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Updates and Strategies from the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 23, 2022 4:50 pm

Updates and Strategies from the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 23, 2022 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/23/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network friends the pushback continues.

Are you ready to be encouraged for the light a fire with your host will scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more and spiritual clarity, 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the front lines of the culture wars for many many years. How does it feel to be in my shoes on full faith, confidence, encouragement, because my eyes are not ultimately on news headlines.

My eyes are not ultimately on what's happening in the world around us. My eyes are ultimately on King Jesus Lord of all the God who rules and reigns and therefore knowing him fills me with confidence. I want to share some of the confidence with you as well. 866-34-TRUTH was written in John one. The light shines in the darkness but the darkness cannot overcome. It cannot comprehend it. Cannot snuff it out 866-34-TRUTH okay I guess your whole bunch of things with you today to encourage you to bless you to stir you to help you the way I can make a difference program. Knowing the Lord even if you don't know the Lord, you can make a difference, but in particular, knowing the Lord, you can make a difference for good. You don't want to underestimate what an individual could do this essay. I'm here to help. I'm here to be part of the solution and not part of the problem before I get to that though no earthly very interesting clip from recent TV interview I was sent one of sheer bunch of things today, but I want to put the question out to.

If you have an opinion.

The freedom convoy in Canada so thousands of truckers and non-truckers gathering together to to push back against what they feel or severe restrictions take away their freedoms take away their abilities to make a living in Canada because of covert. They feel the restrictions are draconian. The field restrictions are not even science-based at this point I'm really provoked.

This was if these truckers when the United States so there is their job that they come down to dropping stuff off the picking stuff up whatever come back and They couldn't do it.

Mr. vaccinate.

So for many, that was okay.

This is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Your so they organized his protest driving on the roads together did cause some disruption yes of course they were trying to draw attention to a serious cause here. Some of them are Christian. Some of non-Christian some of them coming from a spiritual viewpoints of totally secular viewpoint.

I saw video of many of them singing a classic hymn together worshiping God, but that certain that all of them so that they would block certain areas. So here's a major intersection or an international crossing.

It would stop traffic and block these areas. Disruption was caused but was a justifiable it was peaceful there is no violence of any kind. During no threats of violence. They wanted they wanted to get their message to Prime Minister Trudeau in their viewpoint. He was hiding from them, and then of course cracks down by using emergency act which was passed in the late 80s, but is never once been used in Canadian history and I have read reports from Canadian legal experts saying it was not intended for a situation like this, and there were many other things that could've been done before invoking the emergency act so promised retreat goes in many things. The critics call dictatorial. The parliament has stood with him. A majority stood with him not overwhelmingly withstood with them now that continue to keep the emergency act in place that anything I may need to keep some of these things in place long-term. So there many many concerns about the freedom of Canadians was is a right thing to do is this the way you bring about change was just being carnal and rebellious.

Should the people just sit back and do nothing, even if they feel that fundamental constitutional or legal freedoms are being taken from them.

Maybe follow the situation more closely than others, maybe not.

But if you have a viewpoint, Christian or otherwise love to hear from you.

866-348-7884, the situation in Ukraine, Russia continues to be at boiling point headlines announcing all types of dire potential consequences bloodbath in the world consequences economically. I do not have deep insight into the situation. There I feel there many others. Right now we can do a much better job of catching you up and hopefully we'll get some experts on that we feel or giving forth helpful and reliable information on the feel that my I have not been able to devote sufficient time to study all the related issues to give you commentary that I think is worthy of your time and we can only focus on so many things at once. So just worship it. We want to keep praying father, have your way in the midst of this volatile situation which could affect many many people in many, many deep and dire ways.

All right before I I start giving you some examples of of pushback.

I promise to be doing it through the year just in one file alone.

