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BREAKING: SCOTUS Confirms Draft Authentic, Not Final Opinion

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 3, 2022 3:20 pm

BREAKING: SCOTUS Confirms Draft Authentic, Not Final Opinion

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 3, 2022 3:20 pm

Yesterday we learned of a reportedly leaked Supreme Court draft opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. Today, Chief Justice Roberts confirmed the authenticity of the leaked draft but warned that "although the document described in yesterday's reports is authentic, it does not represent a decision by the Court or the final position of any member on the issues in the case." Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss yesterday's leaked draft and Chief Roberts' statement on its authenticity. This and more today on Sekulow. 

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Secure US Supreme Court confirms the leaked draft is the final opinion on God's will break it all down for you today on secular human form. Now the pro-life movement.

Those of the pro-abortion movement but we do now have a statement out from the Supreme Court confirming that this was an authentic draft opinion that is not the final opinion of the court that it is authentic so there was a real leak from inside the US Supreme Court of an early draft of the pity. Let me say this way the case was argued December 1. This is a draft from February by Justice Alito. It is authentic as a draft is not the final opinion that I get. I know that many of you wish and hope. It is, we can still hope that it is, but we now know that there are three things at play here. One, a influence campaign on the US Supreme Court. This was done to try and dissuade justices from joining an opinion like this one that overturns Roe versus Wade.

So you got that going on right now. You also have Congress they are making the play.

The Democrats and Joe Biden including 21 codify Roe, how do you codify Roe with the legislative filibuster to get rid of the legislative filibuster that it would only require 51 votes are there still focused on a federal solution to preserving what they believe is this this essential. Of course they worship at the altar of abortion, and I think you're seeing that today.

How how deeply they worship at the altar of abortion so that you got a kitten right now.

Would you God is this leak that took place and was confirmed this morning that by Justice Roberts. He said yesterday news organization published a copy of a draft opinion in a pending case, justices circulate draft opinions internally is routine an essential part of the courts in our financial deliberative work.

All of the document describing yesterday's report is authentic, so it is the draft opinion of Justice Alito is the one on February 10. It does not represent decision of the court or the final position on any member of the issuing court that until the case is actually the opinions actually issued what is fascinating about this though, is the size that this is been the greatest breach of protocol in Supreme Court history.

This is an attack on an institution by doing this, but what is also interesting. Just as leader wrote this we cannot escape exceed the scope of authority under the Constitution, and we cannot allow our decisions to be affected by extraneous influences such as concern about the public's reaction to our work. There are thousand people more than that yesterday soon as this was announced and promised report protesting demanding saying horrible things about the justices there were protesters this morning more pro-life protesters this morning.

Speaking on this issue would be joined by Pat Monee. He was out there. McLaren are for a long time. If this is actually the final decision or anything like this.

This is a major change in the law which will be welcomed by the pro-life community would be fighting for this for 40 years. But you have to understand the internal insurrection that has taken place here somebody inside the Supreme Court of the United States stole the document link it to politico for the purposes of what putting pressure on justices to get the legislature enacted and to undercut the integrity of the Supreme Court of the United States you talk about an attack on liberty folks this this is an insurrection attack on or its interest is the Internet. It's the institution of the United States government and one of its coequal branches of government.

The US Supreme Court or federal court system. Of note, politico added a reporter to this, not just Josh or Steve who does illegal reporting normally, but Alexander Ward guess who he is, a national security reporter who would be used to dealing with what classified document leaks and items like that try to protect their source of this was planned with politico to but it is again. There's times when things of leaked out.

The Supreme Court, nothing like this. Nothing on this scale will soon take your calls to 100 684 31 two that's what he hundred 684-3110 him to bring the status of multiple issues at play.

The first issue here is this is done to try to influence the court that overturns Roe versus Wade.

