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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from Nashville

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 21, 2020 6:13 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions Live from Nashville

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 21, 2020 6:13 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/18/20.


Full eyes open you got questions, we've got answers with do it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry under the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown wanted fired. Michael Brown would like a natural beer audio only and I may sound a little different today because my radio equipment, which was part of my checked luggage did not make it amazingly, it was put on the role-playing yes and with my super tonight as I do some recording for the Huckabee show in Nashville Tennessee.

The air this weekend so they they put it on the next flight. Don't ask me why but that's what happened.

And normally my radio equipment when I'm traveling I will physically take with me carry on the plane but I have a little extra room in my checked luggage. Today was a short trip.

I thought I could go wrong yet altogether with the mask. The whole time. You get extra things to think about that at this ticket in my luggage anyway hopefully can hear me loudly and clearly because the same sample numbers always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and picture the mustached big nose :-) yours truly glad to be with you. So as goes on Friday.

Any questions once it's appropriate Christian radio and question of any kind of relief.

Anything we ever talk about here, by all means give us a call before we take your call. It is a beginning tonight. The habit of being traditional Jewish new year and Bible is no true also of the day of the trumpet blasts the selling of the shofar in traditional Judaism.

This is become versus about the Jewish new year, but not a time for pardoning a typing perspective, introspection and repentance, and seeking the face of God in the 10 days leading up to Young's report, the day of atonement so we wish to Jewish New Year's greetings and we pray for God's blessing on the Jewish people to fear on our people in particular returning to the Messiah, 86634 treat let's start with Karine in Baltimore, Maryland. Walking to the line of fire background. Welcome staff on my direct burn I know God, I am €39 bill like nine years old sleeping night Friday for less than a year, but at any chain may desire to have our mighty thinking I had drank a little half-dozen on any to their name because Turkey in God and scares the mother the mother he innovate a income are in contrast, I and the fate of the wild goals are like top sleep right so those are serious issues. Obviously, on the other hand, children are a blessing from the Lord. From the day that we report on the planet. We were told to be fruitful and multiply throughout the Bible and open wound was considered a blessing and inability to have children is considered to be a hardship or difficulty and ex-husband is why you come together as as one. So in that sense you don't own your own bodies. You now have come together as one. What I would do is this is is always, I would appeal to him as a man of God and say let's read scripture together… Read Psalm 127 and 128 and look at what it says about children and children being a blessing and this being a way that we can extend our lives and our impact through others and that right now around the world in the midst of challenging times. Children are being born every day, which means that God is blessing people and bringing them into the world and your window being able to have your own physical children is is getting smaller all because you did marry as an older couple and I would appeal to the joy that a child brings the refreshing that it brings the ability that you have to pour into that new life. And then I would I would say listen. We both want the will of God, can we pray about it and then give it over to him. If he does not want us to have children were older, there's no guarantee we have children any way he restricted her getting closer to 40.

Could you appeal to taken me give this to the Lord God is more than able to supply is more than able to meet the needs you. When my wife and I were married and in thought of having children. Honestly, it was never a question. Can we afford to bring a child into the world because we knew children work a blessing from the Lord. So I would say the same God who will love moving give us a child with the same God will supply and an we need a generation of children raised up who will honor the Lord make his message known, so I would appeal to him as a man of God, I would appeal to him based on Scripture again. We Psalms 127 and 128 together and ask him we think God's heart is here regarding children and ask him would you be willing to live with not use birth control and let the Lord decide that the Lord make the choice for us here and if you brings a child into the world will certainly supply them. Lastly, I'd ask him is your response based on faith based on fear based on fear. That is not from above and ultimately if this becomes a time of real contention and difficulty and you your you cannot come to peace about this than I would ask okay to be sit down with her pastor and an pray about that with with her pastor with another couple that we respect that appeal to him based on Scripture appeal to him based on the blessing that children are appealed to him based on the joy that a child would bring into this world and that he does not want to respondent fear but in faith and made the will of the Lord be done. May God surprise you. Year from now. May you be blessed beyond measure is my prayer for you. All right. You are very welcome publishing, 86634 treat let us go to Philip in Chicago. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. love welcome of course all lost like converted to evangelical Christian many years ago, coming from extremely secular in the evening. The Jewish background does go to Yom Kippur war runs a book of Hebrews noted because it converted to Christianity. Over 20 years ago is Yom Kippur forced still relevant and are redeemed by the blood of Christ, grant the blood of goal locked and she because he thought Sacrificing animal in Oak Grove company HD when the Temple was destroyed by the Roman right so young people is relevant in a different way.

