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Taking the Gospel to the Streets

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 10, 2020 4:40 pm

Taking the Gospel to the Streets

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 10, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/10/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Yes by all means it's time to take the gospel to the streets for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown a lot of bad 19 a lot of suffering hardship of people. Many across the world thrown back one of difficult things have come out of this virus out of this pandemic and the way it's been handled for better for worse. And yet God is Redeemer yet with Satan's sin or society or circumstances mean for evil God can turn around for good. Just think of it, God saves the world through his crucified son people of the world commit the greatest imaginable crime giving the son of God over to death, killing him, and God uses it to save humanity. He's Redeemer and there is good that is coming out of this pandemic. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire number to call 866-34-TRUTH 8663487884II have written about the end of what we call what I call for wall Christianity, meaning that the primary expression of the Christian faith is reserved to what happens in the building on Sunday morning. Many were the fortuitous spectator Christianity that she show up and you basically are. The audience and you are watching the show soldiers worship their singing there speaking it and then you kinda pay your fee, your tithe, your offering. Whatever it is an end. It's great to come together like that. It's great to to all join in and sing and worship together it's it's great to hear teaching and preaching, but the primary calling is not to go to church. Although we gather it's important that we gather right but the primary cause that we leave the church that we go out in society that we live it out and that we are not spectators but that we are part of an army of people have referred to in the past is the holy huddle so you got a football team and they get the huddle Art with plague in her room this play here tropic transfer this year it's called math activity great whistle blows take too much time. Five. Your county go back like this come over and we cut the crate plan.

The stub rule.

This is up whistle blows delay of game five years, but you keep going backwards to get these great plans is always amazing going backwards in many ways.

That's a description of much of the church of America plans vision.

All this in many ways were going back words and the state of the young people in much of the body. The overall health of much of the body in certain ways is gone back words, not forwards, we become more like the world rather than bringing the transforming power of the gospel to the world and a lot of it has to do with our go to church meeting go to a church building and be a spectator and in an event that that is our mentality. Where's the gospel is to go out and we are to go out into all the world and we live most all of our lives outside of the church building right we live it in our homes and our communities are places of work places of school places of leisure. That's where we live our lives. That's were we to shine and be witnesses, audiences don't start moral and cultural revolutions and movements it's activists that do.

And in that sense we are to be gospel activists alright so one of the things that's happening now with restrictions on church gatherings and things like that, and inability to meet in buildings because of codes and threats of fines a summer just going on doing it single had fine us and we'll talk about that in the moment but but others are saying let's get on the streets.

There is great worship services taking place on beaches in California and here's a report showing flight so worship leader in California actually ran for political office unsuccessfully. Earlier this year, but he felt he had to do something take a step. This Portland sees thousands worship amid coronavirus restrictions hours before riots fire and police union. So what what happens is that Sean Foy has been going in different cities were there been riots and protests and saying let's go and worship God. Let's go and exalt Jesus people been coming to faith people and hearing the message, one of our grads for ministry school leads in a massive worldwide ministry. Dan Calandra basin teams of evangelists into chop zone in Seattle to preach the gospel and to declare the good news.

Why should the streets just billed by protesters, let alone writers or leaders or vandals. Why should we hit the streets and bring the message where people are where crowds of people are after all, you have some governor say yes find to protest, but you can gather church services were plentiful gather with the protesters and worship in their midst and preach the gospel yet white, why not do that and and there there quotes that refer to people being defiant ministry clip at InTouch about pastor Rob McCoy in California. He's been a politically active pastor even run for political office and things like that and unashamed of the gospel in a bold witness and one reports that he's defiant in effect, let's let's watch that clip as there there protests and counter protests and can people worship freely or not, you can protest but can you worship. Let's watch this clip now wearing a mask and a black and gray T-shirt against the crowd counter protesters. Then you see the counter protester take his poster and smacked the man away as Kaplan Susan warning and a black T-shirt realizes another man is trying to take her time struggles get back eventually gets kicked, knocking her over the church's security told me the man who engage counter protesters was not a church member and was told to stop the reason for support on both sides of this issue intercounty senior pastor Rob Hoyt, a former City Councilman and Hyde have got to be Calvary for violating public health orders by continuing to hold church services indoors. I judge ordered a Temporary Restraining Order beginning insight sermons. But the pastor is defiant not. I shot him a note and I said hey man standing tall highs of the nooses you're defining is not defiant, I'm obedient to God Sue we don't preach defiance. We don't preach rebellion.

