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We Warned You!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 14, 2020 4:10 pm

We Warned You!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 14, 2020 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/14/20.

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We've been warning you for reason stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us on the modifier Michael Brown. I have been sharing warnings for years know about things coming, many of them have come to pass. Think need to be a prophet or rocket scientist to see it, but we've documented it.

We put it out and so I'm sounding the alarm even more clearly today about the bullying about the silencing that is coming unless we speak up and hold our ground right. Here's the recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH for truth.

If you have been bullied because of your views you hold to conservative biblical views hold to conservative political views, you may just be a trump supporter board for the abiding support of rhino, but I think most of the attack.

It comes from the other side of on these issues in the workplace social media school. If you been harassed if there been attempts to silence you look to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let me give a little context here. I came to faith in Jesus's Jewish teenager heroin shooting LSD using hippie rock drummer 16 years old had a radical dramatic salvation experience got rid of drugs by God's grace overnight and have been following the Lord ever since its late. 71. Until now, so going on 49 years by God's grace so II lived a crazy life for couple years. I mean drugs as much as you could take in the human body. You did it. Everything you could do. I did it that all the crazy things broken took up the houses doctor's office with a friend just to do crazy things all that Noma testimony known publicly and many years later got to witness to woman and told the road your house, your skull literally literally happen so that's all Parma testimony and I was as crazy as I could be in thought I was cool in doing it, but in an obviously there are things that are ungodly immoral my life, but in terms of of sexual brokenness, homosexuality, gender confusion, I was never part of the issues in my life so I never had a particular burden to reach people who struggle with homosexuality. Never had that is a focus in terms what was happening in the society. I preached holiness. To this day my whole life preached told Missy to live a life pleasing to the Lord, but I was preaching in terms of heterosexual issues, you know, lust in and adultery and temptation. Pornography is just not thinking about homosexual issues was part of my story would be Parma story. It's not but beginning in 2004 God spiritually burden me about LGBT activism, please hear me. I would not have been speaking about this in writing about this three years if it was just a matter of what people did in private, and since they committed choices that they made in relationships they had.

I would talk to them like any other person that needed the Lord and Telemann the Lord there's a better way and the need to turn to him right. I would not of made an issue of this are made a fuss about this. If not for the very real and public agenda that has transformed our nation for the worse in these last 20 years.

So I wrote a little bit talked about it a little bit if you go through all of my writings.

Prior to 2012 2011 when I first wrote a major book on it.

You'll see. Maybe all the stuff us in with homosexuality. Maybe a full-page page in half.

That was in 19 books and other writings okay so is is only by God burden me about these things that I began to talk about LGBT Q activism and wants us to a Sprint to talk about the activism God get to Britney for the people. So the way it's on my heart the way the Lord spoke to me was reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage and obvious unique compassion and reaching out because people feel hurt rejected they feel rejected by the church of rejected by their family and and the in the moment you talked about gay, lesbian, transgender issues are to be great sensitivity which I can understand from the airport you know and and so needs to be great compassion and love. On the flipside, when you stand against the agenda in a long courage because you will get attacked you will get attacked so as God began to burden me about these issues in 2004 when I began to study and learn more.

Immediately I saw certain things. It was just the clearest day. From what I was reading and from what I was seeing and experiencing and sensing amount heart and in my 2011 book a queer thing happened to America. 700 pages 1500 endnotes and were actually looking at doing an updated edition for it for the 10th anniversary of its big big project correctly.

Looking at doing that. In any case, I put some warnings in there.

I had been given these warnings years prior. With her in writing as of 2000 of what you do here. So I want back then because I need to give warnings now about what's coming as permanent, while it touches on gay lesbian issues but that's not the big thing in terms of what's coming in terms of our need to wake up, stand up for here's what I wrote in 2011, but again had been saying this for years prior to this first gay activists came out of the closet second that you manage their rights. Third, they demanded that everyone recognize those rights. Fourth one. Strip away the rights of those who oppose them. Fifth want to put those who oppose their rights into the closet now. When I first began saying that I got mocked I be doing the secular radio interviews about to no one wants to put you in the closet when he talking about.

