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Have We Sacrificed Our Souls on the Altar of Hyper-Patriotism?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 1, 2020 4:30 pm

Have We Sacrificed Our Souls on the Altar of Hyper-Patriotism?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 1, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/01/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Let's look at the evidence.

Has there been electoral fraud and let's look at another question. Have we become blindly loyal to a man stock for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, our yard going to give me data today and we can give you passion today and you get to give your own data in your own passion.

866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call when you start by just taking a little time to examine charges of electoral fraud or other valid reasons for being deeply concerned that election was stolen from her eyes, or is this bogus is it just nonsense. You get to in 866-34-TRUTH with your own take and then want to dig a little deeper get beyond data get beyond information and talk about the condition of our hearts.

Again, a play a clip from a talk I did less than on Facebook.

I was so burdened also grieved of Nancy's birthday yesterday and with some of the family over this fun night having a meal together than playing some games and is late at night. She was such as ready in the bedroom and I was was some work and she sent me a Lincoln.

When I looked at the link and then I posted the response to to this particular link which will tell you about little bit later in the show and then I started seeing some of the comments coming in on on Facebook and and on twitter I I was so grieved I I I just went to the Romano's cryostat hung what's weak what's become of the church what's happen to us and went on Facebook and shared with the broken hearts will play some of that for you as well. Okay basically you don't have a lot of people like completely in the middle here right you don't have a lot of people completely in the middle when it when it comes to the elections right either pretty convinced it was stolen or pretty convinced it's nonsense to say it was so right. You really say look at all the data, look at all the evidence is clear as day.

How can you say if we say look this court case after court cases been thrown out.

There's nothing to it. Now there are some that aren't sure or don't have an opinion but most have an opinion. Now here's is a problem, of course, you've had Donald Trump from way before was president questioning election saying things rigged in 2012, that when Ted Cruz beat him in Iowa in 2016. Remember what happened as I was. I wasn't sure if it proves that right.

You know what happened that he said is rigged crew stole it it in any cheated, and so on member that yeah and and he answered repeatedly in oh 2018 and again since it's raining and he was sent for monthly possible we can lose as if is rigged. How can he say that a look basis of what you can say is been setting everything up as we talked about that and read some of the quotes from years past. He's been setting things up that no matter what happens he he. The one that what happens at the end of the day if it's a baseball game and the scores you know that team 10 in your team zero. The least we actually one because the umpires that they call the game right, we would've 100 to 10 where is the reality check in that. On the other hand psych terrorists into B irregularities while you talk about a perfect storm drama perfect storm so you have five states key states and it's it's late evening on election night and Trump is winning and all of them and I'm looking on on these charts and showing the needle in a strong probability that is, when the states and are based on votes to command and so on. Because of the way of calculating which counties have come in which outside belts of command saw looks as good when you wake up in the morning we go to sleep a few hours. This could hardly sleep because elections see if you are say sequential ship on the hat that happened what happened. What are they stop counting so it raises suspicions know if you been listening to the show. My official view is my normal know what happened I wasn't there. I don't have degrees in statistical analysis.

I'm not an expert on election fraud.

I've not analyzed, was happening in other nations.

I who am I to tell you what actually happened you I'm saying who are you tell me I was talking to a friend of mine Washington insider yesterday said look, Trump Steen, there's been tens of millions of dollars investigating every possible leaving and that the greatest analysts and money can buy. Looking into things and so on their issues again refining them. Secondly, I have YouTube video ride with theory and that's good. Uncover the whole thing. My official position remains. I don't know right but I've never really gone through the evidence for fraud was a very taking time on the year with you civil. Let's consider the.

The evidence for fraud write that letter, we should want truth agreed that my colleague James Robison has a passionate appeal on stream today saying we shouldn't.

We all agree that for the sake of truth for confidence in the electoral process, regardless of whether it's Pres. Trump with four more years or President-elect Biden, and that becomes the reality right regardless of who it is. If there are genuine concerns and charges being raised for fraud with Trump over the weekend even saying maybe the FBI was an island Department of Justice was in on it right. Serious charges and many Americans questioning the outcome of the election for good reason, or for bed.

