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God Moments & Miracles

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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October 16, 2021 12:00 pm

God Moments & Miracles

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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October 16, 2021 12:00 pm

The Holy Spirit has led the team into a few encounters recently in both the Far East and the Caribbean, and Mark joins Robby to talk about the miraculous nature of several of those incidents.

A warning for listeners: this episode contains sensitive content, including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide. Listener discretion is advised.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. The following program contains sensitive content including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide listener discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue every general director general hi GP anybody.

I sit down with when they find out who we are what we do there like. Please help us. It is not just a request for money to request for partnership hope the feeling of what were doing. We have this problem are children being daily taken into other countries are there, foolishly doing illegal immigration, leading to trafficking so helpless.

What do we do were small team and we can help the whole world but were doing our best to help.

What God puts in front of us, welcome to lantern risk ministry program educated to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest we tell the stories we talk about rest.

As we empower you to do something about it said that it not be said I was silent when the welcome to lantern rescue today. Another treat really always marking the studio here with this just back from being out of the country and to see God at work in such circumstances is more than amazing and I've often heard that you, it's always good to ask out that second question you what you want to share today is like straight out of in our Bible lesson. I think that all I listers can benefit from human to show be a little different probably than our normal effort as a team and maybe it's just that you and I get to chat about how God is and how great he is made or solicited out there that can assimilate this into their life and understand it.

I think that every trip every operation that I've ever done in my life. I have a plan in mind of what's going to happen and what were going to do what I'm gonna do and then inevitably God has another task at hand that he wants to accomplish.

He thankfully brings that before us because usually this is the most awesome things. Those are the things that are just as miraculous is anything else and something will they will you guys rescue kids like what else could be so cool.

Listen, if you look at God and what he wants to do for humanity and for one soul, and for one moment it's miraculous is just amazing. I want to show you a picture can show the viewers but I travel to a country mealy at the ground had to do an 18 hour ride across the treacherous mountains, honestly again Saul vehicle go off a cliff, probably 500 feet into a river pressure. Nobody made that out. That cannot drive and if anybody's ever been to the Far East or there's regions. They know what I'm talking about. You don't you can Google you can see some of the riverbeds that all mountain ranges in there just death rides right I usually have to take so many motion sickness pills.

I'm not a motion sickness person but on those I take a lot just to keep from throwing up.

You know I had to do. 18 hour then it was take a little bit of a nap. Then get up and then actually cross into another country and get on a motorcycle and start right there and remedy cc this picture here.

Okay, this is an enormous swinging bridge yeah I see the reason the world is is pretty famous for swinging bridge. There might be a mild 3 miles long and you see this sky rise rope system from this bridge. This, it is probably 200 feet is probably 30 stories, at least in DC the individual at the top director I do is try listers I'm showing Robbie video on a motorcycle cross in this bridge and on the top of the bridge way up in the air at least 300 feet is a girl sitting on top and how she got there is just nobody knows so rashly going through the region and acid that was said wow, maybe she's making tick-tock video because you know in Italy's Far East Asia that listen. Tick-tock is big, they make tick-tock videos all time and I thought, yeah, maybe so, but something in that moment I I'm just can read times can be straight with you in that moment I felt so much oppression. Demonic oppression in the region and what came to my mind at that moment was there is unlikely that there is a holy spiritual person within a thousand miles of me like no there's nobody in so at that moment, I thought, wait a minute, is that girl going to commit suicide and God just spoke to me and I'm I'm a independent Baptist funnel is on a not a costless record sounds not right. I'm getting anymore more at that moment God spoke to me and said you are Holy Spirit field you are at this moment. At this time for reason I want you to pray for this girl. She can kill yourself. So I text my wife. You sit in the studio on the encrypted message to please pray for this girl she can commit suicide even though nobody told me that I just knew it and I started press the deer God. I realize I might be the only Holy Spirit field person in this whole region that is a mean your presence is in here that you're on mission which are omnipresent in your omnipotent, but I realize the responsibility I have and I want to pray that you will suppress all demonic activity on this girl that you will change her emotions that you will break through the barriers of the false religions idol worshiping in this area and that you will speak to her son just praying that always praying can't really hang around in the area because I am in a place that nobody really knows insisting that place in that area so I keep going but we come to a stop and were in a meeting with someone in my assets is hey know that the girls get a killer self. I said yeah I know that you say when you set up had the feeling I said, believer in Christ and I started to pray for her. So I said can you tell me what was happening so well that she still up there. Nobody knows what to do, know, and thereby scared to death him if you saw yeah yeah you think I'm going to get a man she did it right. Like all man Lord you want me to climb up there in my supposed to go back there and climb up this traverse this somehow because Lord you know I tore my meniscus. My knees are pretty like this. I tell you this needs a helicopter, not me right like what I do so or usually test me. I said okay what I'm willing to do it so I I tell the guy there said listen, I'm willing to climb that if if you can get an operator there counselor's anticancer whatever I'm willing to climb up there. I just need some rope carabiner a somebody big to belay for me, who can strap on in me for fall so I don't think they thought I was being honest look at bringing I kept saying no really I will will try it.