Then then not long after that.

Few years later, people began saying bigots like you belong in the closet. I was on one Christian TV show. When I mentioned that an attorney friend of mine said let's take it one step further. Gay activists used be put in jail for for standing up working to put in jail for standing up what I said that I said here's what a friend said I got mocked, articles written no online shows mocking me in all this and sure enough it's happened it's it's happened to cut Kim Davison, among others, in the thing is, when she was jailed for refusing to issue the same six marriage license as per the judge's order and there is no reason for the just do there plenty of of other ways things could be done. Could been done better in religious exemptions in Kentucky and all of that never should've happened, but when she stood firm.

Based on her conscience.

There was national uproar should call your Isis and she deserves to be delivery people tell me it's never you happen there cheering the solvency.

See she deserves so here's here's the point from the gay activist perspective faith. It's just one qualities will live their lives the motor vehicle Americans.

My relationship with my wife Nancy is valid wise in their relationship with their partner. Valid if I can be out and proud. You know, in any situation with you know with my heterosexual wife. You know I'm in here heterosexual couple and this is perfectly acceptable should be the same. This is, except for homosexual couples understand from their perspective. These wanted they felt was equality equal tolerance, but the reality is that it's an agenda that wants to put all opposing views in the closet at a meeting now were having consistent cases with with pastors, church leaders who who lost their standing who have had it resigned from denominations or whatever because of shifts and basically you cannot oppose the agenda or not. I wrote more I wrote for his or whereas homosexuality was once considered a pathological disorder from here on those who do not firm.

The firm homosexuality will be deemed homophobic.

Perhaps themselves suffering from pathological disorder, risky sexual behavior was once considered morally wrong. From here on public condemnation reason public criticism of that behavior will be considered morally wrong that I tell you, did I tell you where is identify as transgender was once considered abnormal by society because going to be marginalized from here on those who do not accept transgender's and will be considered abnormal and will be marginalized a look friends. You have JK Rowling Jicarilla author of that the Harry Potter books… One of the best-selling authors of all time because she took issue with the statement that people menstruate said no women menstruate people women do. You can blacklist it blacklisted in oppose them aligned in people, or partisan literary agency resigning. Now we can be part of this crazy Germaine Greer famous feminist.

She would disagree with me on point after point after point after point after point.

She goes to speak at the University of Cardiff in Wales. There's protest because she does not say that a transgender woman is really one another as a man identifies his woman. She said this person is not really a woman and and they try to block her from speaking on campus. This is this is how extreme it gets. Okay I wrote more back in 2011. Here's what I said from here on, embracing diversity refers to embracing all kinds of sexual orientation, homosexual expression and gender identification, but rejects every kind of religious or moral conviction that does not embrace these orientations, expressions, and identifications from here on tolerance refers to the complete acceptance of GL BT that's that. Or least use lifestyles and ideology and the family in the workplace and education meeting individual at the same time refusing to tolerate any view that is contrary. From here on inclusion refers to working with supporting sponsor, encouraging gay events giggles both the same time, systematically refusing to work with excluding anyone who is not in harmony with these events and goals from here on hate refers to any attitude thought or word that differs with the gay agenda will gaze are virtually exempt from the charge of hate speech. The matter how violent century, the rhetoric, since they are always the perceived victims and never the victimizers.

One woman believed another author, but she roads a letter in support of JK Rowling and in the name of inclusion was dismissed. Whatever position she had whatever she was doing she was dismissed in the name of inclusion years ago III wrote to accompany encouraging them not to participate in the controversial events wanted to stay neutral on the culture wars, secular company, runners can put Bibles in your store but want to stay neutral in the culture wars and and and you know what the response was what were standing with all the members of our community and were inclusive. I said okay great. Would you sponsor an event we're doing is a profamily event etc. etc. there were taxes. No we will not work with you because we are inclusive of doubletalk.