James said, is there a way we can slow down the process and make sure everything is investigated in the courts can look at things and then say okay there is evidence or there is an evidence and then either say it's nonsense.

The election was not stolen nonsense. Joe Biden is the duly elected next president or to say there was massive fraud to try to overturn a fair election and steel democracy the people we should we should want truth.

Can we all agree that every side we should want truth in a fair outcome. So I have not presented the evidence that others are presented and it's not so much.

You know, dead people voting or an allegation here them and a lot of those would be more minor. A lot of those would be not enough to swing things in a particular direction, but there's an article that was posted on the stream or when was this, this was posted November 19 and is Michael terrazzo, who heads up the strategic firm which actually looks at ways that America can be attacked and undermined, etc., and his articles, entitled show the graphs, Mr. Pres., industrial level fraud hidden in plain view and he says the mainstream media have summarily rejected Pres. Donald Trump's claims of election fraud is unsubstantiated. Called election for VP Biden. All the recounts possible audits and litigation states still pending. Notice was in her mid-19th and he's he said more since then. This article, capture things wealth. This is what 12 days ago, the Republicans have expressed skepticism about the president's claims they have called an anomaly to assert that voter fraud is occurred, but also to present evidence of such fraud and critically sure that enough fraud occurred to make a difference in key battleground states so in his article he talks about the spikes and votes for Biden so there was a hearing now with legislators in Pennsylvania last week with ACL is a sudden spike is like Biden got 570,000 votes and Trump 3000 FICA. How does that happen. How does it suddenly shift like that so in this particular article of, for example, the author says late Tuesday election night vote counting inexplicably stopped in critical battleground states including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania at the time the president had sizable leads in Wisconsin and Michigan, and an overwhelming 14% and 700,000 vote lead Pennsylvania then first at 3:42 AM and again just after 6 AM Wednesday morning to you dispatches of new buying votes were suddenly tallied in Wisconsin and Michigan, respectively. The time Wisconsin Krugman holy commanding 3.6% 100,000 108,656 vote lead with over 3 million votes recounted. Moreover, he held consistently, a 4% or more over seven hours since the polls close. The sudden spike in number by votes completely wiped out completely split-second.

This bike was produced by a huge dump of 168,542 votes 5% estate total that included 149 axis I and 43,000 2079 or fully 85% of the batch for Biden and he goes on, it's a tactical article with charts and graphs, and he saying to present Trump just show the graphs to the people.

Now I do not have the ability to analyze the data being presented.

Okay you want to so obvious.

Maybe it is but I been around long enough to know that you can make a very persuasive argument of appointment someone else comes and makes their persuasive argument you go oh never thought of that, or they can say it's been cooler this year than the last 10 years and then services no. But you're actually comparing wrong data to this and so we have to have all the information and obviously people that believe there is no fraud have answers for these, but it's a very conspicuous and odd thing that voting for some reason vote counting stops right wasn't happen. Vote counting stops and then suddenly a few hours later you have this job just jump in and thereafter as the votes come in. They come in very evenly just just to keep I have the rest of the way, how is that these there will if you analyze the counties know it. It doesn't break down like that okay there's an article on the Federalist. The Federalist website and this came out last week and it's titled five more ways Joe Biden magically outperformed election norms, and sister Lou Journal Square should be intrigued by the historic impossibility of Jovan's victory. They are not that they are not is curious to say the least. So there's just a lot of things that don't make sense now again I have not come to a conclusion and I'm trusting the courts and the prayers of God's people will bring us to a righteous conclusion. That's what I'm trusting that if there's been fraud on this level, it will be exposed. It will be and if not, then it won't be like that that's what I'm expected. I'm simply presenting evidence and for those who are saying there's no fraud. This is nothing. It's crazy. At least I want to know why others are getting upset. So things that don't make sense. Just in the natural, it is that you had such a tremendous drive to vote for Barack Obama. It was such such a a charismatic type leader that that many want to get behind them and course the first black president so there was a nice jump in voting for him in 2008. Many came out to vote that had voted before, but for Joe Biden to trounce his numbers.

