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How Will American Jews Vote?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 27, 2020 4:30 pm

How Will American Jews Vote?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 27, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/27/20.

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So how Jews can vote in November elections stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the third of the Jewish Thursday broadcasts.

This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you at 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 with any Jewish related questions that you have will be tacking them on the air today will be catching up on Jewish related news. I'm not sure if you heard in the midst of all the turmoil in working here in America. Midst of riots in cities burning in the midst of racial tension in the midst of the political conventions. The trip you heard about the latest terrorist attack in Israel Palestinian man murdering a rabbi father of four with 1/5 on the way just stabbed him from what we understand.

Just a random attack of the ugliness that Israel has to deal with. The reason that Israel has to stand for its security of less that before before getting systems usually news and talk about how the Jewish population of America might vote in November elections just want to share for my heart for moment I was praying late last night making him a late night person and I was just so burdened for the state of America and I was feeling tremendous conflict in my heart as I often do, but it was very deep last night and it was for quite a number of reasons. At the same time ended up writing an article that a goal live later today on the stream heartsick for for the nation and just crying out to God to have mercy what what happened was this. I was looking at the, the city burning Kenosha businesses burning and then people being shot and killed in the 17-year-old kid in the midst of the whole thing and and then I was looking at new reports coming in.

More information about the shooting of Jacob Blake and as as I was looking at all of this might my heart was overwhelmed.

On the one hand I know so many of my black brothers and sisters are grieving and hurting right now and see yet again yet again another black man unarmed shot without cause by the police yet again and I so much want to show solidarity and empathy and compassion. Then on the flip side there are the facts emerging from the narrative that it was the man's girlfriend who called saying he shouldn't be here and is a warrant out for his arrest and the police were showing up specifically because of Jacob.

Blake and that he resisted arrest obviously refused to listen to the police and then admitted to having a knife in's and they found in the floorboard of his car. So you hear all that and then you look at the arrest record and so on. You think okay is is that if we had all the facts and all the information out. Would there have been as much outrage with professional leagues like the NBA taught talk about potentially canceling the rest of the season over this for the fax number so there is this conflict.

This conflict of absolutely wanted to show empathy and solidarity with my black brothers and sisters in America with the same time same, but this may be the wrong because this particular situation certainly that the rioting in the burning building time and the irony of it.

There's Unitarian Universalist church there which offices and preach the gospel at all and it has assigned black lives matter and and that building was set on fire figure that out and then many black Americans will will feel a tremendous sense of solidarity with someone that that is the victim of police brutality course does happen undeniably in the sea that could be my son. That can be my daughter recommend my husband recommend my father and remember when Treva Martin was killed the prison Obama said if I had a boy that could've been my son. Right.

So as a white American.

How you relate to that will hear last night, I see the footage. The 17-year-old about a boy who is a white what young man and he's there with his rifle goes would travel about 20 miles from Antioch, Illinois over to Kenosha, Wisconsin. He's there with his rifle with emergency medical kit. He said our job here is is to protect these businesses protect the people and I may have to run to harm's way. That's why I've got is what I've got my medical kit here and and so on.

He ends up shooting and killing two people last night was any of it.

Justifiable self-defense is what was a 17-year-old kid doing there with it with a rifle to protect businesses on and what kind of chaos is this an I'm looking at that and thinking he's our two grandsons almost his age and and one of her grandsons is a is a fireman or a vase or farm. His dad's been grew up with that is been in the fire house for years now.

You know, fully functioning old enough to do that and you does EMT related stuff and all that so suddenly I'm looking at it in a way of more identification that could've been my grandson just like some black Americans looking at at the lease victim of police brutality and saying that can be my son.

I'm feeling this deeper sense of empathy and understanding into thinking them. The madness of this what's what's happening in our society were sent-year-old kid is there with a rifle think he's gonna protect businesses in an is just pain.