What you understand. They are tried to this was that we doubt know it's authentic draft of it. Alito opinion, the politicos reported that it is a majority that they have five votes, at least but this is not final as the Chief Justice made clear this is a draft for February so this is an attempt by the left and the pro-abortion radicals who run the Democrat party now to try it influence at least one justest to scare them away from joining this opinion which would overturn Roe versus Wade. That's part one. Okay that is a clear, that is the clear indication of part two is the federal at the codification of row by eliminating the legislative filibuster so there's three prologues to this strategy coming out of the left. They don't act so surprised by the way, it seems like they were tipped off that this was coming because they had everything planned to go even a written statement by Joe Biden yet. So you got in the court junction went to the floor. The Senate Nancy Pelosi made a statement there's others that we gotta get rid of the filibuster. Bernie Sanders said it and codify row now so this is the abyss of the political rhetoric that's being instigated here and then of course the third is the attack on the institution itself. This is unprecedented in Supreme Court history and as John Roberts is now confirmed this. In fact, we will is the draft opinion at least a February draft opinion from Justice Alito on the Dobbs case which would overturn explicitly Roe versus Wade and folks relies on a couple cases that the ACLJ that we argued back in the 90s and early 2000's. As part of the reason why this case he's going up whether all that's can be in the decision not but they are going to try right now to make the move. Do we have Pat Monee. We do not okay let's put the statement Chuck Schumer sound. This was right about a different case we got up he went to the US Supreme Court and threatened justices of the court. So just understand this is all plague into a bigger picture thereunder biting that the Supreme Court, the underbody of the institution listed to this is the Majority Leader of the US to the Chuck Schumer I wanted because I wanted you to know you will will you will pay the price, you won't know what hit you this exactly the campaigns that would be run from now until this opinion is that out so there's two things that during that we need to focus on the mailing number one what the Trinity was it one justest solid it so it looks like this is the line of right now it looks like by justices led by Alito. Just as we were writing the opinion at least in draft stages, joined by Gore such Thomas Cavanaugh, and Barrett three justices dissenting prior search Mayor Kagan one justest the Chief Justice.

It appears it appears that right now you have a situation he's a big list is one of the fire.

He's either a concurrence with Ellis's reports are indicating is not listed as a dissent either that he may be writing a concurrence saying the law.

Mississippi's constitutional bridging app overturn Roe could be what it is. So here's what you have. I think this is what we have to realize this is an attack on the court itself, and this is a pressure tactic. That's what they're trying to put in place here legislatively as Jordan said, getting it just as the movement fighting backfired on me. I think this goes the other way on the enthusiasm we forgot friends that are there and I guess we get Van Bennett to come down as well and talk to us because he's in Washington right now. Yesterday all the pro-abortion crowds were out there last night. This morning appears were a lot of young people a lot of pro-life young people very excited about the possibility of this becoming the law of the land that I'm it's it's obviously would be monumental, but Roe was fundamentally flawed from the outset.

What we're saying I want to be clear to everybody right now.

This is an authoritarian move. This is how authoritarians treat independent judiciaries when they want to start getting rid of independent judiciary so they threatened them as Chuck Schumer did, you won't know what hit you. The whirlwind coming against you. So I mean you can take as a personal threat they did leaked documents either use their politically they politicize the entire process of their leaking out draft opinions real draft opinions are weaned we know that's true. To try and puts dissuade the court because it opinion they don't like, even though it is a separate coequal branch of government and on top of it. They say if you move forward with this were just a codify this into law and change our entire filibuster system. Some of even touch started talking about the court packing thing.

But the truth is there focus is can they codify this into law right now so this is a full on attack the left. Let's talk about the attack on our systems of government.

This is this is about as brazen as it gets. Because you are putting in jeopardy justices you are absolutely not, you are again over politicizing the issue and trying to influence a court which is I get your job is the attorney you could do that.

You write opinions you go about the legal process outside influence on the court. That is something we didn't accept the United States of America. The leadtime appointment. We live in a new America in a new time or their everything is hyper partisan. We have to be ready for me tell you what this is what happened in Genesis is a horrible thing. External forces coming on document capital terrible. This is internal someone inside the Supreme Court in a states apparently works there will be a law clerk took upon himself to undercut justice in the institution of the Supreme Court by putting out to the public to create for purposes were laid out so well. The three reasons I did this first to get a justices switch their opinion, their politicking, Mr. campaigning on this second to get legislation moving immediately to codify this abatement political report without giving the source says that their source told them that as of this week. The lineup is still the same. 531 which is a majority opinion. It's a strong opinion it's the draft some charitably changes but gift understand what's taking place here while I'm glad that this where the courts usually headed. I am very concerned for the institution of the court. What this is done to our democracy and the pressure campaign in the pulp politicization of what's going out take place within our actual paid up at me.

