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One Nation Under God?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 24, 2020 4:20 pm

One Nation Under God?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 24, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/24/20.

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So can we have liberty and justice for all for not a nation, under God's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866343866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I fully understand that Pledge of Allegiance was not written until 92 in America, and I recognize that the words under God were not added until 1954 under the Eisenhower administration, but the pledge speaks of liberty and justice for all.

Can there be truly liberty and justice for all. For nomination, under God, I don't mean a theocracy. I don't mean clergy running the nation.

I don't mean enforcing the Bible on the nation but I mean if we are not largely a God-fearing God honoring nation can we have liberty and justice for all. Obviously, my answer is no.

Walking to the broadcast Michael Brown here, 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 got a ton of ground to cover with talk about the Pledge of Allegiance controversy the Democratic national convention were gonna focus on the question of a nation under God with that means what that implies. We got some footage to show you play for you all today and I will get your feedback ready, 866-348-7884 when it comes to the November elections. If there was one issue number one issue for which you were voting it could be as simple as on pro-life. It could be as simple as I don't like Donald Trump doesn't have to be profound, lengthy but the number one thing could be if we don't vote this way the nation knows this waiver. Whatever it is I don't put words in your mouth, but the number one thing at the top your list when it comes to voting in November for the president. Everyone on all sides, emphasizing what a momentous election it is and ultimately recognizing as I've said before, if you believe Trump is the man at best. Four more years of Donald Trump is just a respite during which the church must awaken in impact the nation was will continue to see collapse come and trumpet is best is not the savior of America.

If you think of Democratic candies is better. How was I can address the massive deep issues in America we need national revival and awakening at the same time there are many implications with the election so what's your take.

When comes the November when you go to vote.

What's the number one issue that will decide if you vote for Trump, Biden, someone else or not vote at all with the number one issue 866-34-TRUTH published an article over the weekend that addresses this question about liberty and justice will Keller be liberty and justice role if we are not a nation under God its titles posted on know liberty and justice role if we are not a nation under God and his with the founding fathers wrote just to remind you we hold these trees to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Okay, so why are they self-evident based on what human beings dealing with other human beings. None of the self-evident human beings. It's the survival of the fittest. Like every other race like the evolutionary concept, you take God out of the equation. It's ultimately me and mine hours first because we are by nature selfish and loving your neighbor as yourself is not the natural instinct of human beings and obviously we are starving the first using was freeing yourself that's it's understandable human nature.

So where are will get the idea of rights we get to give rights, life, liberty, pursue happiness, because there's a creator rights so this is a foundational truth in some of her earliest documents to repeat. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men were created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So this is by the will of the creator. Samuel Adams said this, he said that his first claiming that the rights of Collis quote may be best understood by reading and carefully studying the institutes of the great lawgiver in the head of the Christian church. Jesus which are to be found.

Clearly written and promulgated in the New Testament.

So if you want to understand where our rights come from that. That's what he's that's what he saying here. Scroll down the article Samuel Adams wrote this he said the general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy, while the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued but when once they lose their virtue. They will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.

Consider us right there right now surrendering our liberties putting ourselves in bondage to the forces of of the flesh and the world and ready to be taken if we don't awaken right so president Trump tweeted out that the DNC Democrat National convention left out under God when the pledge was recite what that was inaccurate in terms of the corporate meetings when they recited the pledge at the beginning of their their meetings each night.

They use the full pledge with words underdog but there were two panel discussions, what was omitted. First, in a in a gay lesbian form and second most informed now must inform when you when you hear it may be the gentleman just missed it did have the right textured and have it memorized. But when it comes to the gay and lesbian one listen if you're watching it's even more clear. Check this out now everybody if you don't have a flag I have flags here right friendly place your hand over your heart. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America into the Republic for which it stands one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Okay, so this was an LGBT Q caucus meeting and the individual citing the pledge when it comes to underdog just nods leaving that part out quite intentionally quite in intentionally not listen in the Muslim caucus and it's debatable whether this was done intentionally or just an oversight. Let's listen.