And please hear me, you could point fingers in a thousand different directions here and we have to wait for all the facts to come in and understand what happened with the police.

What happened was Jacob like we we have to wait for that. That's only righteous thing to do right in and God blessed Jacob likes mother who was with grace and patience was speaking against the violence speaking graciously even to the president and in the midst of this, what water model talk she gave in terms of of attitude and demeanor in the midst of scapular pain crisis. So this looking at all this and and all the situation with with the 17-year-old Kyle put all that aside, it's painful, difficult time regardless of who's right and who's wrong.

It's a painful time if you're American, it's gonna be a grieving time so it it gets us on our knees. It gets us on her face and can't have mercy God have mercy God intervene comport your spirit on our nation.

We need divine intervention, more than any time in my lifetime.

We must have divine intervention oriented terraces part again. Whatever your view is on any of the specific incidents I just mentioned. Please hear my larger heart and everything that I'm sharing 866-34-TRUTH again. I know through juice. Thursday we have a certain focus, but obviously these are super critical issues that are time sensitive.

I was looking at an article that came out old don't have the exact date on it, but it was Farley Weiss Jewish new syndicate and he asked the question, are most US Jewish votes going to shift from Democrats and Republicans in 2020 is of the American Jewish votes.

It is been traditionally overwhelmingly Democrat may change dramatically in the next presidential election that what would make him feel that way as far as I can tell right now.

Polling would not indicate a shift that Retta Callie may be small shift, but not a shift of that Retta Callie what what makes him think this way. Let let's look at some of the larger demographics so I went to the Jewish electorate Institute and look for the national survey of likely Jewish voters in 2020 right so February 28 2020s was earlier this year.

Certain things have changed certain things remain the same and in here is the. The analysis of the data regarding the Jewish electorate. So just go through this bullet point list. A majority of Jewish voters identifies Democrat and an overwhelming majority of Jewish rotors disapprove Pres. Trump Jewish motor support each of the leading Democrat candidates at essentially the same level head-to-head matchups against Donald Trump majority of Jewish voters view all the leading Democratic candidates favorably while Jewish voters remain strongly pro-Israel Jewish voters prioritize domestic policy issues over Israel.

When asked which issues are most important to them. Selecting a candidate while nearly all respondents identifies pro-Israel majority also identifies critical of at least some of the current Israeli government's policies. Jewish voters feel less secure than they did two years ago the whole Pres. Trump responsible for their insecurity.

A plurality of Jewish voters believe that the best way to improve the security of using that Estates is helping people with the right values get elected.

When you scroll down into the article look at some of the graphics first point majority consistent majority of the Jewish electorate identify as Democrats soaked 25% Jewish voters identifies Republicans at a consistent 65+ identifies Democrats.

These numbers have not changed outside the margin of error. Since 2018 syringes look at the charts. That's exactly what they're saying.

Those who identifies strong Democrat 44% in 2018. 40% 2020. Those who identifies soft Democrat 24% 2018 and 26% 2022, down slightly and those identifies Republicans, up from 25% to 26% civil why is it that Jews identify like this. Why is that Jews or so strongly Democratic.

The simple answer is that the great majority of American Jews are not religious.

The great majority of Americans use unorthodox, the great majority of American Jews do not see the Bible as the literal word of God say, the way an evangelical Christian would so because of that their values are going to be more than human, mystically shaped their values are going to be more work out on the horizontal level feeling that this is God's right way that that when you're standing for righteousness. You stand for woman's right to have an abortion. You stand for gay couples right to get married keep you stand for transgender's rights have sex transferred to be identifies as you stand for the oppressed minorities and just go down the list because there is not the right vertical orientation that then helps us sort out or horizontal orientation. Jewish voters will go decidedly to the left. Also the fear of a Christian government that will impose its will is kind of this lingering fear because of bad history in the past because of these various factors Jews for years that have overwhelmingly voted Democrat, but as the Orthodox population has been growing and as the Democrats have gone even further left and with that for the lurch left. There is the rise of anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party.