I notice hatred for Trump and Zeiger trumpet from to trounce his numbers so normally you have when you have this massive victory for presidential candidate. They have coattails right so they bring with them all these other candidates, Senate and House except basically the opposite happen and how ship 27 contested seats and every one of them went for Republican how that doesn't seem to line up questions were asked to present any evidence that war started taking calls and that share the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 48663 truth of for those who are listening is a reengineering just just a Trump supporter woman the biosphere is a Trump basher. So how about this and do my best to be truth teller and sort through things together. I am I am not right wing left-wing when it comes to my ultimate allegiance oath of allegiance is to truth which means at times I agree with want to disagree with another, and at times you love what I'm saying. At times you won't but just let's give it a hearing together so all I'm doing now 866-34-TRUTH is analyzing some of the reasons that people are highly suspicious of the election outcome were putting aside the hundreds of affidavits that were hearing over people say I witnessed Robert putting that aside for the moment, but that player right.

Putting aside whether the case is being brought to court have any validity that that will play out all right. That will ultimately ultimately play out will rescue some of the. The larger anomaly. Some of the things that don't seem to make sense. You know it's on it's almost like you looking at stats at the end of a football game okay you try to analyze how is it, watching the game and watch the feel of you watching the football game. It really felt like your team dominated the other team in your ear, try to figure out how did it happen that you lost to them. 24 to 17 slick okay let's look we had 411 yards total offense.

300 yards and passing €111 rushing and they had 48 yards in total offense. We had no interceptions, no fumbles. They had three interceptions and two fumbles. We had a a kick kickoff return for a touchdown and and if they they have a total return yards of -1. How do we in the blues like Tessa Summit is make sense.

There and if and if you look at stats you used to do that, things like something happened somewhere you know you ever done that you print a sports you can. Analyzing is like heritage and watch the game, but this is all there is this big fumble here always turn out as it doesn't line up.

Got it. Okay, so in the Federalist. This article by JB Sherk lays out five things that just seem suspicious unusual soaps of the first is 80 million votes all right five points in this article anyone votes is a holy moly. A lot of Americans turned out for Washington politicians been in office for nearly 50 years.

Consider this no incumbent president in nearly a century and 1/2 has gained votes in a reelection campaign and still lost president Trump gained more than 10 million votes since 2016 victory. But Biden's appeal was so substantial it overcame president Trump's record support among minority voters. Biden also shattered Barack Obama's own popular vote totals really calling into question whether it was. Not perhaps Biden pulled the ball across the finish lesson 22,008, 2000) sarcastic proving a sharpest book listings are the former VP manage together a record number votes while consistently trailing president Trump inventors measures of order enthusiasm by the society that motivated voters unenthusiastic about his campaign to vote for in record numbers is like okay all the survey said there's a lot of enthusiasm for many deep crushes Trump's numbers and crushes Barack Obama's numbers before that suggests that seems odd doesn't it okay puts there is isolation, hatred of Trump fine understand. Okay, second winning despite losing most bellwether counties by the sets become the first president six years to lose the states of Ohio and Florida. I was with election for century the states have consistently predicted the national outcome and they been considered roughly representative of the American melting pot as a whole. Despite national polling given Biden the lead in both states he lost Ohio by eight points afforded by more than three points for bind to lose these key bellwethers by notable margins and still when the national election is newsworthy. Not since the Mafia allegedly aided John F. Kennedy limiting Eleanor Richard Nixon in 1960 has an American president pulled off this neat trick, and then he goes through by counties. He says scroll down a bit. Where is the former VP picked up column by about three points president trumps margin of victory and other 18 counties averaged over 16 points. So I think is this is in Georgia and the larger list of 58. Bill with a common set of correctly picked the president since 2000.

