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Is God Depicted As Female in the Hebrew Bible?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 28, 2021 4:30 pm

Is God Depicted As Female in the Hebrew Bible?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 28, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/28/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network suit to the Hebrew Scriptures present God as feminine as well as masculine stock for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. I cannot believe I wrote this article 5 years ago August 13, 2016, wrote an article called a Rabbi claims that God is transgender. I was like a couple years ago five years ago. And here we are seven contacted by a pastor concerned with teaching it's been circulating and in some of among friends and colleagues that wants to point to the feminine aspects of God and even address God as mother. So since the early Jewish Thursday so was praying, thinking last night, which we want to go on the show to desolate listing to the Hebrew Scriptures. Let's examine this God ascribed gender to God is that at a place that speak of God in those terms.

Does it matter that he spoken of as the father and not the mother in Scripture.

This is just part of the worldly contemporary spirit of the age mentality wants to question many things we've taken for granted in Scripture for many years to get into the word.

And as always on Thursday will take your Jewish related calls 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH for a 7884. So by Jewish related, it can be going the Hebrew Scriptures regarding the Hebrew language regarding Judaism.

Regarding the state of Israel today messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament. All that would qualify that last week for some odd reason, we had more than any time in the history of the show got a bunch of prank calls and a few of them directly related to two LGBT bankers were poor pro-gay activists, or whoever they were, and that many said he was a Rabbi who identified as this queer etc. we spoke at some length.

I didn't know if was a prank call or not.

He said enough to him to make me think it could well up in a prank call, especially some people. He mentioned that the Emily just checked on names. It is bogus. Names that were mentioned is no minister Rabbi that had certain positions but I kept the conversation going. Because have had enough discussions like this to know that he was representing positions that people do hold to. So with that whole thing was just a complete prank. Either way, had the discussion because it did touch on relevant issues at the case because to prank today want to find some better to do all right. It was while just out of the blue last Thursday at 866-348-7884. In this article 5 years ago I made these points. II said that if this rabbi was. It was a Rabbi Mark Sabbath who claimed that the Hebrew Bible and read in its original language offers a highly elastic view of gender encountered everything we grew up believing the God of Israel, he got of the three mounted monotheistic Abraham religions twitch fully half the people in the pleasure they belong, was understood by its early worshipers to be a dual gender deity that's absolute nonsense. Absolute nonsense to say it like that. Now I made these points had the Rabbi simply stated that God transcends gender. I would have no argument is gender is ultimately something earthly in terms of biological sex male versus female.

Does God and infinite spirit transcend gender. Of course obviously if he only said that when God created human beings he created them male and female indicating that the fullness of the meaning of both male and female is to be found in God. I would have concurred. Amen to that. In other words, the full expression of God's nature is found in both men and women are created in his image, and yet with distinctives all right agree with that and if Rabbi Sabbath. It simply pointed out that there aspects of motherly care attributed to God in the Scriptures like is a 4950 were to look at the moment I would've also concurred and in rabbinic Judaism. The Shaheen the manifest presence of God also emphasizes some of the motherly aspects of God so no argument on any of those points, no argument at all, but Rabbi Sabbath missing something much more than that. And those who are arguing for something much more than that today would actually want us to conceive of God as mother or heavenly mother even prayed to God's mother refer to God as she as well as he that we must firmly resist is on biblical and heretical recognizing again that God transcends gender recognizing that God created us male and female in his image, and recognizing again that there are motherly aspects of God in terms of his tenderness in his compassion and his empathy. We understand all that. Don't argue with any of that. But it's interesting that he reveals himself to us as the father.

The father, the father that there there just remind you of this and and run through if you Scriptures that would've dig into the into the Hebrew Bible together a Matthew 1127 Jesus is all things have been handed over to me by my father and no one knows the son except the father and no one knows the father except the son and anyone to whom the son chooses to reveal him. Matthew 24, 36, no one knows the day of his return that the sun only the father Matthew 2819 baptizing the father the son and the Holy Spirit. It just it's on and on through that through the New Testament you think of something as simple as John 14 six right what it was Jesus say there. He's the way the truth and the life and no one comes to what the father except through him or have other pastors like John 519 Jesus is the son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the father doing for whatever the father does the sun the for the father loves the son is the father raises the dead, the father judges no one son is given all judgment to the son.

