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Dr. Brown and Rabbi Shmuley Debate: Is the New Testament Antisemitic?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 23, 2021 6:10 pm

Dr. Brown and Rabbi Shmuley Debate: Is the New Testament Antisemitic?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 23, 2021 6:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/23/21.

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The following is a prerecorded program is the New Testament anti-Semitic. We take you into a debate with rebels from the motel and yours truly stalking for the line of fire with your host activist.

All international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown friends.

It's a special debate week is really Christmas and New Year's season here on the line of fire.

We did this couple months back and this simply really good response so any show were taking a classic debate that I did with different scholar Prof. in this case Rabbi and were opening up controversial subject and replaying as much of the debate as we can on the show so you'll get a really really good feel of what happened, but you can watch the full debate for free by going to asked her to round out or look at today's episode and you see a description there with a link to the debate. For the same in our YouTube channel*around with today's episodes of listening on radio. This is taken, check out the full debate for free online and Esther to or our YouTube channel Esther to Brown so is relish morally and I'm New York City 2019 debating the subject is the New Testament anti-Semitic ceramic take you into a a lengthy excerpt of my opening comments is very important debate on a very important subject. I was doing interviews on the streets of New York City today from 16-year-old Orthodox modern Orthodox teenage girls to many Christians and not a single person that I spoke with actually believed that the New Testament was inherently anti-Semitic. Which begs the question, how is it that a demented 19-year-old John Ernest a professing Christian who murders people in the synagogue and how I can quote verses from the New Testament is manifested. How is it that through the centuries professing Christians and dehumanize the Jews demonize a Jew sought to destroy the Jews and quoted from the New Testament, in the process.

It's because as Gentile Christians. They ignored Paul's warnings in Romans 11 not to become arrogant and not to forget the Jewish roots of their faith. It's because they cast off the teachings of Jesus, who called his followers to bless not curse. So the question tonight is the New Testament anti-Semitic that would likely similar asking is the Torah anti-Semitic or the Hebrew prophets anti-Semitic. The answer is obviously not the New Testament is a deeply Jewish book that tells the story of Jesus.

Yeshua the Messiah of Israel. It follows on the heels of Moses, Isaiah the prophet's of Israel and the polemics it contains are those of an inner Jewish conflict. Sadly, my dear friend relish morally wants to edit the sacred text of Christians and challenge the foundational message of the New Testament, namely that presents Jesus as the Messiah of Israel and then the Savior of the world is reflected in his editorial this week in the Jerusalem Post. He actually thinks that the way to strengthen Jewish Christian relations is by telling Christians that Matthew and John, Peter and Paul, all of them Jews were wrong to believe in Jesus.

Instead, the way forward. Even in the midst of our differences about Jesus.

Yeshua is to put the New Testament back into its first century Jewish context. Jewish readers through the ages have been shocked when they read the New Testament from himself. Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein Orthodox rabbi in Hungary, 19th century. He despised Christianity believe that quote Christ himself was the plague in curse of the Jews, the origin and promoter of our sorrows and persecutions with his own eyes he witnessed so-called Christians committing murderous acts against his people ask that they committed in the name of Christ that he also read passionate defenses of the Jewish people from other Christians. Also, in the name of Christ, and they denounced anti-Semitism. So this led him to pick up a copy of the New Testament. He had been given it and hurled it across the room 40 years earlier and it lay on the floor covered with dust picked it up and he was in for shock.

He wrote this I had thought the New Testament lemons Orthodox Jewish rabbi in Hungary. I had thought the New Testament to be impure, a source of pride, of selfishness, of hatred and of the worst kind of violence. But as I opened it I found myself protruding really and wonderfully taking possession of a sudden glory. A light flashed through my soul. I look for thorns and found roses. I discovered process of the pebbles estate of hatred, love, instead of vengeance, forgiveness of sin or bondage, freedom Center project militant conciliation instead of enmity instead of death, life, salvation, resurrection heavily treasured. What about the Jewishness of the New Testament. He said from every line in the New Testament from every word the Jewish spirit stream that you might say on this night, very nice, very nice. But what about the New Testament challenges your of the father the devil, what about saying the Jews are the synagogue of Satan that the Jews killed Jesus and that the Jews are guilty of Deicide Killing Golf Ct., Rabbi Shirley in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells the Jews the kingdom of God will be taken away from you Jews given to a people that will produce its fruit Christians. John takes the metaphor terrifyingly further: the Jewish people of fruitless tree to be asked, cut down and thrown into the fire. When revocable soul what we make of this, let's be honest let's put the cards on the table so first some of this is entirely inaccurate for simple search New Testament read from beginning to end, you'll never find the words.

