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God Talk (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 24, 2020 12:00 am

God Talk (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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God is different is different. You don't pair him with anyone or anything is holy is that is why different is good. In fact, God said that he wants everyone of his children. Everyone will belong to his son Jesus Christ to be different, just like he is different Dr. Michael you sent in your listening to leading the way and he's currently in a series examining how God reveals himself throughout the Bible, and it's called talk, you'll begin today's message in just a moment.

First though, a quick challenge to join others around the world in a powerful prayer campaign hello friends throughout our nation's history. It has often been in the darkest times for God brought unprecedented revival. However, the means God uses for bringing about revival are almost always say commitment to prayer and uncompromising preaching of the cross. For this reason this month I am launching rail movement called awake America and I want to challenge you to provide for God to bring a spiritual awakening to our nation starting with your city, your compass and your neighborhood to encourage your friends and your family and your church groups do not together in prayer revival starts with you and me. I hope join learn more about awakening in ways that you can stand with your brothers and sisters in prayer. When you visit when you furnace 866-626-4356 that and 866-626-4356 now Dr. Michael you sent drawn you to the holiness of God.

Perhaps one of the most difficult experiences that a parent has feels is when they see the child being taunted for being different. Some parents understand what I'm talking about. In fact if you look across the cultural you'll find that is precisely why so many parents would do everything possible, even beyond their abilities in order to ensure that their children fit in. Parents would fork out the large amounts of money to buy close make the kids not stand out so they look like the others. Many parents will buy expensive trendy clothes, whatever it takes in order that their kids would not feel being left out some this is positive. Some is not. Many parents will go to any lengths to ensure that the child is in the in crowd. Sadly, we have bought into the lie that says different is bad. That different is unhealthy.

The different is psychologically damaging the different is undesirable and so we see teenagers, young adults conform to the peer pressure and we see parents going along instead of training the children to stand up and stand out and to stand against the current of culture. So what we do in this great country we thank God every single day that we are free and that we live in a free country. But in reality we are enslaved to conformity. We are enslaved to fads and fashions. We are enslaved to what others think of us. We are terrified to be different bright. Tell me what kind of freedom is this one of the biggest lies that Satan sold to us. Both parents and children alike is a different is bad and yet different is the name of God.

Different is one of the attributes of God.

Different is what distinguishes God from his creation different is what God wants everyone belongs to his son Jesus Christ to be and to live and to declare the whole world. Perhaps if there is not another term for being Christian would be different. That's what God wants is what God desires because he is different he wants us to be different. I'm sure by now. Summary probably asking, well, where does Michael get different from the attributes of God are told about the sovereignty of God is the hub around which all the other attributes of God revolve one of his grace and mercy. His love without his sovereign control. This love cannot be perfect, it could be older than affected in his love is not this unconditional and very close to the sovereignty of God very tied in to the rule of God is the holiness of God tell you my side while I understand this holiness. But where do you get different you see the Greek word for holy is the word Peggy else, and the very root of the word Peggy else the Greek word means different. Yes, it can mean being set aside. Yes, it can mean being set apart. Yes, it means being transcended all transformed but above all else, it means that God is different is different. You cannot compare him with anyone or anything you cannot parallel him with anyone or anything. You cannot place him side-by-side with anyone or anything.

He is different is holy is really different and that is why different is good. In fact, God said that he wants everyone of his children. Everyone who belonged to his son Jesus Christ to be different, just like he is different. Listen to what first Thessalonians 43 says this is the will of God for you is what the apostle Paul said, your sanctification, your holiness, if I provided my own translation will be like this. This is the will of God for you, you know, being different different from what different from the immoral people different from the immorality of the world different from the secular world is seem to be heading because the rest of the verse. In fact, gives it to you. The rest of the verse. We must abstain from immorality. God's holiness means that God is different.

Different from what different from humanity.

What does it mean God being different from humanity.

