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Concerned Citizens

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February 12, 2022 12:00 pm

Concerned Citizens

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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February 12, 2022 12:00 pm

Mark and Ren join Robby to talk about a recent case out of West Africa, involving organ trafficking and voodoo, and how citizens are waking up to the evil of human trafficking and ritual sacrifice. They also share ongoing prayer requests.

A warning for listeners: this episode contains sensitive content, including accounts of violence. Discretion is advised.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) at 1-888-373-7888.

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This is Rodney from the masculine podcast we explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. The following program contains sensitive content including accounts of sexual abuse. Listener discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue working rain today Dragon out in hearing your leader not really have a longer opportunity, not high-level's lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time the light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it once said, let it not be said I was silent when the welcome to another amazing episode of lantern rescue got a big update coming, but also a real lesson to be learned. I think for all of us in the midst of that so Mark could you gonna start us off with what's going on here about. We are unfortunately not able to always record every week and I know there some weeks that have recently bumped into local listeners who have said they listen to every show they are devoted to praying for and I can't wait to pick up the next show and so I really wanted people for that and really appreciate ideology due to so extremely busy in the region of the world that we work in without causing too much we have really large takedown bar Or something that we've developed this case quite a bit and parts of the world, prosecuting, or arresting someone are getting a warm plan based on trapping leader nodded that's a work in progress is not always a viable option but John trafficking drug trafficking you so sometimes we pursuit doing undercover work of known. Drafters by also bringing to light what their smiling as far as going to drugs and that's really the case is that I would appreciate our little shares this weekend.

It was actually still be active but something occurring separately. Prayers for that.

We got a lot of training next week in my country and commandos as well as just the meetings about aftercare that would appreciate prayers on their toes aftercare. In some countries is not always minors that need help partners that are in that country that get completely pushed aside also the 18, 19, 20-year-old attracted and she was 12, but now she's out of the system and there is no social services for herself and pray that those were probably an active process of that region that they really get way forward to help out.

I would also say to keep right for the folks of the lease. We still have a list of short list that we're working through rescue people move them. As I've mentioned recently become much harder because the condition of the people, the children are starving q. week move, so we have to take the time and less risky job in order to feed them. Get some medical assistance, just so we can make the extraction so to praying for those needs and those people I'm excited to really talk about this today I decided the word after stepping on the work I just think it's so cool yet motivated accurate because tomorrow we are going be posting about this case the rents… We carefully talked about it considered. Should we even do this because it is extreme and when people also Instagram associated see that tomorrow they'll understand Jim Hartley block out the graphic of what really happened, but you can kinda share about a case one at that.

And it will get there like a clear warning really think about now so it's not doubt really graphic happen is so important. I probably think that you will be whenever nothing and she was still another country by country and by the way Angela Kell during official now very happy with the organ trafficking may use human bodies in their back and not what you thought having her there very long time. All across the world, not trafficking is acknowledged as happening though and I think it organ trafficking telling the back that will happen in the case you did not provide back hundred trafficking.

The people that have been around questions of course it's kind of like, but I think probably the listeners are wondering the same things to know how old she was yeah yeah yeah I really got me thinking and know where we got and I think I landed, not intentional, nearly tight little profit body graphically was it all sounds as I was kind of in my mind get a better idea, you're saying that they cut her limbs off as a part of this voodoo ritual and so like her arms or legs that kinda stuff like this is what they were doing. It will be laid out in a public hearing on warning light on her legs were removed and there on the side of her body. When I got – United plate and really not region of the world lives by not acting, knowing rendered aid quickly enough, and welfare legs were completely removed at hip joint in the final stages sure which image and you I don't know when Robbie yet. We talked a couple weeks ago about West Africa that we were asked by the government to take her jockstrap – force and focus on the kidnappings or children were being taken rituals because it was the season of religion. There that they practice this so you we've intercepted a lot. We we rescued a lot of girls the same thing this case we got late and we were unable to make the interception of the time until it was too late. But Yahweh is rearrested both the men responsible and talk and talk and yet we actually recommended by the recordation of a death penalty as soon as possible when she was getting her legs new onlooker people on her going on as she was alive anyway and they found our team and pulled them in return. She was on but it really important that people in the community that have grown up in the community that family that can recognize this as wrong and try to get help and I think it's important to note that the final step is part of the world when I can recognize like I would write you thinking about writing, which you don't really even relates back to our own country) back to America and become a good looking, but I even popping a letter thanking commitment and you not listen slavery here in America they take it up again like their culture and our government right is this is really the culture sometimes doesn't have an idea is guesses like a frog in the water the state they become numb to mean unbelievably horrible stuff and fortunately right babe dog provided a way out and and as you guys have this opportunity. The gods open this door free fruit for people to recognize that there is an answer I know.