The Jews killed God first in the verses that truly quoted from the Gospels are actually rebukes of corrupt Jewish leadership, in contrast with the Jewish crowds who revere Jesus second, most of the polemic and context is simply enter Jewish polemic, including prophetic rebuke for sinful leadership exactly as we find in the pages of Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, Catholic Prof. urban Simon Volvo said that there almost identical parallels between the language of John's Gospel and the language of the Dead Sea Scrolls were rival Jewish groups or characterizes quote sons of darkness and sons of the pit were under the dominion of Satan and do his works in this life. He rightly reminds us that quote we must learn to listen to the statements with first century ears, not 20th century wants for years.

Julie has rightly urged us to recover the Jewishness of Jesus and the New Testament. But that means that the conflicts and disagreements read about were largely inside the family.

Just like conflicts between sought Marla Bob is proceeding here New York in years past when he attacked and condemned each other in the strongest terms were they being anti-Semitic and 2000 years ago when a Jewish historian was ready for the Romans rented the jurists to Kari, imposters and brigands slaves. The dregs of society in the basket scum of the nation. Was he being anti-Semitic.

When the Jewish authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls condemn rival Jewish groups were they being anti-Semitic. Then why is it anti-Semitic. When Paul speaks against the Jew dance who killed Jesus, and persecute the Jewish apostles or when Jesus rebuked hypocritical leaders as snakes are told the nonbelieving Jewish audience that there of the father the devil, why is this anti-Semitic and the other writings are not it's because we've taken the New Testament out of its first century Jewish context.

But it back in context. The charge of anti-Semitism disappears. Let's also remember that according to the New Testament, both Jews and Gentiles who reject Jesus are in some way under the power of Satan. Third, the words of Jesus in the New Testament are identical to the words of the prophets in the top it's true that Jesus calls of hypocritical Jewish leaders, snakes and brood of vipers, but earlier. Isaiah said of his entire nation.

They hatch the eggs of vipers and spin a spiders web. He labeled them sons of a sorceress offspring of adulterers and prostitutes brood of rebels, the offspring of liars even said but your iniquities have separated you from your God, your sins have hidden his face from you. Your hands are stained with blood. Your fingers were guilt… Vocalized her tongue on his wicked things in the Torah, God calls us stiffnecked as a people elsewhere. Isaiah, God commands the prophets to write down for all time that we are a rebellious people in Ezekiel. The Lord tells the prophet that the Gentile nations will listen to. But the Jews won't because they're too hard to stop. In fact, if I read you 10 rebukes from the prophets, and 10 rebukes will issue you and be able to tell them apart and that's why Rabbi Prof. Dan: sure about wrote like the prophets of the Hebrew Bible, Jesus can be seen as the conscience of Israel and his confrontation with the leaders of the nation. Jesus echoed the words of the prophets by denouncing hypocrisy and injustice is a prophetic figure.

This image of Jesus should be recognizable AND forth is not anti-Semitic to say the Jewish leaders involved in the death of Jesus, Moses Maimonides wrote about quote Jesus of Nazareth who aspire to be the Messiah and was executed by the court, meaning the Jewish court otherwise owes ahead and spend the time as well so so why is it anti-Semitic for the New Testament to say the Jewish leaders rejected Jesus, but not anti-Semitic for rabbinic literature to say the same thing in even harsher terms, was it anti-Semitic for Jesus, the Torah observant Jew who is being hailed as Messiah to say that rejecting him would bring about the destruction of the second Temple, but it wasn't anti-Semitic.

When Jeremiah prophesied the destruction of the first Temple, rejecting his words and the words of the prophets. Troy takes umbrage at the words of Jesus found in the Gospels, which we choose our leadership of coming prophets in previous generations. Movie says that the Jews are accused of being something like serial killers. But Jesus is just me, with the prophet settle and what rabbinic literature sometimes says about our people, friends, what we have is a double standard which the Tanakh can indict our people and we accepted and rabbinic literature can indict our people be accepted.

But when the Jewish New Testament indicts are people we call it anti-Semitism or we sure when not reading the New Testament in the light of the ugliest parts of church history, rather than in its first century Jewish context. Ironically, on a daily basis. Online we get tens of thousands of comments by the week. Ironically, I confront anti-Semites constantly and they are not quoting the New Testament to make their quota in the Talmud to make an essay in the Tallman sanctions, pedophilia, and the Thomases that the Gentiles are just made to be slaves and Jews in the Talmud says Jesus is burning an extra now and I find myself having to deal with the trauma.

