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He is Our Rock and Role

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 4, 2022 8:00 am

He is Our Rock and Role

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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May 4, 2022 8:00 am

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The word today to help you in those times of life when it feels like everything is going sideways when everything seems to be going great and everything alive seem to be humming just doesn't should all of a sudden everything goes through fall apart the company that you were counting on it goes really off the look solid the health of your product.

Subject your world figures to fall apart do what David didn't thank you for joining Dr. Michael you Seth for leading the way. Next, David responded with his world fell apart. It's part of Dr. Yousef's encouraging series from the Psalms.

God has the answer for every problem you face before he begins a reminder that leading the way is listener supported means that Dr. Yousef and the worldwide team rely on God's provision through the generosity of God's people.

So if you would like to stand with Dr. Yousef Collis and speak to a ministry representative, where 86662643569 More on that later. Right now though words from Psalm 28 on leading the way with Dr. Michael you Seth Psalm 20 at this prayer is really a song if you look at it in the Hebrew language and how it's designed and it is really us all and has three strands is the first stanza is verses 1 to 2 favorite is placing a column for them to request the second stanza is found in verses 3 to 5 and the he presents to the Lord a reason request and thirdly you find here the favorite in the third stanza versus 6 to 9 calls for rejoicing your very best go through the first stanza, in which he presents confident request no. Don't miss this important part about this conference becomes confident to go where those his confidence come from the rightness of his cause no. It's very right. Nobody can argue that this is God look what I've done for you and you only something better's self-righteousness. No, that's not what he does, but his confidence comes from knowing God is. He says to you I call the Lord by what rock that's who he is, so let me ask you do know what the Bible refers to God and I drawn the Lord Jesus as the rock is because a rock is a symbol of change looseness.

A rock is a symbol of the immutability of God.

A rock is a symbol of the permanence of God.

A rock is a symbol of invincibility of God, the rock is a symbol of the remove ability of God. Listen to me. No one can call themselves the rock except the Lord Jesus and there's something else here that I don't want you to miss. This is the amazing contrast that you find in this song I would explain that David and his world of falling apart. But God is what David's world is crying during but the Lord is what David's world was sliding factors sliding from under him. But God is the what David's power that one seem to be invincible and was victorious over all his enemies. All of them but now he's on the run, but God is what David's security is melting before his eyes.

But God is what David's subjects turned on him. Even some of his friends, but God is what you this. Have you been there for some of you might be there now going through it now. So I wanted to listen very carefully.

Please when everything seems to be going great and everything alive seem to be humming just doesn't should be. All of a sudden everything began to fall apart. All of a sudden the company that you were counting all it goes belly up the business deal that you have been working for falls apart the marriage that look solid the health that you are proud of all of the sudden your world begin to fall apart do what David did do what David that God the only one who is unchangeable.

Go to the only one whose love for you does not ebb and flow go to the only one whose stability toward you is questionable. Ask another question when your world seem to be collapsing in front of you. Do you go to God and you blame God. I've been around long enough as it offers me think it will do is blame God when you are betrayed by someone that you thought it was near and dear to you the room to go do become angry with God for that betrayal which it has nothing to do with it. When you find yourself in trouble because some of your own choices; wrong choices. Do you cry to the rock of ages, or their falsely accuse him of not protecting you from the consequences even of your own choices. David confident request stems from knowing who God is never once you see here or anywhere else that David feels that God him something in our culture today. Everyone seems to feel that they are entitled doesn't entitlement culture today. They feel that God owes them something.

They feel that the government owes them something. They feel that their parents owe them something. They feel that the church owes them something when it comes to God, please listen to me. He owes us nothing and we owe him everything.

People without entitlement mentality never accomplish anything right.

Never accomplish anything worthwhile. And David said here mock trial Lord for what what you only for what I've done for you, hear my cry for you see, see, David figured that if God is not hearing him and does not have mercy on him is as good as dead.

The blog I fully identify was that I often say to the Lord without your Martian doing without your grace, dead men walking. There are times when I have completely blown up in my life and I got to God and literally I go on all fours as it all. Lord I don't have the right size for anything except your promised mercy. Lord, the only confidence I have is in your mercy Lord only assurance that I have is your mercy and David Pinto's great words inspired by the Holy Spirit. Obviously he was sensing that God has been silent.