Trump 151 of them by an average of 15 points, while the other seven want to abide by around four points slick. How does how does that work out. That seems unusual and then third Point Biden Trl., Clinton, except in a few in the select few cities, Patrick Basham, a poster with accurate track record of director of democracy Institute in DC highlighted two observations made by fellow colleagues, polling girl, Richard Barris, a big Gallup poll in election. I was Robert Barnes Barris notice. This did a statistical oddity from 2020 elections, returns, Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton every major metro area around the country safer Milwaukee Detroit Atlantic Hotel for the four cities that were key to the to turning things Barnes edit that in those big cities and swing states run by Democrats.

The vote even exceeded the number of registered voters. These are things at him and pointed out statistically not of written reputations with reputations accessing week than for Biden one, despite Democratic losses everywhere else. All has outwork Randy De Soto in the Western Journal that Donald Trump is pretty much the only incumbent president, US history loses reelection all his own party gained seats in the House of Representatives, where if when you vote of all the people and for Biden most. Many will just click straight Democratic ticket voting for Trump click straight Republican ticket. If there times it just voted for Biden left the others off.

That's interesting in the number five. Biden overcame trumps commanding primary vote in the past primary vote totals have been remarkably accurate in predicting general election winners political analysis analyst David Chapman highlighted three historical facts before the election. First, no incumbent received 75% of the total primary vote has lost reelection second president Trump received 94% of the primary vote which is the fourth highest of all time high than Dwight Eisenhower, Nixon Clinton or Obama effect Trump is only one of five incumbent since 1912, received more than 90% of the primary vote third. Consider record for most primary votes received by an incumbent will more than 18 people turn out for him in 2020. The previous record held by Bill Clinton's half that number for bind to prevail the general election. Despite trumps historic support. The primary stress a century's worth apart election data on its head, a sensate Biden achieve the impossible is interesting. Journalist don't even care about that and then this article from the spectator by Patrick Basham who is just a quoted reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling is it fully cranks find tabulation strange put me down as a crank and he said hate the moment you question elections are considered crazy in Saugus but hey that there are the valid questions here and he goes through all the analysis, state by state and what we seen over the years and and then raises some schooling on the article.

All 10 concerns, one laid on election night with Trump comfortably ahead. Many swing states that's counting ballots. In most cases observers remove the county facilities counting generally continued about the observers to statistically abnormal vote counts with the new normal accounting resume.

They were unusually large in size.

Hundreds of thousands and had usually high 90% above bind Trump ratio late arriving ballots were counted in Pennsylvania 22,000 absentee ballots have impossible postal return dates and is anyway goes through all the specifics. Okay and and now data that's coming forward. They are arguing that in certain states. The only, this could work is for revolt that was received by Biden Cummins 1.3 for revolt received by Trump .7 they'll get. I don't know. I I am not analysis an analyst you want to talk about Hebrew Bible. I can talk you with some authority you want talk to me about about interpretation the test on use of some authority you want talk to about Jewish apologetics. Culture wars but a bunch of things I can talk about with some degree of authority Ike I can't talk about this with any degree of authority because is not my area of expertise and I cannot analyze the art and see the way, but there's enough evidence out there in enough things that just don't line up, coupled with and here's where you get a toxic mix coupled with the driving narrative of president Trump that you can trust anybody but him that everybody's corrupt but him that this whole thing is rigged that the only can loses imagery because he can't lose. Now you get a very toxic situation where feelings are inflamed across the nation.

What I urge everyone to do is join me in believing God for truth to triumph for corruption to be exposed for lies to be exposed with allies from president Trump or or lies from the FBI. But then be exposed and led a righteous election outcome come to pass.

You say you want to and Trump abroad.

I want to write to suck that's whimpering for a righteous outcome devoted only but I'm praying for righteous outcome. Can Camille join in that commune night and that white listen we come back. I'm getting all your phones get some of your input them in the play a very disturbing clip from Trump attorney Joey teaching over last night in an interview wristed an interview on a Newsmax and then show you some shocking, shocking responses from Christians please every I'm far more concerned right now about the state of the church than even the outcome of the elections yeah and I say that from the heart.