We don't preach arrogance. We preach submission and obedience. But you obey the highest authority. See if if if I if I play into a spirit of rebellion look up Americans, where where independent people. If you grow up in this country and you don't know what about the rest of the world that haven't traveled around us, the world you have no idea the degree to which Americans are very independent minded thinking thinkers.

For example, you take an Asian country like Singapore all right were South Korea and they crackdown with cold 19 and here the regulations of the visit Roscoe.

Do everyone's gonna live by.

I mean there will be massive conformity respect for the authorities much much much much more than we ever have in America and America. At one stage and one thing that the statement another thing we do with the presences that were not. Who cares what the governor says it there's a lot of of rebellion and independence. Independence can be healthy and positive rebellion can be negative, destructive, but it's just part of who we are as a nation. I am not trying to lay into that play into that encourage that cultivate that, who cares what the governments of hookers with no bets on my attitude. Our attitude is one of honoring authorities same goddess of honor your father and mother said out of the authorities right even even quicker authorities if they are in power you still honor the position right, but when they tell you to disobey God. You don't rebel against them. Instead, you say we must obey God rather than men. That's the issue we obey the highest authority. So when the Jewish leadership tells Peter a Jewish man in the apostles, Jewish men, all of them you can no longer preach this message about Jesus and in their flogged and warned what happens. Acts 541 they left the Sanhedrin rejoicing because they were counted worthy of several approach with name and they never ceased teaching and preaching from door to door the temple from door to door. They never stop teaching, preaching Jesus was the Messiah stop doing it. We warn you, they never stop to what we must obey God's will. Peter said we must obey God rather than men. So Rob McCoy understands this symbol will understand if you obey the authorities while you're holding services. While the author services. It is the inequality of what is happening. It is the unjust nature of what is happening.

It is the one standard for the protesters and and the rioters and other Stanford churches next month. We talked about this before but it's worth bringing up again in in Las Vegas you can go to casino. Hundreds of people can be in the casino.

Thousands on how big the casinos are but maybe thousands of people are in them certain things in place. You know whatever safety problems but impact the place out to an extent, but then you have a sanctuary church actually exceeds 3000 people which have 150 people at what what about this is that were governor Gavin Newsom in California say go ahead, go ahead and protests.

Protests are important to approach is going protest and paraphrasing, but but you can gather for a home Bible study if you got for church service again saying no, here's what's ironic. There are pastors now who were saying we are going together anyway. We're going to disobey the government and gather.

Anyway, but in the past they preached against getting involved in the culture wars. They said it's not our domain gets in the way of a witness of Jesus.

It gets us caught up in the political realm and I just it to an extent I agree to give you a little scale in. We use the acronym smack up SM CP smack up on the giving little scale fruit for the order of priorities for preachers and pastors and leaders of hope this will really simplify things for you, but suffices to say that there is some leaders now that for years of missing Christian should not get involved in the culture wars and don't get involved in controversies over abortion and homosexuality and certainly don't involve political issues and now that things have gone as far as they have they are taking stands that get them right in the thick of the culture wars.

How interesting that is the good news is, people are waking up and people are taking the gospel to the streets and saying let's get out and be unashamed of a message because we alone have with America. Ultimately number.

It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown tagline for for for last night was riots to revival and we just believe that the church has the ability to change the narrative. You know all of America has just seen these buildings burning and they seen this destruction in this violence in the news the mainstream media seems to be infatuated with this, but I'm telling you there's another story of what God is doing in the cities and the church is rising up tomorrow and Shawn. That's it man, that's what I'm talking about is what many are talking about.

Yes, by all means gather worship together meeting homes meeting large buildings meet. We review By all means beatified strength and meet together. It's great healthy wonderful but then go out and do it, go out and do the work get that huddle call the play and then run the play and and look we are being forced out of building suite we are being forced out of her normal habits were being forced to take stands so as much as it's been difficult.

