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Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 25, 2020 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 25, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/25/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Phone lines are open to questions regarding answers is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends were enjoying with us on the line of fire. Please be praying this weekend. Number of events taking place, prayer, repentance, crying out to God wants people doing the right thing now recognizing that more important than the elections more important than anything else in America that God's people get our faces and cry out for our sins intercede for the sins of the nation, so please be praying.

I'm scheduled to be participating at the return tomorrow in DC early evening. We should have a live stream on our Facebook page. S. Dr. Brown, all right 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH four truths you've got questions, we've got answers anything that relates in any way to the broadcaster anything of talked about written about you name it. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH. Let's start with Ethan and Mansfield, Missouri. Welcome to the line of fire arriving her heavenly sure thing. So my question is about your association with a lot of very preachers you have a you are criticized the prosperity gospel is false, but you say that you're not sure whether Kenneth Copeland ministries is a false ministry and you you said that Todd White loves the Lord. John he is a he said stuff the past like that. He never sent it. Just wondering if you find a contradiction in your first time I have no association with a prosperity preacher work with any don't ministry side by side with any and categorically different with the message as to whether chemicals in the saved are not based on his profession of faith based on the websites statement the beliefs I believe he is. That's between him and God differ with the prosperity message categorically and other aspects of things he's taught as per Todd White, of course, he talks about sending all the time to. In other words, that all fall short. We said that when got saved. God delivered him from from sexual temptation and he's been free from that, as a believer, but just listen to his message from this past Sunday night Christina talking about different idolatries we can have in his life in our lives in the idolatry of ministry and repenting of that before the Lord. So far as I know he's seeks to live a godly life. As we all do.

But this is repenting on a daily basis. The thing he said that Scott the tensions that he got delivered from sexual temptation.

I got saved.

I talked to him about it seems relevant. That's something I think we all most all of us deal with and and or vigilant with. But what else would've disturbed you, I mean do you you tell me for a fact that you know that Kenneth Colton if you read right now we go to hell your hundred percent sure that like 95 or greater. Pretty sure so if you are can you make the pronouncement the not quite there yet and is God calling you to make that pronouncement, is another question that, in other words thing that onto the appreciating reason is that I have hyper critics constantly asking me to call this one out as a false teacher who is not saved you a list of people I know that love Jesus that are I would be a thousand times more confident of their salvation them in some of the hyper critics. But I'll call hyper critics out as not being saved either. I differ with what's wrong and if someone says in a Mormon elder clearly teach you things that violate the gospel or Jehovah's Witness teacher or or something else on some liberal preacher you know that denies fundamentals of the faith. I would say that that they have crossed the line because their judgment based on what the teacher preacher cannot be saved so that's beyond that, I will think it's my job to sit here and tell you if this was going to heaven if that was going to heaven. Follow all anybody but like a people such as your bill Dr. Todd Friel. They talk about how they would remain better saved and I don't know specifically the name thinking you think on think I heard that about Betty White or semi Grammy.

Names don't know any such first with Paula White, Saul and I met Paula White one Tom is never shared ministry platform together can't say anything different never talk to her. Never heard preached and taught her that for 30 seconds.

One day, but the question is, I pray for Phil and taught them and bless them, but I I would say with their doing is just as dangerous as a prosperity preacher. In other words, that they if they are pronouncing. This one is a false teacher and not saved, and openly doing a people that love Jesus, people have an Orthodox profession of faith people are in the word and prayer and touching the lost in touch and hurting in the dying that with their doing is just as dangerous but I said I don't say that they're not say Denilson to my brothers their brothers and I wish we could have better fellowship and I wish I could be a blessing to their ministries and lives even more but I encourage you to be really careful about drinking and that hypercritical spirit because it's it's dangerous is unscriptural here. Gullibility is not a fruit of the spirit.

There is skepticism or cynicism fruit of the spirit and many charismatics fall into that fleshly attitude of gullibility they want to believe so much they believe anything and they they wind up with bizarre teaching and in wrong teaching is as I deal with in my book, playing with holy fire.

Then, on the flipside, hyper critics that I had that attitude. Late 70s early 80s which is why so important that through that out as well in their desire to to be orthodox in their beliefs, they will often reject the good things the Holy Spirit is doing in this very serious last thing.