I probably got old PC headlines from the last few months of about 40 so far that I just threw into one file of tangible examples of people pushing back of groups pushing back of people saying enough is enough. Some secular, some Christian but but I said that this would be a year with this really needed to be our mentality, not primarily politically, not by intimidation right so I'm a much about the truckers pro or con right now, but us as believers, we are called to be the light friends okay so before I before I get into that, let me play clip disregard with you like the show that this was on or not. That's not the issue disregard with you. You're a follower of this woman's ministry or not. Just want you to hear what she has to say, this is Emma Stark on the Jim Baker show and this was sent to me by a colleague. We are having a discussion among several of us as to what she had to say… Let me paste this winning Russia and mapping have married citing Arabia has no abortion, citing Arabia has no pornography and some other sexual issues that we would want to pray for it, citing Arabia right just now because righteousness is not measured in law it's measured in heart and submission to Jesus Christ and here is the problem in a successful church you're so fixated with legal lobbying and who is in power that you prophesy nonsense to back the political position rather than understand it doesn't actually matter. What matters is heart heart change and can I tell you this boss I'm not up on the relevant gimmick that I really have a lot of answer the vibrant heart change and we have forgot not we thought that the nation would change through our vote, rather than through the transformation of heart and while were on it and I just say if you get the leader in a nation you do not want may be.

And just maybe you need to thank God because maybe a leader that irritates EA is the right provocation to raise the church, God will not marry a nation. He will marry a bright and so sometimes he puts in a nation, the very thing you don't want that will raise up right, who has made herself ready and you have the correct right here, because the obsession with law and politics is roping from the church in America, the ability to change hearts which is high. People find Jesus and you will not have revival unless the church changes hearts. If you keep wanting to change the law and politics that is not a measurement of righteousness. Righteousness is coming to Jesus and surrender in your heart.

I think if I get if you can give a European grace, and you can come and speak into Europe because we need our blind spot that I know it's late at night, but I actually believe that God is saying stop looking for worldly success.

Stop looking for measurements that I don't measure when I look for heart change and I look for you to love my kingdom more than you love your nation meaning to write. So as a massive shift is not yet finished me grace on doing wanted leaders of course Yvonne could later do I want right just love the course I want righteous laws, but the priority of Scripture is that we change hearts to Jesus first. Christianity is not a top line religion that is and we have lost bringing people to Jesus and we thought if we campaign friend later people would find Jesus.

That's not happened or what you think of those comments. You can weigh in on that as well 866-34-TRUTH you agree you disagree, I give my perspective, my perspective is although part of it could be overstated as either or within at the end, she makes clear Christmas righteousness. Of course we want righteous laws, but the fact is, she's absolutely right differ with me or not it's fine but she's absolutely right. In terms of saying that we got our focus off an American church America and we just keep thinking if we can just get the right person in the White House or the right people in Congress are the right people in the courts and the right laws passed that will solve the problems but it in less there is a massive groundswell of hearts being changed and lives being changed. All that's going to be is is just opportunities for people to rebel all the more, and pushback fight, or more, of course, if we can get a righteously passed, we do, but the emphasis the priority must be a change in hearts.

So when I give you examples of pushing back. This is to encourage you to change and come. This is to encourage you that one life or one group to make a difference. This is to encourage you that no were not in some inevitable slide down word and there is no way around it and everything is this going to pot figuratively and literally these days. No, it it it's to it's it's to say with that change can come but ultimately it's got to come through prayer, through us, living a godly laws loving our neighbors was preaching the gospel making disciples repenting of our sins. That's ultimately the change can come in without question because I dress and mouth.

And if all goes well and have gotten caught up with politics by addressing so much try the say hey focus right to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown just six days to the release of silencing of the lamp so excited to get that book out to you and we we've got us a couple special shows come your way next week.

One of them is going to be on Wednesday and of done the interview recorded to interview its it's very intense. It is very very intense very eye-opening very vulnerable.