You have to see this so we we go back. They've now shut the whole area down.

Did you tell your wife be praying for me and I told her that because I'm praying for me on my dear God, give me 25-year-old needs so you knees of a 25-year-old police even in the gloves and everything. Please provided you know. So we go back to the present now closed it all down the whole region. The local Army is showing up. You know, there are forces in and things like that so we go into the area and then there are no lettuce on until my essence is know he's on the calm up there like old picture show for it, or whatever. So we go back and were getting to that that spot. And I'm thinking okay I will do this if we need to and to make a long story short, I was able to get close enough to make eye contact and climbed it. I did not climb the whole you climb some of that I did. I didn't have to climb very far. Thankfully, she obviously would cc somebody's clinic. She saw my face hundred percent and we made eye contact over that 3040 stories she started she got down, came down 22-year-old or 18-month-old baby and she has a baby with her know not whether bruschetta and a shadow lady and her husband was leaving her and she was climbing on just get, try to picture this, in my mind because I'm seeing this picture like you're watching her come down this thing yeah and I got to go to quickly embrace her that I needed to get there and all I wanted. Then at that point was I told my local.

I said I want you to make sure someone says I counseled her to say the God of Abraham thought so much of you that at the moment you climb this to kill yourself. He had an American Christian on a motorcycle.

Not even supposed to be in that country pass underneath you and begin a prayer chain for you is not about me being willing to climb up there. It's about the fact that God had me right there to pray at that moment for her and I hundred percent believe of all that happen, the most unified had to climb the whole thing to the top and carry her down. I would been a miracle for sure but I think the greater miracle is that we prayed and God restrained the oppression and I believe the demonic forces on her so that she was released from that and she came down like you can even then if that happened in America that's that's amazing. But to be a place where there is just no believer around and God to look straight that moment that one event so that that would all occur and that way is amazing for me.

It really is.

It's amazing for me a bit of anything I've done recently is not a lot going on from a conference. How long ago was this was two weeks ago, To exceed what I want to talk about that because as people live there day and day in day out. I mean people at time really well when I'm not doing thing in life, you're like, run around different countries, risking people in a mostly and if you just look for the God moments and be sensitive to how he wants you to praying speak and do.

There's all types of breakfast opportunities around absolutely be insensitive to what God's so we come back from this brace. You have our full attention like God has her full attention is having it again to see this bridge and have some idea of how high this girl was there and how God gave you that opportunity because it gives us opportunities to people all the time so we contrasted share with international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security, genocide, terrorism is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective in the world reaching an estimated $50 billion activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates gearing up for operations right now. See how you can support welcome back to just an awesome episode of lantern rescue over here from Mark today on recent events of prayer, but there's there's been other events of prayer, but this is to miss out on what happened on the break. As I was like man wait when you looked when I ask you Mark when you when you got that look right at 30 feet of what did you see in her eyes because she's looking down and should she see in a white America meantime, she probably didn't seem right. Yeah, I saw the whites of her eyes. She jolted she looked in, jolted down, looked at me in shock because you can imagine she is seen many non-Asian people in her whole life and this guy to get the white American that she was in shock. I made eye contact with her recommenders.

