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Swift Justice

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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June 12, 2021 12:00 pm

Swift Justice

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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June 12, 2021 12:00 pm

The Lantern Team discusses the recent recovery of a 13-year-old girl and the swift arrest of a trafficker by one of their teams in Africa. They also discuss TC's upcoming opportunity in Ethiopia.

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Hi this Roy Jones man talk radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of race and nomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue the fact that our families are okay with what we do.

That's a big thing in operator you have family or not. People support you need to be okay. My children and I don't want some culture that it is a come back from one of these heating come back for it wasn't for non-so that that quality not only the operator for the support of that operator should be welcome to lantern risk ministry program dictated to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it once said, let it not be said I was silent when the welcome to what I think it can be just an amazing act of lantern rescue like oh my goodness, do we have updates for you, but once you start us off. Mark will follow you donors will now looking down the number of people basically gave me five dollars a month dollars dollars a month and one really are doing more than five children, but really all that incurred with you, love and what you build up one another. Yet you are doing and when I read that verse five devices I think of all the people who are not nameless to Facebook. I don't know.

They give no and they have no idea how much they build up and encourage a follower. I doubt that show by thanking the hundreds of people out there looking for shared LR podcast basically raising stuff. I'm so grateful so we have some really cool updates and ran.

There's some neat stuff going on in Africa and came out they do a lot of work with intervention on the border last week May About a girl and I contract the character they were able to locate there and looking at A rapid hemlock team by and by 30 day delay by getting pregnant and have more targeted pending for the lead chart was really very different filing of the hearing take you to get tied up.

I got to go through different is really wonderful to feel it can't move so quickly on and have supported the government charges a rapidly was so you guys get some feed of what's going on there. Can you kinda describe for listeners how you would see this in real time, or marketing everyone what you got your lawn with a background like that happens quickly, but practic. There is been operating. Your presence is known for them to get the information act on it is a big deal longer work takes place in any one area, the more effective it becomes.

This case, the coordination between. Please make this arrest was significant in his rent is alluded to the justice was swift and you know sometimes and different countries.

The standard for evidence and the weights presented with a little less stringent your straight so it probably needs to look at a good description. Wow. And from what I understand market that during the arrest. There was it was sort of the sum to see the one complement what we said we became we go we offered donor dollars into setting up the unit a training them both law enforcement outside operate calligraphic David you parent of Delhi. Some of your own children on the computer you bought from Mary on light beautiful evening you observe and find out if they did the right thing. You know you like while somebody did the right thing is active in the right way that it had the right response that the feeling we get the RT contact of the situation intelligent is the act that would take the course of action.

We between the estate.

We can we can consult and advise them of no records and neglecting the cool thing is that I know all of it, we were all going well quite Lord in this is also because this is exactly what we want we want these teeth taking ownership of counseling trafficking even were not funny how much faith they should step-by-step lighted here is a video about going and making arrest. Got nobody into the car. The child in the victim and what I would document and Matthew the baby at Gulf and make the situation work, provided they do the right thing, but prominently we watch them leave the meeting. Okay Alan got the train got on I know that no other BH probably thinking okay. With much that needs to be taught year you got a good teaching what the mall will go back over there shortly them and lifting with them before that he is in training and will will move the got video and what they look. Here's the proper method of need. The victim, a much easier way than the congregation itself.

Mother were against giving male disappointed somebody that nation but keep in face that involve the need to be quick to know exactly what mother do itself really got that right. After all of that came from this operation now including the great fire of relief that prosecution was made and why Greene said that it was with justice process with the situation there talking about the low countries and difficulties of working them at all… Gotta go.

One thing that we often see that when they get somebody in the crime.