Overwhelmingly, the New Testament presents a clear testimony of the importance of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministry and the gifts of the spirit, so the gods given to equip and help his people until Jesus returns. His latest serious issue to reject with the Holy Spirit is doing today based on Scripture sews her concerns to me, but Ethan if anything comes up. Specifically, you need to question more detail just write to us were happy to interact God bless member.

Thank you for calling IPA. I wish more people with questions like this would call also check out Tom's preaching. He's been asking me in recent weeks to listen to his message. Asad listen to before four or maybe it was last five or six messages so I think on YouTube you lust of Christianity and the have an hour to of worship over the knife in the midst of it. Todd preaching subject, check out his message from last Sunday night about repentance about getting the idols out of our lives and and and complete devotion to the Lord. Check it out, see what you think are at 866-34-TRUTH out. Let's go over the Charlotte, North Carolina Karen, welcome to the line of fire… Oh dear, yes I can. Great all also. Also, I wanted to switch my question up on my original format switch artery all article on this a little background become help you answer my questions, home young Christian apologist on this part of the Christian apologists all I'm sure all recently I've been doing a lot of studying on Islam and the storage of all people converted to Islam within the watermark community. African-Americans have just been converted into it down back home. I'm originally from Philadelphia. My mother raised me up and I got converted to Christianity. I'm just converted to Islam by Islam on an upsurge of all people converted to it and when I do critical research on the stepping out on religion that I mean it can't be promoted more like a poor black religion.

When you know that's not what it is, not what was historically so my question is what you think some of the spiritual side of things because I know I only want to face just from a from a natural topic it might be something virtually happening to where you know my mom who knows the dedicated Christian would convert to Islam and my brother who is also dedicated Christian will convert to Islam and if I can I speak to them will some the things about Mohammed, thinking that about black people on the fact that he was not blacking the people of Spain.

It is like home think some of the five people praying for them when you pick some of the more deeper spiritual food behind the movement of know a lot of black Americans converted to Islam. The way our errands. A lot of black Americans specifically are converting to the Nation of Islam version of Islam, and certainly since come closer to Islam than it did in its and its origins. But it is much more so since it with Louis Farrakhan with antiwhite racism with with black pride and things like that all all of which are really completely unrelated to Islam and as you know, one of the things that got Malcolm X in trouble always was realizing that going over Saudi Arabia realizing okay.

The people there in Mohammed's home and are not black but you're asking the right question in the first folks listening, watching, would would you pray for Aaron's family that's that's heavy loads it to carry brother mother turning away from the Lord. So, some young, there will be really birds… Pray with him forgot to turn their hearts but I say are there a few things going on. One is that in many of our churches, there can be a superficial religion and emotional religion that is not attached to morality that is not that doesn't have a backbone to it and seeking going to church service. You can shout, you know, preach back to the preachers is preaching get to the good music but you go out, living a moral life is a family structure and things like that because of a lack of depth in the faith. So Islam brings an order with it and authority with it. So much of our Christian preaching today is is afraid to be clear in terms of what's right and what's wrong and draw strong moral lines of so Islam just does that unapologetically and and then today when we have so much racial tension in America where say if you vote for Donald Trump that proves that you're a racist and a white supremacist and things like that and it's kind of an us against them, saying that a Louis Farrakhan, and others. They will they will appeal to that emotion and the Jesus that people here that's just this white Jesus, we want to go back to that and got it got to get away from the slaveholders religion and that's Christianity.

So some of those dynamics taking place now because people not to recover the biblical roots of the gospel which are not white okay, but rather recovering the biblical roots of the gospel will reject the gospel is that slaveholders religion and with your white Jesus and Islam somehow being the blackface were of course Islam is practicing slavery to the state was enslaving Africans when before Christians heard the practice. Those are some of my thoughts on the spiritual and I keep digging and obviously reach out to ministries James White With others in this study may the Lord use you to bring many back to the truth – it gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends far you have questions that interest sure to check out my latest article calling out MSNBC's Donnie Deutsch for openly comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and by implication from supporters being compared to Nazis can be done a website asked her to or over on check out our latest videos as well.

Right we go over there at Fort sill, Oklahoma. Eugene welcome back to the line of fire. Acting background doing well. Thanks yet.