This is years back. Doublespeak doubletalk that that's the meaning of tolerance, diversity, inclusion is the exact opposite friends but listen this just the Polaris we are today. This is mild. This is minor what what is coming down the pike. Now what's already here and about to accelerate is more intense as you can imagine and and if we don't speak up and stand for what is right.

Today and hold to our convictions in the public square. Said many times before us it again. We have to apologize to her kids and grandkids started quickly all right facing clips for you that it is shocking that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that talk about change possibility for those with a woman, same-sex attraction, they call a conversion therapy but if you're since extracted person so you won't get to the root of this time I'm not happy with this and like to be in a heterosexual relationship either for biblical reasons or moral reasons or social reasons or whatever they're blocking that an object amended chain. Now each chain of of different groups involved with this conservative activists and others in their telomere might my Facebook page. Just got block. Yet, these are ministries organization to my Facebook plate diskette, taking a yeah and and it's it's out it's completely outrageous simply outrageous and low initial torture was about torturing children shock treatment of questionably shock treatment correct. We believe in sitting and talking with people and helping them get to the root of issues in their own lives called counseling with professional counselors in state after state across America now it's illegal for minors to go with him on same-sex attraction. Let's just say your 17-year-old girl. Dr. Byblos is your situation, you were sexually abused by a neighbor for years. Family didn't know about it and you're afraid to tell from the ages of 8 to 11, but you kinda became repulsed by man because it was a guy abusing you, and that she started to develop sexually and emotionally and come to puberty and all that you didn't want to be around Mammon and some more comfort women in this like I don't want this site this gift. I don't want this I want to be married and have kids and so on and tell your mom and dad. They said, look, we know how to help. This is a deep thing. Let's let's get counseling for you and you you know you look up in your state.

If you want professional Christian casserole that's illegal what what outrage outrage California last year almost passed a bill that would make it illegal for anyone of any age to get counseling gender identity confusion. Same thing. I was completely outrageous censorship.

Nothing less than that and in New York did the same thing illegal for anybody in Orthodox Jewish counselor went to court over this with the help your eyes.

Defending freedom and overnight boom near conversed itself. I thought what know what will happen. What happened was, in this case this the fruit of of good appointees bite bite Pres. tromp the court that this would've gone to had new trump appointees whose views were known were they come down on this and near to start a fight we lose this backed off, but when it when out what what an outrage and what if your pastor and you want to give some of my book and you began Christian is second be okay to me, these are questions that were coming up in California. Last year, so work were dealing with extreme forms of censorship but but even this is just the beginning is a brown you're being paranoid. How I being paranoid. We warned about these things. Years ago they been unfolding happening in front of our eyes. As of this very day there happening. I just looked over on Facebook little while ago and someone posted something from Anchorage, Alaska said hey you need to see what's happening here in the same deals with trying to ban practical, life-giving, helpful counsel and then suppress those who been changed but let let's look at the broader issues that we have been shouting out at the top of our lungs that black lives do matter. We have been shouting out solidarity with her black brothers and sisters against racism against injustice. We have recognized together that the legacy of the past from slavery to segregation has still left bad remnants in our society that we want to deal with.

We shot at them as loudly as we can from the heart. Nothing new about that from the heart, and at the same time said, we oppose the black lives matter movement. The organization, the Marxist led queer affirming radical organization now some very interesting information, and I want you to hear this clips from Bernard Kerrick. Now here's what's interesting Pres. tromp gotten criticized for pardoning Roger Stone not allow these presidential pardons were coming just like I like to gunner partner. I don't think it's fair whatever their controversial pardons with virtually every president so this will trump very controversial. Will Kerrick himself witnessed Police Department with with removal of of some of the negative baggage he had. He was a New York City police Commissioner and there were never charge the brutality or anything like that but some misdemeanors and some ended up in jail for some years. The attacks of that whatever it was, he gets pardon, but is giving talk about it even more controversial pardon from President Clinton and this ties directly in with the black lives matter movement on so here is being interviewed. Listen to what he has to say. Susan Rosenberg is was convicted in 1985 should possess 640 pounds of explosives should have been involved in a number of the criminal abundance in New York City in the tri-state area. She was a member of the Weather Underground in the May 19, communist organization. She was sentenced to 58 years in prison and she was also involved in. She was a getaway driver in the next armored car robbery in which two cops were killed in the security guard was killed so she went to prison for 50 years and she was commuted. Her sentence was commuted after 16 years by President Clinton on his last day in office, he I prison right so just so you understand a lot of controversial pardons from different presidents is to put things in context. So Susan Rosenberg made radical communist activists involved in violent crimes, police, and so on and what's the deal wiser name coming out now.