I get writing near to have his justices under tremendous pressure they've named who they are and there to be of tremendous pressure to change their vote because it will not to feel like that year that their life could be in jeopardy their kids again start thinking about as Schumer said you will pay a price and and now they got out ahead where they can plan to say that we know the opinions coming out now we know to be. It's a controversial. There used to that. So I would make sure were were the right location by fairly secure and everything like that. There to have security.

This now makes them have to live in a different level of security now until this opinion is actually released its final form and ultimately deal with the pressure campaign and folks, I will tell you it can be a little tough to understand but in Washington they got a live there.

The kids have to go to school there that out. So they've got to they got to exist in the Washington DC bubble. And so the pressure campaign is extremely high. This just elevated. I was already very high.

I think these stresses had to understand that they were to be invited to speak at a lot of law schools anymore they were getting a lot of book deals anymore necessarily associate some of their livelihood was at stake for doing the right thing. This just exacerbates that because now you've got what could be an unlimited type of protested will groups like NT 4.0 and others jump on this to try create kind of a riot feeling chaos feeling in our country we up okay Pat Mahoney. So a good friend of ours had been a client of ours for many many decades palimony backline the bars and a lot of these abortion cases heads of the Christian Defense coalition was around one of the founders of Operation Rescue that you are at the events when this league yesterday last night give us the mood last night will contrast the two dues morning what was last night like last night. First of all I just want to say JI which you would thereby be read so many of the battleground that we enjoy this historic moment, but last night there was a much larger pro-choice crowd out there and I think that with this kind of immediate visceral response, but the mood today this morning at the court was completely different. There were much more pro-life people that pro-choice people and I think the thing that really was stunning for them for the pro-choice side. There were so many young people, particularly college-age women who are on the bullhorn excited pro-light energy.

It would really an extraordinary moment for me being out there target and seen everything, exceed that kind of man here will get will keep you excited to let me ask you this into existence. One minute so what the pro-abortion crowd. Where was that what were they saying, what was their direction of their attack. Same old thing you're taking.

We made right justices was named the justices it was actually more at Pres. Trump actually had not justices there you go. I bury that I will be joined by Pat not coming back from break. CC has been a joyous one and discuss the opinion look, the Chief Justice is not too happy about this. I got an investigation going on why this is not how this happened. I'm sure the figure out front with this week. What happened internal insurrection is my guess, and what it's done what it attempted to do was to move justices of court off the opinion I think is the exact opposite effect, but the politicization of this in the undercutting of the institution.

This is an attack on the American institution with the left will not say that this is an internal insurrection here secular to your phone calls to a lot of scheduling hundred 684-3110 is people are waking up to this news, it signaled what was it authentic. Yes, now we know it's authentic draft of us is going to address. It is not the final opinion of the court and and so I did the Chief Justice is made that clear.

There is a law enforcement investigation going on now to find out who was the source of this to politico. I will note the politico brought in a national security reporter to handle this article which would be outside of their beep, but would be horrible to situation where they were like dealing with almost classified documents so they knew what they were getting into as well. This is a strategy for the left to try that influence campaign and that of course codify row yet, so I would quickly go back to families would just at the protest is a client of ours Pat again.

I want you to focus on the one thing here that I things important for honesty dishonestly in a tremendous breach of security and attack on the institution's report.

I hope this opinion which is now been authenticated by Justice legal actually becomes a majority opinion of the court will be tremendous. What a victory that will be for the pro-life community, but that you said there are young people out there today in droves. That is encouraging. Tells about that.

It was very encouraging in back J we had a part news conference are probably part prayer and I actually felt like 68 years of age.

I would buy at least 40 years. The oldest person out there that kind of energy that we are seeing and I looked over at the pro-choice side and you could tell they were a little taken back. JI Bennett Supreme Court cases for over 35 years on abortion related issues. Betty with you.

This was one of the first times where our crowd was much younger than their crowd is really an extraordinary moment. Thank you proceed to call impact thank you, that's me is encouraging think the other thing that's encouraging a course is if Justice legal opinions holds and I say it because justices can change this to you. This is a majority opinion can become the dissent that is happening cases. But when you were.

I read the entire opinion yesterday and it's gratifying on a couple different levels.

Number one, it's a complete repudiation of Roe and Casey clearly another point and whether it stays in the opinion or not. Who knows, is right in the beginning of the opinion under actually section 1 a which is the first legal substantive.

It says the constitutional analysis must begin with the language of the instrument talk about the Constitution.