Yom Kippur is not the time when you as a Jewish follower of Jesus need to receive forgiveness of sins, depression, or need to look anywhere other than the cross and the Messiah sacrifice is not relevant. In that way, but is relevant in that or people around the world will be seeking God more reflecting on personal sin. Nonreligious Jews will become very good religious Jews will be really fabulous article talked about and you social Philip the defective, that this is a time when Jews around the world will be thinking about the spiritual uses even more intuitive time for us to be interceding for our people to for God to open up their hearts and their minds to give them a revelation of the depth of their sin. Just as we receive and we came to faith and of salvation being found only in Jesus. You sure so it is relevant not for us to receive forgiveness refresh we have that at the cross.

It's relevant for us to be interceding for our people.

I do believe on the prophetic in the prophetic sense that in the future this will be relevant. This will be a time the Messiah's return. That will symbolize national repentance and national salvation.

So a good time to praying for people to very good time to pray. God opened their eyes when they see dismantlement outside of the blood of the Messiah and if we join in.

It's not for us to be praying for own forgiveness, but it's always good to examine our own lives before the Lord in terms of our commitment regarding salvation to many of our people during the season.

Thank you both for the call 866-348-7884. Let's go to Todd in Dothan, Alabama. Welcome to light a fire fight. I got a brown viper. I have now I have a question in regards to the faith. The prophet in the public. There is no man knows that they are our anarchy here about the Dianetics value might the Hebrew idiom pathologist only day where my ideas that don't have it doesn't have a set date goes after white silver near the first model of pneumonia. Respondent is based on about the head uniting tradition by gift or whatever that that there is no white bird, the moon and will explain it. That's when that yard the idea started yet and I go about it, from the cottage and Internet is it's an Internet myth 100% false. There is no such agency's tradition about this day jump through this decreased of trumpets being the being the good time when no one knows the day or the hour. It's an Internet myth everything you ever heard this about Jesus saying that no one knows the day of the hour of his return that is accurate. That's correct, but it has nothing to do with the feast of trumpets nothing to do with this alleged use tradition, but trust me out a few years ago I began hearing the same stuff I searched everywhere I could through every ancient you resource researched in every way new house toss is radicalized by hearts knows where this came as the Internet. Myth say thank you for the call process for cleansing and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 15. Live from Nashville to see if my voice a little different might radio equipment did not make it with me because of airline errors, so we had secondary connections but peculiarly loud and clear. As I like what you call again, 8663.7884. Be sure to check out my latest article on this article that you do not sexually exploit children to teach that the sexual exploitation of children is wrong. You can find another one sadistic you can find it on screen dartboard and other locations as well point back to the phone.

Let's go to Jonathan in Clarkston, Washington. Welcome to the line of fire. They got I had a question about love. So so when the fair use of the synoptic Gospels but I don't recall if adultery or not, but what government but so spiritually that what is the most important command support that love the Lord your God with all your heart, mindful with Frank that the second love your neighbor as yourself. But then in John's Gospel that now I give you a new commandment to love one another as I have loved would you would you say that though they that what Jesus was answering. The Pharisees was the most important to most important man in the entire Old Testament eminent.

John's Gospel this new commandment isn't the same as loving your neighbor, but is actually calling us to love one another at a higher standard than the old. Would you agree with that statement yet. In other words, in other words, Jesus is not making a distinction between Old Testament and New Testament because there was no New Testament in terms of a body writing to select that at that time and he's there teaching of the time. Everything that Moses and the prophets spoke about is now here without in this time it gets here and now, if you come in Scripture so when he's being asked by the Jewish teachers was most important commandment courses giveaway out yellow gullible your love may result now with his disciples because he's about to lay down his life for his people. He can call them/us to something higher.

So yes, the new covenant takes things to a deeper level. So just as the old old covenant sign a covenant to don't commit adultery in Jesus's ministry, but don't do it your heart. Don't murder yet it's true, but don't have hatred in your heart. Yeah love your neighbor as yourself. That's true unlimited show you an even higher ethnic love one another as I have loved you, so it's it's taking the moral imperative of of the Sinai, in the Hebrew Bible and the prophets take it to a new level because that's what the Messiah brings us into the new level.

