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Heroism in the War Zone

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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March 20, 2021 10:00 am

Heroism in the War Zone

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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March 20, 2021 10:00 am

More updates come from overseas, as the Lantern team fills listeners in on extreme violence against law-enforcement occurring in a certain country where they work and had been preparing to travel to to train. They also describe the courage of local police forces who aid in anti-trafficking efforts.


Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast ready from the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue will need more money you have your own money might tell him into Fort Wayne or not. Job nine the money back your family to think financially all the time you have Internet continuing from being sold to a labor category's major risk of ministry progress energy to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time the light the way to freedom. This is lantern… We tell the stories we talk about arrestees we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when they need this. It is great to be back on lantern rescue today and I think we have a whopper of an update for you. There's a lot going on right now is in the room.

Unfortunately we were not to make every now and then to extreme violence in a country that we work and a lot of members of the 24th a lot last week I in some kind of what I've seen of that Mark had a video in the it was quite graphic and how the police are being treated their videos delivered really as a warning to law enforcement, which includes us to stay away. Stay out of that area that because it's a narcotic controlled area. They don't want anyone people there and is written you.

She can probably give you give us even the latest update. This is the current situation is changing daily. Getting worse by the moment of she, share with the number that's been lost and a little bit of what happened by gang violence in that nation and not working there and on today Pres. Katie oriented a gang leader and unit that went into getting her act is one we've we've worked with our primary unit that we and they whether they were there for them had timed it it please you know it's coming. What I thought, I'm coming. Somehow, the gang found out thinking of coming and I had now I found some form of sniper they had ready and ambush the police unit when they got closer and I had a team is seen the videos and and I came over there were primarily wetted, which I correctly been talking about a minute simply graphic printing at The Gang Stopped the Vehicle. The Team inside Fired for As Long As They Could but They Ran Out Of Ammunition and They Were Overtaken by Force, They Were Dragged Out Of the Vehicle and the Last Count, That We Now Have Eight Were Killed Five Boys Named Pretty Severely Missing Limb and I'm Just a Couple of Them and Think so. There's A Lot Of Work That Needs Be Done Is Nation Is A Lot Of Training for Treated like It Can Be Entirely Avoided All the Time. No Matter How Well-Trained You Are, However, Just Watching the Videos and Seeing What Happened You Know BBC That Some Areas of Improvement That Could Have Potentially Help to Prevent This, but in Country like That and If I Miss A Lot. Everything All Day.

The Fine-Tuned Training. We Want to Provide Multiple Ongoing Beneficial Here in America Is Not on the Downward Trend That No You Know If You Think You Take Him around for the Team Herein for the Team Overnight Country Defeated Stuff Happen and It It Really Highlights the Situation and the Violence of These Nations and When so Much Violence and Just Indiscriminate, Nasty, Brutal Stuff Going on Almost Impossible to Do Our Work and Actually Help the Victims of Human Trafficking.

You, the People of the Police Force to Barely Thing Live Every Single Day, the People, Not Just Regulated under This Nation Are Hiding in Her Home to Barely Able to Survive the Day Felt Don't Have the Time of the Mental Capacity to Stop and Think about How They Can Help Someone Else When They're Barely Thing Live in South Showed Me This Video and Watch.

I Was Shocked, Really Wasn't Anybody Could Hate Anybody As Bad As Clearly These People Reading This, Please Limit Their Abusing's and Then Essentially Be Abusing His Dead Body.

At This Point in Time and Screaming and Yelling and Screaming and Yelling and I Looked It More Combusted. How, What, What Is It That They're so Mad about What Is One of the Screaming about in the Said Will Think about It Rubbing This Country What You Said Was Chilling. People Hate the Police Can You See the People Important. Doing This to a Policeman That If They Caught Him in Them and They Went to Them It's It's a Scary Scary Thing for All of Us to Be Praying Right That God Realizes That the Righteous a Perfect Drink Critical You Know the Logbook Given More Enforcement We Jump Right in on This Topic Because We Want Our Listeners to Engage with Us in the Show and Were Going with This Is That All of the Head of Encountered Riots and Stops in This Country and If I Close My Eyes and Think of This Country beyond Just the Children Victims of Rescue Seconds.

All Because My Mind Are All the Smoke, Burning Buildings and Tires and Riots in Front of Us While We Drive around This Capital You Know Your Time, but This Country Not Being You Right Yes Yes I'm Sorry Country That Were Referring to Get It in the so I'm so Thankful That That's the God Protects Us on Thankful for the Prayers Were Listeners. And I'm Thankful for the Expertise of My Team and in All of Us in the Way We Are Able to Maneuver through Those Things and Do It Calmly and I'm Grateful That We Haven't Suffered an Encounter like That Because It Is Very Real for Us That Could Happen at Any Moment.