Bennett said there is no constitutional recognize right to abortion and then the court acknowledges on the next page that there is a theory though that is been bantered about by the courts where this the right to abortion has to exist because of not it's discrimination against women, and then this is what the court said, and this is very gratifying to us. I hope it stays and you never know the regulation of a medical procedure that only one sex can undergo does not trigger heightened constitutional scrutiny unless the regulation is a mere pretext designed to affect an invidious discrimination against members of one sex or other as a dip and as this court has stated the goal of preventing abortion does not constitute an invidiously discriminatory animus against women. See Bray versus Alexandria women's health clinic which I argued twice once and 91 and 1 to 92. Then the court went on to say later that they Constitution's First Amendment jurisprudence has also been disrupted by the Roe versus Wade decision and it talks about there had been.

The court has and it says it's flouted ordinary rules on Brinson says I may have distorted the First Amendment doctrines in the case they cited was Bill versus Colorado. They cited the dissent of Justice Scalia and Justice Kennedy that was another case that I argued so there's a weather will stay in there not I don't know.

But the fact that those cases serve as a basis for what is now then be the most historic opinions reported separation is significant since you had a chance to read the highlights on the page opinion or what your sent.

I think it's great opinion. Again, if it stands, and it's great that it goes through, you know, the fact that abortion was not part of our history and it keeps hitting the point that abortion is not found in the text of the Constitution which we have argued all along. It says that Rose decision was on a collision course with the Constitution. From the very beginning because the Constitution unequivocally leaves the question of abortion to the people sell and that Roe and Casey didn't end the debate, and so they are trying to end the debate with with this decision. I think you know automatic back to the states when they were right and and I think one of the most important decision our statements was that political or public response can't influence this decision so you know if this was a and try from the left to try and influence some justices to change their vote on any opinion itself says you know the public or political response to this opinion cannot influence what the decision rose on a collision course with with the Constitution. From the day it was decided and Casey perpetrated perpetrated his errors then the court says we therefore hold the Constitution. If this becomes the opinion we therefore hold that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion. Roe and Casey must be overruled and the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives. But what you have happening right now is a attack on our representative constitutional Republic yeah this is attack one of the coequal branches of government, and it is the judiciary, which unlike other branches, but you know it's enforcement arm is based off the fact that we accept their opinions and we follow the rule that that there are orders that you like them or not. That's what makes and gives the court legitimacy. On top of being one of those coequal branches of government. When you start doing playing politics with the court like it's legislation we can get, or draft legislation leaking in it. Even the leaks. We saw the White House and places like that. If this becomes the norm for court operational as well. This is not good for our country, but it plays into hyper- partisan ship inside the court that the entire legal process in our country will become a political process even more so than it already is today, so I think that everyone needs to understand one thing clearly here the left there not giving up on on music this case, no, no, no, this might've been a last-ditch Hail Mary attempt but they tried date they convince somebody to do it put their career in jeopardy and certainly output potentially would go go to jail because he thought there was an opportunity they felt like there's somebody all that court. That might be all that he does want that they could influence enough with this public campaign of your.your life is going to be miserable by even be in jeopardy because of your decision here and that is very dangerous cc for the court as an institution and I want to say this is a draft opinion they've authenticated.

That's a draft opinion of Justice Alito. We think we know what the lineup is 531 which is a win if it holds, but there is unbelievable pressure there trying to put on the just as I think personally backfires, but that's my view setting and I would also think that anybody who has ever wanted to be on the Supreme Court at any point in our life.

Maybe thought at some point, this case would come across their desk. Of course I hope that they already have the resolute that unit their decision of this is how I'm going to rule and I'm going to standby at a stand by the courage of their convictions and by the Constitution. And let's not forget the river Job. I was looking for anything this will distract from January 16 economy anything to distract from what's happening in Ukraine is a distraction inflation. The list goes on and on. All these tests are yet yesterday time at the DHS governance board all those things that have been rolled out in a hurry. This way, and handle supporting the border. The list goes on and on.

So if you can get your base that's always from so that your base to at least get excited and angry that they think they might have some political chance.

You know they know that I can win over conservatives with this position. They had their having trouble even getting their base support. We come back retake a lot your phone calls we withhold not really get right to them to share this with you for the family for watch the broadcast. Give us a call at 100-684-3110 find out more about the ACLJ is always an AC

Be right back. Second half hour for decades.