Every wish I was sent as they honor the father in and out a lot why why this revelation of God. His father wanted to she would teach us to pray of the new are our father in heaven. What is he put the spirit within us by which we cry out all but one we cry out IMA mother what we cry out, Abba father was was Paul right in in in first Corinthians the eighth chapter. What is he say there he says the people in the world. They have many gods and many lords yet for us there is one God the father from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord Jesus, the Messiah, through whom all things and through whom we exist.

There is something about God as father. That is important in our relationship.

Just as the role of the father in the home and the role of father with children plays a certain role in the mother. Certain role it. It is that the fatherlessness aspect of things has certain destructive effects in unique ways on children.

The plagues that we have in our society and in in here. The father is the source and the origin at an end when we relate to him in this way, it is critical is essential.

So what we do with different passages in the Hebrew Bible that that might emphasize other aspects of God's character Genesis chapter 1 verses one to so the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The different renderings of that right and then it goes through the earth informing for darkness of the face of the deep that the new JPS version says a wind from God, sweeping over the water, but the better argument, I believe, is that would says Rocco Hiroko humor About them. I'm that that is the spirit of God and if you know Hebrew grammar. You see, it's Mira have facts hovering which is which is feminine so the Hebrew word for spirit or wind or breath is feminine.

But here's what's important understand it, is there something specifically feminine about breath so specifically feminine about wind.

This was no just like everything in insert language is Spanish, Italian for speaking that has to have male or female right that that everything is steps a gender seeking referred to as male or female. So as I was mentioned right here. This desk that shall con is is male in this chair the ski say is this male.

He states role throne in Scripture right so so that the though the point is that maleness and femaleness of of things of that kind don't really tell us anything. But even if you even if you wanted to argue the spirit of God represent certain feminine aspects of the image want to argue that which is not the scriptural humans in those when you go through the Bible look at raw does not have specific feminine connotations and in the New Testament, it can be can be neuter in terms of gender, so it's not specifically feminine essence being used in the New Testament so that's that's that's another argument that pushes back, but the spirit is poured out like water, the different pictures and analogies that are used so the bigger question is okay are there versus where God is called mother over God is spoken of as the mother or the heavenly mother or we pray our mother anywhere in the Bible, no. Zero never, never, never, never met a single time. Nothing close to so what kind of verses or are raised to argue that that we should relate to God as mother as well as relate to God as father what one of the verses is Deuteronomy chapter 32 verses 11 and 12.

Deuteronomy chapter 32 verses 11 and 12 it says like an eagle, who rouses his nestlings gliding down to his young servant. He spread his wings and taken bear them along in his pinions Lord alone did guide him no alien God at his side, you say well hang on its masculine can now share that's that's like an eagle masculine the year rouses that's that's a masculine noun key. No is Nasser's nestlings is ever everything in it. Even your octave is masculine, not merit effigy or or or terrace. A fear right but your octave masculine so it I mean I was stunned. Someone sent me this verse to this and this is when the verses is being used for suspensions and egos insist on my male ego here always. People are stretching this far to try to come up with these nuances, whereas stress Scripture here, God is revealed that Moses sings the song he's in each mill, he's a man of war is often spoken of as a man.

Again he transparent Sprint since gender but he reveals himself to us in this way, and he reveals himself as he read, and she and incarnates himself in this role as the son of God as as a man, not not as a woman right there. There are reasons for that.

He's never ease call the mandible but is never call directly.

A woman ever. Not once in the Bible and that the multiplied thousands of references to God. Not once. I will come back looking for Scripture file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown with sacred words. Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter 6 euros real Lord of the Lord is one with the Lord is our God, the Lord alone is thoroughly Jewish there is any beginnings your call shortly, 866-348-7884 any Jewish related question will be getting there shortly want to read something to from this article that I wrote five years ago and it's this. The name Yahweh debate the pronunciation, but you have of a WHYHWH of the more than 6000 times that the name Yahweh occurs in the Hebrew Bible.

It never occurs with a feminine adjective or verbal form. The name is exclusively masculine. Even more importantly, this is the consistent revelation of God, the Scriptures, he is the heavenly father that the heavenly mother mother he's a man of war.

