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Addressing COVID Fears and Vaccine Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 11, 2021 4:20 pm

Addressing COVID Fears and Vaccine Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 11, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/11/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Phone lines are open to get to make your case for or against vaccines for against lockdowns, let's do it for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. Well, this is something you need to talk about again this is something we need to work through together as believers. This is something where we need to listen to each other learn from each other. Go to the Lord, get wisdom, talk with people qualified to offer opinions and then do what is right and best before the Lord for ourselves and for those around us, welcome to the broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. We are in a very unique situation now in American different parts of the world where certain places you can't work your job unless you been vaccinated or you can access certain services, unless you been vaccinated, get a so-called vaccine passport. There are some extreme lockdowns taking place like in countries like Australia, others distill travel bands. They don't want people coming in and out because of the spread of the virus. Now there's talk of 1/3 wave.

There was the first wave than the current Delta variant. No third wave that could be even deadlier. Talk about lockdowns of this saying come on get over this, the lockdowns and failed miserably.

They've hurt more people than they've helped and why we gotta take an experimental vaccine. What's the use of that there dangers within and goes back and forth. Some say if you love God you love your neighbor. Of course, good vaccinated, of course you wear a mask notice if you love God you love your neighbor. Take care of yourself, use wisdom, but you don't get the vaccine and the mask is worthless and the debate goes all around.

I am not a medical doctor. I'm not qualified to give medical advice I can talk about experience until a healthy living and healthy eating the fruit is that I can talk about some of the healthy herbal supplements I taken and the benefits of experience, but I am not a scientist I'm not here to give you medical advice. I am not here to give you scientific counsel that is out of my realm of knowledge is out of my realm of responsibility. I know how to pray for the sick. I can teach with the word tells about healing, and do those things. I'm not a scientist. So if you don't know Dr. Brown. I'm not a medical doctor. Every so often we get folks that post things on our Facebook page asking for medical advice like a sub porch to the Scriptures.

I pray for you, but I'm not a medical doctor so I am not here you medical advice, but I want to make today's broadcast a forum, a place in which you can call so here's what I'm looking for today you be as passionate as you want. Here's number 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884.

I want to call in and make your best case if you believe it's essential and responsible and even Christian to be vaccinated that it's important that we do it that were absolutely foolhardy not to do it that were risking people's lives and it would just stick our heads in the sand. If you are strongly pro-vaccine Pro covert vaccine.

Specifically which quality 866-34-TRUTH or with it the larger preventative recommended preventative measures say wearing of masks, even for children in school or assay with a lockdowns and things like that Ed excuse me, talking about all this is just stirred some things up. No, sorry, that's just just sneeze it happens you fight it you do your best.

About half and put every software every few years there's a sneeze on the year, there you have it were human like everybody else, but maybe you think lockdowns good strategy. We have been diligent enough with that we need to do that, and the government released a step forward: make your case for that or if you feel is absolute government overreach that the government's mess things up. Up until out that the lockdowns have have lost moralizing cost, moralize, and they've save us that the vaccine remains experimental the people with the vaccine are still getting sick and that the vaccine has all types of other issues, some which are coming to light now but they're not being reported. You want to make a case against this or you think it's folly to where Massey is responsible. This is just part of the big brother watching try to control our lives. Phone lines are open for your calls.

Either way, see Dr. Brown what your goal to my goal is to get various views aired out as best as possible. You may be an expert, but I'm assuming most of the call in with would not be considered experts right I will want you to to where it may just be a spiritual conviction may just be a biblical principle may just be your own experience, for, against, or you may be expert, are you studying research so my goal is to force the conversation deeper. My goal is to get us thinking more you suit will Dr. Brown. We want to know your position. This is my position. You should do the research, you should get whatever wise counsel you can get and make an informed decision will attribute that is my official view for anyone who asked me my own choices on my own choices before God and with my family on the train influence you in any particular way other than to say sink the issues through do the necessary research asked the questions, you can praise you feel the need to pray, talk with others that can be of help and make informed decisions because potentially these are life-and-death issues. Just last week lost another friend and colleague to COBIT that that's number.

