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Dr. Brown Responds to Alyssa Milano's Olive Branch

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 27, 2020 5:00 pm

Dr. Brown Responds to Alyssa Milano's Olive Branch

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 27, 2020 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/25/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Well, actress, and often trump Buescher loose Milano city. It's time for truths.

It's time to heal the nation-respond stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Subsequently, all just get along. Now by volatile election season certain things still being worked out.

Either way, come January, F America is going to be very upset with the other half steel come together, get along. I respond when someone who's been on the other side ideologically puts out an olive branch will talk about that today and whole lot more. Michael Brown, welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Now I am going to open the phones for any subject under the sun but I love to hear from those who have a response for some of the issues that will be talking about directly allow me to go back about 12 years.

When I first went on daily talk radio. I was really praying about how much I would talk about politics, the culture, etc. I knew that I had a burden for revival in the church and discipling of believers and apologetics.

Obviously been in my heart for many many years.

I knew God burden me about the culture about the gospel impacting culture, but the rise of LGBT Q activism and things like that. But what was new territory was the issue of politics because over the years I've written very very little about politics and talk about up until 2008 when I went to my daily radio talk very very little about politics and just you read all the books I read up to that point hardly ever talk about these issues, so I was always working this through try to get God's mind as a talkshow host so obviously the subjects came up more, especially during election times, but those who listened those who were regular listeners during the eight years of the presidency of Barack Obama.

You know I was, not an Obama basher. I deeply differed with many of his policies. I took strong as she was.

Some of the things that he said I believed in many ways the decisions he was making were negative and destructive for our country. My public statement was always on praying that he will be the greatest president we've ever had. But I don't see that now. I have concerns, but all of you listen regularly you know that I was not bashing him on a regular basis when certain things happen that I felt needed discussion, I would raise them, and if he did something I thought was really praiseworthy. I would express that, but this was not just a right wing conservative show and if you read my articles over those years. As I began to to write more and more op-ed pieces, although some around 2000 at St. Thomas to read more op-ed pieces, then you also know that I didn't write constantly attacking Barack Obama where things touched on the areas of burden and concern to me, my calling as a minister of the gospel call to address cultural issues where they touched on that site having to do with abortion, or having to do with the meaning of marriage or having to do with racial conflict, then I would talk about those things but otherwise I was not an Obama. This Obama that Obama, this Obama that you know that okay then, during the four years with trunks presidency you know it is much as I have strongly supported many of his policies. I've been proclaiming whole time is not our Savior and and I've always said I have differences with other aspects of what is doing and I believe in the midst of the good.

There's collateral damage. So I have not just been a right wing trump supporter or a right wing Obama basher right in the same way if you were used to listening to MSNBC or CNN or one of those you know that they were constantly left-wing, praising Obama constantly left-wing attacking trump right so obviously my position here. Let's just say that Joe Biden is an ex-president as as in the natural normally going that direction doesn't mean there's a fraud this minute will be exposed to. This may not be a radical change in promoted four more years and we we shall see. My policies pimp this way for the that the final perfect and then we go forward. But the courts let let the electoral College vote then we go forward right up but I am not going to be here. We all Biden's cabinet pickle Biden this all by that's not what I'm called to do all right when something intersects with areas that are of concern to me may be a Middle East policy, and so they have to do with Israel. Maybe cabinet pick that's going directly touch on issues of meaning of marriage, sexuality, and how that affects our kids in our schools. Then I'll talk about those things but if if you're looking for a version of Christian version say of Rush Limbaugh doing the same thing according the Bible also or Sean Hannity doing the same thing: the Bible also best on the; I'm not saying that in a negative way about these men with four bigger audiences than the citizen that's not why I'm here. Okay. And in the same way. For those who think that my goal is to defend trump my goals to lift up Jesus right field trump is unfairly attacked a say so in my field is done. Good all appreciated but always with the caveat because of the damage that comes with the good that he does so I want to say this again is of said many times, I'm not here to cater to a side I'm not here to get my white evangelical friend say all right Mike Brown you're really doing it. Dr. Brown you are a man to back trump, or not trying to retouch my black evangelical friends. A look at how balanced I am and look at how how open I am to other present know I try to honor the Lord by honoring the Lord serve all of you the best I can.