I didn't flag of the United States of America and to the Republic over there stands one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

It appears he was reading it.

Maybe not, but it could be that whoever wrote it for him. Left it out intentionally or he memorized it incorrectly and was just a glitch either. Either way, it got attention in the first one was absolutely definitely intentional leaving out under God right now in this panel discussion. LGBT Q caucus. There was one individual will give this individual's bio in a moment. But listen to what this individual is calling for in terms of abolishing police and things like that about the real problem is not just why God DNC patient population on website about abolishing the police abolishing I talked about abolishing present okay so abolishing the police abolishing prisons abolishing ice.

So who was this individual while they are involved in LGBT Q activities at Wake Forest University. Let's take a look at the page. Let's look at some of the bios of some of the people involved at Wake Forest of first is Dr. Ajay Ms. Doris.

This is not the individual. We just heard a James Arthur director LGBT Q plus center and assisted by print price present for equitable policy office of diversity of inclusion diverse inclusion means they way or the highway basically okay so Dr. Ajay Ms. Doris. They then there's you see what is that mean means documents.

Doris does not like to be referred to as he or she. But as they were them, or theirs is the founding director of the LGBT Q plus center wafers University where they also teach the Department of women's gender and sexuality studies.

That was our service as part of the University's diverse inclusion leadership team is committed to creating institutional welcome supports and engages everyone to their fullest potential. That was ours is a PhD in American studies from Brown University in Providence were on word. They were honored to hold the Jacob Javits Fellowship and US Department of education their teaching and research focus on LGBT Q history, queer theory, public history, and gender studies, the sum of the profs friends teaching your kids in college and university. Okay, now let's scroll down and let's look at the bio for Jay my that's the one we just saw in the LGBT Q Democratic caucus calling for the evolution of police, prison and ice Jay my gym. I preferred pronouns they them is a black Vietnamese, transgender, non-binary gender transcendent mermaid queen and king currently living out of their ever evolving truth in Winston-Salem, North Carolina sleeping on the screen here for minute I am not making this up. I am not mocking I am simply saying this is the insanity that we have warned about the social insanity. The gender insanity.

Once you get away from male and female he created them. We warned about it for years who sought this coming if I told you just a few years ago, people will be identifying as transgender non-binary gender transcendent mermaid queen King: living out there every evolving truth in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, or read all, a recently licensed minister in the progressive National Baptist church.

J receives their bachelors in sociology and women's gender six roasters at Wake Forest University is currently working for semester in the van at Wake Forest University school of Divinity and it goes on. May God touch these individuals whose names I just mentioned are they truly come to know God and me.

They understand who they genuinely are and who God made them to be friends. This is where society is going. This is on university campuses. Friends and we're just supposed to accept this okay raise a hand with me know. I don't accept this is normal. I will have compassion on those who struggle to better believe I will not conform my universe to the gender transcendent mermaid king and queen ideology. Sorry saga happened over and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 86634 true here again is Dr. Michael Brown yeah seen from one of the riots in America, there is someone I guess a woman in a dress up looks like a white woman proclaiming black lives matter beating a bucket as the guillotine burns and there's a pigs head on a stick.

The pig obviously a symbol of police some of the chaos that we been speaking about this is something from below, not from above.

This is the anarchy that we been warning about with the Bible speaks of his lawlessness. This is what is growing and rising. We separate this from grieving protests. We separate this from people crying out for righteousness when there seems to be non-or challenging the system.

When the system doesn't seem to work the same for everyone.

Those are valid things we look at an address. While we simultaneously categorically reject the madness.

The anarchy diluting the violence, the burning the threatening we categorically reject that is from below, not from above. By the way, by the way, when I say we been warning I've been sounding the alarm for years about where things are going in the side plenty of things I don't know animals can win the election in November 20 things catch me off guard like everybody else liked coronavirus for example I can tell you the development side unfold in detail next few years in the Middle East.

