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The Sovereignty of God

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 24, 2022 8:00 am

The Sovereignty of God

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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March 24, 2022 8:00 am

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Keys to spatula interior and spiritual bent at the next generation to stand on biblical to use its new black never give up on packs pull switch with encouragement found in second Timothy will help you in June flourish and thrive in the midst of doubts danger and disband encouraging the use of unveiled four unique aspects of what it means to never give up biblical truth. Christians around the world face mounting pressure to compromise their faith and abandon that biblical values of any amount received bonus resources exclusively from leading the way to live for Christ to leave a lasting legacy of faith. For the next generation for any amount today. Order a copy of never give up anything for great needed to be heard today. Just visit LTW.Borg or you can call and talk to a ministry representative, 866-626-4356. Everyone has a unique and personal image of the way they perceive God. Some sand is loving and grandfatherly others, judgmental and distant today on leading the way. Dr. Yousef shows you how God reveals himself through his word so that you can get a realistic image of God in your life. This is a series called God talk – are able open with us to Ephesians chapter 1 that's what you find.

The key verse for today's message from Dr. Michael, you said is at all interested in history in Sausalito Baja. Throughout history people have been somewhere. Another try to use God's little advantage. Some who tried to speak for God. Some even claim to be God back during World War II. Most of you don't remember this know know that I met him. I don't pretend that I'm that old, but most of you know from history. There was also some where. Churchill and Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin will delay Joseph Stalin made a statement saying the way the Communists Augustan to rule the world. God himself told me so, upon which Roosevelt looked at him and his jaw. I said no such thing as anyone can claim to speak for God on behalf of God or even claim to be God like a little boy who was absolutely sure that he knows exactly where God lives of the Sunday school teacher asked where does God live in his hand and shot up in their and the teacher said where is he lives in our bathroom and the teacher said will tell me about this a while. Every morning here. My bad pound on the door of the bathroom saying, good Lord, are you still there I'm asking this if you want to know somebody. How would you know about. Would you hear what others say about them, and then make up your mind they'll be a horrible mistake. The only well you know somebody is what that person says about himself or herself as the only way is only accurate perception of another person is what they say about themselves, not what somebody else said about them only what you know a person is what that person says about himself or herself. The only way any of you know something about another person is free with no inkling what they say in this rule applies to God. In fact, I think. This rule specifically applies to God particularly applies to God. It is not what I say about God.

It is not what's you say about God is not a bakeshop theologian says about God as God said about himself. That's really what matter and that is why I'm going to start this new series of messages entitled God talk or what does God say about himself. Now God told us lots of things about himself and revealed himself in. We know from the Scripture what the theologians have come to term to name as the attributes of God. Theologians have a real knack of taking simple concepts and give big names. The attributes of God is or what is that well was his wisdom, his mercy and his grace is justice, his love, his wrath, his goodness, his faithfulness in all these are the attributes of God. But there is one thing that God says about himself that controls all his other attributes as wisdom is where for his grace is love is justice. This faithfulness is truthful is all these things are controlled by one thing that God says about himself without that's one thing these other attributes of God cannot stand notice we call it the sovereignty of God.

It is his absolute authority is absolute rule over his creation and that absolute authority absolute rule is like the axle around which all other attributes of God revolves. I know some of you are thinking I can read your mind. Some of you are saying why is his sovereign control. The key to understanding all the other attributes and I think that is a good question. I'm glad you asked that I will answer everybody here would agree that God is love right even the unbelievers.

Those who don't know God personally. Through Jesus Christ. God is love.

That's one thing the liberals consider everybody agrees. God is love. Well, God is not absolute. God is not sovereign, then any outward circumstances is love right if he is not absolute sovereign. Then his old would be conditional but the Scripture from cover to cover tells us that God's love is unconditional. Some parents make a mistake in sight of the children.

If you do this I'll love you if you do that I love you terrible mistake. Don't do it don't do it. God does not love us conditionally. There is nothing you can do that makes God love you more.

There is nothing you can do that makes God love you less God's love is unchanging the same thing about his justice if he were not sovereign and is not Chevrolet in control of things.

