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What It Takes

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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May 29, 2021 12:00 pm

What It Takes

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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May 29, 2021 12:00 pm

Robby is with the Lantern Team at their Virginia retreat for another week, along with their families, finding out exactly what it takes to do the job, what it's like to be the family back on the home front, and what they are looking for in new recruits. To volunteer, visit, and to start the operator application process, visit

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This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue first time I found out I was actually in college and my mom just sent me a text hey your dad going over to such and such country and I came back one summer and I started learning more of what he actually was doing and had been doing and I like wow okay that's really awesome. I'm really glad I get to be a part of this.

It's also kind of nerve-racking, especially because, as oldest, he was like going to college when all of this started I didn't really have a full understanding or get to see the whole process. As soon as it started welcome to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern risk. We tell the stories we talk about rest and we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the again today we have a treat rescue.

We are live here in Virginia and her episode with Jamie which is Mark's spouse obviously had a chance to be around all 24 people this weekend and and really you saw something from your perspective obviously paying him last year and being on the ground floor of a lot of what is going on rescue and I know what's from your perspective and so they did recently talk about having a life coach come in to that group and help us all see where were all thinking on this high, so to speak, and down they serve realized that I was kind of top-heavy. I had a big head and I don't mean like sewn with pride. But just like we had one part of the body and were missing a real important part to help the body function well and to function correctly in cell is everybody in the room was put in there having their dots played on the pie so he could see where it all fell away somewhere. The balance happenings that things function well. Things function properly that that head can move better otherwise stationary without legs and arms and I so yeah it's much more complete team needs a heart about whether there having been around always. You had mentioned. I well with all these big personalities in the original for Heidi all get along and human beings always have some conflict of course and that even a life coach said that healthy but there's there is a heart that every one of those 24 people had that all is the same that helps them sacrifice some of their way to make the end goal stated in goal. So everybody's willing to sacrifice a little but still we all are trying to learn to listen to each other so that we don't miss some important having been around you guys. I hope listeners consents with me like I know it sounds, grows. But when David talked about you is like brand like how good is it with. When God sees brothers just being brother right and really loving each other, you know I TC and Alan and I was just one connection if you could see these two guys together about God just loves that. Especially when it's in righteous causes, but now you know another white phase of what God's doing. Marcus taken over so we got really excited to really improve our ability to handle both civilian volunteers and for law enforcement or military for those who want to participate and promise or guarantee, but we have a way that you don't fall for the correct first off I would like the site so that the team of 24 that Jamie was speaking to their task and they are prepared and ready and passionate to handle volunteers who wanted to freedom dinners want to say how can I help with awareness anything I am ready to do it. We have a lot of that the main head has been overseas so and were not the handholding type of people to help those so we has a wonderful men and women are to be doing that if you filled out a free to volunteer questionnaire. Expect that you somebody you be in touch with you. You know next week so excited about that. The freedom volunteer would be somebody so on our own website lantern people can volunteer not to be an operator but volunteer to do, like a freedom dinner, so something at their home or their church and as well as becoming a bass or frost like how can I share information about you guys what all can I do to volunteer as a civilian from the states from home right and so that's us short little Elena and click on volunteer fill that out to be in touch with you for all those filled out the past. What maybe after Cheryl a lot about that out. I want to cut a focus in on another person in that the operator and he mentioned in the last Shelley did that in a rather sooner than rather than later were needing some additional operators and so it's an operator for Shirley operators from the ground either going to clubs and brothels are on the borders or or all that in between. So it's basically a person has tactical knowledge, or knowledge experience through their career or their current job, whether it's military or long for smooth corrections. All those things have unique components to the benefit your abilities as a team to work just because you are in the reserves might've been a supply sergeant doesn't necessarily make you an operator however doesn't cost exclude you from being operator.

If you're trainable I have the passion to learn what is needed but we don't always have the time to teach somebody the basics and whether it's building entry or control tactics or whatever, maybe we were looking for those individuals will have those components with people looking for but I think I'm on the podcast earlier you had all those characteristics and abilities within me the spirit had moved until you need to be personal.

That spirit moves you and tells you I gave you all these talents and abilities for more than just you and for my purpose it were not about going out there and something people/the bad guys and all. It's really not about that. It is all about God's will and taking care of his children. You have to have the ability to do all those other things but your first and foremost the care of the child getting them out of that situation.