Maybe she's rehabilitated transformed person while Bernard Kerrick was on this list, but she recently obtained a position as on the Board of Directors for fundraising group to guzzle a fundraiser or a substantial amount of the black lives matter and you know the problem I have with this is what is really paying attention to the organization black lives matter of it in a much broader picture.

Should you have a terrorist convicted terrorist somebody that wanted the overthrow of the United States government. Somebody got was anti-capitalism, anti-American back in the 60s 70s and early 80s. She's not working for black lives matter whose founders whose founders were inspired by a woman by the name of Joy and Chas Simard joining Tressa Martin today goes by the African name was Sasha Corr. She lives in Cuba, in exile after she executed a New Jersey state trooper and was involved in a number of bombings and robberies back in the 60s 70s and early 80s 60s and 70s Association was captured in 1973 after she killed trooper on the New Jersey Turnpike.

She escaped from prison. Eventually in 1979, which is been in Cuba ever since that was that she was the inspiration for black lives matter and you are a terrorist that was affiliated with her on who does their fundraising again were talking about the organization were warning about the organization but the organization as part of a larger cultural movement of mob autocracy that wants to silence you intimidates you believe it's not just now gay activists who gain footing and corporate American Hollywood so many other ways. And even though small percentage of the population have such an influence of the society we are talking about something much more widespread. And if you don't say it right if you don't do it right, you may find yourself out of a job. You may find yourself threatened.

I'm warning not to instill fear of morning to say the antidote is that we speak up that were unashamed that we stand together and do what is right, not with hatred or anger or violence, but with immovable truths, immovable conviction, backbone, have you said for years, many hearts of compassion backbones steel right one more clip from Bernard Kerrick. What I see is somebody that was involved in the law enforcement at that time the truck Susan Rosenberg when she was convicted. I actually had to escort her I was commander of the Passaic County SWAT team. I had to escort her to and from trial. During that time. So somebody does been that lived through those times I see history repeating itself arts are. Here's the thing. Here's the thing, just like things happen in the 60s of people. Riots shaking some good causes civil rights movement rising just like some good causes. Now in the midst of things within the chaos riots. The generation gap.

Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, gay liberation, radical feminism, all these other things, Eastern religion.

What happened was that in fact became the dominant force in society.

Which is why we are the way we are today.

What we see the radical cultural shifts. A generation or two later in front of her eyes and I've been warning about this, but the shifts to come will be more dramatic will be more extreme the milk momentum is ready here that the cultures are ready gone in dangerous directions and it's not going to be one of those things of hay tolerance and freedom. Your most old hippie slogan yellow make love not war peace man ill and the parents resent America, love it or leave it. You know patriotic and young people hey man, make love not war, but it did not have the intolerance you have the radical groups like the weatherman and saw but now leaders from there. Like the layers become mentors of Pres. Obama mentors of leaders of of black eyed black-eyed matters movement and others. It and I'm not into some conspiracy theory here. It's just you get some Susan Rosenberg and now she's with organization that's fundraising for four BLM movement friends. I'm talking about an avalanche of opposition coming the way of conservative believers and we either stand and speak pastors, leaders only getting political, I mean speaking the truth holding to biblical convictions holding firm. Either that or we will lose the most precious fundamental rights than ours as Americans.

