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To Know Jesus is to Love Him, Part 5

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 22, 2022 8:00 am

To Know Jesus is to Love Him, Part 5

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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March 22, 2022 8:00 am

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Dr. Michael you sent offering insight into his body and steering to know Jesus is not posters are missing open one verse hero's room broader God is one God. You shall love the Lord with all your mind, so that house along with the mind, the seat of the will decision-making then love him with your imagination of your soul. And then today I'm talking about how to love him with all of your heart hello and thank you for listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael. You ministry reaching people on six continents using today's technology to connect them with the timeless truth of God's word.

Later we will share how you can get to know Dr. you Seth and the life changing ministry of leading the way a little better do your free subscription to my journal right now that he was Dr. Michael you Seth continuing his audio series to know Jesus is to love him.

I have been talking about how to develop deeper intimacy with Jesus how to deepen your love for Jesus and the question is this what is that intimacy how you develop the word intimacy like so many other words like love and democracy and all those words are, really misunderstood bandit about without proper definitions misinterpreted in many ways develop yaws average person what intimacy they think you talk about sexual intimacy. That's how our culture is now, but it must. It has a far deeper meaning.

Intimacy is the connection with another person on an emotional level. Intimacy is a connection with another person on an intellectual level intimacy is a connection with another person on a spiritual level spirit to spirit. Intimacy is a connection with another person in terms of mutual interest in common desires, intimacy is a connection to another person. Heart to heart and soul to soul and the reason we have so many broken relationships develop the reason we have so many fractured relationships.

For that reason we have so many fragmented relationships today is because our generation has a false understanding of what intimacy is all about.

I will explain this to see intimacy is not instant is not manufactured. While you wait. Intimacy is a process intimacy takes time to develop true intimacy cannot develop overnight, above all else, intimacy requires trust, intimacy, this time investment. There is not going around this thinking about the time investment of Oliver. The story of the young couple who fell in love with each other and I wanted to get married, but the young man got conscripted into the military and he was shipped overseas, and he was to serve overseas for a year but before leaving he promised his wife to be that is going to be writing a letter every single day while he's away and sure enough he did he sin 365 letters.

The young woman got married a year later as planned, to the mailman. He was obviously doing more than delivering letters but you got understand this. It develops over time and like this particular truth was not lost on a dear all made to never dated anyone, let alone merit.

She died at the age of 96 and she left clear instructions in her will about her funeral.

She said there will be no mail. Pallbearers held explanations they did not take me out while I was living and they want the number one intimacy is such a problem in our culture versus already indicated intimacy requires a focused attention a concentrated time is like the boy who kept talking to his father then are you listening in the fuzz alarm listening on this thing while he was working there father Listing on This Thing and It Was Not Finally the Boy Got so Exasperated He Said That This into Me with Your Face.

But Secondly, Intimacy Is Based on Mutual Trust. When Trust Is Broken. Intimacy Is Shattered When Trust Is Betrayed Intimacy Become Very Difficult Unless Things Are Possible, but It Becomes Very Difficult Trust. On the Other Hand, Opens the Heart Opens the Mind to the Trusted One Trust Makes Fear Vanish Make Suspicion Vanish.

Whatever the Trust Is between a Husband and Wife Will between Two Brothers in Christ. Oh, Two Sisters in Christ to Intimate Friends Will Banish Fear of Rejection.

When This Exercise. Now You Know I Don't Get Psychological on Your and I'm Not Going to Start Now but I Just Want to Explain Something Is Very Important Because Most Often the Person Who Was Unable to Keep Trust Is Because Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime, They Have Experienced Betrayal and They Just Can't Get over That Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime This Experience. Rejection and They Can Get over That Somehow Someway Sometime They Have Experienced Deception and They Can Overcome That. Why They Are Not Able to Allow the Blood of Jesus Christ, to Heal the past so They Live Their Lives Repeating That Betrayal. They Live Their Lives, Unable to Trust Anyone or Accept Trust of Others.

Someone Said a Real Friend Is the Person with Whom You Dare to Be Yourself, Why Because Intimacy Is Built on Trust and Trust Takes Time to Build and Develop Trust Takes Real Commitment, Trust Is the Very Heart of Intimacy. Now There Are Some People Who Don't Even Understand Trust and Don't Comprehend, Trust, and We Get Confused about Trust. In Fact, Not Long Ago I Was Reading an Article about How the Superrich in Our Day and the Celebrities They Are Unable to Have Real Friends.

This Is Not Really a Problematic for Them and the Reason Is Because They Can Never Know If the Person Is Befriending Them Only for What They Can Get Out Of Them. No Wonder They Got on These Drugs and Then As If Seeing a Great Many of Them Are Taking Their Own Lives.

What a Way to Live but Listen, I Am so Thankful That I Have a Superrich Friend, Here's the Super Superrich Friend Who Knows My Motives and He Still Wants Me to Befriend Him.