You may have to do all those other things will probably well but that cannot be your goal has to be a heart for the children because doing here is really pointing out the difficulty is, there's a lot of folks who have the background of tactical skills and thinks the hard part is finding that right heart and the right maturity and integrity. The selection process is I what I would. I would equal it to maybe harder. So those are listening and want to jump out which of the selection process might be more difficult than anything in the soft community. It's such a small narrow window, not just from us, not from your background, but from the governments were working with work at the highest levels of governments. We can't, you have to be so diplomatic coming you're representing a lot of different things at one time. So really our selection process but we do need those folks, we have a website would like to send them to this, linking along but hopefully remember for them that is is counter human trafficking joint task and I'll say it again is WW W.counter human trafficking joint task there's some stages in that registration so they can begin the registration day past the first just actually put the passport in and we are standing they are and do some background that we unlock their profile and are able to build out who they are. You know we want to resume your DD 214 references law enforcement background all that all that. All that has to be so, but I was just right for Rachel to put it in the show notes from link counter human trafficking joint task force that link exactly laid out so that you can go in and do that and if you know what it DD 214. Probably a lot of these decided that is called for, but it doesn't have to military background, critical, and believing operations is really good to you and corrections are part of the tactical teams and corrections. I know you got communicate and that's a big factor in this job is well with people you may not even like so that looking for that phobic and smashed on a door sweep up five people run out the other side. It's not really what will the quality but not to skilled skilled in the heart yet there's a lot of short answer to that profile. Build that they have to describe their faith and some other things which are essential to us but is why they don't fall through the cracks. They can fly guys call me to do this, they could go to the website build other profile we know who they are, will recognize that will be bringing all of them together at times year whether we ever and it makes it clear the site, they may hear from us in a week or they may never know, but they're in there and if we need him we might know their skill set, their language skill all that right and we can deploy that way. So, that's it's it's building now that that registration process is already out there is the first time that we set on the radio show that had gotten heart like these are trained that God has been so for those of us who don't know what it DD 214 is and we can pray that God is workers and clearly what you said on a number of shows. Mark is that there's no shortage of opportunities to this point in time, hands and feet are hundred percent.

I would say this week we talk about tactical side there's another aspect if you feel that pushing some sort of confirmation listen to the show and all the sudden popular headache. This is my confirmation. Melissa level voice because at my queue is for you to step out there joining whatever aspect tactical side ministry aside all those other side. Call from God. Confirmation is made to go with that chapter. Touch base with us well-connected so will know who it is that we need. As you can see everything from freedom volunteers to help provide resources to make this trip. Hands and feet of the Lord is is moving and so we have a chance to play chess with your heart go to Lanham or the length of the other is volunteers siblings were generally human trafficking joint task for faith-based organizations and international operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending you a special operations law-enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat on genocide, terrorism is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest like to reaching an estimated $50 billion activity was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slightly and facilitate gearing up for operations right now and see how you can support back and rest days episode again chance to live as God's sleep mounting up in Army and so along those lines work. It's really cool to have an opportunity to reach out and ask you know, pray Who would you have what is excited about this episode because it's been forthcoming and that is that we will take time on the radio show and promote the need for rescue operators and I know we say that a lot of people coming to the website that will posting but it is pretty narrow window and we are chatting here you know about that person is really up to the comfort I have is that God has that person already is not just been training them for the last week betraying them their whole life you know and like else they might be military, they might be law-enforcement.

They might be contrite might. Who knows what God is been training of their whole life and they're going to be the right person. The reason I have that comfort is because me, Alan TC and Rick never came together on Arles if somebody got all our resumes together set up. I'm not sure they put us together. They may have may not. Who knows, but after we work together.

God put us together is exactly who we are. Everything from this radio show with you to see what we do overseas and even when we train together that becomes evident. Some of that is a bond that we have because we've Artie been violent places work with anyone we train in the states that I have a tremendous comfort in the decisions that my teammates make in the way that they even clear houses, you know, we work together so we start talking about that operator we've been talking about family Tammy Jamie talk about family and our kids, all that breeds over into this is not a cold relationship. This is a warm relationship with each other.

This is a band of brothers and sisters as a team is together for eternity here. So now for my kids and my youngest one and he actually operator and I can see that happening down the road, not necessarily as a father daughter concurs that I don't discourage it.

Were looking for that individual.