You may see shift more conservative values and hold you shall never say it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown brought home filed it with with other cards and letters that we kept, but it's a better Israel trip written on the air.

Some months back when I got it but since our trip has been rescheduled to March. Other seats available. You can get in on the trip.

What just think of having to that to look forward to get out of the chaos and craziness of 2020 and be in Israel with us for the tour of a lifetime.

In 2021 but just want to read what with this precious couple said of the wife writing is been eight months since Bill and I and my return from Israel. We are still experiencing an overabundance of Christ, love, grace, forgiveness and peace really do not have the words to express the incredible life-changing experience. The trip has made.

We are undone and will be until our last breath.

He is home in our hearts and to be able to walk about at his home has been deeply impactful and transformational.

A true awakening that is changed our lives forever. Bill and I are so grateful to Dr. Brown T-shirt tour guide CFI tours.

All the people who work hard to make this trip possible.

Jesus is placed a burning desire for his country and his people of Israel to join you in many of the saints and praying for God's holy land and all of the precious people of its this a beautiful card and it's what happens to people on these trips is just remarkable. So if you can join us.

It's worth it it's it's a great deal overall know it's it's it's high quality stent. Good hotels should be having you having good meals great meals great hotels to stay at the tour itself awesome and then every night we do something together that's optional if you want to with me in a more personal close-up hanging out setting since this is amazing time may sometimes grow website Esther to to see it right on the homepage but if you plan going now's a great time to get registered right what will come back to Jewish demographics, Jewish votes in a little while my my own gas and Moses.

A gas is that we'll see again a little bit of again in Jewish voters by Trump. One reason being is his consistent friendship with Israel.

Another reason being there growing anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party, which is certainly of concern to Jews and the continued growth of Orthodox Jews in America but I'm not expecting a dramatic shift. We shall see it.

6634 truth.

Let's go to Cary, North Carolina Greg, your first up-to-date welcome to the line of fire. Thank you very much how you conduct around. I have a question about in line with the early Jewish Thursday I talked to about it brother work in. We discussed about schisms bars are brought the point where he asked me whether I thought it was tricky as was doers of the I believe he is because Jesus truly the salvationist, this son of Abraham and he brought up the point that Abraham had this realizable God that God didn't recognize Israel as a son of a recognized obviously there is a son of Abraham.

But it did not officially recognize Moses, correct them hundred percent correct is not the slightest possibility in a trillion years that when a citizen of Abraham. He was talking about in Ishmaelite or Arab or anything like that know the whole context disease in the Jewish community. The man has a a a good Jewish name.

He's repenting because of unrighteous acts and and Jesus is rejoicing because salvation came to a son of Abraham S. Luke 19 and Luke 13 the woman who been crippled by demonic spirit for 18 years.

When Jesus sets her free. He speaks of her as a daughter of Abraham, and in John eight the Jewish people here speak themselves as children of Abraham.

So the art the idea of of Arabs or others. Ishmaelites identifying as children of Abraham.

That doesn't come until the time of Islam. Basically, there would be no consciousness of that and in that context, there it, it would have been a thousand percent, for it would've been just as foreign as if Jesus was saying the person was Catholic because Catholics identifies children of Abraham through faith in Jesus you nonsense completely out of context so your absolutely hungry right nobody ever questions his Jewishness for a split second. So appreciate what you said your friend was thinking, but it's completely out of problematic ability to conduct a follow-up work. Yes, sure hard to believe it. To believe that I've always kind of art is out, Bob log you think that Matthew executes a known each other because Zacchaeus was also a tax collector all your guess is as good as mine yet we have no debt and one of the real quick question what other real quick question on your, your trip to Israel I wonder to go to corners their Jericho and that tree that gives was up and was still maybe there I will set the itinerary but to my knowledge there is. I don't know of a tradition that identifies a particular tree is that tree, even if tradition identified it it you know it would be highly unlikely that you have a 2000-year-old tree that the center live that long. So appreciate the questions Greg all right by the by the way just to say this, you have all kinds of traditions and of this is the place.

