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The Big Lie

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 5, 2022 8:00 am

The Big Lie

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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April 5, 2022 8:00 am

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Taking you to win the great flood I took with me in the garden of Eden, here's Dr. Michael use a profound comprehensive change to place profound change of mind affected the heart the body or soul.

What is it they see you believe that God is while authoritative but they were what people want to my beloved is Satan's big lie today. Thank you for joining Pastor and Dr. Michael you set for leading the way, today traveled by way of God's word to the garden of Eden, not the setting for children's bedtime story but a real place with real people experiencing the reality of temptation. People who fell for the greatest lie. Join me in listening to Dr. Michael you sat on this episode, leading the way audio was the true authority on corruption.

The Council should offer the cancer specialist. The patient knows cancer experientially. The sensation that the frightening grad benign desire to the dilapidated effect of the disease, the cancer specialist on the other hand knows the cancer clinically here. She started the pathology of cancer, its diagnosis or treatment.

That's prognosis here she is examining the cancer cell under a microscope and bacon identified victim identified stipend but surgically removed the cancer from human body. So in reality the answer is both are both know comes. They both the patient and the specialist no cancer well but they know that dreaded disease very differently from each other. The patient's knowledge and the specialist knowledge are different types of knowledge. The patient and the specialist have very different experiences with the disease, the patient knows it as a sufferer of the disease but the specialist knows it as an authority on the subject. Beloved, I could not help but think that when Eve was tempted by Satan in the Garden of Eden when Satan lied to her big bold lie in the lie was that she can become an authority on the disease that you can become an expert on the disease are deadly disease.

Overnight that she can be so knowledgeable of the disease just like the right specialist on the disease and she fell for it, and when she fell for the big lie she become a sufferer of the disease instead of an expert. She became a patient instead of a specialist who saw the big lie by telling her that she can become an authority on good and evil that you can become an expert overnight that she can become a talking head on CNN and all of the networks that she could become a spiritual equivalent to the great specialist on the disease that she could become an overnight sensation that she could sell 20 million copies of her book on the subject. When Eve took the bait. Far from becoming an expert. She became a sufferer of the disease. She caught the disease to the destruction of her soul. But that's exactly what happens with us.

I don't want you to miss this.

Don't miss this now for Eve. There are several things that she could've done first, and I think probably the most important thing she could've said two words to Satan buzz off is very simple and God said it, I believe it, that settles it was something else that is happened here that led her to buying into the big lie when Satan brought doubt to her mind about what God said. She misquoted God together. Be very careful of misquoting the Scripture to support whatever you're doing or trying to do.

Be very careful of misquoting the word of God. I wanted to see for yourself how she misquoted the Scripture.

Okay so Genesis chapter 2. Here's what God said to Adam I'm going to explain to you why God held Adam accountable to limit but is why God said to Adam in Genesis chapter 2 verses 16 and 17 visit. Feel free to eat from any tree in the garden except for this one. Notice the emphasis where all of the trees in the garden. Okay, now flip the page 233 Genesis 33. Not sure exactly how Eve misquoted God to Satan is what she said God said you must not eat from the tree in the middle of the garden you must not touch it or you will die with her emphasis the tray where was God emphasis on the trees in the garden you see, she added something that God did not say she twisted. She changed the emphasis and that moment Satan knew his daughter in you that she's in her mind and her heart she is questioning God she's questioning what God says God said everything in the garden is yours to enjoy but she became fixated on that one tree. Satan must have literally been watching her for a long time. He probably was watching her walking around the tree looking at the tree from every angle he saw her curiosity about the tree he observed her longing and wondering what would be like to taste history to eat from the fruit of the tree, he tenses in the same way. He watches and sees areas of our weaknesses he's watching and seeing at the incarnation of our hearts is watching to see where we are vulnerable you don't believe me this is how he attempts husbands and wives to abandon the marriage vows and their families and their kids. That's how he works at issue. He knows our weaknesses. He knows our personalities he knows are longing, the longing of our heart. He knows I curiosity. He knows our imagination, and he reads him and once he drives you away from fellowship with God. He is ready to move for the kill. All you deserve a better spouse than the one you've got.

