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CSAM and Human Trafficking

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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July 16, 2022 12:00 pm

CSAM and Human Trafficking

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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July 16, 2022 12:00 pm

Robby is joined by Ren and Mark's wife Jamie, on the heels of a week-long seminar about CSAM (Child Sexual Assault Material) that focused on human trafficking. They share insights and encouragements from the seminar.

A warning: this program contains sensitive content. Listener discretion is advised.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) at 1-888-373-7888.


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You know it's good stuff. Learn hard. That's a RNI CAR heart this is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris shoes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting a just a few seconds.

So enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network the following program contains sensitive content was new. Discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue when the existing are no more a young man in the middle of the day thinking about having no place on the medical what I mean you know us another reality so once we move what we do about three months for family family units are there.

8 to 10 people are always multiple children. This guy thinks he could be even more because of the 20 really shy. He helped a lot difficult is a lot of left but dangerous situation where there like house situations, threatening from telegraph to a place where there hoping further because their application or process situation. But reality is backed up lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it once said, let it not be said I was silent welcome to lantern, rescue, and we got a great episode for you today. Recently Mark Amram and my wife got to attend a seminar in ranking you gotta fill us in on what you what you guys learned how wonderful how he or been happening lately really recognize that you are talking about children are not doing so by that new word in a large trend where anything and I'm thinking it. Great work, so Jamie got to go is Mark's wife seeing things from a completely different perspective where you excited to go. Can you give us some sense of of what you experience.

I was excited to attend to learn more on you know who all is trying to combat howling itself, encouraging 50 brilliant people who are using their resources to try to make it out of the way.

I'm intrigued as well.

Jamie, by this redefining sexual assaults with instead of pornography. What were your thoughts on been around a little bit now but definitely defined what's really going on. Better terminology that only better right right so it's it really is. You know it's it's encouraging and so then what were some of the again you felt like law enforcement is taking on a much more proactive role in this integrated back because they didn't want to perform change the kind of country where spousal change and I think that the primary is a very dark topic and not a field working but it is a warning that ran on what to do nowadays I think really what helped the team that will be more open and honest about what part of that is changing the wording about the bread alone field but all material is so much more accurate to give the children that helped change the help open doors to small change excuse, but has helped make it easier to have through that more and more able to get the organization can we do better on helped open the door. Anyway, think like changing the wording you. It really got in my opinion. I can't think of truly believe that. So Jamie, this is probably one of the first type that conference that you've ever attended what what are some thoughts that you have is as you were there. It is my first time at one of the well know I have that and then I have an admonishing to the matter. I guess that I have come to bat first. I get that I had taking away from that was problem has always been around, you know, as sin entered the world and the hearts of mankind was corrected and we been monsters.

Everything around the beginning of play with the Internet the way it is now and everybody across the world are so connected only think of the word workgroup. We think of a good thing that now the people who abuse children and then share their videos and images with each other may find support across the world. They claim each other on and they support each other and that will there's somebody else like me.

In fact I look at the numbers. A lot of people like me know.

Maybe I'm not so bad because other people are doing a lot of other people are doing today find support across the wet display whereas in the past.

Before that they would felt more isolated and hopefully felt more like they were wrong. But now they don't they don't have to feel that way. So much they can get themselves okay.