I don't know what can happen with Russia and China and plenty of things I will know for everything I do know there's a time of things. I don't know but there are things we been steady will even some of the alarm or we have been raising our voices and and saying that we are heading in a dangerous direction and and one is with the overwhelming push about gender identity confusion, 866-34-TRUTH 866-3487 84 simple question comes to voting in November which are number one factor when you however this is going to go with pull the handle with you.

Fill in the blank. Whether you send in a ballot. However, it's going to go with me the number one issue and if that issue. Change you would vote differently. In other words, what candidate you're voting for what candidate your voting against or why like to hear from you and find out okay so went when I wrote the book queer thing happen to America came out in 2011, but I worked on with research interaction do my best to understand and be compassionate was over six year period that I put the book together 700 pages 1500 endnotes and the last chapter was about GL BT and beyond in those days the G came before the Elven it, it switched pretty much universally and we talked about where things are ready, going on the gender confusion and and two men who now identify as women or two women and identifies man and then had a child different way in the trials been raise a certain way at this one: Sosa gender outlaw ill mail by day female by night and just talked about what happens when you you lose your your your your sites.

Your trajectory gets off and it was just like those of you who been involved in in marksmanship or things like that been involved in shooting or things like that which I haven't which understand the principal if you just a tiny bit off from from you got your angle slightly off when you shoot that bullet or she's that rocket. The further he goes, the further off target. It is in the thing just gets further and further and further off, so when we get away from simple foundations which start with God as our Creator God as our judge will begin away from that friends we we fall into all types of moral and spiritual and social confusion. So in the same way that you can have liberty and justice for all and less your God-fearing unless you recognize that God created us in his image that every human being is sacred in his sight that every human being has inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and The Pursuit of Happyness. She started, they argue, just to have bondage or bondage to say we its labor in American history us with these principles would help us work against these principles will help us continue to work against sinful attitudes, injustice, racism, whatever.

In America, in the same way when you get away from that foundation of God created us male and female in his image, male and female, then you end up with all kinds of confusion.

People say on the gender blunder destroy them all in a blender and see what comes out and then just comes whatever we happen to feel on a given day.

Literally people say if I feel like this identifies the speculate that identify that I don't hate people like that why I hate the anger them. I hurt for them. What angers me is when now. This will be an proposed on others with the struggles of a few will be imposed on everyone else.

That's what grieves me 866-34-TRUTH gonna grab a few calls and then a bunch more things we want to talk about including Lucifer being number one in America.

What finance there okay will start in Chapel Hill, North Carolina Mark, how you voting and why Dr. Brown I'm deftly going to be testing my boat work. Pres. Trump again. The Democratic Party platform be built off of the end of Romans one total depravity. I honestly don't know how you can be a Christian and vote for the parties at this point time what what would be at the top of your list is the most grievous aspects of the credit reporting platform that's hard.

I think it's a time between sexual immorality and abortion and they just go hand-in-hand. The immorality you need abortion to get rid of what they call the consequent will recall God's gift.yeah all clear. Hey Mark, thank you for weighing in exactly as I asked you may have a different perspective radically different or totally saying that's fine, 866-348-7884 look as we been talking in recent weeks. If you just need to us on America's voice welcome to check out my website Esther to SK DR Brown.orc center for emails and only write five op-ed pieces week put out our daily radio show five days week additional video so tons of SK DR but as we been saying no matter how good founding principles were America still dealing with human beings. How many of you have been through a painful experience of the church.

The church had great beliefs. The church was basing things on the Bible, and yet people failed. How many of us in our lives have had lofty standards affirmed. This is good this is right and yet because of human weakness. We fall short. So in that sense, of course, America's never been a totally Christian nation, not not close to that. Obviously the principles that helped us be special in anyways. The principles that helped us overcome some of our inherent weaknesses and sins. Those principles or biblically based, that is not calling for a theocracy, a theocracy is where clergy rules over the nation and enforces the religious values of that faith on the nation.

