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How Christians Deal with Suffering and Pain

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 16, 2020 5:50 pm

How Christians Deal with Suffering and Pain

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 16, 2020 5:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/16/20.

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So how do Christians deal with suffering and pain and how Christians in the UK dealing with cold 19th stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown earlier today I did a radio interview and the subject was my commentary on the book of Job. Naturally we talk about suffering and pain in what this says to us as believers and what lessons we can learn from Job and as were in the ongoing crisis. The pandemic and how to deal with it in and do Christians get sick like everybody else and we have supernatural protection and how do we deal with these things be good to to focus more on this on the radio broadcast course. We talked about the subject many times, sickness, healing, purpose of suffering, etc. difference between persecution and sickness, all those kinds of things but bun of the hour be joined by a colleague from England.

He is a committed Christian minister. He is a medical doctor and he himself was done diagnosed with cancer back in 2017 dialogue and thought you meant. Let's talk about that how you deal with crisis as a believer at any also told me that the response to COBIT 19 in in in UK how Christians are responding with their attitude is towards government regulations is different than here in Americus will find out about that as well. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire.

Here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH any subject of any kind. First half hour no limits any subject. Any question related to anything that we talk about here in life are 866-34-TRUTH 7884 tomorrow's broadcast through the Jewish Thursday. We will talk about the Abraham accords. We will talk about the major peace treaty signings in DC yesterday really history in the making in front of our eyes. So we'll talk about that in some of the Jewish related news of of world interest will cover that tomorrow but right now, what open the phones again, 866-34-TRUTH before we go to the phones.

Let me say this back in March.

Many of you know the story reached out to my publisher's main publishers, charisma media March 18, I reached out to a couple of editors and I said I've got so much stirring in the regarding the virus regarding Christian response to the virus regarding faith versus fear practical instructions obeying the government or not this is the end of the world. This is a place for the book of Revelation how she relate to this with Psalm 91 fit in divine protection us and I've got so much going on inside of me. I been writing articles doing doing live streams Facebook consume different things like that. I said what if I got a manuscript to immediately was able to write it really quickly you feel is a book to get out and into editors immediately said that there is witness were thinking the same thing. Let's do it is March 18, March 26, I submitted the manuscript to them. It happened that quickly when the world stops words of hope, faith and wisdom in the midst of crisis and I wrote it dealing with the current pandemic but also dealing with issues of faith and suffering, so that you could read the book 10 years from now, 20 years from now and whatever's going on personally or nationally find it relevant. So Bush got now if if you look at Amazon's got a lot of great reviews.

Great responses were grateful that it blessed and help people, but I gonna be totally candid with when I wrote the book and when we got out with such urgency.

In April e-book in April. The physical book and may I honestly wasn't thinking that we'd be in September in mid-September and and still this would be just as real an issue place is still not fully open up in the sports role-playing before empty arenas question still is the virus getting worse spreading worst mass help or not help.

So here we are still in the midst of this, and therefore some of the things I wrote about them. When the world stops. If you don't have it. But by all means get I think it's it's on-site sale for half price on Kindle for free book on Amazon, but paperbacks available as well, and given a website put that the same messages I was conveying then that that were on my heart or are absolutely relevant same questions for church leaders going that's changed in terms of application is in the book in the midst of the initial shutdown and he would just go flat occur for a few weeks and open things by government.

Pres. Trump hoping that we can have our full services by Easter and all that. So, mid April and the many talking about Passover. That's mid-April Regency change them. Of course that came and went right in the months have gone on my counsel then was to obey the government authorities Andy Stanley and I just interacted about that last week via texting and he feels that's the right policy that everyone is trying hard governors and mayors and city officials trying hard to get this right slits comply of our neighbor and so on. And we don't need to beat in sports corporate setting subs John MacArthur and other prominent pastors differing with that Rodney Howard Brown was the first in Florida and and my position in the book was obey the authorities honor them. Love your neighbor respect that the health and well-being of your neighbor, but if the government overreaches its bounds if it goes too far.

If it applies the law unequally if it discriminates against churches. At that point you said we must obey God rather than man and we been at that point for months that so in the book. My counsel was obey.

The authority solicited through certain point we been at that point, but that the first message beginning with the first chapter was fear not. In the second chapter then says feed your face not your fears.

