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Dominican Republic Rescue Report

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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September 10, 2022 12:00 pm

Dominican Republic Rescue Report

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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September 10, 2022 12:00 pm

Robby is joined by Mark and Ren for an exciting yet heart breaking update on the latest rescue in the Dominican Republic.

A warning: this program contains sensitive content. Listener discretion is advised.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) at 1-888-373-7888.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network.

The following program contains sensitive content listener discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue more vulnerable. You have an old but really the trial children children in our environment and online way that wearing only 21 of the major. We came around playing a very you know you like to lantern risk ministry program educated to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest we tell the stories we talk about rest.

As we empower you to do something about it was once said that it not be said I was silent when the oh we got a show for you today on lantern rescue as we we have some wonderful updates really being a victim intense updates that that we want to share with you today. Right Mark and Ren are both weather so so what. When we got a very long a while the show and I allowed for written I have been able to actually have an hour connected where we were not doing something different working in different direction. Really bad about that.we've been so busy enough. Part of it.

I meet Alan keep the brand myself, and even other people that we been entered into our podcast now God is given so much favor. We are working nonstop.

I wanted to say how much I appreciate network and NAF are in our partners to take our show out like I was with them gentleman in the southeast.

The US recently and asked what I did.

I know we are working that Drafting rail meant that all we look to the show on the radio called Culbreth you later rescue their interest you. I would do it I was doing all that all the time like pretty cold there like yeah you should look into it more.

They look like about that is so fantastic because they were excited about the show and what God was doing three lantern and I didn't have you know we I just got to be excited with me without even saying anything about of it I'm I'm glad we have available to our industry. Our organization that already are partners actually do that, you know, and let us give it give the state because you have read and I and all that but all play like there's not a day on the third that we probably deserve to have a radio show, you know, but were at work and like you said for the yelp for the sake of the victim, like the work. This show is really important because we are fighting a criminality that is growing at such a fast rate is such a fast rate, and no wheat we finished one case and turn around and there's just another with you know multiple victims. The hematocrit 100 victim. We are trying to address it were trying to attack and were trying to fix the problem and suggested think something you know solicitors that may call at the hospital right until other people. You have to show and spread the word and was so grateful for that because that's what God's doing. So that's just awesome. Thank you, Mark and Ren as well so they real quick if I could start a small and I know we had a show or two about the case that we had an Caribbean that resulted in a large number of victims and had a large number victim and just enough to go to listen faithfully every week.

Forgive me if I recap a couple of things but I wanted to.

This again share how proud we are of the country and its people that work with us because this was a 9 to 10 month investigation and in correlating with the investigation, we had training you know we had TCN and carved in Allen and Jack and we had so many people, myself and ran all the we are just training every body that we needed to train for this operation to go safely because honestly it was probably the largest one is that in the Caribbean that I'm aware of that expense by DA that was larger in headcount, but this was 14 different location and know that is that's quite the takedown to perform in such a great deal surveillance. If it a lot of undercover work it took a lot of blood digital exploitation by one of our partners in the PDF the national subsection task force and you know they joined hand-in-hand with us along with the Atty. Gen.'s office of the country. The SWAT force of some of their units, such investigative units, both electronic and otherwise, and that everything was perfect. You are all okay there. There is still a lot there improving. Do operationally, we want to give it about it. We want to give it an 8/10.

Okay well I talked about the local really came the local we made the level of the home. I linking my file for train local babies. Now I want to give credit the local Avalon really was on with the other organizations do you think it's just three white handedly 190 country and reality and that really the one syllable on really well. I working we were reviewing we reviewed operation from no every every standpoint we can including this you know the actual tactics that work done and out to about 11 with a 10 story hotel right and so the one of the units we trained was responsible what you know with our people to do that or jail and the evaluation process of how to safely go through 10 levels 10 floors with a limited number of people at the court because of you know about Mike Burdette like the board they they did such a good job they did a great job. You know, and they did it well effectively and so proud of her problem spoke delegates that were were thrilled to have such good partners in that particular region in and so glad they did a good job 19 people have been arrested today.

We've had to open. We had to open this particular network. We had open the investigation in another country and so people realize this particular network was multicountry probably went well. They were almost 9 after 3rd yard ties to a terrorist organization, and of it still got a lot of work to do so operationally given any moving forward work were still at work at Ground Zero again. You know you feel like you did so much and you you do the rest of you but then you realize others network even is continued on to bigger and that's something I need to know, like overseas criminality like they just got a free right, they are just doing the access to do anything in FY later so important that we come into the country. The country didn't know it or not. We know we we we need somebody to help with what we need a catalyst like you guys departed with the actually get this work done. And so we bring that how can we bring that impact we are that calloused to move forward on those cases. So we've got eight more cases that region. Plus we just opened up one in a nearby country and work. You know, going hard at it. Okay, so I know Ren and Jamie and Jamie got to share about the victim and we kind of wanted it to going to an update of how that's going with that with those girls always some of the stories that was done we have on this before the break, so for listeners think they understand we have your personal testimony from our victim care specialist, plus the AG office plus artworld teammates including Ranbir and their interaction with the victims then supporting them and we also know we have interviewed for prosecution today and we have some girls who do they also to share their story right and so this week about the break think we have great coming. Ren is going to share one of their story. She's going to read you been translated into and is read to you default and thinkers of the victims have gone through. Now awesome thing that we can actually hear in their own words.

So when we come back working to hear that.