So, here and there, you'll get uncomfortable with me because that's that's life right here and there to get mad at me but just ask yourself, am I doing my best before the Lord to speak the truth to speak the truth in love, and I doing my best ultimately to get us worshiping God and putting our hope in God because the political system is flawed and politicians are flawed presidents are flawed human beings are flawed. So my trust is in the gospel. Working through God's people, and even then, my trust is not God's people, but in God's work. Part of the system.

Here we work within it right but we have a different set of priorities we have. We have a different approach. We know ultimately what matters most is what is going to matter in eternity.

The biggest issues are what can we do see justice and righteousness in our generation to save as many lives as possible to have God's blessing on our nation and to have an environment in which we have the best chance of filling the great commission being disciples and making disciples without a government standing in our way. Those are our great great goals and and I know so many of you once we get past the conflicts and misunderstandings and and and the people reacting a little too quickly or maybe I didn't express myself clearly enough. Once we get past that really we do share the same heart of the big big issues. We do share the same heart, but if you're waiting okay well we know what all your comments on the Biden County pics is just not my focus there plenty of other people doing great analysis on. That's not my focus. That's up God's laid on my heart to be faithful to that and I think that's what you're listening and that's why you're watching.

That's where you really are mature because you know what we are bringing to not better than anybody else but specific to our calling. Fair enough.

All right, I was sent this little video. If you are listening, what you will hear is simply playing bongos and kinda singing this little funny sounding song if you're watching you'll see that the head on the person playing bongos is Joe Biden's head.

And then there is a Donald Trump making some of the moves he makes like the rallies, the thumbs up in the you know the acknowledgments, and so on.

And he's dancing. But what you hear this I want you to see this and then I'll tell you why I all right will pay them out little cat head bobbing in the front seat why in the world show that will it it reminded me in seeing it that it would really be great if we want. Attacking each other the way we were all please hear me. I understand her deep divides in their deep issues. I understand that I'm not minimizing but we have really been a nation divided we been deeply divided.

I've said many times I get I get people on all sides angry with me for saying this but I believe the presidency of Barack Obama was terribly divisive at a time when when he could've been a unifier because it was such a breakthrough frosted to have a black family in the White House and the black man as president, and I felt it was such a significant moment in our history.

I couldn't vote for them because of policies but I thought what a great moment in our country and in the largest single voting block is because of numerics.

What it would've been but white voters that that voted for him and I found his his style, identity politics and other things to be very divisive even worse now that is not president Donald Trump comes a tremendously divisive man and deepens divisions and throws salt in those wounds that I got everybody mad at me for saying that but working torn apart and and now the nature of trump the degree to which the, the degree to which you love them or you hate him. I'm in the polarizing the loyalty towards him and the despising of him the degree that those things are so intense your families torn apart your families for Thanksgiving so can we.

We don't say a word about politics. We don't mention the word trump is that the sentiments are so intense on either side. You can mention election.

It's legit.

Note stolen. We are so divided, so torn up. You think you wouldn't just be nice if the national leaders to said hey we know their deep divisions, but we need each other as fellow Americans and ultimately if we keep attacking each other. We can destroy each of you know, house divided can't stand Jesus said, it remains true and yet we got these deep differences and yet we've got these fundamental ideological concerns like in the days of slavery from the north and south disable, let's just come together and be friends while slavery still exist in how we do these things and yet somehow in the body. We have to model this somehow is my plea. It's my appeal limits of our political and sociological ideological differences. If we truly know Jesus somehow we have to unite around him and find common ground in him and then share that with a nation that is breaking apart at the seams. We come back on the talk practically I give you my response to Alyssa Milano and her mood for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and they are both drummers.