Anytime When You're in Foreign Countries and You Are the Only Americans You Know, At Least outside of Embassy You Know Working in Operating in These Situations to God's Protection and Favor Is so Critical. Mr. so Thought It Was on My Mind. So Alan with All This Violence Going on. My Immediate Reaction Is One of You Guys Get in There and Wanted to Do Something, but What What You Perceive Is Actually Holding You Back.

At This Time Because Your Team Could Make Such an Impact with What's Going on There Computer.

We Cut out to Work with You There Obviously Was Promoted I Want Her and Prior to the Request Numerous Times to System and Training and That We Were Working on Doing That since Our Primary Goal Is Trafficking Should Specialize Unit Watching United States Withhold up to Services Committee Natures Book We Were Trying to Work on Relationship with This Unit Would Come in Support of the Unit Will Working Trucking Those Relationships That Work Will Be Informed and the Looked up to Two Primary Goal Trucking.

In Short the Workups from Going There Now the Lord Is on the News in the Country so Will Be Due Going Will Be Better Prepared to Train the Unit Best Benefit Us in the Support Element and Benefit Them. The Primary Duty Which Is Obviously SWAT Tactics with the Country so Hopefully the Question Is Not to Cut Color Would Open Our Eyes to Us All the Same. What You See Is the Next Step. Right Now We Started to Clench Training. We Would like to Provide Pretty Greedy "Greek over There like Them, along with the Joint Training BPM's Moving Forward. Hopefully in the near Future Will Be a Little Go over There. So Take At Least a Week Long Training for Both Units in a Joint Fashion with the Support One Another so That's Recluses Getting over There to Train Them in a Training Usually You Will Engage in Operation so in This Case, the Mayor May Not Happen over There May Not Be Able to Going to the Operation to the System but You Still Have the Training Prior to the Next Engagement Will Listeners Hear Us Talk about Training A Lot and Alan Sarkar Director Training in You Know His Expertise in This Field Are the Best and This Is a Service Is Something We Offer at No Charge to Our Foreign Partners and It's a Commodity Really That the Receiving in Exchange for Us. Setting up That the Counter Trafficking Task Force in the Country but Yes, As Always, Indicating There There There Is a Great Overlap of the Training That We Provide That One Is for Counteracting the Extraction of Children Victims Interception of Victims from Smugglers, Girls and Boys Alike from Smugglers throughout Is They Eat This Training up on the Date Absolutely Can't Wait for Because It Is Life and Death for Them. Life and Death. You Know Is What Is You Just Saw Some of Those Images and so That Interaction That When Rescue Has in That Capability in That Lane of Effort That We Provide This Country Is so Vital Because It Is Life-And-Death and I Tell You What.

When You Become an Issue Instructor for Someone Who Is Most Likely Going to Use This Encounter Very Quickly When You Pour into Him and in You Care about Them. This Is This Is Also Part of the Ministry. This Is Where We Create the Friendships in the Bonds in the Trust and This Is Where We Evaluate Your Team Members Foreign Team Members Decide a That's the Guy We Want Bleeding This Unit This Team. This Is the I Want to Do This, You Know, We Could Collectively Decide That.

But This Is Where This Some Missionary Work Really. I Mean, You Know, I Know People like to Hear about Rescue Operations and We Love All That We Love What We Do and Being Able to Spend All Day with These These Men and Women Who Were Are Standing for What's Right, Just in Their Country and Be Able to Point to Them so That It Helps Them Not Only Do the Task Counter Trafficking but Also Just You Know All the Other Things Thrown at Him. You Know, That's Why We Do It and That's What We Love to Do It Now. You Can't Help but See Violence to Police on Safe on the Street Right Make Their That Obviously You Got a Great That Environmental Weeks. We Can't Have Any Kind of off so What a Beautiful Home Opportunity through Such Tragic Circumstances.

It's Really Unbelievable but You Can See God's Hand Clearly Is Alan Described so We Come Back to Find More Ways Than You Hear about Some Opportunities to Get Some Much More Lantern Rescue Coming up on This Silly Action-Packed Faith Based Organization, International Rescue Operations for People Suffering from Human Trafficking Lantern Specializes in Sending Former US Special Operations Law Enforcement and Intelligence Personnel Department with Host Nations and Assist Them in Reading Specialized Units Combat on Genocide, Terrorism and Human Track Is a Nonprofit Charity. They Offer Services Free of Charge.