So right now with the chaos in the society around us, the confusion, the society runs.

We just had a staff prayer meeting and and were talking about the elections what's coming in November.

Do you think no matter who is elected that the chaos in America is getting less and barring divine intervention. Do you think that whichever side loses gusset hey all right best memo on the skin on the things know if you've ever seen a boxing match in their trash talking that the two opponents are speaking knock you out man your bomb here and nothing man and that they do it. You know the build ticket sales and to build interest. Then afterwards they hug each other. Samantha, I respect you and if this can happen after the elections that that whoever selected as this can say hey let's let's let's really ask here.

But let's put aside the hostilities and whoever loses the hate they were in this together were one of I would be nice to have a lot of expect that another was the casting Certainteed shaking is only going to intensify. We as God's people need to take hold of his truth to step back from being inundated with news inundated with the secular media on the right and on the left step back and worship God and honor Jesus as Lord and get our hearts settled in God's faithfulness is as I and when the world stops going through Psalm 91 opening of the Hebrew explaining that that the word say tear where word starts that that the that the one who abides Liz and the Almighty will find that that say to that secret place that that hiding place you say procedurally on excessive value analysis of the Psalm begins one who lives who dwells in that secret place that hiding places that same word can be used as a shelter in a rock or mountain so so that there's a storm out and you go and you going that shelter you come out from storm going into God's promises as good as it is that real.

We have a refuge from the storm or hearts, and muscular peace with rich Pres. Trump or Pres. Pentz or Pres. Biden or Pres. Harris or whoever it is. Jesus is Lord God reigns and we have refuge in him.

Let's run to him and be strong and secure. A man, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Brian in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Walking to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown longtime fan. Good show.

I returned the bait had a couple to get free band metering agreement: the Anda I know secular boring go back and study like the ancient Hebrews Bronze Age, the iron eight was wondering if anybody knew about that that might you have any knowledge on secular story and believe that maybe the original worshipers of Yahweh were called the shop to shop and was wondering if you have any courses where I can go as a Christian find kind of the counter inside to win secular story and talk about the idea that maybe the Hebrews were originally the shop steward at the Hebrews were polytheistic Yahweh with one of many got Ellen all the different things that secular that you know where I go to read kind of reputation or counters from fellow Christians about hey Dorian, you're not the right on the was wondering if you've ever heard of those sorts of things the shop to dodging one of many got you know a good play Christian go to read kind of the reputation counter – sure thing. Yeah. So glad that you're back in the face and and certainly we know that in ancient Israelite history. There was a lot of polytheism and and God. Of course, rebukes his people. For that, and we also know that that God, Yahweh, was known as God most high. In other words, hiring greater than any other gods word the original Israelite strictly monotheistic with eight with a him a theistic did did they view Yahweh as the greatest of all gods think of Exodus 15, who is like you, or Yahweh among the gods, God brings judgment on the gods of Egypt.

When you see those that the others are not really God's. In other words, that they get exposed as being false deities is not really being creators or or or eternal. They are all created beings. Their fallen beings. They are, they are nothing to be worshiped or adored. There's only one true God. That message begins to really really shine forth and the more you compare it to the ancient near East and background the more the jumps forward at you that you can always write to our our website and when you do it, it will your your email questions and and I recommend you do that to get some more information but but when you do that a one of our team members whose Russian Israeli Jews PhD and an Old Testament and is is a Old Testament scholar. Some of the background is mine Hill also give you more references and more information that I can give you on the air, but there's a very useful book.

I always recommend in this context by John Oswalt, OS W ALT John Oswalt and it's called the Bible among the myths unique Revelation or just ancient literature so recommend two books for John Oswalt. The Bible among the myths. The other is Kenneth kitchen, Kenneth kitchen, one of the world's foremost Egyptologists and it's called on the reliability of the Old Testament that deals with one of the historical issues Kenneth kitchen on the reliability of the Old Testament John Oswalt Bible among the myths. Those would be tremendously helpful for it and then write to us at one references things like that gladly help you can love gullible your heart and your mind. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on just thinking of? Brian just asked liking to long after being a believer. This brand-new believer. My dad asked me to talk to the local rabbi said Michael good drugs but would usually don't believe in this rabbi was very learned man just graduated from Drew theological seminary and challenge me on many levels brought me to other rabbis.