I wanted. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Jesus rebukes the religious leaders of his day. In Matthew the 16th chapter, and said you tell of the what is going to be by the Scott you know the signs of the times and I talked to Mike at every prophecy lined up in every verse in the Bible, lining up with the headline of the same week.

We should understand to be aware of what's happening in the larger culture around us. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Have you suffered bullying, intimidation for holding to your biblical views in the workplace in your neighborhood in your schools. It's a very challenging time for kids now and and they're getting overwhelmed with certain things in social media material that goes out and in all different ways confusing them in and then when the disco guested along this the vitriol on the attack. Kids bad enough if it's adults, but kids here so July 7 Harper's magazine publishers letter hundred 50 intellectuals, authors, Lee influential leaders and things like that. Challenging the cancel culture that it if you dare differ with the politically correct words. Then you will be canceled. You will be will be obliterated. You'll be rejecting you lose your job you lose your reputation. Whatever. There is a great op-ed in the Washington Times by Oz Guinness leading Christian thinker Mrs. Harper's letter against cancel culture is welcome and overdue is a key sentence in the article the free exchange of information and ideas. The lifeblood of liberal societies daily, becoming more constricted and any says this lesson. The next step Oz Guinness.

The next step must be to go beyond the concern for the cancel culture and call for a thorough examination of all the major differences between the ideals of the American experiment in the claims and demands of the progressive left. In essence, America's choices between the ideas and ideals of 1776 the American Revolution versus those that have come down from 1789 and the French Revolution and the one brought about tremendous and profound change that continues to develop in positive ways. The other brought about death and destruction for so so many youth sent off with your head. Remember the one shopping one day is probably the one this guy gets chopped the next. Everything reproduces after its own kind, and soon enough, you end up being canceled that you'd never be to secure when the cancel culture runs amok receiving another example right, CEO of Goya foods is a member had Goya foods play foods and there had but is it the largest company or food company owned by Hispanic CEO. In any case, very popular, successful company and the CEO of the company speaks well of Pres. Trump right you have different political views. Everybody does. Okay you can you can be a supporter. Pres. Obama and some of the like that you speak well of him and they call you jerk and this and that or you speak well. Pres. Trump and people like that color jerk people get an estimate of that's the world we live in a sports event.

You know fans get nasties nasty world. Okay, wish was like that.

That's the way it is. We can do better but that's the way it is.

But you don't call for a boycott of the persons product because they speak well of the current present what is that is my control. It's thought control is and you don't dare put forth an opinion that we don't like about the president. The one that was duly elected by the electoral college by our rules. The present United States, supported by roughly half the country and in the speak well of him and this was difficult for a boycott and is it someone in Congress that representative Sandra Casa Cortez but look in this look at this tweet from Julian Castro. He was formally with Housing and Urban Development HUD might believe the three served in the government and is currently Mayor of San Antonio, so he's a serious buyer. Look at what he says free speech worth works both ways.

Goya foods CEOs free to support a bigoted president who's in the American church can't do his job because his Mexican trees Puerto Rico electrician entrusted to poor dreamers.

We're free to leave his products on the shelves okay okay will have on your free speech works both ways, but one is someone giving their opinion about the president and what they think the president is doing well and the other is now threatening you with consequences. It's one thing if you so I think the guy with Goya foods is stupid and I think is betraying his own people is a Hispanic find you have your opinion but to then call for a boycott of the person's products. See that's that's the thing that's amazingly unequal here are are you serious here. How about this in case you missed the news devoting this data sounding the alarm over the weekend I read about two different cases. Now it turns out there are four different Catholic churches that were vandalized/set on fire yet for them and in statues of Mary that were defaced that one have idol written on it.

Listen on the Catholic I don't agree with Catholic theology of marijuana like statues of Barry or Jesus for that matter. All right, but I understand I understand that when someone's burning Catholic churches unless there's some very specific unusual thing happening but if it's the broader thing that it looks like this attack on Christianity in the eyes of the people doing that at this at all. Your Protestant rent out after you all your ortho Greek Orthodox were not after you read your Pentecost low. This when I see this the attack on Catholic churches.

