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Dr. Brown Interviews Jonathan Cahn on the Harbinger II

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 20, 2020 11:43 am

Dr. Brown Interviews Jonathan Cahn on the Harbinger II

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 20, 2020 11:43 am

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/19/20.

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I'm going to speak with Jonathan Khan about his brand new book, Harbinger.

It's time for the Line of Fire with your host. Activist, author, international speaker and theologian, Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice of moral, cultural and spiritual revolution. Michael Brown is the director of the Coalition of Conscience and President of Fire School of Ministry. Get into the line of fire now by calling eight six six three four. True, Drew. That's eight six six three four truth. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

When The Harbinger was published and released and instantly became a New York Times bestseller and stayed that way for a year, I knew that something miraculous and unusual was happening. I knew that my friend Jonathan Cohn, the sanctuary's leader, was known in our movement, and it did on Sid Roth's TV show. But I also knew there was no logical explanation for the book skyrocketing and staying where it did unless God was seeking to bring a wakeup call to America. A word of warning. And that's what the harbinger was all about. Now, Jonathan, as a brand new book coming out September 1st, I've got my advanced reader copy right here, The Harbinger to the return. There's also going to be a major repentance event a little later in September called The Return and is one of Jonathan's books is about to come out. He gets in massive demand for interviews. But here is people will contact me first and say, hey, which like a whole hour and we'll do one of the first interviews. So you're going to hear it first right here today on the line of fire with my guest, Jonathan Kahn. Jonathan, welcome back to the line of fire.

Michael, always a blessing and honored to be with you.

So before we get to the harbinger, to how astounded were you with what happened with the Harbinger when it first came out?

Well, in one sense, it blew me away and I mean, it changed everything, and on all day I'm still like, whoa, Lord, what do you know?

Where am I? This. At the same time, I did believe I mean, the wave came to me. I did believe I had no doubt that it was the Lord and that it came to me. I no doubt the message was the Lord and even the way the message became a book. Won't go into it. But it was totally supernatural encounter in an airport that caused the harbinger to become a book. Lord, just that I was praying, Lord, you do it. So I knew the Lord was going to do it. I knew that he was going to get the word out. I didn't have any doubt about that. But you know what happened and all the things around it. Just like you, you know, saying, my lord, wow. You know, so. So I. So it's a mix. On one hand I knew was a lord, but I know how he's going to do it. But what when. Then what happened? Bloomy waits and has not stopped blowing me away to this day.

And each book you've published since then has become an international bestseller. Then God's open these outrageous doors from speaking to the United Nations to Congress, etc.. So it's it's amazing. And again, when people would ask me, well, just about what you think about the contents of the Harvard, you agree with everything I'd say, gosh, trying to get our attention. God's trying to get our attention. And you've been riding that wave. And if you stand the word, you continue to pray. You can junkie to shake with holy fear for America. What is the harbinger to reveal?

Yeah, well, the the harder, too, is we had a very critical time and before this all happened, before this whole this pandemic broke on air and everything that's happened, which which is linked to this, I was getting a very strong sense of this. And and the harbinger to is is is where are we right now? Well, what has happened? First of all, you know what has happened since the Harbinger has this template of national judgment in the Bible. Has it progressed? Has a continued. Is that why we are where we are now? Is what's happening a sign of that? Are we approaching judgment? Are we approaching a fall on? Are we. And if so, how? How long do we have and what are we to do? What are God's people to do in the midst of it? Is there hope at the same time? So. So it's all those things. And it this is a book really that was I held back on writing for at least eight years until the Lord really said the time is now.

All right. So for those that didn't read The Harbinger, what what was the main thrust of that book and what would you say has come to pass since you've written it?

Yeah, well. Well, the harbinger is is opening up a biblical template, revealing that what happened in the last days of ancient Israel, which when they turned away from God, a nation that a known God turned away from him, these signs of judgment appear in the land. And that is the harbinger is showing that the same signs or the nine harbingers, they aren't general, they're very specific, have appeared now on American soil. And the template of of warning and judgment always goes through this this this pattern where there is a first and initial strike on the land. There's a shaking and it but it's contained. It's limited, but it's a shaking and God's warning. And he's trying to basically call the nation back to basically avert the total destruction. And so it happened with ancient Israel and 732 B.C. when there's a strike on the land by the Assyrians. But it was limited. And that's what the warning is. And that's where the harbingers appear. It happened with chuda in six or five, with a first strike with with Babylon. And then but later on came the judgment. So. So that is that is the opening of it. And the harbingers that appeared then have appeared. I mean, with specificity in America, in New York City and all those things. So. So. So that's where it began. But now, Mike, I knew when I wrote The Harbinger that there was gonna be I had to write. There was gonna be a follow up. There's gonna be a sequel. But I knew that I could not write it until that time. And I was praying about it last year. I'm just praying about what's the next book, Lord? And that's what I got. Clearly, it's it's this. And I well, it really was even ready for it. But I had a very strong sense that I shared it at Beth Israel congregation up here in way New Jersey a shared that I believe this year. I talked about shaking, great shaking coming. And I believe that was gonna be the resuming of this biblical template, the shakings resuming. And so I'll I'll give you I mean, I'll get into the specifics. They'll just right now just say this. There is a chapter in The Harbinger that's called Things to Come. And it speaks about this template that, you know, you have the initial shaking, then you have the you have years, a window of time where the nation is given a chance to come back to God or or head a revival or head to judgment, as happened with Israel more than once. And so, America, we've been in this window and and it talks about in the harbinger things really. It talks about what happens at the end of the window or talks about the shakings that are going to come. And it talks about specific kinds of shakings. And it even gave us the timing. And I'm not saying that I knew for sure this, but I knew the template. And so and I'll I'll I'll shut up. I promise I'll get into it when we get to there. But the thing is that it even pinpoints the timing that so much so that I knew for years I was watching the year 2020 and saying, boy, is this is this going to follow? And it has the hero shaking it. I promise I will show how. But but so. Yeah. So I knew this was the time.