They all were much more learned than I was. The new Hebrew fluently. I really read it and then I started college in all my degrees so my undergraduate and graduate degrees role in secular universities Queens College and New York University. My bachelors, Masters and PhD so it's a never studied with believers and some cases I studied with people are very hostile people who were once religious. No longer were and enjoyed mocking the faith or tearing down the Bible or challenging religious Jews and religious Christians.

I was always that environment and I determined that I would take the objection seriously. In other words that I needed to come up with serious answers and not just dismiss them as they have a skin deep faith, you ask you questions like data You dismiss it as a person at this serious question I need to do some serious thinking and when you do find truth financers and and then you're so strengthen overall you.I don't ever worry about.

This can be some discovery that debunks the Bible some rabbits and come up with the objection against peace and think twice about it because it spent years, decades really digging thinking studying about all the objections, and to this day I'm in constant interaction with people who don't believe in don't agree. So there is a place of security and strength in the Lord where you don't have to. You have to fear the latest concern but but when something is raised know that we have solid answers for all the objections that come up right 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Jake up in Temple Texas walking to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown how are you doing very well thank you millennial your pre-tribulation to pay after the rapture well because I don't believe in the preacher rapture personally I'm not the best one to answer that, but according to the system.

Yes, according to this view, that this preacher rapture. So the true believers are suddenly removed from the earth and in the secret event we just it was like now we be talking so they were not here, and those that are in the offices around us that are not believers though be aware of his people. He just disappeared.

Okay, so what if you heard the gospel and and you'd rejected it and now the rapture happens and realize this is true, and now it's the tribulation and the antichrist.

Can you be saved. This would be yes absolutely. And the Bible does speak in Revelation 7 about a multitude that no one could number the came out of great tribulation. So theoretically there will be multitudes of people saved millions, hundreds of millions saved during that time, but according to the pretrip series will be much harder.

You might end up being beheaded for your faith, or something like that but yet they would they would argue that you could still be saved.

I just a personal believer preacher rapture with but that would be there now. The controversy comes where it what if you take the mark of the beast.

Could you then repent and be saved. In John MacArthur's come under criticism for saying you can be saved if you take the mark of the beast or whatever it's I let others battle that out in terms of their their views on on that. But like any other principal. If we deny the Lord. He'll deny us.

Meaning if that becomes our confession that we deny him in another following and he'll deny us if we confess and he'll confess us. He's able to give us grace to stand no matter what. That's why Paul in Romans eight when he beat when he asked the question who or what shall separate us from the love of Christ was the first thing tribulation that I tribulation in great tribulation that they can separate us from God's love is faithful, and who preserve us no matter what. Pick out one sure thing. Sure during the millennial reign point everything wrapped up and point.

The coming of writing on earth for about dense perfect question. It's a fair question. So why wise and just and Jesus returns and the Savior. Save the lost are lost and we go to new heavens and new earth eternity. Why even have a millennial kingdom requested.

One thing is, God did give promises to Israel in a certain role to Israel to be priestly nation and God will keep his promises. So there will yet be a time when Israel will function as a priestly nation and bring the knowledge of God to to the nations of the world and in the millennial kingdom that will learn the ways of God through them, but you say, but that's will the church and we do that now we could still go into eternity again. The fair fair question. Silt my understanding.

I'm sure there's more but my understanding is this, there is the ultimate vindication of God, and there is the ultimate shutting of every mouth that God alone may be God and what's one of the great accusations against goblets. One of the biggest reasons that people fall away from the faith they say well if God was really good.

There would be so much suffering and pain. I can't believe in a God when there's so much injustice in this role I can't believe in a God who allows thousands of babies to starve to death every week. I can't believe in, in a God that that doesn't intervene and let's human beings commit atrocities against human beings like in world wars and things like that and if he is really good. Surely he would do something while in the millennial kingdom. We will have a time where the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas will have a time of of the wolf lying down with the lamb. What will have a time of nations beating their swords into plowshares. What will have a time of universal peace will have a time when Jesus will rule with a rod of iron, so you will have injustice, you won't have the problem of suffering to deal with. And yet at the end of that when Satan is loosed he will go throughout the entire world and multitudes of people will follow him in rebellion against God, and that to me will also be the great indication that God can say you are guilty because you are guilty you are guilty because you've chosen send him he will shut the mouths of everyone that ever brought an accusation against God because even in the most perfect world that the universe has ever known human beings will still rebel against God by their own choice. I think that's part of it.