Day and night and telling these anti-Semites you're taking things out of context or twisting your misunderstanding but when I try to do the same thing with the New Testament sick put it back in its context, and rightly understand it that I'm accused of twisting things.

Let us be fair and let us use an even standard throughout what we do recognize the Jewishness of the New Testament. The Jewishness of the message we recognize in the light of the ugly history of quote Christian anti-Semitism that we must recover a first century Jewish understanding that means what with the best of Greek scholarship that many times. The Greek word you diaspora should be translated as Jewish leader or Jew Dan and not just you. Let's make sure that readers today here things the readers did in the first century and then like robots really believe that Christianity is a beautiful religion realize its beauty comes from this book and then even if in the midst of our conflict.

There were intense differences. Let's remember that Jesus said to love your enemies and pulse at the shower kindness on your enemies. So if we follow the spirit of the New Testament, even if Salazar theological point, we bless them and not curse.

And then lastly, I hope the rubbish will unite and I can demonstrate that in the midst of intense and fierce theological differences. We stand as one calling for Jews and Christians to combat anti-Semitism ugly viral disease that must be stopped. Thank you so much, why jump in here and interrupt myself. We come back turn things over the revelation of the Potala families eloquent also of my dear friend, we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire as we take you into my tooth thousand 19 debate, my dear friend and colleague and passionate debating opponent Rabbi Shirley will attack the subject is the New Testament anti-Semitic. Now a good chunk of Rabbi Shirley's opening comments my friends.

I hold in my hand. The Christian Bible. This is the Hebrew Bible, what Christians call the Old Testament, which is a little bit derogatory as if it's old and discarded. And this is the New Testament when my quotes passages from the prophets who criticize the Jewish people. They are spread liberally throughout the since the entire width of this large book when we speak about castigation's condemnations attacks on the Jews.

For example, being the children of Satan.

There are 450. In this small book, they average to per page.

So, since we are in the midst of the nine days the period of mourning for the destruction of the temple the hands of the Romans the Romans who had gladiatorial combat with two men disemboweling each other for support and entertainment. The Romans who crucified so many people after the Spartacus rebellion that outline the entire Appian Way, the Romans who crucified 250,000 Jews in ancient do jail, mostly under Pontius Pilate, who was the great mass murderer.

This doll and of the ancient world. Given that we Jews experience destruction of our temple at the hands of the Romans. I want to redo a small synopsis of the New Testament and I want you to tell me. Given that there are essentially two groups discuss the New Testament Romans. The occupiers and the Jews were being occupied.

Who is this referring to Jew okay was is referring to Vipers and poisonous snakes, hardhearted hypocrites, thieves and robbers, the blind leading the blind people who reject God's commandments and reject God's purpose. People who plotted on multiple occasions to kill God incarnate in flesh and eventually did people who said that God's blood should be on them and on their children forever. Matthew 27 people who said that they are filled with yeast and arrogance. People who have no love for God on their hearts. People who don't know Jesus nor his father and finally people who are descendents of their father the devil, we speaking of the Romans or the Jews in Wiggins, here are we speaking of the Romans. The ancient occupier murderers Bilotti wrong or the Jews. And if I were to tell you that someone would demonize the modern state of Israel, and say that Israel majestic democracy as well with women's rights as well with LGBT rights Israel with freedom of conscience and freedom of worship, freedom congregation, if I were to tell you that the UN or someone else – 5000 resolutions against Israel and said that I was studying with no freedoms and no women's rights in a stone Iran stones limited death threatens to annihilate his own if I told you that Israel is the bad guys, which is say that the UN is fair. Would you say that it's fair, it's not just me believes that my Christian brothers and sisters today. Israel's foremost allies and God bless you all who are developmental Christians was that upper Israel, such as me who believes that there has to be a re-investigation reinterpretation re-examination of Christian Scripture. It's led to terrible consequences. My friend Mike Brown wrote, quote like it or not, Israel's history suggest the judgment has been the norm in God's sight is not just the adult Hitler's of the world who are unrighteous. Rather, by his standards. Most human beings, including most Jews are unrighteous.

Firstly, the comparison to Hitler is utterly unacceptable. We, Jews are righteous people were tired of hearing that we deserve what we get.