I really do appreciate how you handled the brick collar in my life.

Definitely I would pay an ambivalent thing that a lot but thinking. No reply. I think that that real Amy very hot topic and I think that you cannot handle that pretty well on it leave by not shying away but I regret being confined to date doctoral if you with great all night you that the and a lot of you yeah I appreciate that Eugene you know we each side can have strengths and weaknesses are our friends that are non-charismatic and sometimes anti-charismatic, they can have the real strength about one of the following what is written and assisted not to speak gullible and listen to some TV fraud within the week. This can be at the to be the sentences in the skepticism the direction of what God is doing.

Then on the charismatic side folks can often just be loosey-goosey and can anything goes and not really testing things by the word and so the gullibility comes but then in embracing what the Holy Spirit is doing and stepping out and believing and adjusting Peter's as a lengthy video where where he eased goes after different profits relates profits and words about Kovic, 19, and so on out. I watched that he asked me to watch. I watched all of it. We interacted about it extensively and he's right.

Call people, a lot of interested as well.

Some of the words did not come to pass that used to be accountability there.

On the other hand, there people that he would say this was deftly a fraud feel quite sure knowing the person that they love Jesus and that there sound. According to Scripture, so we have to have a discussion it's is not as black-and-white a one size right one side wrongly. We need each other as a body. Anyway, thanks for the good word. Your question Eugene my bike there like, partner had study Bible.

Help study, but for reading about the parking deck, and he clarified that he believed that the known language. I'm not really sure how to get around that. When I read you Rick delete that an unknown language. Wondering if you could print what their arguments are a may be how you would respond the argument and if there's any material that I can give a further I would like hundred and know where to argument their act concerning what to get the tongue language that known or unknown and liken. Figure out what I did, you know, yeah well again that the most important thing is is to look at the clear witness of Scripture and and then I'm going to two while referring the sandstorms came out in 2019 suggest Lester have an endorsement for the language of heaven. Crucial questions about speaking in tongues of Sam is respected Bible scholar and theologian, and that was once strong anti-charismatic and came to the things of the spirit so sandstorms the language of heaven. Crucial questions about speaking in tongues. The only basis whatsoever on which you can make an argument that tongues or known languages is asked to when the hundred 20 filled with the spirit speak and people here than praising God in their own languages. Now bear my others here. The think is just gibberish.

The things are drunk but let's say the disk is very when speaking it in here. Clearly, those who heard heard the praises of God in their own languages and and close the tongue can mean a language but it's quite explicit in first Corinthians 14 that is not the normal pattern we have no indication of the languages being understood the other times there referenced it in acts 10, acts 19 and tongues is distinguished from prophecy because it must have interpretation now. Now the question is if no one understands it. You don't understand it. No one understands it. Paul said when he praising the Spirit is spirit is his praying, but his mind is unfruitful. So he prays with his spirit and with his understanding that no one can present with without someone have the gift of interpretation it if it's a farm I would you just learned. If you pray in tongues, when you pray in tongues you praying in German, then just learn German origin or ask a friend of those German you that you will need some of the gift of interpretation. So the that there's really no argument that can be brought from the context of a first Corinthians that is known language. It's just the initial instance of God work now that being said, there is a student that Susan brother Pastor leader in ministry for years now, but was a student abide in the 80s on Long Island and we were just reverent reminiscing with another former student of the time that he was at a meeting March charismatic gathering and he spoke in tongues and as he did it fact it felt different. It sounded different and he was waiting. Okay, who's going to be interpretation or give me the interpretation and there was none, and he was little embarrassed by it, and afterwards people came up to McKenna's brother.

You know you keep that yourself about an interpreter and the man leading the meeting publicly got up and gave a mild correction. The next day the leader. The meeting came up and said I have to apologize. He said we have a group here from wherever it was in China we have a group here and they were so edified and blessed that this brother delivered this wonderful word and in the and Chinese in their dialect yesterday and it was just for them, and we thought was out of order, but it was the spirit, God still does that.

I noncharismatic friend of mine experience that with an interpreter Latin American. He was telling me the story about having God still does that. But clearly Eugene for scripting 14 says the thought. The pattern it doesn't say find someone speaks the language is as no one understands okay it's it's it doesn't say don't speak in tongues in the someone who knows the languages they are but don't deliver a message in tongues and less someone interpreters and it is a gift of interpretation. This is that if the gift to speak the language, so we are speaking mysteries in the spirit to God and could be.