So, if you've suffered physically. So if you lost love ones. So if you've suffered financially. Some just it's been very difficult emotionally for you, for your kids. The shutdowns that that no school the different things been very very challenging for many, but let's redeem this moment but see what God can do through this America. Look, as every day goes on. The protests and the riots have less and less to do with the issue of black lives, but let's face it can, and that the protests and rights hijacked by others, and in the legitimate concerns that some might raise or a completely lost in the madness of what's going on look I tweeted out after Bibles were born important burns important couple Saturdays ago, so I first they burn the federal buildings, then the burning churches next to bring the Bibles rather than asking what's next, we should ask who is next and one week later important.

What happens if you didn't read about it that the rioters try to set the police precinct on fire. Using seller try to set on fire with police and saw they tried to burn the police and the mayor who initially stood with the protesters. This wonderful cause. He said that's murder that's attempted murder.

That's the spirit of the age. That's where things are going now there is a pew research poll and according to this poll, most Americans majority Americans do not want special treatment for churches. In other words, they want church gatherings to be held to the same standard as businesses and things like that. I have an issue with it, let it be equal. Let it be consistent, but it be fair it if you can have hundreds and hundreds people walking around Walmart right or how many scores of people walking around the grocery store with thousands of people in airports and hundred 50 people sitting next to each other on planes you have all that you can have church gatherings that you have to have wisdom after next and what you're doing. You have to 11 pastor so the outdoor meetings for months it's been doing over two months now and and if the weather spread the going door but you sign a waiver that you know if you get sick and not home and responsible. Just for legal purposes, and you gotta be wise with things these days and and you may have elderly or poor people with Wisconsin was immune systems and you don't think it's wise for the got you put I will promise be as wise as you want to be the big thing to me this is people not just sitting around and waiting until everything gets back to the list.

We can't do something when I do something I countries been attacked and and and pulled every different way. We got to do something 86634 let us go to Keith in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Walking to light a fire, Dr. Brown area doing well thank you good good gamble nervous but the art of thinking about how I thought an article online teacher that is upset that he not been able to brainwash the kid because of the online learning that abandon person credits.

I take Keith hanger right there is an article in front of me cement wall on daily wire teachers alternately fret that parents might hear them brainwashing children call parents and dangerous José Wolf. If we have to do everything align the parents might hear what were actually telling their own children as were trying to brainwash them and the parents are dangerous and and Keith. In point of fact, there are there clips from all I'm thinking 20 years ago of educators in Massachusetts to the liberal progressive cycle progressive school and there's there sitting around talking to each other about gay activist issues and art are we saying there asking the questions, the risk administers that we are trying to convince the children and what if the children of religious back are we telling them the parents are wrong. Yes, so this is been going on so Keith, go ahead. Your comments absolutely, and I looked up on the street and they don't ignore science, but your ex Y chromosomes all that right ignore sign they won't listen to reason and they these people seem like radical religious fundamentalist to construct me as I live in New Jersey have worked in New York been around for your decade now more than Dr. Dre and I find it strange that it's very like ultrareligious mindset.

I did this great sleep and extreme fundamentalism that is is often a motion based and has its its precepts that it holds to dogmatically and that no no reason can can budge them from those things facts don't matter and then you have an eye dogmas altogether.

There is there's absolutely a question about it and and then if you think of it in my book Jezebel's war with America look at parallels with abortion and and how that becomes somewhat of of religious right and and you you perform these rights and and RI TES and and it is a right RIG HT and yeah you eat, it becomes a cultlike center, devotion, and then ends up with the slaughter of the unborn. So there there's no question about it that the thing that's ironic is that we get accused of being irrational and and and religiously deleted. It was worse I will. Let's look at facts. Let's look at science let's look at information yet and ended dogmas drive everything. Everything is now seen through that lens. So Keith, what happens when you try to interact with someone and give them facts and information with them, but they want they want to hear it went well. I get to the eye on and why we aren't questioning the government to have progressivism and secular humanism, legally defined as religion. They should be legally defined religion with separation of church and state, contrition, ocular teaching public schools, secular humanism or progressivism young hot young thing.