I'll tell you more about us as we get closer, 86634. Truth is the number to call. As promised through this year I want to keep giving you examples of individuals of groups making a difference right so so here's one from freedom Lafayette life with Louisiana and it says our mission LCF's mission is to inform, equip and activate individuals to engage in the preservation of religious freedom, individual liberty and parental rights to its Lafayette citizens for freedom and one of the issues they were dealing with was an audience and ordinance was Lafayette 3121 there was a proposed ordinance sponsored by some councilmembers to be" unlicensed counselors from practicing quote conversion therapy on minors enforced by the thousand dollar fine defines conversion therapy record as any practice practices or treatments that seek to change and individuals sexual orientation or gender identity and counseling's techniques used to help individuals make decisions relating to personal growth, vocational, family and other interpersonal concerns so this is again come up minors right paren so yeah my kid is not happy with someone, same-sex attractions or transgender feelings and would like counseling so professional counseling were going to a pastor you know different categories. The world calls conversion therapy. We don't call talk therapy, toilet, ministering to people.

Okay, so they they stood up against this in the ordinance was withdrawn. This trip against it. They raise their voice for freedom for religious freedom and the ordinance was withdrawn may be this kid it's going to get help that otherwise would have been suicidal.

Maybe there's a kid that's going to get hope that otherwise would not have been able to have this ordinance passed it or someone who of a very different life outcome in a positive way. Citizens coming together making a difference it can happen anywhere.

Okay how about this. This is mass taking it to the politicians.

Wyoming County Commissioner resigns after pressure from mass resistance. Parents over obscene library books you compare local parents.

The Nazis railed about parents ignorance and hate arrogant pro-LGBT liberal got elected conservator that's out there describing arrogant a new program, the commissioners been voted into take his place. So these are parents pushing back. Send your obscene materials in our children's school libraries and will want them there.

The this Commissioner in turn according to the reports refers the parents or likens them to Nazis.

He's out now again ultimately want change hearts. We want to change lives. Ultimately, we want to see people come to life-changing faith and transformation at the same time we want to protect her kids at the same time we want to stand for righteousness.

At the same time we we want to push back dues right.

Here's another example. Let's say that we just go over here okay so bigger news, better known news, but here's an an article on Fox news Fox news staff of Joe Rogan's quote unstoppable. After confronting cancel cultures out Joe Rogan is not my model for godliness is not my model for Christian values. I'm not looking to him for counsel or wisdom is incredibly successful and seems to be quite open and honest in his search for truth and pray that he really comes to know the Lord but I'm not holding him up as an icon for the church. But when there was a real attempt to silence him simply bringing on guests pro and con, about vaccines and asking questions when there is real attempt to do its modified ultimately stood within the did they stand with him for ethical reasons. They stand read with him for four righteous reasons say okay we recognize that that you cannot silence voices who differ with it when I have a freedom community or was it something that he so successful is this a good buddy investment. Either way, there is this really attempt serious attempt for many quarters to silence them in it for a little while spot if I took some hits with their stocks obscene, good looking, long-term, and hopefully been doing this for ethical reasons but bottom line is the attempt to stuff them out will probably only increases audience. I'm using this as an illustration, as were talking about pushing back.

I want to bring on a guess that we have right now are Rob Chambers from the American family Association and the American family Association for decades has led the way and calling attention to major moral and spiritual issues and calling Christians together, to stand up for what's right, making them aware of different situations, but also may be lesser-known because the been so well known for partitions and getting the message out. They've also been involved legally for many years as well Rob there is a case right now that you have going to the Supreme Court.

Can you tell us about the significance of that. Well, thank you so much on Dr. Brown forever me on what we're looking at is where encouraging Supreme Court pick up the CMS issue, the Center for Medicaid and Medicare services two to read to rehear the be the case that they sent back or basically upheld the right for of HHS to require healthcare employees to get the drab tube to become an injected with the with the vaccine will be vexing. That is so where were calling on the court to hear that because basically the basis for their rejection of the healthcare workers right to not get the drab was based on some really flawed reasoning. So why is this of concern to Christian organizations like yours.

Understand, for example, if you feel there is sexually explicit material that's affecting children or other things like that. The why is this something that that you are actually pushing to get to the Supreme Court will there many healthcare workers across the country who who are Christian who are to have our people have people your sincerely held religious beliefs and they would oppose the vaccine on that basis that would violate their religious beliefs. There's also healthcare workers who believe that it would violate the rights of conscience conscience to to either to get injected with that vaccine, or even give it to another medical personnel, elders of those two reasons like to conscience and religion pretty. What were you concerned that things could go if the courts ultimately say no.

