is an equal heir with circumcised you one together in the Messiah so if he said look I find much beauty in the feasts, and God never abolish the biblical calendar and we learn much from it, and join together with Jews worldwide and celebrating Gulfport. God bless you. Just make sure it's it's all you she was centered in what you do if you say you don't, God must give the dietary most recently, no were not under them, and we know that the food that we eat does not bring us closer to God or defile us, but there must be some reason for so really doing okay. You have the liberty you have the liberty to do not eat those things fine at the moment you make an obligation.

The moment you say, we are called to do it. You check back another year or two. Or five. The be taking on even more more and now the be trying to look Jewish or the be wearing fringes was mentally growing beards or the will be getting more ill now which tribally identify with. You never know where it goes and some actually after. Your stairway from the Lord entirely just want to be Jews and turn away from Jesus so moment you make it obligatory for something that Gentiles must do. You have completely missed that the message of the gospel.

How Jew and Gentile become wanting Messiah without either losing their identity.

After a quick follow-up 08). On the other argument that he would make it the other does not, that there is neither Jew nor Gentile, and that he is trying to combine the two were what I'm hearing you say the opposite exactly where all lawn writer. All right, there is neither male nor female. So the command start becoming limitless.

No men are men and women to women bidding Messiah were one and Rico at the moment you get away from the distinction now you no longer have male-female coming together in the uniqueness to make something new together.

So it's the Jew as a Jew and the Gentile is a Gentile, one of the Messiah that brings this beautiful powerful unity.

Hey listen. Directing that the podcast goes out.

The videos are up on YouTube. After the show directed to this scene is for decades and have never seen it and well it only deepens confusion.

The witness of Jesus goes down the worship of the son of God decreases evangelism goes down just inevitable that that things will stray from weather supposed to be an acts 15 plainly says the opposite. People say none of this is you will be in the synagogues, Gentile believers will be in the synagogues and give her these things. It was the basic things were saying they heard this before the get it easily succinct take on the rest know where does New Testament. It was a take on the rest ever ever ever a thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Eugene in Los Angeles.

Welcome to the line of fire. Michael sure thing. Quick question in regards to infinity so timidly covered entity okay after one and verse four Paul makes reference to myths and endless genealogies that would give rise to mere speculation.

My question is do we have any more information about these myths and genealogies. While recent commentaries may go from all being Jewish to being Gnostic teachings within them.

Commentary says this kind of Gnostic teaching that they referred to really take effect till much later. Right thumb go back. Philo would not want to get it sadist is that it is debatable.

In other words that's what the commentaries and give you different views because we have a call here and then we don't have his commentary or explanations. Everything comes after it.

It's certainly true that when first Timothy is being written that you may have some early seeds of Gnosticism, but nothing that could be called full-blown Gnosticism's Gnosticism, nor did not Gnostics as a group exist, so it could just be some some emphasis that ultimately became Gnosticism CFP very careful when you say the less it's anachronistic it's it's out of time so you you were careful about explain it in that way we know that genealogies are important in the Gospels to establish the credentials. The background of Jesus the Messiah. And we know that there throughout the Bible so that can't be the issue of what is the issue about people trying to prove their own genealogies was the was the issue, a matter of debating minutia about genealogy of Jesus was trying to prove some spiritual pedigree. We don't know for sure if you've read commentaries that give the different options. Those tend to be the main options there and I don't know that I've heard something that I thought okay this is deftly it. It's the spirit of it, which I grasp there to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies was that was a part of Jewish tradition that they were badly which promotes speculations rather than the stewardship from God is by faith was a Jewish genealogies try to fill in blanks and connect people to different ones and who this one really was, etc. it's it's debatable. So II can't.

