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Remi- From the Bronx to the Battlefiled: Part #1

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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September 24, 2022 12:00 pm

Remi- From the Bronx to the Battlefiled: Part #1

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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September 24, 2022 12:00 pm

Today's episode features former Navy Seal, actor, and author Remi Adeleke. Listen as he shares his story against human trafficking.

A warning: this program contains sensitive content. Listener discretion is advised.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) at 1-888-373-7888.

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This is good Truth Network the following program contains sensitive content listener discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue I find a library environment you very well a lot of money while you're right. Well I will grant me me me that I did not tell me where my mom got married, or public and they all went to risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the thank you so much for joining our lantern rescue pot today so far listeners that are joining us today. You are really in for a treat on one of our team members and where excited to introduce the remaining as well lantern rescue guestroom. He is actually familiar with them. He Navy seal celebrated author's recently taken Hollywood by storm and he's got starring roles in terminal and transformers. The last night and really not enough to get you excited about who you got here today with. He's using this platform to write our heart really it's really neat to see this happening, but he's written, produced and directed a short film focused specifically on one of the more rare parts of human trafficking. That's organ harvesting steps do I like to introduce you as my me and I think that lately me and we are so excited this is a really cool opportunity for us to just branch out of our normal normal podcast right and so and to give you a an opportunity share your heart with us to do so now. Tell us a little bit about your background is.

It is extensive and just amazing to read. So I'd love to appreciate it when I was there is so you know all fortunately he died days later that you will love it. So be is the way she is so Nigeria located us New York City specific promise. You control see you still coming to collect taxes you know will place Jay's best wishes draw thousand dollars a week as a teenager all products as last time for fresh all you will always be one step situations drug dealer and people will get this life so and so I made money back and gave up the six months at this situation just walked in so she achieved 2006, just did not know what things were. Facet joint college conference, which just wanted to know I did a good job get rich quick schemes that time it was legal and 2000 and told me to join the military because at that time I was totally contrary authority and the police associated with poor paramedic. What were supposed to oppose the government system so that is nowhere.

You know that you go back and forth with Scott just realized what else do you have going on 20 years in your life is about access and all so you know… Everything is about so I have got where it will rub on first office showed went to Dorsett's neighbors office and just what I was told seal pressure wake suppress the body's weight suppressed, sealed, and should last for so she seal and background rest toward your jersey and I got all she said 40 years.

What is this just comfort. So she told me he will address and just fornicate back the next day and go people judge you should judge New Jersey work and told the judge's charge for potential so you should know how mom's lunch record and record your voice… Dave Chris phone calls and people don't know messages from people all over the country have misleaders that links always wishes all wishful once legal wish.

I know she seal Scott Beatty's voice is best result is he's not there and help you out and that is if it was on sale, see that he would just for you on this list can joint director will and and you got deviated timewise. That was not his office to talk to you timewise.

TI and she was not just letting states. When he got in trouble with the law she came. Maybe she's back across and maybe get an Air Force cost a lot of people so let her. Fortunately she got me but I just got maybe an you excellent much early seal start couldn't swim so when you first try to figure out escape but I just forgot to mention DVD excusing Diane Wachtel… Asset for dummies book recommends forcing you with your check and check it out and got a response first phase made her sick face and getting kicked out and I go back to firstly revisionist drawing of a career. All Wesley seen school teams and Henry was in my career I really felt you know leave that to some father I sent to my two sons not being sealed or gloss on what side does your dad is much as I can so I got out the door. I was aggressive with time so mass is a strategy and this is something full-time. Excellent shape files after our first trip is just another project in another project. The project in eelgrass/consultant, writer and director and you know businesses 2016 so you know, six years now and you lose all cost already left speechless like your story is a fine real in the favor of God and mean is intended to take the right person believing any push that for that momentum for nothing is credible and to hear how guidelines are steps that is a testimony in itself wow me off them.

Well, we actually that the first part of Helen that on printing a quick break from break organic diving into your new film coming out on human trafficking and really in a way that we don't think that far listeners.

In the meantime around right, take a moment to check out my Internet fund into our station media preparing the faith-based organization to conduct international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat on genocide, terrorism is a profit purity. They offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is the second-largest collective human world reaching an estimated $50 billion activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitate gearing up for operations right now and you can see how you can support and welcome back to lantern rescue. We have been chatting about testimony and how the favor of God upon him for a while now. You need to see this next half of where and how that led you into that human trafficking sector of the world about what prompted your heart and how you got involved experience that human trafficking industry and world chess just like so people just to do so.

While I and just making money and so I jumped straight to the Lord's presence and I series.

So I did a lot of praying when I see so you know ministry is just like with just school. The school is once with the kids are on this is when sad people, hang out with people who are kind and you know you just fine. Just lines, not profits. And finally we are starting out like I'm not contacted by the first contact was with Dr. Bish, lady.