You have to fax it again. This is not pro-or anti-facets of the issue at all. It's about the writings that you have a concern that this could be the tip of the iceberg for something larger or really do because first of all, there is no statutory authority that we understand that the federal government has to require people in the medical profession to get get vaccinated.

The Supreme Court, the liberal opinion read into the law of our thinking that that it was actually there but it's not.

But if if the federal government exceeds the prevails of the Supreme Court then then what's next America if the federal government can require this to happen, what else by the medical profession require reminiscent create the healthcare czar Dave HHS example right so it in the in the larger scheme of things you have been on the frontline Santa Fe for decades with issues of religious liberties and freedoms in your mind.

Is this part of a bigger picture. We talk about what else could happen in the health community but this part of the bigger picture of the genuine assault on Christian liberties and large religious leaders in America are all be over doing this are we paranoid. I don't think we paranoid it all mean you may look what we see what the government is already doing with with vaccines.

The other saying that that this vaccine is is effective and prevents infection or even prevent transmission of data that early on, but then they change the they change the goalpost and maladjusted to mitigate any problems that one would have to work to get back.

They were to get the code virus.

For example, in so we just see the government continuing to move in a direction that is not limited in fashion meeting limited government as the government was intended or originally instituted by by we the people, and so the government is continuing to move in a direction away from the consent of the government.

For example yeah it is true and if you think of the issues that concern Tom Waldman in the early days of AFA and you look at where we are now in society think he was right to sound the alarm and by the way, having you down with you folks quite a few times. It is multiethnic and multigenerational. It is not just representing a bunch of old white men. So it there is a perspective that the whole nation needs to hear, hate last word over to you but everyone benefits of been here with IFA about years may be over six years and it is really incredible the amount of diversity that exists. AFA coming me a lot of young people a variety of ethnic diversity as well. And so it's just really a great organization. A great place to serve and to serve others there out in in the country. I would encourage people to go to and to learn more about AFA and learn how you can get involved and even support the ministry friends hello face-to-face together in his documentary get on the mailing list regular opportunities voice. Thanks so much for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is contagious, brave man or woman takes a stand. The spines of others or stiffened. Have you ever seen that with group that everyone can I can say amount to anything and then an unlikely person stands like their standing. I need to stand.

The next they will if you standing he standing in their standing. I need to stand in and next thing others rise up what why not be the one to show courage first, let's have a beer troublemaker nuts about being arrogant, angry, militant talking about loving the Lord love your neighbor to the point you some do what's right. It's uncomfortable, but in the US right all experience beautiful freedom when you do really get into that principal and the silencing of the lambs, the freedom you have when you obey God, and cast of the fear of consequences and other things. But the friends why not be the one.

Even if by nature do not deny the leader more follower one not be the one that that shows courage first, and others can then follow your leak is wondering other people watching us right one another, people watching us 866-34-TRUTH earlier in the show. I play the clip from a woman from Europe. She was talking about how her priorities got off here in America we put so much emphasis on getting a certain person in the White House are getting certain laws passed that we forget our greater mission, which is change hearts and minds. And yes of course we want to eradicate abortion. Of course we want to see healthy families of course will see lots of things happen, but you can only make so much of that happen legally right which we advocate for the priority must be changing hearts and lives asked for some feedback on the comment. Let's go over to her friend fail in Greensboro, North Carolina. Thanks for coming along fine. Nice to hear from you. I Dr. Brown I tell you the letter from your head at coal everything up.