So, you know, you and I have sat together and talked. Yes. The two of us. Nobody else. They're off the air. And there is this holy fear that we have and we see the nation being shaken. We know that mercy is being offered. And yet so many seem oblivious, not just in the world, but in the church. So obviously, through a harbinger in other books, are the messengers there? There is that that sense of of stirring awakening. More and more people realize that something is wrong. But my concern now, Jonathan, is that if if the virus subsides and the riots subside and some other things subside, that we kind of go back to life as normal, which would be a tragic mistake.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that well, that's that's that is the pattern to that. And that's also about the pattern in Israel. That's what happened. You know, you you have it. You have the crisis and then. OK, Lloyd. And then and then it goes back and then people forget the look on. Yeah, I know that. I mean, you know this. We have not seen it. I mean, there have been pockets of revival, but we have not seen a national turning. We have not seen a gigantic move of this. And that's what we're praying for. But the thing is that sometimes it takes it takes shakings. I don't know if it's going to go back to normal very soon. I mean, my my sense, though, my feeling is that there is that there's going to be greater shakings. That that's that's my sense that we're at a very critical moment. But we have still not seen it, you know. And so so I believe that's why.

And we've talked and I want to talk more about this with you. But, you know, calling for the return, which is which is in September, which is a national day of prayer and repentance, because without repentance, there's no revival on that. I believe it is. So we have never been at such a crucial moment as this. And I believe it's really life or death that that's that's how serious I believe we're at right now.

Yeah, I'm with you 100 percent. I tremble on the inside constantly because of the state of the nation and how critical things are. We could literally go over a cliff. All right. In the harbinger to you now. Sure. Things that you'd felt seeing years earlier but didn't have the release to. Right. One of the things you talk about has to do with the Pentagon, the mystery of the Pentagon. What's that about?

Yeah. One of the in the Harbage or two is going to it's kind of like three parts. And the first part is the is called the unrevealed. And these are things that I did not say that I could put out. The harbinger was only like a piece of the mysteries that were there, but they relate to what's happening now. On the second part is what's happened since the harbinger, though the signs manifestations Harvinder that have continued up to this day. And the third part is where we are right now. What's happening, what's behind it and where we're heading. So this is part. So I could start just give a taste of some of things there. So I'll tell you what is it. When, when judgment came to ancient Israel, one of the one of the themes of judgment is that God brings the nation back to its foundation. He kind of levels that. He says, I'll bring the wall down. I'll bring it back to its foundation on end. And so you'll with American. And also, he strikes the power of the nation. Now, when 9/11, it was I believe these are almost shadows of what will come if we don't talk about the powers of America. Well, the great powers of America is its military power that that really skyrocket, that really came into its own in 1941 when we entered the Second World War. And we never came out of being a superpower. We we that we never stopped, that we became a military superpower of the world so that the key place or building was represented. Was the Pentagon on and the Pentagon was built in 1941 at this very moment that America was about to rise. So it's the beginning of this picolo rise of American power in that way. The foundation. That's the foundation. When was it built? They broke the ground on the land of the Pentagon. They began on 9/11. September 11th, the Pentagon was birthed on September 11th law. It all comes back to the foundation. Long before 9/11 was a day of calamity. It was the day of the beginning of American power of this kind of power. And so, though the warning is that if we do not return to God, it all comes to God. God will remove that power. It will crumble. And I'll just throw this in it. The other part of 9/11 was New York, and that was the economic power of America and the World Trade Center. And, you know, all these symbols of that. Well, that's where America's economic power began. When did New York begin? It was when Henry Hudson discovered it. It was. It began on September 11th. 9/11. So here and even this goes back to the same place the same time. And the warning is that if we do not return to God, it won't just be in symbol. It will be that our power, our prosperity. All that has been America will crumble.