I talked about that letting the law you look at it I could remember the word for anything you are crazy. Nowadays I think of the world and this is by their living and how radical it was with the world is a ritual part of the world in the country hundreds of years, I was thinking that while this is where prayer really really like praying for that nation that the citizens themselves will wake up and because the actual citizens are aware of it making things available is is is a huge advantage in something that is good to see the community in the region of that world realize there is help assistance as harsh as this crime is this child body. This is an issue that's been going on for thousands of years that we go back to the Bible is shocking is that image was for me because I live in a culture and society that recognizes that scrawl, you know, and we have a foundation of our fellowship site assessment about murder.

I can imagine growing up in a place like Africa where this is acceptable and yet it has been for a long time and were making a cultural shift that is occurring.

One time we were in a village where people traffic all the time cards also arriving there. Then I would be too descriptive faith talk radio, but they had in order to eliminate that they had begin to transition from. That's not light anymore. They actually images of men in their genitals with big exes across them on the building and they were basically saying later if you monthly like a backup file that I have for much of what was going to look at me trafficking you can't make it anymore. No spelling of girls and abusing them and having sex and that's not allowed anymore help with our transport. We help make that change in that area and now work on yourself tackling something that's been around all back is like God the leg bail sacrifice that occurred while I don't know prayer is Mark know that prayer is on the other side of the plate. We certainly would assume you guys are making us aware of this so that we can see how we can plan for the organization's international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, and terrorism is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge.

Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated $50 billion activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitate gearing up for operations right now and you see how you can support the following program contains sensitive content including accounts of sexual abuse listen.

Discretion is advised. Welcome back to lantern rescue. Today's episode kind of tough to listen to a lot of graphics stuff doesn't catch God unaware and we're so grateful to know this has great application for all of us right here in America doesn't room and bombing slavery still around and thinking I about recognizing that the problem break the chains like anything else in the world like application to a thing on day one. Country that it needed ritual time and thousand year the people in the world and recognizing human trafficking and not backing down and typing it very applicable Mark you would have thought along those lines, I wanted to just be transparent to our blisters who are hearing this conversation and maybe looking now going to grandma looking and they're like oh my goodness it is right that they should be shocked and they should take a moment I meet you in this podcast. I've seen this.

This child also personally picked up children with body parts missing and docked and altered by gone just like I want to shoot somebody you process it as you see it there as they see that image.

Take a moment realize that the real girl a real person. She was 18 she had a family and she is not hearing more such a harsh way, as well as our team as it is doing with that you know that that has its effects on just now the UST but also on the quarantine you had to pick up the body parts and and at CSI West Africa shows up and cleans up that's our people that have to do that after making the arrest of criminals, so okay to process that okayed also know that God is in control and he still fighting the same fight is just using people today whether it's human trafficking today in these forms been in the past, slavery and other topics. I'm so glad that were able to bring people to a realization of David. This is occurring been tied into what Riverstone tied it into look there are people who don't like it. They live in the comforts of America. They live in such a close sheltered situation. They don't understand how many girls are being perpetrated and exploited around in this country and in other countries and really gets me because I have dollars, five dollars and now. Usually they can be deceived in the states. They can be convinced is something that he could result in their death there to take that overseas and see this poor child who didn't have that same system of protection. Are you she did have the same knowledge of evil and so you know she was she was tricked and deceived, including our family and for me the take-home message from this disturbing case is that we got a church our children in our responsibility toward them as a society we cannot get away from the fact that America's young children are dependent upon adults and it is the adult obligation to take that Seriously that we should never abuse the night just to deny the word. The sinfulness of their minds and take their trust in abuse it like we can't do that and there seems to be a little bit in this country moved to legalize certain activities and to reduce the age of certain things, and that's why we can do that. It's our response we got to watch and protect God's magnificent children. Ditto it's just something that was thrust upon me about all this.

