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Dr. Brown Tackles All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 11, 2021 2:20 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 11, 2021 2:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/08/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

But I bet you do have some questions today. You got questions. We got answers phone lines are open stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us today on the long higher.

I look forward to just opening the phone lines and taking as many calls as possible. The only regret I have is will have in our Sustiva right in 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 780 for any subject of any kind. Any subject, as long as it relates to the line of fire at all and and it's will make a special appeal.

Some of you that have supported me, followed me for years are really struggling with where I've been coming from recently you've had issues with my stance concerning the president or prophecies or things like that.

Feel free to call feel free to share your concerns. If you disappointed with me.

If you're upset with me if you're angry, feel free write him like a bite. Not like a try to win a debate just talk honestly sought one of the phones extend an invitation to you.

Okay I know many of you will post on social media is the shows going on but we can't respond to that we do response your call so 866-34-TRUTH and we will start in Columbus Ohio with Tiffany thank you so much for calling on fire. Brandon hey there, you will think something I take the love also Yvette and I don't want to have Cory back down and have a copycat with Megan quite but today I am basically on our time in a question and it had a bit of encouragement or all of the Scripture that and in my heart the past couple days and 24. The first part of it. There is no lower than the phone if they are of and encourage colonized you not live like or defeated and ended field of corn. Be alert for a bad thing, but we candidly have like in doom and gloom.

Yes I'm sure. I see everything on Facebook and myself to want to talk with family and friend it to things like Newman Glenn Bell like what you said before one I am believe that that and what that Biden is the you know hey one. I believe I'm the best friend you never have and not really encouraged me on my we noted politic, we know things back 103 and believe why do we have to live anything. What here goes there. You know you still pray and believe yes 026 Tiffany and and thank you so much so that the first thing first thing is this that no matter what happens, good or bad, God is still God, right right of family diagnosis of cancer of someone dies in a tragic accident.

Get your your company goes bankrupt coming really bad negative things happening.

Things were the devil himself is attacking sins we commit mistakes we make in all of that God remains consistent. He's always God he's always good and therefore whatever is going on.

We can always stop and praise and worship him as God, regardless of what's happening.

That's the first thing the second thing is when you have massive prayer for the election and then an outcome that's different from the expectations of many people praying who want to see Donald Trump of four more years and who are deeply concerned about where the Democratic Party may take us that ultimately, even if there was massive fraud in election was stolen. Ultimately, God still at work and end that come Inauguration Day.

I would say God's will was that it could be judgment to be blessed when it comes. Thirdly, to praying for the incoming president that just as we pray for president Trump we should pray for Joe Biden that you say well president Trump surrounded himself with evangelicals and president Trump campaigned on on issues that are very important to many of us evangelicals and it's been the opposite was Joe Biden will them all the more.

Pray when Barack Obama was president. My prayer was God make him the greatest president we've ever had no history. I was sadly disappointed by decisions he made. Not disappointed.

I expected that that was to say said to see it happen said to see that the he made certain choices in same-sex marriage and abortion. Various things like that but that was my prayer that was my hope so. For president Trump I saw all the downside of the concerns of the damage that could be done but my hope and prayer was that the good will outweigh that. So Joe Biden coming in.

That's printed is an encounter with God. Let's pray that that if the Democratic Party wants to take us in a radical and destructive direction in heaven through the liberties of many of the key things in a country that God would intervene at and that every sets meant for evil would be triplicates on the fighter.

I'm in this day and night of and about others. There's never a day. I have run not in the midst of intense spiritual conflict in battle front lines fighting every day but I'm doing faith I'm doing faith. I'm tremendously encouraged in the midst of the pain and burden. I'm tremendously encouraged. Thank you Tiffany for the call 86634 let's go to Jonathan and Clarkston, Washington. Thank you for calling the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown, can you hear me okay yes like you're sitting right next to me, sir. Okay cool. So this question about how to explain how they should know. We know that the Bible says that all one needs to do to be saved is have faith in Jesus and also repent of sin, but include up in all those things are.

Are we also have to do things like bear fruit, quit keeping with repentance and we have to pick up our cross daily and and things like that. And so when explaining to the lost salvation and in my mind it doesn't really make sense just to tell them repent and have faith in Jesus because they might not understand that all the other things are included in those two things. However, on the other hand, I don't really when explaining these things.

