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Village of Light

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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April 3, 2021 10:00 am

Village of Light

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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April 3, 2021 10:00 am

Mark & Ren introduce two Lantern Rescue volunteers, Casey & Gabriel, who handle Lantern's social media and run an Instagram blog called, "Village of Light," that is dedicated to spreading awareness about human trafficking.

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Podcast network. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue and wine that we find it you know it today.I'm coming out again.

Found out about ready and when they got there and overtaken my voice.

They were dragged on and how that we now live in a Portillo was named pretty severely missing when and lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it was once said that it not be said I was silent when the phone today on lantern rescue. We are into a whole new kind of thing now lantern rescue that we have volunteers that the Lord has provided sort of miraculously in and rent communities in force and a lot of work. I really have been so grateful to them and they really can't help but I cannot help but definitely the best way if anyone want to volunteer breath.

It become.the planet what you want. You end up exactly they didn't really defend Kelly and felt much else we have Gabrielle and Casey with us and so will start off with you, Gabrielle, is how the world did you guys hear about the mark and you can you kinda tells how this happened. I so a year ago we started seeing some of like the human trafficking, propaganda, and everything coming just up everything was everywhere and me Casey, but had it on our hearts, from God to learn more about it and to speak up for it. So we kind together.

I did an initial rally and decided to start a blog and so we started our blog and I mingle with to connect with the community around us and raise awareness and to connect with other organizations and we were can I just really open to whatever God is going to break whether that be literally just as telling our neighbors that shouting from our rooftops to going and actively doing something and I had a friend and she mentioned someone from turn and I was like, that's great.

I want to meet him. I really really want to do it and so it would just come to God he just put it on my heart.

We met and it was like everything we were doing, which was primarily early prevention and social media awareness is exactly, what they needed they needed someone to help with social media and we were like you like and they were like great and it just took off some we got snow and we got to learn so much from that and it's definitely help out our blog up and give us good information but it's also help them because now that they have social media going so many more people are learning the truth about human trafficking, not just what everybody else is throwing out there that the sign there job is just actually rest rescue so Casey, what was the main reason is the blockage of light. The village of Whitewater, blemished lantern light so tell me from your perspective Casey. How did you get full so about a year ago I got. He said I saw video circulating a laser rally kind of talking about human trafficking, and I saw my eyes like a week really need something like that in our area.

People need to know the truth or we are so I shared it and kind of half joking was like you went to join and that's where God became man and stuck with me and we decided you know what, what can we do from where we are to make an impact Sally out. We started the blog in to talk about early prevention and how we can Brian to work in our Connecticut in the name of the blog is village of light village of life seems to go perfect with with lantern, rescue, and so with the village of light. Casey, you know.

Now all of a sudden you're getting shared information from lantern right you know, can you tell some of those early things that you're like oh my goodness God. Your your room is completely just that the information that we have got from lantern has been extremely helpful, especially in light you can get information online by getting information straight from the source has helped us a lot and with accuracy of our information. Now where able to get everybody else accurate information so specifically information what would that look like what were they stories are with the statistics, what was told of the story. But just like wound you in a cell. The store like the two things that stick out to me. One story was about the two children die were being shot for pornography and were being sent to America and they were so young. It was like six and one 1806-year-old and an eight month old and not just you know pornography has always been like something that has been on my heart because it's so desensitizing and on the person you asked why so like when I heard about some of the really strange porn. I was out there I was like why nobody hunts on computer just starts to type that in and just hearing that story of like how desensitizing it is and how it was just more and more and more and more just aligned so much with what I had always believed is the problem with point because it's not just an initial watching something it said rabbit hole you go down and it leads to so many dangerous things that was 12, I really learned this, not like an initial story that really peaks out. Other than that one. But the difference trafficking from like this country to trafficking and other countries and how it looks like, how many different ways. It comes about. It's not just one thing you can hit straight on edits you know there's kids being kidnapped in some areas, there's kids being coerced course from their family sold by their families and it just changes from community to community and morphs and it's labor trafficking organ harvesting sex trafficking. Pornography is just everywhere and without everybody attacking it on different levels. You just can kill one had an eight other spread out. I want to say why were so so you have these two on here. From my perspective risk perspective. She mentioned his remission. These are volunteers that came to with ability to do something, made it clear what they could do the ready to go at it. So talk to people volunteer there like tell me what to do and sometimes you're too busy to develop what to do.

You know you're so busy you cannot slow down for volunteer.

These two light came in and worked around, you know, and they worked with like this is what you need to do were to do it so that that is so helpful and you can sense of churlish as consistory excitement and energy they bring from the states. The effort to post up cell phone social media they're very careful there. They do a great job to be will write to me. They do a great job up in reading what you got right absolutely, absolutely loved and appreciated, and we trotted overwhelmed and we could send them stuff every day that were just, you know maneuver through social media and controlling it really just creating an environment of people who really are in a fight against this, not just somebody just like in any patient passes them by the server to a great yell running another 501(c)(3) myself.