Interestingly is next hour comparing notes. The beef five different people that were friends over the years that that we know that died of COBIT. They're all men and in America and some other countries.

Even the women may may have a higher rate of getting the virus manage had a much higher rate of dying. Some say it's biological.

Some say it's environmental work situations and things obviously can, and that it's it's a lot of research to be done. Sort through.

Either way, these are tragic losses, painful losses could they have been prevented with vaccine.

I'm hearing from others except I've got friends love ones that got the vaccine and the other having the serious issues that we don't know what to do with the sort of talked about this before but it's ever before us, and because of got the platform to do this. I want to use this broadcast to facilitate the discussion. I am going to my best to go back and forth right so I out. Hopefully be enough calls on either side that I can do that but otherwise a minute take the calls, basically, is there coming in. So, if they're all in one direction, setting that up all right first let's take a look over twitter. I did this poll on twitter and let me just see the latest results here. It's little earlier today just a simple question.

Have you been vaccinated yet against covert and three choices. Just no prefer not to say the member you're voting anonymously.

No one can see publicly also. Some people waited with her comments to follow-up. Have you been vaccinated yet against covert yes 45.6%. No. 49.3% prefer not to say 5.1% so it's a small majority of those or it's not a majority is over 50%. But slightly higher percentage have not been vaccinated and have and again we want to discuss the issues here, 866342. Let's start with Robert in Omaha, Nebraska your modifier.

Yeah, though I have a heart problem and I heart murmur and I've been doing my research and I've kind of come to the conclusion that they thought my pre-existing condition that I probably won't get the vaccine. Also have other coworkers. One in particular that he talked with his doctor may lined up the coffin. The benefit and his doctor told him not to get the vaccine.

I wouldn't say that I am anti-or pro-vaccine, but I would say that it is on the table or potential medical care for people that you either need it or either. For someone that would benefit them.

Robert mask held your I'm 3333 and what is it specifically in terms of your pre-existing condition that has caused you to be concerned about the potential side effects of the vaccine will though one of the one of the vaccine found out that one of the side effects inflammation in the heart. Yes felt that obviously one of them.

I'm I've kind of just been studying them and being in out like other side effects that happen over a period of time.

I'm still getting her nothing that I wouldn't get a vaccine if I had gotten a second opinion from a doctor to tell me now.

You should get it and here's the benefit, but II do think that there are outliers on it. You any medical procedure, and 15th broadbrush broken thing. Everyone needs to get it running down like everyone to get there with taken out like well some people actually keep their weight and keep for their entire life rightly.

That's not everybody but it's a very small percentage of people that wouldn't get a procedure done or might have you now because everything is there trends the statistics but everybody's an individual so Celeste question just just very quickly.

Do you feel that you're getting accurate reports in terms of data that it's coming forward in terms of successive vaccinations or problems you feel that there's being fair and accurate reporting or your concert. Are you concerned that the data may be skewed because of of certain positions that are being taken what was shown feeling.

I think that (old acting that grandiose like I'm being very well with my getting vaccine done anything in that medical care is a very individual thing. Doing it earlier while you're doing it for the benefit you're going to protect yourself. I mean, theoretically speaking, you getting a vaccine yeah now like how it's supposed to work is going to help protect you and protect other, but to an extent. Again, there's always outliers and it does feel like with the way that they're pushing so hard that it is basically going to be like they're putting it on a pedestal worshiping and I just think that getting a little over tell Jonathan hey Robert, I appreciate you weighing inmate may God be with you and give you health and strength which he calls to read a couple things to you over the course of the broadcast. But I'm devoting this broadcast to your calls. So when love to hear from you all. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to the line of fire broadcast 866 before truth I want to hear from you if you think it's utterly irresponsible.

Other the unchristian utterly selfish for people not to get vaccines. That is the epitome of not loving their neighbor.