One of them actually graduated from music school with a degree in music. Both drummers because the set makes all three of us right this way, this will have to live with this what you get when you get percussionist says your video audio guys. They just wanted me to know. Had they couldn't hold back the had to tell me not bongos. It was a door. Buka: hello ever heard of the book. Now also known as a goblet drum but for those who are watching some you were watching another percussionist, Dr. Brown, I can trust you anymore. For years I trusted you look to you, and I watched him and I hung on your every word you said bongos and those not bongos. So I got can trust you anymore.

Okay so I have a restore trust here that's what our teams were these are the people that watch my back right and and and these are the air we got there.

These that these are the guys that help me do what I do.

Yeah right hand of the Bible stuff missiology stuff.

The apologetic stuff and all the arrows there to hit me on the on the front lines, but dare I say one word about a musical instrument. These boys will have my back some ungrateful, all right, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I saw an article last night and it was about Alyssa Milano. I'm not familiar with her acting career, but she's obviously a well-known actor actress as we used to say. And she very strongly spoke out against Donald Trump over the years very strongly spoke out on issues concerning abortion and it was interesting that she basically extended an olive branch now that that she has reached out in her mind. Assuming that that Biden is now the victors, we can have a Biden Harris administration and and she she was on. She's on the Jimmy Kimmel this in the past some of her trout mockery. So before we talk about the statement she did make in the olive branch we just take you back in and give just a little hint of some of the mockery of trump. This is not really bad or harsh, but she was an outspoken, as many celebrities were an outspoken Trump opponent. So let's let's listen to what you said. History has been made since the Jew Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. I know you can on a piece of it with great moments in trunk history commemorative place. Alyssa Milano, you will be the envy of family and friends. Thanks to priceless works of art. All of our presidents as unforgettable moment really all the glory.

When our present entrance stairs and Air Force One paper on his shale time in Vladimir's first can feel president looking directly at the sign during a solar everyone's favorite. Our president proudly posing with hundreds of masterpieces are firing endangered African test which accented with the same 22 karat gold trim used in the presidents commode members in the trump administration. This offer won't last easy payments and only 29 if you call in the next second scene that Sean Spicer keep that slicer absolutely do the right thing. Jitterbug phone and call right so obviously tongue-in-cheek.

These different commemorative plates, but she was an outspoken critic of the president as you see in a moment said some very harsh things and me didn't show a decapitated head or things like that right so this is what sheet she tweets out. She says this, I'd like to extend an olive branch to trump supporters. I'm ready to move forward together so hashtag forward together. There's so much work to do the heel the nation.

Let's be a part of the solution and not add to the problems we face. My comments are open. Please reply with hashtag forward together and then she's got a heart of love so she's getting thousands of replies. Many are saying thanks but no no way all your gonna bash us in attacking now you think you got the victory you you want to you come together okay yeah no no thanks, others are saying no thanks. Want to make peace with these people. These hateful bigoted people so there is negative response on both sides and then some weighing and positively sought to limit respond out just because she can thousands of comments.

I'm assuming she's I can see my comments so I did it for those that would see Brett she will pressure will, but my assumption is with thousands of comments he does know me from Adam. She's I can see my, but this is how I respond. Try to be constructive right by all means let's seek to heal the nation hashtag forward together! No, it's that the word says blessed are the peacemakers. There the children of God.

