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A Deliverer is Born, Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias
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July 11, 2020 1:00 am

A Deliverer is Born, Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias

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July 11, 2020 1:00 am

Who will speak the Gospel to the current and coming generation? This week on Let My People Think, RZIM's Founder, the late Ravi Zacharias, looks at this question as he gives a message titled "A Deliverer is Born."

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Examining comes from the engine having an increase in prison. What a horrible life in prison.

Have you ever thought of. Soon as prison. That's people want to be free, in theory, but sometimes hard to give up the blind use that everything that my people think with goals and apologist Ravi Sakurai watch TV commercials hold the secret gauge line right. Drink the right, the right place you on your way to be like things three just create every everything someone is robbing the conclusion of his message to deliver is born as Moses refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter took all the comforts and all of the carefree nurse and wants to move on way God wants him. Secondly he left he left and moved on because his calling called him his community needed him and his message more than anything else, compelled him when I look at people like Kayden and look at people like Thomas wedge and I look at my own life and I was 17 years old so messed up I think to myself, how does one take this message and communicated to the world so that the world will understand what hope and beauty that comes in this salvation. I want to give you and paint for you two pictures the first picture I want to paint for you is this a week ago. Very tragic story in the life of somebody all of our stuff knows and what he promises and claims is a totally false accusation, and we believe him. He took to lie detector tests possible to them, but the prosecution would not allow this to be admitted.

They offered him a plea bargain.

He said not on your life.

I have not done what you're accusing amount is 71 years, but through all of the machinations of the system. He is given 35 or 45-year-old sentence go to jail 71. His wife is shattered heart stuff knows many of our stuff or actually I was on the road they were attending the trial, and saw some of the farcical nature of it all and all of a sudden he moves from a dignified businessman in a suit to overalls with chains around his wrists and his ankles and he is not even given a chance to say goodbye to his wife Denise taken and his wife just shouted down to make a move. None of them are allowed to visit enemies in maximum-security prison making an appeal be a minister. They allowed me to go so his wife and Margie and I are driving this distance to prison of the city in Georgia they're not.

They were told he may not even be able to park there but they give them permission to park. I walk in to check my papers a check everything and they bring me in. She takes all my support for a variety they felt they didn't love me.

I was just like to take my Bible and all of a sudden the steel door shuts behind me and I'm alone I walk about about the length of this hall here all alone and I come up to the end where they told me there was seem to be a staircase, it was so hidden.

I was not sure I'd find it I found got me up. There's a God waiting for me there.

He takes me to another area where a steel door opens and puts me in on that steel door shuts, and I'm beginning to shut steel doors and that second steel door takes about 30 seconds to open up and I'm standing here thinking I'm a visitor and I'm terrified that second door opens and I moved busted that I go to another crossover final door there to guard standing and I'm taken in take me into a corridor. I weighed about 10 minutes and he comes in his prison outfit, a shadow of himself lost 10 pounds in the last two weeks.

He says we given food only twice on the weekend I from given some slop at about 3 to 5 in the morning I have to have a concert there's no chairs to sit in my bunk and because it's so low about the one above me.

I can't even sit up all day asleep about 14 hours a day, so have you been out he said once in two weeks and he's had his shaven knee sitting there looking almost zombielike, and I read to him from the Bible.

Ask him some questions.

I said can I pray with you and he puts his hand on the glass and I put my hand on the glass and pray with them and I walked out shake finally make my way back.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I actually just stood there and soon in front of that sign to read the name of the warden, and so on, to see if I can make some calls are treated prison prison. What a horrible life in prison.

Have you ever thought of sin as a prison with a new that's locked you up. I would buying as you bask Edward W. Chapin said years ago the worst effect of sin is manifested not in pain or suffering, or in bodily defacement but in the ground faculties the unworthy loves the low ideals the brutalized and the enslaved spirit.