The woman for is the king that the Queen is the shepherd that the shepherd sees the husband to the widow that the wife of the widower. He is the Lord that the lady the master not the mistress use the groom always rules the bride and on articles and count countless thousands of times. So friends let's just step back and and and analyze and recognize this is desired to see the feminine side of God or view God's heavenly mother is part of a cultural trend.

It is the sexual revolution just continuing to sweep into the church is nothing less, than that and I guarantee you as surely as I'm sitting here and speaking to choose your hearing my voice, I guarantee you that those that go in this direction and argue for this theology will increasingly depart from other fundamental aspects of the faith over certain period of time will begin to question the authority of Scripture will begin to question male and female marriage being the only acceptable unison God site will begin to question other doctrines of salvation exclusively through Jesus. Yeshua guaranteed guaranteed and and I can just say watching this happen in the past you know where this leads.

Think of all the illustrations were regarded as the aggrieved husband and Israel's committing adultery with with other other men right as they worship the people of Israel.

Worship idols is always the images. This is how bizarre things are.

A related but let's look at some of the verses that that are quoted a Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 18 servicing the bogus reference to generally 3211. What about this neglected the rock that be God's use of the Hebrew is dialogue, which means to father or beget forgot the God who brought you forth right now, does that mean to bring forth as in labor.

A woman in labor. Yeah, it could have that image bring forth painfully concerning to bring forth.

But the key thing is it. It is AL it is God as masculine. That does this so he is he is not these timeout bringing Israel forth. Whatever process he did eat, even if it's like in a woman in childbirth. God pain with which God brings Israel forth.

The fact is, it's a male deity that there were there were plenty of female deities in the ancient world that were worshiped.

Some of the most powerful deities in the ancient world going to the New Testament right with with Diana worship by the Ephesians you say oh yeah but L Shaddai Shaddai is the many breasted God said, I am in Hebrews Bresson God is the many breast God nonsense the many breasted deities were female. We have the iconography we have the that the statues we know what they look like the women with with multiple breasts.

They were there were female deities, and this was this was part of their prolific fruitfulness and things like this in their abundance. This is how it was depicted that's common exhibit. Don't scholars debate the meaning of should.yes, but the.

The top scholars almost all will virtually dismiss this, many breasted idea because it does not fit with a male deity and and and Shaddai is always met. Could from should come from Shaddai which has to do with being strong, it could relate in terms of God coming in judgment that the biblical writers have a planet key should be Shaddai oval will come as a destruction from Shaddai but the rich, a dog that Akkadian word from Mount Shaw do so. God is a rock of mountain powerful. A semi-broken up into shed die that he is enough.

The God that is more than enough soften how the rabbis took it but notice obfuscated active scholarly discussion that yeah this is very probably the many breast God, though, that applies to female deities and their many other explanations for four Shaddai and you don't find ancient traditions in Judaism where they're taking it to be, many breasted deity have Isaiah 4214. What is that say that God will cry out like a woman in labor, sometimes Israelites cry out in times of judgment the crowd like women in labor of Far Too Long. Still Industry Myself Now Scream like a Woman in Labor. I Will Pan out Gas That Makes God into a Mother That Makes God into Female That Is in the Scream like a Woman in Labor Raises Voice like a Woman in Labor Never Heard of Metaphors and Analogies If If If I Said Yeah, the Guy Was in so Much Pain He Was Screaming like a Woman in Labor. Did I Just Say He Was a Woman. No, but Isaiah 4915 What We Make of That to Make of God's Care Is Even More Tender in the Care Of Mother Can a Woman Forget Her Baby or Disown the Child of Her Womb. Expect the Answer Would Be. Nobody Says No She Might Forget God on Their Forget You. I Love You Even More Than a Nursing Mother. He's Is Not Saying He's Female American Music You Got That the Multiplied Thousands of References to God and in Male Context May Always and Referred to As He Father and All of This. These Lengthy Passages Were Israel's Is like a Woman That He Marries, Loves, and She Departs and Was with Other Lovers and on and on and on and on and on. This Abundant Evidence from the Beginning the Bible Right to the End and Then You Verses Were God Compares Himself to This Regard. Caprylic Is Called a Rock That We Therefore Conclude That That That God Is Not Does Not Relate to Us Because He Just a Rock. How about Isaiah 6613. These Are Just Verses That People Put Forward Arguing for This Mother God Stuff You Think This Is This Is Their Best Ammunition. This Is Pretty Bad. So What about Isaiah 6613.