ACLJ is been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan's secular secularity or phone calls to what hundreds say 430 wanted just to reset a little bit Supreme Court leak.

It is authentic leaked draft opinion that would overturn Roe versus Wade authored by Justice Alito. We think sometime in February. Again, this was a case, it was argued, the Dobbs case in December 1, so this would be an early draft it. It is a pretty finalize form about we got confirmation from the Chief Justice in this statement this morning that is in fact a actual draft so it's authentic, but it is not I will make it clear to everybody. It is not the final opinion of the court. This is influence campaign that is now the God by the left to try influence at least one justice. That's probably all will take one justice to say you know what the right life could be in jeopardy.

I get kids to worry about. I got a live in the city, and though I believe this strongly you know that there to destroy my life if I go along with this, so there try to play that game. I don't think it will work, but that is part of their strategy.

The second part is politics. They want to codify Roe get rid of the legislative filibuster and on top of this, use it for, hopefully to get up there base for the November midterm elections because it's a base that is not very excited right now it is looking like they could have your some significant losses so tried. Forget about inflation tried forget about the DHS governance board, the border security issues you for what's happened in Ukraine, although situations that have lined up but I want to go right to the folks people been holding on, let's go to Jerry first in Rhode Island to Jerry Walker, the secular, you're on the hello, thank you for the in-depth analysis showing up and help practical that could of been based on the timing of the response from Humira and everybody that you been brought up in court for directed and should be able to find it week on the fact that they know today, the Chief Justice said that he's directed the marshal the court. That's a law enforcement on the court to launch an investigation into the source of the sleigh got a big it's going take long to find it. My guess is that it's probably a law clerk among the liberal justices already names being floated. Frankly, not the repeat business law enforcement hasn't confirmed that it would be fair but there's think that one of the justices law clerk leak this. It's an unbelievable breach of protocol on a couple levels. Number one, your instructor when you clerk of the court that this is private information. Your lawyer.

This is not to be released. Chief Justice Rehnquist used to say if you did release something or leak something that will be the end of your legal where you can end up being disbarred or worse, number one, number two, that the Chief Justice is handling this is not good for John Robert some stories know John long time. I'm sure he's very, very unhappy about this.

He calls it a betrayal of the confidence of the court. Now the pressure campaigns be placed on these justices you set up with the protest last night. Fortunately, the pro-life crowds came out also in huge numbers and if that Monee said young people so this is encouraging that a new generation of pro-life young people I been saying this for a decade are to take this matter and I do not know for my lifetime. I was in the sea Roe versus Wade overturned, and I certainly did not know that if I did see overturned that if this opinion actually comes the final opinion that cases that I argued decades ago the Supreme Court on abortion serve as the basis for why this opinion as being in part overturned. I was stunned when I saw that last night at folks and it really can to take your phone calls we come back to the break which got about a minute here.

I want to play this from Chuck Schumer. I just think it's very disturbing when you get a terabyte said by 38 under this decision. Our children will have less rights than their parents.

The Republican appointed justices reported votes to overturn Roe V Wade will go down as an abomination. One of the worst most damaging decisions in modern history actually may be our children. The children in this country will have more of them. They will actually live because Roe versus Wade has been reversed and people will choose life toward you that that's the hope with the pigeon.

We hope to receive a refund and finally what they're doing work you believe in their H is not lost on the idea that they're talking about children's rights in there for a good forgetting, ignoring the rights of the child in the womb. 164 3110 to be part of the broadcast.

Stay up to speed often if you want to chair the broadcast of your friends and family to take your phone calls a lot of questions about what is happened with the Supreme Court leak it at just a monumental case, of course, which in the league to which we know is our official document but is not the opinion that the final opinion, this leak showed that Justice Alito in his draft opinion was is ready to overturn Roe versus Wade.

It was a draft that was circulating around February. We do know it. It is authentic but it we also it's a draft not the final opinion of the court.

