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The Truth About Love (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 17, 2020 1:00 am

The Truth About Love (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Loving those around you with always easy. Consider the words that bounced around the table during the holidays write about the politically charged social media posted to see friends and family that you are going to create even more tension if you respond thank you for listening to leading the way in The challenge from Dr. Michael Yousef to express selfless love for others through the power of the cross. This is a series in which Dr. Yousef reveals practical applications for life and relationships.

It's called the truth about love he digs right into the words from first Corinthians chapter 13 that's the official love chapter of the Bible. So now, to give them just as much time as possible. Listen with me as Dr. Michael Yousef begins Dr. Robert from a broken while serving as president of Columbia Bible College and seminary at the very height of his career at the apex of his success at the very pinnacle of his ministry. His wife was rednosed Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Mark Wilkins was faced with two divine calling one being the president of two schools in the second being the husband of my beloved Miriam could not do both, so he continued his low-grade calculation to resign my position and give myself completely to the care of my beloved Miriam McLachlan continued. He said it's a matter of integrity 42 years earlier I had promised to be there for my wife in sickness and in health, until death do us part is that since that happened. She is a delight has been will be a delight to me is that I want have to care for her. I get to its high honor for such a wonderful person. 15 years ago exactly when I read that story. It affected Milan very few stories in the book is called a promise kept a story of unforgettable love. Listen carefully.

Please I'm quoting here love is said to have evaporated is not mutual. If the other person does not communicate if they don't carry their fair share of the load, or if it is not physical. When I hear the litany of essentials for happy marriage. I count off what my beloved Mary Jo can no longer contribute and contemplate how mysterious lover and the court beloved, listen to me very carefully. I'm not a historian but I'm a student of history and perhaps there is no generation that has watched with their own eyes.

A total and drastic and radical shift in culture like our generation. We are seeing it with our own eyes right here it is happening and that is why this message is very important. This is the third in the series entitled the truth about love from the love manifesto that often used in wedding and sold them practiced and understood in the apostle Paul goes on to add six more colors that spectrum we saw in the last message that he basically gives us 15 colors to a rainbow door portrait door spectrum and it is a portrait of love is indeed a portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

Love does not delight in evil. First Corinthians 13 six love does not delight in evil. As I said you a moment ago that we are living at a time of seeing firsthand experiencing firsthand one of the greatest shift in culture we are seeing it. How good is called evil and how evil is called good. We are seeing how writers called wrong and wrong is called right will seeing how before your eyes.

How our culture is substituting darkness for light, we see how integrity is giving way to expedience how loyalty is giving way to utilitarianism. How commitment is giving way to convenience with seeing it happening before our own eyes. And here's the problem. Beloved friends.

It is nothing else it is numbing us toward understanding what biblical loyalty and love is all about.

We have cease to feel that sense of commitment that a word is given a word is honored, a sense of commitment that a covenant is forever a sense of commitment to understand what loyalty and commitment is all about among believers, what is rejoicing in evil.

All we call it homeless gossip, we might call it sharing information, call it inquiring while in reality we are delighting ourselves in the sin of others. There is one thing about gossip that you must never miss that. You must understand gossip would not exist if it did not have willing listeners. If someone would come to you with a juicy bit of gossip and if you would say to the person.

I don't want to hear that I refuse to hear that, or have you talked to the person or let's go together and talk to that person. If every believer would do that would end the most often gossip is of course don't want to do that. They don't want to be confrontative when the love of Christ is poured into our hearts and day out, we would not delight in evil.

We do not want to delight in sin and our response to gossip will be I will not allow my ears. I will not allow my soul to be the depository of such evil is God's will is a problem, listen to me is a problem. There are many Christians who treat this sin very likely they treated very, very likely, while in reality the sin of gossip is designed listen to me. The sin of gossip is designed to uncover someone's weakness that's designed to uncover someone sin.