Okay been involved with our passports and figured out next move to no evidence radio show something on the on the social media situation may think they've been doing fantastic thing. Getting rain and their meaning people to help without no minds and the way that it might think that early in the Calcaterra card every week, every week so you on Facebook and Instagram and if you ever enjoy coming about the pot We had a volunteer that we live. I dearly she's been been listening to every anyone out there want to get a comment or question in a topic I can get you. You are real quickly and we can address questions that would have been a coherent talk some workouts not caught by surprise. In Deuteronomy 25 versus Moses predicted that the people would literally eat their children in those sieges and as a result of of you know, turning their back on the sin of all that stuff with Mullican and in offering their own children, and so there's unbelievable things we can't even fathom the but God has got solutions for those and I'm so glad for your heart for how we can pray about the situations, the surrounding countries. All this happened a lot in 20 cases hundred thousand felt like a real life in this particular suit.

No show today and discussion were in a real-life situation of people following after Bill Malec one with the ritual of sacrificing children and using their organs it out in the disturbing thing is you study Scripture look at it okay yes those were foreign God at some point they were in price by Solomon allow the temple to be built right right because of the Israelite ships and marriages you allow that inoculate as such evil can unite all those years and did all the sites including grass and is also so I think that when we pray we normally pray parts even pray for those in resistance to that later. But when we think of America and Leicestershire there from the state that we pray that we don't slide down the slope we don't find ourselves in a nutshell. I don't. People think there's no way we as Americans could ever do this when I look at the sacrifice of abortion. When I look at the sacrifice of children's purity because we have no verification of age or identity with animal folder that you look at any type of extreme heart warrant, right well look at the sacrifice that we are making our children by making them susceptible to lifestyles that are unacceptable and yet they want to shove it down their throats and say try to teach a young age is already sliding down the slope you probably like well I get out so everyone asserted here in this show. Just take a moment and pray and he could not pray in SR list. Pray for our country and pray for the situation. Pray for children particular children. We can do that right now Mark, thank you for some parts of righteousness and and I pray that we would stand in the gap, whatever that looks like and that literally your presence would come forth. The image of your son that would help people see this is right and and that there lies involved in people being hurt, and I pray that you would come to their rescue that you would put people in their path that you would bring righteous people into these situations and that you would continue to minister to their hearts to the team a lantern rescue so so that they can process all that they actually see and are experiencing and can stay strong and you pray for culture that you would help us to wake up and see you and see that the real solution to all this.

It is a need for you and a hunger for you and I assess in Jesus name, amen Mark. We got some good news really to share that we, by all means want to pass that along and note that God final success of cases as we, Mitchell began to show resolve themselves in the next two weeks and I'll be out of the country again between deceivedthrough and so those are really good things were excited about.

Also excited about some of the shows we have upcoming Robbie would always talk about.

We don't always know what – but I've got a couple got a couple of folks that we want to introduce our listeners to what is a agent that we work with and have in the states. One is the founder of a task force that board with and he is doing tremendous works of the stateside arena weren't telling it were a partnership with that show. And then last day to challenge your body, please go to populate your social media earning act. See all about it in our Instagram story and are opposed we needed a sign that that's a build us up before Congress right now to be pushed through the projection of our children see your social media is all lantern rescue Instagram Atlanta rescue just right for all that stuff. Thank you Mark M this is the Truth Network

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