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New Country, New Challenges

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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October 17, 2020 10:00 am

New Country, New Challenges

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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October 17, 2020 10:00 am

Overseas once again, the Lantern Team comes to listeners from a new country! Joined by new teammate Austin, they talk building relationships with foreign government officials who are working on the other side of the aisle, fighting human trafficking in their own countries. And how together, through Christ, they make a difference.


This is Sam from the mass concerning podcast of our goal with the podcast is help you to try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just seconds.

Enjoy it shirt but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue when getting ready to warrant and they are more the one you're carrying out an older white man with gray hair and they're often very young self improvement doll and becomes either very volatile and Lotta corruption. So it really hard and how they're qualified, or 55 position or APA gang member like we need him and get an element on operation. But there's really no way to know to lantern risk ministry progress educated to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern risk. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the welcome to lantern rescue.

I am really excited today. The team is in a new country from last week which is good to offer some insights actually into how the relationships work with good officials in different countries so TC can you come to take us there in the lecture we talked about friction and some of the relationships we develop and have developed in order to combat trafficking.

There we thought of you know, you jump to the show. Talk about a couple of those relationships in their officials that, on the other side of the table from us who are combating human trafficking in their countries so need a job in this particular case, and officially remember actually just yesterday for an hour or so is the Deputy Attorney General of his country and his whole responsibility is to combat cybercrime. Human trafficking this country and as we talk to him and he got a bunch of technical things going on there, showing the sum of his workload on his strap. It should be noted concerning managers for other attorneys among taking out five other of boots on the ground cyclic collection evidence for him and do some of the things that attorney come to his caseload was at 4000 and if I'm not mistaken he was cackling at most 120 cases year and some of this case. Triggers to prosecute our work. So essentially crime that's happening over the Internet when it comes to human trafficking word that involved everything from fatal cases that are clear, have a clear path the prosecution to those gorgeous grooming individuals you know from one country to another within that country that there there grooming a minor into attracting situation. So, in a case like that, which just seems like complete overload. What is, what were your recommendations was great? You toss the ball Lawson and you talk about something to do to combat additions and what we can do to help welcome Howard. It's good to have you cited in this specific case for the shape of this unit has limited abilities. Personnel and there are four countries that will donate equipment, services or aura technical abilities to country to help combat these issues.

You're one of the big big issues with that is that they also document resources but not giving the ability to use those resources when I do that is a lot of talk just an oversight. But in this specific case began to make a machine that you can scrub all the were hard drive or collect all kinds of data offer that text messaging, pictures, and so support call logs, what chat Masters things like that. I paid can't use it in their prosecutions because they don't have anybody certified due to use this machine so we were looking at all options of how we can assist them actually have a direct team certified in that specific machine so how we can assist them and their legal process across communities. These guys are abusing children so wow he cannot only obviously help him because he certified that he could possibly train somebody as well and get them certified. Yet, that those are options down the road. Absolutely. And Sammarco, you know, again I cases load of 4000 and you can only get 100 and some are prosecuted per year.

Apple you know how that how you guys process that I think first of all if I could back up one second Robbie Kennedy make an understanding of what a case could look like because we were able to evaluate look at case some cases with him right some of the more current ones that that good teams working hard to prosecute and and that is a person from another country came to this country.

They set up a house that they were living in got workout room all that but one of the range of the video room so they got extensive equipment and computer software to make videos and into the stream, or to oppose those brothers.

The dark web of the regular web to customers elsewhere and that involved down to 12 girl and it is difficult to see those images of you know a set up of the bed with little stuffed animals. You know everything. It is required to entice a child into that environment and then for that person to just take that advantage of them into abuse.

That is such a way is horrible, but know that that case they bait Dunstable weather been able to move all the prosecution arm and there there in the midst of a mate you have are.