In the meantime, be sure and check out Lannon also see important links and resources on how you can be praying and helping his fight against faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated billion dollars in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates with train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates ballistic gearing up for operations right see how you can support welcome back to Lannon rescue and as promised, we know we have this in their own words from the victims that were there in the Dominican Republic Republic and surrendered it. You've got the story right there, rescue and her own words I write here Republic on July 1. Friend country very well because they're going to penny a lot of money.

I thought wow here like an idea.

Well, I don't want to travel and I found that it was bran me when I got me and tell me that I did not have anything coming anywhere my mom that I very friend, let me the money, Dominican Republic, and they all help me with the pack for application and when I arrived in the Dominican airport and I arrived at any direct product in manner my car told me I think I'm your home country need an argument with her 90 working with an apartment not wanting a way they're offering me a job now because the anger I had with my friend and I went for a walk on the couple of me and they offered me a job and I let my company can make a great car that job last and I have had the level where I'm going to get. I went and I think you know how to find work but not like that document that they would not leave not let me leave. I was in shock that will let that got me to call my friend on me that I would eat you will will damage or anything when the first client came in and you don't like many men, one of them hurt me really bad because he is being rapid and getting them had been an issue that where caused in part by the African trafficking because the claims ran in the man in the because the thing better than they did not give me food. Only oranges and they would bring about change in the room they hadn't man never cleaned occasionally I want to come into the ring, you should probably buy things you never have I entered the room they would laugh at me and throw things that I helped around and outů But I imagine anymore. I just wanted but I never understood I had to go back to my home country information from one when I think I have everything rocketing back to the house where I but on the way to the airport.

We stopped for lunch. Have a link to another man. Along the way Picking up more and more people are told that we are now being in Haiti and we often have more men arrived they had done the can down by them. Why recover an entry recovered operationally with a lot of common ground Lombard though are going to be thinking along the way I make contact with other girl and and in recovery and are now back in her home country. Nothing about our job at getting money for an update on girl action exciting update and I will do for this. She actually provided some necessary needs to her obsolete medical and otherwise but then also some a way to move forward with a business idea she had enough. What we do a lot of them after they get the chair of the necessary things and artist talk about that no-show, but just the people know after hearing this, your heart wrenching story from the poor girl she is so vibrant and got her to get the vision you know job was at other things because you know that's that's the other end of it that some critical rights some Ren, you have another story.

Over time, on their moment out and she route public document format 23 in the morning on me more than $4500 and I thought of all the now fibroid required medical treatment that you think I'm meeting with nothing no longer want my baby and I want to help me on some of them have agreed to work in this industry and not a technician working on three exterior and have nothing now how they think they can make money agreed to go into the Navy and baiting all how they walk taking their document will be taking all that money that 4000 $5000 per year and all that money not getting anything she will work something that she went into her eyes while it's it's it's it's unbelievable. Nothing.

When we hear that for people are familiar with.

You know how the extort those young girls you know in all the stories is similar right but it you know I just know that's kind of the way the enemy works once he gets his hoax and you have any just keeps leveraging the one little better decision and the more more huge horrible things that he tricks you into right now colorfully making them think that they chose that life on this particular case of the network was really what they did they identify the targeted girls who were in college who live with a single mother or grandmother knowing that that girl likely had all the hope and joy of the family, hoping that you know this girl would get an education would be something of a like like we mentioned before, a lot of the work they were in University. They were getting all of the police officer 130 B. If so, would you like these are girl well for their family. They were targeted they were thickly pointed out targeted they reflected that way care unit at one victim story where the girl came in that network, and then she went on the beach and she try to escape that first encounter with the traffickers, then another couple came to her that couple was actually feeling that network. That's how good they are. They let that girl think she was leaving their network to get into a better position but actually she was still in the thing trap you network me that is so much criminality or effectivity of either good.

You know, because if you do the math.

If that girl the girls were forced to 15 customers of by roughly $8220 a night of the work. Where are you girl per night ditto that. That adds up to be. They are making a lot of money on the girls if they can keep them healthy and keep on working for about seven months and this is how it works so people dollars daylight.8200 hundred $20 and by their 50 customers and I you guide your two girls one location. Bob another 20 another me so full criminal organized crime network as we close out the show. You said it before you know it really seems to ring true, as is I was thinking about it is it's on both sides of the equation and the words these girls get into something, not realizing it looks a little risky, but boy, you know that it goes downhill really quickly, but the men that are lured into pay the money to you know I can't help but think you know they think they're out there doing something that they're doing something absolutely horrible right now. John Welling parted the girl well be unable to find a wall and nine are you definitely now definitely now that I'm not willing them while on The body. So for me, those environment undercover clear to me every every girl being held against her will bear such depression and sadness are such a thickness of the evil you know you're you're walking through a dark cloud known as marmot.

And here's the sad thing under surveillance.

The majority of the customers for nine months were American access system think it's just all these vacation. I'll go to the communication and have a good time and they willfully blind letter actually willfully blinding themselves they don't have to carry that weight right so you can see this gigantic cyst. Unbelievable evil were facing on all levels and all these people in our battle is against flesh and blood, but it sure seems hard to look at it that way, but we we thank you so much for your prayers and thank you guys for this update. I know our listeners want to know. You know what can we do, we can we can pray we can support what are some other thoughts ran now sharing on sharing with your friend overtime.

Eventually people thank you guys so much for this update. So such critical information.

Thanks Mark. Thank you. Thanks guys. No worries. As it happened. This is the Truth Network

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