She's really trying to figure out you don't help raise money to go walking I just thought that the wall sure ideals and outreach is also not just for Sir no Sir mission and on the other and you are two years later she's number and I and she had a nonprofit that number one Nichols Lake Association help all of the charitable just Just Coming up with Different Dave Lopez Who Will You All Know What Date and Days You like Working with Dragon Nonprofit They Just See You Guys to Suppress His Work Is Likely to Be Interested in Doing Excellent Way to the Video Is Dated and She Stopped Her and She Asked People to Start Her Medical Records. She Started out in Underserved Leader Just Stated Search, so She Was like She Wants a Commercial so I Do Something Your Schedule so You Still Set to Help Also Go so I Wear My Open for the Day. Like Seeing It Firsthand and I Remember I Was 2018 or 20 Nights. It Was Called by DR with Dave and Organization and I'll Never Witness Long Lexus Passes to Your and Your Work… And His Parents Were so Orders to the North. Morgan for Your and so It Was so Worth More to Remember to Your Morning so We Would – Paris Paris Contractors. This One Guy Who Was with Us but He Was Helping Me Understand How His Father Were Kids, Children, and so This Brings Me to This Little Chat Is Really Small. Was This Day and She Was Explained to Me That the Baby.Water Water Is That This Particular Song. The Mother She Was Eight. Tracy so She Could Breast-Feed a Warm Dry so She Mixed with the Back Baby so She Was Explained That Is so Bad. This Is Why so They Don't Have Resources and It's Been a Little Black to Sell the Worst Trappers in the North Rated It Is Truly Best Known for You Do A Lot Of John's West of Europe's Good Life Is a New Assessment Underage Girls and so When He Should Shoot His House Is Just like kylie. I Race Desolation and My Mom Is How Can I Make One Thing to Talk to. Tom Try to Convince the Kids Were Colleges.

You Know I Know Risk Factors but You Will Kids the Breast. As You Know, This Is Mostly around All Day Is Going on Plus. This Is Massive and Most People Do Not Know so My Background, Not Just a Special Operations Unit, Special Specialty Buildings and Human Intelligence Record Trade so You Know the Best Way to Combat Is Silence Which Is Educating the Masses That Well You Know Using Film and TV to Essentially You Don't Blast out This Message and Educate People. What's Going on behind Closed Doors and What Hopefully through That People Will Be Galvanized Weathers Your Support and Whether It Delivers You Doing Rest Volunteering to Go to Rest Is Where Right As Early As Your Last Year Was Just Noticing the Child Is Safe and Notify the Authorities – I Was the Child the Person Issues Where It Was Actually Track That Was Job so Maybe I Just Educate People so They Can See the Telltale Signs and It Was Interesting. I See You Reason Because Right after Atlanta… United States Police Messages Based Partner and a Look Because You Know We Do Is Consult on the Lid Help Me.I Think Dad DR Gave Each Combat and Phone Calls Messages from This Film Is Okay Versus First Concepts Words Make a Bigger Difference Because A Lot Of People Will Read Books and Readings Are His People. Well, You Know What You Show That Was My Beginning My German and As I Said, I'm Almost Positive Is 20 Know What Each Section. It Was Late When I Start so to Do This so When I Got Sick on the Ground Project Logical Which Is Now a Finish That Second Exam January 20, 1980. Like I Would Try Alert Treatment and It Was Good: Follow like These Two Girls, Sleep Characters That Works No GIA Section, Following They Can't Connect the Dots As How Trafficking's Funding of Terrorism from This Village of Ways. These Two Sisters Were Promised a Village Is Rated by Specific Group and It Will Record You Can't, You Know, the One Record You Can't Punish Family Members That Officiate Capture All People That Were Original Ability of the People for Other Sex Trafficking or Forced Marriages and Was Always Tons of Research You Know It's Not Something That State to Make Something That Was My Séance.

Yes, I Would Have Been Treated As Far As Those Two Sisters That She Had so so Essentially My Age Is around Town and the Whole Season Season One Which Sold for Three Reasons, but No One Was/Is His Red Jacket.Combat Command Is like This Disagree Repeating People Live in the Tyler People Are Hungry for This Is, Whether They Believe It or Not, You Know What to Say.

See, Just like That Resident Is Irrefutable and so Does for Us.

I Want to See.

That Way, the Project Consulting and in 2021 of Your Last Euro Sick May 1. I Was Just like I'm Going to Use a Little Detail Would Take Us This This Treatment Made for TV Series Short Columns of an Unit That Don't Cost Me That the Lease on a Sale Hundred $8200 Committed Point Phone Line and I Put 50,000, and I Knew That I Had One Because No One Would to You Know People Are Will Allow Traffic Getting What I'm Doing Is Really Not You Know, I Know I'm Not Money a War on the Team on Some Shared Message Finally Rest to Get His Way in Which Smiling Also Get to Later Salicylates Will Plan to Free and Yeah Yeah Today People Is Helping You so You Know I Decided to Make This Drill and First Week of May through the Grace of God Guy I Work with the Navy Just like, Came in Second Act Is for Other Data Open Another Just Asked What This Beautiful Team Together and Click Team so When Was the Head of the Private Jet Does Thousand Five Jacket Script Is Not Just Circling Treat and Try to Find You Know Was Following $21,000 Working Hours and I Had to Check It Was A Lot Smaller and I Decided to Not Do That Because She Changed Her Story Because What Happens As These, Just Track around Will Especially Hack into Places like to Buy You into Places like United Breaks and It's a Huge Thing and Just Make It Just Can't Get That Really None of Human Brain.

You Also Was on Yeah I Just Put the Money You Make This Thing Everybody Came Together Educated and We Shot 40s and You Know When You Hear We Are Say Again Space Space on the Top You Brought Us Early Radio Order.

Horses Talk Is Not Often Talk about What You Know This Is Only Six Track, Short for Just a Moment Think Waxing and Have To Move into a Part to This Position so Much Good Stuff Yeah I Don't Know Is Any Other Great I Am Going to Our Listeners That Are Listening and I'm Sure There on the Edge of Their Seats at This Point Because All the Good Stuff Right Here See to Make You Come Back for a Second Podcast Anything Different. Get Started Here and This Is the Truth Network

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