Have you ever experienced the silence of God, you might be experiencing the silence of God right now, but he has a purpose for that. And David is appealing to the Lord to break his silence and answered his prayer and then saying to the Lord. I am as good as dad, if your mercy does not break your silence.

So David says he holds his hands toward the holy place that is a symbol of the presence of God is lifting up his hands to the Lord. This is a sign of a symbol of passionate expression to implore God. When Moses did this on the mountain. Joshua won the battle when Jacob wrestled with God.

God heard his cry when Jesus where the blood in the garden of Gethsemane. The resurrection took place on the third day. Secondly, he calmly reason with God, look at versus three, four and five this in history as a successful propaganda from every side from education from the media from if there is a successful propaganda that invaded the minds of this generation. It is this that we must never judge anybody about anything right, don't judge even the people of Manchester, England.

After the horrific the file act of terrorism at a conference in Manchester, England.

The next day in school. The teachers set that the student don't judge the terrorists instead sit down and write them a letter and this propaganda across the globe, not just in America. This whole media campaign about not judging anyone about anything no matter how vile it may be beloved. This is Satan's way of rationalizing and justifying all evil. I personally think is preparing the world for the antichrist.if you cannot see the devils authorship of this propaganda. I honestly don't know what to tell you I read a story that absolutely shocking true story of a college professor. He was teaching his class about the evils of Hitler and the Nazis. And while he was waxing eloquently.

This young Jewish lady in his class. Just think about this is Rex your heart a Jewish student. She piped up and she said, who are we to judge them. See, that's what we are.

That's what we are. While the Bible from cover to cover, encourages us to call evil, evil, sin, sin when it is committed by somebody else or is in our own lives to see if we don't know how to judge sin in our lives, then we have no right to judge anybody else.

Please because the beauty about David's calm reasoning with the Lord is that he does not reason based on his self-righteousness, but rather based on the character of God. David already approached God by confessing his own sinfulness, but he does more than that.

Look at it with me. He does not begin his prayer or his song by asking God to judge the wicked. Now he doesn't begin their he begins by asking God to keep him from being dragged into the wicked's evil schemes. John Wesley said something that often court, but for the grace of God there go I. But for the grace of God there go I, David is aware of his own propensity to sin.

David is aware of his own propensity to behave like the wicked people do and that is why he begins by confession that apart from the life-giving sustaining power of God's word apart from the life-giving sustaining power of the spirit of God. Apart from the life-giving sustaining mercy of God. He could've been swept away with the wicked, he would've been among the ranks. Don't miss what I'm going to tell you when David was praying for justice.

He was not playing just as an individual who believed in his Lord in the Old Testament is a man walked with God.

His Psalms and you see this, but he was not playing as an individual is a difference between you and I pray as individuals and the leader of a country pray he is playing here is the king of Israel is playing here as the governor see it's one thing even further ahead of the state ahead of a country to plaintiff is a believer and he would pray and refer even forgive the sinners and it's a whole different ballgame for him who placed in authority to exercise justice and to punish the wicked, as Romans 15 says now evil must never, never, never prosper regardless of how you feel toward those who commit that evil and we must pray for the email plans to be frustrated by God and to be destroyed by God. Sadly, today, many under the guise of compassion they can now have more compassion toward the criminal, then the victims want to protect the civil rights of the wicked more than those who suffered from their wickedness that they want to protect her. The rapist Brenda rape victims. They care more about the rights of a child abuser and the children not beloved. This is well this is evil and we must never acquiesce to need to pray that God will keep raising up leaders with a sense of justice and indignation against evil, for that's what God calls them to do. Confident requesting calmly reason cause for rejoicing. All of us whenever we get into trouble whenever given to fix we pray, we cried to the Lord right we ask others to across-the-board novel, pride, monograph great, keep doing don't stop.

But here's the thing that I have seen through the years when God answers their prayer most often person becomes exuberant to become so thrilled and delighted in and the really full of Thanksgiving to God. That's always the case in the beginning that exuberance and thanksgiving and gratitude to God. With time, it begins to fade away. Every time God's gracious act of answering that prayer comes to memory to mind a person or area of the Lord. I'm sorry I thank you. I thank you for answering my prayers those many months.