Yeah. Friends, please take hold of these words. As someone that knows Jonathan and those his heart and his shared together with him in public and in private. This is this is not just the talk of of an author who's got a new book out. In fact, it always amazes me as as Jonathan does, tons of interviews, the passion in each one. It's because he and I and many others are shaken to the core, recognizing that it's repent or else it's repent revival or we die then the nation as we know it. It's it's the reality, friends. So we're going to talk more with Jonathan Karl.

She's being released September 1st. Of course, you can order it all over, Wolf. We'll find out the best places to do it, but you can preorder it right now.

Clancy. It's the line of fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get into the line of fire now by calling eight six six three four. True. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Could an ancient mystery predetermining the events of our time? Could it reveal the secret of our future? Our recent events are warning that we are approaching judgment. How much time do we have left? New York Times best selling author Jonathan Kohn releases the book that reveals what could not be revealed until now. The harbinger to the return embark on an epic journey to uncover the mysteries and revelations that are changing the world and will change your life. You will never see the world the same again. Prepare to be blown away.

All right. My guest, Jonathan Kohn, the brand new book out September 1st, The Harbinger to Jonathan even before the date, September 11th that is now etched in American history. Two thousand one. There was September 11th and a one year study Bible that tie them with an important prophetic first. Tell us about that.

Yeah, and this is something like that. I had no idea of when I wrote The Harbinger and just all them war, how you know, this is the Lord's thing, not mine. On the day of 9/11, when when, you know, before everything happened, came on America, before the military knew, before the intelligence departments knew, believers were all over America were opening up their Bibles and they were opening up to the Harbinger Scriptura. I'm calling it that Isaiah nine 10. And I say and I ten is if you read Harbinger. That is the key that has the harbingers in it.

It's it speaks about the context. Is the strike that initial strike, the beginning of the nation's judgment has come on the land. And the people say the bricks are falling. The other that buildings have collapsed. The trees, the sycamore has been struck down. But basically saying we're not going to repent. We're gonna come back a defiance and stronger than ever without God. And so that is the context of it. Well, it was being read all over the land before it happened. And the reason is there's a there's many of you will know it is the one year battle and the one year Bible is the Bible that appoints verses for, you know, every day of what portions of scripture. If you open up that one, your Bible, it's called the one about what anybody can do if they have it, if it's called the one your Bible, to open it up and you open up to the Harbinger Scripture or the Isaiah 910, the beginning of judgment about the enemy attack on the land. You'll see a date on the top of the date. On the top is September 11th. But it was all they are linked before. And this is long before I wrote the Harbinger Board, before I connected anything. I mean, there was any connection for me, but this was their impact up every year on September 11th. Believers all over the world and absolutely America, we're opening up the Bible to the scripture that talks about the attack on the land and was identified with with 9/11. And literally, literally, it speaks about the second war, which is going to be struck down. And one of the signs struck down out of it, they were reading it every single year. It was marked together. And the reason it was marked together is just like one of these things, the sovereignty of God. You know, because the what your Bible begins with, you know, Deuteronomy Mazari, a Genesis one is January 1st and then Malachi is that is in December. And so by just by going by that, it it it follows that September 11th was on Isaiah 1910, which is about the strike on the left and on top of that. So it means that this came out in about 1985 or so. So it means for this is this is over 15 years before 9/11 was all there identifying America. Well, 9/11 as linked to a nation that is under judgment. This is the beginning of it, not the end. This is the beginning. It was all there. You talk about the sovereignty of God.

And then what makes it all the more wild is that a congressional leader quotes that verse after the 9/11 tragedy in the opposite way, saying it, we'll rebuild. Totally missing the meaning of it. So that that made it all the more straight. Yeah. Verse then came into the news after the 9/11 attacks.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean. I mean. Yeah. And this is other thing, like I when I was right, when this was coming to me and the harbinger began as I'm standing it you on ground zero and it is just like one piece of the next piece. OK. There just. But I had no I was, it was connecting. I say nine 10 with this, with ground zero with September 11. But I had no idea when I went on when that was happening for months that it was actually proclaimed the next day from Capitol Hill as America's response to 9/11. I no idea. And I was typing into my computer, you know, looking for it. I you know, I eyes eight, nine, 10. And instead of getting the Bible, I get the Congressional Record. Tom Daschle proclaims that when he proclaims that, yeah. He has no idea what he's doing. But you see this you know, you see this in the Bible. I think life is said what he said know prophetic. He had more memos die. He had no idea. So so he's saying this and he's talking about. The tree, the sycamore stripped down. He doesn't realize it's being found that day, it's real. He's talking about the tree that's going to replace another harbinger is going to have it three years later. Pathetic. He taught me what he says. And but here you think he says it's the very last words of his his speech before the world, America's response. And he says he says Isaiah nine 10 is that he recites it word for word.