She was in shock and you gave her little hand sign that I didn't know that language, down it's different than how we would signal here in the crazy thing is for me is like. I know God didn't need me to pray but he went through a whole lot of events still orchestrate me there at that moment to pray and I know that our prayers give power to angelic forces but also thank you notice just you know Robbie jumped in and hear Sam as he put that on your heart to pray then did the natural thing is now. Send me right like that's it. I don't like you have been climbing up that thing. If you have rational thought.

It was settled to cognitive no, wait a minute about the oppression and in a recently also the kingdom because recently a friend of our team's particular friend of friends forcefully in his life and it was actually on that very day that was also in my mind fresh my mind so I made it clear that's what that that girl was there to take her life in any made it clear to me that I needed to pray and I needed to pray that the demonic forces be restrained and that person's life in any made it clear that I need to be willing to come up there if so, so be it does so much through prayer for us.

Another time I remember we were often in the Caribbean area.

In this particular country and we Were working in operation on a young girl but we kept encountering an older girl who was on the street.

I kept seeing her right and I came back and I told my wife about it so there's this girl Rachel. She is, but she's a beautiful girl and she's always for sale but I know she's not a minor. So technically, prostitution is legal there. My jurisdiction within it. 18 dear Marais Start What State You Remember like It Came Back. We Talked about It and Is Going Back. Sorry Again 3×3 Times. Finally, the Third Time Got Hit near the Head and Gave Him What You See, Out Of a Million People. By Letting You See This Prostitute for a Reason You Need to Do Something Is so Cute.

If I Were like Okay There's One of Those Moments, Robbie in Life.

I Keep Having All the Time. That Is If I Don't Do Something. Who Will Write If I Don't Do It Who Will Write. Not That You and I Are Any Special, but It's like I Keep Being Delivered Information and so Unfortunately I Tell Others about a Dog and Do Anything about It. You Know They Don't Have the They're Not There Is Yours to Handle the Sky like in Churches People Come Their Pastors That We Doubled the Blood and They Dump It on Their Pastor like He's Got Him in All of This, Pastors Would Buy the People to Look God Told You to Do That God Told You to Start That God Told You to Take on That Responsibility. So You Should Do It in a Set Three Times We Finally I Go Back with the Purpose of in the Country I'm Going to Find That Girl Now Right Now Can't Find Her. Now We Can't Locator and Were Were Trying to Because I Have Typed up a Message Translated into Her Language so That When I Do Find There. I Can Approach Regular Lookers Who We Are and I Think the Message Spaces like Look, You're a Beautiful Young Lady. I Can Imagine What You've Gone through and What Pushes Here Doing This but I Want You to Know There's Hope We Can Help You and If You Have a Pampers Control of You Will Take Care Of That. You Know Whatever It Is Were Were Committed to Help You Write so Here We Are. Can't Find Her Working on This Issue.

Not Happening. Not Normal Locations.

I Reach out to My Wife.

She's Praying She Comes Back in Prayer and Says This in God Told Mike As I Heard You, I Tell a Story about God Stops in the Middle of the Batlike Dead in Her Tracks and Jeff Gives Her This Work yet Give the Word Says You You Need to Ask Rin Where She Think She Would Be My Call. I Love This Talk I Really Do.

And so We Do Rinses out Nothing. We Need to Move to This Street down near the Water Would Not Check There, but I Know That Girls Are in That Region Two so We Go down and There She Is. I Mean I Don't How God Is Just Amazing He Can Work through. I Follow a in a Tree Right Is Innovation Girl I Noticed As Friend and Friends Get the Word Right, and Now It's Builds Rents Conference All That's Telling Me You Know She Has Faith in Your Life and It's a Beautiful Walk Right up to Her. Now the Situation Is Houses Going to Go Yeah Yeah It First You See Thing I Want to Buyer for the Night. You Know, You Got Overcome There's Language Very Well Here.