Please give us a call if you feel the opposite that it's utterly irresponsible to get the vaccines and that there is so much data that's being suppressed and that the best thing to do is to quarantine those that would be most at risk. Another word otherwise to live our lives. Please call it if you feel it's important for the government to really push and insist on this, please give us your feelings.

If you feel the opposite. Live tearfully or somewhere in the middle, but I want to get to as many as possible.

Again, I'll do my best to to go back-and-forth thus far. Almost everyone calling in his guess vaccine by the soon as we have calls and those sought out. I will bump those up to the top of this, go to Steve that we were going there. Let's go over to an anonymous caller somewhere in the East Coast of the United States. Welcome to the line of fire which you take, how are you helping a lot. I don't know how to sort out because I like from Bart Bart Bowman reported for Africa and the funny part is that I have for you at the thing, time I come up my brother. There are some people even in my family think about their… You can have the virus. You wouldn't believe it, and help where if you already have an immunity so on the one hand I'm kind like the point of going through that and all anyway. I think one of the reasons like audit was because of I was pretty much tired of every thing regarding the virus me getting me having to wear a mask and me having to to be restricted from going places and now I'm seeing stuff like this stuff called hard rock chloroquine out there that like on over-the-counter thought, and there is like conflict over that and now even in my family. I remember telling me that we help the worm again and I would like oh boy, here we go again. Since I said you had, you had the virus and then you got vaccinated, but there's the possibility now that even having had the virus to have the natural immunity which is the one the couple in our system to start, then the vaccine in others the possibility that you still like me and restrictions and have to wear a mask that correct John Pritikin -like argument (argument had talk about being like Mount Landry, Jan and if God put me in a bit of a difficult spot because on the one hand, I don't want to either endorse her parrot down cutting back then, but I've been hearing people think that the still got Colbert regardless of the one like right Oakland Oakland of what can we do now like something like the human computer for me, especially someone who has been kind of germ having a germ phobic youth. At one point yeah what was at the sink. This is so unfortunate and thank you for calling and being candid in the middle and keep you safe and and give you peace of heart and mind and the decisions that you make the think it's unfortunate I wrote about it for two ago as a whole. Since become so politicized.

You do this you see your your your average person. You have an expert on this is an expert in virology or history, vaccinations, or things like that and you you want to trust the government you want to trust the reports from the media but you don't listen to and even if you look at the government you listen to Rand Paul, who's calling out Dr. vouching and then something he's be charged with crimes and other saying here's a guy try to save lives and being demonized in this minimal news networking here.

One report in the news network. Another point which are people's lives here so this is the real shame of it is a real shame that there are some interesting and can get to more calls momentarily the highest number of people who are not vaccinated, percentagewise, from what I've read, it would be white evangelicals. The next highest percentage would be African-Americans that why those numbers are what they are the three interesting phenomena, but you two different groups certain overlapping lease between them Christian beliefs and in certain circles but why is it panning out like that you say.

Well all trombone. While most African Americans were comforters.

Well as the ones his father for social just uneducated and ignorant to me what is there more skepticism towards with the government saying is, the more skepticism was just letting other people make decisions for your crucible, why wouldn't someone get vaccinated because they say the vaccines unproven and can't possibly be proven for years and years and years and there can be long-term side effects and those would be sent like that that is millions of people vaccinated to find how can you fight the so the discussion continues right. Let us go back to the phones. Another anonymous caller, this time from the Northeast, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey rail, no a lot. Honestly, I felt like the amount concerning issue at that point in what let me just say I affirm your right hand is identical. That you do your own research and you make an informed efficient because were not talking about a seatbelt that you put on your body or pop you're putting in your body and the fact of the matter is, is when there's a mandate that your similarities are being violated and I shot that you are just thing has not been any long and half even asked for cultivated are 50% accurate. My out works that the federal government, and he being required. Try to get vaccinated and by date or administer his own and unit testing and it's all in honor system so and bought his company has admitted that after only 50% accurate that me, there's just so much going on in terms of like on patronizing people and treating act as though we are ignorant on me at the bigger issue and just one more thing.