I don't want them to feel that salvation is by works, because I was having this conversation with a lost person the other day and they and they actually than the that they responded with, so if I do all of these works then I will be saved and so that that doubt it. Is that why I and then the other. The other thing is, what if I don't work hard enough.

What if I don't do enough yet, what if I'm doing really well.

But realize this prize okay so I gave up drinking, but now I was nasty okay stop being nasty, but I not compassionate enough. So how much is enough.

So obviously there can be real trap just like the couple just leaving him and that's it so II would I would frame it differently.

I would say. Up until now you've been living ultimately for you. You may care about other people you may have responsibilities with family, etc. you may be God-fearing of us are low, but it's your life you living your life and and God made us for him.

God made us to serve him and love him so to be born again to be born anew to be saved to have your sins forgiven means that God blots out everything we did the past everything that you don't want anyone to know the most embarrassing that he wipes the quality blots out it's all paid for and from here on you now live to do the will of God. You belong to him. So as your life goes on your ask okay how you want me to live, what pleases you, what doesn't please you and if it could be okay you you were you were a hitman for the Mafia enough for it. A web so you leave that behind and in that while this bad analogy to shift to the police with absolute let's just say you were. You were an alcoholic abusive to your spouse and okay you understand that that Jesus doesn't want you to be an alcoholic and just want to be your spouse but what the rest your life career choices how you your life now belongs to the Lord, she becomes the Lord of your life and and you'll find out that he wants what's ultimately best for you that he's he's good and loving and kind soul. That's the way I presented I would present it with a focus on specific works as much as take a look at second Corinthians 515 second Corinthians 515 that that if if Jesus died for all that, we concluded that we died with him and that those of us who live should no longer live horse for ourselves but for him who died for us and rose from that second Corinthians 515. Also, if you look at Colossians 3.

The opening verses that we died that life is now hidden, the Messiah, God now paves the way for put to death. Therefore, the deeds of the body.

So that's that to me is the more holistic way to approach thanks for the for the question. I really appreciated 866-34-TRUTH we go to Luke and Boston walking to the line of fire. Mr. Browning, Dr. way this matter to look at so and I walked in, we know God's name name that that you yesterday and people were mostly paying arguing in the common thing all over the Internet really that Yahweh would like you can go to the Canada people and you know I like a young person I recently turned to Christ, only picking and it's really just weird that people like afflicted is you can only have one God, but they also want the Ghanaian Asherah and want to know your needs. Examination results of two separate things. One, the idea that Yahweh was a pagan deity widely worshiped by many different groups in the ancient world is a complete and total myth, it is there is there a possibility that that name was associated with any other deity at any point.

Is it even a possibility vague possibility out in the woods outside of the Bible.

The name is not mentioned. Basically if you have a rare word here.

There were maybe the referring to that deity that's debatable but there's no question whatsoever that he is the covenant God of Israel by name. However, we pronounce it. Those those letters WH why H&E butane 5K that there's upsetting, no question that name, which occurs about 6300 times in the Hebrew Bible is a specific covenant name and only the people of Israel history have been associated with that name that that's that's a fact. I can say that with my degrees near Eastern languages and literatures as the world that I lived in. So if you have any reference to him outside of the Bible directly it's it's vague is questionable as to what the Bible tells us the Bible tells us Israel worshiped all kinds of other gods that that they they worshiped Osher goddess that they worshiped by all that they worshiped other gods, lists of them even in the temple in Jerusalem. They would bring in the worship of other gods that's that's one reason God destroyed so much of the nation destroyed the temple.

And since our people and into exile and to the Syrians and on the Babylonians of the Bible itself tells us that we worship many other gods you just read the book of Jeremiah.

God's heart is bursting and breaking over that here read second Kings chapter 17 second Kings 17. Look at the summary that's their about the idolatry of Israel and Judah, and in second Chronicles 36 right so second Kings 17 second Chronicles 36 yeah all these other gods were something worship the gods of the nations from day one God.

One of other Deuteronomy 7 the past second Kings 17 second articles 36 Deuteronomy 7 all the warnings about worshiping God. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is one of fire just to get an immediate free. Many book a real eye-opener seven secrets of the real Messiah. So this be in touch with you asked Dr. Also, if you appreciate the work that we're doing and want to help but but you're not able to spare a lot of money with everything else going on in life and your other commitments and of course everyone has to just give where they feel called to give but would you consider becoming a patriarch supporter's with just $10 more per month, which many of you, I think it could easily do felt to do some not, but since Penny's day $0.37 a day dear Brown, DR Brown you get to bonus videos that we send you every single week and then the joy of knowing that that your funds are helping us to reach many people get treasure in heaven.