I love the concept. I doubt the possibility of doing it just because of definitions of religion are for example Darwinism is as much of an-ism is Hinduism.

This is an-ism or Judaism as an illustrator of that that you you have the the ideology the sacred ideology that is bow down to and that is sacrosanct and and that you are within the fold of orthodoxy. If you hold to certain things or alters which Darwin's worship so the center and in figure of speech, but you can conceptually I agree with you that secular humanism is as much a religion or progressivism is as much religion as the religions that progressivism and secular humanism oppose, but to have it defined in that way would be very very difficult in terms of educationally that you can bring these ideas in.

I'm just think you can teach the theory of evolution but in many places you can't teach the theory of intelligent design even though you have far more scientific data to back that and it answers far more questions than it is because of the cult Darwinism of yeah and and I've been sent this a few times.

This article talking about Satanists and they they mention abortion as a religious right of Satanists yeah it's it's quite extraordinary.

Yeah, you're right on with your comments.

Keith 866-34-TRUTH France.

How do we keep our faith first keeper spiritual perspective. First, keep our Bible focus first and come from there to impact our society to to come from that point of view and then impact the society as opposed to just getting caught up in the spirit of the age and and with the world around us and then try to bring a little Bible principle.

In other words, we can just add in the Scripture concept we have to be Bible-based people I'm talking is a Bible based person speaking to others who agree if if you were secular or not that religiousness hear me out right so you're you're watching certain newscasts didn't listen to certain show and understand what perspective you're coming from oncoming perspective of of the Bible being true, Jesus being Lord myself as a Jewish follower of Jesus, and from there we have a calling.

Whatever society we live in the state city to to be a blessing to do good works to be good examples to be a message of truth to call for repentance to set standards. That's all part of what we are called to do yet. Just looking at this headline the satanic temple raffles free abortion admits aborting unborn babies is the satanic ritual semester, satanic temple yet world there, give you the hard-core version of the reality for many. Obviously, abortion is not a religious thing abortionists simply choice a woman makes a difficult situation but ultimately Satanism curses things out yet CBN reported satanic temple raffles free abortion misled aborting unborn babies satanic ritual. Kate went when we come back we come back. I want to give you my SMAC up guidelines for spiritual culture file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown so the pastors and leaders. How do you avoid will him being so spiritual but not intersecting with earthly issues at hand. Getting so caught up with things around us, politics, culture wars that you you take your heart your mind off of the heart of the gospel, how we do it, how we live it out.

What I think these guidelines will help 866-34-TRUTH, Michael Brown, welcome to the line of fire. By the way, all of our friends in the DFW area. Dallas-Fort Worth this coming Sunday, August 16 scheduled to be your way to services Sunday morning at Mercy, culture for pestilent shot and then Sunday night for Todd White's gathering. So if you're anywhere in the area. Join me and you'll hear my heart poured out not be on the radio Mike behind the pulpit right SMAC up SMAC up SMCP put the valves into make it into a word SMAC up to me it's a simple way of helping pastors, leaders keep their priorities right. So it stands for spiritual, moral, cultural, political, about our preaching or teaching our emphasis right in and I believe if you follow these principles.

Things will fall into place for so the gospel our primary message.

It starts with the spiritual message we send against God, God sent his son to die for our sins. We can be redeemed and live a new life. All right, it is the cross. It is the resurrection over to the Corinthians are determined to know nothing among you except Messiah crucified but as he taught and wrote he covered many, many of the subjects, but his core foundational message was the cross was repentance was resurrection, the son of God is the Lord's return or right relationship with God, prayer, devotion, worship the word. That's where that's where it all starts everything flows out of that starts there are but the spiritual intersects with the moral you tell me you been wonderfully born again baby you are a bad husband and father.

Your alcoholic your gambler sometimes strike your wife you terrorized the children. Now you tell me been radically born again, you now know the Lord, your sins are forgiven. You're right relationship with God will. That means a change life. That means that your family expect to see change means that you and I can meet striking your wife and your doctor be an alcoholic.

I can be gambling you can be terrorizing your children all some of the changes may take longer than others to work through, but if any man be in the Messiah's acquittance. 517.