Also, and will be other dimensions of what God reveals during the time but to me that's that's part of why that will happen in the rest will will unfold. We shall see. But Jacob appreciate the questions very much. Thanks for calling. All right, 86634 let's go to Angelica in Franklin, Louisiana thanks for calling the line of fire and background color and character actor picture your typical library or an object director Carmen black American policing blank.

I'm thinking a lot of you know come up in church so actually believe in but now something that's really taking form and taking shape in picking off at an alarming rate of speed where people leaving the faith because they thing back on Jesus depiction of Jesus, a revelation, one crew that he was black after project manager know that you know you're thinking and attention to it, or whatever, but then ministers who have the huge following.

There also teaching, and now it had me worried because I just can't be I don't know any resources that understand the truth without you know, yeah, sure thing yeah absolutely slightly now including my family, you know, I just don't have the information to combat.

You know, because they want to make everything on the fact that Jesus was black because of what Revelation 1.

Look at your car directly on reflected yes yes so if you go to my website Esther to and just type in was Jesus white.

I have a short video about that was Jesus white so that's that's the first place to go and the answer is, he wasn't why she wasn't black. He was probably brown skin Middle Eastern man and from what we have Jewish testimony from within 100 years of the time of Jesus, the Jewish people than were not white were not black but were more the color boxwood which is light brown but if if you look in Revelation Revelation the first chapter. Okay, it submits its is a vision of the risen Jesus.

He appears okay so he's is he's a glorified Jesus. His tongue is like a sharp sword okay but notice what he says in verse 14. The hairs of his head were wife like white wool, like snow, so people have bizarrely said you see his hair was like wool that means is a black man with with that woolly, bristly hair know it says white like wool white, like snow some of his hair was. Not the texture of snow. It was white like snow. It was white like wool that's that's always saying it's not so this whole idea that it says he had woolly hair. This is and will be here anymore that Sissy had snow. We hair. It's a complete misreading of the text then if if you want you can go over to the song of Solomon song of songs chapter 5 verse 10 speaking about Jesus that the image there first song of Solomon 510 in the King James is my beloved is white and ruddy, the cheapest among 10,000 you could argue that he was white. Based on that. The fact is neither one is talking about the color of his skin in the Bible does not address the color of his skin and he could be why she could be black. He could be. He could be yellow. He could be read.

He could be brown. That's not the issue. The issue is who he is. So that's what we want to focus on. Don't let people get caught up like Bob does not describe his skin color, first century middle. You likely a brown skin light brown skin man. Either way is our Savior. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown what you and your followers Jesus is goodness is blessing find yourself sick. What you do as a minister of the gospel and a medical doctor were to science fit in. Where does faith fit in at an beyond that we do thrown relationship with God.

I mean, these are obviously perennial questions that come up in the lives of very believer if you live long enough, these questions will come up, and a few years back was interacting with Dr. Adrian Warnock so minister the gospel, but a medical doctor and we began talking about these things because he was diagnosed with cancer and we talk some time ago but we've got a hitch on the air talk about these things. How you deal with them rest with them is happening role walk with God that was covert, 19 going on in a different response to the pandemic in England is a poster in America we thought now would be a great time to to talk a doctor.

Warnock is written different books including hope reborn and raised with Christ is been a member of Jubilee church London since 1995 reserved on the leadership team for more than a decade. So Adrian is been a long time, but welcome back to light a fire hi wonderful. We got Adrian first. How is your health right now. Well income right would help it under control, but not be left with damage to them about that might affect the open.