What Is That Say Is We've Had to Come up on My Screen or I'll Just Grab It on My Own Screen Here. Isaiah 6613 Resolve Will Have Something Frees up As a Mother Comforts Her Son so All Comfort You, You Shall Find Comfort in Jerusalem That Proves God Is Female.

I Have a First Thessalonians 2 Were Paul Speak of Himself and Other Pulses That We Really like near like a Nursing Mother Paul Speak of Himself Says Yeah Really for Praise from People That from You or Anyone Else, Even Though As Apostles of Christ. We Can Observe Authority Instead. We Were like Young Children among Everyone Looking for Anything.

We Were Just Point in This for Ourselves, Just As Nursing Mother Cares for June so We Carefully since Having That Paul Was Going to Paul's Woman As He Said We Carefully like a Nursing Mother Goddesses and Comfort You like a Mother I Boggles My Mind That People Think That These Are Actually Arguments, Especially with Where They Go with It. How about Hosea One Last One from the Hebrew Bible, Hosea Chapter 11 Beginning in Verse 11, I Fell in Love with Israel and He Was Still a Child of Called the My Son Ever since Egypt. We Normally Hear It Translated When Israel Was a Child Cannot Use Her Ill Vote of a Who It and I Loved Him of This Were They Called. They Went Their Own Way. They Sacrificed to Bob Lim to the Balls and Offer to Carved Images and He Says I've I've Pampered from of Taking Them by His Arms, but They Did Know I Was the One That They Healed Him, so Because a Storm out Dealing with the Baby Deal with Little Child That Makes God to Mother and I Again These Verses Were Sent to Me by Someone to Whom They Were Sent in the One Sending Them Was Very Serious Made the Claim Have Seven Different Times in the Bible God Is Referred to His Mother Know Because Never Referred to His Mother Ever in the Bible Does He Have Motherly Characteristics along with Following Characteristics. Yes, the Sea Transcend Gender.

Yes, This He Care for His People More Than a a Nursing Mother Cares for Her Child.

Yes Yes to All of That, Just As Paul Care, like a Nursing Mother for the Thessalonians, but What about the New Testament Where Jesus Says in Matthew 23. How Often I Would've Gathered Your Children Together As a Hen Gathers Her Chicks under Her Wings, That Proves God's Mother Jesus Speaking Himself Preexistent. How Often He He, Jesus Is the Son of God Was Together. Israel's Chicks Together As a Hen like I Had like like As Metaphor, Analogy, like a Hen As a Hen Gathers Her Chicks under Her Wings so Again You Got. If It Were Just a Stack These up. We Have a Stacker Versus so High That It Would Go from Here up Many Many Forces.

One-Story Building Will Still Room up There but It It If We Had a 10 Story Building a Favor If We Have Skyscraper Hundred Stories We Keep Piling the Verses up with Mail References to God or God As Father God Depicted in May Always and Then a Handful of Times Were He Relates to His People. Mother Again Reminds Us That He Transcends Gender and That Male and Female Are Created in His Image Really Important Is Really Important Relate to Hannah's Father Is the Heavenly Father. That's Why He Directs Us to Pray out Father in Heaven.

Everything Flows from That Great Backstreet Your Cost Error on the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown. Your Voice Is More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown One Line Environments Thursday 66 Thoroughly Because This Is Not a Make Guided Yeah Just so the Headlines Facebook Is Changing Its Name to Meta All Yeah You Know It's Interesting with Another Facebook with Some Amazing Name Your Twitter Some Amazing Things Are What They Are, but You Think of All the Money That Must've Gone into the Decision. Facebook, Inc. Re-Brands As Meta-to Stress Meta-Verse Plan Meta-Verse Plan Is the Time with the Multi-Verse. No, Probably Not Okay 86634 We Go to George in Jacksonville, Florida: the Line of Fire. Dr. Brown McCall Short Book All Fashioned Right Was Published in 2013. Chris Followed Familiar with It, but He Puts Forth a Very Interesting Idea regarding All Now, Carved into Your Discussion about How We Should Report.Mail Email, He Describes in His Book That When Adam Was Created Intersects.