Human Trafficking Is Thrown into the Second Largest Collective Human World Reaching an Estimated $50 Billion in Annual Activity Lantern Rescue Was Developed Rapidly to Combat and Operates through a Train International Network in Order to Rescue Women and Children, Sex and Labor Slavery and Facilitates Gearing up for Operations Right Now and You Can See How You Can Support Welcome Back to This Episode of Rescue Talk about What Violence Country That Really Is Critical to, Trafficking Goes on Old World through This Time Critical Element and You Guys Are Anxious to Get Back. You Done Your Doctor Training Presentations without Corruption Will We Go Where Actually Working in the Trainers Really Greatly by Environment When Times Were Training Units Are Deployed during the Middle of the Training Was Sometimes Going Violence Going on around Us. 20 Trainers during the Operation Trying to Guide Them in the Right Direction during the Actual Operation Where Lies Are in Danger Only Do the Cockles of the Clubs and All Those Things. A Lot Of Times Prior to Coming to Play within That Operation. During That Operational Try to Correct Mistakes Made Sloppy Normal Training. Most People Are Familiar with, Moment by Moment Things Change Sometimes over There.

We Go so Train a Spirit That Made Ready for Them so I Can Block the Pain Got Work with in This Case. Obviously, There Was Life Was Lost A Lot Lately Been Saved As a Result.

So the Test Will Listeners Keep Preferred Alone. I Will Be Working with Ronnie Allen and I Were Actually Discussing This That How Critical Training Is Because in the Current Situation Where These Men Lost Their Lives Looking at the Video Footage in Understanding the Situation What Happened. It All Really Resolved down to Not Only a Leak but Also Their Route into the Operation and Their Exit Strategy and It Was Very Clear They Had No Exit Strategy and I Know That in These Countries You Get, Dead Hands A Lot, and You Get in Tight Spots or What You Thought Was an Open Street Is Not Open Because There's Two Burning Vehicles or If You Know Rubble in the Way All Those Situations and so in This Particular Video Footage Is Really Clear That They Pinned Themselves in Right and so We As Instructors and in Trainers Look at That We Go Man. They Just Need Our Support and Advice You Know to Do These Type of Things. Whether It's Your Counter Trafficking or Whether It's Their Own Work in the Country, You Know, Chasing Games down and in Doing Drugs and All Those Things They Really Need Our Training and Their Lives Would Have Been Spared with Some Simple Tactics That You Know We Initiate and the Internet. That's One of the Things That That We Do.

I've Got Other Video Footage of Our Operations, and Country, Not You, and I'm Thinking of Yellow Right Now Giving a Brief the Way It Should Be Done Prior to the Operation That Night and Then I'm Also Thinking of You Know You Holding NAR and an after Action Review Where after We Do an Operational Night. We Bring All Those Team Members Together That the Unit That Were Working with in Our Own Cells and We Can We Gather It Your 4 AM and We Cover What We Do Those Good Will You Do That Was Bad. You Know, and I Know Alex Probably Come in on That Further Grandeur, Operational Planning Prior to the Creation of the Operational Great You Have All the Don't Really Exist Work in the Moment without Any Prior Planning We Touched on It a Little Bit over There Trying to Get Him to Gather Part of Operation. Identify the Travel Rally Point One Overall That Made It Abundantly Obvious That We Need to Stress That This Time over There Planning in Order Are Not Knee-Jerk Reactions to Game Plan to Address the Rise Help Ensure Their Safety Is Much As Possible and Return Surround You.