I mean, right after this is kind of a digression but not really fighting with talking about how we can all kind gathering unified by email.

Conformity is not unity and anybody got it going again way the mainstream media or the majority of people are saying that we shouldn't you were being patronized and bullied and demonized and called ignorant and more people have done research into why they're not getting the vaccine then just thing I want is not going to do it because you know I voted for Me. It's a misunderstanding in the violation of our civil liberties into anything the groundwork for future violation got it and you could make the case that the very worst thing to do for those that believe in the vaccine is to push than the more mandatory way with penalties for nonconformity, but here it's your husband's a serious decision yes to make young people working at grocery stores and things like that. If they been vaccinated. The software mask that have been have to wear a mask, but kids go to school about traveling to certain countries. I thank you a very articulate very clear laying out the concerns and the issues 86634 we go to Vincent in Indiana which are takes her heart. I recall her luck caller.

I really, really great lot which auto yeah I will not turn up in about about getting it more so not just the way it's been ruled out quickly been presented and you don't think that our are quite proven yet but I can't do vision and was inquiring about it and I are conflicting attitudes I say about it one more stone kind of nonchalant and again I feel like you want to do whatever no big deal, then you know is browbeaten by the other position and kind of just under doing the deer wandering toward me and you. Also, people are dying everynearby guy on the corner all the other thing of the articulating their position.

Present your data, but here then really help with me making a decision and that and that way right so it's it is difficult you know I I spoke to one respect to Dr. privately and he said that he is not for the vaccine. He's not giving a public opinion consists of serving his community, but he's not for the vaccine. Then I spoke to the respected cardiologist and he was more. He was mortified that everyone was talking vaccinated absolutely mortified and grieved over here here to medical doctors. So again friends a Vincent, thanks for calling.

May the Lord give you wisdom and decisions that you make and keep you on a healthy lifestyle. Friends I want to encourage you one big thing I can say it is a servant of the Lord.

So not as a medical doctor, not as a scientist, but as a servant of war.

Here's here's what I can urge you to do.

Don't give way to a spirit of fear spirit of fear, not from above is from below, it's either from ourselves or from the enemy. Fear paralyzes a solid warning is sobering and helpful in every level. A solid warning.

You know there's a tornado coming all right. We gotta get outta here, it's a solid one but the spirit of fear is paralyzing in all my own though I'm gonna die, don't make decisions based on the spirit of fear. Look at the data evaluate things honestly carefully pray for wisdom that according right back with us and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown against closing vaccine. We are using today's broadcast is a form for you to call in air your views share your views of emphasize that another medical doctor that I have not studied these issues first hand the way that I can give qualified opinion so my official opinion for everyone asking me about what you think we should do Mike. What's your view do the research and come to an informed decision you make that before the Lord. That's my counsel to that is that is my recommendation as per my personal choices is my personal choices on my colleagues shot me a note also being a medical doctor does Nestlé mean you know any more about immunology virology VAX analogy. Many of the person seen many doctors opposition that are in those specializations people have to look past the authority bias of Dr. Sayer. My doctor says I think that their opinion should be taken into consideration, but there are experts in those fields for recent and that's rather than struggle. What I see experts within a field recognize experts hearing different views that I wonder how I sort this out, but I will say this. The biggest thing to me the biggest thing that the question of exiting the biggest thing overall is having health muscle because covert or not. Healthy lifestyles can be the biggest issue long-term healthy diet healthy lifestyle and then healthy relationship with the Lord is the biggest things of all these are very important questions, but there ultimately secondary 86634.

Let us go to the phones over to Torrey in Houston, Texas. Welcome to modify what your take their nursing and I mean I am not an expert at all, but I am very much for the mRNA back.

When I've done a lot of research on hundred percent against force vaccine, but with every medical intervention. There is an risk-benefit analysis and with all the data I've been with understanding the mechanism of action and how the drug works in the body and how clinical trials work there really big data for me light on the side take that back. For most people. For most people not going to get your content not being forced back just what the data says.