All right number call 866-34-TRUTH and we will get some of your calls if you just have a general Bible theology question. I will be taking those today will be getting into that today right so general Bible theology will be taken those calls, but any related to selection issues and can assure some things under his tongue up front that he can upset some of you, but I but I know of speaking truth, I am sure of speaking truth and and you can reject me for but I'm asking you to give me a hearing and if you know me over the years, you know, I ushered straight and consult people on that nasty I don't get worked up emotionally, but sometimes I think it lest I was in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown) for joining us on the line of fire. There is a new article by my friend Al Parada my colleague on the screen, where he began raises questions about the legitimacy of the election outcome.

Since this worth reading. Riverside drawn to least understand if you're convinced that the election was stolen. You need to understand why others are not convinced if you convinced it was not stolen.

Each understand why others were convinced it was, it would have dialogue in an and an insight into one another. This is my own background you know is as a debater and apologist that I know there are other sides to stories and that's why I'm dogmatic on certain things and others.

Others not right but before before we go to the phones. I do want to get into the subject right of this.

Is it an interview, Trump attorney Joey teaching over is on the air on Newsmax and their talk about electoral fraud know Chris Krebs was the cybersecurity chief that said, under Trump lifelong Republican who said that it was that the most secure election in American history and posted an official statement on this and was fired for on 60 minutes over the weekend all reiterated this.

I guess on Sunday night reiterated his music was the safest election so obviously not a favorite president Trump's team right now. So once you hear this little exchange pointed out that she is going after the Commonwealth of Virginia and asked what would you know about that right. I know nothing about that that the first I've heard about it.

We know they were typical anomalies in Virginia like you were in a lot of other places that will not be disrupted meant mail mailing balloting in is inherently corrupt and for election proved it for. This was not a coincidence that was all planned and you know anybody you think that if the election went well like that idiot crib used to be the head that it was obviously not until I got it the class a moron he should be drawn and quartered taken out at dawn and shot don't want that. What happens next. Last question what happens next. I saw more children here so so this this outrageous this outrageous statement about Krebs. He's an idiot. Class a moron should be drawn and quartered and shot okay's rhetoric is rhetoric. We understand that but it's dangerous rhetoric. It's irresponsible rhetoric. It's inappropriate rhetoric when death threats are flying everywhere where unstable people on all sides ready to do crazy things. It's irresponsible. So I wanted to test the waters to see where some Christians were some Trump supporters were in ice and I put this on Twitter first Twitter and then on Facebook so I I posted this on Twitter and NI. I said if you're the world's most ardent Trump supporter. Please tell me denounce this common from Trump lawyer Joey teaching over the Chris Krebs trumps fired cybersecurity had code should be drawn and quartered taken out at dawn and shot can you denounce this without qualification. Okay then then I posted on Facebook Facebook you have that the limitation in characters so I posted something a little more full on Facebook.

Can we agree that the matter who we vote for reckless calls for violence should be categorically denounced and calmly agree to condemn this coming from Trump lawyer Joey Deaton over about trumps will have cybersecurity Chris Krebs Trump fired specifically, a Krebs what should be drawn and quartered taken out at dawn and shot can you condemn this without qualification, even if your hundred percent sure that there is been massive voter fraud and that the election has been stolen. Can we stand together and denounce such reckless words, be they from the left, or from the right or anywhere in between. I certainly hope so. Art sub posted that and to my shock, shock, I started seeing comments like this.

These are from professing Christians. These are from Jesus followers. All right, I started seeing comments like this." Some treason, sedition, communism, hang them high. Did you get that together. Treason, sedition, communism, hang them high. This is in response I'm saying can you denounce this is reckless this is reckless rhetoric and unclear what side it's from we all denounced junk like this. Kathy Gately give for those of you know ahead like it was trumps had decapitated any person of conscience announces that obviously the followers of Jesus another support, but please show me that the hard evidence that Chris Krebs is guilty of treason. Please show me but this know I agree the treasonous act searches he should receive a very harsh punishment. He should face more than firing another cyber being a traitor deserves death. I find your comments to be here to be out of one another theirs are the same type of language in the Psalms record a sense of the Psalms are you hearing.