I've never written a commentary on the New Testament book and then gone through this in sufficient depth to say I'm sure about this so gotta keep digging in and see what seems to make the most sense. Okay, so what what would you say to the best of your ability, but your knowledge is in reference to genealogies like offenders, we have good you know you are good whether the Old Testament and New Testament so alone in my mind the things that was most prominently present themselves to be with you to be one arguments about spiritual pedigree and was on life based in genealogy or perhaps more likely, various Jewish traditions that argue that so-and-so went back to so-and-so and try to fill in the blanks and Paul saying that's why it's of no value. This is no mean, I may say one of the other side of the brakes and just stick around for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends are broadcast. Hey, if you're anywhere near Jacksonville, Florida.

New life Church starting tonight and then through Sunday special origins conference Jewish roots all kinds of fascinating scriptural discussion colleagues about the ministry I'm scheduled to speak morning and evening.

Tomorrow, so just check my itinerary asked Dr. last comment Eugene. I was just curious to see what Prof. Craig Keener said in his IVP Bible background commentary. Same thing that I just said that the idea of of postbiblical Jewish tradition filling in genealogies of debating things like that could be at the center of it. Of course you mention Philo in the myths and genealogies reference there but that we don't know.

Beyond that, my suspicion seems to be similar to his as well. Appreciate the call. All right, let's go over to Mike in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Thanks for calling the line of fire Dr. product on the well thank you I don't I don't know how much like living there but unity but my question is pertaining to do that though if one I accept them as the Messiah. We know that you did not get the man you are about argument being how concrete is going up to be on whether you, the thought of God or Did you know any ultimately to understand God rightly need to understand that the son of God is eternal and divine hands, God the son.

I don't believe that someone has to fully get that the moment they're born again. Plenty of Jews come to faith believe that Jesus is the Messiah believe that God's appointed him as Lord believe he died for their sins and rose from the dead.

It's only over period of time that they begin to understand God's complex unity.

It's only over period of time that they begin to realize that that this eternal son came into the world in the person of Jesus. So I would say if someone blatantly rejects that notice of study they studied it they say no. The sun is a created being that I say there believing falsely about him and would be deeply concerned about the reality of the relationship with God, or the foundation on which they stand and then the others would say plainly they're obviously not safe, but I certainly don't believe that that when Peter preached and asked to and 3000 Jews came to faith that they all got it right then all we understand this member appears less word acts 236 little house of Israel know that this Jesus whom you crucified. God has made more than Messiah soul there hearing God has made this one board so that the master when you bow down to an Messiah, but still God. I would imagine it's over period of time that further insights to the Scripture revelation came out to open that up for them so you have cults like Jehovah's Witnesses that are cults. One reason being that they believe that the son of God is a created being and therefore not eternal, and not to be worshiped as God was New Testament free plainly refers to Jesus as God in and makes clear that we are to worship him. But ultimately, everything points to one God and and every knee bowing down to him so that it it's really it's it's not splitting hairs. There is a difference. The question is this. If he is a created being that he cannot be worshiped as God. He cannot be called God he cannot be prayed to his God and yet all of those things are done in the New Testament say he's a created being be something that we regard as heretical. I have all but unrelated question. I don't know what drug court and not go forward real quick project so probably from back in the early days when you obviously were converting over from Judaism is the white people that are just getting into reading Scripture in fairly early in the walk were did you ever have trouble being like a little bit skeptical of Paul and his writing not nothing. Nothing bothered me about that at all but I got slighted saving it radically saved in the Bible is the Bible that's okay. People in this church you tell the truth.

Jesus save my life, save my soul, transforming, and this is the Bible. So what it says is true, and it had a question about what it meant read something like wow I do know that Marie through the Gospels and it was like a mystery novel to me is like was Sick with what Jesus you disembark. Jesus healed a blind person and then couple capital recently from his. I had no idea why oh I know this Jesus rose from the dead. I did know about this other things) new, but it was written was true as the years went on a lot of what I've believe was challenged day and night for decades been challenged but no, especially with Paul never, never struggled her a thank you thank you for asking.