And then at the end, last words, he says, this is what we will do. And so I believe even that was prophetic, that what Israel did was turn away from God, was defy God. And that's what that it was saying where America was going to go.

Yeah. And at best, after 9/11, the tragedy, the crisis, the shock, churches filled up for a little while and sports stopped for a weekend, basically, and then back to normal life. And as many said, people hit the snooze button. What about the judgment tree? What's that about?

Yeah, well. Well, yeah. I would say I agree. I would say even more than that. Only like, you know, turning. I mean, ok. OK. Not all of it's over. We've gotten much worse.

I mean, yes, you know it. And by the way, I have to say this.

I know I don't say it because we are friends, but I. But, Mike, thank you for what you do. I read your your writings all the time, and you are standing as a prophetic voice. You do it with compassion and you do without compromise like a laser. So I'm just throwing this in. I know you're. But thank you for what you do on and Wheatly. The the. Here. One of the signs. Now this is since 9/11 and we're just touching on. We just touched on one side that was from. But there's more. But once on that has been since 9/11. One of the harbingers was that true. We spoke about it says the sycamore has fallen. But but we will we will plant seeds or in Hebrew, the arrow's tree in its place. Well, they actually did it. A tree appears a sycamore falls at ground zero. They they plant another tree in its place. And that tree is a conifer. It's an area tree from the Bible. And they play two. Exactly. And they're saying we're planting this where the sycamore stood, the tuning. They have no idea what they're doing, but they're doing it. And in the Bible, this is defiance, saying this is we're going to come back, America, come back. Well, what happened? That's a harbinger. What happened to that? To the book? What happened to that? That I believe out of the eight, the seventh harbinger. What happened to that? To the Arab street?

Well, one of one of the signs of the Bible of judgment is the withering away of a tree. And what happened to the tree is called the Tree of Hope. You know, there's America coming back. It started to wither away. They tried to say that no matter what they did, it kept withering. It was like a disease.

I believe it was to represent America. And I believe America has been withering spiritually. It's a standing, but it's disease. And so here that happens. And then another sign of of judgment is the cutting off of services that will cut off the branch of the thing that you see again in the Bible. They literally started cutting off the branches of the tree just because it was disease. And at the same time, I was throwing this in Barack Obama. The president comes down to ground zero and he's reading a scripture on the anniversary of ground of 9/11 and he changes the word. He didn't mean it, but he changed the word. He was what to me? He break God breaks the the bow. In other words, he breaks the weapons and brings blessing on the land. But he changed it to he breaks the bough, which is a sort of judgment, breaks the branch off. And right across the street from him is this tree that's going up. They start breaking the branches off. And the final thing in the Bible is the fall of the of the Arab Spring or the fall of the cedar. The cedar is a strong tree. So it's my it means much more than the fall of a signal. So it's a sign of national judgment. Well, the area is tree of Ground Zero. The trouble actually was actually fell. It was destroyed. And it was destroyed on on a Hebrew holiday. It was destroyed on Passover. And actually, that night and I'm not I don't I'm not one who speaks who speaks most much about this. But that night was that the moon turned blood red. It was an eclipse, which is one of the sign. Not that it's the apocalypse was one of the sides. All of these things, it fell. And so I believe this is something that I pointed to as a harbinger. It withered away. And then it was destroyed. And the thing is that if the sycamore tree links to 9/11, what does the fall of the cedar mean? I believe it's a warning of national judgment.

Mm hmm. Yeah. And again, friends. It's the human tendency. You have a crisis. You get a little serious. You have a respite. And unless there's a changing of the heart, you just fall more deeply into sin and rebellion. And now we're in all that chaos. Yeah. And revolution. Right. Right. The late and even secular folks recognize America's being shaken up. What about your chapter, Jonathan, on the 9th of Taboos? What's the significance of that?

Yeah. Yeah. The ninth of Temmuz is a date. It's in the Bible. And it was a day that that the enemies of God. Well, the well, the Babylonians came in and they they breached the walls of Jnr's, the defensive walls of Jerusalem that were protected, protecting Jerusalem. So once they did it, I mean, judgment is sealed. And that same day, the kings of the King was a it was an apostate king. And the leadership, they actually abandoned the city. So the defenses are down. Well, this has been a day of mourning in ancient times and it's still in the Hebrew calendar. Is it a calamity day, the night of Thomas?

Well, we all witnessed a while back. The Supreme Court did something. They struck the major struck down marriage as we know it. It has affected us to this day. And many of us, I mean, was shuddering when this happened. Well, it was on June 26, 2015. That day was the night of two moons, which is the day that the walls are struck down. The defense of walls, the protection of the nation is struck down and it opens the door for judgment.

And nice of Tom Cruise. So when does that fall in?

Generally speaking, in the in our calendar today, it will fall most likely in June, which is often when, you know. Right. Which was, you know, which is actually a very important month for these things. But, yeah, in the summer, I mean, early summer, they did this, I believe the walls, the protective walls of America, UAW strike down the walls of marriage, striking down everything.