The Word teaches us as much as it lies with us try to live peaceably with others, and so so what can I do to bring healing all right got massive divisions we we have massive conflicts in our ideology and worldview. What's important to us, but you you extend an olive branch accepted so that leads me into three questions to probe the sincerity of the appeal was, I always want to believe the best I was going to take people at their word and must have clear evidence to the contrary, or God makes clear, you can trust this person. I want to do my best to believe the best and take people at their word right to be naïve at times but that's what I seek to do so II posed these three questions for Alyssa Milano and for others who so you let's come together one for what past comments. Can you now apologize to know is if you really want to bring healing and you been bashing then for what past comments. Can you now apologize right you just pause there for a moment say this. Have you ever seen maybe in the in the lead up to a big sports event, especially a fight that the players were that the combatants will trash talk and say negative things about each other harsh things about each other and then when the that the fight is over. The match is over there hugging and there's an hey man I just said stuff to build the fight I was just emotion the moment man.

I think you're great guy read Meyer you work your worthy opponent and they hug and they know they hold each other's hands up and say hey that was just what the religious words or obviously the rhetoric that that's been going on these years in the text back and forth have been more than just words are more than trash talk for a fight. Okay is like two politicians going at it to try to win an office and maybe they're exaggerating some of their hostility towards each other which I might just keep on the outside express their views. So if you now feel okay. I want to be an agent of healing can I apologize for past things that I said can I apologize for the way I viewed others were spoke about his for example, if if it was Hillary Clinton who had referred to so many of the trump supporters as a basket of deplorable if she said look, let's bring healing to the nation because of who the next president. Let's bring healing to the nation and and I am truly sorry for describing like that. I was judgmental.

It was degrading. I I maybe took a few extreme cases and made them the norm. Forgive me for that.

Or think of all the things Donald Trump what you know, get up and say all the locker up stuff and chanting dad in an crooked Hillary and I apologize for that and went too far and so that's my first question for Alyssa Milano is what past comments. Can you now apologize for if it's hey, I stand by everything I said it's it's hard then to have any type of of of constructive dialogue right and then this is my second question.

My second question was this, can you have a civil conversation with pro-life Christians. In other words but we able to even sit at the same table and you explain what you believe that abortion was the right decision in your life and good for your career, and even in harmony with the Bible right and then you can sit across the table from a committed pro-lifer who believes that the slaughter of the unborn is just that can have a civil conversation. Will you give that person. Your ear if that person says hey I want to hear your perspective. I want to know your own life story. What you made the decisions you made, but will you let us bring our perspective to you.

There's going to be real dialogue than it has to go in those directions and we as pro-lifers have to be willing to sit with someone but I assume the baby killer.

Okay, sit all of you had abortions in the past and and know the struggles you went through the questions and the pain and so on. Realize that you need more compassion than that right so that's my second question and then the third question was, was this which you have accepted an olive branch from trump supporters in November 2016. Yet you understand the force of that know what you think. Okay. We got rid of.

Trump the evil trump bad. The large man trump we got ready him.

We got our guy and by the Navy after him, our Lady, Harrison.

So where the pictures now so okay now we want to make peace. What if, after the Trump victory in 2016 trump supporters trump Otis said hey Alyssa. No hard feelings.

We got to heal the nation. We are so torn up after these primary safety selections with field elation which you accepted an olive branch, then that would show the sincerity of your feelings so what are you doing at your neighbor with your friend, not some celebrity like Alyssa Milano, how are you respond can we respond with righteousness and yet with the spirit of grace so we can at least sit down at the same table fire. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown divide us right now is Americans and we cannot gloss over those we dare not gloss over those to do so is to do with the false prophets did in ancient Israel is Jeremiah says in 614 and 811. They superficially treat the fracture of my people sing all the swallows while shalom shalom when nothing as well.

Peace. Peace. There is no peace. The last thing I'm saying is gloss over differences or just make believe we sing Kumbaya and walk on happily ever after. Together, but I am saying that we are fellow Americans that we are ultimately fellow descendents of Adam that we are all in need of a Savior that none of us are perfectly righteous that Jesus is our only hope and that we can do our best to reach out to people we differ with at the very least we we can have better understanding of our differences and not demonize each other the way that we do and perhaps we can be a positive influence wouldn't be good.

