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What Is Your State of Mind?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 12, 2020 4:20 pm

What Is Your State of Mind?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So what's your state of mind spiritually before God exists for the line of fire with your host activist.

The international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown a few years ago I David Aikman on the radio show men fluent in Russian and Chinese international background as a journalist man who was interviewed, you name it, world leaders, political leaders, kings, managers interviewed Hamas terrorists and others spiritually coming up wide wide range of people and asked him a question. I set out of everyone that you interviewed which interview stood out the most, which person that you talk to them and there were some chilling terrorists evil just all kinds of different things but a switch person that interviewed stood out the most to see Billy Graham. It would without hesitation.

As Billy Graham why he said because all the interviews I did. I was asking the people, but that was the Billy Graham wanted to know about me how I was yeah that's God's heart, friends, and I want to turn the focus and turn the attention to you how you doing how you doing in the midst of one of the craziest seasons in American history may be putting everything together.

The craziest the wildest the most divided the most chaotic, the most uncertain.

The one that reads like a bad novel because nobody would paint all of this into one years is too extreme to crazy and were still October. How are you doing what you're state of mind hate you get to weigh in today 866-34-TRUTH a look to hear from you.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to talk about the Amy Connie Barrett hearings for her nomination to the Supreme Court. We can talk about that winter about elections in general and we sense a believer, but I will know. Above all, how you doing, which are spiritual state of mind. Now get exciting news that a way that you can weigh in if you can call in life so just stay here one second and I'll give you another phone number that one can call 866-34-TRUTH 784.

Look at the results of a poll I did on twitter check this out.

I asked on Twitter how you doing where you coming from my specific wording this October 9 right here is a personal question for you if you consider yourself a person of faith, especially one of the know what would people were feeling going through state they feel have God in their lives what your state of mind these days. Pick the answer that most describes how you feeling now on twitter you give for choices. So that's what was limited to so before choices were discouraged, weary, optimistic, energized, consider the four choices you try to give up, arrange obviously there are hundreds of other emotions you could put down but try to give a range discouraged weary optimistic energized so if you're just hearing that we are where would you put yourself and how you think people voted general so discouraged. That was 12.7% weary was the highest number 39.3%. We did the poster 24 hours. We got 1854 votes in the 24 hours discouraged 12.7% that was actually the lowest was discouraged, weary was the highest 39.3% it's it's been just one thing after another where it's it's terribly wearing right now.

Life is very weary, optimistic, 33.9% so that was second and energized 14%. So some are just energized by the conflict or energized by the opportunity around us and gotten many, many people edit in their comment. So if you look at discouraged and weary together that gets you at 52% and then the other 48% optimistic energized. So overall between negative and positive. It was closer than you might expect, but it's not surprising for people of faith because with God in your life you have different perspective when you know the Lord have different perspective here when when there's a fire in your neighborhood.

If you draw how Chevron perspective. If it's the neighbor's house, you have another perspective. If your fireman you have another perspective right so this is the moment you waiting for what you can now go and save a life or goal help someone from losing everything.

If your fireman if it's your own home. You feel one what your neighbors home. If you feel you're concerned you feel differently so the way these things impact us the craziness of the data devices in us that were living in the Kabul media wars the political wars the pandemic in the economy and nothings remain in the sports world, things are not normal by any stretch of the imagination, but there been in baseball six Hall of Famer's have died this year. Three of the greatest pitches River pitched just like what it's everything is just out of skewered death that, focus how we respond in the middle of it. When I asked on Facebook.

When I last checked, I can do a poll on Facebook so I just asked the question we had over one half thousand comments of people wanted to weigh in and share the doing so we get to that really here how different people do we get to share some things with you that will encourage help cassettes or goal will drop strengthen you, but here's the neat news, if you listen on podcast and we know the great majority of our listeners actually listen after the show. Don't don't listen or watch live surf using on podcast or maybe it's Saturday night and you're watching on dish TV or Pluto TV watching on the America's voice channel or you're watching this on another network and give you an 800 number now it's not going to retroactively splice you into the show. No, we don't have the technology that if you call five days later, we can miraculously splice you into the live show. Sorry we don't have reverse time. Tell but here's the deal. If you call this number and maybe are just at work now your your listening but you can call in whatever reason, you can leave a message so what's the use that type you're like me you will give me peace your mind. You differ you just won't be able to speak your mind for a couple minutes without being interrupted. Whatever it is and give you a number you can call this number 24 hours a day right anytime the United States you can call this number, leave a message up to about two minutes.