So your understanding you correctly, it's not. It's not undoing the first and say that's true knowledge go in person and of course, elsewhere in the New Testament were called to love your neighbor as ourselves to that that call remains and yet we have an even higher example of what love looks like.

Through Jesus on the cross are you are Yep you're very welcome prescient question 866-348-7884 let us go to Paul and Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire by particular call docudrama question is regarding the Orthodox Jewish position that the entity of the Messiah do they feed the coming Messiah, being divine or a mirror of mortal and I want to cobble the question with just a reference in Zechariah 14 Dubay take that is messianic and they recognize that as the Messiah, who returns is to be worshiped yet so the traditional view of the Messiah has come down to the Messiah is even being is it is a descendent of David that he will be mightily anointed by the spirit, but will be a human being like everyone else that he will function in certain ways that will identify him as the Messiah regathering the Jewish exiles bringing the Jewish people into obedience to God's to raw fighting the wars of the Lord rebuilding the temple establishing peace on earth, but he will do that as a highly exalted human being so simple like Moses or Abraham or one of the prophets, but even greater and not to be worshiped anymore than today. She came as worship you will see that language in the Hebrew Bible you know they worship the Lord and the kingdom, meaning they bow down before so he would be honored and exalted and revered. But in terms of ultimate worship only.

Only the Lord himself would be worshiped in that way.

In traditional Judaism, which is one reason traditional views of an issue with our view of Jesus is divine Messiah. Now there's no question that is highly exalted Jewish literature and there are some messianic Jews who tried to argue that the Messiah is divine in Jewish tradition with experts.

Doug accepted traditional Jewish view. As for Zechariah 14 of the Lord, the Lord's people come on, on the Mount of olives and things like that that would not be taken as literal. Either the Messiah as the divine agent will be revealed, but because of the size I can be coming down from heaven in traditional Judaism will be a man on the earth that is greatly used by God that would just be in a metaphorical image of God's visitation God's kingdom coming, not his literal return as we affectionately say that's what it says with his literal return is literally coming and Jesus was about a Baltimore return there that's approved off about the divinity of the Messiah, but usually just read it as kind of a a figurative description of God coming to the earth. Our state as well as the follow-up will effectively objection that the Messiah, because he has an incredible rate greater than that of thought better than bated multi-Jewish king, but ultimately a guy doesn't summation eventually report back to the cycle of spam and rebellion invented, all done products don't get philosophically and so is showing it. In other words, what brings about the lasting change report what we say is the Messiah present, deal with sin, the Messiah present, make atonement in the way for us to be right with God and give us a new heart which is more expensive. That will become a somehow what would be understood be this that there would be repentance from Israel and that is the Jewish people repent, God would give them a new heart and spoken of in Jeremiah 31 residual 36 and then with that new heart then went when this age is over. We go to the eternal age so I agree that is not an adequate answer in terms of how sin is ultimately dealt with the traditional Jewish sales returned to goblet. Deuteronomy 30 God will circumcise our hearts and she will do that supernatural work and then even without the Messiah is a consideration for generation to generation. We believe we enjoy between regarding this earth. And then we going to eternity so that I would be interested by the Whitehall great questions. My book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices. 60 questions Christians ask about your solution practices did you find it helpful on many related questions, but thank you for the call 866342. Let's go to Debbie in Fort Worth, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown time.

My question is about head covering in first Corinthians 11 and can't talk about head coverings business totally cultural and traditional for the first or second century Christian or is there something in this for the Christian women in the year 2020. There is something in it. In the year 2020 Christian women but only once we understand the regional cultural context and make application so we know in the ancient Greek world, and parts of the Greco-Roman world.

It was common for a married woman in public to be veiled or have her head covered this to signify that she was a married woman would signify that she belonged to a man and a controversy was in a house meeting because you have other people in your home that the woman would not normally be wearing a head covering in the home that would be out of public, but now you're having a meeting in your home where believers are coming together. So was it appropriate to wear the head covering lots of that part is not relevant because is not part of her culture. But what is relevant.