In Fact I'm Building up to This Point. Intimacy with My Superrich Friend and Savior and Lord, Is That He Longs for Me to Befriend Him to with My Superrich Savior and Lord. I Can Be Absolutely Sure That He Loves Me Never Worries about What I Want Out Of Him. How Because He Knows My Motives and Still Loves Me, He Knows My Desires and He Still Loves Me, He Knows My Fears on My Failures and He Still Loves Me, He Knows My Weaknesses in My Portables, but He Still Loves. I Know He Wants a True Intimacy with Me and He Wants It with You. But the Question Is Do I Know How to Develop Intimacy with Jesus. I Want to Talk to about This How to Develop Intimacy with Jesus Because True Intimacy with Jesus Is More Than Just Coming to Him with Your Grocery List.

Lord, Give Me Three of These to about Seven of the Other, and Preferably on the House Now, Don't Misunderstand the Misunderstanding. I Believe the Lord Wants to Hear Our Petitions. I Believe the Lord Wants to Hear Our Requests. I Believe the Lord Wants Us to Hear Our Desires and Our Prayers but to Develop Intimacy with Jesus.

You Have To Learn to Really Listen As Well As Speak. Did You Know That Jesus Actually Desires Intimacy with You More Than You Do. Did You Know That Somebody Him As I Will Wait on Michael. I Really Tried.

I Really Tried to Listen but My Mind Wanders All over the Place. I Can't Listen to God. Not If You Listening to Him with His Word Open in Front of You. If You Come to His Presence with the Expectations of Hearing Him through His Word. He Will Speak to You As His Promise. Did You Know That There Are Some People Really Do Not Want to Hear from God.

And the Reason They Don't Want to Hear from God Is That They Are Afraid the Holy Spirit Might Speak to Them. I Know What I'm Talking about Sometimes People Are Afraid of His Conviction so They Don't Listen. They Afraid That He Is Going to Put His Finger in the Holy Spirit Doesn't Have a Finger but You Know What I Mean Is Going to Put His Finger on Something That Reveals Some Attitude or Some Habit or Some Action That Requires Confession and Repentance. Others Actually Afraid to Hear God Blessed to Say Love Words to Them in Their Erroneous Thinking They Feel Unworthy to Hear the Words of His Love Us False. Others Are Afraid That They May Hear Nothing Something Nothing Is Something When It Comes to God Because God Delights in Us Being in His Presence. Sometimes You Don't Have To Say Anything. Sometimes He Doesn't Have To Say Anything That Is a Problem.

Some People Don't Develop Intimacy with Jesus Because They Know They Don't Have To Get Real with Him and Getting Really Jesus May Cause Them to Have To Stop Doing Some Things That They Don't Want to Stop All That He May Give Them What They Don't Want and so They Go around Knowing in Their Heads That Jesus Died for Them.

They Believe That They Are Saved by Grace.

They Believe That God Is Good, Especially When He Answers the Prayers in Their Head.

They Know a Great Deal about Jesus in Their Head. They Can Even Discern Biblical Truth in Their Head. They Know Christian Doctrine and They Know All of That in There Had They Develop This Knowledge of Who Jesus Is Never an Intimacy with Jesus. Why Because They Never Knew How to Love Him with All of the Heart Is Holsters of Mustard Built in One Verse Hero, Israel, the Lord Your God Is One God Was on the Very First Message, You Shall Love the Lord with All Your Mind. We Saw That How to Live with Them on the Seat of the Will. The Decision-Making Then Love Him with Your Imagination Loving with Your Soul and Then Today I'm Talking about How to Love Him with All of Your Heart. What Is a Part. I'm Not Talking about That Muscle That Beats and Left Side of Your Chest All the Time.

No, I Leave That to the Cardiologist.

But When the Bible Speaks of the Heart Is Always Referring to the Center of Our Personality and That Is Why When We Say to People Receive Jesus into Your Heart When You Remember Receive Him into Your Heart Is like the Little Girl Who Said Jesus Is in My Heart I Don't Know How You Got There, but Is in My Heart, Which Is Fine. Good to Teach the Kids That. But You Got to Go Little Further and Explain What That Means.

What Does It Mean to Sound Receive Jesus into My Heart.

You Are Saying That I Am Inviting Him to Occupy the Very Center of My Personality That I Am Inviting Them to Occupy the Very Center of My Being That I Am Inviting Them to Occupy the Very Center of My Totality Was Someone Will Say Well Michael I Pray All the Time.

I Pray in the Car or Pray at Work.

I Pray All Day Long. I Pray Pray Good Nonstop Not Ask You to Stop but I Want You to Imagine the Following Scenario with Me. Suppose You Have a Friend That He or She Has the Habit As Soon As You Pick up the Phone As Soon As the Phone Rings and You Say Hello Veteran Just Starts Talking and Then They Talk and They Talk and They Talk so Real, Grinning.

You Have Friends like You Talk and They Talk and before His Body. Thank You.

Can You Really Develop Intimacy That the Firm Can't Intimacy Requires Listening Intimacy Requires Attention, Intimacy Require Time Investment. Again, I Think of That Is That This Father Listen to Me. Would You Place Know Most of Us I Think.