He Was Not Just Mail. Also, Male and Female and Then Later on, Rock Creek Woman Takes the Feminine, like the Feminine Personality Are Characteristics of Email, but Also the Actual Etc. in Create Eat. I Felt Bizarre to Me to Be Honest and They Are Not Currently Goal This Representative Got up on You Here, but in This Context. What Were Talking about Here You Contradicting McNaughton Felt like That It Transcends Gender and That It Kind of It, Pushing All Know I'm a Little Something for yet.

The Chris Is Actually a Friend of You Went to, but that his friend and colleague, we've never discussed this issue and I'm quite confident that he would agree with every point of made today and would resist any idea of referring to God as she or God's mother anything like that you refer to guns or heavenly mother, etc. and in a and interestingly, as Roman Catholicism developed and you have the whole exultation of Mary and that motherly aspic their position confusing Mary with the father in that regard are not Catholic, but the point is, if there was the female in God that you would need at the Mary and in terms of how things about Catholicism, but there is there are some ancient Jewish traditions, not biblical minis.

Many centuries after Genesis that would think of of Adam's androgynous or even picture Adam is as is like back to back Siamese twin kind of thing male and female, and then God separates those those types of ideas and units in Genesis 1, God tells a Dom saw Dom is is masculine and and is Manor mankind as well as the personal name Adam that got sister a Dom, be fruitful and multiply right so that is already presupposing male and female separated. I don't I don't see it like that word says that God takes is his side. I don't on and then close the flesh, I don't see that is saying that it's like back to back Siamese twins are. I would not read it like that at all, and a most just dismiss that is rabbinic speculate. Does this a ton of rabbinic speculation on all kinds of things you have to sit through it. Sift through hundreds and thousands of of ideas, but there are some in Chris is not alone in saying that there there there are plenty of others who have had that idea and then God differentiates between between the male and the female, but always from the beginning of God being identified as Elohim and and and then Yahweh being used in a masculine way all of the times is revealed and spoken to its it's always one thing it's it's there's there's never the she part the mother part in addressing a lot of urine, so even if there was some truth to that, certainly within our Dom.

There were qualities of male and female on some level right of the because it says she's called Isha woman because she's taken out of the each man so that's true and it's bone of his bone, flesh was flesh. This is why male and female can become one of the way that male and male can't and female and male excusing mailing male can't and female female can't because that same plus same that this is out of the one the different patient outcomes back together so that's what makes the union between male and female unique. So there is something of the female that was in our Dom when first create.

I just don't see it in the physical way as as explained in this book to be something of the female nature go hit, thanks for making feel a lot better about his book light but one last comment and are off-topic and I've been I've been watching the Brownsville revival term from Father's Day 1995 and Dr. Brown are, of course, as deepest talking talking about how God's been moving on getting there and help expect everything anything knowing what came after that it is just really a chill down my spine, watching it and how how does someone ask you this one last thing the there are several sermons in their and you know you probably fault, but the style of preaching uses. I don't know well if were talking about revival in America whether the church the church that I'm making a very broad statement purchased here in the United States would expect that kind of preaching to date all by today's standards be considered negative considered all narrowminded and all all call you and unfortunately happened to a church where they actually back up from talking about Hill called it negative, yet they don't want to bring people down: yes. And so here's here's the deal George, a few observations number one Steve had been talking to me months before Brownsville and we don't each other few years. At that point by phone and by booking things and he was always passionate, earnestly seeking God always going for the lost, but he told me that got it touched him refreshed and he was seeing God move in amazing ways. And so he was even more excited than normal that was prior Brownsville was interesting though is totally called me to be part of the revival 11 months into it that I was therefore serving for for four years and I had only known the building packed and the people running to the altar and the massive response in repentance and weeping every night, and so on and I was bringing back videos for Nancy to watch and I was in my study workouts so that one day and heard her laughing and sweaty left and I came is because I can't leave the first message. It seemed like nothing it it it it otherwise it was prophetic it because it's like this is that this is the beginning of but God was moving in the spirit was poured out. What's interesting is that that Steve preached uncompromisingly against sin. Very loud, clear message that I think there are hundreds online and then there were books of the sermons that were that were printed and warned about hell ones about judgment deal with tears and and lost sinners knew that he love them. But what happened was when they when they came running to the altar to flee from judgment and to run to the cross. They received supernatural forgiveness and instead of leaving hopeless they left regenerated, full of life, full of July and in tears of joy when they we hear their baptismal testimonies, weeks or months later, they talk about the transformation of the laws was course of the key thing is to connect people with God, so he would always give the promise but preaching the scriptural way warning about sin.

