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Child Rescue Coalition

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August 20, 2022 12:00 pm

Child Rescue Coalition

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August 20, 2022 12:00 pm

Robby and Mark are joined by Glen with Child Rescue Coalition (CRC), who talks about his work in law enforcement, the fight to stop the distribution of CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material), and the Child Protection System (CPS) Technology that CRC is using to rescue children and arrest predators.

A warning: this program contains sensitive content. Listener discretion is advised.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) at 1-888-373-7888.

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This is the Truth Network. The following program contains sensitive content listener discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue caring about all of them naked down on I think all line L broken early and one from body pain. My motion made everything to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness truck. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about once a let it not be said I was silent when the welcome to lantern rescue and I think we have a really special opportunity today to hear from somebody that his heart and soul is in this child rescue coalition.

My guess is the best way to put it right Mark today thing that people need to know.

You know what lantern you are doing at work. It takes a great deal of partnership. In like-minded people, the difficulties of… That really does what they do and that there are and jump on the day he part the children rescue coalition there involve heavy lifting, and I'm excited that we get to collaborate and work together and I'm really excited about having Glenn on the phone and Glenda got to share a little about you as an individual and how you got into the fight. I think that's what pilot they like to hear about God calling how things work in her life to bring him into this stuff when things are going. Hey, guys, and I told you list as well. Thank you again for the invite Diane. I'm excited to talk to him to shed some of the collaboration that way doing on the back you up or not.

I would say that any organization that they have the silver bullet on the challenges of child exploitation, the lion themselves on the line for the it really is all about teamwork and collaboration in the space that's absolutely wonderful. So it really is that you guys have and that God provided the partners for you. So Glenn, how did you get into the fight. So I'm to the point and then 31 the law enforcement career with the claimant just a few minutes but yeah I originally was the next by the way back in the day with an investigation in the 1990 the reason left relevant to today rather than the child exploitation in the first case that I was involved in involving what we call child sexual abuse material, but sometimes the least attending ball of child pornography multicultural to collect payroll, and bone a VHS tape on focus of enlistment like me can remember the day the VHS tape, but what would happen then with those takes children being sexually abused would come to the UK border and then we would expect the state that the cost with an investigation today what we would call the control delivery style dump them with the Elizabeth type to whoever" of the UK and then trying figure I will come and go with the state could make that child abuse material relevant today in 2021. Fortunately again baby love you list was noted both. We are still working with legislation that was made in the 1990s, as we all know the technology come on many decades of the legislation filled many decades behind the the ability for the criminal acts of child sexual abuse material is much easier because all rocket drum line. The my career.

Thinking back of the state because they catch them upgrading old technology. A VHS type of the legislation diving become popular, doubtful me-than many good investigation investigating. There's no organized crime all life, but that was left with the drug trafficking, money laundering: contract and all the crime but I was fortunate enough to be based in Portugal for six euros. Doing a liaison role, which basically involved in the UK's liaison cachet for law enforcement those live devotional electric gift. Worked very closely with people enforcement become invited to how I ended up both mental protection through the cave that happened while I was based in Portugal but is still basically like a bag of rocks for me to carry with me to this day, a three-year-old child was abducted bestowed on this day, what happened, that child she was taken from a very small result in effective Portugal come to this day we don't know what happened. That child got nothing tasted like that can really affect you. Wow so where did that lead you mean, what was the result of man. I guess you got connected to other people recommend that same kind of thing. Yeah so what happened was lovely that Kate will is a we hope it does get result of what happened in.

I ended up I communicate with you in the field office within the field office in the north of England. And then I will posted by UK national crime agency, which is a bit like a make HIDA FBI with this one.

DKA complete these again today here in America Violet 905. Then in 2012 we had thunder and lightning of Henry VIII often, but nobody because the remake to investigate child sexual abuse cases so I volunteered to do that work and done some work incorrectly in the Caribbean to build capacity to share knowledge really a lot of these cases and have local law enforcement in the Caribbean can identify the product of an risky kid, my friend the file and that somehow another became child rescue coalition will actually know what happened while we would do not work. There was a mixture of my agency, the national climate agency on Homeland security investigations. We started an operation called parking value. We were actually at that time using leave from what is known as Nick McNish of the National Center for missing and exploited children regularly from Facebook and Gmail in an old technology we use unwittingly using or trying to use daily to identify criminals in the Caribbean.

So while we were building that strategy with local law enforcement with the chief of police. There was a small organization here in Boca Raton. Call the child rescue coalition that I was introduced to. I met with them and so the technology kindly from moment forward. That's when I knew I could use the technology to help rescue really not just hundreds of thousands of children, so we immediately like to visit the picnic which will find a hobby through both the not everything the woman child abuse case. Whereas everything believe that we produce of the policy coalition is a felony level of so this is going to be quite shocking for a list of them afraid, for every single lady that we were involved child sexual abuse of children who are prepubescent so visually younger than 12. I'm sorry to say much younger than 12 dumpsters engage in public.