Want to Hear from God Special If Wearing a Binder Normal Answer to Something We Don't Know Which Way to Turn on All Want to Hear from Godů But Then Want to Hear from God. While the Television Is Bellowing Away Phone Is Ringing off the Hook Where Multitasking and Doing All Sorts of Things and We Wonder Why We Can Hear from God, and Wonder Why Our Intimacy with Jesus Is Not Going Anywhere. The Man Who Had the Greatest Influence on John Wesley Account of Zinzendorf Leumi Reader to Consider an Understanding Which Arises Out Of Concepts, Changes with Age and with Education and Were Circumstances, but an Understanding That's Arrived at through Experience Is Not Subject to These Changes. In Fact, Such Understanding Becomes Better with Time You'll Intimacy with Jesus Can Only Go Better with Time. When You Begin to Experience His Presence. Listen, I Know in Our Culture. I Know, and It Grieves Me. I Cannot Tell You I Know We Get Bored with Ideas and We Get Bored with Life and We Get Bored with Relationships and yet Some People Even Get Bored with Churches, What Was Once New, You Will Become Stale Old and Familiar but Not in Your Intimacy with Jesus Mother Your Intimacy with Jesus, the More You Spend Time with Him. The More You Know Him and the More You Know Him the More You Love Him, and the More You Love Him, the More You Get the Love You More. And the More You Love Them, the More You Love Him with All Your Heart. Only Then Will You Recognize That God Is Most Available to Those Who Are Most Available to Him.

All Peter God Is Most Available to Those Who Are Most Available to Him. One of the Words You Can Reflect on He Died for Me. He Died for Me Can Say That with Me.

He Died for Me. He Died for Me, As a Matter Fact, Martin Luther Said That Those Two Words for Me for Me Ought to Be Written, and Golden Letters on the Heart of Every Believer from Why Because It Tells Us of the Savior Who Wants Us. It Tells Us of the Savior Who Longs to Befriend Us. It Tells Us about the Savior Who Longs for Intimacy with Us Because It Tells Us of the Savior, Who Longs for Us to Be Intimate with Him Some Years Ago, Well-Known Magazine Psychology Today Surveyed 40,000 Americans Question What Qualities in Life. Do You Value the Most. You'll Be Surprised with the Answers Number Three Was Warmth and Affection.

Number Two Was Loyalty Number One Mistrust Trust Salome of the Heart of People Whether They Know Jesus Will Not Now Beloved. The Reason You Can Love Jesus with All of Your Heart Is Because You Can Truly Trust Him. You Can Trust Him. You Can Trust Him. You Can Trust Him That He Has Your Best Interest in Heart Even When It Doesn't Give You What You Are Asking for. You Can Still Trust Him Even When He Doesn't Do What You Want Them to Do.

You Can Still Trust Him. I Said Earlier That Intimacy Takes Time to Build up to Develop the Book, Trust and Obey.

For That Reason, All Is Well for People to Learn from Failure If You Read the Book You Know What I'm Talking about.

If You'd Even If You Haven't Read the Book, the Title Gives It Away.

Trust. Trust Wanted to Give You the Impression That I've Trusted the Lord from the Very Beginning of My Walk I Didn't. In Fact, There Was a Time When the Lord Did the Exact Opposite of What I Was Asking and Praying for Endlessly and I Had a Hard Time Trusting. But As I Look Back I Go on My Knees and Thanksgiving for Him Not Answering That Prayer and Many Others As I Grow in Intimacy with My Lord. Even When I Go through Some Puzzling Circumstances.

As Always, Do I Can Only Testify of Him That the One Who Was There and There and There Is Going to Be Here. I Can Tell You on the Authority of God's Word. When You Trust Jesus during the Times When You Don't Have an Answer As to Why He Is Doing Something That Is Doing When You Trust Especially in Those Times, Especially in Those Times You Are Honoring Him and You Know What His Word Promised to Those Who Honor Him. He Said I Honor Those Who Honor Me, Says the Lord, There May Be a Person Here Who Hasn't Even Begun First Step in Receiving Jesus As Savior and Lord, That You Can Do That Is Our Lord Jesus.

I Receive You into My Life. I'm a Sinner. Forgive Me. And He Promised That He Will Not Reject You but for All Those Who Have Known the Lord for Long Time but You've Known You Know All the Right Stuff but You Haven't Begun to Love Them with All Your Heart Today Can Begin the More I Want to Love You with All My Heart, I Will Invest the Time and All Trust Shall a Loving Father, We Thank You That You Long, Long Been Intimacy with Us, Lord Jesus Said, I Stand on the Door and Not Father Many Times Were Busy and Keep You out Every Heart You That Intimacy Begins to Develop Even As the World Gets Darker and Darker the Light of Those Who Have Developed Are Not Developing Intimacy with You Shone Bright Brightness in Jesus Name. Thank You for Joining Dr. Michael You Set with This Episode of Leading the Way.

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That's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 That Are Broadcast for Today. Thank You for Being with Us and You Take Just a Moment Now to Listen to What's Ahead for an Upcoming Episode of Leading the Way with Dr. Michael. You Sat If You Examine the Scripture Close You'll Find That the Word That Is Most Recorded Is the Word Remember Remember Remember Remember As We Conclude This Series of Messages to Know Jesus Is to Love Him.

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