No, please do not make the rest airstrip got were happy about that. How can you kinda take us into that seam on the bits that you are listeners and I can actually picture it a little bit better. How how old was this girl and you can you give us any details of of what that arrest actually look like. What were the people engaged in at the time they came and she anyway pictures from noted airmen on their beneficial effect… And girls picture the girl that when I post it on my we do have to blur her faith. However, we feed unplanned imaging a number thinking. I don't think she's a child that truly like hopeless look in her eyes when she was first recovered in the fantasy that she knew up very quickly. They really have a new life in an apartment back there. I think that she just let the Don help with menu look at the taxiway. Not a very large man, probably in 40 and he had kidnapped her only you here. Talking to her sex trafficking and are thinking of it or the applicant by the team made me think of their efforts with emotions are high and they were a little excited during the era, there is quite a commotion in the building looked like a home remedy hotel they're renting in Lebanon and the bedroom and they were able to wrap them to bring a man and. I pray him in a curling and) bowing often within him got officially made it. I got a laugh. I can be like that. He wanted Bridget at some point during this draft and I when you thinning the death he had not regained control of the jail telegraph and just putting down chocolate. he looks like he knows the cot given me great arcing with able to get from point and finally getting the attempt to recovering the victim to bring her to safety answer that the doctrine and artie have him in jail within a couple hours but i was it really is and some marcotte mcewen said that they have a presence there in the community are and i would tc have mentioned, you know, how do they get this kind of intelligence. this quickly so something we all got to clean with challenging trucking on Board office and establish both without reaching the world which is evolving so we have established an actual office. a short stay victim care facility which allows when your staff to let your girl the faith of the leaking really hard to collaborate with social thursday: professional minors that we can to let go," said claude clearview and did not have a paypal for quality south, all that simply plays any under the jurisdiction of the ministry of defense.

so were getting so established that now left with not only our border operations or employee of the day. now we have intelligence bed given over that all go out on the appellate division of the boat that god know that you provided that he can play it on course, a lot of it is important out of that office and out of work here at the team in our management team. i think the numbers over hundred 60 of the rest go – just as you so that you could for the whole year of the routine changing the laws of the 500 girl and boy, girl, so fight think you know is each one of these perpetrators goes away. you're not going up to people to rescue got all the people that will need to be rescued because you guys got the perpetrator put away and tc wanted to give you another opportunity to speak to some that got put on your heart.

through this on a particular thing, i think the work you're doing is unique, so uniquely 30 only ones so work like that give people tremendous help people who cannot run for themselves on like are so encouraged i think i mentioned before was in the country. once, when i heard the week were in the country that one family work through her three little kids walk from a place with aaron sawyer for a couple of days to get through us with the could be crucial hope that is given to the people in that area, but people who during this good work for no benefit to themselves. other than that god has called them to do it is incalculable. you be hopeless and horrible to have those there's so much energy in life when receiving the little girl that was rescued. she didn't necessarily know the curricula largely to look like she had hoped. somebody cares that she can she can have shots like the cell, sorting a break finally come back there so many more updates coming your way lantern rescue plan arrest. he was a usa based organization conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former us special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism, contract is a nonprofit charity. they offer services free of charge to contracting is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated $150 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates retrain international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates holistic procedures are gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern see how you can support them financially.

welcome back to lantern rescue today were getting some really just mind blowing informational updates on what's going on with the team lantern rescue been talking about africa and get back to bed shortly. the next stuff i want to see you. you've got an opportunity in ethiopia that really is is gods open another door so total. months ago i was presenting talking about because portion work we do in the we met the founder of another nonprofit that meets your work they do is around a huge trestle outside of and a lot of what they do is i would: no counter trafficking before it happens.

maybe inserted the minister to our ladies who have been abused or don't have much money or have been raping a kid and so the first part of first part of the work that was to actually teach alms and self-defense which with the mother country to consult the current some awareness related to give them some ability not to continue to have this happen to them to convince them that they are worth protecting must protect themselves and to redo that for a couple of days them back and actually advise the ministry itself on some security i would call them lapses. they're liable for him. so actually advise some security assessments about ministry in their military handled her business and implement abilities and then i have the ability to go and talk to a couple of dipping officials about future car trucking working on the market rent on the rear of mentioned documents for them to look at or potential future car trucking work there. over the next most along so profitable. i think i can make another quick turn burner coming up, but the chapman so far. while i think it again just to take her listers right kind into that because as you describe these four ladies that have been raped and and and and those kind of things. can you give us some idea of what those training sessions are like tc sure to restart out some awareness, although unlike here in the streets. a lot of times if i train some folks trying to convince them the bad things can happen, i clearly don't need the other part of that discussion.

there so it's a different conversation in front of the dresser, and a once once young lady has been abused and things like self-esteem and again hope kind of go by the wayside. times really convince convince the other deserving had a coming of that sort of evil.

so we tell them you know how valuable that article be affordable for god and that there were protecting the new start.