For instance, I live in at suburb of Houston and right now one of our hospitals is 45% of covert patient, 98% of those are on vaccinated in one of our ER shut down the other night, and another suburb on any given not be fearful. I'm not afraid of color that I modify the vaccine, but I just see so much miss information and make Christian think the staff that I get when I listen to both sides very like I'll listen to anything. My friend me by each of very embarrassing sometimes with some of the things that are how did arrogantly truth, I don't think were supposed to spread false witness right. I just been really torn up about that. I don't think the issue is that back.

I think the issue affecting thing you are maybe political control but Internet now the vaccine I do not believe is everything that's been chalked up to be taught it hard yeah II appreciate you weighing in and I too am concerned about what will there's always the fear mongering on each side and extremely hurt extreme viewpoints be expressed on each side and the other day a friend sent to a friend a link you have to be on CNN about a father who had died before he died he said I wished I taken the vaccine and the friend sent it to a friend in the other principal at CNN and Michael listen to it so you got that on the other hand, it is all I see this big report in six people in this mega church started the back of the covert another person the vaccine as if all people outside of church is about the euro so your stuff is out there and what people have to work through that list one real quick question.

Do you feel that you can rely on wispy report.

Like you mentioned the 90% were for people who want vaccinated. I just heard right before the show someone tell me that they were talking someone working in a local hospital it in our area. I believe it was the need of the person's hospital. They were saying is cases coming of the person's been vaccinated that they don't list them with covert and if they haven't been vaccinated to do so. You can even do think as is your nursing student. Things that were getting accurate data. No, my information that I remember on our local station and then I go in at my clinical instructors that work at the hospital or my friends at work at the hospital most in our conservative evangelical Christian. I mean I trust Dan you are doing God. It yeah and again thank you so much for waiting and I appreciate look.

Bottom line is with other people's lives right nobody wants to see people dying of covert or anything else.

Nobody wants that to be at the funeral of a loved one. No one wants to have to be praying someone through a crisis in their in ICU and most all of us. Somebody that's that's died of covert soul. These are serious issues on the flipside, many concerns being raised about vaccines and long-term effects in and then of course the story to said the government impose things that the pretty much I can say all but very largely are saying, hey, that's this does not the way to go.

Hey, thank you for weighing in at 6634 truth. Let's go to weighing in San Francisco. Welcome to the line of fire.

I hey hi… Around yeah Glamour beta thanks for having me. I five got a list of things I started jotting down and I'm kaput interrupt me but I'm more analytical type number one Mike I I am against the vaccine and for these reasons. Number one versus the censoring of cheaper alternative that cannot be modified even when some of these drugs that can't be modified because it gone generic and how their discoveries have resulted in a Nobel Prize without offense or you don't hear any of that in the mainstream media are you here is the back of my first point is that what concerning is also the immunity of the Pharma companies from lawsuits and and also obviously they have a profit motive attached with defecting whereas these generic drug don't have faith they cannot monetize it as as your sharing this. I'm just typed in how much money has been made on the vaccines. That does mean that it's evil, it doesn't mean that it's sinful wrong but one headline Pfizer will make 15 billion from covert, 19 vaccine sale so that's a question that some ask which is okay. Maybe you people on the ground that really care but the higher up you get the more greed there is and if there are alternatives that are cheaper or you know about those. So just disclose it so that you okay Jan number printed on thousands of doctors all over the world again answered on on mainstream media and on tech media were talking about number four were timeout a brand-new technology mRNA to one of the company that offered you the specs name of their two years ago. There was a class of class-action lawsuit brought against the company because there was beta that they Under baby powder made out of talcum, which my understanding is that I think you did talcum out of the ground right here were talking about the five a engineered solution that is multiple times much more complex than that we did on the ground and even the stuff that we did our ground against is very well known company. There was a class-action lawsuit because it hit the data on the carcinogen hired energetic effect of talcum for decades at my next point?