He is what a new creation, change, change comes radical, dramatic change. I use to shoot heroin. I used to drop LSD I used to be a rebel. I used to have a horrific temper, a seven profane tongue, 1/7 wicket attitude. I used to be dominated by lawsuits go down the list out. I was awake. It's sinning rebellious teen got born again and my life was changed by the power guy and I continue to grow a hobby. I'll be growing by God's grace until I see him face-to-face role in process that was a fully arrived but you better believe the gospel touches on moral issues. Virtually every book of the New Testament is calling for a moral response, so we start with a spiritual message but that spiritual message produces more change if it's not producible change. Call it hypocrisy is James and the horse are the only proof of the new birth is the new wife were the words of Jacob James second chapter of his book paraphrase great gets much faith show me some chimney works. Show me your change life full preaching acts 2620 that people should repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds. So there's a spiritual and there's moral but hang on what you to preach moral issues the moral overlaps with the cultural does not is not abortion a moral issue is not sex trafficking a moral issue. Slavery, moral issue, so you will now get engaged in the culture wars of some on some level because there's an intersection between the spiritual and the moral of the cultural meaning of marriage. For example, that that is something of spiritual importance of moral importance and of cultural importance, so we we now are involved on some level, not our primary level. We don't start with the C culture we start with the S spiritual than the moral and cultural right you read this and in my latest article rightly these principles out spiritual, moral, cultural, political, sociable, what is the political coming. So let me give an example we can example you are in the school district. Your kids are going to the public school. Your six-year-old girl comes home she's really troubled me.

Why is Johnny using the girls room Johnny simple way. Now this is Johnny's Jane will you think that's unfair for your kids to be exposed to that and for Johnny's internal struggle still be imposed on the school student body or if 15-year-olds in school and she comes home traumatized after six cyclists contact us site pornography William Pulley with it what they talked about with, encourage us to do its site pornography. So this good parents. You go and meet with the school superintendent on its policy and accounting get a school board policy. We don't even have a salad. I think it's great. It would be like these programs, but that even up to us at school board policy. So now you go to school board meeting and find out that the entire school board is this progressives, liberals, not a single committed believer among them at an end. They are dictating the policies in your kids schools see talk to other folks in church network communities and say why don't want some of us run for school board well that's good how political this nonpolitical the money go to the school board meeting that's political visitors there listen friends.

There is not this magical line that exists between moral and cultural, political, and that's no getting involved in the political spirit or primarily becoming political is a big mistake, or making your church primarily about politics is a big mistake. You have your read my book evangelicals at the crossroads will be passed to contest. I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy and read it you'll find it will most important things you can read right now during this election season and even after, but as believers we put the cross before the flag.

As believers we want to shout to the world.

Jesus is Savior more loudly than we shout who were voting for is interesting. Some of us are so unashamed to proclaim were voting for abortion to proclaim Jesus.

What the priorities off but once you admit that yeah we need to try to get some Christians on the school board. You've now crossed the line intersection right of of what culture and politics. Morality and politics. Hate I want you to share this. It's our our video or consider this animated video's if you want to see if you're hearing you will hear the audio we address the question, why don't more pastors speak out listless. Have you ever wondered why more pastors don't speak out about controversial moral and cultural issues why it's rare to hear a sermon about abortion or homosexuality. I'm sure many pastors would say that some my calling my calling is to preach and teach the Scriptures not to be a cultural commentator put this in the Bible itself. Comment on culture.

This is God's word intersect with society and the prophets of old evils of their day. Other pastors might say my calling is not to be political. My calling is to make disciples.

How should disciples live. What happens when we experience injustice in the workplace. What happens when our kids come home from school crying latest sex ed class. What happens when racism raises its ugly head in our community response decide church leaders help us answer these questions. Looking back on history and we feel about pastors and leaders who chose not to speak out during the days of slavery in America. We question their integrity and encourage Adobe wonder how they could have nothing to say in the light of such evil about those who had no problem with segregation. It preach from the Scriptures every Sunday morning about God's love and God's goodness. Something just doesn't line up about pastors and leaders chose to remain silent during the Holocaust.