Compare Joey Deaton, always irresponsible rhetoric to the book of Psalms calling for righteous judgment on God's enemies. We used to hang traders qualify reckless civil wars at the door treason is punishable by death. I was so grieved I broke down crying with grief for the state of the church.

I got on Facebook and poured my heart out you can you can read my latest article rest Dr. and then I trust me I am going to the phones immediately after this but II got I talked to Nancy for bed. I prayed and I guy I got online and share my heart with tears and with passion about the messed up state of the church asking what has happened to people that they respond to reckless rhetoric like this is a traitor and strays and hang him.

It is like Trump said they could shoot someone brought Dylan Fifth Avenue would lose followers scary and I voted for him twice. Okay, but that's scary. And if if you hate me for this attorney often never listen again.

I'm speaking the truth so I got on Facebook.

There's a link to that in my article as well. You can see it on her Facebook page and is 18 minutes long, but here's the couple minutes from this list, you can say I believe is wrong you can say I think is what it is you can say what you want to say but do not as a follower of Jesus, what's happened to us that we completely lost our minds and our souls are gone that far, someone like me who's taking flak for years as a Trump supporter and Trump voter who is actually lost friends at all. Facebook friend was a child, or friendly knowledge of this is elementary school is anything positive about Trump defending Trump. It was too much of any cut me off okay except and only God for what overfed because the 60 years I will not dare tell the truth why dare raise concerns I become the enemy.

I become a leftist, I become a supporter of BLM I become pro-abortion I become abiding voter I become a communist. I become so sold out to Jezebel doing destructions of churches was told yesterday for saying hey vote for Trump support Trump. If you believe there's election fraud fight and pray for truth but but do not put too much trust in a manner dangerous. You show me where that happens in the New Testament usually were Christian leaders in the New Testament, but that kind of trust or faith or confidence in some man I I raise a warning. Yes, so the full excerpt and I raise a warning I raise concern I become the enemy friends agrees me. I wasn't angry I was. I was grieved I was upset I was burdened.

What's become of us. I been watching it for years I've been watching it is much as I absolutely supported so much of trumps agenda and absolutely warn against the agenda of the left and absolutely one against the cancel culture from a democracy and the attack on our freedoms absolutely and concerned about about policies international policies national policies that abide administration could introduce the same time of warrant of warrant for years about looking for man in the wrong way or mingling the gospel or marrying. I should say marrying the gospel with politics.

So this is nothing new.

It's just got really bad. It's got really extreme. It really really has friends so you can cut me off. You can stop subscribing, unlike whatever stop financial support. I'm serving God. My friends and and and Paul as the glacis have I become your enemy but tell me the truth in hate me or love me, the one to tell you the truth, and one day you'll thank me do what I do have a love plenty things I learned plenty things are growing plenty blind spots. I have her try to stay low. But when a burden and I can speak and speak. I got to got all right at last to the phones will start with the Jara Kia incoming Texas welcomes modifier hello Mark Brown hey there you and well yeah I'm a quick question about like hyper. You know it.

America was founded upon the proposition of white delivered at you like the lab and ate the law they compatible with the benefit think I the American patriot to put the flag above the crawl, so I don't want to be a balance between a patriot and a Christian, or are there and on about all this should be a balance in other words, were in this world but not of it. But we should be good citizens, we should we should fight for the principles we we we know we we serve.

Like everyone else you know we raise our families, we have our jobs we get involved in the system around this, but we do this because people it's a matter of priorities. This is like giving financially to support the work of the gospel in your local church will everything we have belongs to the Lord. So we have that mentality that we give a portion of it specifically for local church emissions and things like that. So how much is too much like when you work out the right principles okay.