Surely this one would be much better than the current splash that you are better off with this one. Surely you know God wants you to be happy that dreaded happiness and you haven't been happy for a long time for the comes a sympathetic is not sympathetic at all.

And on and on and on and on until he destroys a marriage was a comedian back in the early 80s, Baum back to mother that name, and she was fond of saying be careful because the grass is always greener on the other side of the septic tank is when Satan moved for the kill.

He appealed to Eve's pride here. I does that with us to their feeling from the forbidden tree. You're going to become an expert on the subject of good and you going to be a expert overnight. Who doesn't want to be an expert right. We got so many of them right now. God deliver us from experts. I mean you gonna have your own television show, you'll be worship millions. You'll be a part by many churchgoing people in the lie continues today unabated across the television screens and radio and yes, even church blueprints house, I give the devil his due. When he did tempt Eve.

He did tell her half truth.

He always does he see in disobeying God. Eve became knowledgeable of sin, but not as an expert like you promised. But as a sufferer of sin not as a specialist on the disease but as a sufferer of the disease. She became a victim of the disease in the most away far from becoming an authority on the disease. She was hit by she caught it in today, Satan has been misleading millions upon millions of people in church pews in exactly the same way his offering the big shiny lie again and again and again.

One form of lies says religions will get you to heaven. A special denominational ritual might get you to heaven. Belonging to a certain church might get you to heaven doing some girl and I'm not against doing good, but it will not get you to heaven without Jesus of this one. Jesus is my Savior, but is not everybody's Savior. What you saying is that I have a Savior who is a liar and saying they never think when Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and theirs alone is my Savior missing my Savior is a liar because of this, the truth is none of that stuff will get you to heaven and that is why it is the big lie. Satan always as I said, appeals to our pride.

You know why because he knows that our pride will keep us from God only plan of salvation from God's only way from God's only Redeemer, from God's only Savior and of course the next scene in the garden, we see Eve offering the fruit to Adam. Misery loves company and a more hated. They both knew experientially the difference between good and evil you know why when she hated nothing happened until Adam ate it and that is why the Bible from beginning to end. Holes Adam accountable. God is the one who spoke to him and his wife came as a low God tasted. This is a let's go to God and asked for his forgiveness but he didn't. He seems to be the spiritual head of his own PCs to be the leader of his home and that is why the Bible said by one man sin came into the world by Adam and that is why sin is transmitted through Adam by one man, the Lord Jesus Christ. That is forgiveness of sins.

Often this one because choosing the evil of do-it-yourself religion will always make you lose the God is the word evil arising sooner. We talk about the serial killer and the terrorists and but listen to the Bible uses the word evil.

For everything and anything that is contrary to the word of God that is in disobedience to the command of God and as a result of this evil of disobedience on the part of Eve all of humanity came to know sin experientially. It is in our genes.

It's in our DNA, and the fact is that we must accept the fact that none of us are authority on sin.


No one is enough solitude we all are sufferers of sin, disease will know sin experientially because we've experienced it. But then a skeptic might come as a someone said to me, and I don't believe in this magic fruit of a magic tree that causes magic Harmon's and that's for the primitive people is for kids sophisticated guy I said I hate to burst your balloon. But the Bible does not say anything about the magical fruit of magical trees or magical knowledge. People don't read the book, there is nothing in the Bible to remotely suggest that the issue is afloat is not the issue. It is anything of the fruit that caused Adam and Eve to become aware of the difference between good and evil by anything, they lost their innocence. It is the active reading of disobedience in itself that opened her eyes to realize the difference between good and evil. The moment they chose to disobey God's command. They moved into do-it-yourself religion. But a lot of people preaching today. That moment a profound and comprehensive change took place profound change affected their minds affected the hearts the body affected their soul. What is it they seems to believe that God is the final authority, but they were missing though what people want today is not what everybody wants that want to be in control. They want to have final authority, not God and that is the message that is preached from any appropriate across the land, and they preaching the stuff that you're the captain of your ship that you are the master of your demand for the sake of your soul.