The worst effect of sin is not in pain or suffering a bodily defacement but in the disc ground faculties. The low ideals the brutalized and the enslaved spirit. That's what sin is all about what we see happening in our culture today tracked in a prison of rebellion against God when he walked out of the physical prison.

You see, what an incredible relief how terrible it is in that physical prison to be trapped in there, and I say to you how much worse it is to realize when sin itself is holding on to your soul.

I want to read for you a letter that I got in from Malaysia some time ago and this will tell you exactly the interesting thing to me is that as I left Hayden from the Philippines. They were trying to convince me to stay on in the church, but I had a commitment and went on to Malaysia this June. I get a letter immediately after that, he says I'll try to keep this email short as I'm sure you see hundreds if not thousands of similar emails from the individuals touched by your messages. I just like to thank you personally for what you've done for me. We met three Sundays ago. I do MC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I said to thank you for your message last night. I was almost ready to leave it all behind this Christian life, but I stopped myself up to hearing your message.

Here is my story the night before we met Saturday, 26 May 2013 I plan to go out with two close friends of mine on a drinking and enjoyment night.

The night outing would be at the tail end of how the three of us had recently become single men.

He goes on to describe all the horrible things they were planning to do. Our objective was to spend money meet beautiful women would be catered to as drinking partners.

It all sounds quite sleazy to you and we never actually done this, but in that frustrated we wanted to end it all and go around go down this road and he talks of all the pain that he had suffered and he tries to describe his his night that night he says was prepared. That very night to compromise the ruler code I had observed since a late comer to Christ at 27 years of age are not being melodramatic, but I become a Christian.

Nine years ago on this.

I've seen the worst of organized Christian religion had to offer. I would prefer not to go into it too much detail why I feel this way but enough to say had been through the highs and lows and prior even from being slated to leadership. He talks about all the things that he planned on going all that changed as I was planning to spend that night of self-destruction. When you came and preached and you reminded me of who God is the one with Jehoshaphat's prayer and he goes on to talk about the message that night. Understanding this message was enough for me to rethink who God is. To me a personal God who cares for my every step, and it serves as a reminder that he's the reason I started out on this journey. In the first place. If I heard you say it right you are not your asked to stay away and not come to Malaysia but you told them you made your commitment and you are coming. You could not ignore the fact that it's plan on coming skeptical as I am deeply humbled that God taught me worthy enough to have sent my favorite Christian apologists in order to speak to me. Nobody thank you again Dr. Zacharias from the bottom of my heart that we can was indeed unforgettable.

Because we both follow and so the great God. I thank you for coming. You say my life I didn't. I did is having to be there and I read let you know that about 30 or 40 of them here which I read occasionally one just came this week to one guy from New York trip set up meetings we had one of you hero had organized and he is wrote to me from New York. He said I'm just struggling to the temptation to take my life. Please help me please help me and he sends that the general delivery and I got on one night and I called them. This happened a few months ago. He is now attending a Bible study and the rights to me and he says I'm in prayer meeting regularly how dramatically my life is change the rescue from the prison of sin, so I won't ask you tonight. Is it possible an audience like this. Some of you are in those chains we say to yourself, helping help me can very easily happen and so, like Moses, the deliver. He refuses, he leaves because he saw the bondage of this people the deliver moves forward and read. As he stand he stands in front of the burning bush and here is where the challenge really comes first, he says, who am I that you should send me any says who are you to send me any says, what if they don't believe who you are who I am and finally says Lord I can't speak and no it's an incredible thing to come to the realization that God desires to use you that God desires to use you. God had a king-size battle on his hands with all of the resistance and finally God got so upset with this man that he says to him, look, if you don't want to do it. I'm going to have somebody come alongside you and I'll have Aaron, and help you along is a healthy side to it. When we believe we really are not qualified. It keeps you humble doesn't hold an unhealthy side to it when you're stubborn and say I really don't want to do it when I look at the way this country is going.