It is the same with our review of of of our country want to be loyal to our country and serve our country and work for its best in our country, but our ultimate allegiance, when the rubber meets the road as to the cross versus the flag that are ultimate allegiance in terms of of of where we we draw a line and I cannot move from here is not the flag but the cross so it we should be good.

We should be good citizens and we should be patriotic in terms of appreciating good in America, although obviously Native Americans and black Americans have a different view of of American history than the many white Americans worked but we we are appreciative of our country does a lot of good through America.

You take America out of the scene and many many many ways the world is a much worse place so I'm jealous for the destiny and purpose of America, but I understand that America itself is part of the world as part of the world right and we are part of the kingdom.

So it is a matter of of of ultimate allegiance. It is a matter of ultimate emphasis. What I've seen for many now I've been watching it happen is much more zeal for the flag flag first crossing Trump first visa single normative essay that they never say it in terms of emotions and attitudes.

Emphasis energy one light on. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown see headlines on admitting dysfunction churches top elections official blast compounding errors in state's largest county home to Atlanta then another headline bar so DOJ William bar is been champion in many ways. Standing of religious freedoms and and doing a lot of good but powerful testimony before Congress right. He says DOJ hasn't found proof of widespread voter fraud. So let this be sorted out. We shall see. Let's go to Fairfield, Illinois pastor Cory, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you, Michael been watching the door couple weeks. Your comment on Twitter your article that you read and watch your Facebook live video you good luck Mike this morning and I'm in agreement with you, Dr. Brown and I'm someone who is been more politically involved. Well, as well, but the church have a voice, but what I'm feeling and what worse thing you I believe God is revealing where the chart where the church is part and I'm with it troubles me that people have their eyes more on Pres. Trump and on and I am just as disturbed as you are that the mass this. Have you been able to trace a shift over time if I asked how this happened.

Would you be able to answer that with your opinion.

I guess I have an opinion. I don't know if I have like a de facto point in history are generally people have grown increasingly frustrated at wanting to change over time.

They wanted to row Wade overturned the seeing what's happening in the culture war with the church trying to be silenced and more, the LGBT given a platform they watch the cancel culture and they stole someone that they thought was good to stand up and fight for the spirit and still they put their hope in their trust and that and what worse thing now. I believe it is wrong. It back in October I was there I felt like the Lord told me so strongly.

Dr. Brown that that you still jealous first church and he you share with me ugly you grieve or how much the church is put Pres. Trump on a pedestal we can pack out stadiums for political rally but where what happened you have a call to prayer. When you have but don't see the energy or that the focus on that and I believe it because they're looking for someone to fight for them and it it concerns me about your deck or not Bill yeah I agree with your analysis and and again it was refreshing to see someone that's can tell it like it is and take on left-wing media and pushback from religious freedoms and so on.

But it is exposed so much in our hearts. It really did my mental thing was yet but you know anything that you know in ministry, you have a certain level of success's and the financial prosperity notoriety. Whatever these things expose who we really are we the same person on the other side of it so said the whole time that God raising of Trump there multiple sides through one is exposing within the hearts of of much of the church, especially in in our white evangelical circles and a lot of it's very disturbing to go ahead.