Three. My wife 13 infection that the Bible with everything around and then the other, but my inflammation at well and then finally I lack of energy stumbled from my work like the limited number but I will something a little bit of bite thing on the right so severe you are a man's face serving in leadership ministry reaching out to others so we talked years ago by the book for new believers in understanding the nature of God and things like that so he had a heart for outreach a you believe in and got gifts and power for today. What happened when you when you got your diagnosis. A few years ago. What exactly did the doctors tell you inhabit that impact you will literally want to widen development by me when I what I mean. But I'm about 5 feet right. I like to play the kind are correct, but my heart like the right thing about art, but very vocal of the problem affect up until diagnosed with pneumonia and ensuring that the statement of the reason why you lick my love and I had a blood On the that was my unfettered initially was old you become quick get a full body like the treatment below treatments right away, but actually I developed you know you need surgery and treatment within about 55 you've been actually next month you hoping eruption off you and obviously there's the shock of the news. This is physical reality and that's a slap in the face. But what happened between you and God. In those early days in particular. Yeah when you're very very thick. It can be very difficult to have much of an electric motor module (becoming a I found my passion thought it got provoked for you gridlock but why do my look pretty big work like the look but didn't have any energy already and you have Brenda think the one point I would fight back the fun part by the virtual I think for me I contact off of the very fundamental question, do I actually delete the delete by having been tried yet is the real dog even in the likely believe that the heart will be bright and thick enough to pick up my book and read it again before my life, pictorial, and do I believe it is real but upbeat about the real big part of the official everything will be fine but you know what I have.

Everything will be fine, but I do not go to sleep. I deny that I have a hard on the gray just think Adrian that many Christians struggle with this idea of God is with me and why am I sick because this is a bad thing in the Bible. Sickness is either associated with judgment or with demons sort we notice is when around healing people rather than making them sick.

So many Christians struggle with that of God is with me.

If the Bible is true, why am I sick at all. That did that come up in your and your own mind open so I think my evening went no delete bulletin who would fight approach of baby claimant right I'm fully open to the idea we didn't have time that you are going to give good thing that we either cut a deal with. I'm on them.

If we people got what they than people dress up like you think about that, but it always worked out by amphetamine. If it is an interesting thing because it is apparently conducting become quick and full of backcountry white water dialogue. 29-claimant like with Millie and Kristin tightening up. All we can become a little bit feet about that and think that somehow you go to thawing, suffering, and looked up and went back to provide a link of the loving father getting ready to fight off the original plan. So what you make of it.

Who sent it. How did it happen what is God just did God allow it. Did he send it. Did Satan send you this is a demonic thing in your body, is it a thorn in the flesh from the Lord.

I mean how you process that I be in your Bible to mix a good number but we do live in a whole and well I we live in a broken world. And I will be the broken defendant instruction if we wait long enough stuff in a comparable about the people they like to fight the fight but you know I think that we look back at every single battle-everything the woman affected in a benighted healer titled eventually got bitten by hundred and €50 bike around the just being in the parking well objective ambient adjustment. Sometimes it can be then coming up with bigger company come become becoming a but sometimes it can just be the way of the flow pump up the pen you talking to me officer while I don't know why it happened and I do remember the triangle quiet why you pretty tight of them up directly with the Bible and in the end, I became more focused on what was going trying to in me in the situation Robin trying to trying the choice and on about public trench, but I think you have for me writing bite ended up landing runs like a pilot widening Dr. evil thing got equipment back. I deeply thought about coming in at beta actually will be feisty.

Think I'll complete something enough for me. I'm to muscle compression equipment. I will. I'm much more able to help other people that were talked about the God of company come. In out trouble that we can comfort others and whatever trouble 11 5 million about will go book you will be right now right yet. What does the right thing for me to minister that would be that if I hadn't been there massive opportunity to help people very much that when you could buy the I understand how you feeling about things that you know of course we could say well then why doesn't God just take sickness of the road so I don't have to get sick to help someone else a signal when a fallen world, and that's the reality and you know I spent years working a commentary on Joe, you know, the book of Job well yourself. God never answers the questions that that we know as the readers behind the scenes, he reveals himself in an Job comes out of it a better man to hell that he lived through he comes out of it a better man and he knows God better and even when I been speaking a covert, 19 and was it just a natural phenomenon.

Was it Chinese bio weapon. Was it an attack from Satan was a divine judgment combination of different things. Whatever is going on. We know that God was to be at work in us in the midst of this that that much. We we do know and that and that's a fundamental revelation of God in Scripture that he's a Redeemer, even in Genesis 1 where we have God in creation there start this and there's light.