I can imagine the people in want of your volunteer audit rather than having to train them but actually between you, that's phenomenal. So Casey was think it is you guys have the opportunity not want to write. The team came in for the know we have that men's conference. They came in and spoke on the radio live but you guys have actually got a chance to meet TC and Ray and Alan and so obviously unfortunately a listers can't see but as you know we can't publicize what they look like, but you guys can come in like share with our listeners while right what what was your impression Casey of them and what stuck out loud just such an amazing group of people.

They truly are and you will be dead. We got to meet them offer the first time and we all met for the first time. It felt like we had known them forever. They're just so warm and fuzzy and welcoming, and just really amazing people and denies selfless people like you have this picture in your mind right right of these are to be packed, the militaries yell enormous with these people right now, but instead you get now I know really that we are just laughing and sharing stories and just amazing people very authentic writing.

That's what stuck out the most. You know you need people that run organizations a lot and they have everything like down to a science. They have their speeches down to a science. They have everything.

Like they know what they're going to say they performed and it's a show and that's not to say that there's not meaning behind some of that but I just not how the Internet they like family timeshare.

They like what it out. They are so laid-back and they just want to help like they just have a heart for changing and there is not anger, bitterness, resentment, frustration like they just go there just determined and they care and they just want to go and they are just themselves and it was great. I mean, as Casey said week when we met them and just kind of felt like we are. We just wanted to stop right and we appreciated that so much because it was like real people.

We were getting to know real people with real stories with real passion who really cared and who like really cared about us and wanted our help to that wasn't to just get us into this little box that they wanted something from they wanted to work with us and help us and we wanted to do this, and for them. God works with Congress when I first met them. No, I don't want to volunteer with the your close and geographically so something something and he said from the Lord said to me, these two and did a little deeper and we do also think that we do because there was a sweetheart spirit to serve as well is much as they talk about our team they fit in that family and with us so that was what was important really and they have not just the skills to do social media in writing photos and all those things. They have a true heart for these children and that they break and they mourn for the language that thereunder, and they now part of seeing images every day or every week and knowing stories and knowing of suffering and yet several hard for to move forward facing the images I saw unless we the other scrimmages you wish to wash on your mind right so Real I'm wondering your posting these things on social media against villages like to write something so water people how to write before you answer right so what you want to say you for the rest international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking specializes in sending you a special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized combat on genocide, terrorism is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge.

Human trafficking is the second largest collective estimated $50 rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates were trained in a national network of women and children six labor slavery and facilitates gearing up for operations right now and see how you can support welcome back to the side.

We have some volunteers that are joining us in seeing how God is beautiful thing about the church.

Got all sorts of parts in one of the parts. That obviously is information how do we get information out to young ladies have long village of light.

If you didn't hear about it first segment.

So as they've been seeing these images look like we talked about. You may want to scrub your eyes after seeing obviously to post all that stuff on social media, but to give you an idea of some of the horrors of of what Satan has out there in this area. Casey Weir asked the question what you get back from feedback from the people. Obviously you're making a post where people have their comments with what's going on with cell. Feedback is like daddy said sporadic you have the winds that of course are morning with you in our hearts are also breaking when they're given this information and you know we had we had not know what can we do to help in we sell sometimes fight for engagement because it is such a hard topic and a lot of people kind of want to shy away from and pretend that it's not happening because it's so uncomfortable to talk about the things that are happening to these children. Whether it's your kind of in denial and don't believe that these things are happening so on. The responses are kind of all over the place. How would you say that you welcome this is like your drawing to get engagement you guys are, this is what you do can you give us some example of the hooks yes Casey works on hooks as far as graphics. She is fantastic and making good images that stick together. I haven't seen any of the social media pages go because the Instagram she has made and I usually write. I write the caption for Hucks. I you know I try to connect it as much as I can to something that you could experience yourself because it's easy to say this could never happen to me. This is an a different country a different kid my kids not in danger. My family's not in danger, but it's not true, it could have just as easily been you and your family could just as been easily your country on the heights happening everywhere. It just looks different in different places and as moms and as Christians and as leaders of families like we should have a heart for this because these are someone's children are God's children so they they need.and we can't just look away and pretend it's not happening there living every day.

They can't look away so it's our responsibility to at least notice and to at least speak up and so I try to connect it as much as I can to that and help them see like this is really happening. It's not a movie. It's not something that you can be like oh turn on and turn off it's happening around the clock every day, every minute as we speak. So it needs to hit your heartstrings like it needs to be something that causes emotion in you because it's causing emotion and is causing pain and abuse and grief and down and they deserve to have someone who cares about somewhere there's little to work on the Brickyard have to get dressed up at my get abused. Unbelievable stuff, but you want to sit there and all that, like wild dogs. So Casey, you just heard the gifts you Casey does the graphic art, like she has this view for this and then you know obviously W been given the gift of language writing and so when you think about the whole team of Landon rescue Mark think of the cast of characters that he is put together.

In other words, he found this very unique gift and TC is a comparative completely different unique gift in Allen and ran like while and then and then you and so from your standpoint. Now, as you sit back and look at that one remark, what would you say is just another example of God's provision to do what he wants done.