The carbon want to attract a lot of the legal battle in Lynnwood and other in Lynnwood today on Twitter called the president to declare martial law to get all of this straightened out. From what I've seen, I am you know it your show earlier about all the anomalies and I agree there's a lot of strange things happening should be investigated. What I don't know what if this goes down to a place that I know the real big hypothetical, but this goes down to a place with the president declares martial law to get all this straightened out where you think the church should be in all of the because I feel like you're trying to direct the church right through the middle of yeah well I haven't seen the comment from Lynnwood so I can I'm hearing is for you have to read it in context, but yet it if you're representing it accurately, that absolutely deeply disturbs me. There is absolutely no reason to call for the and we have a system and an let's work things through properly in the system. I believe most Americans want a fair outcome of the elections they may have strong opinions they want in office. But it if that's the case then everyone every Christian leader close to Trump needs to say we cannot stand with you on this. You do not declare martial again have to look at the whole the whole quote in context, but at least it is one of the thing if if I could appeal to the president and nobody right I'm the relationship to them whatsoever. Even if I know people and is in a circle there they know him. They don't know me okay. I mean he knows that he does know me and they have their own voices but I would urge him to say to the nation. I want what you want whoever you voted for under a legal system to be the president. That's the man I want to be the president and if indeed it's me. It'll be my privilege to serve you for the next four years and if it still Biden that I will do everything I can to see a smooth transition for him and ask you to support the outcome of the election, and if the courts determine that on the legally elected president asked America to let the courts do their job rather than stirring more anger and lock them up and hang them up and string them up to responsible is destructive. Hey, thank you for the good word by brother and let's continue to put Jesus first and everything else falls into context. Let us go to Laura in Longview, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Are you hearing doing very well thank you. I recently named Alec that you have a going after 39 years and Jesus revealed himself to me after I cried out to God all election went. The first time I'm 40 line that ever got. It was pretty important to me also has a hat and I know you question this is wonderful here so from the age of of you raise this Jehovah's Witness your life back with right okay and echoed all the way back to beginning my great grandfather Henry father was anointed and brought their religion to expanding here in our area.

So slick 100+ years back you say wow.

Okay. But something was missing and you cried out to Jesus and he revealed himself to band camp and my daughter was turning 18 and everyone from the kingdom home and telling her to leave me because she had become an adult narrowing education had to make my daughter that I started realizing something dramatist relate can I get an investigation into an electronic patient and I have been right here and I didn't even know who God lies Romans 35 and I wasn't good and that I needed a state air spell. I told God. You think you'd be behind me telling me which path to take and I cried out on the stairs at my apartment and I think it time for you to come and show up in my life and the next day Jesus died. It's all a lie.

It's just me you relationship with me. I cannot thank you thank you thank yeah amazing and so you came you came to be born again have an experience with God that the watchtower said you could not have missed this for the hundred 44,000 know that your sins are forgiven you have eternal life isn't that glorious praise God and and my children, one in heaven.

She died at 25 days old and in about 10 years and she died. My 15-year-old white. My 17-year-old friend that they were really into picking up all kind hearing and my 15-year-old trying to go with her but I told her to give me a week and three day she got paid off now and she knows the Lord Jesus, come on admit in your 18-year-old our family were trying to get my mother, father, and my daughter Erin out of that appointment and Harry can think they completely refute that and I will not talk to that I think doesn't work. God doesn't work in our hearts and in your crying out prayer is going to make a massive difference or listen you now have a small army of folks and be praying that just heard what you said you be praying okay so on the on the much more Monday level. But what we still have time before the hours out yeah go ahead with your question. Please know I'm back in action. But then I realized he had really been in the story objective guide to keep telling time at Gottman Africa now and affect the end. It talked about how and the people multiplied, and increased evidence 400 year end and overeat get another came another Tina rather did not know Joe Smith and he dealt shrewdly with that rate though I feel like as Christian and army looking for time to get hired at that time that were not in a narrowing of who it, whoever the president and he is going to come down on complaint aren't Christians looking for it cannot get that Eric and Jesus and that it will go from bad to worse will let me encourage you to read in the Bible to keep looking at what Jesus says about all authority is given to him in heaven and earth, and that we go make disciples and is with us to the end of the age right that I courted first. John chewed the darkness is passing in the true light is already shining. According to Romans 13 that the darkness is passing. It's time for us to wake up other parables speak of the harvest being the end of the age writes his view be a great multitude, both good and bad you have other asked, just like in Romans the 11th chapter that speaks of the fullness of the Gentiles in Israel being saved. All that to say this Laura number one I'm with you in terms of him. I'm not putting my trust in a manner the White House for salvation and end of things come against us.

God will give us grace justice he gave to Israel and Egypt, which ultimately overcame at the same time I believe that the harvest will continue that his darkness increases on the earth, so will the life and that's why more people like you are coming to me Jesus every day around the world more now than any time in world history. I remind everyone Jesus is Lord, trust in him

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