And what's the significance of 9th of taboos in the Bible?

Well, it was the day that judgment began with the day that judgment was they unsealed at the walls of the protective walls of Jerusalem and basically Israel were breached, were breached, were broken through, and therefore judgment was coming. And we have broken. On that same day, the America's highest court broke the walls that protected this civilization.

Yeah. All right, friends. The new book, instant bestseller, I'm sure The Harbinger to return.

Jonathan Karl will talk about the return, the event taking place in September and more about the book with my guest, Jonathan Karl.

Finally, it's the line of fire with your host, Doctor Michael Brown. Get into the line of fire now by calling eight six six three for truth. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

The return, the harbinger to will reveal what could never be revealed until now. Could an ancient mystery be determining the events of our time? And does it reveal the secret of our future? What does it reveal about judgment? Are we closer now than we were before? How much time is left is the shaking that has come upon the world. A sign of warning of things to come? Could the global pandemic, 9/11, the financial collapse and other shakings all be joined together as part of an ancient mystery?

Prepare to be blown away. The Harbinger to the Return by Jonathan Kohn, published by Frontline and available at bookstores and online at The Harbinger Returns

Welcome, friends, to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. My special guest, Jonathan Karl, his brand new book due out September 1st, The Harbinger to the Return. Jonathan, we talked about 2020 and the sense you had years ago to be keeping your eyes open for 2020. Yes, it's 19 years since the September 11th. What's what's the mystery of 19 years that you open up?

Yeah, I would. I was. Mike, I was looking at the harbinger, and there's a chapter and the typical things to come. And it speaks about that. It speaks about the shakings that that that come that will come, you know, when there's there's a window of time and then comes the increased shakings on the nation.

And it says there, I'm gonna read it. It's reading from the original book. I mentioned it in the new book and Harbinger, too. But this is from the reader. They may take the shakings who may take the form of economic disintegration while that's happening. Military defeat, not yet. Disorder happening. Division happening. The collapse of infrastructure happening. Manmade calamities, calamities of nature declining while it speaks. Actually, in that chapter, when I speak about this shaking coming, as I speak about the word crown where Crown is basically carone up and I'm not saying I knew or anything, but that that is there now. But now that one of the things that's in that same chapter, it's asked, well, how long in the template is it between the the first to that initial strike on the land by the enemy and that shaking? And then when that when the when the greater shakings come and others to answer to that? Because one was the in the southern kingdom. I mean, it was it was a 10 year span. And actually I, I, I realized I looked back, I wrote The Harbinger out first came out in September, which is the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. So couldn't be that. But then Dennis says this is what the southern kingdom. And then it gives the two dates and the two dates are six oh five when when D.C. when when the first strike came with Babylon. And then the the the other date with a calamity comes really is is 586 B.C.. And between that isn't 19 years, as you as you said. So the 19 year mystery, the 19th this is and the Bible says in the 19th year of Nevison Azour, he came up 19 years. So you put it it's all 19 years. And so when you take 2001 and you add the 19 years, the 19th year is 2020. That's why, Mike, for years, as you said, four years, I'm watching this year and saying, is this going to be a year of great shaking of America shaking America down and then resuming of these things. And so it does have and in fact, the prophet Jeremiah, you know, he prophesied of the judgment of what would happen to the 19th year. He's, you know, for Israel, 586 B.C. And one of the things he says that will come upon the land is pestilence or disease or plague will come upon it in the 19th year. And it's interesting and I'm just throwing this out. I've just literally, you know, we have we have a we have a disease that is attached to the number 19 and Cauvin 19, that it was attached that way because it came at the end of 2019. But it is it exploded in the 19th year 2020 from 9/11.

So, you know, Jonathan, just as you're going through this, obviously, the more prominence you've had, the more skeptics you have and the work critics share that comes with the territory, of course. And they of course, they don't know you either. So they think that you kind of like look for something and try to tie it back into the Bible. It happens really in the reverse process. In other words, you know, you're looking at something and then it begins to unfold. You get. You got to be kidding me. You know, just like the 19 years. So six or five to five, 86. And then you're wonder about 20/20 in the show. Yeah. And now covered 19. So you had 19. And you're in your head for quite a while now. Colvard 19. Laughs You think, oh, come on. Is this is this even overkill to name it that to get attention? And then your whole thing is, is to get people sober and serious through this. In fact, if we just pause for a moment, how does this all tie in with the return event that's taking place?