All right, let's go to Michelle in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is that something I are you are first woman calling today at the end of the show welcome to well maybe I could correct line and about Christian more effective. Eventually it was people we were better able to articulate the mystery of the and acting because I witnessed the hectic you become a Christian, I would like to have a three year good luck to N when I tried to explain the red heifer connection to Jesus and the light went on, though I did. Your thoughts on the value of learning that yes more and being able to share it better yet, so Michelle, if the Jews that to bring us to see the juvenile trust docs to its knowledge of the Messiah. That's wonderful. Again, I would want to think of them as going from Judah Christian, but that you, embracing you, she was the Messiah, but I've been sharing the gospel for 50 years with my people and never once says that Mr. the red heifer come up as a point of evangelism or theological discussion, and I've been in the thick of it and with tons of time with with leading Orthodox rabbis and lots and lots and lots of interaction with wide ranges of Jews so know what I would not look to it. If the Lord use that work in a particular way wonderful but I do not see this primary witnessing to see other things in terms of sacrificial offerings with the analogy with the binding of Isaac and how Jewish tradition sees that in Genesis 22, etc. I would see those is much more powerful of the death of the high priest and releasing the man slayers in the accidental homicide those things. The whole analogy, the sacrificial system. I find those to be much more powerful arguments and then of course the New Testament reference to the Messiah as the Lamb of God, so the Lord use that wonderful, but I would dare say that there is three years of sharing the gospel first planting seeds praying which is really the key. And this may just been some final thing that that the Lord do so, in my judgment thank I use that but no I would not say this is a major thing we should learn for sharing the gospel with Jewish people.

Thanks for asking for my opinion that did we have any movie for Michelle: remember if we did this.

If I get to another caller to Marcus in Orange County, California. Time is short so please dive right in.

Yeah, go ahead, one Lord, one 1.not to think in all public of Israel with the glutton convert the nation publish the gospel and could divert unbelievers to believe unbelievers in the Bible are called Gentile. Even pagan Gentile. My question for you. You believe Jesus believe that you are Nicodemus you must be born again, not of corruptible. By the word about that live in either forever. If you don't believe you're not really just so almost everything but a lot of what you said there was false so thanks for getting out so quickly time the insured. Thank you.

Number one, Israel's mission was not to convert the nations but to live as a priestly nation keeping the statues that God gave to them and not to the rest of the world, but to declare the knowledge of God, to exalt God in the nation, so that the people as the nation's commercial God, they're not supposed to become Israel. So look for example, in Isaiah 19 into the chapter that Assyria and Egypt at the individual worship God together with Israel little become Israel. They do not become Israel.

Now pagan Gentile can be synonymous with other times Gentile boy dismissed some of the nation.

Abram is told he can be a great boy, a great nation, Genesis 12, so read Romans 11 Paul writes to Gentile believers 11, 11 to 16. He writes to Gentile believers and says I'm writing to you Gentiles because I want you to provoke my people Israel to believe.

So Gentiles do not become Israel and the word is explicitly clear on that in the New Testament that you could say why identify as a spiritual Jew find but but if you read Romans gets in the second chapter. Keep reading to the third chapter Jew is due a physically circumcised person traced back to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and what is Paul say in the Messiah is a Jew becomes a Gentile gentle becomes a Jew reverently comes, Israel uses no in the Messiah.

Jew and Gentile become one in him. How through that new birth that you mention so I'm saved you your save Gentile writ of your background is of your Jewish also. We are say through the blood Messiah. We become one. But just like when a man gets a this become a woman one woman could save his command that they are now equals in the Messiah is a secure previous color system.

The class system and pull wars against the descent. If you say uncircumcised. Don't become circumcised for circuses is not the issue, and it becoming a Jew was the issue he would say every male has to be circumcised know he says the opposite. And this is one of the modern heresies today that Jews are not really Jews but the Christians would introduce false false false. Thank you for the call.

Perhaps we'll talk again in the future publish friends. If you're in the Jacksonville area for a few this week. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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