I met one of much more than itself up to about two minutes.

Leave a message. Don't when I can be responded to questions there so don't leave questions, but if you have a comment if you want to weigh in on something you want to express yourself. You want to differ with me. You want to challenge me on something you me peace your mind. That's what this phone line is four and we will play some of the better calls on the air. Subsequently, so you can get your voice out to the nation and to the world. The Internet by: summary ready. It's 1-800-618-8480 okay 1-800-618-8480 that is not to get on live now that is to call in to leave a message again two minutes or less. So keep a watch on your clock is redoing it.

Don't leave questions. What this for hate work is markedly responding to those but your .1 raise some he will say so that's relevant severely differ with me. We want the whole world to know what you think or maybe positive testimony may be something that's happened that we been able to be a blessing like that; return 1-800-618-8480 before I get some of the twitter and Facebook responses that will share with you also have a cliff. I want to play where we talked about some of the warnings of justice glia a few years back we passed away talked about some of the warnings he issued on a player video from several years back now so that you can hear this because Amy, excuse me any Connie Barrett is a disciple of Justice Scalia.

So as she's going through her confirmation hearings.

One. She had to say and also some controversy about the drug Regeneron, the president, Trump took that secure him of the virus talk about that because some possible pro-life issues, but will go straight to the phones and we start with Lee Ron in the Bronx. Thanks for calling the line of fire by Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call.

You know you are, quite an hour doing everything that, and I'm I don't want to. You know I'm doing great one afflicting the value of working from home working from home opportunity to get closer to the Lord yelled the heart are good to think what are you doing in the earth sometime what what God is doing it but line with what we think should be happening during this whole thing and everything that I am very selective to what I lick and conduct going on and I really took the opportunity to draw closer to the Lord and to get to know him more and his heart conquered and everything the company politically everything that's happening, what would hold it so that's how I've been spending my time and are our future members result both in my personal goblet yesterday stating one second those essential words in such wise words. What kind of things did you filter out and what did you replace them with salt. You're not what what I tried to go, I limit be good news media that I lick and what I do.

I lick the inspector but I don't because I don't let it consume might be especially the cold I don't allow the consumer might be. I'm not checked every second and what's going on. I'm not you know I do look at it back up the bricked what happened but I don't a low to medium crimes. You might be.

I spent most of my day in prayer and reading the word and programs like your gun and stuff that will would benefit me spiritually.

So that's one thing that I did because there's so much information out there. I would have to be careful Eunice Christian what you ready very careful and and what what tangible effects has this had on your life so so kind of that year. I've gotten closer to my family, unfair family member that I spent more time with the Lord, you know, one afflicting a very computer uncomfortable two minutes of the episode old family members without fee or the lot you during this time, and many of my family member. Their hearts are turning to the Lord where we have made a commitment to serve the Lord and have made changes in your personal life so undressing the hand of God in my in my family life. During this time I just got time for that one in my life and my family. My brother, thank you for the call and these are such life-giving words and I mean everything that he just said tries to get both perspectives of what's happening in the news but doesn't let it dominate him, not consumed by it steps back to be with the Lord friends remember while the noose is meant to be sensationalistic is meant to draw you in, is meant to agitate you and this is not healthy. All is not healthy what our brother just said is so healthy and so right and something all of us can do.

We may not have hours and hours and hours to pray and read the Bible and so on. We have limited time schedule, but we can step back from so much of the junk that inundates us and floods us. Instead, get some life-giving screens change people around you thank you thank you over and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 15 866-3780 how are you doing in the midst of the crazy year crazy is that many of us live through here in America how you doing personally how is your faith has a state of mind where are your emotions so I asked this question on twitter and I want to give you some of the responses Doug again between Facebook and twitter couple thousand or more responses but but let me give you a few the general response the number one characteristic of how people doing weary but number two not that far behind was optimistic and then a distant third energized in the distant fourth discourage so let me read to you some of the comments were posted on twitter at think you find these helpful right and my goal is to build up strength you in the midst of the battle in the midst of the challenges twitter lady V or the five not sure which is it wrote this David encouraged himself in the Lord. We are told in the Bible to not be weary in well doing, when the time comes. We shall reap the rewards we have the only truth. Jesus and know that God cannot lie reasons for optimism. All I'm concerned in the political front. Here I noticed God sovereign's choice as to what is next. So I try to rest and that will fighting for truth we appeal to our Lord because all the power is in his hand so they have been friends of mine who said that they firmly believe Donald Trump and ex-president but only if the church really praise. That doesn't mean praise for him to be president appraising to seek Scott for his best for his plan for his will and this stuff I have.