There's even then, this morning, there's just that pattern. There is the chaos of the waters and then order coming out of that. So what we know is in this world will be all types of calamitous things that happen, but God works as a Redeemer so what would you say to someone else now that you been in the situation and someone comes to you either with a terrible diagnosis themselves or for family member. How might you speak to them differently now. From what I know you've always been a compassionate, nonjudgmental, no blame the person kind of individual what you think.

It's a differently now and you would have a few years ago. I think one cannot directly be different about it. Be expectant promotion.

Many Christian weekend partial what we covered joy. God will be with us and we must be happier. No cough bearing the God will but I think we think is worth the reality of the cough bearing… If you haven't got it okay on them, family sometimes you have to call Strang got the pedal print. Time to die topic of the journey, a wrestling United instantly took from the Qatari coming front with him all day for the benefit should badmouth some company time.

We need to allow I felt you are not this time. Do not and then you can click on Apple because I think we can't really control how we feel directed, we can implement everything we can stop to try and help us build in that area while giving her permission to be a battle to be angry.decrying old beeping. But too many Christian, while limping fine, but it's really not not, but I couldn't sleep in our decrying doctoral is good enough and yeah and that's more. This is important, such as will come back to it on the on the other side of the break is is a speak with Dr. Adrian Warnock the ability to be real no gene.

It says the muscle to those who doubt and we often think what.just repeat that and there is a doubt that this sinful doubt were some of that should be trusting God as being double minded. But God's heart is tremendous mercy in the book of Job is saying God understands when real and we sometimes have to process things in ways that don't look so pretty and don't sound so pious, but it's it's the result of relationship. It's because this person does have a relationship with God. I got some some right here you're not there when you're supposed to be so boy I appreciate the redemptive grace and skill and everything ready just few minutes it will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown join his friends in the speak with Dr. Adrian Warnock in the midst of a blood cancer but in a good place. Lord and recovering physically in the midst of it, Adrian. In some cases when allowed to say I'm sick and extreme word of faith circles and others just general Pentecostal charismatic. We believe in healing we we once more positively and then you we can't be real. Hey man, how you praise the Lord God's good, he's faint it we put up her front. I mean, that's that just adds to the pain doesn't owe you the one of the month when people try all removal of one month, basically lie. I remembered Dumbledore number a guy walking into a church, the drink I think we were meeting with coughing and wheezing and just like that hold no screening under it all I got but called me. I don't have a cold, but the manifestation okay yeah are about.

I think we have to be on it.

We have to be truthful on the reality is that not everybody in an interesting, even Jesus ministry on the story that might make more than any of you at some of his mouth offered him bulky and effective way. The whole load of people that were waiting for the angel to common the will to one of them would get you get that, but wanted to do.

A man occasionally got hold of the local lumber.

I found it when you have a bit about that other people that it would work on it with everyone at the time when he didn't believe in his ministry, let alone that everyone on the radio in a people so one United to say all you be fine financially and am trusting God will be with me in on what happened. I'm gonna believe me second about the global deliver. But even if you got will still follow him and I guess it is living that even if you don't think about the position which crushing blow fight everything that we don't think enough about one guy will get back with the Matilda on all we can adjustment and denial lobby going, but the comparable think about it. I asked faith and power fight isn't just something for the here and now to think of the tunnel as well.

You know it's interesting as my doctoral dissertation on the Hebrew word for healing his excellent questions on it and wrote a scholarly monograph and screws divine healing of taught on it. I do believe that we can come to God and confidence based on what you sit on the earth based on promises in the word and God's master and say father and ask you to he'll know it's I don't cure Lord if it be your will. He I just ask at the heel.

However, I know at the same time that most of the seriously ill people. I pray for the last 50 years have not been healed blind people deaf people. The rarest exception of a small improvement. Have nothing else I under posture myself to pray, certainly, but with the understanding that faith is going to trust God with her.

I see the answer or not an Internet sense it's it's almost a deeper faith.

When you say that that even if you are not healed, he's my hate you.