So which would you consider that it would be a blessing if you could join us there DR Brown is the place to go and again for been a blessing to you. It's a way that you can say hey let me stand with you on a regular basis dismiss and change every day makes a difference helps us reach a lot more people all right. Let us go to the phones Rolando in Houston, Texas.

Thanks for: the line of fire, your departed and I'm trying to read the Bible from beginning yes or and are always one of the problem when I get to Genesis 1 can't understand what the delighted on her birthday and end with what the different from that light and the light they read your own day for both of them regularly. Separate day and night about every time I would benefit when I was I guess Dr. Thomas Ben liked yet so Rolando you not first let's get stuck there.

The key thing you reading through the Bible is to make notes of of where you have a question or an issue and then if if you try to read through the whole Bible in a year right so you have your pace of how many pages or chapters you read each day. However, you divide that but euros can have questions coming up so the good thing to do is jot those down and then as you have extra time to do more study come back to those but sometimes if you get stuck in the yoga Genesis for the rest your life because there's so much there you go to dig into Iran from so there are different possibilities in terms of what happens with with God, saying, let there be light, but it seems reading it that the light was independent that that's the feeling you get the of darkness and light just shot so it's it's not associated with sun, moon and stars, it just shines so that could be what happens, and now God appoints some moon stars as the vehicles through which the light will continue to shine in the cycle of day and night as as the world goes on. That's immediate. Again, I'm not a scientist on that looking at this in any cosmological way or astronomical way or anything like that. Just looking at the text so the feeling I would have reading it without knowing any science or what's trying to was being conveyed their is the light you shines independently. God speaks it, and it happens and then on on the fourth day.

He then says I am now tying it indirectly with this, the sun, moon, stars, etc. even the moon for lightning. The moon has no independent like the moon reflects the sun right so somehow it's as if the light that shines initially is now concentrated in in stars like the sun and these others and they they radiated that to me would be how I would read and understand her. Some would say they they want setting mode. They were created, then, but they were not set in motion until that day. Either way, it's kind of the same thing that what was just happening independently now happens through them so that this outer does that unhand you up that exclamation about it over and over the paperwork.

God like time and out before long, negative, and accepted yesterday for this of the thing to do.

Again, there is there's the worm's eye view study in the Birdseye view. Some go into the book of Isaiah now writing a commentary on it as were inside. You know it's been years doing that within Birdseye.

I may be trying to get the flow of something 2030 chapters in Isaiah just read them all through just in a war a few times up into the Bible in 40 days. Just the reading planning to reading or that whatever the timeframe is to this reading tons of chapters every day in your like I got 30 questions from today's chapters so you just make note of them and keep going and have extra time go back to do so is like is ideal read to the Bible you will get to the Bible of a lifetime. All right God bless you and thank you so much for call here write the questions out and then call me and keep reading. All right, 86634 let's go to Cola in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Hello you do brother go ahead and brother brought appreciate all you doing that I got for you and your ministry say I have a question for you regarding baptism.

I'm usually used to like a Protestant form of baptism where you know that a minister person back into the water, you know. In the likeness of his death, then raised to walk in life and I was thinking what would have first century baptism look like when John the Baptist or the apostles when the baptized people just very curious what the method used, yet there was certainly immersion that was practiced and if you were with us on a tour of his real or next will be pushed back to March 2022 bits if you with us a tour of Israel. One day when when the old city of Jerusalem and and being around the temple ruins your will yield you'll see these baptismal pools. There there all over the near where the temple was because Jews would be ritually immersed before going in and thing so you have the steps coming on one side and out the other side the cabin.

Some of our baptismal tanks. You know, you come down one side walk out the other side so it was immersion that was practiced but normally if you like send a messianic Jewish congregation.

You watch how it's done. It's itself immersion in other words you when you put your hands in your heart, whatever but you would you would dunk yourself not fall backwards. But squat down going to the water and come out when I have baptized people in the river Jordan I said will do kind of a a combination you're going to go straight down.

Those are gonna put you down the straight down but I'll lay my hands on you as an and prayer views as we do that so that's what it would've been, and you may see that in some movies that have it more accurately, so it's not the the backward way that were used to know.