After living here for years started take a deliver like Moses is going to deliverers in individual offices and in individual places where they will shine the light of Jesus Christ in that arena when I was a new Christian Canadian gentleman by the name of John tame, lives in Calgary. He was youth for Christ director that time and on the last day that is in India.

Imagine after years and years of living in the country and you and your wife and children are leaving. He phones me and said I want to take you out ice in the state. We are leaving the day after he sat on take John tame comes picks me up in his car and what he wanted talk to me about took me out for a nice tandoori chicken dinner and resetting across enjoying it and he leans forward this big tall man long bony arms, and I was leaning forward listening to him letters and he grabs both of my wrists in his what he says to me, says Ravi, wanting something with you. You are going to go. Only one of two ways. You will either be the biggest failure. You could possibly be of God is going to use you in ways that you never dreamed he said that's why I'm taking you out for dinner tonight one of two ways. He knew my personality. I was sort of a guy who would either go all in or just say something to work for me and every time we are anywhere in the vicinity of Calgary lost on me with a novice and senior years. Marty and I were there. John tame came to see me and he just sits and stares at just stares at you.

I know what he saying with his eyes. If you believe this gospel of the kingdom that delivers you from bondage within you and breaking the stranglehold of sin, so that you know this is the temple of the living God. And you know you honor him and you know he comes to dwell within you. If he changes your hunger is changes your desires, changes your longing and puts his word and you like a fire within your bones. And that's what we are meant to carry the world that is despicably lost and hopeless and I just want to say to you that when you stand before the word of God in the burning bush that he calls you and me to let's not fight him such sake. Under this act under that lets believe what he's actually saying that he has called you and me into his service. That is called you and me into his service. Who am I an instrument for you the I or they, they will see that I will use you and you lose your smooths me then to my final taught what was his constant need his constant need was this I will not go unless you go with me and I want to see your glory. I will not go unless you go with me and I want to see your glory to know in life. We all have the need of a presence will have the need of a presence in her friend David who passed away in February in California within an area he was living in a trailer you want to trouble the schedule of the trailer was in vicinity of his daughter's home in order's daughter Tammy told me she's on karate. It was so incredible to see what happened a few days before he died, she said, a blind woman in our church who never knew my dad because he used to live in LA and remove now where his daughter was would come every day with some oil in her back blind woman and would massage his dry and calloused feet and he would just cry and say she's touching my dirty feet. He needed that touch and then she says Stanley says nobody did uncle.

My husband Bruce and I went to visit to go and see many times a day and he called my husband and said Bruce can ask you to do something. He said sure that he suggest hold me for a few moments in your arms just told me. She said the saddest thing to see my dad never had a son, just wanting the nearness of meme. His daughter stroked his face and my husband to hold them since touch Agnes. Nothing is near God touching his soul. And yet there are times we say you show me yourself just one more time, place I need to see in the situation line and I ask you to think about this because you know Moses was a tough guy, but he said I'm not going to go unless you go with me and I want to see your glory. And then he made this question. How will I know you brought me there is is off to you, have reached their you will worship me in that land now know what I find amazing. Moses doesn't get to really set his foot completely just goes on down the mountain and God became his undertaker got buried him also had a very close fellowship with them. Berries and then some years ago by like 1400 and Peter James and John the Peter who always wanted to do it his way.

Cut off with a sword interrupting the boy's ear off.

Not as bad as Moses want to kill them. Despite assisting the air often. Now he comes to the Mount of Transfiguration sees the body of his lord blowing what is he say let's stay here.

I want to stay here and Moses probably want to say to him some boy go back down there because you ain't seen nothing yet you think this is fantastic. Go back down in the Valley you ain't seen nothing yet, the Lord of glory. Take some up and brings him into his presence. I want to read for your letter. As I close and challenge you to play the role of a deliver in somebody's life even if it is not in national life. Nabil Qureshi and I were walking into Dartmouth is a long line of waiting for the doors to open.