So there you go through the end of what they can in this country which is quite good but one, for doubting cases that all that some are greening issues, but maybe the listeners get understanding of this is more than just a Snapchat picture. You know, these are these are real people and real kids who are being violated in every possible way inhumane way by perpetrators like that man and they have to be taken out taking care of Dominic. Maybe after that back to RTC your off near that come in on not what is it that we can begin to formulate how we could help them or Alan want you jump in on this little bit on this work.

We bulging all the countries Benin is writing countries is a from other governments or nations, in these countries eventually clever political that is used. However, can be used to the fullest extent because there's no policy after the exit is to become to agency this case certification and other places roads are built with with no ability to maintain the paving of those with multiport NESN cuddling, slamming coordinates from other countries finds a lot of countries, not the ability to maintain those items that are received by the countries of those agencies and kind of what were quickset member that Boyd weathers lack of follow-through with shame of trying to help them in the follicle by getting them certified people to operate machine negatively down the tactical teams are going actual entries given initial training.

There's no follow-up training work assistance to the board so that's kind of work were stuck in this arena with this country is to give them the follow-through should actually utilize the equipment that's given 3.8 pass that's really a remarkable thing in a scene really God in the midst of peers. This equipment in this way to really help this. These people are trying to do something but then they've gotten away and he is a God, provides Lanham rescue and I had thought if I could.

I wanted maybe when it's gonna share a little bit further from the other way we can help. The great need in that country on all synergies he got when he gets wind up Internet digital government directorate particular terrorist lands going to be able to do some liaison work to get some man-hours and some expertise in this field, specifically but on the other side.

Also the boots on the ground to get the evidence to the prosecutor so again Lanham be able to train Alexi again with another official to this country. This area today and talk about what we can return to collect evidence to measure the processes well done streamlined so I think that's it's absolutely critical, as Alice said it is missing is completely missing Stefan were able to come to Schiller to help her cloak to make things successful matter. While Austin Robbie you know it's it's United States visibly very well discuss and it is better law enforcement and judicial process that we had probably some of the best training and that the greatest experts in the world becomes law enforcement unit, the divided issues, law enforcement would come through developing country, it is very difficult for them to to get a handle on what is it that we need to get out it it kind of like you don't know what you don't know.

So it is great when things Atlanta so well is Joanna redo the assessments and dealt with various backgrounds that all the members have we can Assess and say when you get this direction when you go that direction specifically for this case were expanding our corporate abilities and we been looking for opportunities for all time of how can we better serve the countries of what what are auditing involved with that that really go to the core flight of this this issue and innocent as RTC describe her to be getting some guys with a lot of man-hours and helping to start a journal spell office in prosecuting these cases is streamlining the process from collection of evidence to a case ready to prosecute. And that's really any doctor take a very long contact log on the US it takes even longer time. In a developing country that has very limited resources very limited personnel for this case. The other anymore talk about hundred and 20 cases of backlog of 4000 that's that's best for years and years and years of prosecution so it is important for us to come in and can't identify those issues for them. Help them work through and due to critical thinking to get the property together and decimated the most efficient custody is Mark Thomas thinking that you know they get saved, one at a time I could share the gospel summit on United. There's one individual that's being abused right this minute and they need rescuing his aunt and sons, God provides this one at a time because you know that's how you can even wail you just take you to start taking bites and it's it's a beautiful thing that God's provided lantern this opportunity and but as an outsider looking in at this.

You guys are renal and we hear about you picked up this girl. You picked up that girl and I were not realizing that the beauty of what were just what you guys are describing right now is by creating a case you're not only stopping this particular perpetrator, but you could begin stopping a whole ring a perpetrators that could actually be rescuing right hundreds of girls in the future to come right RTC introduced the statement that our team first, and probably you know a year ago where he said we cannot risk your way out of this problem and and as true and you know we rescuing victim, a girl or boy is rewarding in every way, not just for us but especially for them. But the reality is we have to put away, others were committing the crime know we have to turn them over to the justice system in and see that it works in those systems are often very broken. We worked in a name we work in countries where there systems are broken and were trying to know improve the systems artwork within them and get the maximum penalty that we can put these people and you know it. Sometimes that cannot say when it comes to cyber crimes against minors against Children. Sometimes the Lord may be tempted to think that that's not that that's not inferior to the crime as you know the actual evidence of finding the person in the actor in a attracting moment in a club or nightclub respect club but Americans have to know that when they feed their desire for ethnography, especially child pornography that behind that image is a real little girl, get out a roof like this being completely and utterly destroyed and is not just in their in their melodic hand involved in that criminal hand involved in that process and it is destroying not only that little girl that is destroying to sleep in her family who didn't know that's going on.