In that passage is a certain recognition of of gender distinction and a certain recognition of of the fruit present which is a woman's hair is given her is her glories recovering up to this day it's common in most cultures around the world who wants her to be longer than a matter for what all this to a man is less of an issue than baldness to a woman still seems to be part of a mindset so gender distinctions should remain real. The other thing is, there is an order. There is an order of authority in the home. The husbands the head of the home and as he is filling his life down for his wife and love her as Christ loved the church used to honor him as young as the Lord prescriptions 11. Social talk about a proper order with God, with the Messiah with the man with the woman in the proper order is important. Somehow for the presence of angels in our midst. So Robinson remains important is that gender distinctions do matter, and that there is a proper order with the wife under her husband in the ward that this is something that should be maintained in our meetings and in our spiritual incentive is actually the cover heads not be culturally relevant and less that would be. That was part of the culture in which we live in the West it's A. Thank you for the call 8664 screws doesn't always happen on a Friday.

Otherwise you'll call Cecily ties fire, we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder flyer now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown described the book of life would be pretty throughout the world today that God searches the hearts of what remains to be inscribed in the year of life suited traditional time of greeting one another with happy new year Jimmy is not a time to party time for looking at one's life. A time for repentance time for preparing for young people a day of atonement, which is 10 days from now. So traditional Jewish new year to you as we now enter year 5781 of the Jewish Calvinists Michael Brown live from Nashville. Yes, the voice sounds a little different. We are audio only number one because were on the road and never to my voice and little different because radio equipment did not make it with me on the flight because of an error by the airlines happens to the best of them. So we have our secondary set up, but hopefully all good still get answers to your questions and were able to serve you here 866-34-TRUTH 87 8170.

Call 86634.

We have a phone line open if you want to get in right now will be able to get you before the fill is out all right. Let us go over to Zach in Ontario, Canada.

Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown how are you today very well. Thanks all right well I was wondering if you can let me if you can tell me about why John the Baptist or why the Scriptures mentioned in John the Baptist ate locusts and wild honey.

What was significant about that. I don't know that there is any deep significance, except that he was an ascetic that this was part of an extreme life of separation of fasting of of of living out in the wilderness and this is illustrating it. People migrated to make more out of it, but I will nobody really is more to make out of it.

So it was extreme asceticism. Remember in Matthew 11 and Luke seven Jesus as well.

John the Mercer came and you criticized them in cities demon possessed skivvies fasting all the time and in the Son of Man came eating and drinking, and you said he's a glutton there and that alcoholics so as I understand it is just the description of the degree of separation he had living in the wilderness and living in extreme ascetic life. Have you ever heard anything in terms of this supposed to be some special significance to it or personal. I think I agree with you but I'm from immediately all the research I've done online really nothing to indent. I knew things were people referred to some passages in Joel where locusts represent both teachers of Israel and am tearing them apart and eating them so to represent in you know correcting them or using them and in someone else's something about how were supposed to live like a minimalistic life like him or something but I do know it seems like maybe I'm just reaching too deep. You might be just right leg. Just, you know, extending his writing style. You know this. For example, Craig Keener and his Bible background commentary to the New Testament simply says John's diet is that of the very poor domestic beekeepers were Common Pleas John needs only wild honey and it was no decree by smoking the bees out and breaking open the honeycomb honey was the only sweetener for approval is considered misuse of tests, but it seems in other places you like a such diets to avoid unclean food adjuster psychological.

The people lived outside society. So again, that's all I take it to mean it, it's fine to unity digging to try to find more but a lot of times we end up to be candid on one of these cases that are really nothing to do Scriptures about so I just come up with the simplest answer. There it was part of his extreme asceticism. In fact, this sacrificial way of living and part of this living out.

Aside from and apart from most of the rest of the population. They thank you for the call 86634 did not everything has deeper spiritual meaning.

Not everything has symbolic meaning. Not everything as as it another level of understanding consultants is the taking. That's what exemption that's what we understand.

All right, let's go over to more in Louisville, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Oh, thank you Dr. Brown are supposed to talk to you of the programs are so don't just love to teach at Gimli don't believe you believe in a pretrip rapture of Britney from wall. The adult leader in the millennial kingdom the 1000th your little you believe the Fed is literal.

Yes I do II. I am a historic premillennialist so I do not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture but I believe that Jesus will return and establish his thousand year kingdom on the earth as best as we can tell the disciples of the apostles held that the earliest church teachers of seem to speak about that and believing that the idea of a thousand years is mentioned about five times in Revelation 22. Even though it's a book filled with symbolism.

We know that there were other views views at that time that expected a thousand year reign and then we will do a little promises that God gave in the Old Testament and Peter preaching Annex three because of the Messiah will remain in heaven until the time for the restoration of all things spoken of by the prophet. So when you go back and read the prophets there talk about literal restoration about the Jewish people back in the land about the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, fill in your as the waters overseas. It talks about the Wolf Lyondell of the land about people beating their swords into plowshares.