The Holocaust was not because we don't believe in Jesus. The Holocaust is because humanity and germinate turn to barbarity, the light goes on, the Messiah did not cut did while the Messiah came to bring peace as a people, we, the Jews miss the opportunity to receive him as our king and we have been suffering the consequences. Ever since that is the justification for anti-Semitism. Should we follow Jesus a righteous prophet and Savior, or should we fold those of our forefathers who failed to listen to him.

That's why this debate matters because I believe that Mike does love the Jewish people, but then why is he writing that you can continue to excuse the decimation of the Jewish people. Let me prove to you for a quick moment that portions of the New Testament were edited to make the Jews look murderous in acts chapter 9 verse 23 the story is told about the apostle Paul quote after many days, and pass the Jews conspired to kill Paul, but Paul Saul learned of their plot and one night his disciples took him and lowered him in a basket through a window in the wall so who's trying to kill Paul, the murderous Jews. You'll soon discover how many times the Jews are described as murderous in the New Testament, but the real story told by Paul himself. In two Corinthians chapter 11 is this in Damascus, the governor under King Derrida's ally of Rome had the city of the Damas of the demo seems guarded in order to arrest me Paul but I was lowered in a basket from a window in the wall and slipped through his hands understand what's happening the Romans and their allies are trying to kill Paul because Jesus followers are claiming that Jesus is the Jewish King which is a capital offense to Rome you have to worship the emperor but impacts it is change is no longer the Romans were trying to kill Paul. It is the Jews. And if that's not anti-Semitism a blood libel that I don't know what the Vatican itself wrote quote some New Testament references hostile or less favorable to Jews have the historical context. This is the Vatican in conflict between the nascent church and the Jewish community. Certain controversies reflect Christian Jewish relations long after the times of Jesus translation they inserted these verses, 40, 50 years after the death of Jesus to destroy the Jews and exonerate the Roman so why would they do that simple logic Jews fought a war against the Romans. Very courageous war but they lost they will submit you'll fight the Romans the Romans came and killed everyone they could find. The Christians have a little problem they are worshiping a dead Jew as a problem the Jews about the most hated people in the whole Empire and the Jews are actually being a Jew three solutions number one, Romans were like you.

We are children of the devil. We can number two. He wasn't really a Jew.

He's a Christian. It took 2000 years of people to begin to explore the Jewishness of Jesus before that Jesus had become a Christian. He was treated as a Christian for any of you who are offended with an Illinois Morrissey to Philippe recently said that that Jesus was a Palestinian, Jesus was a Jew.

Get used to it. Solution number three tell the Romans you know what you think that you've a problem with them in this world we have a problem in the next world they're going now there will shin doesn't even say it was replaced. That's why Jesus died in the cost and that's what led and this is the saddest part.

The first few hundred years of Christianity are so rife with such hatred of the Jewish people by the founders of the church that is shocking beyond belief.

And Mike does a very good job at recounting a lot of that in our hands stayed with blood, but one with one difference in Mike you have to tell me if I'm right or wrong here in the original version of your book, you had a line that says that the Jews have suffered a modified or you wrote that the Jews have been punished by a counterfeit church. The counterfeit message is a pretty strong stuff on when the exact quote. Forgive me and I search for it in the new addition I can find a lot of it was taken out or not the message in the New Testament the verses that say we kill Jesus.

The counterfeit the part that says were children of the devil there counterfeit the problem. The part that says that Judaism is an obsolete religion counterfeit. The part that says the Jews were chosen by God. Counterfeit all the rest. Jesus was a Jew. He came to the lost sheep of Israel. He told the Canaanite woman. I can't even excise debit from your daughter because I came to the law superficial and it's not for me to take the bread of the children of the road to the dogs. Jesus was very focused on saving the Jewish people to part that says the truth. Luke chapter 13 verse 31 that the Jew that the Pharisees tried the same Jesus that parts true because not all the editing of the New Testament was was complete and finally my friends. Luke chapter 13 verse one where Jesus says, do you know it can happen to all of you if you don't follow the word of God. He says Pilate just took a group of Galileans he slaughter them all and then he was so sadistic he actually makes their lot with the blood of the animal sacrifices in the Temple this is James.and we are supposed to be told that that same pilot later is this righteous incredible man trying to save the Jews from the same Jesus from the devilish murderous Jews, our hands are stained with blood.