Wow. Which is kind of the groups that originally broke your heart.

Yeah, yeah, again. Eventually when you begin to understand the level of criminality is actually quite a scary dock. Take a look into the victim in the lightning chiming onto because I mentioned earlier, the cradle any of the criminal you can think of pretty much is based on one thing and that is to make money, whereas all child sexual abuse of young sometimes it is involved and make money for some of these guys the living Moncton is not about making wonderful the money is currently that they trade on the images and videos the children being sexually assaulted.

The come to the children of the Craven.

This horrific material.

Sometimes the movement ball money tree transaction enough by one of the family and friends of IW the wrong word that implies that monster because: guide monster matrix theme as if they are not among us in our community. The left lung. I probably submit the adoptive. I think if we think about this way, what is the greatest prickly devil of the pole by making people believe you can make the well acquainted up with some of the guys there was all right if you think by famous cases like Larry left the flow of lower youth are enough of what a great guy and a fantastic month) left simply will be because he he. What many of the criminal theory. Sometimes if the other with the groom first all access children so significant to be a monster or somebody who looks weird more amount for the most average looking guy that normally you guys involved in the crime and that might seem like the best guy the best coach.

The best feature but publicly they live at least two guys try to lift up public life.

The one that they want everybody for family and they live another life which involved sexual abuse in children and so this technology just becomes really major tool in this battle, and I understand that that nonprofit is really grown and the resources God has really blessed you guys would still quite small nonprofit for you right say that the technology mean it still amazes me Thursday, seven or eight years in Piper story very easy for law enforcement to use just before we started today. We were talking previously about the Dominican Republic so give you an example of how the technology works. The law enforcement in the Dominican Republic, they receive a three day training course and then during the training goals by the third day they were able to investigate real criminal in their jurisdiction. So faith on that license goes with the life that we give them free when they login any given day.

They give the suspect in their jurisdiction and begin an investigation book (lengthy leave the target (if you're a police officer in Texas you'll see the target infective components of both around the world so very, very clever technology with processing tens of millions of reticle of the day of the actual dashboard itself, by which I mean the user-interface of multiple needed is very diffusive. I'll be honest loving I couldn't because my like going back like they had a DVD for policies.

The life we will use it before hey we got to go to a breakthrough. You know, I know our investors are very interested in hearing much about how the battle goes on and what we can do analysis pricing on consumer feedback is just a moment a lot more with plan with the child rescue coalition interesting was a faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism and is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Their host nation. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest criminal activity in the world reaching an estimated billion dollars in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat track and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates holistic applicators are gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern see how you can support them financially. The following program contains sensitive content.

This new discretion is advised. Welcome back to the lantern rescue in today's special guest Glenn with the child rescue coalition in Mark you got a question I do have the blood, no plan at one of things I respected the question that is.

Your logic despite your family this year. Your wife is active to correct the actually my wife and my wife and I met during our Lord. There she was in the method additionally well many years ago yet shield the work. The policy coalition under an amazing dollar for anybody to go through our website, rescue on the website and update the new story, but you got there my will. My life loads over those of the many other things as well but yet of coal important to everybody that I made it out in the network. Obviously is not an activity just law enforcement or your background is an activity of passion and a colleague and people who want to I want to win this fight and I know that CRC is doing a great job when it comes to winning this fight against free sample but he will outlast you that you been doing this for a while, particularly focused in the invitation rail. Are we winning the fight, you feel like in the US or what parts of the world look like you know I hear about how far the UK is working toward the tele-where we winning this fight, where we losing it powerfully when you get someplace to go or not others is a great question and probably a very complicated event, I would stay on ball and were not winning this fight.

I think mentioned earlier like the pace at which technology is so scary that legislation is just so far behind on their own so many different aspects of this crime will recall that I expect not children in a wall when I was the case when I was 10 or 11 years old my parents would worry if I would like playing football and you guys going okay here in the US and it was getting dark because they knew once I was home. Then I will state my basement divulging members Lynn had crossed the road but no older is the profession of protecting themselves online right because the company the technology that they could easily date the company after the zero, by which I mean the gnomic deflation with composers company to protect the use of online by law, a cop. Call that a materialist Gothic cathedral. If they find it they don't have to look for it. Okay, it's really complex than the with different types of criminals to commit this type of abuse right, including Dennis very difficult for people to hear about that. I think they need to know the truth, including father, uncle, grandfathers to actually got access to that child because they live with that thing nobody wants to hear. But it is definitely true on some of the heroes of the law is amazing to do this work is in technology and other without them. That child is significantly rescue directors sometime in the quality commit the crime, that being that sometimes the to Pall Mall horrific in terms of abusing kids on the other side of the planet for just a few dollars of the essay that it there are multiple different profits of the crime type.