How many nonprofits out there Rob you're just one person to local social media right in God sends us to.

I just marvel at because it is such a social media is socially can be such a burden to nonprofits who have a lot of information they want to get help if they don't do it versus consuming of time wherein they can do it on me for us this morning. You're sitting here reviewing a conversation I would share a little bit that says basically were evaluating Intel video needs strong videos of the villages, connecting roads, photos, ability construction within the villages. How far apart are the villages of civil transportation were types of guns. How much ammo while the block right so you know I've got a multiple of those type of conversations going on. I'm not able to share with people who love supporters pray for us. Everything that I need to were just doing what operations and so they come in and let me tell you how important they're not under a surgical us like they are team discos were kicking the door doesn't mean you difference because they're engaging the population and their sharing what we do and so I mean just so thankful that God always provides what he wants done.

It's a beautiful thing and I think about it in the book of acts you want the disciples after waiting tables gifting is to share what they got this experience with Jesus right and so you know each person into their particular gifts so I just got asked Casey. I love visual arts. I can't do it but I love it. So what you know you you get a chance to see something that you can offend right you can't put this up. There goes that obviously but so you know I'm just curious what what are you looking for in the right image that you feel like maybe tell us your success. Now I use that picture as well.

While see it's hard with images.

You have to be careful on. Of course everybody likes to see the rescue tell we get a good response fire when we do and we are able to pace the victims had been rescued and every time I have to learn one of those spaces.

It's just it's it's heartbreaking and I hate you know obviously there's good reason for Miley to let that and that's a little off topic but that's just something that every time I have to blare one of their faces and it's like you guys can just see the heartbreak and the pain and their eyes on Lau by now with the images. It's just finding finding that balance likes not going to be too much into overwhelming because you do have people that are really sensitive to that stuff.

So just on getting that information out there and making it pleasing tonight because that's how we like to look at pretty things. So I'm just making it look good and making them sure yet exactly what I was here. Yeah, these are these are two moms so you and their females so they understand the sensitivity over here in the lope on the job because they are moms. I think that brings a great value to our social media errors, see that completely soon when you're looking at language you see that the way but Casey sees images right you are looking for language to communicate horrific information in a way that's actually helpful, but that actually uplifts and encourages the body of Christ to take action rather than to blaze shame or guilt or or all those other things so you will walk with you a minute and that like your put together this post.

Yeah well I Casey wrote me back I will vex I can get. I am very open book. I say things. How is I believe that the truth is important enough that it should stand on its own on the big believer in testimonies so our testimony is what sets us free. That's our story at our life. God is always seen in it and you can see a minute until he laid out and so even though I can't leave these children even know that I can't hear their story from them. I get little blips of it and I'm able to share that testimony for them what happened to them to bring it to light to bring it to truth to let it be known, not hidden anymore. They don't have to pretend it's not there no like somebody's listening somebody's listening and so I usually formulate.for the rescues for the other posts it just kind depends mean Casey have dug deep.

We've done like our personality test with unexpected guest tests.

We kind of known what works for each other to bring us together so writing is definitely a just comes to me a little bit more naturally but I usually just lean and I spend my morning doing like my devotional in Bible time and then I usually write the post then and God, trusting kind of what I should say and I just try to connect. It is much as I can to someone like me. I'm on at home or someone like my family to needs to know the truth and really understand how deep it is like it's not just some cover story that cyclical propaganda or old this person with this person. It's like real is happening and Stephen and they need to know names a lot of people don't know what don't even they know that trafficking and abuse happens, but not on the scale that it really does so, how cool is that like those Rogers and Hammerstein are You two guys wrote one of them actually wrote lyrics. Usually another one wrote the music. See when the been there as good as the guy that wrote the music didn't reflect his music off the brother that wrote the lyrics of the guy who wrote the lyrics reflected the lyrics off the brother and so as I was listening to what you said. Casey bows me back or Casey, you probably bring up Casey's volume is on listening, you know, just think of how God places people in your life you know to to be able to do that. And so when it comes to placement.

Mark, you know we we have morning right but that we need a coordinator. Yeah, one of the things were discussing here Casey Gero, myself and Robbie and then ran with the disgusted is this good work is generating volunteers the interfacing of social media with people who learn they want to volunteer people. The radio show are going to volunteer so we get those all to request. Unfortunately, you know, we are operationally working a lot. I landed from out of country last night around midnight you know so were overseas or just going places quite a bit. This was difficult to work were praying about your volunteer corner somebody is that more than just that your folks you listen to say what I want to volunteer in summer filled out forms and hope they know where were going to get to it really is you have to come to us with a sense of here's what I can do for you guys, and here's my plan to do it and then we help you. We do suggest close to doing if we have to formulate the plan for the volunteer euros less difficult sometimes are specific titles like a volunteer coordinator that we need to establish a role but a lot of times you know we don't know what we need someone comes and says that there were very open to it. What's difficult is someone who just as a volunteer. We will standby we don't really know what time to figure out there's a long time to voluntarily leave me here was so surprised he is there with his children and he wants to rescue his business. This is the Truth Network

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