So I die and rise. Just going straight down would be the common right now.

There is also evidence that from fairly early on in church history that if there was not the ability to fully immerse that people could have been sprinkled that does seem to be something that that goes back and I have zero problem, but I have never told churches don't baptize people with know that the going back and coming up, up, up, participated in those three years decades in American other countries, but the first century practice would've would've looked different within the you go down the water and you come straight out with the person they're standing next to so that's that. But I know I don't want to elicit also bonds not valid but no that's not it.

It's it's the doing of it never symbolizes that's the big thing. So thank you for the right yeah you bet your blessed 86634 let's go to Maria in Cleveland, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire and Dr. Brown.

I appreciate your balanced approach and may carry favorite bucket, only fire that you wrote. I'm calling because obviously we had a lot of attic boy things that are all know and balance you are and with the whole election and I'm wondering how can we have a conversation on with scriptural backing in order to combat the question if they were a true prophet, they would have gotten it wrong. Sure well and maybe I don't know.

I did watch the program, the remnant radio I heard a lot of what you had to say on that II would like to know how would you approach that conversation with Scripture. I believe the prophetic voice in their good solid people.

I again I very much appreciated. Alex approach I did kinda struggle a little bit with that shallow toward the end I felt kind in a you know and content in bending a little can add kind, intending by but overall I thought it would be balanced out. Yeah, and I can only comment about my part on the radio and encouraging the brothers there to to to not despise prophecies, etc. so, few things will probably have to unpack the rest of us. On the other side of the break, but he say first that in the very near future. I'm going to be doing a live stream on Facebook trying to explain how good people to get things wrong. How prophetic leaders could could make a mistake and get into some depth so folks, if you follow me on on Facebook S Dr. Brown SK Dearborn on Facebook will be POSTNET or from my email list. It could be as early as is this weekend.

It could wait till after Inauguration Day just try to get the Lord's mind as to how to help and serve that the maximum number of people but Maria we come back on a break this into 33 years number one is prophetic ministry still for today number two.

What role should have number three.

How could good people get this wrong, so will come back and unpack that for you don't have my book, playing with holy fire caused Pentecost has defined super helpful especially today. I the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown has driving questions and answers the call from Maria in England asking about prophetic ministry today and prophecies about Pres. Trump. That is not come to pass, etc. so number one. I reiterate with you that New Testament clearly speaks a prophetic ministry continuing until Jesus returns don't have the time to unpack that and we done it many many times but I but I believe it because it's written as as I have in my chapter in an authentic fire so the Scripture and therefore charismatic because I believe the word of God is the final ultimate and true witness. Therefore, I believe the gifts and power. The spirit for today including prophetic ministry. As for the place of prophetic ministry.

That's why believe we've really gotten off that because we don't just have local church settings and leadership teams out of which someone ministers that ministries just become totally detached.

So you just have a teaching ministry in your teaching the whole body, and you are completely separated from evangelists and prophets in the apostolic peopling, and even a local pastor or the same way you could. You're just an evangelist, but there's no connection to the local church. None of that works well so something's happened, especially in recent years, as God is raised up many people gifted prophetically in different ways that this is just become kind of thing in itself an end rather than prophetic leaders, saying, this is my ministry team I'm part of this church or this is ministry flow and Guzman speaking these words to me and and I really believe their words for the nation. I've shared them with the team of gotten input from the these pastors on the team from these apostolic brothers, and we really feel this with the Lord saying so were submitting it like that. It's just everybody's got a word. It's just been posted. It's just kind of ramping out there for the body that I figure out and sort through and sometimes you getting it. If you subscribe to the list are probably getting hundreds of potential prophetic words every week. Certainly that's not the way God is speaking this blabbering all this season and people blabbering. I mean just a flood of constant words from God when you can process. That's the subtle way he would speak and deal with us so I believe things been out of order in that regard, and then all the more we told you have to believe the prophets, second Chronicles 2020 is a specific situation where prophets spoke to the king to go out and believe God, and put the praise and worship in the front of the battle and they would win the king and and that's the word. Listen to the king follow believe the prophets believe God will prosper.