Also, if, if that person that thought you were a crazed religious fanatic came to know that you're actually a very decent human being and devoted spouse or parent to fine young person. When would be good to get past the caricatures so that we could lower neighbors are self and let me ask you, does the Bible say love your neighbor as yourself. As long as your neighbor agrees with you. Does the Bible say love your neighbor as yourself as as long as you go to the same church.

Love your neighbor as yourself. As long as you vote for the same political party.

Now love your neighbor as yourself, what, when Jesus died for us. He died for us as sinners and rebels.

While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans five. We want to show that same love world that does not know Jesus. We hold to our views about what we keep to our convictions. We don't compromise we have is a set off in the hearts of compassion, backbones of steel.

Let's let's model that the Jesus Way is not to be smashing and smiting each other, day and night, the Jesus Way is not to be insulting and degrading each other than the Jesus Way has the courage to stand for principal even at the cost of our lives to Jesus Way also was lay your life down for those who do not know the Lord, 866-34-TRUTH of let's go to Bob in Woodbine Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire. Good afternoon Dr. Brown of. I've listened to your program and talking about how it being like the church, maybe with a little too invested in a man for myself. I have been doing some heart searching about why I should be emotionally affected by the election as I have been and something occurred to me that I wanted to ask you if you asked me months ago.

What I thought of Dominion theology. I would bet that I hardly projected it, but I'm wondering if maybe we started to get a taste of a sense that we were achieving something through political power for the kingdom of God and started to unconsciously act like we believe that Dominion Bob that's an excellent question. I want to step back and look at a larger issue and then specifically address your question first. I love the fact that you been doing soul-searching examining your heart, asking questions, I I've done that for years and Nancy's always probing asking me deep and serious questions we have to do that.

Otherwise, we were just going to perpetuate who we are without growing without ever being uncomfortable and being forced to seek the Lord more earnestly and I know many would simply say look, it's one thing if trump loss legitimately but we are so convinced that there was an outrageous fraud being perpetrated the idea that this could happen in America at this time with the stakes being so high is is terribly upsetting so those who deeply believe that and I understand the evidence that's presented for can seem very compelling.

You can understand the emotions right, you can understand the outrage and the grief that is not right and it's not fair, but that being said, there is a deeper emotional reaction for many is as if all their hopes were dashed. If trump doesn't make it in for four more years and have to say what, why, why is it, how in the world did it happen and that leads to your question so Dominion theology with or kingdom now as it sometimes call would basically say that the church will take over the world through the gospel that is more in people more and more people come to faith. The church will have a more preeminent role in society and therefore will become dominant in the government dominant in the schools dominant in the media dominant in entertainment dominant in the culture as a whole and then ultimately the whole world to become Christian before Jesus returns with the least, the church will have dominion in these various areas of the so-called seven mountains before Jesus returns the seven mountains of culture and and that mentality, then I can be tremendously dangerous. It ends up departing the preaching of the gospel and becomes more of of Austin forcing our will on the rest of the society which we know through history is terribly destructive and is a Jewish believer in Jesus, myself, knowing Jewish history is one of the worst things for Jews. When the church basically takes over the society and because it becomes corrupt in the process so is it possible having a president with all of his faults and shortcomings and very unchristian aspects. Is it possible that having a president who in unprecedented ways fought for evangelical causes and kept his door open to jet evangelicals to this moment and puts solid believing Christians right near and from VP through the cabinet and continue to to meet with evangelicals and and have prayer for them in, and I'm sure they're speaking to his life right now in the midst of him protesting the election results. Could it be that that for some of us that we got a little bit more taste of power that we got a little bit more authority because we had a seat at the table and now rather than realizing that we have to change hearts through the gospel. Of course we look to to fix unrighteous laws. Of course we do that when we fight for the for the rights of the marginalizing and privileging beginning with life in the womb right up through life course we do those things.

Of course we pray for righteous justices in our courts and those are all good biblical things could be that we put our trust in the system and in our power and and that now that it's like we know that we may not have that if in fact Biden is lawfully elected and where I can have that access in his policies may be very different.