You know you need to be big and bold what God is giving you, and give the glory to God, but you also have to be humble enough to step back and realize you may not know it all and how to work with one another. So for example report last operation we all met up at my house my family sacrificed our house as a training center drill shooter just to hone our skills because we knew what were getting into the next place we stepped off the plane was a friendly environment so willing to learn from each other. I don't know what all she does. Not all Mark doesn't know it all, but we do know what we know we know works willing to flexible to make it work better.

That's kind of the person to look at is that person is good, but once we better through and through. Working with us and use the tactics and techniques we use to bring something to the table would benefit the team. We are not opposed to looking at that move us forward and set before us, so he goes definitely something that none of us have very humbling very very assertive old same time so you we think are me, at least two characteristics of that person that you are actually critical willing to be a sacrifice to sacrifice not for your own accolades, but because that's the right thing to do. You want to step out there and say take a bullet for somebody but you would you would do that to make sure your teammate makes it home you are not the priority. Your teammates are more important things.

Kids are qualities sacrifice and with the same thing at a pricing, courage, courage, and the fact to do the right thing even when most people look at you think you're sillier down. I get that a lot from former teammates really want to risk your life to state and it is not for anything other than this one supposed to do that. That that's the courage part not only jump in the lion's cage and appliances is the courage it going outlines case get that kid out. That's in addition, I think the last one I would've thought out courage to think what I admire the most in my teammates is humility. Humility there experts at what they do what they know, experts at training others experts in operating in hostile situations and yet there so humble about it and so when I think of that next operator with us even on our team is secondary to different structured things were looking that humility is critical. Somebody's humble and that's that's not easy to find stuff to say. Are you guys and all in order to fit with this group. In my opinion of the thing you gotta have a boatload of faith. Faith in God that he is like like your daughter said you know I'm the safest place I possibly because I worked out that's in front of the bullet that still say it's where God wants it takes that whole boatload of faith and it's been my experience of people have tremendous faith in God also have faith in their teammate and their brother don't go off the road because they don't think he knows what he's doing but they don't think that were in the right place at the right time at faith in a band of brothers are solid in bedded in the team because they have faith in each other through their others. There's somebody you don't trust or have faith in you.

Not sure there were God is called you're working with a in a moment where if they go down the staircase.

What's he going on at staircase.

If I see Alan go down staircase, I say I need to get on the staircase is not a question is get up on him as fast. I cannot let's all is all be together you like. We don't we know the person and will and we trust them, and we know there their hearts in the right place and the right calling it a try to do the right thing supported you know if a person is not in that that place then we can question is the fact that our families are okay with what we do.

That's a big thing in operator family or not, because people support you need to be okay. My children and I don't want some cold here but they don't that he doesn't come back from one of these heating come back for reason it wasn't for not lose her dad for no reason. So that that quality not only the operator but the support of that operator. That should be very weak to do other jobs outside of this and I get paid for a lot of heavily paid for some jobs like this job is not the fact my family would rather know that I died doing God's work there okay with they would be more upset with me if I got killed I got a whole lot of assets, crazy words there but that that support is not operator start to be okay with you okay with God has in store that operators are potentials that we've met with there was a buy from sensor tell it and it was a problem just right on their part as a family, but I families don't have just buy-in. This is what we do know this is that there's a lot to that, and a lot to carry so much more than I think even they realize they carry for us the support they give us. I could never do we do with the comfort we have and organizationally even this weekend that became very evident because you know all the volunteers their collaboration and love and connection really became apparent that we can with our kids and our spouses, and I was really who they were joining with in that part of the family support and that was a beautiful thing because they need are those volunteers need to see the spiritual walk of faith of our wives who were deep in their faith and also in our wives need that other support that they know they can lean on two things are happening.

States can give out that information. So if you want you know that's going about your freedom. Dinner helpless in awareness so say you have a crazy idea. You also copy shop. You know T-shirts for stuff like that is at work flexible. That is lantern rescue.board if there is a former operator or just tactical skilled individual also very versed in overseas work knows how to work at the wrong country that's really important is hearts in the right place. In researching this out themselves. Please go to www.counter human trafficking joint task and it's a registration process you go through to build profiles you don't fall through the cracks is very explanatory understanding we get there and start the process right and so for all of us and we join the prayer team, which is of course that meant private Lord would continue to build a fire right in people's hearts is it that passion you know that that eventually a passion for him really gets fulfilled and that Alan obviously had some absolutely if you refusal your kick against that Bush is a reason for that is operators after confirmation.

Hopefully this is the restaurant we don't know what it what is discharged. So thanks again, this is the Truth Network

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