Following Forget She Read on the Phone and Immediately Knows the Seriousness of Our Offer Takes My Phone Starts to Text Back and Says She Said Something like Old Dear You Are so Kind, but You Don't Understand I Have a Child That's Being Held by Put Any Weight Loss Story Short, We Did Get Her Free. We Got Her Free from Her Family Got Her Relocated. We Got Her a Job on This Collection of the Child. That's the Way That They Had Leverage on Friday.

I Was yet Very Often This Is What Happens Very Often It I Gotta Start Thinking That When When Any Girl We Rescue 14 and up. You Gotta Find out If They Have a Child Already Because of the Pimples Holding the Kid Again at and like Don't Understand Because If I Do Anything in the Mother Love the Way I Will Do It and Then That Particular Case It Was a Brother-In-Law You Know He Was the PIP and He Was He Was Holding the Child He Was Putting around Street at Night He Was Saying You Have To You Can Come Back to Your Site This Much Money You Know This Is Going to Be My Cut and You Know in Those Situations They Might Get a Little Bit with the Majority of It Goes to a Pay up. And Yeah, He Was Forcing Her out the Door Every Night and Holding Her Child Hostage so and We Encounter That All over the World. That's Not That's Not Significant, Just to the Caribbean That Is Everywhere Everyplace Men Do That Especially Pimps to Their Workers.

So You Got Her and You Are Arrested or You Have Right Now in Great Relation with Hershey's, You Know, We've Got Her Job. There's Been Times Where While Were in That Country. We've Made Sure She's Got Groceries Would Take Her Grocery Shop and Take an Elder Little Kid Today.

She Is Your Christian. She Is in You, Young One. We've Attached Her to an Aftercare Facility That Is for Older Women Girls over 18. She's Actually She Would Be 2323 Now and Recently Helped Her with the Surgery That She Needed in an Accident Occurred. Should Have the Surgery so That When You Chat All Time, Reminds Me That Storing Them? Were No Even Paul Got This Silly Get His Attention. The First Time That Demoniac Woman Was Prophesying All and Finally She Just Annoyed into the Fourth Stop This and You Know That Caused Him to Be in Deep Trouble in the Country That He Was That You Know Isn't Where He Was Supposed to Be the Right Point in Time God This Is No.

I Care Enough about This Girl That That I Want Her for so You Know That This Is Something Is or Is You Hear This Right You You Now Have Some That You Know You Got a Little Target on Your Back, Not Walmart We Got a Target on Your Back That so When You Hear God Saying Hey Pay Attention.

Yet, As I've Gotten to Where I Pray like Lord Blessed Blesses Operation.

Bless Our Efforts Here and and Oh by the Way, the One the Other One Is You Really Want Done, You Know, Get Clear, Real Clear Cut.

I Don't Miss It That I Don't Miss It. I Want to Make Sure Your Head That We Missed It All Missed LOL Yeah I Had a Car Salesman I Work with All These Years Named Johnny Hendrix and He Got Cancer and I Been Trying to Witness Tremont the Whole Time, but Today He Came to My Knocked on My Door to Tell Me That He Had Pancreatic Cancer. I Was Busy with Stupid Stuff and He Was like Robbie, I Need to Tell You I Got Pancreatic Cancer. He Wanted to Know Right Then about Jesus. He Really Did. But It Went by and I Didn't I Didn't Respond and I Was like Well I'll Pray for Johnny As He Walked out the Door. I Can Remember the Holy Spirit Going All Beautiful. You Know That Nonetheless I Felt It like You Dismiss This Well.

Two Weeks Later He Was in and His Wife Calls Me to Come in Here and Pray for Johnny Because She Knew Was a Christian. So I Asked Arrested Geraldine Is Johnny a Christian. She Said I Don't Think so. So Man the Doctor Calls a Man and He Goes It Is Commonly Says We Need to Think about Paul Plug Because He's Not Coming Back so I Went out. I Pray Talk about Prayer. I Remember Going.I Know I Blew This I Know Johnny Wanted a Deeper Answers I Gave in That Day.