There are many churches in America that would welcome a strong gospel message, and the pastors and leaders bring it but these were evangelistic sermons to reach the lost in the backslidden every night so you could not have a steady diet of that. Just for your home, car geisha was that was not the Sunday morning diet for the people. That was the church home that that was reaching out to a lost and dying world into the backside into the compromise church that was super important to do that if if Steve was pastoring, then it would come out in a different way on on Sundays because your nurturing the flock, etc. but you're right.

Many would not hear of what would would second Timothy four talks about people with with itching years. They just want people to that that will tickle their ears. That's always been an issue from the Old Testament till now, and it often comes up is come up a lot more because we have a man centered lease entry gospel starts with me if I said over and again the American gospel is this is who I am.

This is how I feel and God is your please me the biblical gospel is this is who God is this how he feels we are here to please him used to preach that we are Richard sinners God's grace is amazing. Now we tell signature just amazing, incredibly wonderful guy would love to get to know you would need to be saved for now. Give us some time to look out. I normally amazing. I get to the Gotham and have some time. So it's very different message but there is hunger there is thirst and and and there is a rising cry for the return to a biblically-based gospel my book revival or we die. My new book does have chapters that deal with that very subject a thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Dan in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Welcome to light a fire, incredibly dark. It you bet. So follow ministry quite a bit and my question for you on your Thursday is what is our Balakrishnan rep and there's kind of a growing movement of the Hebrew Israelite movement is kind of gained a lot of steam and I think it has some relevance because of well is both product purpose been on unnecessary research and so I thing my question is what is the clearest way to deal with the idea that should be even deal with that idea should be ignoring Koester with a certain way to deal with it when you come across right so that there are there are voices that have been addressing this you may see some of the videos of vocab alone.

I have I have a friend is really scalding in these areas are a a black Jewish friend messianic, and I plan to do an extended dialogue with him through the flesh this out a lot more but the short answer is as much as possible.

Don't debate the side issue is sure. Talk about freedom, forgiveness of sin life hand rather than the Israelites not it is her life is mostly safe charity, often from inside.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown yeah I said hello and rewarded with joy.

Wells of salvation love it thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

Welcome to broadcast this article around so been on a couple of occasions.

One time years ago in New York City.

Some of the early 90s and then old couple years ago maybe may be in Charlotte. Your to go. I had confrontations with like you were Israelites on the streets and it went up and engaged the photos to do that and try to expose their ugliness, their hatred, their misinterpretation of Scripture, but also did.

It is a witness to others that were were watching but in terms of actually bearing fruit with the people with whom I was speaking of either of them know that you did any such thing. I just adjusted in obedience to the Lord or just the survey couldn't resist doing but really for special New York that I was supposed to do what I did.

The biggest thing to me is to contrast their hatred with our love, their message of legalism and anger with the free message of forgiveness through the cross.

That's, that's what I sought to do.

Are there. There African-Americans who can trace themselves back to Africa and in Israelite or Jewish expression there that slaves coming over secretly practice these things. Certainly yes to some date back to scattered tribes of Israel than going into Africa than intermarrying as you have said the limbo tribe and in in Africa some other tribes with DNA testing of indicated yes that they would have Israelite roots is those things do exist. The idea that that white Jews are not Jews is nonsense. The idea that every black person is ritually Israelite nonsense, but for most, it's best to really get to the gospel issues essay listening discuss that. Let's talk about who Jesus is.

The issue is and and what the gospel is what it means to be saved and how you receive forgiveness of sins that that's where I would put my emphasis okay okay well it kind of a growing movement so worried about it because the onlookers are kind of keep in right field and their watching some of the guys that were grounded in the faith and slip into this this new thing so yeah so the good side of that. The good side of it is that this was it a growing rapidly growing movement in inner cities of America but completely under the radar of most national apologist Dr. James White too, like he was a light couple years ago that resulted in many leaving that that cult and and coming to the truth and we heard good reports about that is, things were exposed and others getting more involved but it was something that was just it was kind of off the radar wasn't on the Internet.