With 6 million Jews were killed in cold blood we feel about their silence today. And don't we command leaders like Dietrich Bonhoeffer who refused to compromise their convictions for the sake of safety and career Corp. widely attributed to Bonhoeffer states silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak not to act is Bonhoeffer say to us today when so many of our spiritual leaders to step stand on the sidelines while culture comes beside the larger culture for moment about our own families in the world we live in today. My kids and grandkids have to deal with questions about abortion about druggies about suicide, about sexuality, but the meaning of gender. These issues are directly affecting them and their friends and we were leaders not provide solid answers for them. How can we not help equip their parents and teachers business also part of our oldest shepherds and leaders in 2014 George Barna conducted a poll in which he asked American pastors if they believe the Bible address the key moral and social issues of our day. 90% of these pastors that the Bible did in fact speak to those issues. 90% but when Barna asked them. Are you teaching your people. What the Bible says about those issues, the number dropped to less than 10%. That's a staggering statistic, nine and 10 agree that the Bible spoke to all the major issues are that some of which are highly controversial but only one and 10 was willing to actually address those issues from the pulpit.

Even with the Bible is their God. By the way Barna got the same results. We conducted a similar poll a couple of years later.

What reasons did the pastors get for their silence. According to Barnett there are five factors that the vast majority of pastors turned to attendance giving number of programs number of staff, square footage, in other words, these leaders openly stated that they avoided the controversial issues of our day because Barna's words, controversy keeps people from being in the seeds controversy keeps people from giving money from attending programs. Is this like selling your soul for popularity or for money or for influence business volume on the footsteps of Junius Jesus business. Man more than hearing God and praise of an God is. I got about 90 said of that teaching you can get them all solicitous to the Lord./Consider it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred to.

We have to embrace the mentality of both and versus either/or return comes to the gospel and culture when it comes to the spiritual and the natural. In other words, we often have an either/or mentality will be really spiritual will pray will read the Bible, God Americans really messed up and there's no earthly hopes will be praying for it. There's nothing more important, we can do and pray. I believe it was John Bunyan said to the affected there's nothing you could do until you pray. Prayer is the number one thing you could do. It's a bad paraphrase of the way he put it, but prayer is the most important single thing we could do in terms of a spiritual activity to bring about change, crying out to Almighty God, to act, crying out to Almighty God, stretch out his hand, crying out to Almighty God to have mercy crying out to Almighty God to intervene, praying, Lord, hallowed be your name Lord, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

So a man's all that it starts there and and in many ways. Prayer is is the most challenging activity because it is it is the most spiritual and the spiritual opposition to it.

If you don't believe me just try to double your prayer time daily misprint so you pray and I was 20 minutes a day, try double you be amazed the opposition that comes with doubt. Conversely, try to double the amount of time or add to the amount of time that you watch Netflix or that you surf the web or that you just text people and tell you know that natural stuff. The earthly stuff it's watch more sports. It's easy to do spiritual effort much greater much more intense that being said, that being said, we don't stop there. You don't pray and stop there. You pray and act you pray and do you pray and serve you pray and love you pray and help you pray and reach out its both that some put so much focus on the earthly things so much focus on activity here in activity there and they forget the prayer part devotional part and and that's that space, like the branch try to run around and produce all this fruit wall is it is detached from from the vine from the tree Jesus in John 15 without me you can do nothing, that the branch has to remain united with the vine. Some of us are so busy running here running here and doing this doing that that that we are running on fumes. You know it's like it's like you are in such a hurry to get to a place that you don't have time to fill your tank with gas executive enough gas to get you there so you can end up stalled on the side of the road we start with God. We start with devotion to the Lord. We start with prayer with worship with teaching of the word we start there and then next is how we live our lives in the world around us throughout tell you little story yeah that's a perfect illustration of the relationship that I have with my wonderful bride Nancy remarried society and 76 okay when we lived in Maryland so between 87 and 96 I was in my study, which was in the front of the house came in the house immediately to the right. There was my study. I was in my study praying another door.

My study was open. Nancy was doing some work in the backyard door busted was open but I was I was praying Nancy open the door in the back of the house.