What witnesses and send that person might not be aware of and so in reality will rejoicing in evil and love. Paul said, does not rejoice in evil. Why because the very core of gossiping is gloating over the shortcomings and the sins of others.

And since sin is hurtful to God and since sin is an offense to God, we would be rejoicing in evil. That's what makes gossip sin.

I wanted to hear me right if you cannot say something to the person, don't say it about the person love does not rejoice in evil. Secondly, Dr. this is number 11. Love rejoices in the truth tell us the truth hear the truth is not factual truth. Paul is not talking about factual truth, he is talking about the truth of the word of God is talking about God's truth is talking about the revered word of God.

I know you know if you are in the truth. Teachers and false teaching breaks your heart doesn't break your heart is something wrong with your face and love must never, never, never tolerate or put up with false doctrine another.

Some people think. Of course, that the love means ignoring the blatant disregard for the truth. Some people think that love means ignoring the marginalizing of the truth which was seeing all over the place. That's not what the apostle Paul say the apostle Paul is saying while you must love the people who are in. You must never say well because I love you, and therefore it doesn't matter what you believe.

Yes it does.

Because what a person believes can make a difference between spending a tenant in heaven or hell. Such matters, pray tell me how in heaven's name would you see somebody is about to jump from a 10 story building and you say to them, well, you know, because I love you I'm going to let you do what you say life. Love is what kind of love is that, and yet there are some people who think love meeting, ignoring the truth we can get the truth forget about the truth in the Bible said love loves the truth and so we ought to tell them that we love them enough to tell them that they can only make it to heaven based on the merits of Jesus Christ, not my own love is consistent with kindness as we saw in the last message but love is not consistent with compromising the word of God decide that it doesn't matter what you believe is not kindness is cruel. It's unkind. Love does not rejoice in evil. 12. Love bears all things, what is it me. Love bears all things, doesn't mean this modern understanding of false teaching of tolerance that is tolerating every perversion and every sin and that the name of love, absolutely not that some people who interpreted that way but I can tell you it would be inconsistent would think that the New Testament stands for. Love bears all things, means that you bear all things that are acceptable to God that you love all things that are consistent with the righteousness of God.

Love bears all things, means that you bear things that are consistent with the commandments of God. Love bears all things, means that you gently and quietly worn others for an error, it means that quietly and gently you correct others who are not in the truth. It means that quietly and gently you rebuke and discipline.

First Peter 48, said love covers a multitude of sins.

How by showing the person how the sins can be forgiven how they can be restored and how they can get rid of gills. 13 love leaves all things, doesn't mean you all become gullible is not what he saying at all. It means that you are not suspicious of everyone all the time.

It means that you're not cynical of everything all the time means that you place mental over the wrongdoer so that he or she may have a chance to confess and be forgiven and to restore beloved love is a hub of trust and that is why that's why when trust is broken when trust is broken relationships can get very very very difficult and complicated. But love says love says even though trust has been broken even though trust has been betrayed.

Even though I give you a second chance. I'll trust you again outplays confidence in you, yet again, number 14. Love hopes all things, is something that I tell everybody that I talked to Nick come to me with a difficulty in the life expression was to do with somebody else. You and I must never, never give up on anyone. It doesn't matter how far he or she may have gone it doesn't matter how deep they might have sunk it doesn't matter how obnoxious they become.

Love hopes in the grace of God.

Love keeps on hoping in the grace of God.

Love keeps on hoping in the mercy of God. Love keeps on hoping in the sovereignty of God.

Love does not give up hope in Christ. Finally, 15 fifteenths color in the rainbow.

Love endures all things in the apostle Paul left that to the end.

Deliberately, this will not go throwing up and like modern art, and I just dump a bunch of colors and help them make sense.

Not enough, every word is a step in a letter and Paul left the last one. Love endures all things deliberately to the end because of its vital importance. In fact, that word, and your is taken from the military language is taken from the language of war from the language of battle and it is often used when a given Army comes into a piece of land a piece of territory, whether it's a fortress whether it's a hill and becomes an extremely strategic property and therefore they hung in there. Do or die.