So much so now that it's getting more attention now can be addressed more is very easy to demolish the lies behind it. So the negative is it spreading more. The good news is that that the more people aware of it and addressing these errors aggressively behind a lot of it is ultimately to be an anti-Jewish spirit that that there is an anti-Semitism and wanted to deny the truth and subdues that that's always going to be part of it all right hey question for you. Try to remind myself to ask every day. Have you visited vitamin and taken advantage of the special Dr. Brown offer when you plug in our special code with Dr. Mark Spangler's health supplements, you get a special discount and then a donation made to our ministry with every order I I have been so blessed.

I'm so grateful to the Lord that he got hold of me. 7 1/4 years ago and delivered me from all the unhealthy things I'd eaten virtually all my life and just help me to enjoy eating healthily every single day and I like to do it with joy. That's going to private with joy, but the health benefits the energy the vitality that the life and then the supplements they take immune wellness and joint plus these different ones that have been so helpful it it blesses me to be able to share them with you and to know we give you discount and to know that that our ministry is then blessed to to get on more stations and to reach more people. So take advantage of this share with your family, friends, you find the supplements are second to none and our aroma see healthy, much as possible spiritually, physically, so vitamin is the place to go all right. Let's go over to Spencer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire think you are you doing today.about doing just fine thanks. Great fabric question. I will hurt private statement I came from the out of the Jehovah's Witness mammogram years ago. Okay great and I still and conversation. Quite often with few of the Jehovah's Witnesses and over a little while ago I actually started studying just basic Hebrew with from a teacher and I when we discussed things related to the Trinity. I have noticed a few things that I think it was off the top my head.

It in Genesis 38 where when I was looking into the wording the words that were used some of the Hebrew keyword regarding Elohim or are sorry Adam hearing the sound of Elohim in the garden. It wasn't written saying that it was Elohim walking in the garden but I've read two different versions of it were the word call Nicole Colson then Lyman lacking the ballpoint and then another version I saw the fire or word that it was the sound or word of Elohim walking with Adam in the garden and then I also was wondering if that's apparent that, in the sense of the parallel to the logoff in John 11 word. You sure became flash the Word became flesh and then have her tackled with yeah what is your opinion on that certain level I would agree.

But the district one thing so it does mention a call, which is his voice or sound does us a defaulting debar is not you okay for so the so Adam, here's the sound of of the Lord walking guards. A cold coming voice or consuming sound so it would suggest that God literally invisible form walk walk with Adam and Eve in the garden. Okay with it would imply that they can be dogmatic about that. We know elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible, God does appear in literal human form. Like in Genesis 13, for example, yet so the point would be that we know that elsewhere. John 118 no one has seen God at any time.

Right of first Timothy six. The same thing that he dwells in unapproachable light, no one seen or can see John five Jesus is seen him so right question is, who was seen in the answers. It's the son who makes him known so that their father the creator and source of all things remains hidden in his glory, and is the son is the one who makes it known, so when the Hebrew Bible speaks of seeing God would be the sign that the scene just like in the New Testament, Jesus is if you seen me you seen the father write yes or right so and in that sense, is it like a pre-incarnate example of the logoff of God revealing himself in this way, the answer could be very well could be true. The only issue. The only caveat is that God creates increase Adam and Eve right so it before the fall, you would've assumed that they could be in the presence of God and see his glory and they wouldn't die because of their perfection, but then after the fall, they wouldn't. The fact is God is appearing to them after the fall, so that would suggest that that the direction that you're going there is is correct, you know, you know, one of the saddest things though about the Jehovah's Witnesses side from the quota in the work orientation and the the. Pressure was fear that the translation of the Bible is housing audible.

Yeah it it it's it's not just bad Hebrew bad Greek, but it does not life to you noticing it doesn't know it years ago. Two guys knocked him at my door was living in Jehovah's Witnesses and the one guy was in training with the older one and you know they're here to talk to me so I just talked about the relationship I have with God.

Forgiveness of sins and intimacy with God in the beauty of knowing him and being with him for efforts, with Ms. full of the life that was inside of reported out to them and I said so what are you offering me that I don't have. They just been trained in the trainees of all hope you hope for the future but it was so. I felt so bad for them because there there is sometimes a hot day in your you're out there and just going through it make make God open the hearts of Jehovah's Witnesses around the world. Some are just raised in it. Don't know better, but some so sincere and try to do the right thing.

May God give them encounter with truth made their hearts and minds PO for me they really come to know God. He Spencer blessings on you.

May the Lord use your testimony to touch others.

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