There's a lot of prayer going on right now but can we say father. We are confident we are confident that you are in control, that in the midst of the chaos we can can you put your head on the pillow at night, recognizing that God still sits on his throne that Jesus is the Lord that the world is not just spinning freely on the access its axis axis and just choose to go off into oblivion. There still an order that there there still natural laws because established this to the still morning and evening. The still some moon stars. There there there there children being born there. People die. Life is going on in God is not just sitting idly by the boy. I hope it doesn't get really bad down there because I will know what yes so do we have the perspective of people of faith and you realize that is crazy is a series that believers Christians in other parts the world this would be like a vacation for them. This would be paradise for them that the liberties we have and to have the prosperity that we have, even in the midst of the that the economic downturn with with Cody for many doing are you kidding me I be there in a heartbeat. This is like the best thing I've ever seen.

But for the rest of us than grown up in this environment challenging year so it tells us, acts 13 and and tells us about David and then goes back to some of the accounts and in second Samuel, where there's a lot of distress and things are bad so David strengthens himself in the Lord. He encourages himself Lord you know how to do that. You know how to take on his promises and the punch your own life or look away from your own situation and look at who God is it here, here, look at it like this little kid falls down a well it's it's 12 feet down its muddy you know damp on the bottom in a foot falls down his skin just be a little but he's okay please and the total panic six results in a total panic right and dad finds out what happens goes over this tough loss is hate. Just look at look at daddy look at daddy, don't worry about the snakes or bugs that just look at daddy look at daddy can get a conflict everything is going for her right to be out of there in a minute risk and throw a rope down put around your belly just fine. Don't worry about it. I take what we put the rope around me. I'm to come down friends get a broom and on the pickup and bring up so just look at daddy and in and that's with mulch others. They were like little children. In many ways and and we need to put our focus in the right place. And when you look at the Lord. When you focus when you okay sit your eyes on him. We can ride this out. We can get through this fact. We cannot better through others look at another comment from twitter. This was Birmingham Scott he says I'm always optimistic because quote all the nations will come to the Lord. Psalm 86 nine I know who wins this unfolding story. Christ is King he conquered the grave also conquer the nations so in other words, the gospel is gonna go forward. People around the entire world and come to God so II should live with optimism. I isolate the sense of confidence, it dawned on me years ago when I was trying to help an institution launch. Something new was trying to help them with it and then at a certain point, some of it had not been part of that process was given interviewed me to see if I could be ongoing part of it just a technicality and because of some of my spiritual beliefs. It didn't fit even though they knew I was from day one and I was there to help them and I remember feeling that they fail the test. Is it what we know they interviewed you because your spiritual beliefs they didn't want to be helping. I said yeah they fail the test because I know they're good people and I know that ultimately there can agree with these things because their scriptural solstice.

By the time before they get it right. I know I can fail and feel like it and I thought we sent him to come from is there plenty other times I think you blew it made mistake. Wish I could take this back to this differently so on so forth. Plenty of things sure I like everything I do is write course not. But I knew I was in the right side of this issue at MS and why is it that I have that sense of confidence because I know that God is moving us. Ultimately, in the right direction so II live with a certain sense of optimism and often the doctor gets, the more excited I get this. I think this is the moment for the light, the Simone we been waiting for its uncomfortable. It's difficult to remember firemen analogy went when you when the alarm rings. That's what you made for sit around the fire department you'll polishing the engine, whatever. And okay, it will fire your there instantly trained for that while your firefighter is that that good adrenaline to get the job done, save somebody's lives say some of his possessions. Yeah that's that's it. Save a life say families due to so dark, it is more like an shy okay here's a another comment. This is from the pink geologist I wanted to choose both discouraged and optimistic, but ultimately will direction sees me bridge in a country beheaded so discouraging our family works to remember where hope is anchored each day usually and on that high note is a great family policy credit remit and each day it or remember where hope is accurate each day and and end on the high notes of okay in the midst of everything that's wrong and bad.