Let's go to Don in Texas online to Haydon and everything in this an example of follow-up building anything just subvert anything that they don't agree with that. They don't care about inflation. They don't care about the border they don't care about crime, about brainwashing our children in school and they're willing to pass a law that have their way. It's, it's more than that there will exist somebody was willing to subvert the institution of the Supreme Court of the United States, which is across the street from our building in Washington and leak in a draft opinion of Justice Alito's that were a bit overturn Roe versus Wade so that they would either pressure justice or as Jordan said get legislation to immediately to ram out legislation to earn and remove a legislative filibuster. Because of this opinion which is just a draft out then you're in Washington right now. Your reaction to this and what you hearing on the streets. One day I can literally hear it on the street outside our building here you can hear what's happening in front of the court and I think out what the colleges said in your response to him really articulates what we see and that is that the pro-abortion industry in Washington DC. Jay will take any action that is possible that even beyond the scope of law to uphold their preferred view of this and look I really do think it it extends to the leader, the United States Senate, Chuck Schumer Tuesday he already has been down to the floor of the U.S. Senate and promise that he is can it take up another vote to codify Roe V Wade and wipe out not just state laws that would happen it from here forward Jade but that would wipe out broad protections for life that states have already passed reaching backward so look yes the fight is in the court right now, but J we have said this on this broadcast so many times before the fight in the federal legislature in the state legislatures.

It's Artie beginning gets interesting as the court addresses in this draft opinion, this becomes a pinion Justice Alito lays out how the courts going forward would have to be will regulation of abortion by the states and it says it, it need only passed the rational basis test, and that protecting the life of the unborn is a rational basis so that's an Guinness very positive language for the pro-life side were taking your calls at 800-684-3110 there watching on any of our social media platforms right now. Let me encourage you to share this with your friends or even your Deming weaved on this case. These cases and where our cases in this draft opinion are cited whether landholders are not will see.

But whether the opinion holds novelty pray for these justices do. By the way, the pressure on them is going to its already is unbelievable. Although I think it steals the reserve guided to. I think this could backfire. That very poorly in that this was a very bad strategy by the Democrats to try again in the liberals and pro-abortion advocates try to persuade one justice off this opinion. I will find out ultimately with this final opinion is released, but I do think it out and there is a bigger strategy at play here. It's not even just about the opinion it's about legislative action and it's about trying to get their own base excited about midterm elections and they don't have a lot to get excited about with the it. It certainly would that with a look at the by the administration who has not followed through a lot of their promises to the base is about all the above. Jordan, you talked about how they only need to convince one justice going forward.

To get a different ruling. They also probably really only have to convince one United States Sen. to get a legislative remedy to this when when this bill that we talk about codifying Roe was brought up for a vote in February it was blocked to because they could not get cloture but Jordan if everybody had been present there. There would've been 49 Senators in favor of Aetna Joe mansion was not in favor of it and Susan Collins voted against it as well, but she supposedly opposed to eliminate in the syllabus argument really Jordan, you're within one vote there, whether it Susan Collins or Joe mansion or whoever it might be to getting that legislative effort over the line so I think they're trying both of those strategies and if all else fails, yes Jordan, this becomes 100% about politics in November becomes about trying to elect a Congress, a house, a Senate and then state legislatures all across the country that will enact their will. So I think they're pulling out all the stops right now Jordan, let's go back to the phone is 800-684-3110 ~Chris and Marilyn online three hey Chris Gordon heard about the request by regular work out to the ground with an expert thank you.thanks, only people have physical access to this report only court determining a all those people under any kind of oath or not your agreement that is there any chance that Justice actually knew this was going down. I cannot imagine the justice allowing this to go down with a brief be a breach of every protocol and every ethical rule of the court. There are nine justices each Justice has four law clerks so that's 36 law clerks. Each justice also has usually 3 to 4 administrative staff and then there are runners or people to take things between the chambers so it states that a lot of people I think the Chief Justice said he's got the director, the Marshall's office to launch an investigation. I won't exactly know today whether Alito is yes if you may not know, but there you know you I think that again and likely we again there are enough people around. It's not that risky move violators of a very aggressively move on. If you're a law clerk to be disbarred for your entire life force heated up the jail as well.

I'm sure there could be a lot at risk here, but but it is happened to. The truth is, this is not a hypothetical a Supreme Court opinion on on one of the biggest casing in the history of the court has leaked yesterday and it is an organization published a copy of the draft opinion in a pending case and says it, it's that it is the draft opinion is what's right away.

We know it's been authenticated by a Chief Justice Roberts as a draft of the two draft. It's not the final opinion of the court, I do.

I just don't want people is not time to celebrate. It is not other practices of what where and where to battle folks yet this is this is the. The final battle of this case is now a civilian between now and when they actually release the opinion.