For example, in Iran you have a theocracy. Oh yes, you have an elected leader.

That leader himself being a Muslim, then you have the supreme leader Solis Khomeini. Then come in a suit you have those leading and then Islamic law is in force of the women have to wear veils so what's the difference between that Christians wanted to see abortion illegal okay number one we are calling for votes recalling for righteous decisions, the Supreme Court, we believe erred in the decision made it raw. It will wrong Lisa working for the courts to overturn that were looking for votes for bills. To change the tide on that and then ultimately we see this as the slaughter of the unborn.

So, do you agree there should be laws against murder. We all do right. So in the same way if you see this is the slaughter of the unborn, or harm being done to the unborn and extreme weight even even if you don't put the unborn on the same level support because the child is not born yet you talk to people helping you still recognize it is as wrong and destructive and harmful to a another wife were becoming thistle that would be the difference but we're not saying everyone must go to church on Sunday, or everyone must set aside the Sabbath on Saturday or everyone, mostly by the dietary laws or women are required no were not saying that you must wear a veil act when not advocating for theocracy were saying is that America's greatness whatever it is that is helped us to be a nation that is become a world leader. The most powerful nation on the planet that what is helped us to be the best we can be is these biblically-based principles and to the extent God is distorted from our consciousness starting among believers starting in the church, starting with Christian leaders.

To the extent that we are not God conscious. The nation will not be God conscious when Jesus saith the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness so we who are to shine the light must make the difference. As I've said endlessly for years. I'm not so much concerned with the presence of darkness is much as with the absence of light. We come back will will talk about the devil. Yeah, we'll talk about Lucifer how popular Lucifer is in America takes more calls as well and more catch up ON a maddening, maddening, fake headline. The 66337885 line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get another minor file now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

No, first on 519. It's as we are of God, little children with the whole world was the power of the evil one, and Jesus speaking to Jewish men who did not believe in him.

John 844 frames is that you are of your father the devil desires of your father you will do with as he was a liar for the beginning was a murderer from the beginning.

That's who he is. Anything that's a state of the human race that rejects God will take on these negative characteristics while I do believe there's a little creature called Satan the devil deceiver adversary.

I do believe that it is good reason for believing that scripturally and even experientially. Yeah, there, and I also believe that we cannot blame him for choices we make.

The devil made me do it.

No, I made a choice.

I may been influenced by the devil. I may been influenced by people my surroundings, but I make the choice ultimate you make the choice ultimately and if we find ourselves in slave like you might be enslaved to a drug order, gambling or something you make choices that got you enslaved. You may want to get out now and don't know how but you make choices that got you enslaved during the destructive relationship.

Whatever it is, so a friend of mine asked me if I'd seen a particular documentary on Netflix and in the arid, probably few months longer but it was about religious Jews that had left the fold and I started watching it way back when it came out. I thought you not think I finished it.

So I got a go to Netflix and what do I see on the screen okay, check this out there. It is Lucifer. So when I when I read more about this it's it's a show about Satan gets bored being king of hell. Whatever he decides to move to Las Vegas, Los Angeles. Something apparently was on Fox for a few years and they got dropped the Netflix picked it up. It's become popular. So here's Mrs. Lucifer number one in the US today is the devil, but don't hold that against him. He also help solve murders and runs 1H LL of a nightclub Lucifer number one in the US today so I don't funnel about the show I watched it I don't know if it's absently filthy and miserable and demonic, or if it's more comedic that he's the doubt. I don't know okay hotline that that set a lot today, jumped off the page at me. Lucifer number one in the USA today what we see happening when we see violence as receiving when we see massive polarization hatred when we see forces of destruction at work in all different sides and you coupled with that couple that with the the deep problems in the morals of our society to take the epidemic of porn that boys tennis either getting exposed on a regular basis and just unsinkable stuff the madness of the society that is saying that a lot of Americans are going to devil's way more than God's way.