It will not change until my dear friend Mike Brown my dear friend Mitch Glaser and all my friends a chosen people ministries are all going out to dinner afterward because were friends until they get up and say we utterly renounce and repudiate now and forever, a belief that Jews who don't believe in Jesus are going to hell until that is stated emphatically and clearly the hatred of even get to interrupt rabbis really know myself first segment jumping here we come back really give you into our rebuttals one to another error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. This is especially so on through the Jewish Thursday is a thoroughly Jewish debate Rabbi Shirley will task and I debating is the New Testament anti-Semitic so we can get you now into a good chunk of our rebuttals. We say no, of course, it is not anti-Semitic and make an argument that this anti-Semitic to go back and forth in our rebuttals now you can watch the full debate for free online Esther to Just look at today's description or YouTube. The same ask a deer ran Esther to Brown.

In the description of today show.

We got a link you can watch the debate in full beatified and be blessed. Okay we get into our rebuttals. Wonderful example of two things you just saw one every truthful statement truly said 100% supports my position as socially every statement that goes against it is fiction, including this idea that the New Testament was radically added it to get the favor. The Romans the Romans were slaughtering Christians in the most horrific ways and continued to slaughter Christians.

There is 00 scholarly support for any of the reconstructions that we just offered so you heard the figment of my friends, imagination, and if you want a point for point academically will do it.

Here's the reality millions, tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of Christians around the world love the Jewish people because of what's written in this book that my friend wants to edit we don't need to edit it.

It tells us the truth and it tells us of God's ongoing covenant love with the Jewish people, and it does not teach that God is forever discarded the Jews and throw them away. Instead, as I quoted Paul says the gifts and calling of God are revocable. The Jewish people remain loved by God and Paul even speaks of the day of Israel's national salvation just as the prophets did rubbish really.

You've had time to prepare these three versus just three in the entire New Testament where the Jews are called, the children are safe verse where all Jews are called the children of Satan. You hear the 450 think throw it out. The reality is quite the opposite. Yeah, why does the New Testament talk so much about sending Jewish lease because numerous Jewish leaders who send us like we have throughout the Hebrew Bible Karen II can give you about this God's words to Israel. Torah say to the Israelite people your stiffnecked people. If I were to go on your meds for one moment I destroy that's gone, it's gone anti-Semitic, this Moses well I know how defiant and stiffnecked you are. Even now, I'm still alive in your midst you been defined for the Lord, how much more than what I'm dead Moses who is it that follows Jesus in the New Testament Jews. All Jews all the disciples are Jews are yes it's anti-Semitic when it's about a Jewish Messiah, followed by Jews who gets criticized Jews who rejected the Messiah and they should be criticized for that because he appeared in glory, work miracles, heal the sick rose from the dead, himself, and even after that Peter says you did it in ignorance, turn back because God wants to have mercy on even Matthew 27, 25, is misquoted. You have a Jewish brothers ate all the Jews have a Jewish crowd who says we take the responsibility. His blood be on us and our children knows we take the responsibility accessing all generations. As a and B it's not saying all Jews. As for the New Testament picture of Pilate. How can a man so cruel and sadistic say, okay, who do you want me to give cheap he's tweaking the Jewish leaders because he knows it says he knows that there against Jesus. These after them is playing games with them. It's a consistent picture of palm if we simply go back to what I was saying it's it's really really simple Jewish book about the bit you the Jewish Messiah and the conflicts are in her Jewish conflicts.

I could read you quotes from opponents of the Lubavitcher Rebbe okay from one of the leading rabbis in Israel.

In the end died a few years ago calling him the madman in Brooklyn that drives the whole world crazy and say that Lubavitcher is the religion closest to Judaism and I could I could read you think for from a snob than those who oppose the Pacific movement and that I could read you think I'm back and forth, I'm ugly attacks. Things that go beyond what's written in the New Testament terms of attacking one another, but it's an inner Jewish battle and people understand it, just like in the family when you're in your own home. You might speak to one another in ways that are more spirited than you would when you're outside, among others.

This is a book about inner Jewish conflict what's recorded is true, what's recorded is accurate. We had leaders, including a corrupt high priest, the rubbish movie spoke about as a corrupt high priest and and we had these leaders who work together because they did not believe in Jesus, they did not believe he was the Messiah.

They thought it was gonna be a threat it in the eyes of Rome with useful things get, whatever their reasons were they rejected him and that's their sin and their guilty of it and I'm not going to deny that and the crowds the crowds revere Jesus and even Matthew 21 it's quoted there that that Jesus is the kingdoms can be taken from you. The corrupt leadership given to a people bearing its fruit and what is a safe, that's that the leaners heard this and knew he was talking about them, but they were afraid to do anything because the Jewish crowds thought that Jesus was a prophet read the New Testament for yourself, read for yourself.

It says all people outside of Jesus are under the power of Satan.

Ephesians 2 first John five.