This happened some things can be verified archaeologically other things just speculation that others are obviously local myth is like the coin that the archaeologist discovered was amazing, and it was dated four BC you get the problem with that right there is no such thing as BC during BC times. Okay 866-34-TRUTH, let's go over to Bishop Bastrop, Texas, said one to want to fire hey are you getting impacted by hurricane Laura or your we had cut out for rain this week but otherwise dry right now so but working the news or praying for the people in modern economic yeah what your questions are so my question is that sometimes I read from this the door Jewish prayer book for devotions for the for the shock great morning service and I come across is prayer.

I've read and I don't know if it theologically correct so I'm asking you about.

It's right after it's in the morning services right after the placement of the Torah and it shall dissuade you to pray. This is the arts grow the door my God sold you place within the shore.

You created it you fashioned it reading to me you safeguarded within me eventually take it from me. Restore to me time to come.

As long as the souls within me greatly. Thank you Jim, my God, I got my forefathers master ball works, Lord of all souls let's are you fishing store sold that by my question is this place you placed within immediate sure is that theologically correct so you're right so this is a massive debatable question in that you have to understand what is Judy assuming by the soul was the Old Testament me by the soul was the New Testament mean by the soul.

Judaism does not see human beings fallen the same way that the New Testament does rightly. I would argue the Old Testament does, it sees us as having a battle between two natures right is sure where to inclinations.

The answer on this are told of the evil inclination and the good inclination and the goals for the good inclination to triumph over the evil inclination was our understanding would be. We are creating because imaging yet fallen and enslaved to sin and need to be liberated by the gospel and then there is a new nature within us so if theoretically, you're saying that the spirit that God put within a human being is pure.

We would see us, but that spirit has been separated from God and that spirit is part of the human being needs to be born again. So again something different may be meant by it, but it's not something that I would prayer say and when when you're using traditional Jewish prayer book there some prayers, the origins of which go back to the time of Jesus and before even the Lord's prayer has elements of traditional Jewish prayer. On the other hand, there are many things that are being prayed for, as if Maasai had never come things being prayed for in terms of redemption and forgiveness, mercy, as if he had never come. Where is in the new and better covenant we've already seen those things realize individually ready experience forgiveness of sins ready experience a relationship with God beyond with the Israelites could've had at Mount Sinai. So there can be beauty in this door. Sometimes when I've gone through the prayers.

My heart breaks is is I think about my people, and we just use the pray those words every day, all the lies in feeling no people is so near and yet so far and yet on the other hand, as a sitter. Things being prayed for long.

For that we have a ready experience the firstfruits of Messiah and in more of a realistic nature. A realistic assessment of our sinful nature because of which we recognize our need for the Redeemer.

So with everything that's not Scripture you in this part of Jewish tradition, you may find some good, some beauty, but it has to be sifted because there's going to be a human mixture and there's going to be some error in it as well. Thank you for the question, 866-348-7884 we will go back your calls. On the other side of the break and will take a look more at Jewish demographics where the Jewish vote could be heading and what's my prayer for the elections, God will be done.

You know what's best for our nation. You will be done.

I know I plan to vote, but my prayer is that God will act in gobble bring about his will.