I remember when I had pneumonia as a young man I got I got hit with viral and bacterial pneumonia same time is known from Similac got sick in my late 20s and are meddling in the hospital bed and then the medication was working and I wrote on the yard backbend so I with intravenous I run Hebrew on the other no effect on the larger heel support, a billion years from now and I can be the healer anymore than you are now even if I'm sick. I'm starting to believe that you're the healer, and you can direct confessing that even if I die, you're still the healer you're still good and in a sense not being healed. We be wonderful for miraculously healed tomorrow or today, but you in a certain sense your faith has grown to this, you say that your deeper manna faith now than before. I got the good fight fight the think heart or the applicant think not correct your way when you think you might be getting anymore. Your you're right about belief in healing private healing but I think the critical thing that most Christian if I got back behaving for me because I'll not have any right, habitable by one get boring about it right about then it will get you difficult are: perform Pikeville I went to Florida and you know it, been paid or payable to: I want to pop wheelchair-bound price for stealing company with something that one guy you would run down again with God when he died. We didn't think of God I am enough that the Christian fight over that one. But no, actually I'm home I could enjoy the present. Yeah, your father will be with him.before go out… You bought the old me. Healing is prominent in the apartment is just the timing but what the white in a whole guy on the right week, but have to wait decade upfront healing and that but it will come comes now the weather come and unfortunately we have this mindset where if you really spiritual monkey sick in the something wrong with you and it's a stigma it's it's an unfair thing in and it's something we just have to cast off and and and you obviously going through something like this enables you to speak to the smart.

I do want to address briefly so that we emailed about, namely response to covert, 19 by Chris but before that I have you thought more about eternity and being with the Lord forever more.

Now that you been sick than you did before you make a living mostly for the now in our even if it ministry.

Now all you know what you can write on your blog bowel will do an experiment done of the Oak note getting through the guy we don't tend to think about that. But when you realize that you can't guarantee… The medical unit. I may still get you, but I don't not, but you can't guarantee that, then you can think like that of the local again carving up a tree that we don't have a guaranty will will go to sleep I met Biden and Blake Jesus and I weep with that may not happen to. I think if people the begin to think that what I am just often felt deeply that would start you for professional like to study but nothing like what Gopi called given me a ministry leader given Mitchell Boyd given me money was given at art thou art. Technically, the while cooking. Think like Ben will still trust them on exactly words is wisdom and truth and faith from Dr. Warnock. We literally have about two minutes. But I'm curious to know how Christians in the UK have responded to covert, 19 in a way that may be a little different than Christians in America. Yeah, I think the whole thing is a lot I would not let all about.

I don't think Mike would either be you know completely terrified about going out about "no, on the other hand would be great thing that will a hypothetical about in a democracy the life of the fingerling might put it, but most are optically worried about but not meet but I think one of the vehicle that we we store what you won't get from them becoming focused on London might be kind of thing people get sick. Michael great argued with type I think in parts of America delighted.

Are you briefly took the gun from Bob and I and you haven't seen much of it (when you haven't thing that you can barely fit the fair think I'm the think there's a lot more chronic worry about something that it's not the thing for me is the price that even like that which structure begin to be a political decision rather than the medical one with Einstein ready to involve everything.

It is the state of American. I'm so glad you're sharing this from the perspective of UK because either the virus is trumps fault or he's the one fighting the virus or the vaccine is a godsend of the vaccine is preparing us for the one world government, and the antichrist, and then the other thing that's interesting is that Americans as you remember history a bit more rebellious and a little bit more independent, so we are much less inclined to go with government regulations and to be skeptical of government control to make sure we have our guns in case there take out and in some of the understanding some of the reaction is understandable nothingness in all critical voice of this reflecting, but it is. It is interesting to see how this payout in different countries as well, but I think a lot about on-site writing you out of all the main thing you're doing protecting other people.

If you happen to have it will help you a little bit, but it might catch writing other people, and most people initially it will bit confused but I my funders on the underground like night people are wearing off. My problem but it ended up being a big evil practice best way to help people you that what you again just saying that giving that observation just does remind us that America of the unique situation in which we find ourselves with a friend I want to ask you to continue to pray for Adrian, for God's grace in his life and let's keep praying for healing and and and Adrian.

May the Lord use your voice to help many who are suffering those who are bereaved was in the midst of pain don't have answers to your voice, bring comfort, thanks so much traffic coming sharing with us.

God bless

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