I think that's an attack on all of us that profess dissent. That's how it looks at end and then during some of the marches and protests, member synagogues, vandalized some of the riots in in in recent weeks. At the last month. Very little reporting on this present time I'm I got my mobile Chrissy, they could be marching into your neighborhood next is it scares me. Jesus gives us the antidote. Don't fear those who kill the body but can't kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both body and soul in hell.

Southworth will have to fear God we love him respect to modern him, fear him.

We are his servants, it's time to wake up and start speaking up and speaking out just read letter from Barry Weiss, New York Times editor should Jewish room was hired about three years ago and she was hired because of Trump's presidencies in the New York Times and kids have little broader constituency so her views were little different, her views were conservative, and so on and and she was harassed boycott Nazi finally resigned because of the terrible culture there with. You cannot have an opposing viewpoint. If an opposing viewpoint, you will be censored for friends. It's happened for years in our college campuses is getting worse and worse and worse. It's happening more and more newsrooms go to your calls. In a moment, 86634878 a for a morning a morning please hear me, please hear me. The things we want about before have happened. And like I said, you need to be a prophet, a rocket scientist to see them coming this like all okay here comes this tsunami you can see what's gonna happen with it but I got a call a few weeks ago from a gentleman that had been on worked in NBC affiliate for years, local NBC affiliate in one city in America. He was the only conservative Christian there in well over 20 employees working in his department and meant that the listen. I'm not currently talk about speaking up for Trump, this is not my issue, speaking up for Jesus speaking of her biblical values.

I'm illustrating some things with Trump to share the culture. Okay, he said that there was a news report that was about Trump that was blatantly false. He then went to the project manager ever was and said hey how, planet stories been proven false. He said the guy said to him, that's my job is not report truth much obscurity Trump is a crazy wash.

I believe that guy while I just talked to someone who worked with CBS affiliate in another state. He said I had to get out run the phone talk is that I get out the center of it work in a different realm, he said, but the hostility against Trump.

There was so intense that there was no pretense of even trying to tell the truth was get rid of the men now that's Trump understand Trump is that Jesus Trump is a Bible. I understand that I'm just saying that that is the same type of environment that others have spoken of holding to biblical values. It is been there for years and is growing but now that is turned into a Marxist mobile Chrissy is real danger so hate. If you appreciate my voice and how we are here speaking without fail without compromise. Addressing the issues God's grace, regardless of cost or consequence. Yes, we get censored. Yes, we get blocked if you keep your better YouTube videos getting restricted. We had a fight many battles and thankfully Facebook ended up backing us on key things and YouTube proven videos within restricting other things and so the battle continues. We do our best to speak the truth in love and wisdom in non-inflammatory ways to get the message out. We don't mind the mockery in the attack and the lies in the death wishes and the death rate calling him called to be a lightning rod of iron, draw some of the heat away from you, so be it. But you can help by praying for us. You can help by sharing the broadcast with others you help right now on Facebook if you watch on Facebook click on the donate button there what you and YouTube. Click on the $beneath YouTube.

There are helping us directly be at least a chat box. There you go to website, asked her to ask a DR Click on donate to stem of his friends. Here's what it's like you guys are like that. The bow and pulling it back back back you need strength to do that. That's a task and then I'm like the arrow tissue hit Shasha my head is like the tip of that arrow.

So a lot of my the impact of the all that.

That's my calling, but I can I can go further with more power. With your help back. He gets a list let's do this together. Jesus said what you told in secret shout from the rooftops. He doesn't mean gossip he means.

I am unsure and truth with you. I am I'm just here with you. My disciples, I'm in a closed room in this field here in this desolate area and I'm telling you truth. Now that you know it it's your job to go shout it to the world. It doesn't mean that obnoxious way means that we are witnesses. Can we count on you in the workplace. Your social media platforms in your neighborhood in your own family not to be nasty not to be self-righteous not to be mean-spirited, but without shame, without apology say here's what I believe. I believe God's ways are best take.