I never pray for one individual or another to be elected. I pray for God's will. What is best for America in his best interest for the kingdom of God is the ultimate door will be done, we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking looking for fairly Thursday. This is Michael Brown you are listening to, watching tuning, interviewing, taking in our thoroughly Jewish Thursday line of fire broadcast on go back to the phones momentarily, but first, just some really interesting news about demographics Jewish demographics in the United States, especially as we get closer to the. The November elections so Jewish electric Institute national profile of the Jewish electorate in 2020. I list key findings number one. The majority of the Jewish electorate is in four states, New York, California, Florida and New Jersey is not interesting Jewish population really, and in a few major places. So there are over 1.2 million Jewish adults. New York State nearly 900,000 California seven 22,000 for just over 400,000 integers. That means New York, New Jersey, has a great great great concentration. Secondly, Jewish adults identify predominantly as liberal and with the Democratic Party, but according to this poll as many as 29% now identify as Republican. Okay, so that would that would point to an increase and number three. Jewish adults are also more likely to identify as Democrats and liberal when compared to the national average. Some this week we looked at a little earlier and if we scroll down some more. We we find that Jewish voters are or older Jewish population averages old okay now hold that thought.

I want to go over to another article.

This is from a root shave also Israeli news Israel national news American and one is dated it is from that see a December 16 of 2001.

Okay sorry sorry February no December 20 of 2016 Cisco Mike a few years, but it's such a striking story that I want bring to attention because it continues to increase American Jewish population rapidly becoming more orthodox pew Center survey shows rapid, the percentage of US Orthodox Jews and their influence goes beyond their numbers okay so when you get into the meat of the story says this although the overall percentage of Jews in the US is held steady.

The last two decades. At about 2.2%. The percentage who consider themselves Orthodox is skyrocketing couple paragraphs down according to the pew research Center study approximately 10% of the 5.5 million American Jews consider themselves Orthodox in comparison to the 18% who considers those conservative concerns doesn't mean conservative politically, it's still kind of liberal and overall outlook in the 35% reform which is the most liberal and 30% no denomination but look at this, however, the Orthodox population is much younger and the grandparent generation those age 56 to 73, only 5% Orthodox.

This reflects many losing their faith after the Holocaust and the tragedies of that time in the parent generation, each 28 to 45.

15% Orthodox in the child generation aged 0 to 17, 27% are being raised Orthodox homes.

In other words, over the course of three generations the percentage of Orthodox among Jews in America has more than quintuple from 5% to 27% okay let's step away from that and and analyze what that means. On the one hand, birthright is one reason Islam is growing around the wall high birth rates so your average nonreligious Jew does not have that many children may be that even averaging two children per couple. But religious Jews have lots of kids. One of my friends we we are theological opponents, but he sees a friend. He has 14 kids think he's done it 14 micro irrevocably do they have nine kids 10 kids so when you have Orthodox having 68 1012 children regularly and more was seconded with demographics in the dropout rate among very religious Jews is very low whereas Jews seeking looking for meaning in life put off this by the secularism and materialism. Many of them turned to Orthodox Nessim turned preseason and then leave because of these things.

Orthodoxy is rising, which means is this next generation grows up. If the statistics hold in the be a wholesale shift in America. A similar thing is happening in Israel again because of high birth rates in particular. So this is going to be fascinating to watch another one hand, Orthodox Jews would have a lot more in common with conservative Christians in terms of conservative moral values and in terms of religious devotion in terms of seeking to hear to the Scriptures. On the other hand, the difference between Jews who believe in Jesus and Orthodox Jews is greater than the difference between Jews who believe in Jesus and secular Jews who do not take their Judaism seriously. So very, very interesting things to watch as they unfold in the days ahead, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go over to San Diego, California, tzaddik, what a great name.

Welcome to light a fire call.

I have a question based on the objection to Christianity that I often hear that people are betting that there is no indication in the old that they will be back in coming to all the proper environment. The book filled in one coming on not fulfill all of those that did not, we can assess a fair fair question. We can answer it on several different levels of the first level would be that we have very different pictures of the Messiah. According to Daniel the seventh chapter he comes in the clouds of heaven. According to Zechariah the ninth chapter he comes because all the writing on a donkey into Jerusalem that the Talmud actually raises those two pictures and asked which it will be in Sanhedrin beginning 96. The discussion follows.