Yeah, well, yeah. And to see that too. Yeah. I'm not looking for anymore. That was looking for the harbinger. And again, I'm standing on ground zero and I see the tree. And I didn't know where this is going to lead. I never planned on writing a book. And then you know what I just shared earlier? That I had no idea that all across America this was being read that, you know, this very thing or at the time that Tom Daschle, all that stuff. So it yeah, it is exactly the reverse. And the point is to call the point is God's God's calling, you know. And yeah. So. So all of this, you know, it leads to, you know, in The Hobbit two leads to hope for those who will take it and how to stand and and even for America, if we will take it. And that is the scripture. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and the calls of the return, I've been led with others to call for a day of return, National Day of Prayer and Global and repented on not just her Duchesse prayer. And this is centered on this is going to be in September 26. And it doesn't matter where you are, is it? A center is going to be Washington, D.C. on the National Mall. And but, you know, for for those who can't make it or, you know, there's there's restrictions all that's on then do it where you are to pray for America at your home, pray with your church, pray to field having your own event. It doesn't matter the return on that. And it's also centered on, you know, the ten days or surrounding an hour, ten days. We're calling for prayer and repentance, which are actually the biblical days. You know them well, begins with a feast of trumpets. And it goes to it goes the Yom Kippur War, which are the days of repentance day, the Bible. So so with the center that Saturday, just before the end of it, that's before you have before that Saturday is going to be the return. So I invite all of you. And this is this there's no there's no one ministry is doing. It's just it's we need to do this if we don't do this now. I don't know. We may never have the chance again. It's happening. It's only during the days of a for the 400 anniversary of America, the Mayflower sailing. It's also about 40 days before the election, which I believe is going to be crucial. We need to pray as never before. But we need to pray for revival and return. And it starts with God's people. It's not as we know it. It's also that we're praying for America. It's got to start with us in the church. And each of us for repentance and revival. And God will hear our prayer one way or the other. And so the thing is that we invite all of you and to to know more about that. Just go to the return dot org. It'll tell you how you can be what you come to Washington or how you can be part where you are on. But, Deepak, what? Listen, this is the moment I can do. I just sense it so strongly. And listen, we planned this and, you know, you know, before all this happened to America and the world that we planned this, we're talking about it for years and planned this, you know, over a year ago for this September 26. So and let me throw this out. Woman Has they got this? Mike, I just found out this about a week ago. I didn't realize this. I mean, I should have told me, you know, like looking for I should have looked I should've played it well, but sorry.

I'm getting all I got a ticket. What?

That's all right. You take some water. I've been in these interviews many a time and push my way through until I got my water. So take a good sip there. You use your voice a lot and whenever you're ready, dove right back in.

Yeah. That wasn't to hold you in suspense, by the way, buddy. But it turns out that that day is is a very special day on the calendar. It Schupp brought Cheuvront. And that means the Sabbath of the Cheuvront means the return return. Literally the 28th return or repentance return.

It's a day appointed for repentance. I wonder script. The key scriptures that are read is Joell two, which has call for a sacred assembly, a solemn assembly of repentance. And that's exactly what the return is. I have no question. It's the Lord. So again, to be part just can't find out. Just go to the return, dawg.

All right. So let's just talk a little bit more about the pandemic. I don't see this as a plague from the Book of Revelation. You know, one of the final judgments a little this this could be with us for some time. And obviously, part of God shaking and awakening us. This is under. Viable. Do you think there's anything more to it, any more insight we can get from any ancient truths scriptures, miss? Yes, yeah.

And this can be very heavy. And it's not. I'm not. I also I agree with you without one of the things of Revelation and at. But, you know, and it's not that any one event is cause it's just there's only one cause behind it. And I'm also not will not be saying that people who are struck by there's any more you know, any more righteous or sinful. Yeah. Yeah. When it when judgment's coming on a civilization, everybody's affected, including prophets, you know, in the Bible. But there is a there there is so much to this. Mike that you like that. And that is that there is in the Bible, God certainly uses best is to plagues, to shake a nation, to bring a nation back or a civilization the world here and to call back and home and strike down the gods. I mean, from from Passover onward on. And there is one particular sin that actually Jeremiah says it'll be answered when things will be answered by is by a plague. And that is when Israel was offering up its children, they were offering up thousands of their children.

The sacrifices we have, the Americans offered up 60 million children on the. The world has offered up about a one point five billion Americas, offered up more than most nations and has led much of the world into abortion. Interesting. I will just say this because there's so much in the new in the Harbinger to it's the chapter called the Plague, but that it returns to the place that we turn to. When it came to America, the Centrepoint point of death in America became New York, New York. Even to this day, it is still that where there's one more death than anything else of fury on New York in New York City, New York is also the place where that led the nation with an abortion. Abortion on demand. It's the abortion capital of America. It became the plague capital of America the day that that the plague was announced in America when when it or they found it the next day was headlines all over America that that that had come. But patient zero from Seattle. It was it was the day was just the date. The headline the next day was January 22nd, the anniversary of when America opened the door for abortion across the land. And I'm at a New York. Most of the cases they found across the country have come through New York just as abortion. The America led that in that. Let me let me throw this in. I mean to say there's eerie things here, but the but there was the one point Jeremiah cries out over this plague concerning the what? The killing of children. And he said he says, is there no bombing? Gilliard No bombing Gilliard. Well, clearly, that's where they got the cure. Well, America's been seeking for a cure. A company comes out with a supposed cure or a little cure. It causes the stock market to go 500 points in the spring. The name of the company was Gilliard at a also. There's so much to this, but also to say that there a 50 year period here. Well, I want to. There is so much. So much, Mike. But I it's in the chapter called The Plague, which is about 30 page. There's so much. But I believe we are being shaken for four. And there's no it's no accident.