Sometimes people label what could be done going to know one thing that can become the multiple different way and I think they're one of the things that all of the listeners I get public don't know but one of you (frankly I will be Good but outdated. Like I've been doing that is more of a speciality for 10 years and most weeks, sometimes: today I learned about it. I think the only to be open open and honest about learning more about the crime type is so many different aspects to it that they live winning I think would be incorrect is their country that you feel like is taking the lead in legislation. At this time. It should be modeled again. Another great question quickly with compare the legislation of glycol freight company David.

I think with the UK as a whole, probably at the front of the right and then really is overlooking the legislation, but no one country of is get past any convincing legislation that will make the company's bemoaning the fate of UK getting close but right now there's no real country that is confirmed they right now we need to follow the model and part of the reason Fidelity is really complicated commit crimes. The perspective right and I used to work with government.

Of course we all one of privately right constricting legislation which protect all of our privately but allowed law enforcement to do that work is very complicated and unfortunately a lot of the time the headline disco of Malaysia privately through the top section which is not true. You know that there are checks and balances in place and we want to conduct silent on somebody they, quite likely a lot of paperwork to complete them in the US is none of the type we application to wire up the phone Kelly that the complex procedure and so it should be left to everyone constantly be lost without displaying weekly give law enforcement the tools they need to meet got a have a good tech company in particular joined with us delivering the problem so that they can be the maximum possible to protect. Given that problems like they clearly given the date of the day they need to protect the well it's interesting to me. I came out of the car business which may not seem related but I know all the legislation that was poured on the auto manufacturers to make sure that they were building safeguards expect to spend billions of dollars in organ bumper height all the same in all those kind of things so we know those that legislation is is something that the government could do if they were so inspired, but in some cases, like Volvo, they took upon themselves to do that stuff is a leader is there. One of the tech companies that you feel like is doing something unlike the other tech companies typographic pump technology is the perfect analogy for this area and I would love to say that the company of the land of the vulgar equivalent because of thing that would be fantastic probably noted and what not know Billy that we we are a small nonprofit we provide all internal funding. The big tech companies are spending tens of millions of dollars lobbying in DC: 30.

I'm sure that thing thing one on the screen when they don't want to put guardrails in place right got have safety the perfect analogy and unfortunately not one company reminded them to stand yet. The companies that should show the way or the other. It's remarkable. Why would I should point out that if you go to child rescue What a beautiful website they have and it says right there in front and center that there is 3240 children rescued 14,087 predators rested 97 countries worldwide. Those are the impacts and most statistics are out there right now is there one of those stories that we asked, put a face on one of those rescues for us limits our listeners could to get an idea of how the technology work towards that actually just in the Dominican Republic again, the example 1 of the cases we had an agreement and Republic involved law enforcement identifying the location through the use about the technology of them will have the local judicial search one. The go to the address and then I would say the best quality is not the one Thursday a thank you healthy getting media now with my doctor.

While this guy done well is this guy doing admin lactate. There was a British guy on the sex offender to was living with Dominican Republic lady and he was actually sexually abusing a seven-year-old Elizabeth on the coast out of the state through the use of this technology. Another quick exemplify, be it was a recent case in Canada.

Again, you listeners can scroll through our news page.the correct story does attend in Brazil are doing great work Canada there was a recent case where guy with that again identify throughout take the cops got there and figured out that this guy is perfect and an African go of the age of eight, and she was living there with them and you can reconnect for three years June 11 limit of the again for us that the real blessing to know no more. This technology make different we put it in on difficult a negative view of the best life they investigate and they figure out okay well this guy doing anything with so many times that the computer system and they are doing will be called corrective work waiting for the seven-year-old or 11-year-old to make the complaint is being proactive in getting the door. The guy who has a highly illegal sexual interest in children and is trading some of the most prolific material imaginable. And I I'm quite looking know that I'm not in multiples than anymore, but in the back of the Oregon work was here the video ever again. Tell you that the work that these men and women do to protect other people's children. Frankly, is frankly amazing those to a law enforcement uses here in the state in Canada and in the UK and elsewhere that they do an amazing job. I think the coverage of an article in 46 of 50 states of the US childlike foldable multicultural outbreak told all legal means they enrolled of the state when one of these criminal imports. One of those goals.

Law enforcement does not get notified that I would encourage you listeners to write their representative look at the petitioner child rescue coalition as on the subject and to demand that state laws are changed so that child victims are made illegal. Though Hawaii used campaign in reference to a complaint that may change legislation. It can be done just that this post expect to go for law enforcement if they had 12 website child rescue doesn't have call for law enforcement just need to click on it, they'll actually generate a conduct this email to the email address Ellie come back as a child rescue coalition got old and then we can figure write the claimant training and completely training last week. The couple recently infected in nocturnal flagstone 14 to get the technology and the end of the many cults as possible.

Clearly we all know the perfect place for all the things that we discussed here as far as legislation sell $6000 and then that the other law enforcement around the world would take advantage of this technology is really making such an impact. Thank you so much money. Thank you so much Glenn and keep up the good work guys.

Thank you for everything, thinks everything. This is the Truth Network

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