You talk about who Jesus is to talk about the promises in the Bible talk about God's faithfulness here. Here's another one from twitter Gina be Gina be said this things look darker and darker. I will if I can hold out. I got so many hoops to jump through when asked for help treat like a loser. Why try anymore. Maybe that's you. Maybe you feel like that's where your why try. It's so difficult so much of an uphill battle and and last for help and treated like a loser. Why try money we give you two answers to that you be three answers.

The reason God sent Jesus into the world is because we need a Savior. So join the human race.

We only save role losers ultimately outside God's mercy and grace slip start there sent a Savior because were lost. That's that's number one number two often in her weakest point that's her best point because we are not self dependent. We are not self-reliant. We are not boasting of our ability of our strength know we record. I need help recognize that I need help I can do it on my own. Often that's when the greatest breakthroughs come.

Remember, Jesus doesn't resurrect glory before he's crucified and evening in and shame in in an agonizing, painful, public humiliating death out of that is resurrected as Lord to live forever resurrected and demonstrated to be the son of God, to live forever to rule and reign. II hate going through crucifixion type experiences, but often you realize that the only way to come out on the other side and a lasting better way maybe the terrible things you're going through, can be the stepping stones to get you.

We need to go may be what the world or society, or Satan or whoever or whatever meant for evil God can turn for good in the here's a the third thing I say we just quit then what if you give up the fight entirely, or he gets depressed all you get is more miserable, more hopeless, this a great time to call out to God, so you been very self-sufficient.

Your whole eyes and he scorned the idea of adopt religious people are so weak know what some might be.

But the reason people put their trust in God is not because weakest realists is because Wednesday we create ourselves we can put ourselves here and at our best solutions or are very very minor compared to the overall crisis of the human race so we need God we need God I'm here on the air, not just to be a political talking head, not just to be another conservative pundit I'm I'm here some first and foremost is a man of faith, the child of God. Follow Jesus Jewish follower of Jesus and I'm here above all to say let's look to him with lean on him.

Let's cry out to God and say I'm I'm broken right now I'm I'm broken. I need help I will just need a crutch. I need emergency treatment. God is faithful as we truly call out to him and say Lord I am not try to live my life.

I want to give my life to you is that confusion I would come back and talk about some of the warnings of justice will you talk about drug that is counting in some of allegations of silver life is it's more of your comments about how our you hire. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown yes and you know that going to be attacks from the Democrat side will she's got a Bosch affordable healthcare and all these people died because of it, and so on.

Look at other Republicans of mishandled Cove at 19 and there to do this and is its turn in horrible and that Republicans give us a she's eminently qualified and look at the recommendation. She has American Bar Association, and you can attack your faith or presume you know with any portal script.

The way things go. But as far as the rightness of doing this now yeah if you have the president and the Senate and endearing the both Democrat to both Republican and you have a vacancy to fill. This is based with virtually always happens base always fill the vacancy right before the elections.

If it's divided then as I could. Happens that's what happened with Obama being president. This, the Republicans have in the Senate. Notice of case.

Maybe you be quite sure if it was Hillary Clinton and Democrats control things out and they were an opportunity for the Ginsberg spot that they would do it base it was always been done is to cruise mentioned in his opening comments, but what I want to do is go back. This is four years ago will take you back into broadcast where I I talked about the. The warnings of Justice Scalia and I was reminded of him. A friend of mine sent me a meme and I want to put this up for everyone watching but read it for everyone else. This was a quote from Justice Scalia and Justice Scalia said God assume for the beginning that the wise of the world with you Christians as fools is not been disappointed if I bring the message today does this have the courage to have your wisdom regarding the stupidity before for Christ and of the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world now was fascinating is that when Justice Ginsburg was voted for.

Even though she was known as the Prof. progressive icon. I shouldn't say that quite openly in the hearings, which was knows that she got 9600 votes. Justice glia was a devout conservative Catholic got 9700 votes. Now we know it's almost partyline votes. The level of divisive estimate we've had that Justice Bork karst comments those things were incredibly divisive in our past history, but Justice Scalia issued some warnings after some very, very important rulings and I think it's important as we looking at the next potential Supreme Court justice and someone who was in the image of justice Scalia but here is a woman. Catherine was seven children. I want to go back and see what we were saying back in 2016. Based on the warnings of justice creates a clip it's a few minutes long with this and wants together. Justice glia had some very, very clear and important prophetic warnings when the Supreme Court ruled in 2003 x 63 decision in Lawrence V.