Friends. The new book, The Harbinger two about to be released. We'll come back, talk with Jonathan Kahn. But the best place to order and give you some hope and encouragement. It's we should be very sober. It's not a time for goofiness, silliness and spiritual superficiality. We should be very sober.

But there is hope. There is hope.

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Discover the signs, the manifestations, the new harbingers and the mysteries that have appeared in America and the world. And what they reveal unlocked the mysteries of the gate. The Book of days. The image, the children of the ruins, the shakings and the plague. The Mystery Ship. The Day of the Watchmen. And much more. The Harbinger to. We'll take you on an epic journey with a prophet from an island in New England to the top of the Tower of Ground Zero to the House of Faces, to the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. New York Times best selling author Jonathan Kahn, who brought you to Harbinger. The Book of Mysteries, That Paradigm and the Oracle now brings you the harbinger to the return.

I Jonathan, if folks want to get the book, what's the best way to do that?

Yeah, thanks for asking, Mike. Yeah, you can get it. You can get it anywhere online. It'll be in bookstores, but it's online. You can preorder it now. But I'll tell you just one thing that will be a blessing. I think the publisher Charisma is there was a special on that is that if you go to this site, I'll give you not only will you get you can all you'll get the first copies of the of the Harbinger, too. But they'll also send you almost all of my books on e-book for free. So you just remember it's the Harbinger Returns dot com and you'll get all the other books as well for free. The Harbinger returns

You know, the publishers seem that that I work with. Yeah. When Jezebel's war with America came out last year, they did the same thing with a bunch of my books. You know, it's like eighty dollars or a hundred bucks. I was blown away. I thought, well, great, because Art, the reason we write is to get things. Yeah. There's Hansell to read rhythm. Yeah. Right. So the Harbinger returns dot com doc. Yeah.

How are your kids at home. You'll get that. You'll get the harbinger to come in hardcover but you'll get the almost the whole of my books including the Oracle and the rest on e-book accurate.

So there's more we can get it to much, much more. Yes. Just as we as we listen to that video promo, there's there's much more rebellion. But let's make sure we do this. Yes. What do you sense the future holds and is there still hope you're calling for a penance? But God told Jeremi a certain point. Stop praying, stop fasting. JUDGMENT's coming. Are we there yet? Is is there hope? Could there be an awakening?

Yeah. I mean, my sense is that my feeling is, you know, people are asking for years, I'm sure they ask you and say, you know, what do you see? You see. Do you see calamity judgment or do you see revival? And I often might might. The answer that I usually give is I see there could be both.

And I believe that even in calamity and shaking, there can be revival. In fact, sometimes that's what triggers it, or sometimes that is what's linked to it. My sense is that we are at a very, very critical time. And I don't often I mean, yes, we the general time period is critical, but I don't often talk like this. I believe we're at we're approaching September. We're approaching the the autumn. I believe this is a very, very critical time that we need to be praying as never before. I believe there on one hand, it seems like, you know, America is past the point. In many ways, there are people who will just not turn, you know. And yet sometimes God shouts in these shakings. That's why they come, because because we've deafened our ears to God. So I believe that that, you know, when you say the end times, they talk about it being dark. I believe. So there's dark and light. Yeah. And there's poller is a polarization is actually, you know, the grays disappear now. That's what we're seeing. So I believe that that there is shaking coming upon America and that it's not finished and that there is darkness, that there also may be persecution and the dark can get darker. But I believe the same time in the mist of it, there can be revival and there can be so there could be revival. There can be an awakening that spreads, in fact. But I believe it's only going to happen through believers who are serious about God in prayer and supplication and repentance and also so stand without compromise because we're watching a culture that's kind of, you know, tearing apart all the all the stronger, all the things that are holding it back. Well, the people of God are like the final thing. We're the ones who the what those who will stand well will be opposed. But God will use that one if you'll be that one. I mean, I'm talking about every day listening. God will use you powerfully board as as as a light for revival.

And Jonathan, you talk about God using individuals. We look back at Abraham Lincoln and we look back at him with all. But obviously, he was a politician, defeated numerous times. You might not have looked at him to be a world changer early in his career. God used them as a significant and key way in America before his assassination. Abraham Lincoln ties in. In your book as well. Just give us a sense of that.