It's when there's that little hatred we have towards each other were going to devil's way more than God's way and one of the things that God hates the most is the shedding of innocent blood. We talked about abortion were to look at them anytime, but what about this murder, the amount of bloodshed, murder we have in America.

The receipt because human beings are created in God's image.

Because of that, therefore, taking human life is is very different to take an animal life is right before the show.

I was walking in the hallway and saw a bug lay on the floor look dead barely move and picked it up and threw it out and I think a minimal crime I didn't get on going to Breslin but it was almost about finished notes a bug bug shouldn't be in the building but human beings different and there are things here. The attack on children. The assault on children is an evil thing.

This is a demonic thing. Nothing more precious and innocent than a little child, the amount of sex trafficking.

The amount of child abuse.

The, the entertainment that is made available to little children that is so polluting and destructive and the tearing up of families and rampant divorce that continues in fatherlessness and so many homes and and on and on.

These are direct assaults on children more than anything they end up the victims more than anyone, and it is just yet another reason that we need to get on our knees and get on her face.

Is this a God have mercy in America we are hurting more than we realize I'm I'm finishing a book scheduled to come out next May on the theme of what happens when seems a car fails to that is really there the Bible true the agonizing questions people go through and in one chapter was dealing with questions about morality in the Bible in stoning adulterers permissible to death without one this year. These penalties would be very common in the ancient world.

They strike us as immoral. But then I paint a picture of our society in America today across the board said we actually have it the right to judge that society and silicate us.

Look at how moral we aren't done or self-righteous gnosis of them, absolutely not right.

I just moments ago posted this poll on twitter so it's just getting the first responses.

Now when it comes to the November elections. What is the number one factor in your vote and there obviously overlaps is curious to see how people would land first choice a specific issue that's in, the more thing, abortion for many work some of some other issue. For some it could be criminal justice system for what don't notice the specific issue that's that's the number one thing to look at. Second is a bit more broad party platforms. This obviously overlaps. Everything is just one issue with a number of issues what what about auntie Trump was going to get ready Trump will want Trump or what if it's just I don't want Biden by Harris so we again we just started the pole moments ago.

During the first hundred something votes 37.5% say specific issue 44.2% say party platforms 5.8% say auntie Trump I can see about truths thirds maybe 70% of those who follow me on Twitter voted for Trump in 2016 to give context here, so auntie Trump 5.8% auntie Biden 12.5%.

What would give an update at the end of the show, 866-34-TRUTH what's what's your number one issue comes to vote because this again all sides agree major major vote.

Okay, let's switch subjects here and let me take a deep breath because this stuff is maddening and what you do if you don't have a platform like I do the get from the world and write and speak and share your TV, radio, Internet writing what you do is frustrating for me and I have a platform where you don't have a platform can be very difficult sometimes I look at news reports and adjust.

Come on, you look at think where's the fairness was the accuracy and I see it on all sides. So check out this story right there.

Check out this headline here.

There is a man who was confronting pro-life group in front of Planned Parenthood right and he pulls a gun on them and he threatens them so there doing what they do praying streetside counseling doing what they do legally peacefully.

Okay guy comes up to harass them. He pulls a gun on he threatens them and here's the headline from Associated Press Delaware police arrest man was gone at Planned Parenthood but let me repeat that this was the headline, Associated Press, which goes out very widely Delaware police arrest man with gone at Planned Parenthood. Okay, you see that headline what you think what you immediately think while some pro-lifer came with the guns.

Planned Parenthood some crazy pro-lifers out to kill somebody some pro-lifer almost killed the doctor. Some pro-lifer shows up at Planned Parenthood probably Republican conservative white Trump supporter and an shows up at Planned Parenthood really kill somebody with a gun. These poor Planned Parenthood workers is not what you think now I just search on Google. I put in that headline and check this out with when you start scrolling down AP news right this or when abolitionists top one Delaware police arrest man with Delaware police arrest man with gone at Planned Parenthood. Okay, now another one Delaware man charged with pulling gone on abortion process okay so that's that's got little bit better accuracy.