From the beginning, whenever felt like convert about, abided, and all the helical work, saving that crop up against the Boston cop at that. But I have always said that coming from your car… It's about the heart that I believe, Gore, are widely met with Bob Black person that he would tell them they would have to walk. I also read the trick to get out and evangelize then the heart. Everyone not to worry about the world and the legality all well person can have a baby I did not have a baby not because the heart of the part will be paid and then met with the local to court. No, you'll thank them country than they had been doing lately is all back down to know what the Bible bears about blood that is that it not that innocent blood will why what my thing is someone doing based on the law and did not come from the heart of things… Of the relational part about the leg. Matt will regulate and obligate up with the Old Testament. Now with the law even in the new That the law cannot all loll on are not good right back to not feel on but if you do not going to put the right reason on the heart, please God. Are you trying to have a likable.thank God this together. Just interject one thing if if my next-door neighbor hates another neighbor on the other side right at but the reason that he doesn't strike that neighbor is because he's afraid of the consequences of going to jail for murder or I'm glad. In other words, I would rather that he that he doesn't kill someone, even for the wrong reason that he kill someone, but that being said, ultimately, the solution has to be changing hearts first. Of course we have to have laws in place. You know it's it's it's human race and human race. These boundaries, but right that the point is in God. Those trumps start right. God knows we can't predict the true matter what any of us would do. But yes, it's that it's the emphasis it's the priority and it we got look what I say we I mean the body we got so caught up with the elections it's it's just hard to remember now because it's a little bit past and we begin with Colby for so long, but it was of session social media pages were attacking each other just be like the world and we think all we get we could trump four more years ago to change America. No no no yes no no that an Internet I did not know the heart and not having to live. I walked her on the other, never wanted but is know what the people want and what the people one on one, God knows. All I got ghost yet and here's here's the thing when I would like him to turn Jeremiah II really dug deep into the lives of some of the kings since you had you had similar joy came whose this week and arrogant and when the words of the prophet Jeremiah will be richer from the scroll he did it was winter times. There was a fire going. He just he just took his is is is a knife and just sliced it is, is being written through it in the fire to burn you.

He was arrogant, wicked, and had to show his power because he with he came into power under Egyptian Egyptian rule and then after that Babylonian rule is being taxed by both.

Yes, ma'am. Watch me on the king is wicked from the heart. Zedekiah but it seems everything can see his brother was a man pleaser that he privately would bring Jeremiah and Satan look which I do.

Jeremiah tugs a pivotal time, but we talked and he did wicked things because he was weak, so one was to be wicked from the heart. The other week for the art, but they both read on the judgment because they did what was sinful and raw.

Hey, thank you for weighing him and again one thing from that that word from Emma Stark again doing a much better ministry and and I know there are many different opinions about the TV show. She was on a been on the show and in it in the past and and enjoy getting the message out in every different setting that I can with appreciation the settlement be distracted. But I can so immediately call about this one, but this but she did say that sometimes you get the, the leader you don't want and for the vast majority of Christian conservatives in America. We didn't want to abide even if we had misgivings about Donald Trump because of his radical abortion positions because of his radical trans activist positions because of concern as to whether he would be strong. Internationally, etc. we didn't want him in, but I fully recognize this is to be judgment and it in terms of America falling even more, but it could also be the very means to get us to pray that we were supposed to pray for revival that is a four more years trump four more years trump that's going to do it again it's it's perspective. Yes, we vote. This, I voted for trump. Rose had concerns and I would vote from again. From what I see right now I would not vote for him if he if he ran to get so what if it was against really really bad candidate. I vote for someone else, distant conference or would vote for president at all just run out right now so is that people get mad at me from both sides is by wiping talk about these issues one at this quote Scripture once again, because we live in this world and were trying to bring scriptural principles to every year of life, including politics, so what's the principle here, God is King people to come and go. The most powerful man on the planet is just flesh and blood of God takes his breath away or her breath away. If this most powerful woman on the planet formed their gone end of subject. We breathe I'm breathing right now you're breathe right now by the grace of God, not because we deserve so we need to get our perspective needs to be and that is on the gospel first seek first the kingdom of God seeks first. It's a matter of priorities, and I have very godly mature friends who are gravely concerned about the state of the church in America right now and and and who feel that in less we really get our priorities straight. 2024 could be worse than 2020, which is a very sobering concerning thought, okay, back to encouragement here you go some more pushback about this in England. This is reported. Oh okay is back a few months but I haven't although just reading it wrong it's February 12 because as written British way. It's it's 12 12 and then 02, but it's February 12, not December 2 every 12.