Yeah. Yeah. He's actually he's actually in the orbiter, too. Yeah. The AIBA out there is so much. I'll just do it very quickly. There is there was a time when it looked like America could have broken up and it wasn't that the North was going to lose the civil war, but they they could. They were growing weary to be ready to sue for peace. That was the danger. And then America wouldn't have been what it is today. I mean, to fight Hitler, to fight communism, it wouldn't be what. So it could have. It could have. Everything could have gone. But. But there was a call issued. And it came through Abraham Lincoln, a call for repentance. And it was really after the Scripture Second Chronicles 714. I thought explicit, but it's totally following exactly that. He calls for a day of prayer and repentance or humiliation. They said back then. And they did. And I had eyes. I looked at it and I looked at the exact turning points of the war and what the turning point of the turning point. Be get that. It begins the very next day, the very day after that National Day of Prayer. When it went. If my people, God begins to turn it, that the turning point. So it's amazing. And we have America as we have today. I saw it in our own lifetime, Mike, where when it looked. Remember that it looked like it was under Carter and all that and things were collapsing and the hostages in Iran. And there was another sacred gathering called in washing. That was there was a new believer. I literally saw God. God changed the course of America and the world for a time. Give us a chance. And when and when Ronald Reagan was sworn into the presidency, his hand was on the Bible and it was on a scripture. If my people who are called by my name and one of the thing about that scripture, you know, people read that. But the context is if my people the context is right before the verse says if there is a plague on the land, we got it. Ben, if my people come and it says if there's if there's famine or drought. Well, that's happening as well around the world. And it's as if there's I said locust. Well, this is the year of the greatest locust plague in our generation. So we've got all of that happening. I believe strongly God is saying this is the moment.

Yeah, and again, friends, I want encourage you to check out the return to participate that you can do it from anywhere in America, anywhere in the world. You can join them with prayer, fasting, repentance, crying out. And then, of course, things will be broadcast as as well. Oh, let's just do this one quick little snippet. Here is all we could do. The Babylonian word. What's that?

Well, there was a there was actually a word hidden in ground zero. I didn't know when I wrote The Harbinger. I had no idea on. And the word. The word. It was it was it was a piece of paper that was in the ruins of Ground Zero miracle that it even survived on. And and what was that guy? A guy kind of looked at. Photographer found it. He took a picture, then moved. He'll he open up his camera, look at it. And he wept. He broke down and wept. It was from Genesis. It was come let us build for ourselves a tower. And it was from babble. And it was in the ruins of a tower that had fallen. I mean, it's not a judgment of a tower, but there wasn't a tower was going to rise up at the same time. And but also that scripture used in the in the ancient Septuagint when the rabbis translated Isaiah nine, ten. You know, the bricks are falling. And we're going to build we're gonna come back and build defiance. They did a strange thing. They said the Brits have fallen. Come, let us build for ourselves a tower. So it's only the words of Genesis and Dabhol. It was also there's also the words of that were the translation of Isaiah nine 10. But it's about a nation that is heading to defiance of that tower was a symbol of that. Not that you'll make when New York any matches when New York passed that gruesome law, which, by the way, was in 2019. By the end of 2019 came the plague. They lit up that tower, which one of the harbingers to celebrate the killing of children. And then and then it was one year later. Exactly.

That that that that the play that this pandemic came to America. So it's all tied.

All right, friends. The new book, The Harbinger to tell us again the special website. They can go Yahoo! And Order.

Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. If you go to this site, you will get not only the harbinger to hardcover, you will get most of my books already before, including the Oracle for free. It's just go to the Harbinger Returns dot com. It's charisma doing it. The Harbinger returns

All right. Jonathan keeps the fires burning under you will. Let's stay in our face. He's crying out for mercy. And I say this last thing. I'm grateful to God to have a platform through radio, TV, social media, online, etc. preaching. But so many times you you agonize because you feel this warning and you want to share agreement to the whole world. So I rejoice. My brother, that's one of your sounding, has gotten this amazing supernatural hearing far beyond what any of us could have imagined. So sound an alarm.

Thank you, Mike. And you too. Thank you so much.

God bless. All right. Appreciate my friend Jonathan Kohn. And please, I just want to urge everyone and the many critics and skeptics who listen and anti charismatics who listen and none. That's calling all non charismatics anti. But, you know, your and you listen to this in a certain way or you love the Lord. You're very careful in your interpretation of scripture. You don't want to misuse the Bible and turn it into a fortunetelling book. Appreciate all of that deeply. I want to urge you and encourage you to step back and to recognize that God is speaking, that he is shaking, that he is warning us that he is seeking to get our attention and that there are parallels in scripture. There are things that reveal how God has worked in the past. Look at First Corinthians 10 versus once 11. You see, he's worked in the past like that. It's a warning for us today. So with fear and trembling, let's go to the Lord and let's plead for mercy. Unless you like the state of things in America today and think this is something we should be celebrating. We should be on our faces crying out for mercy. We got a rise in the midst of this people. May he hear our cries. May he pour out his spirit. May we see an awakening the likes of which we have never seen.

Beginning with you. Beginning with me.

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