Texas that there was a constitutional right to sodomy. Justice glia raised his voice than in 2013 and in the case of the United States versus Windsor when the Defense of marriage act. Dolma was overturned. He raised his voice yet again and then last year and the Alberta fell case the Supreme Court redefined marriage Justice glia raised his voice once again that he has been the only one to raise his voice in dissenting opinions, but his dissenting opinions have often been the most the most scathing, the most surgical and in many ways the most prophetic so there's an article 2013 in the ABA Journal Deborah Cason whites. The article entitled Scalia predicts the future once again gay marriage dissent so listen to what Justice glia Road back in 2003.

If the Supreme Court is going to find hearing aid constitutional right to sodomy. What a bizarre position.

What a bizarre proposition based on the Constitution but if they will actually find that right in the Constitution.

What would lead to listen to what Scalia wrote in 2003 state laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, beast reality, and obscenity. Every single one of these laws is called into question by today's decision. Another couple things in his listing say what what is the state have to do that with state laws have to do that but let's look at some of the others. He starts with bigamy and he says same-sex marriage, adult incest, just those three. On what basis can you find can the court find a quote constitutional right a constitutional right to sodomy without a constitutional right say to bigamy or same-sex marriage or adult incest, not now, here's what's interesting.

No sooner was a Supreme Court decision announced in Lawrence B. Texas in 2003 that gay activists were celebrating New York Times reports this June 26, 2003 quote gay man and lesbians poured into the streets today to celebrate a Supreme Court decision striking down or strictly limiting the country's last remaining sodomy laws in 13 states quote from Florida to Alaska. Thousands of revelers vowed to push for more legal rights including same sex marriages so Scalia asked space that back then, based on the court's ruling what justification could there possibly be for denying the benefits of marriage to homosexual couples. He was right. If there's a constitutional right to sodomy again which is bizarre and there's nothing constitutional about it, then how are you going to say that two men cannot quote Mary if you have a constitutional right to sodomy it with you might not see the immediate logic of it, but he clearly did he clearly show the connection as did gay activists celebrating that very thing. Now let me say this.

This was not a law that was enforced, but it was a law that was good to have on the books because it stood as a bulwark against this developing further insight. For example, it is still a law in Singapore and gay activists have been fighting against it. I spoke with a former Supreme Court Justice from Singapore committed Christian man I spoke to some of the leaders there Christian leaders and others about this very issue in the agreement was. Even though this is not something that people of police not going to people's homes and see was being practiced. It's good to have on the books as a bulwark against other aspects of gay activism that's the case here. Scalia was right okay so so according to according to Justice glia, the court has Lawrence in 2003 he said this, the Supreme Court has largely signed on to the so-called homosexual agenda. You could say since it not to sign they signed, sealed and delivered here your goals.

Signed, sealed and delivered and realized right now. 2013.

The overturning of dolma.

Some critics of justice glia have said this actually he interpreted this ruling to broadly and now justices have been saying well. Justice glia sets of note he rightly saw the fruit of overturning dolma. He rightly saw where this was going so supportive same-sex marriage abused his word to say. You see, redefining marriage is inevitable, but in. In point of fact, in point of fact what Scalia warned about what was this all read to you by formally declaring anyone opposed to same-sex marriage an enemy of human decency, the majority, meaning the majority Supreme Court arms well every challenger to a state law restricting marriage to its traditional definition.

This is Scalia 2013 when the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of marriage act quote as I've said, the real rationale of today's opinion what every disappearing trail of its legalistic article bar goal one chooses to follow is that dolma the Defense of marriage act is motivated by quote bear desire to harm couples and same-sex marriages how easy it is, indeed, how inevitable to reach the same conclusion with regard to state laws denying same-sex couples marital status.

He was exactly right is one of Justice Kennedy's arguments that there is no possible reason to oppose redefining marriage other than animus against homosexual couples, which is absolutely completely absurd on every level. It is absolutely absurd and yet that is now enshrined in the in in the Windsor versus United States case. It's now enshrined in that case, but by say what by Satan. United States versus one to Susan but but by say what by saying that that if you oppose redefining marriage. You're only doing it for these reasons that was in Windsor at an Scalia rightly put a spring on it now is a Supreme Court redefined marriage.