The telegraph reports Christian teachings to be protected from conversion therapy band says government recognition be any quote conversion therapy band and all talk of goat conversion therapy is the talk of the world, not the talk of the church and not the talk of the therapist Christians involving counseling, therapy, psychology don't use the term conversion therapy is a negative term.

The world puts on. But as England was moving towards a ban on that pastor's begin to speak up so soon you're talking about more than 2500 church leaders wrote to Liz trust was the minister for women in equality's warning that they are willing to be criminalized for proposed ban stops them from teaching their faith because they appreciate everyone can change gaze can change lesbians can change transcript. People can change people with with all kinds of desires can change people because a biologist can change everyone can be changed through the gospel were here to help you find wholeness in Jesus while wife come for Council Bluffs conversions are this a that's fine. Go ahead and do it person jail take us from our pulpits willing to pay the consequences. But you are doing the wrong thing. Please do the right thing.

So this quote and conversion therapy band shouldn't even be talked about at all.

Absolutely outrageous with your leaders nail in pushback and it's all okay. Your your to be protected now. Of course we shall see as the rubber meets the road.

But that's another positive that's another good example of pushing back. Do I have another one here I can get to quick before the break, I have at this Jennifer say Levi's brand president quit saying she was forced out over her opposition to covert, 19 school closures. She gave up a $1 million severance that she could not be silenced. Hello take you to earn million dollars electric meter million dollars.

I'm sure she was making more than most of us, but here she said okay. She's losing her job takes is really nothing to pay off site takes $1 million severance pay. Talk about the issues the school I buy no I'll pass on the million, so I can speak up set examples at all.

If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown put out, and sometimes I'll put out a question everybody wants to talk about phone lines light up and it's juicy discussion back and forth those sums up another question and beginning to show.

And colleges that interested talk about that particular day.

As you may see a doctor how come you asked some questions and say will take your calls on this well we don't get sufficient calls on both sides of an issue. The calls to take out and I'm a push to get it.

You never know you never know. I may not come into the studio with a hot topic and I'm thinking I want to cover as much ground as I Get to be flooded with calls and I want to get to as many calls as I can try to balance that you know the content in the calls and ends like nobodies calling and then I'll mention something completely off topic addict term everybody wants to weigh in CD just never know if you ever wonder how come I announced certain thing. I'll take calls on we don't get calls on that subject. No calls to take an and were were not the situation I'm looking at all comments on social media platforms during the show. So your people commenting if they don't call in. We leave for the most part don't interact with it okay. Have you gone to buy their have you yeah Dr. Mark Spangler's health supplements. Obviously I want to encourage you to eat healthily and exercise to take good care of your body for the supplements can really help in so many other ways that even my wife and I eating as healthily as we know how and and virtually told his vegans. It could be a little meat here and there in a grilled chicken or something here and there salmon that Nancy might have, but there was eating as healthily as we know how you still need to supplement that with certain health supplements and many others. The many other so check that out by this code to use the Dr. Brown code when you do you see the get a special discount and then in turn, Dr. Stigler makes donation to our ministry with a repurchase to go ahead and do that.

He's our one and only partner helping support the show. In this way, so we appreciate the partnership and want to pass on the savings to you by okay I promised you through the year. Examples of encouragement, pushing back people saying enough is enough people standing up to the culture similar believers, some are not. Am I saying that all look at this. The shift we got 50 headlines here versus 38 on the other side, or 214 positive stories versus 111 all all non-amassing that all. I'm not saying that those on the other side or are not taking stands, when the city of Sodom and ideologically were all human beings and the need of God's grace right and I will divide in that sense I see people know the Lord and people don't know the Lord's my ultimate focus is to bring people to know him personally, and to walk with him and honor him. That's just my ultimate burden, purpose, vision that that being said, that being said, it's encouraging to know that people are making a difference here. Look, let let's say 100 people today are diagnosed with cancer and let's say many of them don't survive the cancer that's tragic that's painful.