After that, and the answer is that if we were the outcome of the clouds of heaven. If were not worthy hell come become elite running on the docket. Where's the Bible presents both his true then another another point would be if we go to the end of Isaiah 52, so Isaiah 5213 down to 5312 we see that this servant of the Lord will be highly exalted and there is Jewish tradition that recognizes Isaiah 52, 13 to 15 speak about the Messiah that he will be highly exalted it in a in a godlike way am in the languages is very very high to the point that midrash interpretation says will be exalted more highly than Abraham, Moses, with the ministering angels and yet first, he will suffer terrible degradation to the point you unite and recognize that he's a human being and yet he will bring the message of salvation to many nations.

So we say that that there will be great exultation, but for suffering, then the third line of argument would be that we have biblical texts.

If you combine the testimony of Daniel nine. Haggai 2 and Malachi 3. You combine those they indicate that the Messiah had to come before the second Temple was destroyed.

And yet we know we are still praying for his is returning for the fullness of his kingdom.

So, since there are not two separate messiahs later Jewish tradition develops that I did. Is this in Esiason of Joseph's Joseph along with the Messiah son of David Jewish tradition that was current in Jesus day so that there would be a priestly Messiah for the tribe of Levi and Royal Messiah from from the line of of Judah. The bubbles and talk about two different messiahs, but one so the logical answer is that Messiah. First had to come into his priestly work dying for our sins, rising from the dead, preparing the world for the knowledge of God that we work with him to spread that message throughout the world. Many returns at the end of the age. Last point I would make is that there many things sandwich together in biblical prophecy. For example, when you look at a passage like Ezekiel 36.

The return of her Jewish people from Babylonian exile in the sixth century BC only part of that is been fulfilled, where does it say that this could happen part then and the rest 2500 years later it's all sandwich together as one.

But history interprets it for us, telling us part of it happened then, but most of it different didn't the rest is still future of watching even some of the ongoing fulfillment in our day. So that's how I would answer it. Just using the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh, not even using the New Testament at all agree that the people working never away when they were my McNeil got been around for much longer. But when it was a long many hundred thousand. Before the boat during all that time there were looking out. I don't think you can say that they read them and understood them, the first thing is we got things wrong constantly constantly through the Hebrew Bible. We got things wrong. That was our general pattern to get them right would be the exception to the rule. Not only so it's prophesied in the Hebrew Bible that that we would not recognize the Messiah when he was suffering and dying for us that we wouldn't recognize and so it's ready written there and then but at the time of Jesus. There are many different views about Messiah all kinds of jobs that so and and Jews had come up with ideas of of two different messiahs and and there were some looking for a four Royal Messiah priestly Messiah a prophet Elijah. So there's a lot of speculation. In other words, it's not like the Orthodox myth that there's been one view about Messiah only in Jewish history for 3500 years and Jews have always known what that was its complete myth. We know from the ancient literature and in the books of Enoch and other things that were highly esteemed in Jewish thought. There are many many different views. That's why Jacob news there co-authored book 1 of the most prolific Jewish scholar of the last generation of this generation called Judaism's and their messiahs that there were different Jewish beliefs and Jewish sects at that time, all competing to say we are the true Jews in the true Israel, and there were different views about the Messiah why because God did not lay it out in advance with mathematical precision. Just like most prophecies, he lays it out clearly enough to prepare your heart and when the things actually happen. Then you can look at Scripture say whoa this is this is amazing is been laid out there it is, God set it in advance and that we can point back to and say look at that. There is, it's crystal clear that being said, if you had a follow-up question. Stay right there and we will talk on the other side of the break hey friends, I'm just gonna take calls the rest of the broadcast. So if you're on line patiently waiting will do our best to get your call 866-3487 80 it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown go back to Sadiq in San Diego subject or are you Jewish yourself okay.