Here's Russ Stan, here are the reasons for it, and you hate me love you back and spit at me and smile at you but I'm not moving. Number five position and take a stand listed hazards like straight to the phone.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown threatened joining us on the line of fire. Let's go to the phone.

Starting in New York, Joseph looking to go on fire by Dr. Brown.

I just want to start by saying thank you for all that you do for the body of Christ.

The fact that you stand strong and firm in our local principal and share that best year going to people what were all about the treatment and I appreciate that. Right now we are baking time where mentorship is not an all time high.

Frequently, there was an article in the Washington Post while Gov. Cuomo with baited that if you believe in pro-life, then you're just like a person with a homophobe who hates homosexual and effort that has no place in the state of New York… Very interesting bird. Irving, but not unlike what has been going on the contrary, I want to say that just recently here. I am a pastor myself, I started a website called religious life map.

Of course we know that all life matter of course you know the black lives matter. We know that the on one black child matters which being to be forgotten in the opening a black like matters but more importantly religious life matter and we need a place to ship truth without your retribution from those in government.

Now we know, you know, the Bible told Connie Allport will be filing that one point but I just pray… Buyer will come back and we will be vindication in our day. Thank you for all that you're doing.

Dr. Brown you to pray for your ministry, and I pray that you continue to be steadfast in love, Sherry biblical truth. Joseph, thank you, thank you so much for your efforts and for the kind words in prayer and support that and let me say this little article yesterday, pointing out that the term white supremacy is now being westernized the same way that homophobe or homophobia was westernized so in as a strategy developed couple decades back and use the term homophobia. So if you say you know what I believe marriage is a man and a woman or a kid should have a mom and dad this homophobic Oreo now transform becoming these terms have been used for years and years. So the moment you have any difference with LGBT Q agenda, your homophobe, your transferable. Now if you have a difference of opinion. If you think Trump is better candidate than Biden, your white supremacist.

If you don't support every aspect of the BLM movement. Your white supremacist. So what you gave us an example of Gov. Cuomo is the same kind of thing. It's the labeling and the discrediting of the starting friends when it comes your way. Don't back down, turn the thing around identity.

People say what he seems all you sound so intolerant you see sound so judgmental and tolerant.

What he saw is not supplied share opinion and it'll turn this around it.

Someone was blasting yesterday and and and tell me you use care about like babies in the womb, and you discard them afterwards.

You don't care us what he targets 100% false richer get that idea and he says well you know I can listen to the nonblack person is consult Christian I said I would like if I just called you nonwhite.

What's Christian.

Patrick turns around and pushed back truth don't be intimidated. One of the unspoken mantras of LGBT Q activism for years has been we will intimidate. We will manipulate until you capitulate where to save were not capitulating love you and serve you and do everything we can to be a blessing in your life and bring you into the knowledge of the one true God. But we are not backing down or bowing down all right to the phones in Minnesota just see welcome to the line of fire high dark brown hey well okay so my question at this actual Minnesota and you know that, where the riot started and everything. Now there is a lot of chaos going on, but I am I'm I'm not black I'm right I'm a male I'm straight really the question is what can I really do.

I mean, because the moment I would try to say something I would get blasted with well you can identify that certain yet so obviously when I try to be anything that would not write the result of trend approval.

I understand your background and your culture, your upbringing that some expenses not there. One black hole is said to me, Dr. Brown, you don't understand that I was picking cotton at the age of five is correct… Can I relate to that II can understand. I can understand that I don't understand.

But the thing is number number one. If you believe the causes are right because then you get involved because it's right because like you to try to prove anything politically or show how woke you are enough if you believe, for example, that that kids in the inner city were being neglected needed mentors and you said hey can I sign up to scop school. Once we can hang out with the kid or play ball them. Yeah we we welcome people do that, you know, so great, you just do what's right because it's right to help the other thing is, people need Jesus.