Paul speaks of tongues of angels and for scripting 13 deck beauties referring to so by all means lean into that. It is the obvious plan interpretation of first Corinthians 14 when you get away from the obvious you come up with interpretations that are impossible so that's when you look with with tremendous value of John MacArthur's ministry and study Bible, where I would say is on the wrong side of an issue you'll find that treatment, especially week B with any of us were wrong or treatment will be weak and and easy to take apart the keep in the word and say to the Lord, Lord, I want everything you have for me so I can best glorify you, 86634 let's go to Malachi and Gary Indiana. Welcome to the line of fire.

A dark doing well thank yeah I have a question and are electrically Cleveland figure how to properly ask questions, but you go you will say that I convince someone that you are in the way that we speak of will use the term Trinity beyond simply convincing someone that you got because it's true.

According to the Scripture to go a step further, why does it matter that God yeah yeah how would you stress that it matters that God will just a very important question yesterday told me clearly so when not just trying to convince someone to accept the doctrine that that there is power and truth behind that doctrine that we want to recognize and hold onto okay one thing is to be our Savior to be the 1 Who Takes Her Pl. to be the one who single righteous life is sufficient to pay for the sins of the whole world. If Jesus is just a created being. It loses a lot of its power, there that's one thing a second thing is, it lessens an aspect of God's love and that he creates a being to send that being to suffer for us rather than his own son that comes forth from him dying for sin. So the reality of what happens on the cross. The fact that we have only one Savior and in a literal sense. He stretches out his his hand into our world and enters into our suffering and enters into our pain and now we can find someone we can relate to that that brings us to God. So the man Christ Jesus being the one mediator between man and God that that takes on a tremendous power and significance. The second thing is we have no business worshiping him the way we do.

If he is not is not eternal deity that would be taking glory away from God that would be having two different gods the praise, the adoration, the love we have for him is only appropriate if he himself is eternal deity and and with that as well. The sum of his teachings. Of course, make more sense now, before Abraham was, I am the context of the miracle of the incarnation Almighty God will remaining God in heaven, steps down into our world and lives among us, and then Jesus saying if you see me seeing the father. So what's the father like what Scott Mike will look at Jesus. I have a problem with God.

He seems mean and angry and always out to hurt people and destroy people but start here because he came into our world so we could see what is like firsthand. If you see the sun you seen the father.

So those are just some of the first things that come to mind in terms of why this is so important. Malachi sits to question. I've chewed on from different angles because reach out to my Jewish friends was the feel this is idolatry or making a man into a God or regard to a man where is this is the explanation of how God can be transcendent and immanent. He can be untouchable and touchable how we can be invisible and visible, so hopefully it's helpful to you and for everyone if if there's an answer I bring you need to review it. The moment this show is done. It's immediately archived on our Facebook page asked Dr. Brown it's archived on YouTube page. Asked about is your Brown to listen to the audio on the line of so go back and say thank you for the question. Malachi appreciated right back Lord. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire.answers friends. We got some exciting new resources that are about to be released. We've got some major plans to reach many more people a please be praying with us. Pray that the goblin enable us to reach and impact everyone he's called us to for his glory for his purposes to be accomplished. We bring with it were jealous for whatever we can do to help and serve you is our great honor and choice of thanks for your prayers. Thanks for your support, 866342 truth.

Let's go to Charles in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. They gonna do well to go to a quick course in regard to talk to a gentleman about a week ago but you might agreement Dr. no more than looking through the product of awkward first question you should be. You believers respond to metaphors like praying for somebody to get you to be proven cool or what. Whatever the case, yeah and a gift that we don't ever see it manifest best, first question the administrative question I had was about groupthink chapter both Corinthians were thoughts about bending over the kingdom who the father of the Alamo quickly, trust successfully click questions but those are big questions man very big place and I'll do my best to get concise answers is first first Corinthians 615 where the sun hands the kingdom over to the father that God may be all in all that the ultimate revelation is is that we serve one God is father-son in spirit but we serve one God and in the book of Revelation the 22nd chapter it speaks of the throne of God and the Lamb, not to separate throne's at that point but the throne of God and the Lamb in his service that their servants, his servant will see his face so there's an aspect where the sun turns everything over to the father and the great Revelation is one dollar ruling and reigning over the world and in the sun has a role. The sun's role is is is a certain role the spirituals a certain role, but all ultimately Philippians 2, to the glory of God the father so the whole world confesses Jesus is Lord and that is to the glory of God the father. So that's how I understand that the the ultimate submission of the son to the father, for God's eternal salvation. Purposes as we come under the reign of of one eternal God, just trying goblin one God and asked for the interview. Thinking about it.