Just want to be sure, sometimes Christians pick up his Hebrew name, so just want to be sure and and are you a practicing Jew Orthodox do.

How would you describe yourself all about.

Okay, awesome, wonderful yet so you had a follow-up question for me please go ahead yet.

I wanted to moving equipment like when you leave the gospel very clear that the people in the gospel that were following people were grabbing kind of month I have but one moment and then people out they weren't expecting that part mission by electing probably wouldn't follow a you that you have been going to all the proper yet with all respect is kind of the opposite. In other words, they followed him because of who he was. They followed him because God was with his backing him just like God back.

Moses with signs wonders and miracles in contact Elijah with signs wonders and miracles.

That is, Yeshua appointed everyone to the God of Israel and healed and worked miracles and taught as no one taught in and deepened the meaning of Cheraw. They really hope that he would now be the one that would be the political leader so they had part of it wrong, but they followed him because of who he was.

So now when he dies because he kept telling him to die and I don't get it again just just like Isaiah's ministry. Isaiah 6, God said the heart and the hearts of the people in and cover their eyes so they don't see your God telling Ezekiel if I sent you to the going to the Gentiles, they would listen, but I'm sending you to my own people. They won't listen.

So you she was experiencing the same thing as a prophet with his own disciples then when they're discouraged when they're heartbroken when they think it's all over. He rises from the dead, and it's for the complete shock that it happens it's complete. Contrary situation to Lubavitcher Rebbe, who died as you know, in 1994 the age of 92 that that he had the followers waiting at his gravesite waiting for him to rise, but never rose physically so the movement is as you had different views about all this over over the over the decades now, but they were completely shocked by his resurrection. So God vindicates them by raising him from the dead and then he opens the Scriptures. This is how most can take you to guess like there is there is. That's why they were all willing to die for their faith. Most of those that was initial followers were all killed for their faith. That's how certain and clear and definite was when they went back and open the Scriptures like there is.

It's all written in advance so that's the wisdom of God. That's the truth of God. That's how he operates in this world and it's it's very consistent, scripturally, historically, logically, even psychologically, as we look at what happened "by the Roman village normal leave war go up really ever it's interesting what some more somewhere. Again, there were different expectations. There was no one view about messianic beliefs in the first century and and you know the Talmud and succumb mentions Michelle spin your safety doesn't mention it before the words that come from words that belief come from, and then you go through Jewish history and Sgt. Cohen says well if were worthy, then we will have a shift when you're safe or not would be willing and and all the different speculations and in the later Jewish traditions that there's a potential Messiah in each generation and so on and so for this. Is this all just Jewish tradition, red having no reference to Scripture whatsoever. But the bottom line is you sure for fellows written the fact that people may have misunderstood had wrong expectations with Israel needed them was not a military ruler and and again you you have which you have to deal with this because as a traditional Jew who references God and the tongue off is you have to deal with the five Tanakh puts forward two different scenarios coming in the clouds of heaven are riding on a donkey where's both of them have been the talk speaks of his exultation, but only after suffering the Tanakh speaks of being rejected by his own people. Isaiah 49 Isaiah 50 and yet becoming a light to the nations. Isaiah 53 is the confession that we thought he was dying for his sins. He was actually dying for our sins. This is all written in our Scripture and then a timeframe that indicates that Michelle had to come before the second Temple was destroyed. When you have a chance with Rashi's commentary to Daniel 924 to 27 and see how he points to the time of of of Harriet, which is the time of the second Temple and in the days of Yeshua and and yet this is one this plan of redemption is post a full look at the the end of of Daniel the second chapter which speaks of the little stone that smashes all the other stones. All the other kingdoms, Rashi explains that the messianic era has to begin during days of the Roman Empire. So it's it's there, it's waiting for us to embrace and when we do, it's it it helps us prepare the way for his return.

Social last point to make.

