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God Talk (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 27, 2020 12:00 am

God Talk (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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It is absolutely wrong for a child of God wants to obey the will and the word of God in the lives to live in turmoil regarding their wanting to discern the will of God in the life living in senior is not the word of God for you.

But living in fear lest you going to bring upon yourself spiritually rolling because you missed out on God's perfect plan for your life that is not of God.

Welcome to leading the way with pastor Arthur and Bible teacher, Dr. Michael you sent the will of God as a Christian, how many times have you pondered God's will for you and how did you or do you get through those times without second-guessing yourself into inaction today. A practical message from Dr. Yousef about seeking and discerning the will of God in your life. Please do remember that leading the way is listener supported stand with Dr. USF and passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth or you can always call us at 866-626-4356 Endo listen with me as Dr. Michael Yousef begins his message called the guidance of God the most asked question among Christians believers is how do I know the will of God in my life's most asked question what is God's plan for my life. How can I know God's will love and then how do I know that it is God's will for my life will not a trick of the devil to get me off track.

However, not sure this review also allows messages that that whenever there's a seminar or conference and in the advertised title is that, and discerning the will of God for your life to say that seminar or conference sold out before you even get obviously people want to know people are longing to discover God's will and his plan for their life and a stronger talk about single people listen carefully.

I know the question you have isn't the will of God for me to marry her so moms?

To those who are in the middle of a career change. Those who are unhappy in their workplace. They want to know what is the next is going to be in town out of town was going to be who, what, where those who are contemplating going to college you want to know what is the will of God for you, which is a college that God would have you do for those who might be feeling God's call upon them for a full time ministry. They want to know when, how, where you want to know. Then there are those believers who are constantly living in turmoil and in turmoil, and they lack peace in their lives because they are often worried and concern. I'm wondering if they are in the perfect will of God. Have they missed out on God's perfect will in the lives many of them draw from one person to the next from a counselor. The counselor from advisor advisor and they forever going around asking people to discern the will of God for them they can go up between 10 to 20 people asking what you think the will of God for me is what you think of the will of God for me. As you know what most arms when you go to so many people, often going to get conflicting advice. I remember one time more than 20 years ago I was going through, restless, and I wasn't sure about things in this dear friend of mine told me about a man he said he actually can literally close his eyes and then bring you a message from the Lord tell you exactly what God wants you to do what he was desperate. I said okay so we put them on the phone and I sat down and I began to listen to this dear friend and whom I've never met and I'm sure he close his eyes. I can see him but he said okay Michael and he began to tell me what I need to do because that's what God wants me to do my thanks.

I want to tell you he was wrong.

He sent me on a wild goose chase was not the will of God at all. So be careful. Be very careful. I have to teach you from my mistakes so you don't have to repeat them.

Be careful of anyone who tells you that God told them to tell you to do this.

Wrong for your life.

It is important to know your God is a God, and God is our guidance. We have begun a series of messages which I'm calling God talk and we saw in the very first message that the sovereignty of God is a hub around which all of God's attributes evolve. Then we saw the limits of God upon which all of our lives should be molded a model and today we going to see the guidance of God upon which all of our decisions should be based. It is absolutely wrong for a child of God who truly wants to obey the will and the word of God in the life to live in turmoil regarding their wanting to discern the will of God in the life, wanting to discern what God has for you. Next is fine. It's healthy, it's admirable. It's commendable. That's wonderful and I can't think of any more adjectives to give you.

It's great but getting yourself into spiritual frenzy in trying to determine the will of God. I want to know the will of God. God anywhere from counselor. The counselor, advisor, advisor, friend to friend and frantically trying to find out what the will of God is the fall that is immature and in the spiritual unhealthy living in fear is not the will of God for you. But living in fear lest you going to bring upon yourself spiritual rolling because you missed out on God's perfect plan for your life that is not of God that is not of God giving a common scenario that many of you will identify with this identify with this in certain stages in my Christian walk is a common scenario you go to the Lord in the price of Lord I want to know you will. I wanted to guide me.

I want you to leave me and I want you to just let me know that this is you and not a trick of the devil. So got answered your prayer and then he opens a door for you and you go through the door and then you got through this door and things really didn't work out as you would've liked to work out so you go back to the Lord as a Lord I don't know what happened but obviously things are not working out. Could you please help me I want to discern your will. I want to know when you leaving me. I want to know what the next step is. Please Lord, hear my prayer and the Lord nuts. Here's your prayer and what does he do he opens another door and you go through this second door and things work out and you have peace and you have joy and you are being used of God, and you can see an opportunity for witnessing and things are really working great. What is the most common understanding of comprehension or description of the board.