Read it for yourself, i.e. view verse after verse to support it does not single out the Jews except for special promises. Paul writes in Romans nine the covenant promises belong to the Jewish people and that's why he said I could I could die and be cut off from the Messiah myself I could perish.

If I could see any of my people say so smoothly it is love that compels me to speak the truth. I want everyone to know about Jesus grads from our school go all around the world as missionaries. They share the gospel with Muslims with Hindus with atheists. They share the gospel. Everything I will not withhold the good news of Jesus the Messiah from our Jewish people at the same time I will stand with you to the death to prevent anti-Semitism and to say if you want to touch my friend smoothly got to get through me first thank I'm not saying I don't know what Mike is referring to when he says I wonder if we take seriously the intensity and the scope of the horrible judgments that have already fallen upon us in the past and they will happen again if we follow a similar course of habit you have to explain. You wrote it, not me. What are those horrible horrible things that happen to the Jews because they rejected Jesus, my friends. I know Mike is a loving man and I have deep respect for him. But isn't that the essence of anti-Semitism. To say that the Jews are punished for adhering to the Jewish God in the Torah and their being punished for rejecting Jesus.

I thought we would all this stuff. The verse that I was looking for.

I found there is nothing that I said tonight about interpolations in the New Testament that came later, or the need for Christian evangelicals love is when the Jewish people to reinterpret those versus nothing is as severe as Mike himself wrote our Jewish people have been persecuted, abused, expelled and even killed for rejecting listen carefully.

A counterfeit message of a counterfeit Christ priest by a counterfeit church and there is blood on the hands of the church. Nothing I have said comes close to that. Nothing now as far as Mike saying where's the verse where the Jews are referred to as a Mike's a great biblical scholar John chapter 8 verse 39 Jesus says to the Jews. Why do you not understand what I say it is because you cannot accept my word, you are from your father the devil, and you choose to do your father's desires.

He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him and ask all of you, the Prince of peace.

Jesus, a Jew, murdered by Rome you really believe he said that he think he called his fellow Jews, the devil, there are 40 anti-Semitic verses in Mark 60 in Luke 80 and Matthew hundred and 40 in the in acts of the apostles and hundred and 30 and John. John unfortunately is the worst is just some examples are chapter 3 the Pharisees a set of going to destroy Jesus. Chapter 14 the chief priests and counsel condemn Jesus as deserving death Matthew chapter 3 the Pharisees and Sadducees are called poisonous state snakes, Inc. chapter 12 the called evil poisonous snakes.

Chapter 15 Pharisees are called blind guides lead the blind chapter 26, the chief priests and counsel condemn Jesus as deserving death. Chapter 27 people demanded Jesus, not paradise.

The murder be crucified. Luke chapter 4 members of the synagogue in Nazareth trying to kill Jesus. Chapter 7 the Pharisees are said to rejected the purposes of God. Chapter 22 the chief reason counsel condemn Jesus as deserving death book of John chapter 5 Jesus said to persecuted Jesus and wanted to kill and chapter 5 and said that God's word and God's love is not in the Jews. Chapter 7 said that none of the Jews do what is written in the Torah. Chapter 8 the Jews are descendents of the father the devil. Chapter 10 the Jews are thieves and robbers. Chapter 10 the Jews are depicted as those who steal and kill and destroy.

Acts chapter 2 Peter tells them individually crucified Jesus. Chapter 2 again. Tell them individual that they crucified Jesus. He repeats it. Chapter 3, Peter tells them individual of the kill. The originator of life, not the Romans not pilot the Jews themselves.

Of course, Jesus himself, a computer liar and promised him that he would deny him three times. Peter said I would never do that and he does exactly that.

So Peter's testimony as to the Jewish murder of Jesus is not to be believed. According to the words of Jesus himself. Chapter 13. It is so the Jews cannot be forgiven by means of the Torah.

Chapter 18 Paul said Paul told the Jews. Your blood will be on your own heads. Chapter 21 the Jews are depicted as seizing Paul and trying to kill in chapter 23 Jews are said to polity nothing until I killed Paul chapter 23 Paula said to have been nearly killed by the Jews. Chapter 25 Jesus said to the blood of the kill ball chapter 28 Paula said to condemn the Jews for never understanding God in the words of Daniel Joel Jonah gold Hagen latches spoke to today. He was a very important book. It was willing executioners and the moral reckoning quote the anti-Semitism of the Christian Bible is not incidental to it, but constitutive of its story of Jesus both his life and death and its message about God is not just that the Christian Bible contains a few unfortunate anti-Semitic remarks, it is not just that the anti-Semitism is liberally spread throughout the text and it is not just that the epic anti-Semitism is not casual in character, but ferocious, rather the Christian Bible presents its Christian faithful. With a relentless and withering assault on Jews and Judaism. The structure of the Gospels in particular is anti-Semitic.