The universal worship of God. So I understand that those passages will be literally fulfilled in the book of Revelation, along with a few Jewish tradition pictures. It is a 1000 year reign so I am historic premillennialist which means not dispensational mud pretrip but I do believe in a literal millennial kingdom. People questionably. I don't believe in a literal thousand foot questions and Luke oh 1727 through 20 people talk about other indicators of global you notice it if the flood came and destroyed the hall the same thing in the Luke 29 of the same day that Lot went out of some writing fire and brimstone convicted to store them all is that not every body. Not only do you go to second Peter borders but they are below. Together, second Peter 310 but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night with the air, but shall pass away with a great noise in the English of Milton in the works. Shall be burned up. What is the day of the Lord is not that they will will return regular answer questions which are great? Zechariah 14 tells us explicitly that the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will enter the millennial kingdom because of explosive. They will come and worship the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem asked detail because geography if the Bible does it mean what it says this whole passage. Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14 and one of those verses mean what it was retirement due to the geography of what's gonna happen how it's going to happen so all of those that attacked Jerusalem, all of them will be destroyed just like all of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed, but not the entire world was destroyed. So all those that attacked Jerusalem. They will be destroyed when the Lord returns with the survivors of the nations that attacked will populate the millennial kingdom. According Zechariah the 14th chapter. That's the first thing the second thing is good. It Revelation 20 speaks of where Satan is bound and and cannot deceive the nations is not yet happened and it will happen per thousand usage that is in the future thing, but has an end on it.

Then Satan will be the final rebellion will be destroyed as the second previous really hasn't Peter just told us that one day with the Lord is like a thousand years from the date of award can accomplish the return of the Lord, the millennial kingdom and the culmination of all things with the renovations of the heavens and the earth because one day the war like a thousand years and it says that very thing. In second Peter three. So what encourages this or we can absolutely differ on this and love the Lord together honor Jesus together, work together to win the lost little words where we stand on the millennial kingdom is not a matter of salvation or not salvation, but I'd encourage you yeah I'd encourage initial so there is the Rigali people who have differences on these things and we we fully understand and love the Lord and instead of the Scriptures as evidence. The deeper we get into it when each come up with more ammunition for her own point of view. Here you'll have more birds all have more versus but I just encourage you check out Peter's message and ask three beginning verse 19 and just asked, what is that time of the restoration of all things that the prophets spoke of it is not the millennial kingdom you think about it from that angle and if you still interview a week we can differ of those things, but those are those are my thoughts and was in response.

Okay, there's a I don't know if I could send it to me.too blind to small YouTube videos of somebody want to check those that cannot tell people forget those short again absolutely might go ahead were other people. They may praise God. The sound of Mark boozer H a you see your thinking of the two videos on there is talk about the pretrip rapture of the millennial kingdom that I want to question and I wish you the company will accountability into thirds of general rapture solely in the Bible explores the future rapture of the church in her will. Right there is one yet. There is one second coming of forthcoming. Once again, the second and third coming. So when Jesus returns will be caught up to meet them in the air in the sand with him. In other words, is coming is Teresita's arrival is a literal arrival in first Thessalonians 4 would speaks of us meeting him in the air. It is, is also the same Greek word that can be used as a the Emperor was was coming to visit the city.

The crowd would go out to meet him as he came and escorted him back we get to escort the Lord back the mark. I challenge you to that challenge, encourage encourages we have our synthesis is not just literacy is hollow space Odyssey stated basic before 87 €84 and told Ralph that it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown insurance for 48788 Creek cleaner. I wrote together, not afraid of the antichrist and are interested to know more about what we believe about the end times and what we don't believe in pretrip rapture of the ruble saved in churches that taught that I'd encourage you check the lookout.

Even if you differ with some of our biblical conclusions. I believe you be edified by the book Jesus exalting book is a book that will give you courage and strength and help you to understand that Jesus we are over colors. The matter what comes our way. That's, that's one thing that would be very helpful.

You also God willing. On October 3, Saturday, October 3 under me having a friendly debate with a British pretrip teacher. We will be airing it live online will be getting more details of that shortly. But that should be really helpful. I opening edified all right. Let us go over to Kansas City TJ, welcome to the line of fire around me.