And you know the Lord and that's the biggest thing Jesse does matter what color you are wood background you're at and I pretty will guarantee that that if someone starving and and you reach out a white hand or a black hand or green hand or yellow hand or right hand with healthy food for their personnel take it though. See the food and the love as opposed to the color of the hand. So let's let's give people what they need most, which is the gospel and in in other cases if if you feel something is important. Just tell someone hey I was raised in your community or have your background tell me your story and listen, learn and understand and then sort through you feels right or wrong hate it, and thank you Jesse of but again you got the gospel. That's the biggest thing of all hate limit Lily to say this, I am not trying to prove to anyone that I am still loving, or that I'm not racist or that I'm not homophobic or that I'm in my research I may respond to people falsely accuse me I'm trying to please the Lord and all of the Lord, and do my best to serve and help you that's an accredited soul. I know unsay particular thing here. We got we got a new article up from am I not a man and a brother to am I not am I not a baby and a sister and talk about the famous graphic was actually in a constructive thing that we: mean, there's a there's a black man in chains.

This was you so effectively begin the 1780s in England is a black man in chains. We develop our screen for those watching and it's his. Am I not a man and a brother, so dehumanize the slave to say this, not just a person from Africa to speak the language like a brute beast is a you a fellow human being who has feelings, just like you and family and desires and goals and am I not a man and a brother, and that help turn the tide because people assess a fellow human being. How can I enslave a fellow human being like kidnapping bring over the country fell you back at what gives me the right to do that and change things and and it's the changes continued because through much of our society. Lecture still second-class citizens in certain ways and and and still in certain situations are not getting an equal shake so but the human eyes and that's the key thing that demonizing so I felt now that there is such an emphasis remembering the horrors of slavery better than maybe we been willing to or how far back it goes or how deeply rooted was whenever okay and and and say hey if there's racism let's let's expose and deal with that. This was a great time to say let's let's remember in the midst of this that we are in the midst of another moral horror is best police brutality is an and other things are abortion is at its mass is massive, massive, massive, massive mass, you take all causes of death since the black communities. I look at this as an attack from Satan and African-Americans okay. I look at this as you abortion general attack on the on the coming generations, but because it's disproportionately high among black Americans. I I'm not blaming black Americans ever makes choices, forgot, I'm letting the devil in society. Okay, I see this as an attack.

I say 10 on precious people with the calling of governments. I've said this for years and years and years, all right. So what's the point of this point is that you take every black cause of death in America from accidents to heart disease. Just pile them all up and abortion is higher that Jimmy is a Satanic attack against precious people world changes the next generation that God wants to use getting wiped out.

That's how I see it okay I see is an attack on younger generation.

In general, because the disproportionate amount black community.

I see this is the devil trying to attack you and rip you off and destroy my black friends, brothers and sisters so I wanted in the midst of people being stirred about this to make a statement saying hey what did we learn about slavery. Am I not a man and a brother. Let's apply that to the baby in the womb and we got that we got the meme and in their shoes, swathed in pink pseudo-'s a girl. Am I not a baby and a girl.

SMIC Dr. Brown that's a long time because is not right time for the message I got to do what I feel is right.

My heart to do is have. I've made my stand clear enough of.

I've made my heart clear. If I made my life clear enough. You know I'm an ally and friend standing with you against injustice and and you know I have a listening ear when you call and seductive value miss some give a blind spot here. Keep speaking to me from all different perspectives and backgrounds keep speaking to me, I'm a lifelong learner in God but I may say certain things differently than you'd like me to because I have to give account to God and and fall the birds he lays on my heart as much as I like to make everybody happy. That's not gonna happen. Paul said if I yet pleased man, I would be a servant of the Messiah. Galatians 110 my grandson Andrew was asked to speak to his entire Christian school with a message via video the text he chose 16 years old. Galatians 110.

I thought that is awesome. If I yet pleased men, I would be a servant of the Messiah friends please God love your neighbor as yourself. Serve where we can serve but make it your ambition to please God do what is right, this generation needs you take a stand morning. He was, turn it around speak of this

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