He and the other three dissenting justices of the four dissenting justices all raise their voice all gave prophetically accurate rulings. Roberts Alito, Thomas and Scalia listen to what Justice glia said the court, redefining marriage last June. Today's decree says that my roller, and the ruler 320 million Americans coast-to-coast is a majority of the nine lawyers in the Supreme Court noted they can now define the meaning of marriage who gave the courts that right good for justice glia. He also said this this practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine always accompanied as it is today by extravagant praise of liberty robs the people of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and one of the revolution of 1776 the freedom to govern themselves. No Hebrews 11. Speaking of Cain. He is speak of Abel, who was killed by Cain. He being dead yet speaks justice glia being dead yet speaks in his words will continue to sound in the days to come. How urgent it is that we elect a God-fearing president who will appoint God-fearing justices to the Supreme Court. Otherwise, we are in big big trouble in the decades to come. Right. So that was back in 2016 that I said those things and again pointing to justice glia's warnings and the wisdom of his warnings and you can see how things have played out. Since then, with your Bridgeville decision redefining marriage in 2015 with his death 2016 and and look his big point is, this is not the way supposed to be that nine lawyers unelected server for life get to make these massive decisions and find a constitutional right to abortion a constitutional right to sodomy were constitutional right to redefine marriage is not this is for the people to decide through their elected officials and that's the same thing with Amy Connie Barrett is said that that it's not the role of the court to do certain things in this just came out recently with Justices Thomas and Alito reiterating that was utterly court to redefine marriage because now you set up the nation in a hostile position towards people of faith. I will be back get some encouragement for you and then will touch on prison, and in general going it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on the line of parcel.

How are you asked this question on we got a lot of comments when I checked last night early this morning. It was well over one half thousand comments this people wanting to weigh in limbo sure if you than rib call to and then one more item of business today of this is from Lisa. She said honestly I'm weary and tired yet hopeful. I know God is in control. I know things will get much much worse before they get better. It's time to seek the father's face like never before. He's given us the grace to grow in our faith for the true persecution begins. That's a sobering perspective. No, that that their lighthearted times that we can expect as followers of Jesus in this world and he'll help you with us, then so how should you look at this time, which is bad as it is his lot better than it could be, and many many other respects, so maybe tired but leaning on the Lord. All right, here's what Cynthia said it's hard for me not to let the world events affect me after cost and remind myself that God is in control he knows my future. Whatever happens will prepare for me it gives me it helps give me peace it Cynthia you speak for for many others as well as you say that my friend Pastor John Kilpatrick were often say that his believers as followers of the Lord that everything in our lives. His father filtered the words that that God is protecting us in certain ways and filtering certain things in terms of us being impacted negatively or you we go through hard times nonexempt for that grievance of a tragedy in this world and yet God is with us in the midst of it in a unique way that only his children can understand. I would see of Victoria that this being candid, weary, scared, trusting God one minute them during the next thankful for his provision words, my children's and grandchildren's future Pretoria so many find themselves in the exact same position you do and that's what we we take up Philippians 4 verses six and seven.

Not to be anxious about anything, first took to set our hearts to the Lord rejoice in the Lord. Philippians 473 committing verse nine we do when an anxious rather we take everything to the Lord every burden every concern, with thanksgiving, meaning recognizing who God is, but we leave it with him.

We lay it on him. We give every weight, every concern, every burden every Lord I'm weary and and at a certain point you begin to feel okay. He's he's carrying this, he's helping he's answering sometimes is just doing it every day and then reminding yourself of this promises in Scripture. Sometimes it just spend a lot of time with them want one night one day and you, unburden yourself right Anna Tammy said this terms of her state of mind. I feel peaceful and grateful and thankful definitely energized a few my faith increasing and growing so strong every day, and it's all Jesus. He's doing it all for those who having a hard time just remember for such a time as this acts 1726. You are living in an appointed time and place in all of history and all the nations, the father chose for you to be alive in this time and this place pretty exciting. If you ask me.

Praying for all well that's a transcendent perspective that God chose to put us right here right now so were made for this hour really tailor-made for this hour, we been appointed for this hour.

Time to rise and shine time to make a difference. You know how it is, the more you get into a pity party. The worst thing that really blew worse than we can say I'm hurting.