Most was Dr. Adrian Warnock sees a medical doctor, he's a charismatic believer lease and the gifts of the spirit for today please and praying for the sick, but is had a lengthy battle with cancer for several years now and were talking about. We pray for healing. The asked for healing, but many times it doesn't come so let's say what are alternatives. One thing we could say is God chooses to heal sometimes and other times that's one possibility. Another is divine healing is is not for today. Another is. It is for today but we have to contend for belief or try harder. Another is its promised, but there many things promise we don't receive because when a broken fallen world and either way, we praise God and worship him and honor him. II land on the last one Charles.

In other words, if if you came to me and you're not living an abusive lifestyle.

It's not like you smoking four packs of cigarettes a day and asked me to pray for healing of lung cancer seeking to honor the Lord and suddenly diagnose the condition. My first instinct is let's pray for healing. My first instinct is not to say will maybe God sent this on you to teach you a lesson or was God's purpose in the sickness because throughout Scripture, sickness and of itself is negative.

It's an intruder.

It's an attacker. If you think of the way God made us so meticulously and beautifully and in sickness, even away at that destroying in the ministry of Jesus. He kisses his disciples authorities over authority over demons and disease. He revealed himself to Israel if they would obey him as as as I'm larger healer so that's that's the consistent emphasis through Scripture.

Peter explains in extent how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth that we went about doing good and giving all who were oppressed by the devil and in sickness is often associated with disobedience and therefore we pray for the sick. God forgive sins and heal sickness so my first instinct is father I miss you to heal my brother and you've given us. Gracious promises. I also understand that were in a fallen world, and that role gonna die anyway. Even if you healed 10 times were still going to dial us we are the generation alive when Jesus's return return so I'm going worshiping him though was if if you're part of a congregation or in a wheelchair and you seek believe God with me for healing would say amen. Let's pray for healing and and if you're not healed today were gonna praise God anyway and were gonna thank God for the gift that you are in that wheelchair.

Pray that everything you can learn in this situation, you learn and that you could be thanking God in the midst of it and ministering to others who are hurting, but will keep praying for healing, and if we don't get it now we wait for the resurrection that would be my attitude. I wouldn't say God doesn't heal anymore. I when civil you don't have enough faith to this precedent. Pray but if we don't receive that we still know that God is good. We don't receive everything we asked for in this world that would be my posture. Also cool, while father was most effective for about a month ago with Jennifer beaded looked again worked out for them. My problem with that label on it introduced me to you through your literature. You think there's truth of direction on this, but what about that about two manic, ill people. All of this book. Not all of the Burkburnett billing clerk and not minute. I have Bella my mom about optional. These questions, they were licensed. I know God is a liquid I'm looking forward I don't… Both FO and insurance, and he said this to make God's grace be with you that the two things real quick one.

We have a book like a book of Job in the Bible to tell us that sometimes inexplicable things happen to the righteous. Don't change your docket.

The friends thought Job you must ascend because this doesn't happen to godly people. Job felt God you must you must be wicked because I'm I'm not living a wicked life and they're both wrong. Ultimately God restores and will begin this world the world to come sets one thing that's we have books like over the bow.

Here's the other thing Charles out. We know that Jesus saves us from sin and gives us power over sin and that in hammer over comers and we never have to sin, it will fall short is not a day that scum buys a believer I've informed shirts over sin somewhere in word or attitude or something that we have power over sin. So even though the promise is for healing in this world we don't receive it with a promise but let's go after it. Because people are are hurting and dying. And if we can bring healing to them.