Since your bod since you are you are believe in infancy to Judaism you understand the concept of decline how long you understand the concept of every day that a Jew performs a mitzvah and is just for my larger audience will perform some of the commandments, he sees the sanctifying things when he puts on to fill in the phylacteries sees sanctify will just be something secular, making it holy and that that the views of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. He that with every Jew is a is a spark. So, if you will. If if if if a man will will will dolphin and put Huntsville in Soho pray and put on trial phylacteries if a woman will like the Sabbath candles of the regional at spark and then if enough happens, like in the Talmud if all of Israel would obey a two consecutive Sabbath, the Messiah would be revealed just turn that around. Now two different concept that doctors with the whole world as we continue to spread the message of Michiana throughout the world that will hasten his return and ultimately as the Jewish people recognize who he is and embrace him.

Then as we welcome him. He will come and establish his kingdom on the earth, so he started to work continues to now and will be completed at that time. See if any of these concepts makes sense to you as you as you give them further thought. All right, thank you very much for the call 86634 should appreciate the dialogue thoroughly and let's grab another call Michael in Payson Arizona.

Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire Michael Brown are you doing today doing very well thank you all for me. I just read your book are not afraid of the antichrist is very helpful, very, very well written. Thank you for that will thank you, and then set my thanks to Craig Keener, my fellow authors there.

Yes right what I have a question about Jerusalem. Actually, the new heaven familiar you are the new Jerusalem and this might be somewhat of a remedial question but am a little embarrassed that I can't really find an answer that probably will have an answer for you from two different questions but go ahead along on Genesis 12 God promises Abraham that the land of Israel will be an everlasting possession for you.

Then we we read in Revelation 20 and by the way, I believe that actual millennium will cry full Google world 4000 years in Jerusalem, but Christ returns and he/she sets up his millennial kingdom in Revelation 20.

It also says that the end of the thousand years, the heavens and the earth will be done away with and that there will be new heaven and new earth and new Jerusalem.

And I'm having trouble reconciling how the promise to Abraham in Genesis 12 makes it an everlasting possession when the heavens and the earth pass away and is replaced by New Jersey to soothe the.

The simple answer for you and I proceeded to question is that the word everlasting in English has a certain meaning which is always eternal in our thinking.

But the Hebrew equivalence can can speak of long periods of time or no if I say this car is yours always, it is always yours right well at certain point you know a thousand years from now that Karzai could be here euro 100 years like that car won't exist anymore will have deteriorated no junk somewhere so what God is saying it's always it's it's as long as the earth is here that your that your dwelling place when there is a new heaven and a new earth, then it's it's a whole new situation in memory when dealing with the same realities.

You don't just like the that the the slave that says I love my master and I want to serve here for in Hebrews forever right that is the rest of his life, went to the Jubilee year so forever. Sometimes this means really long period of time. And in Hebrew.

You know all alarm the primary word used, so when speak about God's nature.

You are from everlasting to everlasting like Psalm 90 that study medicine eternal nature one is talking about just promises made in this world it's it's it's for good euro escape its calico marriage vow if you said I honey I'm yours forever what your making a bow in this world is as long as we both shall live. This what you're saying. So you're putting too much meaning into the word everlasting as if it meant eternal for all ages was saying is, is Lozier this year on promise you this Lantus is always yours. It's yours for good in them. In this new heavens and new earth is so whole wonderful new scene. We don't need the borders of the wars in the military or any other so just don't over interpret the word everlasting. That's all. It just means close earth this year is yours and then the new have a new earth will be some amazing new situations, but that's consistent with use of alarm in the Bible, which again. Sometimes this means the distant future, or as far as the eye can see. Or a good long while. This always have to mean eternal in that sense. But thanks rescue nothing remedial about hate everyone on the line right now that I cannot get to.

If you calling tomorrow Rachel is taking careful note of your names if you calling tomorrow we will get your first will bump your head today.

Those try to do that on Thursday right to be blessed.

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