I wanted to listen very carefully. It means that he is different in his Puritan that he is different and his righteousness that he is different in his inability to look upon sin, he is different, unlike us, he could never wink at sin unlike us. People never ignore sin, unlike us, he could never condone sin. He has an inability not to judge sin. He has to judge that's precisely why the world is so enraged about the difference of God about the holiness of God. Why because you see they wanted God who is like the room they want to God whom they can manipulate. They want a God who can endorse their sinful lifestyle. They want a God who is not wholly different. That is why Dragon Christians in courtrooms trying to move all the semblance of the different business of God from the 10 Commandments to prayer in school, Bible studies to anything that reminds them of the difference of God. The holdings of God.

Why, because that range, which seemed somehow to be kind of reaching a fever pitch by God, but maybe because Jesus is near. The reason they doing this is because God's holiness, God's difference conditions in a guilty conscience, and so they think that by removing the symbols of the holiness of God, of the difference of God by removing these symbols they can remove the condemnation of sin in their minds, but they know inwardly when there all along that can never happen because my beloved friend I want to tell you there's only one thing and one thing only that can remove the condemnation of sin and guilt and that is the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary.

When you and I obey the will of God in our lives. We become different. Now that you have to try to be different but you have to work hard at being different, you will be different when you are walking in obedience to the will of God in your life you will be different. You don't have to try and make no mistake about it different is not always popular short enough so people to look at you and see that your different that you have peace in the midst of trouble that you have joy in the midst of difficult circumstances under sow want that I want to see that I want to know more about that, but there will be others who would say I want nothing to do with that there are others who will condemn you the others who came to the others who will hate you because of your difference. Your holiness, how does this work in life.

Listen to what I'm going to tell you when you are conforming to the will of God in your life you will choose not to live in sexual impurity and immorality of any form, and thus you are an imitator of your heavenly father, your different.

When you are conforming to the will of God in your life you will choose to forgive the one who hated you and despise you.

Your imitating your heavenly father different when you choose not to allow anger and bitterness to corrode your soul and instead reach out and love you want imitator of your heavenly father you different.

When you choose not to speak ill of others or gossip or backbite you out of imitator of your heavenly father, your different. When you choose to hold no grudges against others limited heavenly father different when you choose to submit the spiritual authority and not rebel against spiritual discipline in your life you out of imitator of your heavenly and you will be different when you choose to give sacrificially to the gospel were not the problems are full of your table, but sacrificially. An imitator of your heavenly father who gave everything for your sake, you will be different. My friend, this different as far from being bad. This different is good. This different is God honoring and it causes the blessing of God to come up on your life but you see, you will never be able to do any of these things. If you have lost the vision of the holiness of God. The difference of God, a promising 99.99% of the times when you fall into temptation is because you have lost a vision of the holiness of God. I promise you when you rationalize sin in your life. 99.9% of the time is because you have lost your vision of the holiness of God and that you have conforming not to hear the image of his son, but to the image of the world. Think about it. Think about it.

I think if there is major problem in the churches in America today is that we have lost the vision of the holiness of God.

I think as I like the average Christian probably was satisfied with his spiritual life, I'm fine.

And then God took him into his very presence like very few people since then. Like Ezekiel and John the never later than the apostle Paul. There were given a glimpse of the glory of God. A vision of the holiness of God. And when he comes and he sees the holiness of God, the holy Trinity keep going only for all of his face and he says the please turn with me to those words of Isaiah's vision in chapter 6 verses 1 to 8.

I am so thankful that the word of God is been preserved for us to know about this rare and awesome picture that we cannot see here on earth because he can look around and in the glory of God is hidden is hidden in the political life.

It's hidden in schools of hidden, but dies of faith can see the glory of God.