It's such a grace and it brings in a revelation of the goodness of the Lord. On the flipside, some of the God these people I know of been sick, chronically love the Lord to live godly lives and and they draw closer to sickness, but we realize that the ultimate goal is either healing in this life or eternity hate. Thank you, Charles 86634 we go to Chicago, Illinois Erin, welcome to the line of fire. The rocks below hello good man night though I do come with one what it with end of the thing but even bumpy, but I did follow the law. They usually go to Isaiah 28 verses from 12 to 17 one God is talking about, line upon line, precept on do you use be that of God, not that's how we read the Bible or how to use be bent out of that layout yet so silly and he reads this.

It's really fascinating because it's it's it's almost as if God is is trying to communicate with little children and and the the way, the way it's laid out it's is very much rhyming.

I'm looking for something that may bring out well, but here will read from the Jewish publication Society version to them the word of the Lord so it's it's the ones who refuse to listen, God sent Jesus a place of rest right and then I can listen so to them the word of the Lord his mother upon mother murmur upon murmur now here now there so they will march, but they shall fall backward and be injured and snared and captured.

So rather than hearing the truth of the Lord there. Just hearing it is baba blah blah blah blah this and that this and that they reject it, may fall. That's that's what's actually being said there it's it's it's a negative not a positive medical sign here. Now the when the Lord you men of mockery of governing that the people of Jerusalem for you said we have made a covenant with death to complete the pack with Joe so you see the whole context here is negative and and that's that's the right way to understand right okay yeah I thought it was like mockery well bow but yeah I wanted wanted you know that you are fluent in the Hebrew and I had a brother told me that they gave her with a bit more clear when it comes on the block. Oh yeah, you read it. So Val yellow him to file the notice of the word of the Lord will be to them solve with soft sublets of conflict, of conflict of so it's literally command our commandment and in line online but and shorten forms so this is limited sublets of solve itself, because of conflict, the air shops and some little here a little, there the money, food, percussion, Lua core of the Sbarro than the shoes in the column so that the though built fall fall backwards and and and and be captured and destroyed, and so on yet so so that he was very clear and in terms of the nature of it and it's very much childlike, and it's very much the way that they here's like baba blah blah blah blah. In fact, Darren. It's it's a long way before I get to chapter 28 in my Comintern. I say I'm just in the second chapter now, but I am doing a translation of the book as well. So it's going to be interesting to see euro will and I try to come up with something that communicates the Hebrew, but that Isaiah wouldn't spread any of the prophets uses plays on words more so this is one of the most graphic tablets of solve itself cobbler, cobbler, you get the feel of its air shops a little here little or I thank you for the call 86634 okay got some great questions. I'm looking at on the board here, but only got 30 seconds before next break so will get your questions on the other side of the break.

A lot of your questions bodily keep: we love because that's why we pay for air time for you to call in. This is our great joy. But remember that you go to the website asked her to run SK dear and just search search for things of interest 2001. Are there to get my emails. No okay when you're there first thing you do sign up for the masses, take a second to do that few driving to pull over. Okay son for emails for the emails and when you do not only get announcements special resources and articles and videos by by this carefree many really seven secrets of the real Messiah take years of research. Simple, eye-opening forms of sign up today*around the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Let's go straight back phones 8634 truth over in California Stan California Mike, welcome to the line of fire round.

Thank you so much for having me on your show.

I appreciate you bet.

Glad to my question along the lines of an earlier caller with regard to tongue, but typically first drinking 1428. It just came to me that there may be problems with that verse that people quote because I'm not grown up in Canada.

My whole life and it ain't me 910 first time someone speaks and Congress in a church service because the pastor is praying for them laying hands on them in a income also known during worship or doing an altar call it, though, and maybe I'm wrong but it is as though the person of the Holy Spirit is sort of, for lack of a better term, welling up on the inside of person to speak in, and I've heard Pentecostal pastors and preachers today know ad nausea and that you know don't quench the Spirit. Let it out.

Let it in our you're gonna Holy Spirit that we don't income during the church service and then lastly I mean because of that verse.

Are we supposed to be for a church service start by going around the church asking if everybody had gift of interpretation. Just in case you may speak in, felt the question that I have about that particular problem. Sure so let's think in reverse order called the safe speak in tongues.