Jews are presented as the ontological enemy of Jesus and therefore of goodness. They are the impediment in the book story stories, narrative structure, its forces many warnings and and inducements depend on the castigation of the Jews as the essential and dramatic villains who oppose, reject, and the soul.

Choose for Christians to understand on this world, a Satan must oppose God for the authors of the Christian Bible to understand Jesus on earth they needed a terrestrial Satan. And so they invent and present a Satan in the person yeah I know time flies and I wish we more of the debate in the big chunk on the air we come back right into our closing statements for and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks Frans for joining us on the line of fire. Now we go to closing state from me then from Rabbi Shirley botanically come back I'll tell you something really interesting that happened this night. At the end of this debate. We've been so many with this one ended in a unique way. When I keep pushing is the promises of the New Testament and see here's his remissions believe there's there's another path here and ended there so much just to to respond to let me just a quickly how many of you consider yourselves here. Christians followers of Jesus just raise your hands, how many of you only only only a few okay put pressure hands down. How many of you really want to see Jewish people come to faith in Jesus and think it's important okay it looks like their whole bunch of dinosaurs here and like a dinosaur. Paul and the dinosaur Matthew summing dinosaur country to love dinosaur pejorative kids all my boys to apply. I member many knew what a long neck is sore as was as long as I love dinosaurs.

When I read the words that you're supposed to be calling you dinosaur. I could feel the love and the one I was imagining. She ran for Colby T Rex the other day to be affectionate. Okay but but look, here's the path that my friend is missing and I do want us to to unite together and to call for Jews and Christians together as one to stand against the rising tide of anti-Semitism kisses rising in ugly ways every day, every day I get attacked because I'm a Jew. There are so-called Christians who still hate the Jews that because I speak the truth about the Thompson amount of time and you are different, have a whole line 300 pages five and answer Jewish objections, Jesus why not intelligent but these are lies about atomic when I say that I've been told I'm a fake Jew of a Mossad agent on the Zionist shelf that I work for COBOL. Okay this is what I've been told, because I'll tell the truth about this all right Zionist is now a dirty word among people so we want unite together but but I want to show you the path you miss known as quote going to hell because there Jew, is there anything it's ultimately some between us and God.

We accept his mercy and transforms our lives or we reject his mercy, but II fervently hope your righteousness enough righteous enough to get in to see any of us are.

I believe Isaias is in our righteousness is like filthy rags.

That's why we need the Messiah and out of love to learn about mom and I'm not the judge of anybody here that's between you and God and our messages look at the love of God displayed in the cross we sin we rebel God sent his son to die or place that that's love it or how you construe that you cannot make that into hate. And when Paul Gentiles.

They thought they had to keep the law of Moses to be saved is your Gentiles. But what you say in first Corinthians 7 if your call to salvation your circumcised will become uncircumcised, which is an and in the next 21 that he took a vow to show that he was not teaching Jews to forsake Moses or the customs of Israel, but rather selling Gentiles.

You don't have to come under the law, we simply relate to Toronto in a different way we relate without temple sacrifices we relate in a in a different way.

Of course, ethical behavior matters. Read the New Testament you want ethics. Read the sermon on the Mount.

If Christians had lived by what was written in the New Testament, they would've been blessing Jewish people.

They would been praying for Jewish people and even while they preach Jesus Jewish people. They lay down their lives to save Jewish people.

So allow me just a few words and okay just and in fairness here so so just just a few things that are really important to hear the idea of reward and punishment.

Read Leviticus 26 read Deuteronomy 28 and read the books of the prophets is they are over and over. I didn't put that in there. God put it in the chart that don't make that a Christian thing. But the fact is Christians around the world love God because he loved them because when they encountered his love and what Jesus did for them. All they could do is love back. And what's the reward that there there suffering now at the hands of radical Muslims around the world. There get slaughtered it in him in India right now. There's a movement to make it a Hindu nation, my best friend my best friends in the world. My best friend in India. Three of his young men have been martyred for the fact I wash the feet of martyrs. Where is it in India.