This is a rare glimpse for us to see what is happening in heaven even right now, not only with the engines but all those who have gone before us in the church above before the holiness of God with you. See you see, even angels lost track use of God. Angels are bowing down worshiping God and angels are ready to serve the living God. Angels and monastery feel unworthy to stand before his throne. Angels who have not been painted by human sin, stand in holy fear and reverence of the holiness of God. Incredible picture visualized with me and you know there were out today we judge preachers and teachers on the basis of their skills in the communication how slick they are. The use of technology will not go there so the other thing not on the basis whether they are lifting the holiness of God. Today we judge preachers and teachers on the basis of their slickness, not on the basis of their sanctification to value here preachers and teachers only talk about intimacy with God. They talk about the awesomeness of God that will literally strike us in our faces of ever manifested when they talk as if God is your little pal down the street years, put him in the morning. I said what's up God addresses what's up Bill Lily's without any check with him. Listen to me because God loves us, and because he invites us because he welcomes us, and because he cares for us and he gives us the honor of coming to his presence does not mean that we treat him as if these are pal down the road being confronted by the holiness of God knocked Isaiah on his face that smugness of self-satisfaction of what I do for God to favor the idea of God by belonging to a church. None of that dog is fortunate to have me none of that feeling of that I belong to the spiritual elite no no no no no no no that feeling that I am doing God. A lot of good. Now, my beloved friends listen to me a million.

The fell on his face and he said I am undone, for I am a man of unclean lips, and move among people of unclean lips I want you to him the right is coming before a holy God in worship does not strike you with a sense of unworthiness. If it does not strike you with a sense of gratitude and thankfulness. Chances are, either you do not know the holy God about your love for him has grown cold long time ago and you're not even aware of it. Please Lord, give us a glimpse of your holiness. In fact, it was Isaiah's brokenness before God that Leiter qualified him, not only for forgiveness not only by recognizing his uncleanliness that God sent an angel with far and touched his lips and thus he became commission to speak for God, but he couldn't speak for God. Before that, even if he thought he must be speaking for God.

Beloved, I tell you the problem. So many of us today is that we have come to lose sight of the majesty of God, we have we have not come face-to-face with the holiness and righteousness of God and the problem was so many of us today is that we think that once we become saved some time younger we give our lives to Christ or Oceanside Accardo becomes us who call ourselves slaves.

That means it's over. Then we can go on living any which way we want to live in a happy marriage where I know, my beloved, that is not the Christian faith. Imagine if her mama would give abreast of baby and once the baby is born she put the baby down asses now that is born baby you take care of yourself now you are you born now. That's how many people think that this be getting some fire insurance when they become saved and then they lived alive.

No different from the rest of the world but that's not the will of God. The will of God is you sanctification. One of God is different. I'm going to share this with you for a reason. From personal experience. If you're a child of God and of living differently and up walking holiness and sanctification.

I want to tell you, sooner or later you can experience a disaster in your life and I say that not with glee but from personal experience. God is going to confront you at some point of your life. Why don't you do it now deal Moody once said about the Christian who thinks that he or she is saying is done and therefore they don't have to live holy sanctified life lives in sin rationalizes it for himself or herself deal.

Moody said those who are not conforming to the likeness of Jesus Christ and the life he said is like a bottle that is sealed and there it is sitting at the foot of Niagara Falls.

Not a drop of the mighty volume of water will ever get inside. What is a conclusion that you and I should take today listen to me. I'm getting ready to close. Ask yourself the question, are you a sealed bottle. Are you a sealed bottle bobbing up and down in the flood of God's grace but no grace going inside. If you are you so afraid of being totally different that you have been going through all of the religious motions all the religious rituals all the religious lingo. All of the religious act, but you sealed like a pocket. As you soon in your lack of holiness sealed you so much so that the grace of God is not able to penetrate and flow through your life.

Ask yourself the question in all my prayer. My prayer that we comprehend the holiness of God and that you would come to him what was smugness and on top of self-satisfaction not with a condescending attitude that doesn't honor God in all in all of the holiness of God that the holy God wants to befriend us that the holy God was to welcome us in the holy God was the fellowship with us.

That in itself is all filled experience. Dr. Michael used to offer you a deeper understanding of the holiness of God. You can listen to messages on a variety of topics, all biblically work through the leading the way, or on radio and television and by using your favorite podcast platform or information on all of these and when you furnace and 866-626-4356 here's the music that's telling me not apparently today delete plans to join us next time right here. This program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael used to passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth

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