Number one.

What is most people think you meant a mistake right wrong not make a mistake at all. You did not make a mistake sometimes for you to get through door number two.

God has to take you to door number. Somehow, if you think the door number one was a mistake. If you think that door number one was a waste of time if you think the door number one was a terrible disaster on the wrong track. Now I'm not talking about disobedience and sin here. I'm talking about just discerning the mind of God the things in your life that's wrong thinking. If you sought the Lord with all your mind and if you inwardly wanted to obey the Lord and his will in your life, whatever it may be you have made the decision based on obedience at the time, then door number one was never mistake it was never mistake door number one was the sovereign God's way of taking you to door number two.

For reasons known only to the sovereign Lord, he allowed you to go through door number one in order to get you to door number two and whenever God leads you is not a and regret that all of a sudden wonder waste your time on regrets you know of the number one secret to knowing the will of God in your life is you want to know what the secret is the number one secret for knowing the will of God is your inward willingness to obey the will of God when he shows up to rent on pack that the cut is a house that a secret, first of all before I answer the question I want you to know that you could never learn inward obedience in your life or inward willingness for obedience to the will of God in your life. You cannot learn that from books and I write books. You can learn that from Sherman's and I love preaching you cannot learn that developing that inward obedience for the will of God in your life from running to counsel at the counselor or advisor to advisor or a friend to friend you want wanted that way you cannot develop a willingness to obey the will of God in your life by listening to someone who claims that they have seen a vision for you have seen a dream for you will have a word from the Lord for you.

You can only develop that inward willingness when you spend time with God and his word. So the secret is knowing the will of God is inward willingness to obey the will of God and then when you discern because that comes not from running around but from spending time with his word and you know what is going to teach you is going to teach you something you don't want to hear need only learn is going to teach you that where you are right now is one of God for you see, there is a Scripture that I hope you memorize and that you let it seep deep into your heart and into your mind and that your soul and is Psalm 25 verse nine, it's all wonderful. One of I can stand here and give you dozens of texts from the Scripture about the will of God. But here's one.

He leads the humble and what is right and teaches the humble his way.

You see, if you allow the Holy Spirit of God to take this verse and let your mind, your heart and spirit. Feeling deeply think fluid meditate on it, practice it, you will have the greatest blessing as you walk with the Lord a promise you is a problem. The problem with most of us is that we secretly secretly want or wish that God would obey our will.

We secretly craved that God would bless our plans we secretly desire that God just come around to our way of thinking. If you can only just understand what I wanted to do for me. We would have good times together. I talk to people and I hear now listen very carefully. Somebody would say to me Michael.

I really really really really really want to know and do the will of God in my life.

I say really really really really really really I wanted oh so what's the trouble.

The trouble is I want out of my current job. I went out of my current situation. I went out of my current circumstances. I want to marry this particular person or I will do this particular business deal to work out all maintenance I want the women women you just told me that you really really really really want to know and obey the will of God. Yes, then how do you know that it is not the will of God for you to be where you are right in the job that you ran in the situation that you're in the circumstances you ran how do all know know know Michael, you just don't understand Michael, you really don't understand. I am aware I am not a stranger to miserable situations for read more about that, get my book of God is in control. You read all about it. Do you want to do the will of God, or do you want God to do your will. That's a question that you need to ask yourself today you really want to do the will of God what you want God to do, you will I read this week.

In fact, about an architect who was complaining bitterly about how so many of his clients very come in and ask him to design a house for them.

He said, but they really have already made up their mind what kind of a house.

I want then when you have the design in the mines is that all I wanted for me is to sanction their plan in the will.

The satisfaction of seeing me grow their plan on paper and you know we do the same thing with God.

We really do.

We also wisdom when we asked for guidance and we ask for direction, but in reality we want God to bless our plans.

You know I've learned through the years that when I am in the situation where I am not really fulfilled and happy.

I learned to know what it is to rejoice in the Lord until God himself opens another door I've learned to be contented. What I and you know I got those during that time when you think immeasurably want to jump ship and you won't get out of you know what God is doing is teaching you is instructing you is molding you his training you he's testing you know why because God guides us to guide him. We obey him. He does not obey us.