This judge is very different suddenly we realize well what we were putting our trust in the wrong place.

I think that's an excellent possibility and and worse still, sir think that so many of us have become obsessed with the political scene that that we have taken on more of a political spirit than a gospel spirit and it it it's reflected in the way we treat each other. It's reflected on the responses on social media.

It's reflected on us being more loudly Republican or Democrat than kingdom of God. People so I think these are real issues. It's it's one main reason I wrote the book evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the trump test. This is part of the trump test to me and thus far I would say the majority of the church in America on both sides has not yet passed the trump test and somehow we got to learn from our mistakes. So what you think of of that response to your question very clear and lightning my part as well. Just look like is that I don't know that we would find too many people stay I've adopted that theology formally right subconsciously.

You know there's a taste of welding ordinarily would think we are art, but it looks like we change society from the top down and see this is the challenge because you sank God when you have someone that's standing for the things you believe are important right you sank God when there's a pushback against tyranny against religion use you. Thank God went when the boats go to certain direction and there is this a good policy that's that's in place. You thank God for all that and it it's positive here just look at the universities they become so godless even antichrist in so many ways that if if we got more and more professors that were strong in their faith and setting good examples and then more administrators in the Chancellor's and provosts University presidents. It that the wonderful but at a certain point, crosses over were now were going to try to enforce that on everyone as opposed to saying hey the true Christian faith is going to have an environment where there is freedom for others and freedom for dissent freedom for different points of view and it's it's a fine line. It's it's one that's easily crossed and I think in many ways because the unique situation with Donald Trump.

We we failed their but by God's grace of there's a whole lot of time to get things right this minute we get out of politics doesn't mean that we seek to have no influence means that we always remember the cross. We always remembered servant hood.

We always remember changing hearts is the ultimate goal to change laws changing society hey Bob, thanks for the reflections in and getting started in an important conversation, 866-34-TRUTH of this, Rich and Des Moines, Iowa.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown welcome Dr. Milano and agree question yes I agree with you what I think not funny but ironic within their own party. Like, Harrison Joe Biden when they were debating you have a bag so bad. I wonder thank you thank you question themselves yahoo each other what what you know it's interesting amount made.

I don't know this was interesting riches that when, Harris was asked about like you called him a racist to call Joe by the racist basic response was what was a debate. Just think of it, think of what Donald Trump did to Ted Cruz right heat. He said that his father failed.

Cruz was involved with the assassination of JFK. He insulted Heidi cruises looks at me oddly enough she's attractive what you eat, insults her looks okay and yet you know they become allies and coworkers like well that's politics.

That's rhetoric and but that's unfortunate, though. It's unfortunate that we have a society we can trick trash each other. I mean picture fundamental after you like this in the ugliest ways to come back at me. It's like at I was just politics. What we gotta do better to do better as a society will about the politics of a disabled veteran I am.

I met with the congressman from your back to help me out with my disability right here. There is a rescue story is it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown blessed Thanksgiving can in the and of little less than half hour from now. So for 15 Eastern time on can be right back here.

Are you to challenge your exclusive weekly Q&A chat so join me all right join me for our weekly Q&A chat Esther Gibran SK dear Brown on YouTube that will started for 15 Eastern time just to watch participate.

Ask your questions and we got great programming coming away the rest of the week yet real quick back to you Rich, thank you for your service to our country, sir. So go ahead what you were talking about corruption within a month rent. But then when they get their way to the best rent in my life point was a congressman helped out by the nose. Some years ago is no longer an office and when we met one time copy. I would you ever run for Senate is no actually I might go about dividing a as a Christian he goes the corruption is so bad don't play the game they want. They will help you out its roots rough is that honorable people get involved and I know on this. Thank God there are honorable people through the whole political system, but it's it it's a tough it's a tough game. The moment you step in the you going to get blasted your families going to get blasted.