This Home Violence Scales but Did It Really Tightens up Your Whole Operation. Is This from Costing Different Operators like What We Got out to Connect and Honestly I Wouldn't Want to Eat It Anyway You Can Very Clearly How That All They Couldn't Get Thinking I Can Turn around… Simple like My Driveway and Actually Bought the Car like People Back Because the Company That Could Have Been Medicated and We Try We Do Our Back Deck to Mitigate the Situation without a Fight, and No One Can Connect Them Now Run A Few Blocks Away from Plaintiff Need Not. I Think I Might Pick up an Hour to Get Back down the Right Road. They Were Able to Alienate Thinking Currently Have a Strategy and the Little Fat Going Line and Get Help in the Back. That's Why Training Is so Important in the Planning and and All the Time. You Know, for a 10 Minute Break and We Might've Been Planning a Three Month Training per Year. That's Something You Can Buy a Plane Ticket and How It Is A Lot Of Work That Byron Earlier Team Is Not Able to Focus on Helping to Make an Ally without You, and What We Want to Do It to Help Train the Police for the Whole Battery Need Countries Able to Mitigate an Island to Continue Our Operation Because We Can't Be a Kellogg Company Were Not Working. I Communicated Byron Forward Able to Continue Operating This Whole God Always Provides Seems to When Things Escalate like They Are. He Provides in Unique Ways Unique Provisions in One Way System That Really You Know Is through the Listeners Here Praying and Supporting Because That the Needs Become You Know A Lot More Costly Right Yeah I Mean It with Violence Adds Cost Because We Have To Cross Every T and Dot Every I and We Have To Increase Our Capabilities and Go Maybe Move a Little Slower Cars, More Meetings, More Tom More, You Know, Resources and More People, More Everything You Know and so the Cost Goes up and I Can't Stress Enough That in Today's Environment with Coded the Pandemic Were Already Adding Days and Time to Do with Testing and You Know Figure out What Country Wants What You Want Town Win All the Stuff We Already Know LinkedIn Are Town & Country Out Of Country or in That Country and Then We Have the Cost of Dealing with a Greater Violence and so You Know, I Know Some Blisters May Hesitate to Give Their $20 but Listen That $20. As to Your Neighbors. $20 and Everybody Else Who Continues to Just Give Sacrificially to. I Can't Thank You Enough for for What It's Worth Coming to Ritornello. It Also May Want to Comment on This and TC Jumps on Her Second. He Can the Heroes of Those Countries. I Admire Them so Much Because They're Already Dealing with the Threat of Dying at Every Stop Stop Light Stop Sign. Like the Stop Sign, Because They Get Shot in the Back That Just Because There Were in a Police Uniform Just Because of the Car That the Rent That Highlight Happened Every Week in the Judicial System. The Judge Will Die All the Time. It Seems like I've Got so Many Sex. This Judge Did This Judge Did the Same Thing Happens with Cops and so There's That Threat Already and Then We Come into the Country and We Say Listen, We Want to Increase Your Work. We Want You to Focus Also on This Crime Activity Which Is Human Trafficking and Some of Them Don't Accept the Challenge. Okay, They Don't Dear in This Country. There Was One Team Member Who Was Begrudgingly Joining Us and Everything Was Going to Training Only Because He Had to Eat and Eat If I Will Little Operations. He Would Not Get Out Of the Vehicle. He Stayed in the Vehicle Because He Just Wasn't Going to Do It. He Didn't Want to Expose Himself to One More Thing and Sometimes We See the Struggle in the Minds of Those Who Join Us Because They're Scared to Death or Scared Their Unit Shot or Scared Working a Shot, but Is so Admirable That They Make That Choice to Join Us to Go on the Race into Work and Operate to Take on This Crime and Really.the Hearts of of Those Those Folks Is Is so Perfect, but I Admire It, Admire Very Much and You Know Alan What You Think. What?

You Probably Got an Answer to a Party That Answered Northport Don't Think That We Don't Get Anxious to Come upon Us Knowing Everyone in the Environment That Were Able to Contribute. God Is Equipped Us Always Used To Do Equipped Everybody Known Special Way to Manage It Superior in God over the Question of Why God Doesn't Just Because What Is Probably What You and Say Why Are You Not Using What I Get to Read to Support or to Help with What You Do, How Much Described Earlier in the Show Is Here Coming in and You're Providing Them with Lifesaving Strategies and Tactics. I Guess You Got: for You to Know, but in Doing That, It Creates a Relationship Where They Begin to Trust You except Your Values and Begin to See the Value of of Stopping No Human Trafficking That That You Know That Guy Who Was Waiting by but When All Sitting As Lobby Sky Saved Our Lives. These Guys Are Teaching Me How to Do My Job Better Than All the Sudden You Get the Shared Mission and Once Again God Is Providing through Just an Amazing Ministry. From My Perspective Yes Different This Different Way of Clothing We Enclosed Feeding the Hungry Is Different, Right Right Essentially the Same Principle Were Coming into a Country and Using Our Skills and Resources What We Have To Give Them What They Need and We Do It in Jesus Name. And It's It's a Testimony That Builds so We Come in a World like This Is Who We Are Is What We Can Do Is Her Background and This Will Accomplish Your Will Talk to the Government and That's What They Care about That Moment but Then As You Know Alan and TC and Rinne Nine Always Start Interact with the Selected Few.

We Start to Train and They Start to Take on the Risk of Fighting This Criminal Activity with Us and They Just Shoulder up with Us and Then They Learn from Us and They Learn about Our Faith. The Heroes Pray They Watch How We Interact with Stressful Situations That Were Not Perfect. They Watch Us Come Free of Charge. Leave Our Families Leave Our Wives Come and Stay in Their Environment with They Know Is You're Not Nothing like What We Live in, or Stay in America Right in All That Matters Because What They See Begin to See Is Not Mark, Not Alan, Not TC, Not Ring. They Begin to See Jesus Absolutely Your Prayers and Your Support for Planning Rescue Makes Such a Huge Difference.

I Mean, I Can See It Short Time We Been Doing This in the Lives Are Being Changed. Emails Are Being Sent Him Your Connection so Please Continue to Send This on so What You Think? St. You for Listening to Lantern Rescue Lighting the Way to Freedom. Would You Consider a Gift of Any Amount to Support This Ministry to Light the Way of Freedom for a Young Person Trapped in the Clutches of Human Trafficking Help Us with Any Gift of Any is a website you can also learn about previous programs you can listen to this program in its entirety and forward it to a friend.

St. you for listening. Join us next time right here for lantern rest.

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