The back of the kitchen opened the door she needed my help with something she was doing in the art so she she called me and I said I am praying thinking on this was urgent that okay will do some light whenever receiving hear me so she called me again. Will that bothered me a little bit because I'm I'm praying to God.

This is this is very. This is sacred. This is spiritual.

This is very important.

I'm I'm praying.

So the second time when she called my name. I yelled out I am praying to which she'll back a lot of good. It's doing you that's a that's my bride.

To this date, yes.

So, okay, I'm impressed you pray so much wonderful book how you living how how you conduct yourself. Always great. You're so amazing you pray so much but you show up for work an hour late and in your sloth on your job, I'm not impressed a while you're never without a Bible euros reading the Bible quote about your nasty coworkers. I'm not impressed, but it is not simply matter be nice being good witnesses is not simply a matter of getting all the culture wars in an instant if what's right in the political scene. Everything must flow from the gospel. If we are to bring about change. The Charles Finney was a very strong abolitionist Charles Finney fought against slavery. If you had anything to do with the slave trade and you are a member of his church in New York City. You could not partake of communion. When he was the president of Oberlin College open was was part of the root of call so-called Underground Railroad where slaves were were smuggled out of the South. So Finney was was an abolitionist very strongly but he was convinced that revival had to be first revival first and abolition second conversion of sinners.

First, and abolition.

Second, and he warned that if we put abolition first. No again he was a a strong abolitionist. He was an activist. He was not just sitting on the sidelines.

He was a front-line activist and holding people account for the sin of slavery right and he made clear in no uncertain terms that it was sent. At the same time he knew that for America to be changed. Is he predicted this. He said if it's not through the gospel. First, if it's not through revival and conversion first, there were going to have a tremendously bloodied war. Of course we have the Civil War. Maybe it was inevitable in terms of where things were going and what was happening and we know there was a revival movement that swept America from 1857 to 1858. I believe that that even two more people into righteous causes and helped hasten the changes that came but look do you think right now in America.

Let's say we get four more years of trump. Let's say he appoints two more justices to the Supreme Court. Let's say. Finally, the justices get some of these big decisions right with abortion and things like that in Roe V Wade is overturned and goes back to the states.

You think that I will just say all will okay you step abortion, but we don't anymore. Okay no I'm in your time of the type of stuff that you have Civil War over that you have massive disputes. The biggest biggest changes that are to come to come flowing out of the gospel. The spiritual first flowing out of the gospel but it doesn't stop there. It flows out into every area of our lives. And here's what's interesting the world. Talk about society as a whole, not the believers world, even skeptics, markers expect Christians to be different or they know that we are supposed to be on some of what Hamlet like everybody else were human beings, and in need of God, but on the other hand, if he has really helped us in changes. There should be evidence of change in our lives and something to point to as Paul said, follow me as I follow Jesus first with his 11 one.

The thatch that should be a principal in our lives as well that should be a principal for us to say follow me as I follow the Messiah we should be able to say watch my life and see the reality of what Jesus has done in me that should go is what that what testimony do we have, we believe in Jesus but and we get you get eternal life. We just say so you know there's no evidence of change and there is no evidence of anything the New Testament actually real because the New Testament is a real change in our lives should be there commitment and therefore the question is how do disciples live the great commission is for disciples to go and make disciples.

So now that some of us come to faith. How does a person live they going to live differently.

They will now swim against the tide of the society. They will now go against the grain of the spirit of the world and they will stand out. So here alone throw this out on through such a one should consider this and think about this. Are you more free to share your political views or social views than you are. Your spiritual use. That's a problem that's a problem.

Paul said, I am not ashamed of the gospel.

Jesus said those that were ashamed of him. He'd be ashamed of them and you really need to ask yourself if you're willing to put a bumper sticker on your car, proclaiming your political views. If humans would assign in your front yard if if you willing to wear the hat that proclaims the political message where the T-shirt are you as bold as unashamed of the gospel, the nuts and you need to put a gospel sign in your front yard or a gospel bumper sticker, but I'm asking are you more ashamed of your spiritual views in your political views. I know we often hear about comfort is being shamed in this that river your voting.

That's not the issue here this year is the condition of our heart must America changed voting is important gospel witness this incident

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