One of the young men from our ministry school martyred by Al Qaeda a few years ago and they and what is this family do one of the other team to the other team went right back and keep preaching the gospel and serving poor Muslims that were to respond with love back. Here's the path that I want you to consider. I've been as I said overseas and out of the United States over 200 times right into India, 26, three years is just one place. I've been in jungles in India been an outline places in Africa. I've been in from RS Mexico to I mean, you name it to Seoul Korea and been overwhelmed by Christian love for the Jewish people, it's because they rightly understand the New Testament, and here's what we agree on. If we come to this right interpretation.

And remember, Jesus is not coming back to Jerusalem.

According to the New Testament until the Jewish people, welcoming right and according to Romans 11, that the great culmination of the age is is what nations turning to the God of Israel, and Israel turning back to God. So the promises remained virtually. I would love to see. I can't tell you how many times I thought of this in India in these other countries if I had you with okay they know me. They pray for me. If I'm doing a debate there, praying that God would use me in the debate to reach the rabbis on this okay if you came with me, you would experience the greatest treatment of your entire life, you would be like you and you would be embarrassed by how much they love you and no one is to date for you.

They pray for you privately that they would respect you.

They would honor you they would consider one of their greatest honors you set foot in one house and I mentioned this in the previous debate my closing remark okay is little equal time just slightly full-time. If a minor is Jewish. After all, are so so my first trip to India, 93, we get to a guys house.

His wife had not slept all night. She was so excited this Jews were coming to her home and that the husband meets me at the door. He said you are the second you to come into my house. The first was Jesus Christ.

That's the message passing that connects us and I honestly will go to Jesus. As I said at the beginning of the book an introduction I said I knew I would think flack from the Jewish community. To be honest, I didn't realize how much I would think it was a very difficult year when it came out 2011 for me and my family a very difficult thing like you follow that. I even you are probably surprised by the ferocity of the attacks on me. I was spending all most every day responding to vicious vicious attacks but I honestly wrote the book because I felt that even as we Jews understand Jesus in a completely different light to how our Christian brothers and sisters do we reject the deity of Jesus and the divinity of Jesus.

We would check the size of Jesus, but I saw Jesus as a patriot and fought the Romans because of how brutal they were to his people and that there are many fragments in the New Testament that express that love and that connection in that devotion. I want to develop so you know, in conclusion, I want to acknowledge this is a new era for Jews and Christians. It's a new era based on a common idea and it's very flattering.

The idea being that Christians say that believe and affirm that the Jews are God's chosen people who were given a biblical claim to the land of Israel and that they deserve to live in peace in that land that you and I've known each other for almost 20 years and we shared many stages together, but it's been a bunch years we have one thing was going to enjoy this evening. I think that discussing substantive ideas is exactly what the world needs. I think we end up speaking about so much garbage in today's culture and society.

Whether it's the movie I like going to movies with us and talk about them for hours.

The presidential debates of the stuff that we see in the present and in the political arena can seem can be really petty in the new cycle changes almost every day so you know it's kind of transient, but the subjects that were discussing, even if it's heated there in their internal there either actually really important. They cut to the core of our belief systems and our convictions in our values and that's why it matters that you came out tonight. You might disagree with me completely and as I said before, you have the right to be wrong. I respect that but don't believe for one moment that I take it for granted that you come and listen give up in a beautiful New York evening, we could be in the Parker doing something nice for going to a movie instead. Hearing a a a a strong debate Mike. I think for me, my debate partner and I'm always impressed that in our debates. If you never get wild up you never take offense. You stay very focused on the issues that says a lot about your being a a scholar who really cares about the material makes a difference that we disagree does make a difference is that we are to fellow Jews. We are to follow Americans. We are two people who, to whom faith is the center of our lives and we want to make the world, God willing. I got there place and thanks for joining us friends and I hope you been blessed by this interchange between rubbish movie in the question, is the New Testament anti-Semitic. So rubbish when I've been many debates of things more than 20 major face-to-face debates with audiences of a thousand or more of the key media coverage on different once we've done a recount of events debate on radio we've debate on TV rated America, Canada, England, in the process become dear friends. I mean really, dear heart-to-heart friends and I love his family dearly as well. What happened at the end of this debate because of our uniting together is choose standing against anti-Semitism and and him say will New Testament anti-Semitic and after. That me saying it's not that we repeated anti-Semitism was kind of a sense of us joining arm in arm together to fight against lies against the Jewish people fighting in slander and libel against the Jewish people and at the end we have a standing ovation of a sense of our unifying around this. Because if you able watch the full debate got the links of pedestrian you to think you be blessed and edify as you and is always unconfident truth, triumph and another program powered by the Truth Network

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