It's not a general word to the body that were there with a profit. So you have to believe that we are each God's people. We are all Jesus sheep. We all hear his voice. We are all indwelt by the Holy Spirit. We all have the word of God and everything must be tested so in the Bible when all the prophets were saying the same thing in the Old Testament there are virtually always wrong. You had one prophetic voice or two like Jeremiah or Ezequiel or somebody else. Everybody rejected them and they were speaking the truth. So just because everyone saying the same thing. This means accurate.

In fact, gifted really wonder when they're all saying the same thing is accurate. That being said, you have men of God. Women of God.

People who love the Lord.

People are not charlatans. People were God-fearing similar my friends and colleagues who have actually said that Donald Trump will serve a second term and that he will be inaugurated under Henry 20. So my appeal is almost further on psycho say if if that doesn't happen.

I'm a thousand percent sure won't happen. Okay, but if that doesn't happen then then what will you do that that plat that point if just if if okay if it doesn't happen at that point, we acknowledge there was error. We you know something was wrong because my that are that that are acknowledging it around looking at it wrong. Okay, for example like Jeremiah John, thinking out that I publicly apologize yesterday. What okay so very down Jeremiah. How do we handle right okay so just I wanted to be a bit more confidence in my answer for to cover the space so you Jeremiah. By the way this people so yeah Jeremiah did because Dr. Brown put under pressure and he's like an elderly Jeremiah father him and he put them under pressure to do this and he's caving in Jeremiah wrote his letter of repentance and apology weeks ago and told me about I'm not in this ministry board.

I don't okay. He told me that he wrote this was waiting for the right time to release soffit zero to do with influencing the all you gotta do though. To the contrary, he came to me and some other colleagues of mine and said II feel to do this, I'm convinced I was wrong and and I'm going be writing a letter repentance and apology, so I knew about it because he told me weeks and weeks back just just to clear that up so the fact is, she understands why he got things wrong was he had strong warnings back in 2018 that if Trump did not humble himself that he would be like a Nebuchadnezzar and would be removed if the church did not stop looking.

Tim and idolatrous way that he would be removed and somehow he got away from that warning and and at a certain point misinterpreted agreement felt that Trump would be real like this is what he said in his in his letter when he said to me and and others write so much anything he hasn't shared so what he can look at it and see how we got things wrong, where he made the mistake in them will keep processing together. You know all of us are talking, bunches of leaders were talking together the processes in a pastoral way of but how did people get things wrong. It's very easy for me to see a very easy for me to see how it could happen, especially the more voices that were speaking it and many times God may show us what he wants to do, but it's conditional on uncertain things on our end euro for example with that with the house of Eli Gossett.

I had said this, that you and your house a minister before, but now far be it from because those who don't want to me I will honor. So there are multiple reasons that people get things right usually have to start and tonight I know there's much more I could say the answer but I'm good to be doing more extensive teaching on so please cannot follow me on Facebook or twitter asked Dr. Brown on Facebook DR Michael L. Brown to Elsner DR Michael Brown on Twitter disc in her emails Esther to will be letting you know when I'm going to be doing a more extensive teaching on however can come in and how we can make these mistakes.

But here's the practical bottom line.

Let's all start with humility.

I tell God over and again on my knees before the Lord, Lord, I am not the corrector in chief, the man of God I deeply respect is remind me of that many times Nancy and I will talk about don't just talk here God, do you be speak with. He wants you to speak so I am before the Lord.

I am not the man I am the right one is going to fix everything okay the rather I've been blessed and held by prophetic brothers and sisters for years I've help them.

We help each other we all grow and learn together and every one of us.

When Windows got things wrong so my goal is to be constructive, helpful, and those of you who are absolutely sure that I've misted here deeply disappointed you that I'm not in faith that I've caved in, based on circumstances. Although I never prophesied Trump's reelection, and that I'm on that I have to eat humble pie and Jerry 20 oh all the mass of humble pie turns out, Trump is inaugurated bigger the mass of humble pie. You'll never hear a a a stronger apology from you think that you'll hear from me all right. My question to you is if he's not gonna see if the sake of those believing what will you then say will you then say, although I don't know it's he really is the president start no it's it's still your happen come March you watch or you say okay now we can have a conversation. So let's all come to this with humility right it's come to this with humility. Thank you so much for the call Maria, 866342. We go to Toby in Davis, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey, go micro oh political Proctor like what got.