I Feel so Horrible, Please.If You Just Give Them Some Time. I Promised You Know I Promise I'll Even Remember Whatever You Know I Need to Do Whatever Is This One on for Three or Four Days to Make a Long Story Short and Every Day They Want to Pull the Plug and Everyday I Was like No, Don't Do Don't Please Please God Tell Me to Do Some on the Fourth Day, Johnny Sits up in the Bed like What's Going on Hastily Good and so I'm I Walk in There and I'm like Oh You Did What You're Supposed to Do. Now I Gotta Figure out How to Share Jesus with His so Went Back out the Same Place Prayed Again like I Would like to Is Really a Proud Man, How to Approach with This and God Says to Me Similarly Robbie Is a Car Salesman, so I Went in There I Got It Now Sought to Minimize the Johnny I Made a Deal with God Because We Got a Deal. Did You Said Well I Made a Deal That If If It Would Bring You Out Of That, but I Would Either Introduce You to a More or You Know Help You Get to Know Him Better and He Said Well Robbie You Better Get to It like Another Very Long Story Short, within A Few Weeks We Are Going to the Gospel of John Also Was Talking about Four Days Late Right on Time and I Walked out. His Sister Came in Putting the Gator CD Four Days Late Right on Time and He Realized That He Was That Jesus Was the Resurrection and Asked Jesus into His Heart and the Next Time I Came to His House. The Street Was Full of Cars. He Passed Away, Crowley's Cars, but Every Was There, Having a Party Is Pastored, and He Received Christ While and Johnny Was a Brother I've Known Johnny for Years, but It Did Relationship Was This Deep. You Have To Now Man I Had a Brother so Yeah You Asked Me If I Remember If I Missed It I Missed It.

You Have Got a Man Wandering around the State I Live in I Helped Him out Got Taken to a Church Pantry Got in Food, You Know, Just Being a Friend to My News on Crack and He's Doing Drug Use Probably Skipping out on Court and Things like That I Was Being Nice Doing Everything We Had Some Great Connection There.

And I Gotta Fade All out to Ignore. He Needed to Get a Sign of These People Let Me Go There and I'll Get a Shower so I Can Move on and Taken There and Drop Them off the Driveway and Emily Did Not Give the Gospel Clearly to I Gave Them Food. I Guess I Should and Friendship I Ministered in Love and AutoZone in Gaza but at the End, I Was Just so I Had Dislike My Goodness, What If I Don't, You Know, I Was Too Busy Being Nice and Loving Which Is Good, but Not the End Goal. I Did Not Give Them the Gospel Summit Deal God to Us Again If I See That Young Man Anywhere. I'm Going to Swing across Interstates, Missed the Ball Move First and I Will Visit Alexa and I Will Make Sure It Is Given. The Romans Record Litters. I Think You Know so You Have Missed That. I Miss That One. Well Yeah They Will Actually Really Ran out to Show the Top Order of Time before You Yeah If Your Hair Is to Realize Man. He's Got a Second Chance. Whatever It Is. Thank You for This Is the Truth Network Say What Would You Do If You Are a New Christian and You Didn't Have a Bible like a Woolworth Line Away from Bible, the International You Probably Say Well It Hop in My Car and Go to Christian Bookstore or Have One Shipped to Me.

What If Those Word Options Sing with Him Due To the Faith. I Mean I Need to Know What It Means to Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus, You Know, You Would Pray That Someone, Anyone Would Bring You a Bible and That's Exactly the Way It Is for Literally Aliens Are Christians around the World Are Part of Her Spiritual Family There New to the Faith They Want to Know What It Means to Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus but God Has Them Planning Where It's Very Difficult to Access the Bible and That's Why the Truth Network and Bible League of Teamed up to Sing God's Word to 3500 Bible Is Believers around the Globe. Our Campaign Is Called the World Needs the Word Five Dollars.

Since the Bible $100 since 20.

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