This new interpreter than the quiet so you find out right. In other words, it's not that you do a survey and end the context there. You might have 15 people in it and a house meeting probably know the people there anyway but let's just it's not the end of the world knows is not like all notes, does it just doesn't help anybody.

It would be like if if I got up and started you know, quoting from Scripture do not deny what you lost Sabe note – we are but send them in the fortnightly on quote from Psalm 23 is beautiful but it's not edifying anybody because that was being said. So that's what he said so it's practical something into the world. Click oh nobody there subs then don't give the utterance, and as far as people speak in tongues. We know that the different settings for like no one stopped Cornelius and his household from speak in tongues in acts 10 there Western speak when the Holy Spirit came on Peter just said well they should be baptized more than if God really baptize them in the spirit same in acts 19 no one stopped the believers in Ephesus from speak in tongues atomics Schwager and his church service dose of those big People You Know Hundreds Baptized in the Spirit at the Same Time All Speak in Tongues at the Same Time As As Happens in Different Biblical Settings. You Know Numbers of People. The Whole Thing Is the Order of the Service and Messages Being Delivered so Let's Just Take during Worship. Let's See You Got a Thousand People in Your Congregation and the the Worship Team Is Praying We Just Get into This Deep Place in the Lord in the Worship. This Is Just Love on the Lord with Your Own Words Just Pour Your Heart out to Him You're Doing That You're Not Hearing the per All the People around You so That Moment You Know Maybe Your Your from Mexico and Spanish Is Your First Language. You Start Praising God in Spanish and Maybe the Guy behind Me. You Know He's He's from Cameroon and French Is His First Language, and He Starts Praising God in French and Got up Someone from Lebanon Christian on the Other Side This or Praising an Arabic Lice or Praising God in Tongues Is Just Role Praying Together Worshiping Together and That's What Many Pentecostals Do, so They're All Praying, in a Quietly and at It Together. This One in English Is One Tongues. The Issue As I Understand the Post Dealing with Is Delivering Messages Is Is Just like Getting up to Do Teaching You Know and Get up, Speak in Tongues for Minutes. Like Okay You Got Edified Wonderful, but Also Set a Fire As Is No Interpreter so That's the Distinction That Most of Us Would Make in Terms of Speaking in Tongues. As for Delivering a Message Because It Was You Don't Need an Interpreter for Just Worshiping God Know Paul Says That We Worship in Spirit and Works with the Understanding so That's How I Understand That First and That Was the Disorder. The Delivering Messages in Public without Interpretation As Far As People Praying Corporately and Worshiping Corporately. I Don't Believe It's a Restriction There so Appreciate the Questions. Mike Thanked Her. You're Very Welcome.

All Right 866-34-TRUTH, Let's Go to Micah in Lincoln Nebraska. Welcome to the Line of Fire.

Dark Brown Call. Sure Thing so I Had a Question about Malachi 3 I Was Reading It Recently and You Met Jesus Himself Know They Affirm John The Baptist in Fulfillment of Everyone about the Messenger That God Will Stand and I Think When Reading the Follow-Up to That, about How the Lord Himself Will Come to His Own Temple, but Who Can Endure That Day. Personally I Curate and Say Yeah We Definitely See That Being Fulfilled and You Know in the New Testament When Jesus Comes to the Temple and Cleansing the Temple, but the Part That I Had a Bit of Difficulty Understanding from the Christian Point of View Is Then Verse Three When It Talks about How When He Comes, You Cannot Purify the Children of Levi and Then They Will Become Those Who Bring to the Lord a Sacrifice of Righteousness and It Then in Verse Four It Says How This Sacrifice Will Be Pleasing to the Lord and He Will Be Just like the Days Previously, and from What Commenters Are Ready Medically Differentiate the Days of Mosaic Star or Someone Trying to Read from Commentaries about Christian Perspective How This Was Fulfilled in Christ, or How It Will Be Fulfilled in Christ of Your Current Life. Happy yet. What Are Your Thoughts on Not yet Really Zero in on the Key Question and the Traditional Rabbis Challenge Me on That.

So There Are Levels of of the of Answer to It. Okay Number Number 11 Is Is That She Does Bring Purification on the Religious Leadership.

He Does Bring Judgment. Of Course, and It's Very Intense and Boastful under Judgment Because of It.