God is sovereign and he is in control of us. We are not in the dread of him its arrogance to think that we can control God. The sovereign God moving things in our lives for his purpose and for good because he loves us so of course there are some things that have been settled in the Scripture, and for you and I to provide for God's will about these matters is a soon really is issues that are settled in the Scripture are not the issues you go and pray and ask the will of God about some examples, the Bible does not tell you whom to marry, but it is clearly in the Scripture, and it tells you not to cohabitate with that person before you marry them. Fornication is condemned in the Scripture – the will of God for that.

The Bible may not tell you whether you should become a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer or a salesman or whatever. The Bible tells you can be a thief you can't be a prostitute you can be anything that is hurting people. Romans 12 12 says God's will for you is your sanctification and therefore anything is going to hinder your Christ likeness sanctification process is not the will of God back to the things that are not spelled out in the Scripture. When you are inwardly willing to obey the will of God. Even if you don't like it, but if you inwardly willing to obey when you inwardly willing to abide the word of God, even when you see that you're making a mistake.

You have made a mistake. God thanks the so-called mistakes and he and his economy weaves him around and he makes a stairwell out of them to his purpose in your life.

Therefore, you need to understand that sure there are some practical things and I'm going to share some of those with you right now very quickly that you need to go through as you making a decision, but ultimately when you make a decision in obedience to the Lord, even if it is not the ultimate door.

It's his way of getting through the door.

Let me give you seven questions that I ask myself when I'm making a major move in my life. Number one I asked myself the question, is this the best way for me to serve the Lord.

Secondly, is this consistent and not contradictory to God's word and the third question will I be able to imitate the Lord Jesus Christ. In that circumstance, and the first question is this, do have the confirmation of a godly Christian leader, not two dozen people number five has God said restless spirit within me in order to prepare me for the move but the move is not yet number six. Do I have in a piece toward the matter and finally has God opened the door wide or am I trying to beat it down by brother want to tell you whatever you do, I want you to listen I'm going to tell you, God is a covenant God. God is a covenant God. And when you may be terrified about making a mistake if you are willing to obey his will, he will redeem even the so-called mistakes God can take these so-called mistakes and he uses them as a steppingstone for you to get to his purpose. Run through this and I'm going to conclude that FB Meyer, one of the great men of yesteryear. One night he was crossing the Irish Channel on the boat was a dark night was a starless night and he was wondering how in the world is the board going to make it so he went to the Capt.'s of Capt., how in the dark night like this. How can you know where Holly had Harbor is the Capt. said something very simple. If you look at those three lights over there and you see those realizes that yes he said when all those three lights line up together as one.

When we see them in unity.

We know the exact position of the Harbor's mouth.

Meyer said something to the effect that whenever you want to know the will of God in your life. Three things must line up in a piece the word of God and the need of the hour. So what is the secret of discerning the will of God. Absolute and would willingness to obey the will of God, whatever it may be, including being where you are right Dr. Michael you sent with seven practical questions to consider as you pursue God's will.

Thank you for listening to leading the way, this series God talk continues next time and I hope you'll make plans to join Dr. USF meant. In the meantime, if you'd like to connect with Dr. USF, please visit ŕ la and if you have faith questions and you'd like to learn more about Jesus, start a met why you visiting the website encouraged to really look around back. I hope that you'll click on the want to link right there near the top on this page you can experience numerous videos from Dr. USF and leading the way team. First of all, you can watch Dr. Michael you sets of weekly television messages. You can also watch powerful testimonies of lives changed by Jesus and see special announcements and content from Dr. USF in these challenging times.

So click the watch it's right near the top of the page. and do remember that you can always call the ministry representative about anything. That number is 866-626-4356. That's 866-626-4356 my dear and precious friends all the leading the way business all the leading the way partners and supporters all want to thank God for you. First of all, but also want to remind you that our God is the God who sovereign and in control. This coronavirus thing did not take him by surprise is not sitting and having drinking my Lenten single.

What am I going to do now is a God who's in control is in control of the very breath that I'm taking right now he's in control in our lives, so we need to trust him completely when somebody says, trust me, you need to run. God says, trust me, trust fully and completely, totally because he has our best interest at heart and let your heart be troubled. Don't allow fear to dominate. Fill your mind you are car you home with praise and adoration, worship, count the blessing look up to heaven. Trust God. This is not thoughtful fear this is the time for faith and trust him for a great harvest by witnessing and Bob ministry and we are here to give you all the resources in order to help you in your walk with Christ that we will come out on the other side will be stronger spiritually and be more believing and trusting in God than ever before. God bless.

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