They know that their future is dependent on their defending this territory. They know that the likelihood that the future that the very life is dependent on defending this territory and therefore every hardship, every difficulty every suffering every struggle is all why because of the importance of holding onto the start and that's exactly what the apostle Paul is talking about in this concept of enduring. Perhaps is no greater application than in a Christian marriage, love endures all things. That means that the Christian marriage is worth protecting at any costs.

Listen, I know that the enemy is attacking Christian marriages today because the enemy knows that if he can destroy the Christian marriage, they can destroy the Christian church if he can destroy the Christian church. He has nobody to fight him. Therefore the Christian marriage is to be protected at any price.

Barring abuse of Christian marriage must be protected.

Why, because when the love of Christ reigns supreme between the husband and wife.

God will keep on pouring his Holy Spirit he will keep on pouring his Holy Spirit for the marriage in order that it may withstand it withstand the enemy's assault. It can withstand the temptation of the flesh that it can withstand the desire to give up and surrender love endures all things. The last few verses of first Corinthians 13 the apostle Paul goes on to say that in heaven there will be no need for faith, what you need faith. We need faith now because we don't see Jesus physically with our own eyes, but in heaven we will not need faith because we be seeing him face-to-face in heaven when I gonna need Bibles.

What we need Bibles because the very word of God. The Lagos of God, the Lord Jesus Christ physically with us. He goes on to say that in heaven when the Canadian spiritual gifts they become useless. That is why it is vitally important for us to use them now because in heaven know of no use to us, but love will continue on to heaven because there we will love perfectly. Just as Jesus loves perfectly. But you know as long as we live on this earth.

Christ longs to pour his sacrificial love into our hearts so that we my love one another we saw in the last message Jesus saying this is how the world will know that you really are my disciples, if you have love one for another, and it is the desire of Jesus to keep on pouring his love in your heart and my heart so that we can share it, give it away. You've heard me say every message that sacrificial love true sacrificial cannot be manufactured that sacrificial love cannot be produced that sacrificial love can only be received and then share and that's exactly the heart of the message to the believers before I conclude only tell you this true story that Took Pl. in England during the reign of Oliver Cromwell, Lord protector of England young soldier was sentenced to death by Oliver, the decision was made on such a such day when the curfew bell rings.

This young man was going to be beheaded.

He was engaged to a young woman who loved him dearly so she picked up her courage and went over to see Oliver Cromwell. She went on her face before him at his feet.

She pleaded. She begged to spare the life of her beloved, but to no avail, and so when the day came, in which this young man is to be beheaded. The Sexton pulled on the rope to ring the bell but the bell would ring, he pulled harder, but the bill wouldn't ring what happened. The young woman had climbed into the belfry and she went inside the bell and she wrapped her body around the clapper so every time the Sexton would know the clapper would bail but it wouldn't ring and she kept on hanging on the clapper and she kept hanging on the clapper until it stopped swinging and finally they brought him down, bleeding from every inch of her body bruised, smashed trouble looks at her and says, greater love. I've never witnessed and commuted her beloved sentence. Only Jesus Christ can give you and me. This kind of love. Only Jesus Christ can do that and it's yours for the asking. Not just today but a commitment to ask for the love of Christ to be poured into your life on a daily basis and say Lord Jesus Christ.

I wanted to give me this love so I can love my wife with give me the kind of love song, I love my husband with her, give me the kind of love.

So my love my children with give me the kind of love, love my neighbor with a given the kind of love*my love, my coworker with the kind of love that I might love my fellow members believe in. Give me the kind of love so that I can share it.

Even with the unlovable Michael you sent with his message selfless love.

Do remember that there are many ways that you can hear the teaching of Dr. Michael, you said you can listen here on the radio. You can listen to a podcast.

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