Justice could easily be frustrated by Satan. Justice could easily be frustrated by wicked people and total injustice would rule supreme and what a terrible disaster that would be and that is why it is of vital importance that everyone who knows Jesus Christ was a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, understand, comprehend, good on this belt belt that absolutely stake valve life on the sovereignty of God. Why because a thorough understanding of the concept of the sovereignty of God will give meaning it would give life it will give substance to all the other attributes of God that from beginning this new series with the sovereignty of God is one verse that I've learned early on in my Christian life I memorized it and I pray to God that by the end of this message, you will memorize it to and I want to give you my translation of it. It's Ephesians 111 section 2nd half of the verse and it says together. God accomplishes all things according to the counsel of his will was at me. It means that God's knowledge God's authority. God's power. God's rule. God's dominion are extended to this thing in the universe. And that's why Jesus said, not a sparrow falls to the ground without his permission. This morning when you brushed your hair.

God said number 2,000,005 and 55, now, and if you look at the hairbrush that why the very hand of God called, would not fall out without his permission means that God's power. God's authority is above and beyond and beneath and all around, even all of the confusion surrounding us. His plan stands supreme John Nelson Darby back in the 1800s once said, God's ways are behind the scene but God moves all the scenes, which is behind the love that even the little girl expressed her belief in the sovereignty of God so wonderfully.

When she said all God, please take care of daddy please take care of mommy please take care of grandpa and grandma and all God.

Please take care of yourself because of anything happens to you will be in a whole lot of mess. She understood the sovereignty of God, but I know probably some of you are saying right now. Where is he going with this is Michael doesn't believe in free will. What about three what you mean to tell me that we don't have free well how I didn't say a thing of the sort of – we do because we do election very clear, but you are free will has no power to the plan of God. Those who choose to reject God's offer of forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ bring upon themselves… On the day. Those who choose to live without God will have what they want. Now listen to me please God respects our choices, but this is all part of his plan. Why, because God accomplishes all things according to the counsel of his own will is one thing that you must know about the creator of the universe.

If you haven't already, is one thing you must understand that he is sovereign ruler and King all of his creation.

I want to tell you to false conclusions that most people adopt on this question of the sovereignty of God number one. They did not. The reality of God's supreme rule things or if they don't, they have to conclude that God's not perfectly good. One of the two in that both full because when they look at what's going on in the world and the suffering of so for the civil you have to accept one of the other is a God is not in perfect control for God is not perfect. False false false. There are easy conclusions to make.

Listen, I'm sympathetic. I'm only filling this because it's the truth.

But I do understand that somebody without the Holy Spirit dwelling and can come easily to one of those two conclusions because it is the spirit of God opens our eyes and tells us and teaches us and shows us the truth of the both false conclusions. You know why because God accomplishes all things according to the counsel of his own will now want to deal with this so that the habit crystallized in your mind because this is, as I said of vital importance to understand the concept of the sovereignty of God. It will make you walk on air. When I came to that understanding the biblical understanding. My life is never been the same. Nothing God for so I want to deal with this by asking you to ask yourselves two questions okay is it okay to be baffled when you see God doing things that you don't understand. Is it okay if I bless you as a quick answer because as creatures, we don't know the reason for everything that God does listen to me. God is nonaccountable to us. I know we have this foggy notion of God is accountable to us.

We have no right to demand God explained to us everything you know. Listen to what he said to us through Isaiah 55 89.

He said my thoughts are not your thoughts, and thus the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my thoughts than yours, but is a problem really is a problem and I probably understand it more than most of you know all of you, but most of you who were born in this country because we live in a democracy we tend to look upon God as a congressman or senator or even the president.


Democracy is wonderful. I risked my life live in democracy. Don't ever misunderstanding is not what I'm saying but you must understand that that is not the way you should view God.

Listen to what Moses said in Deuteronomy 2929 very easy to remember the drama 2929 the secret things belong to the Lord our God, that those things which he revealed to us belong to us that we may obey his laws. There are several things that the sovereign God revealed to us and he wanted us to know about himself.

But not everything. Not everything otherwise will be in heaven and that brings me to the second question I wanted to ask yourself again. Self does the sovereignty of God, mean that we know nothing about God only knows very little about God is he so transcendent, so far away from us know what the answer is no.