Of the Second Hung Is Will Begin to the Book of Acts We Read That Many Priests and Levites Came to Faith so Sold through the Purification. Their Hearts Were Turned and and Then Thirdly Sat There There All Types of Sacrifices and Offerings That People Speak of That Scriptures Speak of Others. The Psalmist in Praying That His Prayers Would Be like the Evening Incense of the Lifting up His Hands like Sacrifice of Traditional Jesus Point to Hosea 14 I Believe the Miss Reading It. But Instead of Bulls Were Offering Offering Upwards for More from Her Lips with the Septuagint Reads Differently and Hebrews 13, Follows That Reading Which Is It's a Sacrifice of Praise, the Fruit of Lips That Praise His Name so It Could Be That Now These Purified Redeem Transform Levites Increase Offer of Sacrifices That Are That Are Pleasing to God That Are of a Different Nature of the Spiritual Nature Is No Reason Why They Can't Be the Case of the Other Thing Is, Even Though the Temple Was Destroyed near 70. God Did Not Bring Immediate Judgment on so Even Those Priests and Levites Participating in the in the Temple Cult. After That Would Have Been Now Offered That Maybe Thanksgiving Offerings That Would've Been of Us, except with the Lord. Paul Participates in the Naz Rate Valid and Actually Team Which Involves Sacrifices so There Were Sacrifices Offerings Gone That It Wasn't All for Atonement. So Very, Very Simply, Just Take It in the Most Literal Way That Now That Their Hearts Are Right and They Had Repented That They Were That They Were Able to Offer up Gabi Sacrifices so That When They Went to the Temple at the Altar in an Offer for Thanksgiving Offering or Consecration Offering. It Was Now Pleasing to the Lord. Ultimately God Made the Statement That Sacrifices and Offerings Were Not Needed Because the Cross but from the Time of Jesus Dying to the 2 to 70 A.D. the Temple Continue to Function and Believers Participated in That to Certain Extent As Well. So No Reason You Can't Take It in the. The Fully Literal Way Hate. Thank You Micah for the Call and Let's Go to Stephen in Tampa Florida Time Shorts, a Dive Right in.

All Right Dark Brown Big Mike You Have a Question about the Deed of God to Quickly Read Bible Verse on Peter Chapter 1 Verse 2023 Talk about the Nonperishable Feed Overstate What God That You Know That Forever, but Then I Also Job Mark 13 Verse 13 Peter Talks about That Everyone Will Hate You. But the One Who Stands Firm to the End Will Be Saved. Now the Reason Why I'm Asking That the Public Key Is Because in the Mark Chapter 4, You Have the Parable of the Portfolio and the One That I Can Little Bit Confused about Is Jesus Talks about the Feet That Followed on the Ground Right When They Hear the Word They Quickly Have Joy to Have Some Fruit Away Trials and Tribulation Come It Die Know Where Note Is That Person in Relationship with God. It Seems like There's a Middle and I'm to Try to Have a Better yet yet Stephen Once You Start Really Digging into What It Means My Seed First on Three. We Can't Live in Sin Because the Seed of God Remains in Us What Is That Seat so Generically in the Parable, so Matthew 13 Mark for Luke Eight.

The Parable of the Sower. The Seed Is the Word of God. So the Seed Is the Truth of the Word of God in Some Hearts. It Only Penetrates Partially so Either That Person Is a False Convert Never Truly Saved or Someone That Was Born Again but It Was It Was Not a Deep Commitment and When Testing Came. They Fell Away. I Do Believe People Can Fall Away.

They Can Choose to Walk Away from the Lord. Others Would Read That Is a False Convert. So Those Would Be the Two Possible Ways of Arena.

They Seem to Be Real, but with the Real Test Comes the Following As for the See the Imperishable See That That Remains within Us the Very Least That's Talk about the Gospel of Truth That's Talking about the Gift of Life That We Receive As a Result of That and That Is Eternal and Imperishable. The Question Is Do We Have the Power to Walk Away from the Lord.

He Has Saved Us from across from Death to Life, Do We Have the Power to Accuse Him Deny Him and Go Back to Death. I Would Say We Do. Others Would Say Based on That Know That Part of Us and We Will Never Ever Perish Can More to Discuss at a Time. God Bless

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