Felt bad bad thing thing I found was that the government puts lots of money into stopping gun trafficking and drug trafficking. There is very little put into the fan and I like trafficking is one part human sex trafficking is one part of the bear. The email grant bad grandfather. Bad bad bad moms out there abusing their children just for the sake of sharing it with somebody else and not necessarily making money off it out and encompasses all the child sexual abuse material and come back another sad thing is that our government does put awful lot into stopping when it is our children are our future and they are being destroyed now admonishing things I took away from it. We watched a video and I know this is been set on a somebody it is looking to even external the child has you are making touch them in a way to make you feel shame at not okay shame will oftentimes the from seeking help and shame it's projected on Bendix they have not brought on themselves to find a trusted adult method to talk privately. It's not your fault. Don't be afraid to tell the thing that one more time with mom. Secondly on the video we watched it showed a girl who had probably accepted a friend request in May. She didn't know, and I think across the board then told don't accept a friend request you don't know it still sometimes disobey and do it anyway. Some of them get by with it and some of them end up in a manipulative abusive relationship with an imposter and it showed that the girl you know she protect from the sky like not now, my mom, like go go to private place. Manipulating her saying you don't send me a new then I'm going for your mom when she's in that in the trap now to monitor the crime behind door, but she does like I want talk right now mom because she's afraid to combat what I want to admonish the adults with here is popular can't and let them know that if they have no made this foolish mistake gone against your wishes and accepted somebody any point they find themselves in this kind of situation that you won't be judgmental because your rubric protecting to begin with and if they've already gone past that they've already punished himself enough by getting themselves into a situation there Artie been punished enough.

All you want now is to help freedom from that and felt they don't need to be punished anymore.

They just need help getting out of itself there some way you can communicate that match your children that you are not there to punish them if they've already found themselves in a situation where they are being punished. Day in, day out by a dumb mistake by disobedience parties received in full, and beyond what they did what they deserve." Now they just need a hero to save them and their parents, teacher, whoever he can make them feel comfortable enough to let them know that they will help them out and not further make them feel afraid that while specialists really really helpful as we all need to hear that even if we have branches. Whatever the situation may be, nieces and nephews while out several of my coming to my mind like I gotta have those conversations, Jamie, that is really really helpful. You see where you are. Got a lot of great information coming off his conference back in just a minute with much more rescue you as a base organization, international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking specializes in sending you a special operation of law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with close visions and assist them in reading specialized units combat on genocide, terrorism is a nonprofit surety offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is relevant to the second largest from elected reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates retrain international network in order to rescue women and children six labor slavery and facilitates are gearing up for operations right now. See how you can support the following program contains sensitive content description is welcome back to lantern rescue fresh auspice this conference with them and Jamie was an unbelievable insights that we've gained already addresses the audience and surrenders more to that that that you wanted to include incredible and very accurate. Going on like you've done something wrong. Hello Walt, talk to somebody, right people in your life will and and will help me but the going off of what the court accurate is people. Creation of the Internet. If you look funny afternoon, dated the moment the group size of a people death benefit of one of the things I hear a lot.

It's not as bad because they're not actually touching any judgment that is complete BS. The effect on the children of their being touched, but they are being abused by some on the demand for five so again about the people that are gearing to be introduced to the same level you may not be the one tucking them but I cocked the country. Are you are sitting out there for the children to be deep anyway because it does something for you though.

Nicole unloaded the Baroness, I don't buy it.

I Most people do that is the thinking that really really bothers me when I hear that it is and its but it's actually helpful. I would think known to have those discussions right and as a mom you see it in the gloom of the different perspective right then somebody who's doing with the perpetrator dredging right. I know that I've heard that before two from a child who had been abused. Perpetrator will make threats like a minute hurt you or hurt your family. Tell surrenders there some other angles to this that, but that's you see from really almost a legal standpoint right so just follow the left side but it's also something that communicatively the children are ending.

For example, you know, I could have prevented Americans by producing their family or their being seated at the day mission.

The league will not actually be coaching you.

This is been the focus is that the dead know what element, another way for them to make the because the court being visited by the crime, leaving many related and another thing that happened a when there is a physical interaction between a minor government, the chunky course that from into talking about okay the minor victim a lot of guilt, though still they did something wrong to feel that they were also not true at all you children are not are not looking at anything bearing completely. No matter what part they held in a fair and as such, and they can always log health, while helpful to know, and I find it just like in a way securing the security but also just come abroad that this thing is just going on all in pain how the degree that this is happening in your county only found everywhere. It is not physically being abused in your area being created, you is a lot but it is just such a huge issue such an impact any of the effect on children and how they develop and in their emotional fee and it just I actually believe people don't use the scan as agreed to the account as it is because they believe notion enough? Just not the case you think about what can happen in the future and how that that now how you are really changing the trajectory of their lives by the selfish desires and so alarming to me another level of manipulation that they might use as children are taught to obey their teachers there taught to obey their parents. There be good for grandma and grandpa obey them, obey your babysitter do what you're told and so then if the child reluctant to make it a bad baby. They get a bad grandparent, bad teacher, whatever.