I will minimize that. But in your own life. I was just talking to a pastor today and said hey how you doing this is my wife to set a biopsy sewer. Pray for good report that good report means the world to them that good report when it comes it means the world to their children. The doctor saying here cancer free for this can be dealt with and you've got great life expectancy. That's good news in your world. So I want to give you good news, and in other other places in America and even other countries say they can be. The reality in your school that can be reality in your estate that can be the reality in your family that can be the reality in your community. Why not, why not okay so check this out. Is there a more left-leaning city in America than San Francisco. Maybe. But it be hard to find and of course it's it's been a stronghold for gay activism for decades and decades and homeless crisis. Other things going on drug addiction.

There are a lot of real serious issues right now in San Francisco. It's obviously right for the gospel in that respect. Check this out this is really sent shockwaves around America of Fox reported Fairbury 16th San Francisco, recalls three school board members quote a clear message. San Francisco, one of nation the nation's most liberal cities recall effort split Democrats.

Here is a report that is from the New York Times in landslide's New York Times San Francisco forces out three Board of Education members.

The recall which galvanized Asian Americans was a victory for parents anger by the district priorities during the pandemic soul. The. The parents were upset. They felt that the school board was engaging in all kinds of other issues and renaming schools and doing things with a radical leftist agenda, not really paying attention to the needs of the students of the schools that hearing this very liberal city. The parents that your out. And I been a been reading some reports, this is not Democrat versus Republican. This is what's best versus what's not best right that's the issue here in the probably most older great majority of voters involved with Democrat as well as a split there, but that this people, get the message. This radical woke I'd ideology is not working. Get the message this with Democrats and before it's too late and look, we've we've known that America with with all the problems that we have. We tend to be a slightly center-right country ideologically so obviously that's that shifted in certain ways by Yuko radical left and you lose people not getting other Yuko radical right you lose people not gain just for the wreckage of a politically, politically, about this from Tony Blair Fairbury 17th, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's remains a loud voice in international politics.

He said people don't want a situation where women can't talk about being women, but it empties the lead that the left-wing Labour Party that he's he said voters don't like all this stuff that is being shoved it us regarding the public discourse over transgender related politics quote they voters don't want a situation where women can't talk about being women from premise to Tony Blair not Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire or not some other Christian conservative leader is that I have this conversation quite often with labor people, meeting left-wing Labour Party and another inclination is to walk around this issue, but I'm telling you to go right into it and resolve it in a way that makes it absolutely clear where you stand. All my love, it talk straight.

Let the chips fall where they may, by the way you talk about irrationality so the truckers in in Ottawa different cities in Canada start was free to compliment Enterobacter.

They they arrive in one city and a group of protesters to their protest show up. You know what their shouting signs proclaiming trans rights are human rights. Excuse me. This is this a protest about covert vaccines, mandatory vaccines and covert crackdowns in the other party is shouting. Trans rights are human rights. What what did the truckers have to do with trans rights are not within the freedom convoy have to do with transgender issues, what did covert restrictions have to do with this.

Nothing, absolutely nothing. People were getting into this online what I said I think you showed up to the wrong protest.

That's what people were saying but it exposes and reminds us of the irrationality of certain positions and assert my myopic focus. That's just on one particular issue notices everybody's is do we know what did it did the freedom convoy ever say a syllable having anything whatsoever to do with transgender issues now let us syllable is nothing in any statement, there are no signs that were being held up there no billboards that rubbed the side of trucks. There were no interviews with truckers and and his transgender stomach needs to stop and amend these bare-metal woman is me will not know where none of that was said anywhere and and yet and yet protesters show up as a trans.

Rights are human rights and for the record, this identifies transgender are as human as any other person. Those who identify as transgender should be protected under the law, like every other person. Those who identify as transgender are still created in God's image and Jesus said the same blood for me. A heterosexual straightman, as he did for someone who identifies transgender who is had A sex change surgery. He said said the same blood for each of us in my desire is to see those who identifies trends, it is to see them find wholeness to see them find freedom in the bodies in which they were created. That's my desire for them and and that's what compassion calls for this with compassion calls for but this was one of the wackiest things I have read it and yet it does not surprise me.

It does not surprise me. Hey friends Wednesday of next week ugly March 2 is what I'm going to interview a woman now identifies as a man shouting at the top of her lungs against trans activism is one of the most I had a line of fire. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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