Or is participating in it because the company situation, whatever it yeah and I wish Americans begin to grasp the concept that man, the things on our phone and the things on the Internet with single Facebook images on social media, real victim and the system for we are participating in rank. As usual, got way more talk of time will be right back from this new Lanham rescue after this manner rescue is a USA based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism, contract is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Their host nation. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest criminal activity in the world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity. Lanham rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates holistic aftercare services are gearing up for operations right now and you can go to Lanham see how you can support them financially.

Welcome back to Lanham rescue. Today we are in a new country, new officials that were working with some gigantic issues that is being uncovered in for a visitors parking.

When we talk about the cyber crimes we want to get the full impact is not just this is not like porn here unfortunately is not. It is for that particular case, which is very normal to many cases, it is violent crimes against these girls and it sits sexually assaulting them and then, and ensuring that live on the Internet or you know the dark webbing so and in its repeat is being repeated not once a week but all day long all night long.

You know it's it's multiple victims and so near the good work prosecuting a country maybe to seek, share about him and our purpose for being there.

Women were done about a few things that I was absolutely team was absolutely impressed with the guys were trying to number one energy level was super hot like he was resolute in doing his job to fight this. He was gracious enough to have us in there too, he states you to bring us down. But in the end he said we have to do something like here is a seriously good guy who really wants to do something he talked repeatedly about helping his country and in holding back. This study nibbles I think that's important for people to know that we do work with great people start is not frictionless is completely on board work tasks now and I'm sure somewhat overwhelmed not out in the midst of that crime. Yet Noel and I were just talking during the break about finding our purpose their income shirking good thoughts of love premature Andrea Pearson euros would include groups like know what would Scott put his report loses things that we need to do to to fulfill his purposes of the force, and in this case's individual he was on doing his purpose. He was doing the job the prerogative of the Lord would come up short in Samaritans annexed the area of the we came in and were able to assist in math for fulfilling our purpose in the case where this individual needs. People that are certified using equipment to get the prosecution so it's not always physical acts of going into engraved sort combating the sensitive silicates. Most details God looks at and on his purposes are found in the small details you can be open and willing to see them. In this case. He acknowledges his weakness. We will open our eyes to our potential filling the purpose he had force in this case, which was bringing these people certifications and you know it's lantern is the kind of work.

As we have a job that I think that all of our goal right answer is important to put us to help men and women that got put in expeditions to prosecute cases and fed director.

These these evil people is important for us to getting the resources and make their program sustainable so that we can walk out of here, they can continue doing this program without the I note in previous absurdity has talked about government officials and had friction with headaches. Those programs develop try to make him a stable as possible but it's so refreshing to come here and find the prosecutor that says enough is enough. This is what I need. I got all the all will. I got no good when the micelles look at this done because what I need to get in Africa past the goalpost and so it's it's really crushing. It's nice fastest it is and know I'm sure that every single case that gets prosecuted.

You know that they were all rejoicing and that so TC can you put your, spiritual take on this force market are talking about this earlier know one of the report categories that this prosecutor's case is there was a 1 to 3 in the third fourth one was eat or entice the word construct: James talks about no world drawn away and enticed by our own blessed times and a lot of times it's as with we have legitimate desires been enticing us to build them. No legitimate way but doesn't tells the ones we've given into that Ferguson where eventually, once you start down that path will enslave and that's exactly what happened that much of the pornography child cannot trafficking actually become enslaved and noted no bottom depravity in this area you have to break that salvation but I just got word and places very gallant and you know Mark people just don't realize how prolific the evil can get.