Tracking and testing of COBIT which some of the other callers have already spoken to him. There's questions on the efficacy of the PCR test which is the main test years even use the antibody test but the PCR test. There's questions on the efficacy of… Including the inventor of the PCR himself and there's a monetization also not a month vision. Not just on the Pharma company on the hospital hospital get paid more when they can call somebody a COBIT patient versus canonical dictation to jump in their as you invited me to instruct, to be fair to other callers, but those are bunches of concerns raised by wing sugar more, but as he graciously give you this invitation wanted to schedule the cause, but thank you sir for wing and you mentioned people are questioning things like my residence vaccinated with the expert said that Luigi Warren created the mRNA technology so that these MR and a vaccines are not how he intends technology to be used.

He believes in this ecology but does not believe in these MR and a vaccines hate when thanks thanks for calling in and laying out some of the reasons 866-34-TRUTH we go to Malachi and Gary Indiana. Welcome to the line of fire. Yet hello hello yes I have been at least opted against getting a vaccination has to do with, particularly with the way that the vaccines work currently. Via DNA, mixing okay early transfer instructions directly into your sales which been certified causes part of the sales to manufacture the spike protein of the virus so that the body recognizes what that spike protein look like annihilator. If you come at the contract with the coronavirus body knows to check it but and I think it's I think it's brilliant. But this took part in no way that we can know in the short term. Whether or not that there will be long-term traffic. I am concerned with some of the short-term effects but much greater concern would have to do with the long-term note one year from tedious remail write insert that's that's where obviously testing for vaccines and things in this level could be 10 years.

Say, for obvious reasons and the various variants of flu whatever it is, there looked at their analyzed then the vaccine developed and tested in various settings.

So on a certain level. I know you've had these trial runs, but it's also new that were all part of a big test which is why many have concerns hate thanks for weighing and appreciating the Lord give you wisdom moving forward. Hey listen come back take some more calls you say why is it what you taking all negative cost so forgot one positive in every other callers far as been against more unsure mistaken as they come in, but 30 minutes from now we begin our weekly exclusive you to check 30 minutes from now you can join me at a SK dear Brandon asked Dr. Brown on YouTube. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown veterans for joining us on the line of fire against his manager is possible weighing in for against the vaccine are some of the government policies and proposals. Let's go over to Tonya on Long Island, New York. Welcome to the line of fire you. There I tell you what Tonya which need to do is turn off the radio side of things or of your listing or intranet and then just be listing on the phone only will come back to in a moment. Let's go over to Rebecca and San Antonio, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire here. I'm fine thanks. Now the company my neck talk about no handing out okay yet.

I like taking the vaccine helping fight the battle of having them pick out what work so your mind, there's a risk is not taking it.

There is risk in taking it that you feel you doing more to fight against the virus and to help others by taking the vaccine arm, what, where, when and where that will affect no armor and I traditionally trying to affect the vaccine, have a million shot the wind away nine believe we had a good thinking of what looked me long-term effect happened within the first couple million shot. I don't know why your mind during the night yet, and long-term side effects like a Tonya I appreciate you weighing it and I appreciate your heart wanted to help and be part of the solution that the pushback people would give would be that one there tons of problems of the just like any reported in two minutes. Short-term problems reported with him though with the be long-term but that's music you think please please please let's not make this a political football.

These are people's lives involved.

Let's let's get data out whether it's helpful or harmful it was. If the data is supporting our position against our position, let's get it out so people can make informed decisions hate. Thank you for the call. Let's try Tonya again Long Island are you there Tonya hello yeah you're on the air go ahead yet you're on the air. Okay, my name is time you cold and then I'm from Long Island New York yeah and I just I'm totally against the vaccination: I'm a believer and my my thing is if you believe you have to lean toward the Lord and trust in him and not alive in information and perfection out there and the believer. We need to ask.turn and and because of that people of God to wake up and I understand a lot of maybe a lot of that are not believers that listen figures show hand you know they need to do their research social Tonya. Let me ask you this course. First and foremost is her faith in God and are asking God for wisdom you have any problem if if you were sick but see broken arm going to the doctor to to get them to set things up a cast on you have any issue with getting medical help at all medical help at all. Got that that where time. Where will we are living in a world of the faction being the sea, and in a lot of pain like basically what is not actually what you know and it can't be worded world that we living in and we need Jesus Christ, God, to give us discernment.