I didn't really believe Trump binder Blanc better for the country and for the world and the alternative, organically ending. I don't know why I have my week of the generally believed that America better yet, Bill Catlett from print out a quick call but my question is not likely like love and concern on concrete or overly reporting imperfect man like an independent of our Christian profession right it's it's it's a very important question and I try to address it at length in evangelicals at the crossroads we passed a contest that came out in July of last year I interested in Donald Trump is not my Savior came in 2018 number one. I'm glad I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. I make no apologies for that I feel is the right thing to do. I preferred voting for him then sitting out the election and, obviously, I could not vote for Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden because of many of my biblical convictions so make no apologies for that. I sold out nothing in my own heart or soul and doing number two others could not phone from they set out, or they put in the third party candidate in the just wrote someone else's name and they felt that out of concern for Donald Trump to drive the nation that you had you had two bad destinations, one with Democrats and one with him and therefore they could not vote for him. I've always respected that I've upset.

I understand that and if that was your position. I respect that. Number three I believe the error against my own viewpoint, which is what you're asking for. I believe the error was the way that many Christians look to him.

He's going to fight for us. He's the champion we needed. He's the one that can save America and preserve the free world the way they look to him even getting caught up in the cult of personality.

Check my website Esther to for the article. Is there cult of Trump and look at it and see see how it lines up for you or for others that you love so one was the way that we look to him was dangerous and I doubt she don't look to any man like like that special political leader to I I believe that he failed to hear a godly counsel and wisdom failed to humble himself failed in his public dealings to be a decent human being and therefore he was removed to the extent that we defended his behavior at any cost and could find no fault with him. To that extent and to the extent that we look to him as some type of political liver Messiah.

To that extent did seller. I have articles as a Trump supporter saying don't sell your soul since Donald Trump it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, joyous modifier, 8660 Lewis in Rochester New York. Thanks so much for calling on fire the wrong a love you in the Lord.

Thank you sir. My question my question is on the restrainer in the salon. I'm not sure where Barnabas known burnout of the Bible in front of but I believe that there is five believed on the restrainer, one at the church. Second is the Holy Spirit third is God. The next morning they and the other one is Michael the Archangel, I think those are the ones that some people believe in, and I want to know your opinion. Yeah. Second Thessalonians. The second chapter 1 strain substantially taken out of the way the grid speaks of of the who and it which is interesting so we can mean two aspects of of the same in in the book that Craig Keener and I wrote not afraid of the answer.

Christ why we don't believe in the pre-tribulation rapture. He actually says there more than 30 different interpretations of you as you listen 51 very yeah there there a whole lot it cannot be the church in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is here on the article that will rampart right right until the last moment and in the churches is here waiting for the Lord's glorious return. That's that's an interpretation that became known really with the rise of dispensationalism and preaching teaching but was pretty much alone before that an argument could be made for strong government and governmental leaders as being restrainer because member that the antichrist is the man of lawlessness right so even in the ancient world. In Paul's day, although the that Nero's in the Caesars that the leaders of the Roman Empire were were often corrupt despotic men. The fact is, the Roman Empire had a certain function of restraining chaos. And Paul writes in Romans 13 that the authorities God is put in place with the governor be the king that their role is to restrain evil in support could now often they get it reversed and in which case we have moving God, not man, but that's what they're supposed to rain. Therefore, so if you have say us and Emperor and an empire, and that is restraining just chaos in the world and then that's taken out of the way, what would happen sooner with you look at it like that in Paul's day. So could it be the very structure that we have of authoritative governments with law and order that that's part of the restraint and when that is then taken out of the way, you can have the one world government taken over by an antichrist type figure who now was just going to impose his his rule over everything because there's nothing to stop it. That's that's a possible view that makes sense to me and grammatically you can have the who and the what, but I am so on dogmatic on that, except to say what it isn't is it some angelic being is it possible the people say why what was in Paul more direct with he was speaking about their vernacular was awarded interpreted to be Roman Empire and Emperor, etc. then if he's writing a letter say there to be taken out of the way.

That could be misinterpreted as seditious as some scholars think that's an indication that he was talking about because he was so careful we phrase things right away that I looked out of the they were talking to the George audio that you know or the restrainer.

It's assessing believers then indicate there were some decent women but they mainly come out of idolatry right so it's heat he's ready talk to him about these things heat.