Now, in fact, that is the uniqueness of the Christian faith because we believe that the very creator of the universe became a man was fully revealed in Jesus Christ to walk the streets of Jerusalem. God has given us all the information we need all the revelations that we need in order to make rational decisions. So what does God want the world to know if you listen to things what God wants the world to know everybody to know another's God wants children to know what does God want the world to know well I'm only telling you what he said in his word. God wants the world to know that he loves to save professing sinners, God wants the world to know that is spent many centuries preparing the world for the coming of his son.

God wanted us to know that's right and schedule his son came, God wants us to know that those who have received the gift of salvation should share it with others. God wants us to know that his son died on the cross satisfied his justice that says the soul, but soon it shall die, and he paid the penalty of the sin of everyone who would come to him.

God wants the world to know that his son was resurrected from the dead, so that he can assure all of his children the day to rise from the dead.

God wants the world to know that his son is now exalted on the throne of the universe. And from that he invites sinners to come to himself and when they come to him. He lovingly leads them throughout life and ultimately he takes them home to glory with him. That's what God wants the world to know.

So what does the sovereign God wants his children to know what does the sovereign Lord this but God is in control. What does he want his children to know is what he wants us children to know it is exactly from what he said in his word. God wants all those who have responded to his overtures of love, forgiveness, and the gift of eternal life. He wants them to know that because he is sovereign and in control. Therefore, all things he works together for good for those who love him, and according to his purpose. God wants his children to know that he wants his children to Bailey be transformed and conformed to the image of his son Jesus.

God wants his children to know that they should live this life without fear of the future because he controls the future. God wants his children to know that they must live this life without anxiety and without worry of the over the circumstances over which they have no control because he's in control of the circumstances. God wants his children to know that they should live this life, trusting in his provision taking him at his word, believing his promises, obeying his commands that they should be diligent and hard-working for this kingdom that he is the everlasting father, and therefore the everlasting arms are underneath that God the sovereign God is our security that he the creator of the world never gets tired and never grows weary that he is sovereign Lord.

He is in control is in control of your job is in control of your children is in control of your family is in control of your business is in control of the very breath that you're growing right now. The sovereign God wants us children to know that no matter how impossible the dream that no matter how difficult the task that no matter how long it takes that no matter how fierce is the opposition that no matter how ferocious is the enemy that no matter how bleak it might look no matter how helpless it may seem that those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles, they were run on the mud, we break and I will walk and not be faint as what he wanted to know this is the sovereignty of God should fill all of his children but his grace is sufficient regardless of what happens the sovereignty of God should tell all his children who daily walk with him to submit to his authority and obey his word that a mighty Fortress is our God, and finally the sovereignty of God should tell his children that if God has for us who can be against us. I printed them. I printed who shall separate us from the love of Christ shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword. No, all these things will more than conquerors through him who loved us so I'm sure that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor height nor depth, know anything in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus as what he wanted to know now if you go to seminary.

The teacher course in the sovereignty of God teaches this way they can start by saying the sovereignty of God. But really, that's all you need to know that's all I need to know about the sovereignty of God, and I want to tell you if you have never received the gift of eternal life. If you have never received forgiveness of your sins. If you've never come confess to him that you're a sinner and cannot be safe without Jesus's death on the cross, you could do that today. You can do that today, the sovereign God for all these promises continues when you come to him.

Thank you for joining Dr. Michael you sat in a series called talk right here I'm leading the way and maybe Dr. cassettes words had challenged you to learn more about God to explore how to have a healthy relationship with God and our staff pastors with love to talk with you about that you can just visit to start that conversation again. Now if you been connected to leading the way for any length of time you know that Dr. you sent has an extensive writing resume. He's pinned more than 50 books over the years touching on topics that range from biblical characters leadership worship, and most recently he's released a challenging book geared toward empowering questions living in today's world called never give up. This book offers a deep dive into the words that Paul pinned to his friend and disciple Timothy. He spoke candidly about God's promises specifically for those living in times of discouragement and defeat the order a copy out never give up. Today, just visit that's or give us a call 866-626-4356. Thank you for joining us today.

Time for me to say goodbye that you plan to join Dr. Michael. You sat next time we passionately proclaimed uncompromising to leading the way

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