You may have to jump through certain hoops and play games and you know the good old boy syndrome in the debate pot. Not make yeah well but it never ever listen to go back go back to the Jefferson Adams early on in our history with the earliest presidential races and they were vicious and if Jefferson wins. It's the end of America and so on. Sits at and it's not just America it's human race, but I Rich I totally agree with the sentiments. Thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH outlets go to David in Richmond Virginia.

Thanks for calling the line of fire you, Dr. Brown, and was long and I think your tone is wrong about this Republican paragraph. The Republicans went from dialect all the deplorable really elected were ecstatic that he got elected and they were aware of it. He slipped below the radar because they were questioning our prayer.

The Democrat exploded with rage and material but that wasn't it wasn't met with the same rigid material about all it was they did act like and I think it's too evenhanded about this. You imply that this is that that that the progressives of the conservatives illegally and fall great. I think the Democrats are wicked and static and anybody with the greatest of sins of the question you how I voted correctly yeah okay and and and you know that I have drawn attention to, for example, every Democrat in the Senate voting against any Connie Barrett you aware of that of Aware That I'm Speaking Dark Brown Interpreter Tone at the People Way Too Much Slack. I Was Yesterday Someone Called in and an African-American Woman Is Evangelical and Again the Tone of the Audit. It Was As If She Is As If You Were Saying to Her It's Okay to Vote Democrat.

I Don't Know It against Me That Anybody Could Poke for Democrat in This Political Social Environment. If You're Christian Is Not to Possibly Do That Right so so Here's My Question for You, David, and I Appreciate This Dialogue. I Have Written Very Plainly and Spoke Very Plainly about Why I Cannot under Any Circumstance Support Voting for a Pro-Abortion Candidate That Aggressive Sit out the Election If I Didn't Have Another Alternative, but under No Circumstances Do I See How Someone Could Do That However I Won't Judge Their Salvation of That Some and I've Been Very Plain about That for for Years and Years and Years and I Started I Agree I Agree with That Right Okay What Salvation Are Not out) Right but Do You Think That the Christians, the Did Vote Democrat Who Say Look. Reagan Didn't Change Abortion. George W. Bush Didn't Change Abortion. George W. Bush Didn't Change Abortion, Cumpton Changeable, so It's It's It's Still Here.

In It Roe V Wade Still Stands. I Have… Also Have Limited Larry's Finished and They Say Look, I'm Looking at the Justice System That Mistreats Certain Minorities. I'm Looking at Education System and I Get Much Better Help for My Family for My School from Democrats and Republicans so I Hate Abortion I Hate Same-Sex Marriage but I'm Not Voting for Those Issues amongst the Others. You Can Say That Those People I Should Despise Them or Monohydrate LOL I Don't Say You Despise It. When I Think You Could See That They Are Using Poor Judgment Schools Is Horrible about How Much Money You Throw into Its Governance Going Terrible When Everybody Knows and the Story of These Minorities Are Going to Visit Is a Bad Deal from the Police Picked out Your Redevelopment Dollars. America Parts of It Have It Please to Malign My Show to Talk like Cops. You Should Also Know That That Serious Studies Meta-Meta-Analyses to Looking at Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of Studies Have Analyzed Things and Have Demonstrated That for the Same Crimes Committed with the Same Background. Generally Speaking, a Black Person Will Serve More Time Than One Person What Day of Data. The Black Matter Really Care about Black David Whitley Is Leisure It Is Likely Do You Realize the Degree to Which Are Deflecting I'm Trying to Honor You with a Serious Conversation about Serious Issues Curing Many of Your Perspectives Okay.