I'm struggling but God is faithful God is good and you ever been at a funeral grieve and some is holding a little baby and and the baby happens to catch her eye in the giant smile comes on the babies face of what you eat so all you can do smile. It's a funeral but you see that baby the life, the joy, the innocence the same thing. When we begin to focus on who God is and his faithfulness and what he is doing in the midst of pandemic in crisis and division chaos. Smile comes your face into your heart. All right. Let's go over to Thomas in Dallas Texas which are stated months or regular, short dark brown Mark.

Her mind very optimistic. We have in life. For the most part, you are much worse than the political atmosphere.

To me, I heard from them. Only that it Biden. When that might be what needed or the believers to really speak up and get out there and talk to people more just like the racial injustice that other people are bringing up another issue that there street or we need to continue to get out there and at the Creekmore about a really deep burning to bring people to Jesus.

Just like you do and at such a blessing and for those who are confused about trump another thing I really learned lately for your guidance.

Another viewing thing through a biblical land when you hear a policy of someone else. You're like well I don't know if I like better not open the Bible, you know. Look online through trusted sources or talk to your pastor.

There are Bible believing you know church and and asked them, you notice that the line with the word but doesn't. That's why always believed that choosing policies over personality is the way to go, and regardless of what happened. More people, including myself, throwing myself under the bus. We need to get out there and bring more people to Christ, so that when were in heaven we hear that you know we've done a good job and not that done nothing yet think of that amazing reward, not just the smile of the father got single done good and faithful servant. But joy of being with people forever and ever and ever, that are there, partly because you took the time to love on them so than kindness get involved with their lives.

Tell about Jesus while thinking they Thomas, thank you so much for the call.

Look, I'm voting for trump. I'm praying for God's will and the praying for Chuck to be elected pray for God's will and voting based on my responsibility in praying for God to do what is best for America.

Look many things have gone through been miserable, but they've made me who I am in God and that help break me in humble me. We shouldn't have to go through them but going through the may be better for it could be that things going wrong direction that brings awakening in the church but it's can be painful in the process of the flipside, don't put your trust in man say it once more for what the thousandth time for more years of Donald Trump's legacy of America for the use of Donald Trump only be more deeply divided La Scala changes in dramatically. Who is so let's vote our conscience, but was put our faith and trust were belongs to be okay really quickly conk the article about Donald Trump Regeneron in the supposed hypocrisy of the pro-life movement and and this is the accusation. How can you say Donald Trump is pro-life, when in fact he's touting a drug that was developed using the fetus of a baby aborted in the Netherlands in the 1970s. How can he possibly be pro-life and their headline Syria UK Metro Trump faces hypocrisy allegations after it was revealed Regeneron is made from stem cells. Originally taken from an embryonic kidney that kidney was taken during elective abortion perform the Netherlands during the 1970s MIT technology review trumps antibody treatment was tested using cells originally derived from abortion trump administration is look to curtail research with fetal cells but was life or death the president.

No one objected business insider antiabortion group city stand behind Pres.'s use of a drug test drug tested on cells derived from an aborted fetus because the president was not involved without abortion. Okay, so look at the article.

It's on Esther website on and posted on other sites as well. I get into details from scientists from researchers exactly there's no connection to aborted fetal tissue.

But let's step back first. When the company itself. Regeneron itself is not on the there's no connection to an aborted baby that that's that's false information when the company itself says that.

Do you think the doctors that were administering this to Trump world where of controversy going back to aborted baby tissue from 1970s is that there where would you think they said to the president okay Ms. Perez that we just want you to know the drug future about to use with reef yes we think could help and I know you want to try that the drug you want to use is actually tested using fetal cells and so on and in your post that thinking you you think is he's been touting it. He's aware that Miguel Regeneron itself denies that. Why would you think that he would II doubt the doctors would even know that it's a pretty obscure fact now one of my colleagues with scientific background was on a conference call with two scientists who work with the Charlotte Lozier Inc. institutes pro-life Institute and they said that there is no connection between aborted fetal tissue.

now you get into the description i have it all accorded at length in the article, your head will spin. like what i don't want to see ms. understand was being taught about medical but their sense of connection interesting.

my friend said that there were two famous liberal news outlets reporters from there there on the conference call and he said there were completely contemptuous, hostile and contemptuous. they were not looking for truth. but here's the big thing direction to say that if in fact there's a connection to aborted baby from 1970s that was somehow tested used to help develop this and compare that to the will for slaughter one 60 million babies to someone standing up against the horse fair ethical question. if there is some connection to fuel cells in question to ask. let's look at how peers not come on charges of hypocrisy, profit

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