We need to start right so this is a time like this.

So Jacob James one is anyone does not wisdom, let him ask God's mission times of trial. So in times like this when it's really hard to know who to trust who listen to not I can list highly respected people learned respected God-fearing people on both sides and then those that have an agenda and and those that are politicizing things maybe making money off her fear mongering on either side yet it's it's all the more treacherous and yet we start their Lord, give me wisdom, give me wisdom to do is write a thank you for calling in. I appreciate it and I wanted asked that question.

To be clear, this is not against medical science.

If the caller said have a believer, I just trust God no matter what will take the consequences of that for good or bad, so be it.

But that was not the point I want to clarify that the sea we go over to bring though in Northwest Indiana. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown… But believe the Corbett shot back really be admired the way I think about it.

It has a really good bet that it might be for you. Anything but there we have a friend in the medical field but it just laid there. That first doll. Hope it all back. I was wondering what you might have to stay up on like that it all that belief involves advice at about 50 yeah let's but unlike myself I really both believe that this like a lot of people believe that this is bell and across the I think that the antichrist, if you want to do. The Bible thousand that you have to worship that are spelling was the whole the hallmark of the beast thing is is close vaccine market to be snow because there's no beast right now there is no one world leader. One rule one world government a and B, it's a matter of not not just taking a vaccine because reported to his is a matter of actually worshiping worshiping this one instead of worshiping God. This one sets himself up as God's your hundred percent right there, the thing that's interesting is, it is almost like a trial run of say what would happen with the government says you have to do this you can't right now it's not you can buy or sell without a vaccine.

Although some have lost jobs and that there have been hardships because of that person mandates but it it's it's giving a feel for hate how something like this could happen, but on October the different level white so sir. As for your friend that was fired first.

You. You always have to act based on your conscience and convictions regardless regardless of the cost of the consequence. You have to start there. You have to start with in life you study, you pray you sink three months through and if you have a particular conviction, even if it's costly you have to live by your convictions. Sometimes it's costly when always right, but if you compromise your convictions for the sake of convenience is become a compromised person you BuSpar your soul in the process. I know many others.

When the circus is this a livelihood, and they work for years to reach a certain level and professional field in certain income for the family and now is matter of conscience there losing their jobs.

I would encourage your friend to follow up with the Christian legal organization to call the alliance defending freedom of, for example, a liberty counsel.

One of these others and say hey. Is there anything I can do. Here's why.

Was fired. Note there may be nothing that can be done but there may be pushback.

So one way is through estrus of how sure am I how far my willing to let this go, and then act on your conscience. Don't just be dogmatic.

Don't just be stubborn going to go heels and prayerfully consider balance things out as best as you can and then make decisions and live with them.

That's that's what we have to do hate. Thank you for the call.

I do not have time to get to anymore calls but just so you know, there are few more that were on the board that I didn't get to that role also against so for everyone that got through today for everyone who's close able to take or was call.

I was least able to see there were only two that before the vaccine and anonymous super dogmatic way and everyone else was either strongly against or strong questions basically against was a proof it proves that if you are really convinced the vaccine is the way to go for saving lives. The vaccine is the way to go to help people that it is love for God and love for our neighbor and even love for our own lives that would move us to get the vaccine. You need to do a better job of getting that message out because people are calling and follow me and listen to the show. They are people that think their people at study the people away the issues so if you're that sure the message is not getting out or perhaps the evidence against it but us all make informed decisions because these are life-and-death issues hey friends, 15 minutes from now. 15 minutes 15 will be right back in*around YouTube channel PSK DR Brown taking all your questions on endless numbers of subjects student another program powered by the Truth Network

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