And as we are coming up to the front, solidly built guy whispers something he says can I talk to for a moment cited straight-backed soon-to-be lanai chatting with an he's there with his girlfriend somebody else and he tells me you never know what your books meant to me in battle and I we were in the trenches when we are on dangerous missions. And then he goes on to talk about what happened to a friend of his who was killed in Afghanistan and the be lanai listening to the story.

Soon-to-be writes back to him and says will you send that to us describe it all over again and he says yes I'll do it and so he writes good day to you my brother. He writes in the real apologize for not responding sooner, but I sought out to reach the parents of my Army friend put Boston order to have their blessing they agreed with me that my testimony would have a profound effect on those seeking the way. Fortunately, I'm able to now share the details here it goes sometime towards the end of February 2008 I had a mission that was to begin at about 0600 hrs. at Basra, Iraq to Kuwait mission was to provide security for key personnel that were attached to our unit about three hours later I was in Kuwait and I received the terrible news from the gate guards that the water in Army and an army unit had passed by earlier had sustained an attack from an IED ISS and improvised explosive device while en route to Kuwait as well is unplugged more into the incident. I found out that the unit had had been attacked was a regular army unit and that my good friend Jonathan had been attacked as well. Upon arrival at our mission at the end that point, which was where Jonathan was taken. I immediately asked to go and see him, I received permission and rent the base Medical Center. Upon arrival was directed by an Army major to the room in which our heavenly as I cross the threshold of the doorway.

I could see that my friend was in a world of pain. He had tubes that seem to come out of other tubes leading to God knows where. With both legs having being severed in the attack and so as I walked over to him biting my lip so as to hold the tears back. He looked up at me and he smiled and said, you should see the other guy as he was coughing and having trouble breathing. Breathing. I stayed with him for only about 10 to 15 minutes and as he entered into shock from blood loss and fatigue.

Seeing him this way and knowing the end was near.

I ask God to receive his humble servant and allow Jonathan. The privilege of spending an eternity close to him is he Jonathan was a part of the kingdom of God long before I was, since he could remember, as I pray. Jonathan suddenly stopped, looked up towards the ceiling as if shocked into life. While observing the heavens. Jonathan's greatest gift to me was his last words of life, which would become a cornerstone for the love of Jesus Christ for me that is enveloped my heart. He looked up and said while while it just looks exactly the way they always told me it would smile stretched across Jonathan's face and he was gone. I has not seen ear has not heard, neither has entered into the kingdom of God the things which God has prepared for them that love him. What a way to go exactly the way they said it would be Moses just saw land. No wonder when he came to the mountain and Jesus somebody's transfigured, Peter wants to stay. Jesus is not going God tells you and me how important it is in life to refuse some things to leave to stand in front of the bush. The word of God and ultimately to plead for his presence with the greatest presence is what we await after he calls us.

Let's together recommit our lives to Christ, to make sure we have the right kind of instrument that God wants to use and resubmit ourselves with our wills to refuse the things of the world will want to seduce to send in front of his work and to know that at the end, we will need his presence all the way through till we see him in a consumer way. This common bring your heart afresh before the Lord, because that's the instrument wants to make new guild. That ego refuse the pleasures of Egypt and to take that stand, knowing that we will never cross over without we hiked browsing through at the bit encouraging to see Neil examine your life to see whether Christ is fast. If you would like to patch the complete copy give it the cooler 1-800-448-6766 and off for the title at the liver is born. You can as they would any of our results is online and on the IM.LYG lies that I for days listening and Canada. Each week we receive left his mouth and listens like he they tell us about the impact Ozzie IN his heart on your life. We are grateful to come alongside you in your walk with God.

You can't make a huge difference as we strive to send the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Find out how you can partner with our ministry by again giving us the cooler 1-800-448-6768 family Atheneum now at our family and I watching thinking your continued support.

My people think the list and is Spanish by Ozzie IN Lansing

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