There are some questions about that as I just would say this the next day eight weeks you talking about essential personal, pray like you never prayed before an opinion first report.

Pray for the justices, but let me tell you we are in an eight somebody said to me, yes I think this is a new story for a day negative. This is a new story for the next eight weeks and then when it comes out.

If it stays like this going further into the elections.

This is we are in a battle right now not only the integrity of the court, but to realize what is happening by what they've unleashed here Gabby. I think just last night is just example there to try and get a nationwide protest will be going yet.

If you worry about that.

The bad actor groups seizing on this.

The NT for type groups of Artie started take action again like a place like Portland at a Republican rally so they sees this to try that not make it go from a protest to actually chaotic. Riots seem that there is all that it play were only I were less than 24 hours into this and again. It's kinda common to see that protest than outside of the spring quarter Washington DC. We know the organizations they got people there they can call upon to get them to the court pretty quickly. They bit the big question will be, is does it stay consistent throughout this time.

It doesn't expand outside Washington DC in the cities and states across the country during I think the answer to that is probably yes. I think it's can be withering pressure. I think this is going to be that whirlwind in that soundbite from leader Schumer that you talked about, and here's why I say that your naming a look around today. Did you hear any condemnations from the left about these leaks.

Now you hear condemnations about the rulings that they disagree with which fine that's the that's America but there should be condemnations about the deliberate undermining in the disregard of the institutions public. Jordan you're not hearing that. Why are you not hearing that because that was actually what they want.

I think there was a certain level of coordination to this because they wanted this last-ditch attempt and Jordan, I think it's also going to sustain because one of the main reasons for yes they wanted different ruling. Yes, they want legislation.

They also want activation in November. So I think it will sustain the Bobby in New York outlined six abiotic Niagara Falls on the American side of my question.

Is it possible that Chief Justice Roberts would decide to release to make a decision early with his justices to take all of the pressure off the just the way this works is this they will circulate drafts are probably circulating these probably been drafts after this the political report says the Lineup of the justices still the same. Five. Just as in favor of overturning Roe re-opposed to it one job purportedly Chief Justice saying he thinks the Mississippi laws impact constitutional and you can stop abortions after 15 weeks, but even began overturning Roe to do it and I think it comes out in due course the pressure. I cannot overemphasize the pressure that is now on over these next eight. We didn't hear this a lot from us because we are fighting now to preserve what appears to be a majority opinion, the screen what we are in a fight for that opinion.

They're going to go after it.

Politically going up the pressure points with the justices. Try to nuke it on the filibuster that insulin try to change it there and they will undercut the institutions report we come back from the break will take your calls at 800-684-3110. That's 1-800-684-3110. Let me also say this molding in my hand and we have shots of these but these are three breaks that your American Center for Law and Justice filed with the Supreme Court of the United States on this case and two of our cases are cited in the scrap opinion that we argued back in the 90s long-term impact decades of litigation support the work of the ACLJ that's will take your calls and 800-684-3110. We come back to your phone calls to be part of the show if you call it now.

What hundred 684 31 two that's 1-800-684-3110 Heather in New Mexico first on line 5. Hey Heather, welcome to secular you're on the air and thank you for all your hard work and my question to unit D ID at the fact that they potentially ruling their life and you recently even has an idea in the amount of the relation that they have perpetrated against been found on probably knew, and they did this A law license in jeopardy could be just will be disbarred on the question about that the breach of trust of the justices may be criminal implications of it, who would hire this person is a lawyer. Maybe some of the night on the Lansing to become a hero that's with it and try to do this will become Chelsea Manning situation to become a hero of the of the radical left and they think of that was inside executive railroad career out of yes but this was inside yet. That's probably right in the this was inside the Supreme Court and this I call this this is really a this is an insurrection inside the court. Someone is done this internally. That's what Harry is so amazing here me.

I hope the opinion sticks. I'm glad to note was authenticated by the Chief Justice today. It's gratifying. I'm not read the whole thing last night about 11 30 in the morning but I will say this, the pressure on his justices real how do you view this whole situation when I will.

I think what we have in front of us is simply an attempted legal insurrection by a particular individual who wants to style him or herself as a hero of the left and so I really think this particular and individual is not too concerned about adverse consequences.