you know once they realize that they can. they will then know when we talk about willingness and research to show some actual very simple techniques and methods and even principles that would allow them to bring the reduce know the kind of abuse without the future while in is that location sensitive to some extent like you know this is a ministry to the capital to reduce obama no, which is a large, very large place in another place for 300,000 orphans. so the gender they need us ridiculously hard and are great people out there mentioning the "you are absolutely just like the dislike approach and the conversation in western africa are absolutely dumb.

after they don't have much to work with.

they don't stop until another Horse most newly we like to spend those people in the claiming of them almost quickly can write soon as i get in the picture is your training the ladies are actually training trainers at the same time to write that was part of process on three people who i think will probably pass muster there, but is not as easy as you know, like there's a couple techniques. none train the trainer that that takes a little potential elsewhere in some effort to get those things down so we continue as a transport to try to know you away and we can get them information that we can control that information that they can access even when an author coincides really do when we are there to build a whole system out and so when you look to the future in ethiopia to see where were you see that had well when i was there because i was headed back to the constituted officials. one of the guys that i was riding with stone unity of red heard on ethiopia news the night before the day of, and receive money or have interest in actually starting roundhouse course at the federal level which is a good thing on the earshot possession shotguns because so i can't i don't know for sure. where were headed, next meetings would have a lot to do with whether they accept the paperwork and the proposals and we move toward a visionary, because they would have a problem thanks but no thanks and i would be done.

i don't know that you clearly business listings like okay here's a place where we can pray very specifically like god is special. providing these resources like man lord help in obese people find favor so the lantern rescue team with these officials there in ethiopia. it sounds really exciting event that mark will always fight about what notification of any country that one on the scale. one of operating their own limitations.

really funding the name of finding the right operators like people to show urging people to All course of the portions are actually read… a lot alike great applicant a like colligative. i think we got several waking together and i think that placing but you did say something like the et claim for labor to see myself running around we interact with on government on were just trying to help children to change the future life of the child and protected and cared for…… so thought villanova gully… because what we can save us. this is really an honor to be part consists to see what god is doing ceramic you guys are getting ready to take part in the in getting back with these folks and after that we talked about the beginning of the show you want to share what's going on building three family are heading back that would affect overall i really think it on were making in addition to the team prevent tracking band with 11 different in the oven or help in about the member in the american 5.define can comprehend and that an african team to be follow-up training on the team for planning on doing operations alongside them and how they doing operations planning to improve learning from them and learning, and following them through the process of investigation paragraph and complication and getting it side-by-side with them over there exciting and real really excited to get back over there inaccurate. while i would imagine it in mark kevin had an opportunity to watch those videos and in this kidnapping of situation that you just reviewing that stress invaluable for this trip and really be grateful about» development job: not give up. about a week to give ourselves fully to the work we know the latest update of the delta to step it up. as we continue operating regional oral are tactics get the deal and they smugglers those who are doing the evil they work to improve our tcs you're looking for to this trip.

things we are. she said this in another neighboring country. these folks know to reload your attitude, but a great attitude and good malfunctioning surgeon commentary nurse affect and skill so we are motivated to have their attitude awesome but we mark as you said, they need to know to come there is real danger and that real skill of matos mckinney to acquire so much were headed for writing so you got training upcoming and then are there further diplomatic things that you guys are doing.

mark any employee will but is a lot trying to accomplish in the training and also the operation so some of my motors baby do you need all with buying the key going to the training facility like think they're going operation doing only saw operation. the training time will mesh they stay together so we can accomplish the house so i am free you guys over there. we too can be praying those operations. i mean that you guys are actually going after the bad guys are less applicable will getting up in the day in your late afternoon, late evening he played for will be nil that i work as we close out the show.

mark have you got 1/2 trimesters of the lot show no doubt we can't dance well what were doing the coming month because we can't really say how this training operations will but deeply because at the end of the day the end of it all. we want we want a child. you want a childlike change in god.

yes, we want team to operate nobody exactly the thing right but the all that is a result of the child and so they do their job before children rescued in the state of about The operation.

don't don't get it. this moment is not including five american and 70,001 we don't have a good time making out all happen behind medical center, when i can't help me and so beautiful to know that he's definitely common and gives us a chance to partner with something else and listen and for caring for being part of this is the truth network

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