He's he's are ready been with them and spend time with them and either that he's ready talked about the specific subject or they should be a pregnant what he's saying right so that that that idea though. Ask yourself the question, what is stopping complete lawlessness in the earth today, opposite the church has a trauma Holy Spirit is at work in God is the ultimate one restrains evil. I believe if not for God's restraining hand that there be total chaos on the planet right now, that we wouldn't be able to sit here having a normal life, even for 24 hours that God's restraining hand is at work but is he also working through government is. He also walked working through law authority in your thank you just take police presence out of the city. Electoral chaos right you take military presence that America has no military suddenly will be invaded from every side hate of just thoughts there.

Thank you Lewis for the question appreciated very much. Wish I could be more dogmatic on that but can't 866-34-TRUTH we go over to Michael and Puerto Rico. Thank you for calling the line of fire. Evangelical support for Donald Trump but I think the church is not content of North American civilization, and in the inlet. In the context of the course of world history, and with the rise of China and with the decline of the what are civilization.

I think that the issue that they were taking it in Indy in the book of Revelation says Jesus Mike real quick what what is disappointed you think about the racial tension that we were having it at that and that Donald Trump was stoking the DVDs to the situation with the racial tension that that that the church would still support him even though there is racial tension that you want in addressing yet in my mind, Michael and I would respectfully differ with you.

I don't believe that he was stoking racial tension of meant many of my friends, people of color might see things differently. I believe it's a narrative that the the liberal media has been pushing from day one and portraying him to be racist and I don't believe he was stoking racial fires, but in in any case, I know you can call about that and that's and that's no discussion with all my differences with the president. I voted for him never believing that he was a racist as president, but either way you're your specific question today sir a prophetic contract, but Mike and Daniel 927 translation of the atonement. The NTS publishes the burdens of Daniel side-by-side and you know I prefer the Orthodox study Bible from the Greek Orthodox church BBN ETF as well.

What were the when the Masoretic text said he will confirm a covenant of a beer. Betty Beal Creek on the NTS and the company will prevail at all wondering if if I think that the covenant will prevail is it is is is is compatible it with the translation of corporate debt and equity members. It's it's not so much because it's clearly not with what she says.

In terms of Daniel 927 and the Jewish publication so drew one week to make a firm covenant with many for half we could put a stop to the sacrifice meal offering at the core of the altar will be an appalling abomination, etc. that there's nothing about the covenant prevailing in that context, the question would be is the NET accurately translating the Septuagint and the NET translation of the Septuagint is one that I own as well. That's that's the the most modern translation of the Septuagint that I also got so is it accurately translating the Septuagint, they would be reliable translators on that is the Septuagint rightly understanding the Hebrew, there I would say no, but it's a very difficult passage.

Overall, and as many times as I've rated I've seen other ways that that he could be read in Hebrew so one is the the NET Septuagint translation. A good translation. Yes, those good Greek scholars involved in that to the Septuagint rightly understand the Hebrew there in my view, no thank you for the question. Much appreciated. All let's see what it's about time this go to Jamie and Charlotte North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire around particular call collecting trip to Israel. We are leader teaching on the ballot that hammering heater and and you never even committed to Michael that I remember correctly were family members. Maybe Peter that they wanted military victory could be kept evolving and guessed that that had occurred at Israelite right in Kyle. II will I wondered if there was a parallel between their Christian movement now or even a trumpet where we want you next time I'm kind of you know victory that you are following in the same camp at the talent right. It's his talk about that yet.

So in in a minute and try to answer that number one there are times when it is right to have the military and acted time to fight back time for aggression three times for that and those of us who live in America believe that the Revolutionary war was justified to the time such notice, it will all be at that point on America. The certainly not Sue, not the time to take up arms against the government.

Certainly categorically not as wanting some interest to bring to your home or earth people waiting your neighborhood and the question of self-defense is totally separate, totally separate question. Okay, so what are potential problems. Yes, the this zealots were grieved over evil over wrong over injustice over the oppression of the Romans they were grieved. They tried to take matters into their own hands, failing to recognize that the greater issues had to do with the Jewish people's repentance toward God, recognizing Messiah when he came, so the parallel would be that resident us first and foremost thing. God is your people when we need to repent and get things right because that's the big issue in America today is state of the church.

That's was going to determine the state of the nation more than the who's in the control the government is state of the church so to the extent we get militaristic and hyper nationalistic and rapid the cross flag. That's when the parallels are very blessed and terribly so my friends make sure you follow me on social media and will

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