You know the line goes down. Anybody can be bad and do the things to a child and the child reluctant to do it. You can get in trouble if you don't obey me.

You'll get in trouble if you don't if you don't do what you're told I'm in a tell on you if you don't obey me and said that the child is afraid and email does what they're told and so if there's a little child who is old enough to understand that that's not okay enough not with their good adults in their life contend by saying that we want to be respectable, the good adult if you had a bad adult in your life is doing this to you. You don't have to obey them.

You need to find a trusted adult that you can tell that this is happening to you know absolutely it's you.

Not again.

That's another great great piece of helpful advice, but) also, when you're looking at the legal aspects of this worldwide is it sounds like really those laws are changing and people are changing not just here in America but it's helpful to know is you guys are going out these other countries.

The way that that the world is now looking at the stuff so no very different and I wish we all had a very uniform. This is what we on the duality is audited, ages of majority is different in every country and not every country has not every culture really the cultural violent and importantly PROVIDERS is Bilbray deleted the logbook is the culture going to forfeit. Not every culture has started to recognize the form of the crime. That is a work in progress and a lot of the season. Crimes originate in other countries that they know are necessarily going to pop and country farmers market everywhere in the crime that is not in question by our country was not, and that doesn't mean that does not mean that it is a country where it is not difficult either to dispense you in a country where it is illegal to make it illegal you're doing anything you let go for it illegal to for the felony anything that might not every contract not crying and not the culture, specifically is going to recognize this as a crime. That is something that is always a work in progress and it really comes from the same issues that we can just discuss know what what what is the view on personal touch on the current wedding there age of consent in that country. Do they view an issue for the changes but in America there are clear. I think it is very black and white to me from attorneys may argue against that of the attorneys may have a different view but it is the cultural buy-in and in America we can look at this time is left. So where Bernie Thursday I would just have to a favorite uncle is in the world.

Countries that are conducting the defense and I'm not even how is this something or just treated like this is normal and they don't even know they can get help and I think you lucky thought about what they're going to mentally they need so I know that is awesome request really and I certainly do would be on coming because it's just it's unthinkable in a lot of ways. Jamie, how about you as you came away from the conference what what what were you praying for what we could. We join with you in prayer for well we pray that our country but more money behind hunting down those who would use children this way. We pray for other countries like her instead to develop better laws to protect their children that they are more people that are capable of fighting that will join. I think those are all good requests. I pray also. Like she said for the victim. There is in the Bible verse and it might be a little hard to swallow, but in some way, to those who might be listening in and can't get out her arthritis over those who who can't get out in the Bible verse that says be not afraid of those who can touch the body but can't touch the soul because even though our bicycle can be very connected and what affects our soul can affect their bodies and vice versa.

If our soul belongs to the Lord then no matter how much our body goes through our solar sulfate and Indy and that's with eternal and so I do pray for the victim worldwide that day year of the love of Jesus and the love of Christ and that they they put their trust in that and then they pray for their rescue and I pray for their physical rescue above that I do pray for their spiritualist rescue that's that's just spectacular.

Thank you Jamie and thank you room 101, an episode enough to I think we all have her homework debating about you going so I say that a vast majority of people that are due especially used to create images never report on it is a tragedy that incontrovertibly been used to create images at a report of the content of the part of the faith you have ever been a victim of. Even if you think it's too late. Please contact law enforcement.

Please see if you can do anything.

We are praying for you and we hope that you find*and frankly even if you think it's too late. Even if you don't succumb for that final contact list the links from the contest. Thanks room. Thank you so much Jamie wanted one informative time it is is what you said it makes us gives us life that is encouraging their fighting for less. This is good Truth Network

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