I can hear you yeah okay question about where all laugh very thing for. If you would be able to how different Dragon at cannot do differently like desperate part of the first very thing I would greatly cut you but the last part extra aunt Betty and Annie E of the so if you do is review the verse, which is this woman, verse two, James Mena had friends machine so friendly and there is a printed speaker closer than a brother.

That's the thing that most people are familiar with this a printed speaker closer than a brother convinces a friend who sticks closer than a brother NASB there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother ESV same thing and IBM just looking down friend who sticks closer than a brother and and on and on of NET. There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

So what happens TJ is is that Proverbs or very concise in their wording. Okay and sometimes they're ambiguous because of that proverbial sayings, for example, reasoning was birds of a feather flock together right. What if you didn't know what birds of a feather meant and you try to translate into the lines. Think of all the different options you can come up with what are birds of the Feldman birds the same birds you have feathers Berg was the same with with the Hebrew and M.Div. I was looking at this piece very evenly. He go the draw.

Alex usually I I'd be very confused about what it actually meant of the new Jewish purchases their companions to keep one company.

There is a friend (more devoted to the brother, so instead they Hebrew is very, very concise and because of that it subject to different interpretations. It's it's hard to regret exactly what it says and that's why you have you had the differences. So what you have to do then say is say okay the second half of the verse seems much clear the issue hate the big payoff movie and there is one who loves his claims more closely than a brother.

So, so you can never have a friend that that is closer to that of blood relative. You try to say, okay, what's the first part saying is that a contract is adding to it and what I would encourage you to do if you want to study yourself typing NET Bible. Okay NET Bible which is the new English translation. It'll take Internet and then you click on read online fillets should take Internet so NET Bible net so you were due to the Scripture reference you go to Proverbs 18 you scroll down to verse 24 and then you'll see a detailed notes about the Hebrew intact to give you very very detailed notes with Hebrew words with other Semitic words and things like that and it's trying to wrestle through different meanings. So net Bible NET and then you just put in Proverbs 1824 and then you'll see in the right column or all the actual notes and this has multiple notes for more detailed notes explaining this verse. The bottom line is that he was very concise and therefore subject to several different interpretations that I was ready. A copy… Be one of the verses, the presentence result be stuck on for a while. Okay, sure thing through the 86634. That's the nature proverbial wisdom.

No hear a stitch in time saves nine. What is that what is a stitch in time never think about that I uploaded to give it to this moment was a stitch in time. What are birds of a feather. Okay haste makes waste notice is reviving her product that is its concise three words incredibly true, but what if we can quite haste makes what we mean haste makes headers haste make something or is it we understand it but proverbial wisdom is concisely expressed and sometimes is not that easy to understand. All right, let's go to Atlanta, Georgia JD, welcome to the line of fire.

Hey appreciate Dr. Brown. Yes, I have a question regarding the final seven years and did you know the exact amount of days that the I do know that the abomination of desolation from that point on, around Christ's return is 1260 days or 1290, defendant Daniel but I didn't know what that that whole range of seven years right so the question is always talking in a literal seven-year. In which case, is it seven solar use of 365 days is the so-called prophetic year of 360 days hence 2520 days would be seven years 1260 days would be 3 1/2 years, but other sexual years as this is a thing as a prophetic year or these numbers symbolic of something so if it is the it's the question that is debated. Number one is the red literal seven-year period that we speak of his tribulation, or in the seven years symbolic of a fullness.

Speaking of tremendous suffering and shaking and upheaval or literal, in which case these days should be taken as literal, but it's not exactly 7 years it's been seven years of 360, there examples of the ancient world of people using the 360 day year 360 drivers 12 to 1230 day month but they would adding days every year to make up for it, go for the number days somehow was also selection my profound apologies for my answer about the days and all of that of the bottom line is I don't know that there is a literal seven-year future tribulation. I don't know that I don't know that it can be counted in days like that, you see a but it mentions the Revelation Vincent Daniel yeah but highly prophetic and symbolic books when reason that I think that the thousand year reign of of Jesus is to be taken literally. Because suspension five times in Revelation 20. And there were ancient Jewish traditions that also look forward to 8000 year reign and the concept of 6000 years of human history than the thousand year that the sabbatical the millennial reign, but even then we can't be dogmatic on that. I don't believe that there will be a sequence of events, and in the midst of those who say okay perfect.

We can start counting from this day to this and we had this many minutes left in which you be like that they sell Sardis sell things for Sylvia. Not happy is able to say you're in this time.

With your eyes

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