The Washington Post Delaware police arrest man with gun at Planned Parenthood. Delaware police arrest man with gone at Planned Parenthood just looking random websites, a Washington taught even the Washington Times, which is conservative Delaware police arrest man was gone at Planned Parenthood and on and on it goes. This is out there.

This gets out there and him reading the actual story Jerome and discover for Ensco 31, was arrested Friday after allegedly approaching a group of pro-life activists demonstrating a set of Planned Parenthood abortion clinic starting an argument with them in and pulling out a firearm and threatening the group with harm police. It after the threats the pro-life demonstrators called the Dover police W MN NDT reports police said they responded to the parking lot of Planned Parenthood after receiving calls from a group of pro-life demonstrators that a man, later identified as a Jerome and Escoto pulled a handgun on the group police at Annas going to the public sidewalks are in the automotive group. He then pulled out a black handgun made a threatening statement to them police that they located the empty holster in the center console of the car and found the black 9 mm handgun in the trunk of the car and on and on it goes. This is really maddening fake news, fake headlines in the what you start calling out fake news than the true news you can dismiss it it is it is a spirit of deception is the spirit of lying is a spirit of misinformation and it's just this this attitude whatever it is that motivates people to do this.

It is so destructive and and once the thing is out you have you have some myth about the White House, the government, whatever previous administration. Once that myth is out. It's out and once it circulates it, it becomes dogma.

People just believe it.

It is frightening to watch in front of her us with all of the checks and balances.

We have with all the ability that the search and find out for ourselves.

Still fake news, fake headlines dominate the thinking and it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I more recent events writhing in Kenosha, Wisconsin black man shot seven times in the back. Somehow survived is in serious condition, his children, three children were in the vehicle that he was getting into when he was shot in the back so right, so raging in Kenosha and in the scenes that we seen across America now we don't know is all the details that we don't know. Correct. Now maybe later in the week whether Thompson will watch this.

More details will got now we understand this man was trying to break a dispute between two women in the community.

Police recall when he would not respond to the police they tased him. That didn't stop him. He some report one reports it had a knife they were telling to drop the knife but what you can see the video he ignores the police. He walks past the money goes to get his car in the pockets on the back that were they afraid he was reaching for a weapon with a been a totally different scene. If we simply comply with the police because he wasn't a guilty party. There is, is another example of police brutality or black man being targeted. Those are all questions that need to be addressed. Thankfully, he's not dead. Thankfully, that hopefully makes a full recovery of amazing shot that many times and and survive.

Hopefully, for his sake and sickness family makes a full recovery. And they truth the merger may justice be done with this is yet another another match thrown in a vat of gasoline that Center City is ready to explode and things are only going to get more intense and less church leaders lead the way and the fear of God, sit down, side-by-side and hear each other out and have forums where people can air their grievances and ultimate people understand each other over there coming from and then appeals made to justice authorities and everything for righteousness for fair investigations and on and on but this is were sitting on a pattycake you knew who does not know that we are sitting on a powder keg just to update on my twitter pole Cisco back there and see where things are at.

Just get a few more votes in yeah printing the same way. 35% say we comes to vote. The specific issue 45.6% party platforms 5.6%. There will still be an anti-Trump will 13.9% say an anti-Biden vote, Kate one more example of some of the social madness. The comparisons that are being made.

The suggestions that America is like not see German as a Jewish follower of Jesus that that statement is deeply offensive to me. Knowing the horrors of the Holocaust.