For many years ago and then as the pressures of life, more challenges, more difficulties we face that gratitude begins to weigh and then occasionally when the thought comes us all. Yes, Lord, I thank you for what you've done Becky under and then long time, long time after that prayer was answered in you facing a new problem crushing problem. Instead of going to laws I needed this for me Wanda you going to do it again.

Thank you Lord not we go back and say Lord I know you did this Becky under what have you done for me lately in Luke chapter 70 we read about 10 lepers 10 all healed all 10 of only one form. The Samaritan's phone number to the government that is not part of the covenant of Israel.

Only one comes back and says thank you Lord and the Lord saves him so is not healed, his body, but saved and sold internally which is a blessing of gratitude. Visually you can feel the emotions on the part of the whole Jesus really said all the other nine not 10 wise, only this Samaritan comes back and says thank you, probably. They felt that the world of them something but not David, not David. David actually began to praise God and thank God before he could see any evidence of ancestors prayer and began to praise God began to thank God some years ago I was praying about a certain situation and upright for a considerable number of years, not just a few days of your upright for number of years and many times during those years I felt discouraged and exasperated and I really wanted to give up. I knew in my heart that I'm praying according to the will of God.

I knew in my heart on pray.

My prayers consistent with the word of God, but I become exasperated at times throughout parts of that period of time and then I'll never forget I was sitting before the Lord in prayer. The Lord laid upon my heart start thanking me for answering the prayer start thanking me before seeing any evidence that I'm answering your prayer and I began to think the Lord I began to thank you in advance. In fact, that thanks in advance. Went on for 18 months at least 18 months and my beloved friends listen to me. The devil taunted me. You know what the devil does that happen you, thank God.

When everything is going contrary to a weighted answer. How can you think, but thank God he gave me the faith to persist in the great God we have a great God we have here implies God with her without that faith that he instilled in my heart I would've missed out on one of the greatest blessings. Look at verse seven.

David said my heart stood at Sebastian's I am helped that's present tense will praise. That's the future tense, based on his experience and knowledge of God. What he saw how God protected them from the lines in the bear how God gave him power over Goliath based on his history Old Testament experience with God. Based on that knowledge of the character of God.

David supplication turned into seeing God acting which turned into a song and singing the Lord beloved, I know most of you know this, but we don't live our Christian life in a vacuum really don't. We are here today as a result of where we were yesterday. Where would be tomorrow based on where we are today. Not only did David begin to praise God before seeing evidence of answer perhaps but David was interceding for others.

This is really important.

People who only pray for themselves when they are ineffectual they are in trouble and the need God to help them only pray for themselves or even death. Just because family members only their needs.

Only the focus on the and they never pray for other people, they miss out on an incredible blessing. It is a blessing that before God I cannot verbally put it in words. You have to experience it here. I speak of what I know what I experienced that this is not to undermine the authority of the Scripture. This is to testify to the truthfulness of the word of God, praying for others interceding on behalf of others upholding the needs of others before the Lord. This has a special blessings that you cannot put in words, praying for God's work, praying for God's people praying for the things that are dear and near to the heart of God.

This blessing is something you cannot kill another person around you experience it you have to personally experience and so David concludes this prayer.

The song interceding for others. Save your people. Unless you be sharp and carry them forever. You are listening to leading the way audio the Bible teaching of Dr. Michael you sent passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth on the radio podcast with the leading the way at and more we or give us a call 866-626-4356 email seeing all of the ways that you can listen to the solid teaching of Dr. you sent me and help are leading the way is common within 30 years of ministry. In the beginning it was a small outreach to people me in the suburbs gospel messages with invitations to attend the church of the apostles. That's what Dr. Yousef is the founding pastor is more and more people listen – the church grew, it became evident that this passionate pastor.

Not only had pointed words for the people of Atlanta but also the world through the years leading the way, has become an international ministry heard and seen across six continents and 28 different languages to many technology platforms.

Many, many people have heard and responded to the gospel and were still excited to see how God will use leading the way to reach the next generation.

May we encourage you to be a part of it. Consider a generous gift today or learn how to be a part of Dr. Yousef's team of monthly friends because these the frontline mission partners more give us a call and speak to a ministry representative with 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 undermine LTW.LTW.this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent

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