The Lord of your life and that my beloved friends is Satan's big lie preached today sometime in our lives. We are fellow for this temptation really have God really wise and perfect. If God really wants the best for you. If God really loves you. If God's commandments are really good. If he is even real if his commandments are not only meant to just ruin your enjoyment of life with God really even understands you if if if if Jesus is the only way to the father. Heaven is there a real heaven and real hell. Such questions are really tempting young men and young women listen to me these questions are very tempting. The enticing, such questions can lead us away from the truth.

You will be tempted. It's what you do with the temptation that matters some of the best-selling books worldwide preachers.

This pure poison.

One of the best-selling authors today describes Jesus as a Savior, not the Savior that Jesus embodied the highest level of enlightenment that many preachers are preaching that stuff in pulpits. They tell us that Jesus did not come to save the world from sin said no no no no, he came to point the way to the God consciousness a bunch of hogwash for me was to what what what is that mean you know that really mean is what the God consciousness that your eyes will be open and you will be like God. That's really what they say and that is the same message as Satan's message to Eve in the garden and that is the biggest of the biggest of all lies. Millions of top tens of millions of copies of soul in this authors on televisions on radio and even in some Christian pulpits of church pulpits and he's courted by many thousands of preachers and is sought after by world leaders listen to me looks like the third Jesus return to love a course in miracles, the power now the new earth.

The secret they all proclaimed the big lie that human beings can become like God and enjoy the bliss health and wealth and love and sex in eternal youth. Many are deceived by these people and many of those people are deceived value neighborhoods.

They are your friends and your coworkers outer classmates and their bodies books believing that the hearing, the new truth, when in reality what the hearing is the old life.

It is the oldest lie ever told what is it that you can get all your way. Listen, I know I'm going to get it all.

I'm gonna rain and rule with him in glory across the entire universe, but only because of Jesus and only think about it for them.

This life is all there is less investor going to get for us to know Jesus. This is the worst is going to be and that is why I'm challenging you to take these truths seriously to communicate these truths regularly to be proactive not sit back and let people say on truth and let them get away with it. Beloved, the next generation will be lost forever.

Unless this generation you and me that young people, the middle-aged everyone of us take this truth seriously. This is our last chance see when God created Adam and Eve give them the freedom to choose choose either God's only way or the greatest lie. One way would've brought to life everlasting in the most pristine environment with intimacy with God. The other brought them death and destruction and a disaster.

They disobeyed with all of its ministry in that moment the genetic code became permanently tainted by naked self will in all the subsequent humanity become infected by this genetic code. In today's millions and millions and millions of people following in the footsteps of Adam and Eve, while in reality for 2000 years.

The cross is been standing there as God's invitation for everyone who would listen that there is only one way out of self will. There's only one way out of the foolishness of life. There's only one way for healing and from this insidious disease is only one way for deliverance out of that selfishness is only one way of escaping eternal death and destruction stop believing the greatest lie and come to him the only one known the truth and his name is the reason Satan through his cohorts in the media and government in the courts. The reason in the schools and the school administrators. The reason Satan through his cohorts are working hard trying so desperately to outlaw the mention of the name of Jesus in public. See, there's a reason for that is because the author of the greatest lie himself. Satan he knows and he fears and he trembles at the name of Jesus. And so he doesn't want to hear that name in the public square. He wants to eliminate it from public life. He wanted to get out of school so whole generation will grow not know the name of Jesus he wanted out of people's ears and out of sites. So today let us name name so loud that the very gates of hell. Wishing what is the what is. Thank you for listening to leading the way on radio with Dr. Michael used to today's message prompts spiritual questions.

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