Having studied what happened in Nazi Germany. Knowing the incredible destruction of so many lives to you and non-Jew alike over your as a result of World War II. Take Japan out of it was still horrifically lucky because of the Nazis and their murderous ideology. Knowing what conditions were like in Germany so Jamel Hill post this. She writes for the Atlantic, which is a prominent publication and elsewhere. She says been reading Isabel Wilkerson's new book cast and if you're of the opinion that United States wasn't nearly as bad as Nazi Germany. How wrong you are can't encouragement enough to read this masterpiece out when you say this if this was Nazi Germany and she put out a public statement like that criticizing the leadership criticizing the nation, calling out his evil that might be the last thing she redid us a free will just just for the record, the realities Nazi Germany and and you ask what happened to men like Bonhoeffer and and others that stood against the Nazis and spoke out against the Nazis and he was just part of a resistance movement that wanted to literally get rid of in a field so orthodox to representative from New York of hell kind posted a response to this which really says it all. Reminder for Jamel Hill about just a few of the differences between America and Nazi Germany and it's very powerful graphic what's the difference on the left Nazi concentration/extermination camps on the right American migrant detention centers and there is a list and then the Nazi side all checked in and in the green and the other side all checked in red exes. So here's the checklist let's compare Nazi Germany and America gas chambers yes and Nazi Germany know here crematorium. Yes, there are no just go through list firing squads, forced labor, starvation, beatings, smash babies against walls, electrified Bob wire fencing for inmates to shave all here appropriate all belongings tattoo ID number on arms, remove gold, silver, teeth inadequately an adequate clothing in cold, no shoes, no bathrooms hygiene no doctors forced long marches on ice and not on the list goes but friends. This is the rhetoric the South. There and and people buy into it and then that fuel some of the madness of the protests and it is a path to self-destruction.

Here's an interesting question to ask and if you don't know me well for years I've been writing books about the church in America needing to repent writing books about the sins of America.

So in that sense I identify more with the prophetic voices of the Bible preaching repent then identify with the political pundit okay so I am not one here that is blind to the faults and failures of America or to the faults and failures of the church in America. All right I I'm not blind to that I don't downplay that I don't diminish any of any of however there is a reason that more people want to move to America than any other country in the world. There's a reason that we have to deal with immigrants coming in illegally. People coming in better ultimately not going to blend into recycling and undermine our society. There is a reason that immigrants will pour into America and there not say trying to pour into China the same way or point to Russia the same way or point to Mexico to the south of us to Canada to the north is different countries get immigrants when a countries like Germany and European countries have absorbed many immigrants from from Africa.

We understand Israel is faced with a problem of people like him great air all understood the bottom line, though simple, more people want to immigrate to America. Excuse me. That's a first year more people when immigrate to America than any other nation positive all of the opportunities being because of the doors that are open, the opportunities for employment. The opportunities for education the opportunities for bettering one's life.

The freedoms it if this was such an evil ugly horrific country people would be fleeing much more quickly than Embry. I've spoken outside of America around 200 different trips so thousands of messages but outside of America about 200 different trips and been to many many different countries and spent combined months of time. Different countries and every nation is flawed. Every nation a strengths and weaknesses.

America is no different.

When I say is let's be appreciative of the liberties we can you have let's be appreciative of the opportunities that we have and let's use them for good.

Let's let's use them to bring about positive change, rather than constantly complaining about what's wrong with use the freedoms and liberties we have to bring about positive change.

So once again come back to where we started a nation under God, there is the famous story from the Tallman traditional Jewish literature that one of the rabbis was dying first century rabbit rub on your thing on Ben's icon, and as he lay dying his disciples, and asked him blessed less than an he wishes that the fear of heaven would be on them like the fear of man watch what a reverse strange blessing while the thought is when the thief goes out to steal that way about God, seeing him as were about people seeing some ghost commit adultery to make sure no one's watching the affair that were not on CNN.

There were about people soon because fear of people and the consequences of people knowing is far greater to them. The fear of God, knowing the consequences of God.

In effect, it's the reverse.

The biggest issue is God sees and God knows all in one day will all stand before him, and give account. That's the biggest issue for every single one of us got us whether you believe in his existence are not his reality remains on changed but that was the blessing he was given all that you would fear God, the way you for your people as we are so conscious of how we live and what we do because what people think.

What about gobble thing let us treat one another, we would have us treat one another and ultimately it's to our good as well. America doesn't fear honor God's America that will not have liberty and justice

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