You're Coming up with These Gut Level. Deflections What You Just Told Me Was That the the Debt That the Those That Vote Democratic and Think It's Can Help the School System Is Not Going to Do Any Good Because the School System Is Messed up Right While They're Saying the Matter Who I Vote for for Abortion Doesn't Do Any Good. This Make a Difference. We Have To Change People's Hearts. All I'm Saying Is I Went to Honor My Brothers and Sisters in the Midst of Having the Dialogue and You're Saying I'm I'm Too Evenhanded about It. So I'm Just Trying to Understand How to Approach This. I Have Openly Spoken out against the BLM Movement Dog Draws Attention to Its Marxist Based of Drawn Attention to Witchcraft Involvement in Its Queer Theology and or Ideology in All of This, You Know, at the Same Time I Recognize That There Are Excellent Important Issues That My Black Brothers and Sisters Raced to Me That I Want to Address so You Tell Me the Best Way to Limit the Democrats Who Are Clearly Wicked Object Happening Is Very Clear to Vote for People like That Bogus Allelic Bod You Have a Couple of Same-Sex Marriages Is SOMETHING That Packages for the Book from Said He Had Come Said That He Has No Problem with People Being Married Trump Appoints As As an Ambassador First Person Ever in the Cabinet Gay Cabinet Member Richard Grenell Is a Conflict like the Trump Trump Has Opposed Credit Criminalizing Homosexuality Worldwide and He Said That Bruce Jenner Given Generous Welcome to Use the Ladies Room a Trump Tower. So How Could You Have a Friend like That Right Away When It Is More Is Not Only More so.

It's like, and in This Ventilation.

Trump That Was Cry Crowd Hard from People He Shouldn't Be Deplorable and Then We Got from a Week Read in Many Respects All Agree, but Is Best You Got As You Go about This. What I Never, Never in a Million Years Would I Vote for Biden in the Circumstances Are from Town, Harry Started with a Uprooted Technical Okay Can I Ask: Masculine Request David. Okay Just Understands I Oppose Trump in the Primaries, We Have Other Choices When He Became the Candidate I Supported Him. I Voted for Him in 2016. I Voted for Him in 2020. I've Been on Endless Media in the TV Radio Whenever Explaining Why Follow Jesus, I Could Vote for Trump but Would You Agree That the Bible Says God Hates a Lying Tongue, Would You Agree with It, Got His Discipline Was Okay Are You Okay but No That's High on the List. In Other Words, There Are Seven Things That God Hates What His Shedding of Innocent Blood Is One Lying Tongue Is One of the Things He Really Hates Arguello Donovan Donald Trump Has a Lying Tongue. I Know Christians They Couldn't Vote for Him, so They Didn't Vote for Biden. They Set out the Election or They Voted for Third Party Candidate Because It Is a Long Time. How Can I Support It Congrats Can You Respect That Were an Innocent Act Act Encounters. I Think I Respected but I Think so.

I Think It's so It's so Nice Nice.

Exactness to It. That's beside the Point Right Now You Say Will Trump Amicable Divorce Right Well You Get the Lyrica. Megan Is a White Land and One of Only a Four Year Journey. I Mean, You Know, a Lying Tongue. I Made a Trip Trump the Trump May Be Boorish and Propose and in Exaggerating All This Sorbet, but That Doesn't Cook the Core of Who You Want to Have One in the United States Will Export so Given the Choice I Guess a Big Choice Given the Choice between the Two. I Voted Donald Trump Is a Set on the Mike Huckabee Show to Me It's Trump Versus Marbach Receipt Trump Versus Socialism Comforts Us to Cancel Culture so You Got My Vote.

At the Same Time. I Know He's Done A Lot Of Damage and A Lot Of Good Than One Bad Done More for Evangelical Causes Than Any President, Memory, and Done More to Hurt the Evangelical Cause Than Any President in Memory so Hey We Have a Nice Discussion with David.

Thank You for Calling and Sharing Your Heart. That's What We Have Live Talk Radio My Friends Again.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and Joining 15 Minutes Back on YouTube.*Around for the Chance Again David, Thank You for the Call. I Love When People Call in a Different View It Every Day

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