If, as they feed the problem right think anybody expected by themselves chasing imagery or participating in sexually assaulting a child into but it is a place that human art goes and Nefertiti said there's no way did of the socket violating a 12-year-old event. At nine. Many women who participated in the drafting weather through cyber crimes or whether it's through your sex tourism are you, whatever it may be the hardest to seek the wicked who can know it and yet what were ultimately fighting is that you know and salvation is the answer and we hope that the wretches that we participate in weather to the Internet or whether it is physically sustaining a raid. We hope that all of that is saturated with the gospel and that were able to see that child given the gospel someone who cares no. And sometimes that stricter month. I know I went and stood outside TC have done before we stood outside a group of girls that we just rescued and got a translator and simply listen know you're going to aftercare.

We have evanescent Italian course you know we partner work, draft care partners who are faith-based and give the gospel, but that is the solution to this problem.

Christians would like to say that the solution everything out but it truly is.

Knowing solutions in our country what's happening and I have people die when we do America you know with we need revival. We need any salvation. The perpetrators undoubtedly and often as I was processing what you guys have been sharing today.

You know, this is rendered through law school. Now she's getting some tools that help, but I hadn't even thought that because you know you guys are in 1/3 world country. Yet the legal systems are fairly competent if they're requiring somebody to be certified in this equipment before their testimony is legitimate. You know, it sounds like they have a fairly sophisticated legal system. Even in these Third World countries and you guys are being able to navigate through that there would lantern rescue eroded talking to. That is a hit or miss. Depending on where we are more develop the country is the better their judicial processes this country in particular is our deadline. We work in other countries that you can get your answer on what the law is what is illegal what is illegal.

I come from a law enforcement background and its know in the United States. We have elements of a crime. Those elements must be met.

Member by nuclear aggressively could I cry more or to be found guilty of the crime and in a lot of places that work that is not the case with Canada roll the dice. You know what happened.

So it's wanted. I think lantern skill sets.

Probably one of her best skill set is that we can roll with the punches and just kind of we have to figure out what the best way to work within those judicial processes are those individual countries, and sometimes it's frustrating and other times it's easier like it is here, like plaintiff did with my last comment was it's refreshing to come in your country that you have a functioning judicial system that actually gets prosecutions and actually put people in prison protected the one case that Mark was talking about prosecutors going after 20 years for that individual is requested. If that is awesome and some markets just a couple minutes left.

I know our listeners would like to know okay in this country which we can tell you where they are right now that's but we can all be praying right market and an and so every country has an opportunity and one you know with that kind of caseload.

How would you suggest we pray for them country.

They got you administration it had done it.

You know or you can imagine that you administration you are pregnant and I'll add that there's an issue that are coming in place in the other seems to be one of them in I think we can we can make a huge debt, you know, actually, since the pandemic and actually mentioned this to her country.

The caseload is increased by 400% 100% since March just in that note cyber crimes against children unit that the demand so we need that stop we had turned that off it all know the way to do that is to start knocking out near the cases and prosecuting info and that puts the method along with the new ministration in their initiatives and their their goals of ending it well in this country and so timing God gave us the argument finally showing up right now and we would ask that you would continue to pray for his favorite teaching mission to begin the program. We got significant meeting day with other administrators part, administration, and in other departments so a couple dollars together with that group is text and change the pool all the people together to one euro roundtable and that we need that favor from God that people your hearts and angry lifestyle you were here to help where to the rescue child so I discontinued. I forgot favor task. We are so grateful for an opportunity to partner with you guys come every week and so looking forward to the next lecture as there still be in the same country and imagine will have a thank you Mark and Austin now argue our new edition LTC and Alan, always great to hear from you guys will be. This is the Truth Network

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