There will be attorneys who will line up to defend this particular individual, and Jordan Boyd of the fabulous reports that many on the left now suggests that the court be literally burned down as a call for an insurrection. They called for in some cases, violence. So what we are witnessing is an unprecedented attack on the Supreme Court. This will probably lead to an attempt to codify Roe V Wade. It will certainly lead to an attempt to eliminate the fill filibuster and we may hear renewed calls to pack the Supreme Court course are putting pressure on the tribal pressure on the justices right now is go right back to the bones.

1-800-684-3110 yellow to go to Rogers or get online for subquestion a Roger were illegally needed, indeed, overturned, will federal tax dollars still be available to Planned Parenthood in the abortion industry.

Yes because they receive those dollars and they can't use them for actual abortion procedures, so they still will get their $500 million from the federal government that will be impacted necessarily by this case I think it would put into question all long-term etiquette that would take political change in the house.

The Senate in the White House about those funds, but in the reuse of those funds, but this would not prevent them. So you're still that let me remind you what you're up against. Even if they lose this case we find out eight weeks. This kind of this style of opinion holds that their billion dollar year industry in about half the country is gonna put it radically radical pro-abortion laws that allow abortion up until the moment of birth there to go full steam Heather Meek California said they wanted a new service that they will fly people in for free to have abortions in their state of California so there will be a battle in pro-life in red states to get the right laws in place there will be a battle in the purple states certainly between what to do so states the board.

I evenly divided along those lines edited the blue states their critical radical as well. Birgit have a job there to fight to make sure they're not legalizing infanticide you get abortion after birth. I which we see the in that perinatal language that is been floating around both the Maryland legislature and the California state legislatures. Well, yeah, it's interesting. Harry did Chief Justice Roberts as to the extent this betrayal of confidence, was intended to undermine the integrity of operations will not succeed.

The court will not be affected in any way initially where the court are blessed to have a workforce from employees and law clerks like intensely loyal to the institution dedicated to the rule of law that it says that this was a singular and egregious breach of that trust. That is an affront to the court in the community, public servants were carried directed to marshal the court and launch an investigation into the source of like the fact of the matter is the person that did this in my estimation I think what their insurance is actually correct. They knew the consequences of what they've done here. They knew they would be found out and they were willing to take that risk is a thing to become a long-term here. They might be of the left but really was an attack on the institution.

I think that is correct and if you look at the twitter spear. For instance, you find in Mill Heiser. He's a senior correspondent for Vioxx and he said serious shout out to whoever the hero was within the supreme court who said let's burn the place down.

Caitlin Hobbs said I'm going to burn the entire blank country to the Effingham ground more likely than not conservative justices in response to this type of outcry will find that their lives, the lives of their families will indeed be threatened in response to this leak (you and right and that is the intent and so you have the washing of the nations which is a magazine there. Washington DC correspondent said good so I think at the end of the day conservatives may not necessarily have chosen this particular fight. On this particular day, bought the flight I think Alexander chosen yes and I think we need to be prepared to respond.

So we I think we are in a fight in a very serious fight to maintain the stability of the court during this time the attack on the court is already happened. The attempt to sway justices is ongoing. Now understand exactly what Eric said is exactly correct what Jordan said is also correct the attempt at legislating wrote codify Roe's statutory matter is already starting getting rid of the legislative filibuster already starting discussions on packing the court already starting yeah that's right I wanted to find a holiday James of Virginia online.

What hey James all worked on by your will be required, but that something is a congressional law accountable on the constitutional basis. There is a way overturned that the future is still argue that the law was unconstitutional because unborn child is deserving of like so that one of the six that's an easy task list. We don't want to give that legislative victory. Make it easy on them. So we need to put a lot of pressure. This can be home pressure to pay the genital pressure campaign on US senators not to move forward with abolishing the legislative filibuster and not to move forward codify Roe versus Wade and and so it is.

It's not a given that they've got the votes to do that right now there to try and convince voters to give those votes in November. I think you've also seen a kind of a new pivot by the five team overnight it to how they are going to try him paid for the votes of the American people were not real excited about this administration is failing the country of summative fronts, but it's also filled the base.

They haven't done with their liberal base is one but now they've got something to rally their base with so there's a lot of politics at play here week we got to stay engaged folks, this is a battle happening. No court. The federal government and ultimately if this this draft opinion, it's up being the something like the actual opinion, the battle for the return to your states wherever you are, the country will be a 50 state battle for the life of the we will talk to tomorrow. On second

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